VN of the Month April 2007 - Zwei Worter

I only consider Zwei Worter a masterpiece in April.

1. Setsu no Hi セツの火 [070404] Media.Vision
Another world is discovered. Creatures there look a lot like primitive human barbarians, so discoverer names it "Inferior". The only link between the worlds is a 5mm hole, so government establishes trade and keeps its existence in secret. But "Inferior" starts to pierce reality of human world, and monsters start to show up. A group of young people with special powers stand up to oppose this threat.
Game is royal road and genre is called "digitized drama" which justifies wide use of manga strips. Battle CGs are constantly reused. Game is composed of 7 episodes each starting with OP. It's recommended to be played on auto-mode since with manual operation screens can break leaving only voice. It's not written who is talking, so reader needs to guess himself. Basically, disease starts to spread that turns humans into demons, so there is definite eschatology feeling like zombie apocalypses. Overall, a nice chunige. If only it was easier to get.

2. Figurehead [070406] Stronger
Several generations after the settlement of Milky Way. On a planet far from the galactic frontier, a boy from slums named Howell sneaks into a pirate ship landed nearby. There he finds a girl named Twin, thinking that she is a captive he decides to rescue her.
While running from the pirates together, they become friends and he decides to protect her, no matter what. Unknown to him, she actually is the central part of the most powerful battleship in the universe, Zephyrus!
He gets pulled into the center of a war that spans the galaxy...
I really wanted to review this game and I even started it... only to be miserably crushed down by its system. There is no autoreading (it turns out there is and it's ON by default, but it's super slow and non-adjustable), there is no reading with keyboard, there is no instant appearance of lines, there is no hooking possible (did not play with cheatengine though). Game system is worse that java games of the 90s. But ofc these inconveniences are probably already fixed with some patch. Japanese reviews say that there is patch version 1.01 with some ridiculous fixes like ability to load game without the need to shut it down to get to menu. They also name freezes and self-termination among so many bugs and issues. So let's at least try to see what other people write. It's science fiction, but not intellectual one. There are some video insertions between the scenes, but these constantly get skipped due to mouse click control. All scenarios are pretty much the same, so it could easily be royal road. CG are beautiful, but lots of cheap 3D CG are used. Character sprites and dialogues often don't match. Setting of space pirates is unusual, but difficult to understand. Explanations and descriptions are lacking. Scenario is not particularly interesting and definitely not fun. There's definite inconsistency like when protagonist says that we wants to protect the loved ones, but when his friend dies in front of him, there's no reaction, and next scene follows normally. Battle scenes are monotonous, basically, just exchange of shots. Only surface is scratched, but insides are shallow.

3. Gyakuten Saiban 4 逆転裁判4 [070412] Capcom 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (which takes place chronologically seven years after Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations) is the first game in the series that does not feature Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist, though it isn't the first time a different attorney has been playable. The game takes place in what seems to be a mock of Los Angeles.
New gameplay elements
The bracelet on Apollo's left arm can be used to "zoom in on witnesses to gather information about them", and is called the Perceive System. It is used primarily in court to look for motions or actions made by witnesses that show nervousness, like playing with one's fingers. The move even comes with a new phrase, "Gotcha!". The game also includes a "Crime Recreation Mode" that "allows players to reveal hidden clues by re-creating the scene of the crime.
There are English reviews

4. Folklore f o l k l o r e [070415] Inspire 1

Earl is a simple guy whose life consists of working in the rice fields. One day, a mysterious girl appears. The girl knows what Earl really wants, and teaches him the art of fighting. He decides to live by the sword from now on, and visits disaster on his village.
Volume is small. NVL format and no character sprites really hurts tempo, and wall of text with rare CG (just 28) dominates the scene. Game feels slow and old-fashioned, revolving around melancholy. It's rare for Inspire to include fantasy elements, but it's exactly such case. Game takes place somewhere in Northern Europe, and Norse mythology is present here. But basically it's just a violent story of conflict between villagers and outsiders.

5. Madogiwa! [070418] MUYM
Main character helps a stray dog on the way home from school, and a bald fat angel wearing only pants appears in front of him. Protagonist takes it as a joke and agrees to borrow power, but what he gets is impossible to imagine abilities like flying and moving objects remotely. With that he can cause a lot of trouble in the city...
There is basically no story, just different tricks and abuse on different days.

6. Hoshi ni Negai o... 彗星に願いを… [070420] Sky-High
Kousuke is an ordinary uni student, living in the country. It is announced that a comet will come close to the Earth this summer. He is not interested in it, but his life changes a little. He is given an old radio from his neighbor. The radio airs a radio drama every night. "This story is about an ordinary uni student, living in the country, and his experience of one summer." Since then, the things aired on radio last night happen to him on the next day. His a little bit strange summer experience starts now...
Concept is quite elaborate since it's done by Tanaka Romeo. It's not just radio stories coming true, but also flying comet with 13-year cycle that become key elements of the game. There are enough surprises in the concept, but realization is mostly formal and disappointing from scenario point of view. Retro-atmosphere is good, but personalities are lacking.

7. Iinazuke 許嫁 [070426] Princess Soft 1
A young man called Kate and his sister Serina lived in a small rural with a population of only 40 people. This village will be taken over by Count Michel of the Kingdom of Itzamna who is their grandfather because their mother passed away due to illness It becomes. Even more, Kate was bethroded to Riese's, Count Michel's daughter, and must start living with her!
While moving into the same school as Riese and working hard to become the next head of the Michelle family, he is surrounded by many beautiful girls such as classmate Karin, Maid Licia, and Riese's older sister Laura.
Princess Soft with their banal sugary stories should just die already, seriously.

8. Ah, Ojou-sama ああっお嬢様っ [070427] Sumikko Soft
Rei cries out to the sea, "I'm terribly disappointed!" His parents have gone missing, leaving their debts to him. He suddenly remembers his good old days..., his childhood friend, Kaori. But it's all gone. He throws himself into the sea.... When he wakes up, he finds himself on the beach and is saved by Kaori, who happens to go by. She is happy because she thinks he comes back to keep their promise, "Let's get married, when we grow up!" She takes him to her house. He tells her about what happened to him, and Kaori pays off his debts instantly. "You are mine now. Watch your language." While he is at a loss, she decides that he goes to her school together as her butler...
Story is flat - tsundere scoldings mix with H scenes. There's hardly any development or excitement. Moderate erotics and thin content.

9. Amesarasa ~Ame to, Fushigi na Kimi ni, Koi o suru~ アメサラサ~雨と、不思議な君に、恋をする~ [070427] CUFFS 1 2
Haruichi is an ordinary high school student. There is nothing special with him except he is a rain man, it always rains when he has special occasions. He still enjoys his school life, and a day rolls on peacefully until he gets a mysterious key...
There are English reviews.

10. Hitoyume -Autumnal Equinox Story- ひとゆめ -Autumnal Equinox Story- [070427] Star Link
The last day of summer holiday. Ryuichi walks around taking pictures as usual. He finds a girl sitting under a big tree in school uniform. He unconsciously takes a picture of her face. But just when he approaches her, she vanishes.... A few days later, she appears in front of him as a transfer student....
A painful work. CG and music are probably the most prominent features. Very little attention to side characters, really boring school. Individual routes are even worse than common one. Scenario is inconsistent.

11. R.U.R.U.R ~Kono Ko no Tame ni, Semete Kirei na Hoshizora o~ R.U.R.U.R 〜ル・ル・ル・ル〜 このこのために、せめてきれいな星空を [070427] light 1 2 3 4 5 6
The game places the player in the role of Ichihiko. At first glance, he is a fairly ordinary young man who lives an (almost too) ordinary life. He lives at home with his two sisters, Mizubashou and Shirotsumegusa, constantly gets into arguments with his next door neighbor Hinagiku, goes to school with all three and spends the days enjoying life in a virtually perfect world.
There are, of course, some oddities. Firstly, the only humanoids in the world seem to be Ichihiko, his older sisters, Hinagiku and their teacher, Kobatomugi-sensei. Everyone else looks like something resembling old sci-fi movie drone robots that communicate by repeating the phrase "oui monsieur" known as saberhagen-class droids (and are understood the same way Star Wars characters understand the beeps coming from R2-D2). This is a world where it never rains. Where weather conditions are always convenient. Where Ichihiko's favorite shows are always on TV and his favorite foods are always served. Yes, this world is clearly fake.
As the story progresses, the player discovers that Ichihiko is actually the "last mankind" (in other words, the last human left in the universe). He was found in a stasis capsule by the robots that inhabit the spaceship Saint Exupéry-go. Feeling that he is too young to govern over the ship and perform his role in bringing about the second coming of humanity, the robot R-Mizubashou proposes that he be awakened and raised by them, and that a suitable "happy" world be built just for him; a world where he has a loving family, lots of friends and feels no hardships or pain.
Having been without any humans to serve for nearly a millennium, the robots draw upon on almost every possible source to build what is to be Ichihiko's perfect world. To this end, they have used data from "older" robots on board, books, movies and even manga. While the majority of the robots involved willfully continue the ruse (and do everything they can to dispose of dissenters), there are some who wish to tell the "last mankind" the truth.
There are English reviews.

12. Tone 冬音 -Tone- [070427] FragiLe
Main character leaves his hometown and enters an urban school without having any particular goals. He does not go home even on vacations, but this winter he goes back because of a worried letter of his sister-in-law. As he meets friends, he feels that time frozen back then starts to move again. Nostalgia overpowers him, and with that love approaches.
Low production work, so only heroines have voicing, but not sub-characters (and they get very little attention from artist as well). Volume is thin, and most routes are plain boring. Some routes include violation.

13. Zwei Worter [070427]
In 2005, a group of meteors deals a big blow to humanity. But thanks to advanced science and technology, mankind overcomes extinction by creating new intellectual living creatures called "Dissolve".
In 2007, incredibly powerfull outerspace creatures called Elcid launch their onslaught against earth. Extinction is only avoided because of the advances made in the recovery of the previous disaster. But in the end, in just two years
nine-tenth of the population loses their lives.
In 2017, last surviving members of the human race, "Dissolve" and an another new race intellectual living creatures called "Hybrid" all band up together for their final stand against Elcid....
No reviews? I'll be the first.


1. Castle Fantasia ~Arihato Senki~ キャッスルファンタジア〜アリハト戦記〜 [070401] Studio e.go!
Hewie and Ducis's stories in the military academy before Castle Fantasia ~Seima Taisen~.

2. Elven Relations [070401] Chronoluminaire
Takuya is a swordsman in the Royal Army of the Kingdom of Reachfar, who is sent on a unique mission into the Endless Forest to establish displomatic relations with the elven people. Could there be love awaiting him in the depths of the Elvenglade?

3. Open DayS [070401] Mirielle
youhei is your ordinary protagonist in an ordinary school with extraordinarily hot classmates and of course, a hot teacher. And since the school is boring, what else is there to do than have dirty thoughts and try your luck? Seriously a hentai parody.

4. Realizations [070401] KyuKuru
When Jake is told by his father that they will move, a lot of things change for him. But the new environment also holds new possibilities for him. Good or bad, it depends on his decisions how the realizations about his life and friends will turn out.

5. QP Kiss きゅぴキス [070401]
QP Kiss is a short parody Boys' Love visual novel with shoot'em up elements, released by the developers of the Orange Juice franchise as an April Fools' prank in 2007. The characters are genderbent versions of characters from other Orange Juice games. The plot revolves around Kyupita, a dog-eared boy, and his perverted lover Kyousuke, who had gone mad. 

6. Eidolon [070402] Green Fairy Games 
he protagonist is a lost spirit who is given a second chance at life and at love by a sudden twist of fate. Will he accept his destiny or risk everything by challenging it?

7. Host Love [070402] mokenju
When Cara's love life seems to be going nowhere, her best friend Moe insists on them having a vacation at the Bahia Royal, a "special resort where love and lust are waiting for you at every corner". Paying for love... will this work?

8. Shakunetsu Hime 灼熱姫 [070402] Pawn 1
An unusual piece about a teenaged girl's rage and her sudden urge to destroy the world.

9. Days of Memories ~Koi wa Good Job!~ Days of Memories 〜恋はグッジョブ!〜 [070403] SNK Playmore 1
Main character's hobby is taking photos, so he is happy to get a job at a professional photographer office, but the ends up just carrying apparatus and making unexciting photos for local news. This summer he wants to take such a photo to astonish everyone. A lot of different girls surround protagonist. What kind of summer will it be?
Consolve exclusive

10. Meitantei Conan: Tantei Ryoku Trainer 名探偵コナン 探偵力トレーナー [070403] Bandai Namco Entertainment
A "Ranpo meter" is invented to measure detective power consisting of judgment, analysis, concentration, memory and observation. Detective Conan solves incidents while raising his parameters. Will he win competition with numerous rivals?
Consolve exclusive

11. Une chaine d'une infraction [070403] Namikaze no Uta
I have always dreamed of it. 
It's a dream of an unknown man staring at me from the darkness.
Pain and sorrow in his eyes don't allow me to avert gaze or run away.
He always asks me "Why"?
And I realize that I am sinful.
How can I pay for this sin?
I will carry this burden and search for redemption.
Doujin Otomege

12. Gyakushuu 2 ~Miko no Saidan~ 虐襲弐~巫女ノ祭壇~ [070405] Anim
Giran plans to invade the Yurarian Continent. There is a peaceful country called Wanokuni on the continent, where beautiful and pure girls live. Giran decides to conquer Wanokuni at first to gain a footing in world conquest... without knowing what will happen to him.... In Wanokuni, at the same time, Mononofu, who is the boss of Ayakashi, and his group are about to fight back against Miko.... On the other side, Miko, Ayakashi's big enemy, await them....

13. April Fools' エイプリルフール [070406] Tabun Osoraku Kitto
Girl says: “Mom will live until tomorrow.” But today is April Fools today. Does she lie?

14. Club Romance e Youkoso クラブ・ロマンスへようこそ [070406] Ume Soft
The main character is an entrepreneur. One day, his father tells him to become an owner of a high-grade night club and double its sales. He accepts it and starts to train the hostesses, including erotic customer service techniques.... Will he be able to achieve his norma...?

15. Nagomibako Innocent Grey Fandisc 和み匣 Innocent Greyファンディスク [070406] Innocent Grey 1
Innocent Grey fandisc featuring short stories and mini-games based on Innocent Grey works such as Cartagra and PP-pianisimo-.

16. Netorare Oku-sama wa Shojo Kousei ~Ryakudatsukan~ 寝取られ奥様は処女校生~略奪姦~ [070406] elle-murakami
[A flower is beautiful because of how it looks when it blooms]
Watching a beautiful thing be defiled is what excites you...
A beauitful young girl with good morals being defiled...Watching that is what excites you!!!
[A new wife] X [A high school student] X [A virgin] = Heaven
Destroy her happy world...
Threaten, intimidate and blackmail her, anything goes!
Doujin Nukige

17. Chikan-san Taiken Tour ~Pool Hen~ 痴漢さん体験ツアー~プール編~ [070409] ProjectSAKURA
You received a invitation letter for a one-day tour where you can be a one-day molester.
This time, it takes place in pool!

18. The Loyal Kinsman [070410] Tall Tales Productions
In the 14th century, Gunther is a page on Castle Berwartstein on the verge of becoming a squire. However, when the knight who was meant to train him dies unexpectedly, Gunther suspects murder and begins to investigate...

19. Lolita Jutai ~Kawaii Imouto Futari wa Boku no Nikudorei~ ロリータ受胎~可愛い妹二人は僕の肉奴隷~ [070411] Pumpkin
Main character is an ordinary university student who loves his twin sister. One day he gets aphrodisiac and uncontrollable desire bursts out.
Doujin Nukige

20. 12nin no Onna Kyoushi Re-Innovation -In- 十二人の女教師 RE-INNOVATION 「陰」 [070413] Carmine
At the first day of the second semester, Shin is on his way to a new school that his uncle has become the president of. He has fired all the teachers and hired beautiful female teachers instead. The reason is to seduce male students and their fathers because his school is an elite school. He just wants to have powerful connections with them. And Shin transfers to this school to give the female teachers sex training, and make them sex slaves....

21. Katei Houmon 家庭訪悶 [070413] Kuro Hina
Yuusaku is a high school teacher. One day, Hikari confesses her love for Yuusaku, but he is interested in married women only. Several days later, he visits Hikari's house to talk to her mother because her test scores are not good recently. When he opens the door, there is an attractive woman.... He falls in love with his student's mother at first sight....

22. M-Scramble! えむすくらんぶる! [070413] Skill Up
An eroge based on/parodying The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

23. Ryoubo -Maternity Insult- 凌母 -Maternity Insult- [070413] Ail
Yuji hates his mother since she suddenly disappeared ten years ago, leaving him being ill. His father brought him up since then. One day, his father gets remarried, and he is happy to hear that. But it is her, who left him and his father! "How come she's come back... with smile!?" His anger reaches its peak and...

24. Taijoku no Ori 胎辱の檻 [070413] Black Package Try
Main character undertakes robbery in attempt to rub off the debt of a playmate, but during it lender suffers a serious injury. Our guy destroys evidence of debt and runs away, but eventually gets arrested by the police after his fellow's confession. Companion gets two and a half years of sentence, and protagonist gets seven years of sentence as main offender, but in a different prison. Such betrayal can not be pardoned, so an exquisite revenge plan is invented over these seven years.

25. "CoO Geass" -Inyoku no Terrorist- 「コー○ギアス」-淫欲のテロリスト- [070414] Team-Tanabe
Eroge based on Code Geass (just with C.C. and Karen).
Doujin Nukige

26. Secret Home -Himitsu no Ouchi- Secret Home -ヒミツのおうち- [070415] Kihara Corp
Secret Home is a BL-style produced visual novel.
It is a story of a young boy who is taken in by a strange home and have various things happen to him.
Includes 40 pieces of CG and 27 insert illustrations including content cuts and backgrounds.
Juices and wetness are featured predominantly. Also includes many images featuring nude and muscular characters.
Doujin Boys Love

27. Hot Spring Lover [070416] Labrusse
Spend some time with Akari, your girlfriend with nice big breasts at a hot spring resort!
Doujin Nukige

The goal of the game is to win love of Usagi Tsukino by asking her out on dates, giving her gifts or playing mini-games.

29. Gakuen Alice ~WakuWaku★Happy Friends~ 学園アリス~わくわく★ハッピーフレンズ~ [070419] Kids Station
There are rumors that Gakuen Alice will disappear. In order to prevent this, we will save money in the piggy bank. The method of saving is to synthesize items collected in forests, create items, and submit them to the auction. All items that can be synthesized are specially made by firefly. You can make ketchup bullets, Pigler No. 3, pengie badges, etc. that appear in the original. You can make many other items without getting bored. There are events from previous GBA game such as the Kurigo rice competition as well.
Conxole Exclusive Otomege

30. Aniyome wa Ijippari 兄嫁はいじっぱり [070420] TinkerBell
Tsutomu's parents used to run a flower shop. But they passed away several years ago, and he lives with his older brother and his wife, Mai, since then. Mai runs the flower shop now, and he is forced to help her. One day, a beautiful woman comes to the shop. She is Kozue, Mai's former senpai back when they were still students, also starts to work at the shop.
Unlike his elder brother who prioritize work over family, Tsutomu proves to be the man Mai can rely on. One night when Mai got drunk while being frustrated of her husband...

31. Bye [070420] TRAUM BERG HAUSNUMMER 7
The season when it snows...A world of only white.
The people who live in this world are unblemished.
In this town the seasons reel by as always.
And as for today, time should've just went by as usual.
However, what we call time always swung by... This is the bubble that people flow into.
The snow keeps falling...It flutters about like cherry blossoms.
It constantly falls...As if to cover up a painful past.
Our ups and downs.
2 worlds that living beings take hold of and balance.
The people who live in that bubble only had to this in order to keep living.
A life of maintaining only this delicate balance.
This story begins around the time when... The time when this balance breaks down.
A sad story.
People; why do they live?
People; why do they pass away?
People; why do they love others?
People; why do they become sad?
People; why...
We have no choice but to be happy only half the time,
but if we bring everyone together... Then surely we could recover 2 halves of that happiness.

32. Chichi Chichichichichi! ~Milk Mamire Cafe~ 乳ちちちちち~ッ!~ミルクまみれカフェ~ [070420] Valkyria
Milking sex party of gorgeous women with big breasts!
Grab and pinch their breasts until they release milk!!

33. Osa★Tsuma Onii-chan ga Danna-sama おさ★つま お兄ちゃんが旦那様 [070420] MorningStar
Onii-chan finally becomes childhood friend's husband. The newlyweds can't get enough of their love.

34. Ruby Striker ルビーストライカー [070420] MorningStar 1 2
With the power of the Jewelstar called "Ruby," Ruby Striker, the transformed heroine of justice with the power of immortality, infiltrates the enemy's hideout and is captured in the trap of the enemy's supreme ruler, "Zodiac."
Her immortality backfires, and she is thrown into a sea of pleasure and pain no ordinary human could withstand. What will be her fate...?

35. Shion ~Zankoku na Mahou no Tenshi~ シオン ~残酷な魔法の天使~ [070420] Lilith Mist
Are you still... a human being?
The girl who adores cosplay appeared before you, but you did not know who she actually was. She was staring mutely at me. Unfriendly at all, though she was wearing funny clothes.
My life was completely changed by the encounter with the beautiful girl Sion who once attempted to kill me...

36. Trouble Days とらぶるDAYS [070420] Studio e.go!
Haru happens to see Tsukimi, his classmate, masturbating at a sick-room. Though she notices him, she doesn't stop it..., and they have sex in the end.... At that moment, Yuki, a sick-room teacher, comes back and finds them sleeping together. Yuki thinks Haru raped Tsukimi, but Tsukimi defends him. According to Tsukimi, her family members are nymphomaniac. It can't be cured, and her symptom is getting worse. Following Yuki's proposal, Haru regularly has sex with Tsukimi. While that, Yuki looks for someone, who can cure it. And since then, other girls start to approach him. Tsukimi gets jealousy, and he receives a threat letter.... His sex life just starts now....

37. Venus Blood ヴィーナスブラッド [070420] Dual Tail 1
There is a religious country governed by the sisters Alfina and Yufy. Since the land was once invaded by the monsters, people now live together in a small area, just around the sacred tree. Lenard, the main character, is employed by the Kingdom, but he hates this country. One day, the female devil appears and offers him to destroy the country and create a new utopia together. Their plan is to contaminate the sacred tree by insulting the princesses...

38. Yuugeki Keikan Patvessel ~Kochira Shutoken Joukuu Aozorasho~ 遊撃警艦パトベセル~こちら首都圏上空青空署~ [070420] May-Be Soft 1
The deterioration of law and order.... This is one of the biggest problems for the police. What the police wanted was the symbol of authority, and it was constructed with spending a lot of money and time. A huge airship called "Patvessel"! It was planned to be used for people's peace at first. But the boss of the police arbitrarily gave it to his daughter, Hikari, a big troublemaker. What will happen to the police and people...?

39. Bikini Junkie ビキニ・ジャンキー [070421] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
Main character is a student at a vocational school. One day cousin Tomoe contacts him and invites to work part-time at cafe by the sea. All waitresses there serve in bikini. And among them is his favorite cousin Fumika.

40. Starlit Sky [070421] Team BG
A sweet story about a boy, who departs on an epic adventure to find a way to reach the stars. Along the way, he meets a young witch who excels in making potions and they search for her sister, who can make anyone reach the stars.

41. Hatsujou Tenkousei 発情てんこうせい [070422] Sol-fa-soft
Kaguya transfers to Taichi's class and proceeds to seduce him and their classmate Miyabi. Under her influence, ecchi becomes popular in Taichi's class.
It is up to Taichi, whether to give into temptation or not. What will he do?
Doujin Nukige

42. Sakayaki 月代 -SAKAYAKI- [070422] Aya no Kuni
Today is the entrance ceremony for Kanrai senior high school.
The heroine, Haraoki Rei, while hurrying on the way to school collides with this one single boy.
Having a helping hand entended to her, what she saw when raising her gaze is…!?
It’s the love story of deep love, that the boys and girls + Sakayaki inerveawe.

43. Shinra Youchien (Kadai) しんらようちえん(仮題) [070422] Reimonya
Fan game on the card game sold by Bandai.
Various tribes in this world gather together to hold back the Demon King. Main character follows mysterious letter and enrolls to the school where elites from all tribes study. His days full of enthusiasm begin.

44. Kazoku Choukyou 家族調教 [070425] Poashara
Main character lives with father, step-mother and sister-in-law. But father disappears one day after accumulating a huge debt. It turns out that he is detained by a shady lender. Protagonist has two choices - either allow father to be dismembered and sold for organ transplantation or train the remaining members of the family as sex slaves.

45. Shokushu Shoujo 触手少女 [070425] Courreges Ace
You'll play as Asada Mayu as you interact with a mysterious inhuman girl who seduces you with her otherworldly powers (and appendages).
Doujin Nukige

46. Orange Honey ~Boku wa Kimi ni Koishiteru~ オレンジ♥ハニー ~僕はキミに恋してる~ [070426] guyzware
The heroine, Kaze Aiha, is facing a crisis in her life.
After a certain incident, she suddenly isn’t able to paint even though she’s an award-winning member of the art club.
Unable to handle the pressure, she decides to quit the club while using her student council duties as an excuse.
Oh, will she ever be able to paint again…?

47. 12nin no Onna Kyoushi Re-Innovation -San- 十二人の女教師 RE-INNOVATION 「散」 [070427] Carmine
At the first day of the second semester, Kei is on his way to a new school that his uncle has become the president. He has fired all the teachers, and hired beautiful female teachers instead. The reason is to seduce male students and their fathers because his school is an elite school. He just wants to have powerful connections with them. And Kei transfers to this school to give the female teachers sex training, and make them sex slaves....

48. Aneimo 2 ~Second Stage~ あねいも2~Second Stage~ [070427] Boot Up! 1 2 3
Takumi lives next to Mizuki and Satsuki's house. They have been good friends since they were kids, going shopping and skiing together. One day, Kazuyoshi, Takumi's father, brings two girls, Saori and Yui, back to their house, and accepts them as new family members. At first, he is confused, but gradually becomes closer to them.
Mizuki gets impatient, and begins to approach Takumi boldly. And Satsuki falls in love with Takumi as well.
The winter holiday starts... The days full of sex with Takumi... From "like" to "love"... "I love you. I'll do whatever you please." A love story full of love and desire starts now...

49. Aneimo ~Natsu no Zanshou~ あねいも ~夏の残照~ [070427] Boot Up!
Communal life with Manami and Madoka continues in a lively manner this summer.
Fandisc Nukige

50. Angel's Tale: An Extraordinary Love Story Angel's Tale: An Extraordinary Love Story [070427] StudioGU
Main character Prach lives with his sister Fa. One day he sees what he should not have seen - girl being harassed by strange creatures. He turns out to have an ability to see things that ordinary people can't see. His sister and other girls around him also start to behave differently.
Thai Doujin

51. Ayakashi no Maki ~Nyonin Ingoku no Wana~ 妖巻~女忍淫獄の罠~ [070427] Skunk Works nano.
The season is summer and the stage is a small castle owned by Naohide. He digs watching innocent people being tortured, and the main character is one of the torture excuters. But he is never given a job because of the trouble he made before at another castle. But one day, he is ordered to torture two "Kunoichi (female Ninja)". He starts to torture them, but it gets bolder....

52. Crime Rhyme 4 クライミライ4 [070427] FlyingShine Black
The newspaper club is about to close down because they always make troubles. Members of the club have a talk, and arrive at a conclusion. The problem is their money waste, so they decide to earn money by themselves. Ayame knows it, and plans to add Masaki to her collection. It is necessary to remove other members at first.... Ayame offers them good part-time jobs at a restaurant and maid cafe. But they are actually owned by her relatives, and she doesn't tell them what's going on inside...

53. D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Spring Celebration D.C.II Spring Celebration ~ダ・カーポII~ スプリング セレブレイション [070427] Circus
Features spring-time stories set after the endings for each of the six D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ heroines. It also has two scenarios set before the events of the main game, including the one featured in Harukaze no Ultimate Battle!

54. Delta! ~Onedari Tenshi to Hitotsu Yane no Shita~ で・る・た!~おねだり天使とひとつ屋根のした~ [070427] Atelier Kaguya
Yuuki met a beautiful angel once when he was a kid.... He works at a vet now, which is owned by Setsuna, his childhood friend. He lives peacefully with his friends, Setsuna, Shizuru, a nurse, and Wakaba, his younger sister. One day, he meets an angel again.... "It's urgent!" Her name is Seles. According to her, the world is now facing a serious danger, and there is only one way to stop it. She says, "Please believe me.... If I and Yuuki have sex, we might be able to create a savior angel...." "What!? Tell us about it more!" Yes, all the girls living there are in love with Yuuki. But there is no reason to deny it for him. He makes up his mind, and their erotic rituals start now....

55. Figu@Carnival ふぃぎゅ@謝肉祭 [070427] Escu:de
This fan disc includes "Short Scenarios", "Figu@Mahjong" and "Desktop Accessories".

56. Futanari Clinic ~Karte #1: Midou Haruhi~ ふたなりクリニック ~カルテ#1:御堂春日~   [070427] MorningStar
Main heroine looks like a normal high school girl. But in fact she has a secret physical problem about her body. One day she goes to a female consultation clinic...
Doujin Nukige

57. Hissatsu Shigokinin ~Gakuen Kouman Onna Giri 必殺シゴキ人~学園高慢女斬り [070427] Kichiku Yarou
The main character is a white-collar worker. But he secretly works as a substitute assaulter as well. One day, he receives a job offer. The targets are two female high school students, Ryoko and Aki....

58. Kankin Shiiku Hotel 姦禁飼育ホテル [070427] Dark Swan
"ROYAL APPLAUSE" is a luxurious VIP hotel where top politicians and idols gather. But under the beautiful facade hotel owner confines and enslaves famous women there.

59. Love Love Boin Hoken'i no Kyonyuu らぶらぶボイン 保健医の巨乳 [070427] Flap
You play Aizawa Yuta, a male student who happens to make love with a female teacher Fukano Mizue.
Doujin Nukige

60. Ma ga Ochiru Yoru Demonic Princess 魔が堕ちる夜 デーモニックプリンセス [070427] Mille Feuille 1
Sheliss Elleness Zurbach suddenly appears out of the blue in modern day Tokyo. Destiny has brought her to the human world, destiny in the form of an evil adversary named Gilva. Needing help in tracking down her enemy, she enlists a sexy demon killer. What Sheliss didn't count on was that a crazed, slimy, tentacled magician would paralyze her and turn her into a sex slave. The slimy tentacles slither all over the paralyzed princess' body. A long night of sexual punishment is about to begin...

61. Okami Shizuka ~Ureta Kajitsu ga Ochiru Toki~ 女将・静香 ~熟れた果実が堕ちる刻~ [070427] Mini-mam
Shizuka is an innkeeper who has her husband disappear one day. One day shady man Soma comes by and declares that husband owns him a great sum of money spent on the mistress. He also bears photos with direct proof. But debt can still be repaid if Shizuka agrees to cooperate...

62. Pia Carrot G.O. Toybox 2 ~Spring Fair~ ぴあきゃろG.O. TOYBOX2 ~スプリングフェア~ [070427] Cocktail Soft
Contains 4 mini adventures:
-Rumi no Engage Ring
-Kanae to Sana no Kyuujitsu
-Yamana Kaede wa Otoshigoro
-Love is friendship set on fire

63. Princess Nightmare プリンセスナイトメア [070427] Karin Entertainment
Little is a vampire girl. Radou treats her like his little sister and Vlad Dracula is like her father, though they are not blood-related. One day, their hiding place is found by vampire hunters and they are forced to get out of a town. Where they arrive is Japan. They sleep at an old house during the daytime and act as vampires at night. Little meets a boy and longs for human life. Radou denies it, but Dracula allows her to join a school. She makes friends and enjoys her school life. But one day, a messenger comes to their place and tells them to go back to the devil world....

64. Shakkin Shimai 借金姉妹 [070427] Selen
Hiroyuki is a high school student. He happens to know that Kaho, his classmate, and Kasumi, his classroom teacher, have a lot of outstanding debts their deceased father left. He feels sorry and offers Kasumi to lend some money, but she refuses it. Her attitude makes him mad and he decides to make them his sex slaves...

65. Tentacle Busters Taimi Kakunin Seimeitai Koushou Gakari テンタクル☆バスターズ 対未確認生命体交渉係り [070427] Mischievous
Main character is a part-time employee at an organization that hunts down and destroys unknown life forms that threaten humanity. Only females have the power to fight, but they need to replenish this power with semen from men. One such girl loses permanent partner and needs to find a new one at school as soon as possible to oppose monsters effectively. But more difficult targets require super-power that's only unlocked if partners love each other sincerely. Can they save the world? 

66. Tosatsu no Sono 屠殺の園 [070427] Catear
Somewhere in the world there is a place where soldiers tune up their skills - it gets called Slaughterhouse. A group of society cast-offs including futanari and transvestites live here. This is a hymn and requiem dedicated to them.

67. Touki Inbaku 2 -Ryoujoku Senki Enassuku- 闘姫淫縛2 -凌触戦記 エナッスク- [070427] Team-Tanabe
Part 2 in the favourably received tentacle monster assault ADV.
In this title, fantasy RPG style characters are thoroughly assaulted by the tentacle monsters.
The tentacle monster ghost Nidhog breaks free of the seal of the heavenly temple that binds his being, and escapes to a continent on the illusional world. He sets out to assault and kill would-be avenger Valkyrie, turning the tables on Valkyrie when he himself is set on hunting and killing him. Also, Nidhog has set his sights on a new trophy...
Receiving the ultimate pleasure, in order to make an offering that wrings out an aura that will become one's nourishment...

68. Tsukaima-sama wa Makai Princess ~Kanchigai Suruna! Naka ni Dasu no wa Tada no Maryoku Hokyuu da!!~ 使い魔様は魔界プリンセス~勘違いするな!中に出すのはただの魔力補給だ!!~ [070427] Norn
Yuma is a smart uni student whose grandfather is a magician. One day, he gets cornered by gangs, and he calls up the devils by using his grandfather's ring. The devil who appeared is called Lieselotte.
She gets rid of the gangs quickly, saving Yuma, and says to him, "Give me your life in return." If he proves that he is a real summoner in ten days, he will be saved. Lieselotte treats him roughly, but there is also one surprise: she needs his semen to refill her magic power.

69. Unbalance ~Kanojo no Kokoro wa Ubaenai?~ アンバランス~彼女の心は奪えない?~ [070427] Winters
Kenichi is a spineless whiner (especially around women), clearly he badly needs some help to attract female attention.
Now he's got an ultra-powerful aphrodisiac for his personal (ab)use, but think twice if you believe things will grow better for the male protagonist...

70. Xross Scramble [070427] Team Baldrhead
Xross Scramble is a conglomeration of all the Savior fan discs into one semi-cohesive game, a couple relatively short and vapid new Duel Savior stories, and Baldr Force Re-Action.
Duel Savior: The Two Princesses is a new story based around our delightful little antagonistic Princess Claire and a doppelganger who shows up.
Xross Savior is a bit more esoteric. You’re in control of Taiga again, and we get to see our sexy new martial artist, Eska as Taiga gets pitted one on one against every single person in the extended Savior universe. As you beat them, you’re allowed to replace Taiga’s moves with their’s, literally substituting their sprites and attack animations for whichever moves you choose for your own.
Scramble Savior is basically just the old survival mode plus Giant and Tiny modes worked in and a few random challenge courses that really are pretty nasty to try to get through, especially with the smarter AI.
No info on the Baldr Force Re-Action.

71. Yakuchu! ~Tadaima Biyaku Kaihatsuchuu~ やくchu!~ただいま媚薬開発中~ [070427] Score
Main character is a 4th year student at the medical college. But he is also a genius who secretly studies new drugs in the laboratory. It's high time for him to do job hunting, but he misses the best season for it. His acquaintance invites him to a hospital that has majority of staff left due to director getting ill. It's only a matter of time until this facility closes down, but it's a perfect opportunity to test different drugs and maybe even a pharmaceutical company as a result.

72. Zoku Ryoujoku Sou 続・凌辱荘 [070427] Interheart
One year has passed.
New apartment complex has been built by the station, and old facility faces financial challenges due to lack of demand. Main character needs to infiltrate this new building and learn its secrets to protect his old workplace.

73. Boy Meets Wives [070428] Complet's
Tooru has been socially withdrawn since his parents' divorce. One day, Mariko, who lives nearby, takes him out for dinner, and they become closer (physically). As being with Mariko, Tooru gradually expands relationships with other wives...

74. Shinnin Kyonyuu Jokyoushi Nana ~Owaranai Kounai Ryoujoku~ 新任巨乳女教師 奈々~終わらない校内凌辱~ [070428] Crepe
Nana is a new teacher at Tenga school.
"Just keep away from Koga Masao. Don't ever try to talk to him, " It is what a male teacher said to her at the end of orientation held in her first day at the school. But she is filled with a sense of mission to reclaim him from a life of vice.
Doujin Nukige

75. Shokushu Kangoku ~Maid o Musaboru Nikuyoku no Katamari~ 触手姦獄~メイドを貪る肉欲の塊~ [070428] Noir Soft
There is an old house, in which many maids work. Mary starts to work there as a maid, but there is a rumor.... "Cries of girls come out of the house at night, and the girls who once enter the house never come back...." Mary still doesn't know what will happen to her...

76. Rinkan Gakkou ~Chirasareta Junketsu~ 輪姦学校 ~散らされた純潔~ [070429] Studio Sepia
Makihara Miki, a member of Karate club, attracted the attention of the student gang, by her courageous act of saving a girl from getting humiliated by bad guys...
Doujin Nukige

77. My Sweet Shadow [070430] WhiteMoor
There is a serious innocent girl who has sexual desire accumulate and erupt. She starts to masturbate daily fiercely. One day she finds a letter at the bedside that makes her life deviate from now on...
Doujin Nukige

78. Shinjitougeki Carnival 神事闘劇カーニバル [070430] Talestune
Rokushiki Island is an island far separated from the mainland.
The Rokushiki festival is still celebrated on the island, a festival where a young girl who bears the power of a god because of ritual must fight, and in doing so give herself to the god.
More than anyone else, Rokushiki Nanaki wished to appear in the festival, and fight.
However, as the Rokushiki shrine maiden in charge of selecting which girl was to have the role of receiving the god's power, Nanaki could not permit fighting to occur and break the laws of the island.
That year at the Rokushiki festival, an unprecedented situation lay before the island.
For the sake of victory, pride and promises made, the girls must take up the challenge and fight.
A visual novel about romance and fighting, the story begins here!

79. Mahou Gengo Lyrical ☆ Lisp 魔法言語 リリカル☆Lisp [0704] Mahou Gengo Lyrical ☆ Lisp Team
Learn the programming language Lisp with Arisa and Suzuka. The premise is that LISP (actually it's Scheme they're teaching you in the game) is the language used to program the AI's of the intelligent Devices used by the mages in the Lyrical Nanoha world.

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