VN of the Month May 2002 - Akane Maniax

There aren't masterpieces this month. I could not decide what to review myself. But in the end Akane Maniax has enough English reviews and Shitai o Arau is of quite familiar Silky's signature to me. I decided to play Fearless] . Akane Maniax is VN of the month even though I don't consider it a masterpiece either.

1. Akane Maniax ~Nagareboshi Densetsu Gouda~ アカネマニアックス~流れ星伝説剛田~ [020501] Age 1 2 3 
Jouji Gouda is a new transfer student at Hakuryo High School. On his first day of class, he fell in love at first sight for Akane Suzumiya and boldly proposed to her on the spot. The two characters conflict with each other greatly, but Jouji never gives up and would do anything to express his love towards Akane.
Although his attempts to win Akane's love at first do nothing but anger Akane, he gradually starts to make an impression on her, inspiring Akane to be more honest about her own feelings.
There are English reviews.

2. Fearless] [020510] Active 1
Azumi Shizuhara is an orphaned student attending Rakuryo Gakuin. 
One rainy night, he finds a girl in the rain, soaked to the skin. The girl has scratches all over her body and blankly stares out at nothing. Azumi tries to ignore her, but suddenly realizes from the girl's uniform that she attends his school. He simply tells the girl to call police with her cell phone and leaves...
Later, this girl, Yuzu Sakurai, pleads with Azumi to help her search for her lost brother. Azumi turns her down once, but he finally agrees because Yuzu resembles his cousin, Nanao. The search for Yuzu's brother begins.
With the help of Sayoko, their search seems to be going fine until Azumi begins to feel the presence of someone else...
The story progresses with the mixed emotions of a girl with a lost brother and a boy who wants to protect his little sister.
The synopsis is quite normal, so I should elaborate on what's wrong with it instead of just blocking. The whole brother investigation is sneaking and triggering insult situations at times. But there are a lot of unusual events encountered, including comical ones. There's a lot of mystery, and scenario is actually a strong side here. Game gets fairly high scores from the Japanese, so I'm reviewing it myself.

3. Shin Ai 神愛 ~Shin ai~ [020510] Cyc 1
Every night, the hero has a strange dream.
"Help me ... Help me please ..." - says a mysterious girl on your dream.
Her voice looks familiar. You think you know that voice, but can't remember. A friend gives to you an incomplete album. Somehow, the photos were removed. Looking every page in a hurry, you find three attached photos of strangers on the last page. There is a different landscape on each photo. The last one is one of a flowery desert garden, and one of a green meadow.
When you picked up one gently, ... suddenly everything flashes.
Stories are unfolded in two worlds. In real world, Toru falls in love with a girl, and in the other world, he protects the heroine. 'Pictures' are key items. You'll be able to enter the other world by using them. Try to collect pictures in the real world! You also have to be careful about the timing because if you miss getting a picture at the right time, you'll miss some events! In the real world, you'll up meet with four girls: 'Minori' and 'Aya,' your classmates, 'Sara,' your senior, and 'Yuri,' a younger student. In the other world, you will protect four girls: the maiden 'Minori,' 'Iris,' the fighter, 'Sara,' the religious girl, and 'Lily,' the nun. Why does Toru have to live in two different worlds? Who's the girl calling for help in his dream? Solve the mysteries by going through lots of adventures!
Game is about constant travel between real world where pictures are gathered and three different worlds where events are triggered. Setting is good, but walkthrough is quite painful. Cyc is known for introducing fresh game elements each time, so it appeal to those who like experiments.

4. Akagawa Jirou Mystery: Tsuki no Hikari ~Shizumeru Kane no Satsujin~ 赤川次郎ミステリー月の光  ~沈める鐘の殺人~ [020523] Victor Interactive Software 1
Based on the novel by Akagawa Jirou, the story puts you in a role of a high-school teacher who due to a painful breakup leaves his old workplace and comes to a far away place to start a new job at Bell Garden school. While taking a stroll, a woman's scream is heard... you run to see what is happening, and the mystery begins. You can select main character to be a man or a woman, which slightly influences the game scenario (when the player is a man, his partner will be a woman and vice-versa).
Game progress advances as a mystery novel. As the case becomes obvious you will investigate and use deductive skills to find out the culprit and the motive behind the crime. During the gameplay you can visit various places and check the map of the Bell Garden school and its surroundings. During investigation and story progress, you will use a character correlation diagram to connect a certain person with the matter at hand. Also, the diagram can be used to make relations between characters (for example to mark them as lovers). Story can have more endings, depending on the player's deduction and skills to solve the case. After a solved case, if available, a new scenario will open.
The third work in the series of book adaptations. Those who liked previous works would probably like this one.

5. Ethos ~Tenshi no Furu Basho~ Ethos~天使の降る場所~ [020524] Forte
Main character meets a mysterious girl in strange clothes during his part-time job. She turns out to be an angel who now sheds her light to the people. So their unusual cohabitation begins. 
Game period is from 1 month to 2 months, and simultaneous capture is possible up to middle stages. Game is focused on the angel girl, so other routes feel redundant.

6. Hayashi Meisaku Gekijou ハヤシ迷作劇場 [020524] Hayashigumi
The protagonist is a young shepherd in a certain rural village.
One day, while he was feeding the lambs on his daily duties, he discovered a girl unconscious on the mountain trail and nursed her back to health. After a while, this girl, named "Lina", finally awoke. She had apparently become separated from her mother and was searching for her. The protagonist took pity on poor Lina, and let her stay at his home until she felt better...
After several days, Lina decided to set out on her journey again. Feeling that he couldn't leave her alone, the protagonist decided to go with her. Will Lina be able to safely find her mother?
The feature of the game is that choices determine personality of Lina, and the essence of the game in the violent Lina. There are also other characters that usually show up and disappear as single episodes. Story development is good, but ending is abrupt. H scenes are quite frequent.

7. Hissatsu! Satomi Attack! 必殺!さとみアタック! [020524] TinkerBell
In 20XX mysterious creatures "Noum" start to invade the Earth from space. These are virus-like micro-organisms that can turn into various forms depending on affected creature.
Main character attends a his health teacher Natsuki dojo to compete with his childhood friend Satomi. Natsuki is the only survivor of battle with Noum that happened 10 years ago. His extraordinary skills are passed to his students who must oppose new invasion.
Never expected to ever unblock a TinkerBell game, but here it is. Battles are difficult since favorite girls needs to be hit as little as possible and should possible stay close to protagonist to gain favorability. HP can only be recovered with help of one one character, so no ruthless actions are allowed. But there's very vague story - all girl choices are evident.

8. Itsuka, Dokoka de ~Ano Ameoto no Kioku~ いつか、どこかで ~あの雨音の記憶~ [020524] BeF 1
Spring of 2002.
Naoto Sodeyama is an Interviewee of a research company. At the time of joining, his first job is to make a research for a travel company. 
His destination is the very village from where he lived and fled from, the place where something bad happened to him when he was a kid.
Now is the time to go face to face with his past at that small mountain village. 
Bef is true to itself - character with phobia is featured, plus new elements introduced like this "Behavior selection" and "Call-out-mode" system which enables to call out characters at certain points in the game. So overall there are cases of different behavior prepared, but one playthrough becomes very short. But who would want to check out outcomes of different behavior?

9. Nursery Song [020524] Cronus
20 years ago, a boy (our hero) was sent to a hospital. While hospitalized, he met a nurse and became completely indebted to her in the short time that they were together. He then made a promise to himself to become a doctor so that he could one day work alongside her. Now our hero has just graduated, and now works at the very same hospital. However, the nurse from long ago is nowhere to be found. On the other hand, he now works alongside a trio of beautiful new nurses, as well as the surprisingly attractive senior staff. You can actively explore the hospital to pick which of the various women our hero will meet. Perhaps, within his coworkers, you'll find hints of the lost woman from his memories.
Borderline game with some 60% being pure love moege and 40% nukige. Most H scenes are delusion ones. Chiharu mystery is hidden in different heroines ED, but some have nothing to do with Chiharu.

10. Kuro to Kuro to Kuro no Saidan ~Kodoku~ 黒と黒と黒の祭壇~蟲毒~ [020524] C's Ware 1 2
There is a land called Rayark. It is called a holy place, chosen by gods. 
However, there are two religions dominating in this land with a long rivalry history. The one controlling the holy place is considered favored by gods.
One religion holds the spot for six decades straight, but some day prophet demands execution of the current guardian of the holy place. Her brother is labeled as rebel by prophet, and he starts his revenge.
There are English reviews.

11. Konohana 2 ~Todokanai Requiem~ 此花2 〜届かないレクイエム〜 [020530] Vridge Inc. 1 2
Meguru Momoi, a second-year student at Konohana high-school returns in another murder mystery adventure. He gained status of recognition after the infamous Grim Reaper murder mystery in the original game. Everything's back to normal, or so everybody thought, until one morning on their way to school, Meguru Momoi and his partner, Miako Tachibana, arrive only to see police cordoning the area of what appears to be a murder case. Thus they end up entangled in yet another series of murders case.
New bullet in the low cost series. However, cost has jumped from 2800 yen to 3800 yen while the quality remains roughly the same. Same mystery killings, same comedy in interaction. Relatively easy and short.

12. Natsuiro no Sunadokei 夏色の砂時計 [020530] Princess Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The story revolves around a Japanese sophomore named Kotaro Makimura. As the school year ends and summer vacation approaches, he decides to admit his feelings to his crush, the beautiful Kaho Serizawa. As hopeless as the situation looks to his best friends Ai and Takeshi, he is determined to make Kaho his girlfriend by the end of summer vacation. However, on his way home, he has a collision with a mysterious stranger, and ends up getting covered in a strange multi-colored powder. When he wakes up the next day, he finds himself waking up on September 1st - the first day of the next school year. He also learns that Kaho, who had been his girlfriend, had died in a car accident. Eventually, Kotaro discovers that he has begun day-dropping, in which he skips days, and goes back and forth in time through different days of the summer vacation. With the help of Ligene the Time Patroller (also translated as Lee Jane), Kotaro must win Kaho's heart and prevent her tragic death before he runs out of time.
Game is localized and has lots of reviews.

13. Floralia Floralia ~フローラリア~ [020531] Xuse
Our protagonist Yosuke Tachibana is a kind second year in Aohisashi Academy who likes to take care of flowers.
However, his average life is turned upside down when his sister-like childhood friend Suzune Asou is appointed as a teacher in his school. What's more, she'll live in his house?
Soon they'll be joined by director's daughter Maki Izumi and chemistry teacher Shino Sakurai. 
Will he succumb to his teachers' temptation...?
Three classmates and three teachers are available for seduction. Work famous for moe eroticism. Eroticism is achieved by borderline situations and horny voicing while there aren't too many orthodox H events. It all ends in a harem route, so it fits pretty much all the modern moege stamps.

14. Genome ~Shinka no Idenshi o Sagase~ GeNOME~進化の遺伝子を探せ~ [020531] Ast
Main character is the third year student of agriculture faculty. General education process ends, and it is finally time to enter the laboratory. Under guidance of the laboratory adviser he will need to repeat genetic research with partners from the same laboratory to create new life.
There are 7 routes, but each contains only three events. It's enough to combine 8 pairs to trigger credits. With such length it's hardly a game, more of CG collection.

15. Shitai o Arau 肢体を洗う [020531] Silky's 1 2 3
~The smell of formalin that tempts you into the world of ero~
Yasaka was a poor student who wanted to become a doctor but couldn't afford medical college. He was studying for the entrance exam next year while working part-time in a university hospital. However, he was suddenly fired from his part-time job by the vice-director, Tsuyuzaki Chigusa. He was shocked by this sudden event, so she gives him the only option he has left to continue working in the hospital. The work she prepared for him is called… “Corpse Washing”. 
He will learn based on real experience and mental shock at work. In normal life, it's not possible to understand what “Corpse Washing” is. It is only possible by “being thrown out of daily life, into an unusual life, and having his mental state change”. That is “Corpse Washing”.
New experimental work of Silky's is based on real experience by author ... corpse washing. But the content is of horror and madness. The second half gets to do much more with the drugs and pretty much nothing with corpse washing. Dark and unusual work.

16. Trouble Busters トラブル バスターズ [020531] spiel 1
Shuichi is a new history teacher at Mitarai. The story begins as he is suddenly put in charge of the school's mystery club. The club used to be called the occult research club but was forced to downsize because of numerous scandals. 
Shuichi feels something is fishy about the club and regrets being called as the advisor as he starts hearing rumors. The vice principal also threatens Shuichi that if something bad happens, he must take full responsibility! Shuichi feels extremely uneasy about his career. One day, a student shows up and tells that she has a request to the club...
This is a slapstick comedy of problematic students and a new teacher, who struggles to gets his normal life back. This game is an orthodox adventure game, however, the first and latter parts have completely different stories. In the first half, the player tries to get close to girls. Later on, you choose one of the girl characters and explore a story, which is tailored to each specific character.
School love comedy. The main part is really funny. The girl stories are too monotonous to try other ones. H events show up suddenly which ruins atmosphere. Game is pretty much impossible to find now.

17. Univ ~Ai Omatase~ univ ~愛・おまたせっ~ [020531] Cocktail Soft
Student life enters its climax period - third and fourth years of university. This is your chance to find true love!
As usual, Cocktail Soft games don't bother with a synopsis presenting the very generic story that anyone can sympathize to. First work included 1st and 2nd years, this work - 3rd and 4th years. System is is typical dating SIM - stalk girls, talk to them, bring them presents etc. As usual with Cocktail Soft - game for those who likes the process, girls or CG.

18. Honoka ni Mieru Zetsubou no Memento ~Remember that I love you.~ 仄かに視える絶望のmemento~Remember that I love you.~ [020531] FlyingShine
Reality disappears, but past remains.
Main heroines are two girls who have special memory disorder due to some accident. Every few hours there is such time for them that they can't remember afterwards. Memory works in that way that they can't remember anything during that time. In other words, whatever they do during that time, they forget. Knowing this, they work together to compensate for each other's lack of memory. 
In the early stages the story is full of gaps, and the whole picture is not perceived. Protagonists continue to suffer from insidious bullying without understanding how they got to this or that situation. However, as game progresses, different viewpoints are given, and "memories" start to gather together. The whole picture becomes clear.
What kind of ending will the hidden "memories" bring?
It's a curious and complex game at start, but mystery is quite heavy and in the way of insult. Still, it can't be called a nukige at all. 

19. Tears 9, 10 [0205] Team D.T.R. 1 2
Tears - "Nine, ten" is a visual novel that tells the story of a girl with nine fingers and a boy with ten fingers. A story about our lives, human rights, laws, relationships, and dreams in the face of economic imbalances. Their short but intense encounters and stories will impress you a lot. 
Game's released on Steam, so has abundance of reviews.


1. Elfeena ~Yoru e to Urareta Oukoku de...~ エルフィーナ~淫夜へと売られた王国で…~ [020503] Ail 1
Elfina lived a life of luxury as a member of the royal family. She was waited on hand and foot and had a team of servants. That was until her country was invaded! Now Elfina must comply to the sexual demands of her new masters and it doesn't matter how humiliating or intimate the favors! 

2. First Anchor FIRST ANCHOR ~ファーストアンカー~ [020503] Forst 1 2
In the near future, human beings managed to reach Mars and to colonize it. However, during the last 25 years the relationship between Earth and Martian colonists has worsened. An expedition is sent to Mars for scientific and training purposes, with the crew consisting of young students. On the way, they discover an abandoned warship and decide to investigate it. This is where their adventure begins...
First Anchor is a Japanese-style adventure game, without puzzles. Unlike most games of this kind, there is real time movement in a 3D environment here. However, most locations and events are displayed as still pre-rendered images. Only the sex scenes are shown as animated 3D movies. The gameplay consists of navigating your character through the ship. The choice of the next location you go to might influence the story line.

3. Kawaisou na Kotori かわいそうな小鳥 [020505] Eno Yamamoto Ten
A little songbird goes on a journey in search of his friend who abandoned him ...

4. Mizu no Kaina 水の腕 [020505] Green Tea Milk
Main character returns to his nostalgic home town by the village. Through the revived ritual of old festival everyone is engulfed in strange events.  

5. Kokan Hunter 3 ~Chikyuu Saigo no Hi~ 股間ハンター3 ~恥丘最後の日~ [020510] Usagi Software
Main characters stalks a girl in the town and gets kidnapped by an organization aiming to conquer the world. Will the ambition of organization's mad scientist be crushed?

6. Kuro no Tsuki Gaiden ~Maboroshi Yoru no Sho~ 蒼黒の月外伝~幻夜の書~ [020510] Moon Parrot
Four years after events of Kuro no Tsuki. 
The slowly regains peace. The towns are revived, and those who lost relatives learn to nurture new love.  
One day Altraud gets a letter saying “I want you to leave my church”. Once again he sets to the Black Kingdom to uncover the mystery... 
Boys Love

7. Roshutsu Choukyou Doukoukai 2 露出調教同好会2 [020510] Sekilala
Main character works as a pediatrician in a general hospital. One nurse really hates him. He tries to consult with senior doctor about that, but ends up losing virginity as a result. The next day he finds nurse masturbating at his own desk...

8. Suzune-tan to Ofuro 鈴音たんとお風呂 [020510] Ichigo Milk 1
The fan disk for our 2000 release of Close2U -Saigo no Natsuyasumi is finally here!
The original game was released two years ago. In the original, our hero meets different people and experiences new and exciting things during his last summer. The story is pretty good, and our characters are even better! You can do just about everything with these cute girls!!!
Just as the title indicates, the heroine of this game is Suzune. She is our hero's first cousin. They're so close; they seem like brother and sister. However, their relationship is a bit more complicated. Suzune is extremely shy and quiet and always looks lost with her smile. The story takes place a year after the last episode. Their relationship is on fire! Why don't you try this game out before the end of the world comes!!

9. Iroiro ~Ingoku no Yakata~ 彩々~陰獄の館~ [020512] Palette Enterprise
Palette Enterprise presents a combination of illustration and novel, which features tentacle and hard sex! Characters from An*el Saver, Mahoro M*tic, etc!
Doujin Nukige

10. In'yaku ~Haitoku no Kojin Jugyou~ 淫薬~背徳の個人授業~ [020517] Mireille
The protagonist has a pretty normal life living with just his sister. He's the sole member of the chemistry club. One day, he finds a notebook with a formula for an aphrodisiac written in it. He starts doing experiments on various girls...

11. Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights ~Heroine Ryoujoku Shirei~ 魔法戦士スイートナイツ~ヒロイン凌辱指令~ [020517] Triangle 1
The depths of our planet hide a subterranean, magical world named Roa currently in the grip of a terrible war between the all-female knight corps of Queen Gloria and the monstrous troops of the evil syndicate Zerou.
The game starts when Metzer, a young and brilliant Zerou officer, gets official approvation from Zerou's high command to try a new plan suggested by the protagonist himself. Secretly relocated to the surface of Earth, his mission consists in gaining the trust of the Sweet Knights, the two japanese girls invested by Queen Gloria with the power to protect the surface world from the monsters of the syndicate. Next, once discovered their weak points, Metzer will use his monsters to defeat, kidnap and brainwash the Sweet Knights into sex slaves devoted to Zerou's cause.
However the syndicate do not know (yet) of Metzer's great ambitions...

12. Mikogami Aventure 巫女神あばんちゅーる [020517] Trabulance 1
Toru Hazuki is a student of divinity. His family manages a shrine, where he will someday become the priest. One day, he is invited to 'Moegi Shrine' as a substitute priest and falls in love with the Moegi priest's second daughter, Aoi. She used to be shy, but once she experiences pleasure, she becomes very sexually active. Toru is ecstatic about it, but he doesn't know what he's go to be put through
Aoi's sisters, Midori and Akane, and their stepmother, Ayano, keep asking Toru questions about his sex life. Further more, Aoi's best friend, Ai, who happens to be a lesbian, tries to steal her from him. Will Toru be able to stand these energetic girls and be happy with Aoi!?

13. Web no Naka no Tenshi-tachi Webの中の天使達 [020517] Chiffon 1
Is this a nightmare or what? Just an hour ago, Kyosuke Takei's girlfriend up and dumped him! He feels so hopeless and depressed, but he soon finds access to a new dating service website. To his surprise, he finds all different types of girls, from housewives to students. This is paradise; they all listen to him and help mend is wounded heart. 
Our hero really gets into talking with these girls, and he becomes addicted to the website. However, simply talking through the Internet doesn't satisfy him anymore. "I want to see the girls!! Yes, I will!! I have to!!" And so, our hero sets out to meet up with the girls. Will he be successful in meeting them? Come find out!

14. Destiny Destiny ディスティニー [020521] Touchable 1
The protagonist, Sumeragi Jin, and his sister, Ai, lost their father in an accident a year ago and now live by themselves. One day, a classmate, Yanase Megumi, warns Jin, Ai, and Ai's best friend Edajima Takano, to be careful. Since then, the fates of the people around them are accelerating.

15. Dark Ages -Asa no Konai Basho- Dark Ages -朝の来ない場所- [020524] Optim
The dark ages where powerful people rule. 
Main character loses his home and family due to the war and gets to live as a bounty hunter, but via friend acquaintance jumps at a chance to train slaves for rich people. 

16. Gakuen no Shuryousha ~Noroshi~ 学園の狩猟者 ~烽火~ [020524] Empty
Revenge never felt so good!
After Noelle's parents die suddenly in an accident, her older stepbrother Shuuichi returns to take care of her - in ways she could never have imagined. Noelle is horrified when, on the very night of her parents' funeral, the stepbrother she remembered so fondly cruelly rapes her. Then, without explaining why, Shuuichi forces Noelle to transfer to the prestigious Takamine College.
Each night as he ravishes her body, Shuuichi pumps Noelle for information about the women on campus. Women like the curvaceously timid Haruko, the sexually talented Shirone, and the beautiful blond-haired bombshell Elena... Women who will be able to satisfy his insatiable desires - and provide him with the information he needs to avenge the death of his mother. 

17. Monologue [020524] Libido
32 stories with 32 heroines. The secrets of girls that can not be spoken out loud are revealed here. Can such cute heroines really have such big secrets?

18. Osen Byoutou 汚染病棟 [020524] Cross 1
Takuya works at Shiratori General Hospital, the biggest hospital in town. One day, he unexpectedly discovers a secret in his work place. The hospital is actually an underground membership whorehouse! The members consist of politicians and lawyers, who come to purchase trained sex slaves.
Once Takuya finds out about the hospital's dark secret, he's forced to help the club as a sex trainer. As he begins tormenting various girls, he realizes that he really enjoys it.... His acts of violence escalate day by day. He starts out with nurses, but soon moves on to female patients, as well. Takuya quickly begins losing his sanity. The quiet and peaceful days will never return. What awaits him beyond the doors of this dark pleasure!? 

19. Pandora no Bikkuribako パンドラのびっくり箱 [020524] Pajamas Soft
Fandisc for Pandora no Yume. 
The main content is Pandora no Yume - Another Story, two after stories for the main game. Yume is set several years after the main story, with Yuito studying robotics. In Gokuraku the characters give a party half a year after the story.
It also includes mini-games and user apported illustrations and stories, along other extras.

20. Realize Me [020524] Mink
Main character is a nerd who attends a vocational school, but aims at becoming a scenario writer. He wants a girlfriend, but is afraid to confess his feelings, so he becomes obsessed with game girls instead. One day he starts to play a trial version of a new game and manages to call the heroine to his room. She seems to have an ability to open the gate between fictional and real world. She looks very friendly, but she's a heroine from a 18+ game, right?

21. Ryokan Shirasagi 旅館白鷺 [020524] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1
Yuriko is the proprietor of the financially challenged Swallowtail Inn. The death of her husband deprived the Inn of his culinary skill, which was the main source of the Inn's prestige and income. Unwilling to shut down, Yuriko has turned to exploiting her body to keep the Inn solvent. But her sexual skills are limited, and that, along with the Inn's degradation, spell trouble. The discovery of an unconscous man allow Yuriko the opportunity to be both a good samaritan and the recipient of a blessing in disguise. Although he suffers amnesia as a result of his injury, the man, whom Yuriko names Kenji, proves to be the answer to all of the Inn's problems. Kenji does everything from maintenance to cooking. He is clearly a skilled chef, but there is another area he is equally adept: sex. Kenji coaches Yurika and her ex sister-in-law Fuyuka in the varied arts of sex and eroticism. Revenues and passion rise, but Kenji's forgotten identity may prove to be the Swallowtail Inn's true salvation.

22. Ryoujoku Hishoshitsu 凌辱秘書室 [020524] Maika
Main character is a very ordinary office worker. But he has a secret to manipulate other people bodies freely. This ability is being limited by the organization and his colleague on lookout. One day company's president dies under mysterious circumstances. Protagonist gets unlimited authority to interrogate office members who are all beauties.

23. Shuugaku Ryokou ~Yume no Naka~ 襲学旅行~夢の中~ [020524] Infinity
Main character goes to a school trip for 5 days. He is not interested in the shrines and temples at all, but what excites him is the prospect of naughty games with girls. 

24. Virgin Trigger ヴァージントリガー [020524] Soup
One day a girl appears from the window. She asks main character to fight together to protect the Earth. She starts to train together with protagonist until the day of decisive battle.

25. Tsuma x Tsuma 1.5 ~Koko wa Niizuma Paradise!~ 人妻×人妻1.5~ここは新妻ぱらだいす!~ [020530] Discovery
Sequel to the first game.
Yusuke Oshima, the protagonist, is forced to marry his former classmate Akira Orisaku by his father for all the help she gave to save the apartment complex.
Yusuke film was made to the film festivals, and he receives a prize effort, thanks for the recommendation of the manager of the apartment Shizuma Fujimiya who served as assistant director.
Now as a newlywed couple, Yusuke and Akira move no a new house to start their new couple life, and spend their first honeymoon night. Can you really satisfy Akira? 

26. AZ no Rakuin AZの烙印 [020531] Piyopiyo-Gumi
Kilts' country loses the war, and he is shipped to the winning country as a slave. A brand called 'AZ no Rakuin' is carved to his neck, marking him as a slave and also serving as a first class deadly curse in the case he rebels...
Shortly after, he is bought for 30000 gold, a sum that is never been paid for a slave before, by an elven woman. And taken to a mansion where he is treated like a guest much to his surprise. But he soon learns that this is a house of pleasure that only serves to high class woman...
While he briefly considers death instead of being a prostitute, he also realizes that he'll have a much better life working here than any other slave outside. He accepts his fate and his training begins...

27. Chijoku no Kankei ~Inkou Kyoushi~ 恥辱のカンケイ~淫行教師~ [020531] Interheart 1
Toya Hayami works as an art teacher at a prestigious school. However, Toya and his art lessons are looked upon coldly because the school is just too busy with students cramming for tests.
One day, Toya becomes close to the school idol Sayuri and invites her to his studio. A few days later, Toya is suddenly laid off because people have spread rumors about his relationship with Sayuri. Needless to say, Toya is depressed and furious about the treatment and begins to take out his frustrations on Sayuri and his successor, Noriko...
The player will become the despairing art teacher and violate the girl who used to adore him. He will also get his kicks out of raping the female teacher who has replaced him with a bunch of sexual tools.
In this game, you will be able to use a remote controlled dildo. You attach the dildo to girls and enjoy watching their reactions whenever or wherever you activate it. When the game switches to the Dildo Mode, you will see a switch gauge and the girl s heartbeat monitor on the screen. You observe the rate of her heartbeat and control the on/off on the dildo. You will also enjoy seeing a girl's thoughts during this mode.

28. Fall Down ~Ochita Tenshi no Monogatari~ Fall Down ~堕ちた天使の物語~ [020531] Lust
Main character is forced to live a haunted life in a certain mansion. One day he meet a mysterious girl who suddenly comes down from the sky. The girl does not remember anything. They start to live together in the mansion to find their true self.

29. Happy Bell Lovex2 Honeymoon はぴベルラヴ×2ハネムーン [020531] Terios
Includes a quiz game, a "visual story" (NVL style visual novel), and six minigames.

30. Itami no Umi イタミノウミ [020531] Devil's Works 1
Yuya Azuma has been continuously bullied since he started school. However, he manages to hold on through it all. One day, his foster sister, Yuka, whom he secretly loves, attempts to kill herself.
Bullies Michiru Ota and Aina Shindo unexpectedly calm down after Yuka is hospitalized. Yuta feels the change in their attitudes, but he doesn't know why until Yuka regains consciousness in the hospital. She doesn't recognize him, and she suddenly grabs his dick and starts sucking on it!
Yuya is terribly shocked at the sudden change in Yuka. He goes home and finds her diary in her room. Even though he feels guilty, he opens the diary and begins to read. He finds out the horrible truth: Yuka was gang raped in her efforts to help him!!
Yuya swears revenge on the bullies and his teacher who didn't try to help...
Our hero swears revenge for his foster sister, who has become mentally deranged because of the gang rape.

31. Jangyaku 2 & 3 ~Ryoujoku no Gakuen Janki-tachi~ 雀虐2&3~凌辱の学園雀姫たち~ [020531] Puchiyu~mi 1
Tekka Private School is filled with an evil presence. Guys who like to gamble, cause problems, and sleep with girls tend to gather here.
In our prequel, Agaru Yasuda raped all the beautiful girls in the tea club, and as a result, it was closed down. Now, he returns once again on a new stage! What will happen this time...?
The popular series is back with two sequels on one disk! "Jan Gyaku 2" is "The Chapter of The Evil Tournament!" The story starts off when Hotaru Tendoji, Agaru's mentor, visits the school festival. To find out who's king of the hill, an underground mahjong tournament is held. The battle of the fittest now begins...
"Jan Gyaku 3" is "The Chapter of True Red Revenge." Agaru finally does the unbelievable! He shows his true colors in front of his stepsister, Hanae Yasuda.

32. Kazoku Doreika Keikaku 家族奴隷化計画 [020531] Zero
Main character is adopted to a family that caused his father's death.
Protagonist waits till his foster father goes to a business trip to start his domination plan over his new family members.  

33. Mori no Kioku 森の記憶 [020531] Marine Heart
Takumi and Jun are two students who find an abandoned bomb shelter in the forest behind their school, a secret they keep between them. One day they hear, noise, and upon investigation find a secret lab within the shelter, and a young boy, Tsukasa, being held prisoner there. They decide to try to free Tsukasa and try to solve who is responsible for his kidnapping. They suspect it is someone within their school that knows about the place, and decide to hide out at the school at night to see if they can find their answers...
Boys Love

34. Riru Meru Shimai no Motto x 2 Oshiete! Onii-chan-sensei 璃瑠・瑪瑠姉妹のもっと×2 おしえて!お兄ちゃん先生 [020531] Jewelry 1
Our hero leads a pretty normal life, but one day, a family with 2 daughters moves into the house next door. He becomes close friends with the new neighbors, and the parents ask our hero to tutor the daughters because their grades are slipping. He's more than happy to help out. He starts out being a serious tutor, but these two babes do their best to seduce himc Will our hero be able to remain stalwart and withstand their seductive tactics?
This is the game you guys have been waiting for! You'll find three completely different routes: "Tell me about girls," "Please treat me kindly," and "I'll hold out." You'll really enjoy the different personalities of these two sisters!! If you like to be called "Bro," this game is perfect for you!!

35. Shukketsubo ~Senaka no Oetsu~ 出血簿〜鮮赤の嗚咽〜 [020531] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
One day in May, a new chemistry teacher assumes his duties at a Junior College. He is Kengo Inui, a man blessed with a sharp mind, great athletic skill, and handsome looks. In spite of these gifts, or perhaps because of them, his heart is that of a black devil. It was some months ago that he let the devil come out and work its skills on the beautiful women around him, but he had crossed a line then. Now at his new posting, he is finally free to explore his evil passions once more.
The hunt is beginning again...

36. Trouble Triangle とらぶる☆とらいあんぐる [020531] Ripe
Calm and gentle protagnist Erisaki invites a girl to live together after two years of dating.
Free spirit Daisuke protagonist gets fired from a company and needs a place to live for a week with his girlfriend till their new place gets renovated. Erisaki can not let his former school friend stay outside. So starts two couples memorable week of co-habitation.

37. Imouto Ijiri ~Hitorime~ Doki Doki Cosplay Birthday Ayaho-chan 妹いじり ~ひとりめ~ ドキ♪ドキ♪コスプレバースディ 綾穂ちゃん [0205] Marufuku Store
It's beloved onii-chan birthday today. What will sister Aya give him as a birthday present?

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Anonymous said...

Kuro to Kuro to Kuro no Saidan might be "nukige" but it's bit of a shame that you blocked it for that since it's a nukige with a plot. It's more of diamond in a rough than a truly great title (barring it's specific subgenere, where it's probably still the best in 2019 with very little doubt), but it does have interesting enough story to draw you in, even if the execution gets pretty uneven at parts, tends towards infodumping to begin with, and as a whole it tends towards a pretentious side. It also ends up using some unusual themes when drawing inspiration from occultism: neoplatonic emanationism is pretty high on the list of things I did not expect to see in a Japanese porn game.

kivandopulus said...

I love both C's Ware and Shumon Yuu writing. I'm actually criticized quite a lot for merciless approach towards games with darker themes or high sexual content ( is the latest example). There are several reasons for that.
1) Liked omochikaeri mostly clean approach
2) Don't want visual novels to be evaluated by H content
3) Don't want limitations caused by focus on H content (there are even people like jhipster who can only read Allage visual novels)
4) The most important reason is that I have weak stomach for hardcore content. Mindead Blood confirmed that once again. I just can't get through extreme stuff to evaluate the good part of the game. My next big step in this regard will be reviewing first Kansen ~In'yoku no Rensa~

A good game will always find a good reviewer, but I just can't contribute much in cases similar to Kuro to Kuro to Kuro no Saidan ~Kodoku~. This game has at least some attention due to notable writer, but there are other fantastic stories in less known nukige. It's much easier to block this niche as a whole than cover the genre in its entirety to find 1% of worthy works. But if someone does the whole work instead of me by writing a great review, then I don't mind unblocking them, actually. And this game has a nice review already. Petition granted.

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