VN of the Month March 2004 - Remember11 -The Age of Infinity-

Remember11 -The Age of Infinity- is VN of the Month. Symphonic Rain is an honorary masterpiece. I got tempted by Japanese reviews praising story of Sora-iro no Organ , so I took it for review.

1. Oshikake Princess おしかけプリンセス [040305] Giant Panda
Warring states era. 
Local daimyo Asakawa is killed in an enemy state assault. His real daughter manages to secretly escape with five vassals. But she fails to give birth to a boy, and hopes for house revival remain only hopes. When boy with Asakawa blood finally is born, it's already modern times. The descendants of the largest five vassals are all girls studying at one school. It's finally the time to fix historical injustice!
The setting looks super funny to me. But since girls are vassals and not rivals - they all easily start to live under one roof together. The individual scenarios are above average, and history parallels are thought of seriously. The whole revival thing gets lost as individual scenarios start, but there's no clear emphasis on either scenario or routes. Most of game's elements are good, but there's no integrity to produce an impact.

2. Remember11 -The Age of Infinity- [040318] KID 1 2 3 4 5 6
Fuyukawa Kokoro, a third-year sociology major, boards a plane bound for Hokkaido to meet a research subject in the Specified Psychiatric Hospital for Isolation and Aegis, or SPHIA. For unknown reasons, her plane crashes in the mountains in the middle of a snowstorm. Of the 31 passengers, only she, Kusuda Yuni, Yomogi Seiji, and Mayuzumi Lin survive unharmed. Unable to establish communication with the outside world due to the fierce snowstorm, the four decide to take shelter in an empty cabin and wait until the storm passes.
Yukidoh Satoru, a graduate student in the field of quantum physics, falls from the SPHIA clock tower. He later awakens with some memory loss and the realization that someone is out to kill him. Unable to leave the SPHIA facility due to a snowstorm, Satoru's only chance at living is to find that person among the three other residents (or perhaps the hidden culprit) of SPHIA.
Shortly after, Kokoro and Satoru realize that they are somehow exchanging bodies and Yuni appears to be at both of their locations...
There are English reviews.

3. Angel Maid エンジェルメイド [040319] Carriere
Main character wakes up in an unfamiliar house and with no memory. He is taught the work from the maids and starts to work on a regular basis. However, his judgment ability is lacking and he ends up creating more work for the maids to tackle. He spends his days in such activities while trying to regain his memory...
Scenario is a mess, mostly for maid-lovers... H element is strong. Even a small mistake leads to a bad ending, but you need to get to the end to learn it

4. Fortune Cookie フォーチュンクッキー [040319] Smart
Main character is an ordinary boy with a pretty face. Mother is extremely unlucky, so it's elder sister who supports the family.
One day mother gets premonition of "a great misfortune" during next month. Is it possible to avoid it? Can it really get even worse?
Full-scale incest game with mother and two sisters. There is a complex explanation of family circumstances in order to show it as non-blood related incest. There are 7 to 10 H scenes for each heroine, which is A LOT for a pure love game.

5. Happy Planning ~Shiawase no Souwa~ Happy Planning~しあわせの総和~ [040319] Juno
The amount of happiness on the Earth is always kept constant, and becoming happy makes a lot of people unhappy. So says the cheerful childhood friend of main character. 
Protagonist loses track of her, but reunites with her at school. Her personality becomes grim as she does not want to steal other people's happiness. Is it possible to break out from this depressing theory and bring light to her heart?
The rapid development in the latter heart and the stupid resolution as "miracle  of love" really drag this game down. Character settings are slightly different from one route to another just for the sake of writer's convenience. That all puts Happy Planning in the kusoge area.

6. Jewels Ocean ジュエルスオーシャン [040319] Escu:de 1 2
On a cold and mysterious night, five precious stones fell from the sky, each unintentionally discovered by five innocent girls. Unbeknownst to them, chaotic forces seek to retrieve these jewels, for they are the Demon Stones: apocalyptic artifacts capable of imbuing great power, yet at the cost of one’s sanity and soul. But all is not lost, for there is an individual who seeks to protect these gems and their bearers from these antagonists, regardless of the cost.
There is an English review.

7. Steady x Study ステディ×スタディ [040325] Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
You play as Makoto, a transfer student attending a school in Harajuku. You're not sure of what you want to do with your life and are given many choices, from entering the performing arts club, to going hardcore with your studies. Your choice will determine the path the game's story follows.
Steady X Study makes use of the "ASV" (Around Search View) system that allows you to look around your environment. While sitting at your desk in class, you can press a button on the D-pad to look at the girls sitting next to you. While waiting to meet someone at the train station, you can look around and will likely find new things, including secret movies and events.
Yet another console generic SOL visual novel with some another revolutionary system for only additional frustration. Scenario is a mess, and I can't think of target audience of this fraud.

8. Yomigaeri ~Refrain~ 黄泉がえり 〜リフレイン〜 [040325] Tomcat System
Based on the novel and movie of the same name.
One summer, in Kyushu and Kumamoto, strange rumors spread about dead people who come back to life. Hayato Saeki of the "Menushi Daily News" is a journalist who is investigating this phenomenon, where all people who came back felt the same emotion: they have the same memory and remember their previous lives but with certain details being different. They are called Yomigaeri because they came back from Yomi, the Japanese hell. Saeki continues to interview them, and will deeply engage in their respective lives. But Saeki does not expect that one of these people will be Akane, his ex-girlfriend who died four years ago...
Game is basically an anthology consisting of 10 stories.

9. Rasetsu 2 RASETSU 2 〜羅刹 弐 [040325] Tomcat System
The end of the 50th century AD. Mankind has tried to seize a huge galaxy, but eventually civil war broke out. At this time first contacts with alien civilization Trit are made. But first conflicts soon evolution into coexistence.
But the treat comes from the outside. Unknown alien civilization Vader in liquid form devours all the intelligent forms of life. The battle for survival unites all the conscious sides.
Hardly a visual novel, as usual.

10. Filnansis フィルナンシス [040326] Emu
Mother warns main character to return home straight from school on his birthday day. Day passes just as usual, but he is delayed on the way home by the conversation with his childhood friend.
He find only wreckage on the place of his home with a note that makes no sense. Three girls suddenly appear and claim that protagonist is the successor of their country Grandfold where only girls live. He does not believe them until they take him to this country... 
Bakage with a meaningless scenario, horrible sound tracks and useless protagonist. Game is universally marked as a kusoge.

11. Sora-iro no Organ 空色の風琴 [040326] The Lotus 1
You and I are an octave apart. Will we be able to harmonize...?
The night the ocean wind blew, your organ reflected the moonlight. 
Our fingers came apart, a four-leaf clover broke into pieces, and I saw a lamp shining
through the door...
Our hero tutors his cousin Sarasa, a beautiful young girl.
One night, as Sarasa begins to play the organ, they are covered with a strange light. 
When our hero comes to, he finds himself in a small town called Alcio.
He learns that any stranger discovered in town will be executed.
Can our hero find Sarasa and return where they belong?
Will he succeed in filling the emotional gap between Sarasa and himself?
The story progresses with a variety of colorful scenery and beautiful organ sounds. The scenario contains painstaking details of the strange world of Alcio, such as festivals and religious ceremonies. Utmost attention has been paid to character creation. You will experience the fantastic, yet realistic world of Alcio and the relationships of characters there
A decent-looking game. There is no better candidate for review this month, so I'm taking it up for review.

12. Symphonic Rain シンフォニック=レイン [040326] Kuroneko-san Team 1 2 3 4 5 6
Symphonic Rain takes place in a fictional city of apparently Italian heritage, where rain falls everyday. The locals there have adapted to this peculiar phenomenon, and carry on with their lives as if the rain was never there. No one takes an umbrella, no one wears a rain coat.
The main character of the story is 17 year old Chris, a Fortelle student of the famous Piova Communal School of Music (Scuola Comunale di Musica Piova, in Italian). Separated from his childhood sweetheart Arietta when he left his home town for the city, he keeps in touch with her through the means of weekly letters. Penning their thoughts on those letters, Chris treasures and keeps her weekly writings, for he had promised her that should his drawer become totally filled with them, he would return to her.
The game starts during Chris's third year as a student, a few months before he has to take the school's final graduation examination: a staged performance. As an instrumentalist, he is required to search for a vocalist partner before he is eligible for the examination.
There are English reviews.


1. Goth ごす [040305] Meta-Doll
Main character fails to enter university of Tokyo and stays there to go to preparatory school. Parents object to this idea and cut the funding. Protagonist sees an advertisement that provides a job in a Western style mansion just because free meal is included. However...

2. Kyouran ~Kurutta Seikatsu~ 狂乱~狂った性活~ [040305] Oume Seisakusho
Reiko lives a happy family life, but it eventually gets boring. One day she sees an advertisement on the site she frequents, and that pushes her back to the days of masturbation with toys.

3. Kuroyuri no Yakata 黒百合の館 [040312] Black Package
Postwar turmoil. Millions are driven to extreme poverty. However, there is a place of a dream-like luxury that exist as a mockery.
Main character is the second son who returns to this place - a western style mansion. What awaits him there?

4. Last Trick ~Saigo no Sakuryaku~ Last trick ~最後の策略~ [040312] Promised Message
Main character lost belief in God together with his mother's death. At the same time a new person appeared in his life - Sphere. He calls himself a God who only needs a final license. He urges protagonist to make a wish. As incidents start to happen around protagonist, Sphere only laughs casually. What's left to protagonist. Only pray and make a wish. And his wish is...

5. Make Love Junkies メイクラヴ・ジャンキース [040312] Ignition
Imagine a miracle drug that can turn any self-respecting person into a sex-crazed deviant. Furthermore, imagine the drug has a name as ridiculous as “Make Love Junkies”. In this H-game, this drug is real, and it was mailed to our protagonist after ordering it off TV. It has such a peculiar potency that those affected still retain their mental faculties, but they are hardly in control of their starving bodies. That being said, our hero decides to make a harem consisting of a few women he’s had his eyes on, whether they’d like to or not. Two of these intended are classmates; those two also work as waitresses with another target; and finally there’s the literature teacher. At first our heroines aren’t so keen to get it on with our hero, but soon they’ll be giving themselves into the pleasure. That is, if you play your cards right (not too difficult with a miracle aphrodisiac). 

6. My Pet Dancer マイペットダンサー [040312] MOON GODDESS
Main character is robbed of the belongings and is helped by a merchant who turns out to be involved in human trafficking. There are beautiful dancers at the bar that are treated like property. Is it possible to set them free? 
Doujin nukige

7. Shampoo [040312] Ume Soft
Is your daily life enjoyable? Don't you overwork? Are you a bit tired? 
In modern society everyone has some weariness to heal. There is a place that lifts stress when cute girls shampoo your head. It's not about shampoo itself, but about the healing effect it all produces.

8. Six Pieces ~Tajuu Choukyou~ Six Pieces~多重調教~ [040312] Juraku
Main character is a magic doctor who performs indecent experiments on his patients with the use of various instruments and even creatures. It's possible to imbue girls with one of six personalities.

9. White Birthday [040314] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Atobe x Sakaki fan game.
Boys Love Doujin

10. 24-ji, Kimi no Heart wa Nusumareru ~Kaitou Jade~ 24時、君のハートは盗まれる~怪盗ジェイド~ [040319] Pink Clover
'The Phantom Thief Jade will be paying a visit this evening!'
After having magic powers suddenly awaken in him, Makoto is enrolled into the Magic Department at Hakuou Academy. He soon learns of a rumour stating that his cousin Yuki will be the target for an elusive thief whose creed is, "there is nothing that cannot be stolen."
While pursuing the mysterious phantom thief, Makoto becomes involved in solving various riddles in an effort to protect his precious cousin Yuki.
And so the true identity of the Phantom Thief is...?
Boys Love

11. Asuka Josou Bishounen Ryoujoku Story あすか♂女装美少年凌辱ストーリー [040319] Mocking Soft
2nd installment of Mocking Soft is a sexual humiliation story of a transvestite handsome boy. Kotono Asuka (boy) never settled at a school, because of bullying against him everywhere. He recently transferred to a notable private girls' school, but.... The contained 5 episodes in which the girls totally take the lead on him. Don't you feel like getting dominated for now?

12. Clock Up Fan Disc 1GHz くろふぁん1GHz [040319] Clock Up
Among other goodies there are short stories about three heroines of game "Presence" - Sasakawa Ai, Hoshino Kasumi, Mizusawa Kiriko.

13. Dolly Night [040319] Puppet
Shibuya. Boy Junna wakes up in the alley dump with a memory loss. Girl Hina floats before him asking to look for something and disappears. A silver-hair man in the black veil Arstad passes by revoking nostalgia feelings. 
Detective Tagami chases puppet master Arstad suspected of murder. 
What's the truth behind the murders, the memory loss and the object searched by Hina?
Boys Love

14. Henshin! へんし~ん! [040319] May-Be Soft
Sakagami's life was going downhill, especially his love life. Until the day he gained the ability to transform himself...into anything he can imagine. He decided to take this chance and fix everything that was wrong with his life...

15. Kakure Ecchi かくれエッチ [040319] West Vision
Main character hurries home from university to read new erotic manga and accidentally steps into his sister-in-law room. She is in the middle of masturbation and invites him to join. Their secret relations begin on daily basis. Soon a lot of relatives arrive for the New Year's Eve, and they join the fun.

16. Majokko de Go Go ~Pole to Miracle Daisakusen~ 魔女っこ de’GO♪GO♪~ポールとミラ☆クル大作戦~ [040319] Lucha!
Main character is a normal student with one special ability to see heart marks whenever situations can lead to love. After he confesses to a classmate with a heart mark, time stops and two girls jump out of the alternative dimension. They say that these dimensions are linked, and they need to supervise protagonist with the power to move love between the worlds.

17. Shikkoku ni Nureru Seijaku ~Jisatsu Shigansha~ 漆黒に濡れる静寂 ~自殺志願者~ [040319] Haoh
No one knows the pain of the other people. Such decaying souls gather in the virtual space. One day main character reads a post on the forum "I hope to find a person to die together". Protagonist decides to come in contact with such girls and try to use or heal them, depending on situation.

18. Shojokyuu ~Kurige no Shiofuki Shoujo-tachi~ 処女宮~栗毛の潮吹少女たち~ [040319] Mini
Main heroine is a mascot-like girl in a catholic girls school. Just before graduation ceremony a new transfer student suddenly approaches and kisses her. There is also a rumor about virgin examination at the graduation. Will heroine be able to graduate safely?

19. Oshigoto → Shachou (Honjitsu Tsuke) お仕事→社長(本日付け) [040321] Ritz software
When Yuuto's father dies in a car accident, Yuuto must take over his company. But he's just an average college student, and feels lost in this new world. With the help of his father's secretary and others in the business, will Yuuto be able to succeed?
Boys Love

20. Sotonure ~Haruka no Roshutsu Ecchi Days~ そとぬれ~はるかの露出エッチDAYS~ [040322] Lilith Soft
Main character is a college student with otaku hobbies. He is visited by a female cousin undergoing exposure training on the internet. Protagonist takes patronage over her with the aim to present her wearing a super exposing dress at the next cosplay event.

21. Hitozuma Dorei Kyoushi 人妻奴隷教師 [040323] Team-Tanabe
The car accident happened in the rainy night triggered everything.
Loads of sexual violation in the school! But, Honoka's body was awaken of the sexual perversity.

22. Ai Shimai Tsubomi... Yogoshite Kudasai 愛姉妹・蕾…汚してください [040326] Silky's
The sister of Miyatsuji Kotono and Suzuyo went to the Ikaruga High School where her mother Kasumi acted as a leader of the trustee. The two beautiful girls adored Kaneshiro Shoichi. However, he gave his concern only to the school doctor, Morisawa Maiko, and he was captivated by her body.
Because he would be expelled from school if he didn’t pass the examination, he was tempted by Maiko to break into the principal’s office, and stole the disk that contained the examination.

23. Assassin Lesson ~Tsuioku no Youin Shoujo~ Assassin Lesson~追憶の妖淫少女~ [040326] Glastonbury
Girl kills her mother and just sits outside in despair. Main character is a British intelligence agent who offers her to become assassin agent in exchange for protection. Her training includes various techniques including sex ones.

24. Cherryblossom チェリーブロッサム [040326] Takuyo
Ouse Satsuki, a second year student of Sakurazono Gakuen receives one day on his cell phone a message from a stranger. The address of the sender is from a student on campus, but in the school there isn't any student with that name. Is the sender someone from the student council, or is it someone else?
Boys Love

25. Deepblue Fandisk ~11Nin no Mune Kyun Love!~ DEEPBLUEファンディスク~11人の胸キュンLOVE!~ [040326] Deep Blue
There are five short stories featuring eleven heroines from Lost Passage and 3LDK 
・「僕が目指した理由(わけ)~LostPassage 序文~」
・「Transparent human being~千寿シナリオ後日談~」

26. Enkaku Sousa ~Mitsuniku ni Umekomareta Remocon Vibe~ 遠隔操作~蜜肉に埋めこまれたリモコンバイブ~ [040326] Guilty
Remote controlling woman vibrator is main character's fetish. Only he chooses the time and place for pleasure outbursts.

27. Gemini ジェミニ [040326] Sekilala
Main character lives together with cute twin sisters-in-law. The girls are obsessed by taking care of their onii-chan. They wish to give him their first time.

28. Guisard Fandisc ~Bokura no Omoi o Tsumekonde~ GUISARD Fandisc~僕らの想いを詰め込んで~ [040326] SandalDash
Among other goodies there is mini-story collection where heroes talk about their past, future and their feelings towards the series.

29. Hitou Meguri ~Yokujou Juurin Onsen Ki~ 秘湯めぐり~欲情蹂躙温泉記~ [040326] Riddle Soft
School idol has fan clubs and total protection at school. But she goes to the local hot springs resort alone - and it's the perfect place for protagonist to assault her.

30. Imohori ~Onii-chan no Funtouki!~ いもほり~お兄ちゃんの奮闘記!~ [040326] Take Out
Main character is half-engaged with another university student, but for formal engagement he needs her father's approval. Alas, father went on a business trip for a week. Protagonist wants to take advantage of his fiance at the winter vacations, so he is limited in time. He decides to live this week at their house. But he could not foresee all the seduction attempts from the members of the family...

31. Kashoku no Wana 花蝕の罠 [040326] Ferret
A beautiful guy enrolls at main character's school club. He accepts protagonist's confession with the condition to get an affair with his brother first. Protagonist clenches teeth and agrees as this is the only way to get access to the body.
Boys Love

32. Kuro Niji Short Story 黒虹ショートストーリー [040326] Black Rainbow
Contains a short story for Saiminjutsu & Saimin Gakuen.

33. Love Fetish ~Tekoki Hen~ らぶフェチ ~手コキ編~ [040326] Erogos
Kouji is a fairly average student living a normal life with his childhood friend Suzuka. One day at the pool, he is suddenly grabbed from behind by a mysterious woman and given a handjob. Kouji can't get the experience out of his mind and yearns for more. What will become of him... 

34. Mayaku no Renkinjutsushi ~Misa~ 魔薬の錬禁術師~ミサ~ [040326] Red Signal
Misa is a rare witch who researches black magic in the 21st century. It deals not with curses, but with body parts transformation. She helps her friend in the same girls' school to get a huge rack. From now on she helps any girl in need to eliminate her body defects. As a result school gets drowned in lust.

35. Mousou Nenpa Tsuushin 妄想念波通信 [040326] Zero
Main character sees an unidentified object from the sky. From this day he gains a special ability to see girls naked and experience sexual delusions. The ten girls around him are doomed to become part of his fantasies.

36. Omae no Natsuyasumi おまえのなつやすみ [040326] FlyingShine Black
For summer vacation family plans to go to Hawaii. But selfish parents depart alone leaving main character to stay home with his two cousins. Protagonist takes out his anger on his cousins.

37. One~san Day by Day おね~さんDAY☆BY☆DAY [040326] Azurite
Main character lives alone and attends art lessons at a vocational school. One day a cousin suddenly arrives to help him around the house. Protagonist has a faint memory of a loving sister doing the house chores, so he reluctantly lets her in. But then four more girls arrive saying absolutely the same. Who of them is his real cousin from the past? His life turns in a mess while he tries to figure it out.

38. Rinkan Gakuen "Yamete! ...Okaa-san, Minaide!" 輪奸学園「やめてっ!…お母さん、見ないで!」 [040326] Lune loves K
Main character is in charge of the elite class in the prestigious school. He uses his chemistry knowledge to drug students and turn them into meat slaves forming his harem. This spring there's a new beautiful student who transfers together with her mother as health teacher. Protagonist welcomes a new challenge.

39. Shin Keraku no Ou 新けらくの王 [040326] Merlot
Main character lives alone after this parents death. The mysterious sunglasses left by his father allow protagonist to see the aura of females in estrus. A woman in such state is easily deceived and coerced to sex. He finds himself a rich girlfriend and spends days in luxury. One day a group of women is transferred to the male school protagonist attends. He can't stand the new female teacher pride, so he waits for the day of her estrus to have his revenge.

40. Suiei Kyoushitsu ~Fuyu de mo School Mizugi~ 水泳教室~冬でもスクール水着~ [040326] Waffle
Main character excels in sports. One day he returns home forgetting about his sister-in-law birthday. He swears to fulfill one her wish as a birthday present instead. She asks to teach her swim and train her in swimming. A promise is a promise, so swimming pool lessons begin.

41. Tsui no Yakata ~Futatsuboshi~ 終の館~双ツ星~ [040326] Circus Fetish
Released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish', the Tsui no Yakata series mainly focuses on maids.
Since a long time ago, the protagonist Masaki has been living without his mother. The difference in social standing between her and his wealthy father has always caused people to slander his mother and because of his father's inability to defend her honor, Masaki has never had a good relation to him.
Now, a pair of twin sisters, one innocent and the other precocious, visits the household and eventually gets hired as maids.

42. Wakan Kazoku 和姦家族 [040326] Hayashigumi
The protagonist's real parents died in a car crash when he was too young to remember. The family he lives with now is actually the family of his late parents' close friends.

43. Nozoki Banzai! ~Zenpen~ 覗きマンセー!~前編~ [040328] Trinitron CG
Main characters uncovers the secret of a woman's school with the power of charisma.  
Doujin Nukige

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