VN of the Month August 2002 - Ever17 -The Out of Infinity-

Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- is undoubtedly the game of the month. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni makes the second masterpiece. But the world does not need yet another review of either of it, so I'll review Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi. which I also consider a masterpiece.

1. Beast 21 ~Ryoujoku no Yakata~ BEAST21 ~凌辱の館~ [020802] Birdy Soft
10 years ago the hero suddenly became plagued by strange nightmares. 
He remember something about a strange woman in an old mansion of his youth days.
Willing to discover the truth, the hero goes with his girlfriend to this mansion in a raining night.
"Birdy Soft" tries to recreate the spirit of original game. For that we choose of two heroines as lovers and investigate rooms to reveal the mystery - game story changes a lot with different girl. And the gameplay is akin to it - we search items in the rooms in order to use them later. Scenario is of zero level of quality. Of course it's a nukige, but was still curious to know how this "sequel" is made. 

2. Yami-iro no Douwa 闇色の童話 [020802] Candle
Main characters goes together with his university circle members on a training trip to a pension resort. They finally reach the place but what dark things await them inside.
Guro utsuge horror with friends dying all the time. Development is often forced, so it will probably only suit those seeking horror.

3. First Kiss☆Story II ~Anata ga Iru Kara~ ファーストKiss☆物語II 〜あなたがいるから〜 [020808] HuneX 1
A domineering father demands that his son join him in the family business but junior has other plans. To escape the tyranny and familial obligations, the young man runs away and settles in Amagi City located in Fukuoka Prefecture where he grew up. Once there, he proceeds to reunite with girls from his childhood as well as acquaint himself with new female targets, er friends, which may lead to love.
It's a direct sequel with love line of Kana to be realized here, so now she can be officially treated as main heroine of prequel. It starts as a comedy and has serious development later.

4. Bokura ga Koko ni Iru Fushigi. ぼくらがここにいるふしぎ。 [020809] FlyingShine 1
Shinichi Manabe attends Seiryo High School. His father is a writer. 5 years ago, Shinichi went to see a mysterious mirage with Mio Fukamachi and Tamako Fujiomi. Mio is one year older than Shinichi and acts like his mother, while Tamako loves old samurai movies and likes to hug.
The mirage really was mysterious, and they had a lot of fun. However, a week later, Mio tries to save a cat but ends up being killed. Shinichi hasn't seen a mirage since that fateful day.
One day, Tamako and Shinichi suddenly encounter another mirage. Shinichi pulls Tamako into the dense fog. Shinichi soon realizes that he is with Mio, not Tamako. He also realizes that instead of Mio, Tamako is dead. He asks himself, "Am I in a different world?" Looking for further clues, he flips through his album and finds many pictures he doesn't even recognize. He's now convinced that this isn't his world
Scenario is written by the same person who wrote Lien and homerically funny Konoha Challenge, so that's an instant stamp of quality. Story is nothing new, but it feels deeply lyrical and funny thanks to numerous gags. Capture order is fixed and that allows to construct a story-centered narration. Don't expect a real masterpiece here, but Arakawa fans will like the game.

5. Mizu no Kakera みずのかけら [020809] Io
"Please... please help me..."
"Please... look..."
"Look for the shrine...'
The story tells about a hero who suddenly received a letter from his cousin to be invited to their home.
He hears a mysterious voice of a girl and follows it...
A mysterious legend and a hidden truth comes out when the heroes join the journey to remember something that was forgotten until now.
The resolution to this samurai legend mystery comes really fast. There are a lot of heartwarming scenes. Nostalgia rural story does not really touch any strings in my heart.

6. Ryouki no Ori Dai 4 Shou 猟奇の檻 第4章 [020809] Penguin Works
After joining the manga research club with impure motives due to its female members the protagonist is now convinced to accept a job as a volunteer security staff at a manga convention that is said to receive 500.000 people over 5 days.
But trouble starts happening. A fire is started at a stand, a threatning letter is delivered to stop the event and then things start to escalate...
Place is now Comiket, and cage no longer feels bizarre in the way that crimes are much milder now and mystery weaker. Lots of cuties and laughter this time. What remains unchanged is high difficulty level with all this travelling around lots of places.

7. SinsAbell ~Hi Gureshi Sora no Tooku~ SinsAbell~緋昏し空の遠く~ [020809] Studio Miris
A wave of witch hunting struck a peaceful town 400 years ago. Among the burned victims was one girl, but the same night everlasting fire covered the whole town in flames.
Main character comes from a family of a legendary demon hunter. He was attacked by the evil spirit in his childhood, and now he continues his hunt for demons. 
One day an unmanned train with all the passengers disappeared appears on the TV. Protagonist's magical sight detects a demon of unprecedented scale. He sees an image of all the passengers burnt alive  - yes, just like witch hunting. 
Adventure with battles made in 3D fighting mode. Either boy or girl can be chosen as main hero. Story is quite heavy and decadent as most of acquaintances get killed in the story process. Quite a scary experimental work who can get through the combos and fighting flow.

8. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni ひぐらしのなく頃に [020810] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni takes place during June 1983, at a fictional rural village called Hinamizawa, which has a population of approximately 2000. The main character, Keiichi Maebara, moves to Hinamizawa and befriends his new classmates Rena Ryugu, Mion Sonozaki, Rika Furude, and Satoko Hojo. Keiichi joins their after-school club activities, which consist mostly of card and board games (and punishment games for the loser, usually him.) Hinamizawa appears to be a normal, peaceful, rural village to Keiichi. However, the tranquility abruptly ends after the annual Watanagashi Festival, a celebration to commemorate and give thanks to the local god, Oyashiro-sama. Keiichi learns that every year for the past four years, one person has been murdered and another has gone missing on the day of the Watanagashi Festival. Keiichi himself soon becomes drawn into the strange events surrounding the Watanagashi Festival and Oyashiro-sama. In each story arc, he or one of his friends become paranoid, and a crime is committed. Usually, the crime involves the murder of one of their own friends. While it seems impossible to tell their delusions apart from the mystery of Hinamizawa, slowly the truth is revealed.
Game is localized and there are English reviews.

9. Memorial Song メモリアルソング [020822] Vridge Inc. 1 2
The protagonist, whose name is entered by the player, is a high-school student. This game is trying to show how a song can awaken the memories of the past and tie them together. The story opens as you listen to a song on a CD and start reminiscing events from the past... and of course, all the girls you met.
There is a bit information in English, and that's all you'd want to know about this game.

10. Crank In -Soushunfu- クランクイン-早春賦- [020823] Hotchkiss 1
Keita Amamiya's dream is to become a movie director, and he's now studying hard to enter college. One day, he finds an 8mm movie camera at a recycle shop, "Kaikodo ? Memories House," 
that he's always wanted. He asks the owner, Shino, to sell it to him, but she won't; it's not for sale. 
However, she informs him that she will give the camera to the person she likes most. He'll do anything for that camera, and he takes on a job at her store to impress her.
There's just one, small problem; his cousin Mami Sashibe has already been admitted to college, 
and she's helping him with his studies. If she finds out about his job, she's going to be pissed! 
Even worse, a girl in hunting clothes suddenly shows up at the store and tries to get the camera.
Will he ever get his dream camera? Don't forget that Mami will try her best to screw everything up between the two. How about the girl in hunting clothes; what about Shino!? You've got to play this game to find out!!!
Short cheap work with low production values, also borderline eroge.

11. Galaxy Angel ギャラクシーエンジェル [020823] Broccoli 1 2 3 4
Galaxy Angels are from the "Special Guardian Division" and they work closely with the "Imperial Special Guards" and the "Satellite Defense Teams". They are the guardians of the White Moon, the sacred planet of the Transbaal Empire, and the personal protectors of the White Moon Goddess Shatoyan. The story begins with Prince Eonia attempting a take over of the Transbaal Empire with the aid of the mysterious Black Moon, counterpart to the White Moon. To counter Prince Eonia, the Angel-tai along with their flagship the Elsior are placed in the hands of the kind and ever-capable Commander Takuto Meyers.
There are English reviews.

12. Kaze no Uta 風ノ唄 [020823] Milksoft 1
The story takes place in a small rural area around the seaside town called Sakuragi-cho. The protagonist returns from Tokyo to spend the summer in a town which brings him a lot of nostalgic memories. But after being absent for so long, unaware about the current events in the town, the summer vacations may not be so carefree and relaxing as you expect them to be.
Story is heavy and all girls have either health or mental problems. Scenario is thin and development monotonous.

13. Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- Ever17 -The Out of Infinity- [020829] KID 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Ever17 is the tale of seven individuals who come to be trapped 153 feet within the underwater marine theme park, LeMU. During an apparently normal day at the park, a massive accident happens, placing almost half of the facility underwater. The path to the surface and the communication lines are cut off. In addition, LeMU is under constant assault by severe water pressure, limiting time to find a means of escape to 119 hours. Escape is not the only concern, however; many questions arise as to the legitimacy of the accident and whether or not those trapped there were brought there for a purpose.
Game that does not need introduction - lots of reviews.

14. Aikagi ~Hidamari to Kanojo no Heyagi~ あいかぎ~ひだまりと彼女の部屋着~ [020830] F&C FC02
Takashi Murase lived an average live along his father but one day, he suddenly died in a car accident. Unable to live by himself, Takashi's homeroom teacher will start living in his house to take care of him - and her sister's joining this new family too! What will be of the three of them..?
Narrow view of the world, and same actions repeat over in over with cohabitation as main theme. Nothing special about this work.

15. Gonna Be?? Gonna Be?? [020830] Groover 1
The man is an agent for the ministry of research. No one knows his name, only his code name, "September." His main duties are spying overseas, but on return from an assignment, he is suddenly ordered to spy on students at an all-girls' school, "Akisui." He's not too happy about the situation, but orders are orders...
Disguised as "Shun Mishima," he becomes a teacher, where he runs into an ex-girlfriend who once betrayed him, "Miyuki Jinnai." She hands him a drug, and even though he's been burned by her before, he gulps it down... He changes into a "girl!!" She tells him, "You now have a free pass around the school..."
Why did the ministry send him to this all-girls' school anyway? With the ability to switch identities, will he be able to clear up the mystery at the school?
With their big hit, "Green-Green," Groover, will now try their hand at a "transsexual spy adventure" this summer. Many new innovations have been made to their system, and even the characters are more unique and interesting than their previous game!
Genre is self-defined as "Intrusive sex conversion spy adventure"? but in fact it's a complete bakage with weird characters. The story is single road with three consequent chapters, each with its own ending. Main character constantly changes from man to woman and each heroine has at least one H scene with him as a man and as a woman.

16. Gyakutama ぎゃくたま [020830] Discovery
Main character is always short for money since he's the only working member of the family after his mother death. He needs to pay the debt within a month or house will be taken for debts. He's very good in athletics, and because of that he gets a place at a super prestigious school. Since he can't get the money the proper way, he intends to get the money from naive rich ladies at school.
It's a very orthodox system. One month, three actions allowed per day and lots of girls to chase. Otherwise it's a normal moege with a comedy touch.

17. Himawari ひまわり [020830] Regrips
A small former mining village is almost fully destroyed by tsunami. Main character goes to teach in Tokyo, but eventually returns. He is greeted coldly by remaining villagers, and his heart shrinks even further. That is until he meets a girl.
Redundant system and scenario loopholes make reading painful. Three heroines stories look unrealistic.

18. Mizukabe みずかべ [020830] F&C FC01
Mizukabe is a direct sequel to one of the endings of the game Suigetsu. The game also includes wallpapers of Suigetsu.
Short game with straightforward scenario and just one heroine Nana for capture, but there also H scene for Kosaka sisters.

19. Re☆cycling Day's Re☆さいくりんぐDay’s [020830] Paprika
Main character is student who prepares for entrance exams. But he also has enough time to chase girls around him. Who will he live with during his college life?
A SIM game where girl choice depends on parameters value. Part-time jobs are also needed to buy physical strength items. Game's super boring because lack of events.


1. Mermaid no Kisetsu ~Curtain Call~ マーメイドの季節〜カーテンコール〜 [020801] Game Village 1
Curtain Call is a fan disc for the Mermaid no Kisetsu romance adventure visual novel. This fan disc includes many sub-scenarios as well as a prelude scenario that tells the story before the actual game happening, one week earlier to the events of the main game. In addition this game includes several voice dramas, a DJ mode with the main characters on air radio, a conversation mode where you can communicate with one of the four heroines, and a quiz mode with 900 questions related to the game in total. There is also a lot of bonus content including illustrations from various CG artists that worked on the game, CG modes showing event scenes from the main game, a bonus movie and scrollable artwork.

2. Choukou Tenshi Escalayer 超昂天使エスカレイヤー [020802] Alice Soft 1 2
One day, a girl transferred into Kyouhei Yanase's class: his childhood friend who moved away when they were young, Sayuka Kouenji. While Kyouhei was happy to see her again, Sayuka seemingly pretended that he didn't exist.
Just then, out of nowhere, the evil intergalactic empire Dai-Lust began their invasion of Earth!
Upon seeing their advance forces, Sayuka rushed into a nearby back alley, where Kyouhei, having chased after her, found her absorbed in masturbation. He was so taken aback by this that he yelled in surprise, and Sayuka, having noticed his presence, immediately screamed in orgasm before being enveloped by a dazzling light that transformed her into Earth's mightiest warrior: the angelic Escalayer!
With her transformation complete, Sayuka soon drove away the army of Dai-Lust.
Having returned home, baffled by what he had seen, Kyouhei found himself being greeted by a girl named Madoka, who claimed to be a robot living with Sayuka. Madoka went on to explain that Sayuka acquired the necessary energy to transform into Escalayer and drive away Dai-Lust only by experiencing sexual arousal.
"I'm begging you, please make my heart beat fast!" said Sayuka to Kyouhei... and so their days of sex and war began. Their goal? The total defeat of Dai-Lust!

3. Gakuen Heaven: Boy's Love Scramble! 学園ヘヴン BOY'S LOVE SCRAMBLE! [020802] Spray 1
Ito Keita, an average high school boy, is surprised to receive an acceptance letter from the renowned Bell Liberty Academy.
After being involved in an accident (and luckily, surviving) on the day of his transfer, Keita finds himself among a variety of unique people... but what is Keita's "special ability"? Will he truly be accepted into this school full of elite students?
Boys Love

4. Imouto Bloomers ~Houkago no Kuikomi Lesson~ いもうとブルマ~放課後のくいこみレッスン~ [020802] Moe.
Main character's father remarries leaving protagonist to live with three cute sisters-in-law. Protagonist is going to know each sister better after classes in the gym.

5. Lovely Lovedoll ラブリー・ラブドール [020802] Escu:de
A huge box is delivered to main character's house. Insides is a sleeping girl. She is the latest model of love doll. It is protagonist's duty to test the product and help it develop.

6. Motto Muriyari! もっとムリヤリ! [020802] Sekilala 1
The protagonist is a management consultant called in to try and save a failing restaurant whose management has disappeared and left a lot of debt. Consequently he is rather aggressive both in trying to save the restaurant and with the 3 waitresses and floor manager who remain.

7. Tenjou Ura kara Ai o Komete 天井裏から愛をこめて [020802] Clione
Main character dreams of having a harem. One day he becomes an owner of a female-only apartment. There is a hidden passage to reach any room any time he wants. The daily effort to peek and observe in search of approach to each girl starts.

8. Heaven ~ Tobenai Tori HEAVEN〜飛べない鳥 [020805] ANGEL/BLOOD
Main character loses his parents one day in a traffic accident and barely survives himself. After a few years he returns to his home town and reunites with old friends. Will he remain shut in himself?
Boys Love

9. Cafe Lindbergh ~Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku 2~ カフェ・リンドバーグ ~ぼくらの恋愛心理学2~ [020808] Ein 1
Cafe Lindbergh is a small restaurant famous for its tea, coffee, pastry, and sandwiches, and has become very popular by word-of-mouth for its atmosphere. The cafe is staffed by Itsuki, the master of the shop, Takumi, the cook, Tsukasa, a full-time waiter, and Shinya, a part-time waiter. A fifth employee Chihiro, is newly hired as another part-time waiter, and told on his first day to "Please fall in love." Watching day-to-day events unfold through the eyes of these five co-workers, will they find themselves falling in love?
Boys Love

10. L Shitai ne! Lしたいね! [020808] Unicorn-B
"Houshou High School".... famous for beautiful male students. The biggest event is a school festival, held in autumn. Every student looks forward to this event and works hard for it. "Love Season, Autumn", this is a love story among students and teachers.
Boys Love

11. Midara Ryuu 淫ら龍 [020809] Pinky Soft 1
Ikaru Dragio is the capital of the Dragion Empire. Rudin (or player's name) has just been awarded the rank of fighter, but he has no motivation at all. His parents are highly successful business executives, and they're now high-ranking government officials. Rudin is simply bored!
One day, as he's looking out the window to find a girl to pick up, he notices a hunter-type girl glaring at him. Rudin rushes toward the girl to pick a fight... Later, he learns that her name is Shalvina, visiting Dragion as an exchange hunter trainee. Rudin and Shalvina start quarreling, but soon witness the space next to them suddenly tear apart. A dying woman appears from the tear!! The woman appears to have been warped from somewhere, but she dies before she can explain everything.
The police arrive while Rudin and Shalvina are dazedly standing there and try to arrest them on murder charges. However, the tear opens up once again and traps Rudin and Shalvina inside. Both of them wake up in the middle of a prairie. How long have they been here? Where the hell are they? And so begins the mysterious adventure of Rudin and Shalvina...

12. Nukasero Nurse Hitozuma Joshikousei 抜かせろ ナース・人妻・女子校生 [020809]
Big park in a certain developed city. Main character likes to wander this park and assault women that are to his liking.

13. Onegai お願い [020809] Rouge
The main character is a very ordinary young man from a preparatory school. One day a pretty girl from the same class asks a huge "request" from him - to make love with her. As training goes on with every week secrets of the girl start to shop up. Mysterious organization preys on her, and balance should be executed in training to satisfy the organization and not to harm the girl.

14. Ryoujoku no Rensa 凌辱の連鎖 [020809] Black Package Try
A couple of men that own an adult video store has a plot to kidnap the daughter of a prominent man to rape her on video. They also target the mother. 
Will they succeed? How far can these lewd men get away with it? Who else will get involved?

15. Tajuu Ryoujoku 多重凌辱 [020809] My Hime
Main character falls in love with a beautiful woman who is worried about her dreams at a party. He keeps  thinking about this woman. One day intercom rings and that woman enters his place. She says she wants to be with him. They start to live together, but there is one secret about her...

16. Tenshi no Subako 天使の巣箱 [020809] Hanerom
"I awoke to a warm, fuzzy feeling.
The sun shining through the curtains caught my eye.
A normal morning in heaven, in the same bed I always sleep in.
But there's something different about me today."
Hisui, a 15-year-old angel, descended from heaven to find a partner to raise an angel's egg with.
In school, his senpais and classmates seem to have ulterior motives,
and he's accompanied by his annoying childhood friend, a kind priest, and even a demon...
Will Hisui be able to raise the egg properly and become a full-fledged angel?
Boys Love

17. Yuki Hotaru 雪蛍 [020809] Teatime 1 2
In this game, you control a successful doctor who left his quiet hometown for Tokyo. There, he had a successful career at the central hospital, which made him forget his past life in the province. But an inexplicable desire to return overcomes him, so he takes the next train to his hometown. He finds that many things have changed. Other people are living in his former house. His old lovers have a new life. Little children have turned into pretty young girls. But some people remember him, and not everyone is happy about him leaving the town and moving to Tokyo. Now, the doctor wants to establish good relationship with the female inhabitants of the town... which for him, can only mean one thing.

18. Houkago no Kaidan Karera no Sumu Basho 放課後の怪談 彼らの棲む場所 [020810] Ritz software
Asano Keita is trying to find out about the seven mysteries of the school. He goes around asking different people, including a senpai, kouhai, teachers, old friend/rival and others. Strange things start happening and new bonds are being formed. What kind of mysteries are waiting to be solved at this school?
Boys Love

19. Discode-1 Ijou Seiai DISCODE-1 異常性愛 [020811] Soft Circle Courreges
The player takes on the role of Kyouka, an everyday beautiful model student, with a lot of sexual desire build up in her heart.
Drenched in semen in the street and at the campus, it's a one improper deed after another!
The game takes place over a period of 14 days.
During that time, you can tempt your classmates, go to orgies, flirt with people in town, and lots of other fun erotic stuff!
Your three stats are "Power", "Subordination" and "Money".
A lot of events that will increase your stats or get you items will occur during the game.

20. Kinbaku Juurin ~Tojikome Rareta Omoi to Yokubou~ 緊縛蹂躙~閉じ込められた想いと欲望~ [020811] Tange Kentou Kurabu
GREEN RACCOON DOG is doujin release which includes the VN 緊縛蹂躙~閉じ込められた想いと欲望~, a gallery (pictures of the VN) and unassociated wallpapers.
Nukige doujin

21. Mahou Shoujo Ai Extra Story 魔法少女アイ ExtraStory [020811] Colors
In the center of the story is a period prior to Ai becoming a warrior including childhood encounter with protagonist of original game.

22. Red Fox [020811] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Main character sees his sister masturbating and approaches her in excitement.
Doujin nukige

23. Toriko 鳥篭 [020811] Soft Circle Courreges
Main character promised to marry a girl and after many years needs to train her as a maid for a month.

24. Clover ~Shiawase no Layout~ CLOVER ~幸せのレイアウト~ [020811] Champagne☆
A years has passed. Daisuke still lives alone and draws canvases. His ultimate aim is to study in Paris after graduation, but he can't tell it even to his childhood friend Tachibana Amane.
His sister-in-law suddenly moves in with protagonist to cheer him up. It's the last winter vacation of high school, and it can become a turning point in everyone's lives... 

25. Imouto Ijiri ~Futarime~ Boku no Ichiban Daiji na Hi Akira-chan~ 妹いじり ~ふたりめ~ ボクのいちばん大事な日 晶ちゃん [020811] Marufuku Store
Today is the most important day for Akira-chan. In order to fulfill the promise given one year ago she gathers thoughts and goes to her brother's room.

26. Kagefumi Yoimatsuri 影踏み 宵祭り [020811] Fururi
A boy and a girl meet each other and promise to go together to the festival. But boy has demonic power dwelling inside him...

27. Suiren 睡蓮 [020811] Hizamakura
Main character is a demon who attends school. One day he starts suffering from insomnia. But the evening he spots a mysterious girl in the city he is finally able to fall asleep. The next morning mysterious girl comes to school as a transfer student Reina Kusumi. In her presence classmates, teachers and citizens start to feel sleepy, and only protagonist feels absolutely normal...   

28. Apart アパート [020815] Studio Sepia
Main character lives in an apartment room, but he is actually a ghost. Eventually he learns how to manipulate items. At first he is terrible at it, so inhabitants suffer a lot from his presence. Today is a new stage of the experiment - to play with woman body.

29. Hoshiai no Sora 星合いの空 [020815] Earth Well
Main character lost his family in a fire eight years ago. But he suddenly receives a letter from his allegedly alive sister. The return address is his hometown, so he goes there to confirm the truth. A mysterious girl at the station lends him a spare umbrella. The long search brings protagonist to an old mansion. To his surprise, the same mysterious girl comes out and call another girl with the same name as his sister had. Protagonist does not remember sister's face, so he stays at this mansion for a while to check things out.

30. Two Shot Daisakusen 2 チューショット大作戦2 [020821] Kodomo no Koe
Erotic card game that starts with a kiss for the loosing side.

31. Buhi Gecchu~! 部費げっちゅ~! [020823] West Vision 1
The private school "Olive" is famous for its sports programs. Each team depends on the budget provided by the school budget committee.
Shinji Arisawa is a temporary auditor for the budget department. Team managers ask him to increase their budgets with "erotic" persuasion. 
Will they make him happy enough to get their desired increases?

32. Discovery Climax 2001 ディスカバリークライマックス2001 [020823] Discovery
Collection of data from:
Tsuma x Tsuma ~Koko wa Hitozuma Paradise!~
Tsuma x Tsuma 2 ~Motto! Hitozuma Paradise~
Twins 2 -Ren'ai Miman-
This is NOT a visual novel and should be expelled from vndb

33. From the Darkness ~Injuu Genmu~ from The Darkness ~淫獣幻夢~ [020823] Ringerbell
A collection of four stories:
1. 「一ノ瀬と如月の秘密登場」
2. 「岡本瞳~図書室にて~」
3. 「藤沢弥生の体験」
4. 「小早川里美~契約~」
Nukige anthology

34. Miwaku no Hitori Zuma 魅惑の独り妻 [020823] Chiffon 1
Our nerdy hero has a dream... It must be a dream; real life just isn't this easy! 
One day, he finds that a young, beautiful married woman has moved in next door. Full of curiosity, he tries to eavesdrop on her activities through the wall... When he hears her erotic moaning, he realizes she's masturbating! A young, beautiful wife masturbating inches away from him... Our hero quickly loses patience and begins to peep in...

35. Momoko-chan for Me R Gaiden ~Yubiwa ni Kometa Omoi~ ももこちゃんfor Me R 外伝 ~指輪にこめた想い~ [020823] Ume Soft
Main character is a doctor is a doctor who finally is going to propose to his assistant nurse Momoko. He buys a ring, but it disappears. He gets upset, but starts to think that maybe it's a sign not to get bonded with just one person.

36. Plastic Boys ~Mizuiro no Kimochi~ Plastic Boys ~水色のキモチ~ [020823] Gaia
Main character is a slightly introverted student who studies to prepare for the exam. He is surrounded by foreign students, twins and such unusual things like android. Looks like he won't be able to study in peace.
Boys Love

37. Private Garden 3 プライベートガーデン3 [020823] Tetratech
There is a puzzle part and a novel part for each girl that appears.

38. Slapstick すらっぷスティック [020823] Prima 1
When he was a student, Seiji Hibiki had a younger sister, Saori, who died because of a serious disease. Heartbroken, he left his city to study abroad. 
Years later, he comes back as a teacher in training. In a new catholic school he discovers that one of his students is his cousin SAORI, who looks exactly like his deceased younger sister. They even have the same name, written with different kanjis.
He meets another student, Kiriko, who dislikes him because of something that happened between him and her mother, the widow KIRIKO. (same name, different kanjis)
One day he meets the funny nun Maria, too, and at night he's stalked by a strange miko girl, MARIA. 
What mystery these strange girls are hiding?

39. Bois ~Kikaijikake no Mori~ bois ~機械じかけの街~ [020823] Karin Entertainment
Karin's debut title. A shota/BL visual novel set in a steampunk universe.
Boys Love

40. Date Connection デートコネクション [020824] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Ryoma x Tezuka fan game.
Fandisc Boys Love

41. DarknessSuppressor ~Onna Taimashi-tachi no Inbu~ DarknessSuppressor~女退魔師達の淫舞~ [020827] Palette Enterprise
4th CG/novel collection of female monster busters getting penetrated with tentacles.
Doujin Nukige

42. Himekishi Monogatari -Princess Blue- 姫騎士物語 -PrincessBlue- [020829] Tonkin House
Fortress city Silt is the capital city of the Lucitamia kingdom. Main character is a knight who lives there and dreams about becoming a true holy knight. As soon as he reaches this position, he is sent to fight demons in the party of holy knights that includes another newcomer Karen. But a series of strange incidents happen at Silt left with weakened defenders. Protagonist will need to unveil this conspiracy and learn the secret of the "sorrow princess".
Gameboy exclusive

43. Celestine ~Hikari to Kage to Uchuu Kaizoku~ セレスティン~光と影と宇宙海賊~ [020830] Marine Heart
One day a space pirate raids the Federal Government Base and kidnaps a young high official.
Will he escape from the pirate or change sides?
Boys Love

44. Delicious Lunch Pack Neo DeliciousらんちぱっくNEO [020830] Scoop
Remake of Delicious Lunch Pack with the same stories, but with redone graphics. The choices for the second and third stories are different.
NOT an individual visual novel, just remake that should be merged in vndb

45. Devote 2 Ikenai Houkago DEVOTE2 いけない放課後 [020830] 13cm
One day, a group of five female students suddenly say to Tetsuya, "You can do whatever you want to us after school." At first, he doesn't know what to say. But he has sex with them, and each time things get gradually bolder and bolder...

46. Discipline -The Record of a Crusade- DISCIPLINE -The Record of a Crusade- [020830] Active 1 2 3 4 5
Takuro Hayami transfers to the previously all-girl university of St. Arcadia, and his once-normal life immediately takes a troublesome turn. After his innocence is stripped away by strange dorm mates, a nagging two-faced friend, a nymphomaniac teacher and several corrupted sports clubs he fears that things can't get any worse. That is, until he meets the sadistic heiress Leona Morimoto...
Will he fall pray to Leona and her perverted minions?

47. Hijoushiki ~Kairaku wa Soko ni Aru~ 非常識 ~快楽はそこにある~ [020830] Puchi Ankh
Main character is an average office worker who lives happily with his wife and daughter. However, he gets a lot of stress at work and no excitement at home. One day he delivers documents to another company and witnesses its female boss masturbating. Something turns in his mind and he becomes obsessed with indecent behavior. 

48. Itazura Hime いたずら姫 [020830] Fairytale
Main characters gets instructions in the net how to track and grasp weaknesses of girls. He needs to get in contact with a girl, gain her trust and cheat her to perform indecent action.

49. Pigeon Blood [020830] Abogado Powers 1
Hidden in a forest lies an extravagant residence. It is owned by our protagonist, known only as Chris. Chris is the latest in a family line of sex-slave trainers. His latest acquisition, a girl named Rita, is to be completely trained within six months. Our hero is also a bit of an enigma, for he has actually lost most of his memories. However, as the training of Rita continues, he begins to slowly piece together the fragmented events of his life. Chris will occasionally get help from his two assistants; conveniently each of them embodying either 

50. Shitsuraku no Miko 失楽の神女 [020830] MBS Truth
While on his very rare visits to his unsupportive father’s grave, our hero glimpses a “phantom girl” whom he recalls faintly in dreams that he has had. Half freaked out and passing it off as late-night delusions; he heads home and tries to continue his peaceful college days. However, now the ethereal woman seems to have followed him home. She introduces herself as Raine, and it appears that our hero is the only person who can see her. While trying to come to terms with her existence, the two beings begin to live together. Of course this soon means that his peaceful days are at an end as the landlady, her daughter, the grave keeper, a professor, and several others begin prying into his new life. Just who the hell is Raine?!

51. Shoujo Ningyou ~Ai to Shiiku no Hibi~ 少女人形~愛と飼育の日々~ [020830] Puchi Devil 1
One day, our hero happens to cause an accident and a girl loses her memory. Afraid of the situation going public, he takes her to his house and hides her in his room. This is how they begin living together. 
There is only way for her to regain her memory: sleep with her and make her cum! Will our hero be successful in helping the girl retrieve her memory?
Puchi Devil's latest title is a sex training simulation game, which is about the strange life of a shy boy and a girl who has lost her memory. 
The goal is to bring back the girl's memory. The only way to achieve this goal is to make her cum.
The game consists of two parts: "living together" and "sex training." The game will advance with each part influencing the other.
When you first start the game, the heroine is virgin. Be patient and develop the innocent girl little by little!

52. Suit o Nuida ato... スーツを脱いだあと… [020830] Recipie
Fujimura Takato is an advertising agent in his early 20's. Unfortunately, when he goes to work, he's surrounded by horny men who want to drag him to bed after a hard day's work.
Boys Love

53. Gekka Chou no Yakata 月下蝶の館 [0208] Stray Moon
Main character is a detective. Head of Himemiya family is murdered, and investigation shows that one of the three daughters is the culprit. The only clue that he finds is that killer must have a butterfly bruise somewhere. Detective offers girls to play strip mahjong to have a possibility to explore their bodies.

54. Duolith [0208]  Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing
Network of all states stops to function today at 3 AM. Third Section of the Public Security Agency is assigned to investigate this act, supposedly of terrorist nature. Agency summons various persons suspected of terrorism. Main character needs to question them and try to find out the truth behind it. 

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