VN of the Month July 2005 - Swan Song

Swan Song is the only masterpiece of the month. Things may change as I review Tashika ni Kimi wa Koko ni Ita -You were certainly here- .

1. Moero Downhill Night -Touge Saisoku Densetsu- 萌えろダウンヒルナイト -峠最速伝説- [050701] TOP 1 2 3
My name is Daichi Shou, and I'm nothing special. I tell my folks back at home that I'm a big shot, but I'm really just working a part time job delivering soba (buckwheat noodles) for a shop on the Himeda mountain ridge - I drive the route morning and evening, live in my simple apartment and banish all thoughts of fame or glory from my mind.
But all that changed suddenly when one day on my route I got into an accident, fell unconscious and when I woke up I was in the passenger seat of a taxi driven by a beautiful girl! I didn't remember the details, but it seems I'd lost memory of what happened earlier and she thought I was a genius racing navigator...
She said her name was Michi, and she was so cute I couldn't help but go along with her case of mistaken identity. With my advice her driving skills became top notch, and attracted competition from around the country and beyond. With beautiful girls flocking to race for my attention, which one will I choose to guide to victory?!
There is an English review.

2. Shikigami 色紙 [050701] Catarite
Main character is an occult enthusiast. He finds three types of bills in his old warehouse - red, blue and green. In an attempt to defend school from a mysterious beast he learns that these bills can to summon shikigami. Each of spirits appears in the form of a girl and demands a part of protagonist as payment. Body fluid also suffices, so his sex life becomes much more diverse. 
Basically, game is built with three scenarios each of just about an hour length and following the same flow - incident->search->battle->H scene. Text is entertaining enough, but not to the point to recommend this game to anyone.

3. Sakura Taisen V ~Saraba Itoshiki Hito Yo~ サクラ大戦V ~さらば愛しき人よ~ [050707] Sega 1 2 3
Set in an alternate universe New York City during the late 1920s. The game's storyline focuses on a naval ensign, Shinjiro Taiga, as he is summoned from Japan to New York to lead a fighting troupe disguised as a musical troupe to defeat an evil warlord and his subordinates from conquering America as its kingdom. The gameplay includes elements from previous games in the series, such as the LIPS system and combat systems.
There are English reviews.

4. School Rumble Nee-san Jiken Desu! スクールランブル 姉さん事件です! [050707] Bandai Namco Entertainment 1
Tsukamoto Tenma has to receive supplementary lessons starting from the very first day of summer vacation which was supposed to be full of fun. Upon arriving at the classroom, she finds a curious sight spreading before her eyes; Karasuma-kun is lying on the floor unconscious!
"Karasuma-kun! Don't die on me!"
With Tenma's grievous scream resonating through the place, a day of horrors draws the curtains.
Will the love of Tenma make an advance despite this chaotic situation!?
Another attempt to commercialize anime success at mobile device. At least there is full voicing.

5. Underbar Summer _summer [050715] Hooksoft
Takumi Kaizu is a normal high school student enjoying his final year in school with the rest of his friends. Over the years, he has made good memories with these friends of his, most of whom are girls, though apparently still have no overt feelings of attraction towards any of them. When asked by his best male friend Osamu Funada if he likes anyone, Takumi starts to think about it though is still confused on what to do next. With his last summer in high school quickly approaching, Takumi decides to find someone to like by the end of summer vacation.
It's a pure love school romcom. Plot is so mundane that of course there is an attempt to introduce some revolutionary element. This time it's timed choices with three additional factors - fast answer, late answer, no answer. Production is weak, and no excitement is felt. There are characters who manage to joke well. Only main heroine gets a preferential treatment by scenario writers, others are just plain boring.

6. MEDICAL91 [050721] Takuyo
Set in the near future, you find yourself in a world of advanced robot and computer technology. The government has forbidden the practice of making robots have emotions. You play as Yuna, an android who was programmed with emotions by a young, genius scientist. The story begins as you're sent off to work as an intern nurse at a hospital as part of an experiment to see how well you can blend into society. There, you'll encounter a number of characters and events. As you work your way through the game, your true villain will come to light: the secret police who seek out all robots that display a trace of emotion.
Almost totally forgotten command selection is used which hurts tempo a lot and encourages command brute-forcing. Flagging is very difficult to understand since there are four floors to investigate for two weeks time. Story is good, but too short considered all the pain with flagging.

7. Gyakutama 2 ぎゃくたま2 [050722] Discovery
Prestigious private girl school has launched co-education program. Main character is a golden boy who learns one day that his father's company undergoes bankruptcy. If huge amount of money is not found within a month, family is going to be deprived of its house and pride. Protagonist decides to collect the money with the help of rich girls in his school while no one knows about his problems.
Majority of heroines here are daughters of prequel heroines, so old acquaintances feature as mothers. The fast pace and puns are still here, so it's a very faithful sequel. The whole concept is curious, because it's rare to see a game that does not care about romance or love. Just give me the money!

8. Seven Online Gamers ~Offline~ 七人のオンラインゲーマーズ~オフライン~ [050722] G.J? 1 2 3 4
The protagonist, Hideo, begins to play an online game, Seven Warriors Online, as a fencer called tetuONE. There, he meets a cleric called MONNBRUN. After they've played together for a while, MONNBRUN suggests they meet up in person and see a movie together. To Hideo's surprise, MONNBRUN is played by Kohane, a girl in his class.
Hideo meets others in SWO, including NEEV, who's player is a model named Yuniko, Sundome, whose player is Kohane's best friend, Anko, and TETUKO, whose player is Renka, a voice actress. Together they have fun and support one another, both in the game and in the real world, as they deal with the Player Killer called Chimera in SWO, and their own individual troubles and ambitions.
There are English reviews

9. Tashika ni Kimi wa Koko ni Ita -You were certainly here- 確かにキミはココにいた -You were certainly here- [050722] Undel
A boy addicted to internet games starts to search for his disappeared companion wizard Ken in the real world after finding some traces on the net. Will guild-mates and enemies in the game have the same personalities in the real life?
Well, I adore all the MMORPG / Isekai theme works. Two such games in one month is a real present for me. Seven Online Gamers ~Offline~ is a more known one, and I actually played it already in the past, so please enjoy other people's reviews on it. But Tashika ni Kimi wa Koko ni Ita is much more obscure since cover has such ordinary galge looks apart of featuring notebooks. Well, I'm reviewing this curious thing.

10. White Clarity [050722] Actress 1
White Clarity tells the story of Yuu, who resides in a mansion far from city lights. One day, Yuu discovers a young girl called Rino living in the basement of the mansion....
Yuu comes from an orphanage himself, so he takes Rino story personally. To see Rino ending it's needed to clear all the other heroines which is a difficult task with such a huge number of options. Story feels like a good picture book and is fascinating if there is enough time.

11. Mahou Sensei Negima! 2-Jikanme ~Tatakau Otome-tachi! Mahora Daiundokai SP!~ 魔法先生ネギま!2時間目 戦う乙女たち!麻帆良大運動会SP! [050728] Konami 1 2
The second PS2 game based on the manga of the same name. An original story involving a sports festival.
I'm not the target audience.

12. As you like ~Hoshi Furu Yoru ni Romance o~ As you like~星降る夜にロマンスを~ [050729] Nail
Our protagonist Ninomiya Daigo attends Aoba Academy, where his childhood friend Kana was recently appointed as the new English teacher after finishing university in another city. However, Kana moves to Daigo's house to some reason and she's completely unable to do any housework, so it's up to Daigo to take care of her! However, Daigo does his best in order to make her fall with him and answer his confession in the next Tanabata festival.
However, future nurse Michiru Kaido also moves into Daigo's house, and she seems particularly interested in Kana and Daigo's relationship...
The first half is quite bright and good paced. The second "rainy" half is more serious and a bit forced. Quality varies greatly for different routes.

13. Erobomb! えろぼーん [050729] Bureidou
Erobomb beast comes to the Earth to explode it like many stars before. Space police girl Mariaria Sakurada follows the trail of the culprit which leads to an ordinary school where main character Souma Tadasuke studies with his many friends. This school never encountered that much chaos!
I hesitated a low whether to block it or not as nukige, but absurd comedy part prevented me from that. The style is of old hentai manga, and humor actually feels really old as well, somewhat similar to Liar Soft early works.

14. Shoujo Mahou Gaku Little Witch Romanesque 少女魔法学 リトルウィッチロマネスク [050729] Littlewitch 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
An alternate world ruled by swords, magic, and monsters where four moons can be seen in the sky. The dark and chaotic twilight of the “Age of Tower” ended for this world called Stellamund and it entered the prosperous “Age of Crown”. But the wizards who triggered the great war during the Age of Tower no longer hold the power they used to have, and quietly researched the great magics that were lost, in a magical academy called Grimoire.
This is a story expanding three years of an extraordinary great wizard who was born in such age, the girls who become his pupils, a ruin from the old age, “Black Tower” that they live in, and the people that gather around them.
The main character Domino became the 9th great wizard of the Grimoire Academy. It was a very special case for a young wizard to be so successful, but Domino soon grew tired of the Grimoire. The other great wizards were only seeing magic as means for personal success than an important research. The research of magic has been put off and all they were doing was fighting over authority.
Domino left the capital and decided to live by himself in the sealed Black Tower on the frontier, rumored that a great wizard in the Age of Tower lived. But the other great wizards didn’t think well of that and gave him a test.
That test was to “Raise a full fledged wizard within three years”. Normally it would take decades to raise a proper wizard. On top of that, the two students that he was suppose to look after, Aria Vancliff and Kaya Xavier, were two of the most troublesome girls in the academy. Will Domino be able to complete this difficult task...?
Game is localized and has English reviews.

15. Swan Song [050729] FlyingShine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
It is a snowing Christmas Eve… Everything seems so peaceful when a huge earthquake occurs. The earthquake causes the city to be in ruin, and the surviving people need to find ways to stay alive. Some go crazy and rob others, some cling onto God, some gather to live together. The 6 main characters meet at a church while they were trying to find shelter from the snow. What will they see and experience in this extreme situation…?
Game is localized and has English reviews.


1. Heisei Nenkin Gekijou Erodake 平成粘菌劇場 えろ茸 [050701] Crowd
Main character is a poor student who has to go for part-time job to support himself. His payment gets delayed for a week, so he is on the brink of starvation when he finds a jar with mysterious mushrooms in his room. After he eats such a mushroom, he suddenly feels very horny. Just imagine what effect it would have on the girls he cares about!

2. Kazoku Koukan Ane-Haha-Imouto 家族交感 姉・母・妹 [050701] Kanisky
Kazuya's elder sister Kanoko announces her engagement to be married but Kazuya has had a crush on her since he was young and refuses to let her go. He wants to become her lover and be her only man but she refuses because that would be incestuous. She encourages him to build a relationship with his cousin Hikari instead but he won't give up his feelings for his sister.
Meanwhile Hikari's father and Kazuya's uncle is dying and both Hikari and Kazuya's aunt Chigusa cling to him in desperation for comfort.

3. Kazoku Koukan Side Stories 家族交感サイドストーリー [050701] Kanisky
A collection of side stories for Kazoku Koukan Ane-Haha-Imouto
Nukige Anthology

4. Metropolitan Blues [050701] Tall Tales Productions
An unseen shadow floats through the streets of Tokyo, expecting nothing from life but loneliness, bitterness, and confusion. Without memories or purpose, all it ever does is watch the residents of the metropolis suffer and die, and nothing beautiful ever crosses its path. But now someone special has appeared in the miserable existence of the nameless shadow. Could it be that a young, carefree female writer carries the key to the end of this Metropolitan Blues?

5. Shikan Doumei 視姦同盟 [050701] Stellar
Main character makes a photo of his sister masturbating, and she demands him to do the same. This sparks their “Viewing Alliance”. With each new email sister's photos escalate in content. What should they do today?

6. SHINSENGUMI ~Bakumatsu Gensou Ren'ai Kitan~ SHINSENGUMI~幕末幻想恋愛奇譚~ [050701] BARON
The stage is around the Ikedaya incident at the peak of Shinsengumi activity. There is a conflict between Toshizo Hijikata who wants to head to Kyoto and more cautious Serizawa who works hard for the established Shinsengumi reputation. Hijikata faces new challenges and finds his way in the complex net of relations. Romance blooms even in this turbulent era.
Boys Love

7. Yuunee to Issho 優姉といっしょ [050701] Anesen
Main character is a student in a provincial town Fukazawa. His father goes out for some time and mother drops down from accumulated fatigue, so protagonist suddenly finds himself in charge of small hot springs inn which is family business. His childhood friend luckily agrees to do the laundry, but the real surprise comes when he encounters an unfamiliar girl who claims to be his older sister Yuuno.  

8. Yagai Gakushuu 野外学習 [050702] Complet's
The protagonist, Takumi, is an introvert boy who is still unable to fit in the school he just transferred to.
Unable to turn a blind eye, Akane, the leader-like figure of the class, invited Takumi to an educational camp.
The camp is to be held deep in the mountains for several days, where they will observe nature and conduct orienteering. It is an established yearly activity in their school.
Takumi was semi-forced to participate in the said camp, but as he did various activities together with his classmates, he gradually begins to warm up to them.
However, that was just the start of the real educational camp that is about to occur...

9. AB. ~Kairaku Gakuen Koutoubu~ AB.~快楽学園高等部~ [050703] Momoto
Takumi has big cock complex, but he is forced to dress as a girl for cultural festival drama! Theater club seniors are so shocked by the sight that preparations for the festival get postponed for a much more urgent business.
Doujin Nukige

10. An☆Devi Ni -ANGEL or DEVIL- えん☆でび にっ-ANGEL or DEVIL- [050708] Haikara Kissa
It has been a few months since an angel Ryumi came into my life. I only hoped this quiet life continues.....but one day, the demon girl Noa appears to me and...
Doujin Nukige

11. Ayatsuri Bloomer あやつりブルマー [050708] Hammerheads
Main character prays to the God to have all girls wear bloomers at school again, and his wish comes true! New school director affirms bloomers as gym suit. But when he sees school nurse in bloomers palpating his lower abdomen, he learns that the curse of bloomers has covered the whole school.

12. Choukou Sentai Justice Blade 2 ~Sekai Seiha e no Countdown~ 超光戦隊ジャスティスブレイド2 ~世界制覇へのカウントダウン~ [050708] Maika
To make it to the play even of man who is not playing the former work easily, it plainly introduces the flow and the highlight of the former work with OP. In that case, ED that makes one of the each heroine of the former work (three people in total) dark can be selected by the multi. System where work heroine before it is assigned to new fleet vowing vengeance of the former work heroine in the state of being caught by work heroine and the former battle fatigues before dark executive is made respectively exists in each route. The old heroine assigned to a new fleet aims at the explanation of the connection and the composition of the confrontation as a brainwash to tell the truth etc. along the route.

13. Joshi Ryou Ecchi ~xxx Shimasu kara Ryouhi Kudasai!~ 女子寮えっち♪ ~×××しますから寮費ください!~ [050708] Lilith Soft
Main character receives invitation from his uncle to work part-time in the dormitory during summer vacations. He only needs to collect fees from the inhabitant girls, so he becomes the most influential person in the whole building...

14. Trans'2 ~Boku to Atashi to Koibito to~ Trans’2~僕とあたしと恋人と~ [050708] Catear
The main character moves into an apartment with his childhood friend Mizuki to attend university.
Soon after moving in together, he accidentally discovers that Mizuki is a closet crossdresser.
Assuring him that he'll look really good in it, Mizuki persuades the protagonist to dress in drag, too.
Even though at first he was a bit hesitant to the idea of crossdressing, he quickly gets hooked and begins to live a double life.
Boys Love

15. Xin Xuan Xueyuan Yi Wen Lu 新选学院异闻录 [050708] WINDUST
As a classic VN protagonist, you, as a student, are just beginning at a new college.
Originally looking forward to finding true love, you quickly learn of the the legend of the "seven incredible events" and rumors of its source...
Will you spend your time running around the school to eliminate the Wraith? Will you end up in caught in the event yourself?
Perhaps you will ignore it and find love anyway.
With two main routes, five ending (including BAD ENDINGS), rich events, and unique CGs, it is up to you to decide everything.

16. Ijou Kyouiku 異常狂育 [050713] Sargasso
Main character is a popular teacher at a prestigious and strict school. One day student girl confesses to him, and teacher also has feelings for the girl. They begin to meet secretly, but because of the  pressure relations take the form of sex training.

17. Gibo no Toiki ~Haitoku Kokoro ni tadayou Haha no Iroka~ 義母の吐息~背徳心に漂う母の色香~ [050715] TinkerBell
Kaito has a normal life until his mother passes away and his father marries a young and beautiful woman named Sayoko. The biggest dream of Sayoko is to have a child but his husband doesn't want to. When Kaito founds that his father cheats Sayoko with a younger woman he decides to make her wish come true by any mean posible.

18. Love Note LOVE NOTE -ラブノート- [050715] Maten
There is a special note. Humans who have their names written in this note become overcome with lust. Grim Reaper Rukia drops this note in the human world for unknown purpose. Main character finds it and uses to satisfy all his secret desires.
Doujin Nukige

19. Nurse Call Fuck ~Hakudaku no Inran Tenshi~ ナースコールファック ~白濁の淫乱天使~ [050715] Under Lip
Yuki Mikami is a nurse at the general hospital. People say nurses are angels, but it's a tough job. In order to destress, she likes to have sex with cute male patients. Tonight she's on the night shift again, and she gives a tender blowjob to a boy she'd eyed earlier. Then she teaches him all about women and takes his virginity. But then one night a group of patients surround her. "That's not fair! We want a turn, too!" It turned out the rumors about her were true.

20. Puchipuchi Gohoushi ぷちぷち・ご奉仕 [050715] Black Package
Hero is new one and only teacher in closed school for genius girls. He may teach with any methods he want...

21. Uchuu Tenshi Boin Boin! 宇宙天使ボインボイン! [050715] Mocking Soft
A woman in weird clothes suddenly appeared in my room, announcing herself as Space Angel Boinboin. She opened that that she came from a planet a thousand light years from the earth. Offering a stunning fact that as a result of genetic research, I would be an arch rogue in the future. She came here to keep from occurring tragedies that would happened if i had grown up that way. How could I believe the crap!? I am such a wimp, a wimp with small body, voice is too weak.... She didn't give a shit about how I feel of my destiny, forcing me to have sex in the name of rehabilitation, no matter how much I'm tired.....
Doujin Nukige

22. Still More スティル・モア [050715] Lost Heart
Large corporation creates a huge artificial Desire Island that becomes a place for 10,000 people to live. On the facade there are a lot of tourist and leisure spots, as well as casinos. But behind the scenes there is an underground world full of drugs and weapons trade. The United Nations receive evidence of new inhuman biological weapons researched there, but official units don't find any evidence of it. Special forces were also sent in secret, but all of them got annihilated without any trace. Main character's purpose is to replace mercenary "Bear", train heroine "Aya" and then defeat and torture four leaders to obtain information.

23. Inma no Meikyuu Hikyou no Chika Iseki ni Kodaibunmei no Injuu o Mita!! 淫魔の迷宮 秘境の地下遺跡に古代文明の淫獣を見た!! [050716] CARYO
A herd of erotic monsters deep inside the relic...
Laying egg, breeding... The fear of impregnation strikes the heroine's heart!!
The professor, the protagonist of this story, eventually found the hidden place where the monsters dwell... Would they come back alive?
Doujin Nukige

24. Imaginary Realm 2 -Absolute Scenario- Imaginary Realm 2 -Absolute Scenario- [050718] Zeiva Inc
Orem and Yumbrad had caused the entire Demon Race to fall under Rosey. In order to regain their freedom, Yumbrad decided to send Orem to join a Costume Competition. Your task is to help Orem to get the best costume and win the contest. You will get different ending depending on which costume you choose.

25. KimiNozo Duelist 君のぞデュエリスト [050719] Age
The spirit of Hotaru asks high-schooler Takayuki to save his future self from a parallel world by using the power of the Rumbling Angel trading card game.
Card game / Fandisc

26. Dorei Maid Princess 奴隷メイドプリンセス [050722] Black Lilith
Your beloved princess Rotte who is your childhood friend is arrested by enemy. To save her life you were ordered to make her a slave within a month......Can you train and make her a good slave maid. Slave maid is highly appreciated among peers as sex slave and bodyguard. To be a slave maid, she has to get through 3 initiations. Tentacle sex, urine drinking, blow-job training.....

27. Yuugu 2 ~Dai-ni Kinsho no Nozomu Mono~ 遊具2~第二禁書ノ望ムモノ~ [050722] Marry Bell
Club director finally returns from studying abroad, but instantly initiates new director competition. Aim is to insult English teacher looks unreal... until a new magic book is placed at the table. Main character already has experience of handling such a book, so he takes up the task. If mission is successful, director promises to have some fun time together.

28. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 6 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD6 [050726] NekoNeko Soft
A collection of bonus stories including Yuriko's short story for Sanarara, Nanami's story for Lamune and after-story for 120 En no Haru.

29. Rakuen no Yuki 楽園の雪 [050727] TNK
Snow keeps ceaselessly falling from the sky. In the distance stands a tall silhouette, like a tower standing at an angle. Except for that one scenery, Suou has lost all his memories.
After Suou regained consciousness, he met a girl called Maya. The two of them were drawn to each other. They had sex in a variety of locations, and Suou indulged in the pleasures of the flesh.
What is happening in this world? And what truth lies hidden in Suou's past?

30. Cheergirl Shuudan Rape チアガール集団レイプ [050728] Under Lip
Main heroine is a cheerleader for the baseball school team. One team member loses motivation before the game, so girl offers him sex to cheer him up. Motivation increases, and team indeed wins. But two more team members demand equal treatment...

31. Ururun Quest Koiyuuki うるるんクエスト 恋遊記 [050728] Vingt-et-un. Systems
This is a world where humans and beings called magic creatures exist.
Once the world was one, but suddenly one day a rampant fog divided the world.
The fog covered the sea and the sky, the people's movements were hindered.
Before long the people had to think about living in a reduced sphere of habitation.
This situation continued for many hundreds of years.
The people spread out and built towns on various plots of land where they quietly started to live.
People that were curious about the outside world and other continents were practically extinct.
Soi, the town where flowers bloom wildly, is the town where the protagonist lives.
She's a girl that is full of energy and curiosity.
For her summer vacation research project assignment she started thinking that she would like to investigate the things outside of the town.
However, outside of town the mist has become even thicker, and dangerous monsters have appeared.
The protagonist with unrestrained curiosity, along with the cooperation of her childhood friends Tsukishiro and Shuka, step forward outside of the town.
They have no idea what could be waiting for them at the start of their great adventure.

32. Chijoku no Koushuu Niku Benki 恥辱の公衆肉便器 [050729] That's
The main character starts to work at a school in the backwoods. The area is famous for onsen, and many tourists visit there. He stays temporarily at a hotel until he finds an apartment to live. There are only three girls at his class...
Doujin Nukige

33. Futari no Aniyome ふたりの兄嫁 [050729] Selen 1
Shin'ya's school days are boring until Akane, a woman whom his brother was to marry due to a family arrangement, started attending Shin'ya's school. Shin'ya remembers meeting Akane when they were younger, and that they made a promise to be together when they were older. In order to make Akane his and his alone, he gets his sister-in-law Sayumi to teach him every way possible to please a woman. After he approaches Akane, and they begin to make love, the gradual distance between the two begins to close and affects everyone around them…

34. Gakuen Redux [050729] ATP Projects 1 2
The past, the present and the future. The only love, the only regret and the only second chance. This is really her. This is the final school story.

35. Galaxy Angel EX ギャラクシーエンジェル EX [050729] Broccoli
Contains multiple mini-games a completely new scenario Kurukuru Cool Crimson.
During a mission break angels play games and enjoy their holidays. and tact were playing in the whale room without a sort order. But after some time they look at the clock and it's again the beginning of the day off. It turns out that time shift is caused by the star called “Crimson GM075”. Will free time never end?

36. Haitoku no Gakuen ~Yami ni Sasagerareta Otome-tachi~ 背徳の学園~闇に捧げられた乙女たち~ [050729] Liquid
Ryouichiro is a black magician. He disguises himself as a priest and lives in a peaceful town. His mission is to give school girls and teachers sex lessons...

37. Hajimete Doushi はじめてどうし [050729] Zero
Yuya has a younger sister, Hatsumi. But she is more than just a sister to him. Actually, he loves her. One day, their parents go travel for a while, and there are only Yuya and Hatsumi at home. She suddenly tells him she loves him. They finally find out that they love each other....

38. Himitsu Seikatsu ~Hitotsu Yane no Shita~ 秘密生活~ひとつ屋根の下~ [050729] Haoh
Hayato is starting his career as a teacher. He stays at his aunt's house but a debt collector suddenly comes and kicks him out of house. He is somehow saved by a woman at the park, Chiyo, who offers him a place to stay. She has a daughter, Satomi, who is a student of Hayato's school... Nobuhiko is a student at the school as well. One day, Maki, his teacher, suddenly comes to his apartment. According to her, her apartment is burnt down, and she asks, "Let me stay here for a while." Nobuhiko reluctantly accepts it, and they start to live together....

39. Kyonyuu Juu ~Datenshijima Injuu Geboku Senki~ 巨乳獣~堕天使島 淫獣下僕戦記~ [050729] Pinky Soft
This is Varapu Island located in the south of the Highlandi Republic. It's also called “Fallen Angel Island” for the number of phantom beasts witnessed there for the last hundred years.
A strange colorful four people party arrives to this island to investigate phantom beast ruins.

40. Kyonyuu Tsuma Dorei Nikki 巨乳妻奴隷日記 [050729] Cybele
A major supermarket employee is obsessed with playing with older women. One day he gets into an incident with another employee, and his former lover Shiori comes to temporary replace the injured girl. Since main character knows all the weaknesses of the girl already, he vows to deceive her and turn her into a sex slave.

41. ~Mofukuzuma~ "Yurushite Anata... Watashi, Yowai Onna Desu" -喪服妻- 「許してアナタ…私、弱い未亡人です」 [050729] Lune
When you’re a Shinto monk, one of the more depressing things you have to do is attend funerals and bless the deceased. One way to get over such sadness would be to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh with the deceased’s widow. At least that’s what this new apprentice monk believes, and that it wouldn’t be too bad for the mourning wife either...

42. Omamagoto ~Himitsu no Yuugi, Mama ni Naisho~ お保母ごと ~ひみつのおゆうぎ、ママにはないしょ~ [050729] G-clef
Main character loves to play with Momoko Sensei and Mayumi Sensei. He sneaks with them to quiet corners to have some quality time together. If he is lucky, he can even witness some cosplay.

43. One Tama ~Boku to Onee-chan to Kitsune no Yu~ おね・たま~ボクとお姉ちゃんと狐の湯~ [050729] DreamSoft
Yoshihisa ,the heir of Onsen hotel, suddenly comes back to the hotel because the hotel is going to break down due to decreasing customers. Yoshihisa stands up to reinvigorate the hotel. First, he needs to choose a landlady.

44. Shimai Kyoushi Donburi 姉妹教師丼 [050729] Mini
Two new female teachers arrive to a Tokyo private boys school. Main character accidentally gets attached not to just one, but to both these newbie teachers to help them adapt in an unfamiliar environment. Chief director demands to solve this situation within two weeks so that only one teacher gets attached. The women agree that it's up for protagonist to decide after two weeks. The competition gradually escalates...

45. Tane o Tsukeru Otoko ~Mezase zenin jutai~ 種をつける男〜めざせ全員受胎〜 [050729] Concept
After being tested for cancer, the protagonist is faced with his own mortality. Realizing there is no way to extend his own life, he is determined to pass on his genes to a new generation. The protagonist then sets out to impregnate as many women as he can.

46. The God of Death [050729] Studio Mebius
Kuzuha Ryuuga is an average student with a girlfriend. He's kind and helpful to others. Suddenly he starts having desires and keeps seeing visions of himself brutally raping the girls around him. Afraid of himself he checks himself in to the nurses office where he meets Mizuchi a demon girl. She explains to him that he's actually a god of death and it's his duty to collect the souls of those around him. To do that, he must first break their minds.
Ryuuga then gives weapons to the punks in the school and has them take over and hold all the students and teachers hostage in the gym. They choose eight students to return to the main school which has been sealed with cement so there is no escape. If the students are caught they will be punished.
Let the game of hide and seek begin.

47. Warui Koto Shitai ワルイコトシタイ [050729] 13cm
Main character learns a lot of information about hormones and secretion from his phone. He wants to have real life experience. But with one try he gets addicted to the pleasure with the depth of his libido.

48. Yami no Koe Ibunroku 闇の声異聞録 [050729] Black Cyc 1
Set after the events of Yami no Koe 3, Ibunroku returns to Sayoko's mansion as she summons a storm to ensure two new visitors wash up on her island: Kagami and her younger brother Mamoru.
As Kagami encounters and is influenced by the mansion's various residents while waiting for the ship to come, Sayoko discovers something strange about her.

49. Yo-Jin-Bo ~Unmei no Freude~ 用心棒- ~運命のフロイデ~ [050729] TwoFive 1 2 3 4
The story focuses on Sayori, a modern-day school girl with an interest in history. She joins her history club in an excavation, and discovers an old Jade pendant buried in the mud and takes it home with her. That night, the pendant comes to life, glowing a weird green and putting Sayori in touch with the ghost of a princess named Hatsuhime, who used to live in the castle that the club was excavating.

50. M.C. -trois- [050730] #define
One day, the protagonist discover an old note about hypnosis experiments.
He is surprised to see that along a keyword to put the subjects in hypnotic state, there's the name of his female teacher.
After asking her about hypnosis and asking her to try to remember how it could feel, he pronounce the words.
From there, will he try to make her a lover, or a slave?

51. Tsuma Musume Hentai Dorei 妻娘変態奴隷 [050730] Gyuunyuu Soft
Mom-and-daughter hentai adventure game, presented by Narucho who is a bishoujo graphicer.
One day Tatsuo had a crush on a beautiful married woman in his neighborhood. He had masturbated with a photo of the woman everyday, but at one point, out of impatience, he begun to take action.

52. Chain Slave ~Kudakareta Pride~ Chain Slave ~砕かれたプライド~ [050731] Parthenon
Main heroine returns to her former school as an educational apprentice. She falls in a cleverly set trap and will be trained by blackmailing student for ten days.

53. Utau Hoshi-tachi 謳う星たち [050731] A-10 no Yukue
The story unfolds at school where the sealed soul awakens...

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