VN of the Month March 2007 - Shirogane no Soleil -Successor of Wyrd- <>

Shirogane no Soleil -Successor of Wyrd- <> is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Keitai Shoujo ケータイ少女 [070302] Kogado Studio
Chihiro is a second year high school student. He is a bit impatient since he's got no girlfriend even though he gets closer to Christmas. One day, while he is on the mobile phone internet, he finds an interesting web site and downloads it. When he finishes it, his phone suddenly flashes..., and a tiny girl appears in front of him. "I'm Rin. What's your name? You have no girlfriend, don't you? I'll be in trouble if I don't make you happy." She tells him that if he doesn't find a girlfriend before Christmas, she won't be able to go back to her world. Will he be able to find a girlfriend before Christmas for himself and Rin...?
Just a dating SIM with a dozen of places at school to check, favorability for each heroine, email to send, all the usual unpleasant stuff.

2. Moero Downhill Night Blaze 萌えろDownhill Night BLAZE [070302] TOP 1 2 3 4
The Downhill Night saga concludes with this explosive final chapter, presenting the first ever dating sim game to put you behind the wheel in real time auto racing action! The cast from the sequel reprises their roles as you once again take the role of Akito, now going steady with Rinka. It seems she might be straying though, toward the charismatic captain of her racing club Yuu...
When you hear about the Touge Grand Touring Car Championship (TGTC) you realize this will be the perfect time to prove your skill, finally taking the wheel to race against opponents in real time! Will your elite navigator's skills prevail as you cruise the game's several courses, and will you be able to navigate the equally curvaceous route to love and romance? Action and adventure await in Downhill Night Blaze!
Game is localized and has English reviews.

3. School Love! 2 ~Koi Suru Parfaittic~ すくぅ~るらぶっ!2~恋するパフェちっく~ [070302] DisAbel
The main character is Haru, who has a secret magic power. But it has a side effect. It causes pain to his brain, if he uses it. One day, his father, who also has the power, tells him that Haru needs to let someone reliable know the presence of his power within a month. Otherwise, his side effect will get worse to death. What will happen to him...?
Kusoge sequel of kusoge

4. Princess Maker 5 プリンセスメーカー5 [070303] Gainax 1 2 3 4 5
The player in this game is a retired hero of a human realm parallel to the modern world. The daughter is a girl from a royal heritage, and one of many candidates to assume the role of princess. However, following the assassinations of the other candidates, she became the target as well. Her entire family is killed during the attempt on her life. As her protector, Cube saved the player's daughter and requested the player to take care of the daughter until she reaches the age of 18. So the journey of parenthood unfolds with Cube's help.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

5. Amagoushi no Yakata 雨格子の館 [070308] FOG
“Can Nagomu solve a murder case by the end of the seventh day? Can he stop the culprit from taking full revenge?”
This is an adventure game based on a classical mystery novel. Running out of petrol and lost in the mountains on a stormy night, Ichiyanagi Nagomu, a university student has no choice but to leave his car and ask for help from the nearest mansion within the woods. However, a shock is waiting for him in that dark night. He finds the corpse of a middle age man lying in the rain at the backyard of the mansion. Without any time to recover from his shock, somebody sneaks up behind him and attacks him.
When he wakes up, he is in the company of a troop of actors and actresses there to train for new play written by the famous play-writer Boushiya, and being mistaken as the ninth actor, nobody believed what Nagomu saw at the backyard. Because of the injuries he has suffered earlier and the storm still raging outside, there is no alternative for him but stay in the mansion.
Later that night, the troop and Nagomu discovers a message that reads "Revenge" in the green house. Afterwards the troop realized that the tires of their cars have all been punctured and there is no escape route. Fear permeates the air that night, but that is only the beginning of their ordeals. The next day, one of the actors is found dead with his corpse arranged in a peculiar way.
Panic erupts when a landslide cuts the mansion off from the rest of the world and being overpowered by fear, the only thing the actors and actresses think of is to protect themselves. This leaves the case solely upon Nagomu's shoulders since he is the only one unrelated to the act of "revenge".
Detective game

6. Rozen Maiden: Gebetgarten ローゼンメイデン ゲベートガルテン [070322] Taito Corporation
Gebetgarten is the second stage of Duellwalzer. Game introduces air combat and improved relations with all seven dolls.
Anime spin-off

7. Chu x Chu Idol Chu×Chuアイドる [070323] Unison Shift 1 2
Kensuke is an ordinary uni student, living alone. One day, he happens to know Chiyu's secret. Chiyu transforms into a popular idol by kissing Chuchu, a vampire girl. Chuchu finds Kensuke knows their secret, and curses him not to stay away from them. As a result, they start to live together... Will he be able to get rid of the curse?
There are English reviews.

8. Kimihagu きみはぐ [070323] Frontwing
The main character is in his second year of high school. One day, he falls in love with Kasumi, who has just moved to his school. But he is too shy to talk to her. Minami, his childhood friend, advises him to join the "Love Club". This club is to help the students who are in love take action. He immediately joins it, and Kasumi also joins the club. It seems she is in love with someone but has no courage to tell her love to him. He is happy to become friends with Kasumi, but she loves someone else....
There are five (sic!) scenario writers, so writing quality is very unstable. Common route is quite lively, but individual routes are mostly neglected even though there are couple nice ones. Basically, mediocre work for a rainy day.

9. Lili:Miesta リリミエスタ [070323] Smee
There are two worlds, this world and the heaven. Humans go up to the heaven after death, and come back to this world after they die on the heaven. The energy, which makes this circulation, is called "Felicita", a feeling of gratitude. Tomoharu is a training student at Aria Curare, which is an organization to collect "Felicita". One day, he is sent to a boarding high school with Naoko, his childhood friend, and Airi, his friend, for hands-on training. Their new life at school starts now...
Comfortable slapstick development with drama at the end. Composition is simple. Scenario is a bit rough. At least it has some plot and there only two H scenes per heroine, so it does not fall in moege stage.

10. Mashiro Botan ましろぼたん [070323] Fizz
Tokiya and his cousin Mashiro, are high school students. One day, a transfer student joins his class. Her name is also Mashiro. He is surprised to see her, because he met her a couple of days before. Mashiro asks, "Do you know her?"
"Hmm... yeah...."
We met in January, the coldest time of the year...
The start is really boring, but pace is recovered by the middle. Main heroine Mashiro has a classic pure love route with a bit of fantasy, but some side side heroines add real spice. Writing is good, so writing and heroines are main feature here, not scenario.

11. Miageta Sora ni Ochiteiku 見上げた空におちていく [070323]Applique 1
Yuto lives with his mother since his father passed away in accident. But he somehow enjoys his life with Mao, his childhood friend, Kokone, his friend, and so on. One day, a girl named Yuki appears in front of him. It seems she met his deceased father before. He gradually gets to know the facts happened in the past...
There are only three heroines, but everyone is nice. Tempo is bad. There is actually a True Route where the truth of incident five years ago is revealed, but after it individual routes feel weak - in this sense it can be called suspense mystery work, and details of it are scattered around. It does not feel like a full-price work, but still a good debut.

12. Shogun 8 SHOGUN8-ショーグンエイト- [070323] Liar-soft
The planet "Ooedo", onto which many tourists used to visit from other planets, is isolated from other planets after the galaxy war. And there is now a government ruled by samurai, ninja, American ninja and geisha girls. One day, people from another planet find them, and their isolated life is finished. But the boss squanders the money, and is up to his neck in debt. He needs to pay off his debt in three years. Otherwise, their planet will be sold as collateral. Will they be able to pay back the money, and get back their planet?
As you see, setting is a mess and is a fertile soil for various violation scenes. Items are created during daytime, and the same items are used at night H scenes. Too many SIM and abuse elements for me to be able to appreciate the game and its crazy setting (as usual).

13. Tobu Yagi wa Sakasama no Ki no Yume o Miruka 飛ぶ山羊はさかさまの木の夢を見るか [070323] Kotonoha
There is an old-fashioned Western-style building on the hill by Tokyo. Main character has to substitute for his grandfather and become its landlord. He gets to know people there and even falls in love. He thinks that this calm gentle time will last forever...
Concept is quite hilarious as all heroines routes proceed simultaneously. But writing is mediocre, so it gets very confusing. Entering other heroines ends becomes troublesome very soon. Even fantastic development by the end can't save this game.

14. Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Kira Kira Happy Festa! がくえんゆーとぴあ まなびストレート! キラキラ☆Happy Festa! [070329] Vridge Inc.1
The game consists of several different scenarios, but the main one takes place during the summer festival. In the scenario, Manami needs the cooperation and comprehension of the town people in order to ensure the success of the event. Manami and her friends go through various missions in the game while they work and help the people in town get ready for the festival. As an original system built into the game, Manami has the power to give her friends "Hustle Points" that she uses to cheer her friends up during their various missions.
It's nice to play a kindergarten game from time to time (NOT)

15. Kimi no Katachi ga Utsuru きみのかたちがうつる [070330] Take Out
Main character is a ghost member of science club. One day he is called by his sempai to investigate mysterious scientific phenomenon at school. He goes with two friends at night school and witnesses some male and female students have sex there. On the next morning it turns out that that at night there was a phenomenon of mirrors. There are various rumors about doppelgangers, death, happiness and other dimensions linked to the mirrors. The investigation is only beginning.
Story is a royal road. There are some elements that are introduced to excite, but mystery itself is lacking. There are no horror elements here.

16. Mahou Senshi Symphonic Knights ~Megami o Tsugu Otome-tachi~ 魔法戦士シンフォニックナイツ~女神を継ぐ乙女たち~ [070330] Triangle
"The repeated invasion from the other world has started to change this world's structure. The "Magic Power" which did not originally exist has emerged and became the new axis of the world. Upon the birth of the new powers, came the evildoers and the creatures from the other world who are attracted to the power.
Meanwhile, there are young girls who use the their own magic power to transform themselves into magnificent warriors. They stand in the battlefield as allies of justice to protect people from the danger and monsters. Those girl are called 『Mahou Senshi』(Magical Warrior).
On the other side, there exist those who would get their hand on the "Magic Power" to experiment, understand, or use it to conquer the world. One of those men is Ametsuka, who is a talented and ambitious man as well as one of the researchers of 『Imperio』, the company that quickly realized the potential of magic power. One day, when Ametsuka was frustrating about his position, he met a man named 『Metzer Heinkel』 who became can make his ambition into reality.
Thus, Ametsuka begins his fight to realize his dream of dominating the world using magic. However, standing in his way are the lovely warriors of the combined power of magic and science in the beautiful outfit『Symphonic Knights』. Ametsuka begins to strategize against the innocent girls to corrupt them with his new powers and monster minions."

17. Shirogane no Soleil -Successor of Wyrd- <> 白銀のソレイユ-Successor of Wyrd- ≪運命の継承者≫ [070330] SkyFish 1 2 3
She is a battle heroine Valkyrie. There is an ancient ruin called Time Ship, in which Berserk is sealed tightly. But one day, Berserk comes back to destroy the world. A boy meets Valkyrie, and the story starts...
There are good English reviews already, but I'm joining in as well.


1. The Silent Maiden [070301] mokenju
After Emily Whitman suddenly dies with her last words being that she is engaged and part of a new family, her sister Jane travels to London to find out the truth.

2. Cafe Junkie カフェ・ジャンキー [070302] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
Even though Masaru is about to graduate from a technical college he still has no job. His one and only pleasure is to spend time at a cafe called "Hidamari." The cafe is owned by his childhood friends Nanami and Kurumi's parents and they are working there too. One day, he learns another one of his childhood friends is coming back to his town. He says, "I wanna meet her soon." Triggered by his words, Nanami and Kurumi starts to approach him in a very different way than they ever did before....

3. Makoto Nee-chan no Boku Kyouikuhou?! マコトねーちゃんのボク教育法?! [070302] Authoring Heaven
Hikaru is unreliable, can't talk with girls. Makoto, his older sister, can't stand it, and plans to train him severely. Meanwhile, he peeks into the dressing room for girls with his friends, but they are detected. Of course, Hikaru is forced to do it. Makoto's training program starts to punish him. But Mari, their relative, tries to train Hikaru in her own way. Will Hikaru be trained properly...?

4. Narimono♪ なりもの♪ [070302] Skunk Works
Miyako has a secret... that she has a cock. But she doesn't care about it, just enjoys sexually teasing Tomoharu, her childhood friend, with it. One day, when she sexually teases him as usual at a classroom after school, Miwa, a female teacher, sees it, and tells Miyako to stop it. Miyako gets angry, and decides to revenge on her. She gets a love drug, makes Miwa drink it, and takes some pictures of her being indecent. And then Miyako pulls down her skirt....

5. Nobashita Kono Te wa Todokanai 伸ばしたこの手は届かない [070302] Anim
One day, Hiroto and Ayano, his girlfriend, are abducted and confined by strangers. It seems Ayano's father borrowed money from an illegal loan company by offering Ayano as collateral. They are confined in a small room separately with a TV monitor for each, on which they can watch each other. And Ayano is raped and insulted by several men. Hiroto just watches her being insulted on the monitor.... Will they be able to get out of there...?

6. Tsukigami ツキガミ [070302] LoveDelivery
Oosaka Jin moved to a new school because of his parent's job transfer. Rumour has it that some students from that school have gone missing recently. While trying to find the roof, he hears a voice calling for him and finds himself transported to a strange place. He is in a cave of some kind and in front of him is an altar with a sword in it. He feels nostalgic at the sword, even though he hasn't seen it before. When he holds the sword, it vanishes. Suddenly, he sees a white wolf in front of him. The wolf is a tsukigami spirit named Kouga and he has been sleeping for a long time. Their meeting is interrupted by some weird monsters which attacks them. They are saved by three students wearing the same uniform as Jin and finds out they have their own tsukigamis. These Tsukigamis can change from animal form to different weapon forms. He is asked to join them in a fight against an enemy tsukigami & his keeper (who may be linked to the missing students) and soon, Jin finds himself caught in an ancient fight between light and darkness that started 1500 years ago...
Boys Love

7. Kimi to Tasogare no Owaru Yoru キミト黄昏ノ終ワル夜 [070303] Circle Al dEnte
The day was supposed to begin just as usual. But as I was opening the front door to go school, I was drawn into black space! When I opened my eyes, I found someone watching me straight in my eyes!! Where is this? Who are you....??

8. Koushin Houjuu ~Usamimi Choukyou Shiroku Nureru Nyotai-tachi~ 口唇包柔~うさみみ調教白く濡れる女体たち~ [070303] Ark Shell
Kurou is a good-looking guy. Many women approach him, and he enjoys it. But he gets sick of it, and starts to live stoically. Since then, his real older sister, Riho, starts to approach him, and they finally sleep together... That's no good. They make love every night. But their parents find it, and he is kicked out of their house. On his first day at his new apartment, when he wakes up, he finds Riho giving him a blowjob...

9. Miko Minyo. ~Miko Shimai no Saiyaku na Ichinichi~ 巫女みにょ。~巫女姉妹の災厄な一日~ [070303] Applemint
Main character receives a parcel that contains a double-headed snake that possesses his head. So when he reunites with two shrine maiden distant relatives, snake poisons his mind with sex thoughts.

10. My Teacher [070304] Team BG
MY teacher is a fully voiced original English-language visual novel. It tells the story of a boy who is not good at school, and the private teacher his mother hired to help him study. Will it work, or will it be one big failure? The game contains three endings for you to find.

11. 15 Sai Datta 15歳だった― [070309] Arkham
Boy and girl get acquainted via a dating site. They quickly get attracted to each other, but boy's life expectancy turns out to be very short due to strange disease spreading intensively. Death and love compete with each other. And only one person knows the truth ...

12. Chokosu ~Maid-san no Gohoushi~ ちょこす~メイドさんのご奉仕~ [070309] Melty Koubou
Main character is a director of drama club at formerly girls' school. He chooses main heroine for his next big work and starts her special training which very soon turns into cosplay sex play.

13. Fami☆Resu ~D~ ファミ☆れす~D~ [070309] Sage
The lead character mistakenly calls a family restaurant Magnolia which offers sexual services to customers.
The ultimate sexual service has begun!
Doujin Nukige

14. Hakekyo! ~Haken Kyoushi no Nurunuru Lesson~ はけきょ!~派遣教師のぬるぬるレッスン~ [070309] Pumpkin
Features four characters with different personalities.
They have sex in many situations!!
Doujin Nukige

15. Lovers Collection ラヴァーズ・コレクション [070309] Ribbon Magic
The story is about Hinako whose dream is to be working in fashion. She lands a job working in the ladies section of a department store. A few months after working there she finds out that she has to get transferred to the men’s department because of some lady getting pregnant and quitting her job.
She’s hesitant at first but her childhood friend Satoru (who happens to be the store manager) gives her words of encouragement and so begins her new position in men’s clothing.

16. Sakutto Panda ~Onihebi~ さくっとパンダ ~鬼蛇~ [070309] agony/Kinshiiku
Woman hands publisher a picture of what happened five years ago. Those events are depicted from nine different perspectives of nine main characters.

17. Rindou Aika りんどうあいか [070310] Shigen
Main character's parents pass away. He enjoys his school days together with a shrine maiden girl. Despite various obstacles, they lived happily. Until that day...
Until that day ...

18. FF T*fa Niku Benki Renzoku Nakadashi Jiru Mamire FFテ○ファ肉便器連続膣内射精汁まみれ [070311] Ryuusen
Tifa becomes horny and allows to do anything with her body while enjoying animated scenes.
Doujin Nukige

19. Magical Boutique [070311] Chibi Goddess
Welcome to the Magical Boutique! My name is Framboise and I will be your guide. The shop is based on a daily routine. Every day, our owner assigns tasks. The owner, who is a talented brewer, can make new potions using the ingredients. And at the end of the day, we look at the sales. If a potion has sold particularly well, it might be good to brew more of it the next day.

20. Kin'iro no Corda 2 金色のコルダ2 [070315] Koei
This is a sequel to "Kiniro no Corda", a love simulation game in which you take control of Kahoko, a female student. The stage is Seisou High School, six months after the previous title. She plans to have an ensemble concert with her friends. It is necessary to enhance their playing techniques and keep good relationships with other members. Have a successful ensemble concert!

21. KuruKuru Princess: Figure de KiraKira Koori no Angel くるくる◇プリンセス ~フィギュアできらきら☆氷のエンジェル~ [070315] Spike
You begin the game by meeting May Summers, a legendary coach who's previously produced the top three female figure skaters in the world. Their careers and successes are paraded before you early on, and form the foundation for the game's plot of rivalry and training. Your skater (one of three default characters, named by you) looks up to Coach Summers' past prodigies as idols, and wants nothing more than to meet and exceed their considerable accomplishments.
Console exclusive

22. My dear... [070315] beads of dew
Main heroine is a high school girl. She is in the arts department, but is in a slump as of late. She wishes she could get along with a boy in her class and forget about her worries...

23. Kizumono no Gakuen 3 -Heaven's Door- 傷モノの学園3-heaven’s door- [070316] Rasen
There is a gentle girl Isuka who belongs to arts department and studies in isolation only communicating with members of theology department. The head of theology department forces himself on Isuka one day. It triggers a major confrontation between the two departments while teachers declare non-interference and wait. Violence engulfs this school.

24. Resort Boin リゾートBOIN [070316] Crossnet-Pie
Daisuke is a high school teacher. He starts off on a journey to the southern islands during summer holiday. Blue sky, blue sea, white sand and girls in swimsuits.... But all his money is stolen by a monkey along the way..., and he reluctantly starts to work part-time at a restaurant near the beach. He meets six girls with big breasts there, and his exciting summer holiday starts....

25. Asuka Bakunyuu アスカ爆乳 [070316] Aglaia
I am at home with Asuka alone during Misato's absence. Asuka took a massive dose of special strong pills by mistake, and it makes her boobies so big!
Doujin Nukige

26. Voice [070317] Gintou
Six years ago Momoka Tomaki passed away in an explosion accident at a department store. But his letter is discovered only now. According to this letter one of his five close friends called and invited to the department store and asked to find the criminal within an hour or the whole place would blow up. Who was that friend and what's behind the mystery?
Doujin Boys Love

27. The Rolling Pumpkin [070320] Anamnese
Once upon a time there was an old woman who had three daughters. All of the three had married and left her house. So she lived alone. One day she was so bored of loneliness that she told herself: "Since my youngest daughter has married my house has gotten so dim and silent. I better go and pay her a visit."

28. Colorful Education からふるエデュケーション [070321] Parthenon
Main character becomes newly appointed teacher and can finally realize his dream of creating a harem from high school girls.
Doujin Nukige

29. May Queen ~Kotori Afterwards~ May Queen ~小鳥 Afterwards~ [070321] Soft Circle Courreges
As a sequel to our previous very well acclaimed title, “May Queen”, here comes an adventure game that describes the everyday life of the small but beautiful devil queen “Kotori”, told from the point of view of the dickgirl “Yuki”.
Here we see the life of our protagonist Yuki who has become Kotori’s pet on the whim of the moment, and only by coincidence.
Act out actions day by day in the “campus” and “at home”, speaking with Kotori at each place, painting pictures of their hobbies, receiving training from Kotori.
You are also able to deal with your own sexual desire when it becomes too much to handle…
Doujin Nukige

30. Cherry Blossom ~Saigo no Sakura ga Chiru Maeni~ Cherry Blossom ~最後の桜が散る前に~ [070322]
This is the story of Hibiki – a girl who turned to live like a social recluse, after she failed in the university she had applied (yet her friend DID).
Many years later as a steady OL, she reminisces on the period of time when she met the person who had changed her life (and helped her reconcile with said friend).
Doujin Otomege

31. The Worthy Bride [070322] mokenju
Jane Whitman arrives to Woodhouse estate to celebrate announcement of engagement between Ashton Woodhouse and Miss Chaterel. She is waiting for approval with Frederick Woodhouse herself. This meeting becomes a place for detective mystery to unfold.

32. Ren Ai Adventure Love x2 Kiss 恋愛アドベンチャーゲーム Love×2 Kiss [070322] Gebet Ink
You can enjoy a date with idols Yua-chan and Mihiro-chan at the height of their popularity on a tropical island where young people go on vacation.
Console exclusive

33. Akki Yakou -Kouzen Waisetsu Souseiji- Twin Impact 悪鬼野交 -公然猥褻双性児- TWIN IMPACT [070323] Morning
Toru and Satoshi, handsome twin boys. Their secret hobby is to sexually assault girls. One day, when they are on the train, they see a man molesting a girl. But, a girl with red hair stops him, and takes him to the police. It seems they are close friends. "Yes, we've found our next target girls!" They immediately start taking an action....

34. Ane Suku ~Wagamama! Ane to Sukumizu Yuuwaku Tokkun~ 姉☆スク~わがまま!姉とスク水誘惑特訓~ [070323] Pure Milk
Mitsuyoshi has an older sister, Kotomi, who is always bossy to him. But she is special.... One day, he drowns in pool, and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, she is looking down his face worriedly. He is saved thanks to her artificial respiratory.... Since then, their relationship becomes closer and...

35. Hoshi no Oujo ~Uchuu Ishiki ni Mezameta Yoshitsune~ 星の王女 ~宇宙意識に目覚めた義経~ [070323] Mirai
Her brother Shanaou was killed by a member of the Heike clan.
For vengeance and to restore the Minamoto clan, the protagonist Sakurako vows to destroy all the Heike.
Introducing herself as Shanaou in place of her late brother, along with her childhood friend Kisanta she goes off to Kurama Temple for training.
One day a merchant named Kichiji appeared in front of them.
He had been told to come and pick them up by order of Fujiwara no Hidehara.
In order to defeat the Heike, they couldn't afford to stay at this tranquil temple any longer...
So Sakurako decided that they should go to Oushuu Hiraizumi where Fujiwara no Hidehara was waiting.
Hiraizumi where Hidehara ruled was a peaceful land that had no relation to war.
There the protagonist trained her sword arm in the dojo of the famed teacher Satou Tsugunobu.
However, Kichiji brought news that would smash that peace.
Sakurako's big brother Minamoto no Yoritomo, was raising an army to defeat the Heike.
She wanted to run to her brother's side immediately, but as she was now she was powerless.
Once again she went to the capital. To find a man whose name reached even Hiraizumi, the "Demon of Gojou", and become his retainer.
She advances deeply and quietly into an entangled destiny like many heroes before her.

36. Houkago Lesson ~Yamitsuki! Futari no Ecchi na Kagai Jugyou~ 放課後☆レッスン ~やみつき!二人のエッチな課外授業~ [070323] Pure Milk
Seiji is a rookie teacher. But there is his ex-girlfriend, Mizuka, at his school. They are surprised to meet again...., but it doesn't take long until they fall in love again. They meet secretly after school, but one day, Midori, a school counselor, finds out their relationship....

37. Kangoku Senkan ~Hidou no Sennou Kaizou Koukai~ 監獄戦艦~非道の洗脳改造航海~ [070323] Anime Lilith
The next target of the captain of the battleship Jasant, Major. Donny Bohgan, is beautiful army officers Rieri Bishop and Naomi Evans who have an inordinate level of popularity among people, and also, are Donny's hateful enemies he got hurt by.
Brainwash the two female officers in the space battleship and give them a hard time to change them into someone else.

38. Nangoku Sakunyuu Island ~Ninshin Sasete!? Chichi Shibori~ 南国さく乳アイランド~妊娠させて!? 乳搾り~ [070323] MBS Truth -Deep Blue-
The main character drifts ashore to the island, where only girls with big breasts live. He is welcomed by them, and starts to live with them. One day, a man, whose job is to milk the girls, has gone missing. The girls need him because they make a living by selling their breast milk. As a result, the main character is forced to take over the job. He has a good cause to ejaculate inside the girls... on business? Anyway, his sex life soaked in milk starts....

39. Ohime-sama Ecchi ~H no Tehodoki! Oshikake Futago ni Omakase~ お姫様☆エッチ~Hの手ほどき!押しかけ双子におまかせ~ [070323] Pure Milk
Kazunori is an ordinary student. One day, twin sisters Sera and Seri suddenly come to his house. They are princesses he met when he was a kid. "We've been waiting for you for more than ten years!" Yielding to their love approach, he finally sleeps with them....

40. Onna Keieisha Eriko 女経営者 絵里子 [070323] Yui Koubou
Eriko runs an old hotel. One day, Kenji, her ex-boyfriend, and Maya visit there. Kenji suddenly swears revenge on her and rapes her. But this is just the beginning.... Eriko is trained to become his sex slave and...

41. Palais de Royale パレドゥロワイアル [070323] Kogado Studio
Fandisc features race game for the throne utilizing system of original game, musical rhythm game and 7 short episodes including ones chosen by readers vote on the site.
Otomege Fandisc

42. Renzoku >>> Rape 連続>>>レイプ [070323] Stellar
Kazuya almost died in accident, and was unconscious for a year. When he wakes up, he can't move his finger, and has lost all his memory. One day, a doctor touches his body, he becomes the doctor. It seems his spirit takes over and controls the doctor's body. He gradually learns how it works. And he remembers how he got involved in accident, and makes up his mind... to revenge on the girls for what they did to him...

43. Ryoujoku Maniacs ~Mesu Dorei-tachi no Inya~ 陵辱マニアックス~牝奴隷たちの淫夜~ [070323] A.S.S.
A collection of three stories:
1. Addiction to beauty 『美肉耽溺』
2. Nymphomaniac 『淫乱性癖』
3. Brutal sacrifice 『加虐の生贄』
Nukige Anthology

44. Seishun Dynamite!! ~Ikenai Houkago~ 性春☆ダイナマイトっ!! ~イケない放課後~ [070323] Anime-seal
The protagonist Miyao Yo is kind of all over the place. But one day, he is asked out by a girl. Since that moment, his life dramatically changes.
90% of CG pictures are hentai! Multiple endings are featured.
Which girl do you choose to be your girlfriend???

45. Souin ~Chijoku ni Somaru Trauma~ 操淫 ~恥辱に染まるトラウマ~ [070323] Heat-Soft
Main character is a novice teacher, but students treat him without respect. He attends a seminar where he learns that to regain self-confidence  he must overcome his fear of students. Instructor dresses as school girl and taunts protagonist so that he is able to leash his anger at her and violate her. After several sessions main character is invited to become instructor himself. So here is an innocent girl who comes to his seminar, and former instructor suggests using learned methods on her...

46. Yakata Jukujo ~The Immoral Residence~ 館熟女 ~The immoral residence~ [070323] Guilty
Ryo and his stepmother Madoka lived happily together, lusting after each other but content to just watch each other from a distance without doing anything about it. Until one day Ryo discovered that his stepmom was indebted to the Yotsuya family. In order to help her he offered to sell himself and work for Akie Yotsuya, the head of the family. But he had no idea what awaited him in the mansion…
At first it was just Ryo, Akie and Fumi, the maid. But soon two more people moved in: Reiko, Akie’s sister… and Madoka, Ryo’s mother. And as time passed Ryo discovered that the four women he was sharing the mansion with are connected in more ways than one…

47. Ninshin Injuu Shoujo 妊娠淫獣少女 [070324] Idle Fancy
A young priestess is humiliated by tentacle monsters and a teddy bear she named Kumatan.
Doujin Nukige

48. ~Shinsei Kishi Ryoujoku~ ~神聖姫士陵辱~ [070324] Studio-Sakura
There were many countries on Meautliana continent. Hundreds years of war across the continent. A new religion was born as people wished world peace, and it was not long before they ruled the world.
A hentai adventure game of three holy knights.
Doujin Nukige

49. The Wandering Child ~神聖姫士陵辱~ [070324] mokenju
Aunt Petunia comes to visit Jane Whitman's mother, but eventually requests Jane to solve Lord Carlton's murder case.

50. Makan no Toriko 魔姦の虜 [070327] Will Tame
Main character is a self-proclaimed treasure hunter. He buys a treasure map from a merchant and starts new adventure. But he and his female swordsman companion face a monster that they can not beat. Protagonist manages to escape and meets princess Sophie getting drawn into a whirlpool of conspiracy. If he makes wrong choices, girls get mercilessly violated.
Doujin Nukige

51. Minna de Mawasou Hitozuma Jutai Rando ~Betobeto Nikubenki~ みんなで廻そう人妻受胎ランド ~ベトベト肉便器~ [070328] Bishamon
A housewife is abducted and gang raped by multiple guys and becomes pregnant at last. But it is only the beginning of the nightmare.
Doujin Nukige

52. Myuu-tan ni Omakase みゅうたんにおまかせ [070328] Yumemisou
Main character takes a nap when door opens and beautiful girl jumps in. "I'm a helper from the future! I will solve your love troubles!" From this day his life becomes anything but ordinary.
Doujin Lolicon

53. Double Essence ダブルエッセンス [070328] Suiren
Shimazaki Kasumi is a girl recently visited the hospital where the protagonist Matsuyama Takayuki is working, to have an examination for problems with her clitoris. Kasumi's clit is unusually big and it makes Takayuki turned on......
The story proceeds by the protagonist's view and Kasumi's view.
Kasumi cums over and over again like hell! The size of her cock and breasts vary at your treatment and care.
Doujin Nukige

54. Vitamin X ビタミンX [070329] HuneX
The game is set at Seitei Gakuen, an elite private academy that teaches every level from kindergarten until college in Tokyo. Minami Yuuri is starting her second year of teaching here, and she is now moving up from teaching middle school students to the assignment she had sought after: grammar for high school students. Unfortunately, she gets assigned to "Class X," an infamous group of seniors; it is said that all of their previous teachers have retired due to ulcers or neurosis. Minami must try to reach out to these students and get them into college.

55. Houkago no Hoken'i ~Ane Juujoku~ 放課後の保健医~姉・汁辱~ [070330] Guilty+
Mai is a sick-room teacher. She enjoys her life at school, but there is one thing she concerns. It's her younger brother, Tomohiro, a student at the same school. He is so wimpy, and comes to the sick-room quite often. One day, a student comes into the sick-room. That is Takuya, Tomohiro's classmate. He suddenly tries to rape her. She resists it at first, but he says, "Let me shag with you, and I'll stop teasing Tomohiro." She finally sleeps with him, but this is just the beginning....

56. Inmai Love 淫妹LOVE [070330] Swanmania
Yuuta catches his sister in his room masturbating and saying his name. Will he walk in and gently ask what she's doing? Or will he go in and rape her?
The future of their relationship hinges on this decision.

57. Kohonya 古本屋 こほにゃ [070330] Vallel
There is a quiet antique shop on the corner of the city. If you lost something, you should visit this place. Beyond the door a mysterious girl sits at the counter.
"Welcome to the second-hand bookstore Kohonya".

58. Miwaku no Mahoujin -Wakaoku-sama to Ecchi na Shoukan Mahou- 魅惑の魔法陣 -若奥様とエッチな召喚魔法- [070330] Rolling Star
Alicia is a newly-fledged summoner, and a housewife with a little body.
One day, she finds out her husband, a poor, lower-class soldier, has a large debt.
Abandoned herself to despair once, but she has a great chance to life herself out of poverty, but it is not that easy.....
Doujin Nukige

59. Nama Tama なまたま [070330] Rapapuru
Takuto had a quarrel with his father and left his house. He lives alone now, making a living as a part-timer.
One day, Ayase comes to his apartment..., "Your father broke down!" According to her, she comes to his place to make a baby. Nanaha, his childhood friend, suddenly breaks in, "It's no good!" Takuto says, "Yes, it's impossible, right? I agree to make a baby, but I don't want to marry yet."
This is a make-a-baby project for his father in coma! He agrees with it, but doesn't want to marry! Great inside ejaculation life, but he is out if she gets pregnant!
What will happen to Takuto in the end...?

60. Oku-sama wa Zansatsu Shoujo 奥様は惨殺少女 [070330] Tabun Osoraku Kitto
Main character is a promising office worker in a trade company. His wife Sayuri is a cute junior high school student. The newly-wed couple enjoys each other during a period of one week.

61. Pretty Devil Millium to Issho -Aku Chuunyuu After- PrettyDevilミリオムといっしょ -悪注入アフター- [070330] Matsuri Kikaku
Pretty Devil Millium finally leaves for at least 60 years, and main character has to spend this winter without his libido satisfied. He notices some activity in the garbage big and pokes its contents with a stick. To his surprise a precious person crawls from there... his precious devil.

62. Rasetsu no Koku 羅刹の刻 [070330] Melty Koubou
Main character settles in the mountains and forgets about his past. He attacks travelers and commits women. He can't control his lust with this beautiful woman around, and two bodies overlap.

63. Shiofuki Mermaid "Dame... Coach! Nanika ga Dechauu!" しおふきマーメイド「だめ……コーチッ!何かが出ちゃうぅ!」 [070330] Marine
Makoto is an ordinary uni student. There is a swimming pool near his place, and he often comes there to swim and enjoy watching swimsuits women. One day, he is asked to teach swimming to Marina. It seems she can't swim at all. While he touches her body, he gets erected. Marina notices it, and gives him a blowjob. When he touches her vagina, she cries out in pleasure and achieves female ejaculation. His unknown erotic ability comes into bloom! Make all the women from a uni student to a married woman ejaculate with your fingers!

64. Tomorrow [070330] Mr. E
Aurora, a consumptive woman that has lost all hope of surviving the disease. Alvin, a grief-stricken husband that is helpless over the cruel fate of his wife. Aldous, a calculating, inflexible man with shadowy intentions. These are the actors of this little tale, a tragedy in three acts.

65. Cell Phone Love Letter [070331] Love Conquers All Games
Two stories of two separate, young girls: Hazuki, an artist struggling to find recognition or purpose, and Yamazaki, a hacker who inadvertantly falls in love with a girl. Their stories are seperate, but they are both connected by a single theme: long distance relationships, love via e-mail.

66. Mesuniku no Oshie ~Injoku no Jusei Seibo~ 牝肉の教え〜淫辱の受精聖母〜 [070331] PichiPichi Gallery R
St Mary's Church holds many big breasted sisters. Some of them crave for uncontrollable pleasures. And today wishes come true.
Doujin Nukige

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