VN of the Month December 2003 - Saya no Uta

December equals flood of visual novels, and for once in a while of good quality. Saya no Uta is unrivaled VN of the month. Konata yori Kanata made makes for another masterpiece. I'm reviewing the mysterious Gin no Hebi Kuro no Tsuki

1. Colorful Box カラフルBOX [031205] Sound Tail
A "comical story" set in a school. You play as main character Narumi Morizuki who's been selected to work on the school festival committee. The game takes place over a one month period and has you interact with six different girls.
Pretty usual school pure love story. Scenario is weak, so overall impression is thin. Heroines have their own charm, but it's difficult not to get bored after couple same looking routes.

2. Gakuen Senki Muryou 学園戦記ムリョウ [031205] M²TO
It is an adventure game in which players transfer students to unravel the mysteries around Amano City and Ottsu Junior High School, which is the stage of the story. 
By collecting information from various characters as partners, the truth of an event that initially appears to be mysterious and fragmentary will gradually become clearer as it unravels threads. And the stage is from school to space .... 
The end of a magnificent story is waiting for you.
GBA exclusive for fans of some ancient anime.

3. Kuwai na Shock! くわいなしょっく! [031205] Megami 1
Sakaki Arima is a private detective. He only works on cases related to youkai. He has ability to strengthen himself by having sex with female youkai, but he need to do it regularly. One day, he received a strange letter with only one sentence: "I want to see the sun". At the same time youkai catgirl came to his office and forced him to take this task...
There is an English review.

4. Roommate: Asami -Oku-sama wa Joshikousei- ルームメイト・麻美 -おくさまは女子高生- [031211] Datam Polystar
As the newlywed husband of your student Onohara Asami, you live with your student bride and help her with homework as well as the rigors of living together and keeping the marriage a secret in school. 
Usual console repeating soap opera. Game for those who like cuteness and getting bored.

5. The Saiban ~Shinmai Shihoukan Momota Tsukasa no 10 no Saiban File~ THE 裁判 〜新米司法官 桃田司の10の裁判ファイル〜 [031211] Tomcat System
A game that puts the player in the shoes of Momota Tsukasa, a newbie attorney.
Console detective crap

In the 31st century after a 5th world war makes Earth uninhabitable mankind has to expand into outer space.
Game has specifically ugly drawing zero reviews. Sad, but I won't break this conspiration circle.

7. Anonono. ~Kimi to Sugoshita Ano Hi Ano Toki Ano Mirai~ あののの。~君と過ごしたあの日あの時あの未来~ [031212] Spirit Speak 1
The protagonist suddenly returns to those bygone days of three years ago ...
Leading a life choked with regret, just wishing that he could have one chance to set things right ...
The protagonist is an ordinary college student, living out his tedious days in relative peace. But even through his college life, he feels a kind of disquiet that is hard to place -- the root of which comes from the incidents of a certain failed school festival three years ago. After that time, the life and the friends that he had known were scattered to the winds, leaving him with the life he knows now.
But if he had the opportunity to do things over again, to set things right, what would he do? 
Another beaten school setting. This time both gags and drama are poorly done. Both girl's fall in love and problem solving are forced. Not really a kusoge, just a very low quality level game.

8. Konata yori Kanata made こなたよりかなたまで [031212] F&C 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Kanata Haruka lost both of his parents and is left alone in the world without any relatives. On top of this he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and told that his remaining time on earth would not last long enough for him to see springs cherry blossoms again.
The only pillars of support in his life are his two childhood friends: Kousuke and Kanae. Kousuke heard about Kanata's illness and started helping him with all kinds of chores as these became increasingly more difficult for him to complete on his own because of the immense side effects brought on by the anticancer drugs. However, Kanata could not bring himself to also tell Kanae about his condition who he noticed was in love with him.
The seasons gradually become colder moving from late autum to early winter, when suddenly a blonde haired girl makes an appearance in Kanata's house. She introduces herself as Christel, an immortal vampire...
There are English reviews.

9. Level Justice レベルジャスティス [031212] SofthouseChara
The world is in recession. It's a given that various criminals whether big or small increases. Because the citizens insistently annoyed the government to do something about it, the government established "special defense agency SAFE" specializing in using very lawful-like actions against criminals.
"Special Defence Agency SAFE"
Their main headquarters are veiled in secrecy, their main goal is the quick extermination of crime. Their authority is higher than the police. By the way, "Special Defence Agency SAFE" starting budget is 380 billion. The recession sufferring citizen's call to lower the taxes instead of spending money lavishly went unheard. The world is like that.
At the same time, in the midst of reccession, a new organization came into existence. This organization is composed of jobless college graduates and people fired from their jobs due to corporate downsizing. Them brittle, delicate and fleeting existance met with, if I had to say it, a genius person by chance. By his participation, they decided to make noise upon this world. This organization would be later known as the avatar of evil. "Valkyrie".
I don't care for simulation games.

10. Pizzicato Polka -Suisei Gen'ya- PIZZICATO POLKA-彗星幻夜- [031212] Pajamas Soft
The game takes place in a town where a series of homicides have taken place. You play as main character Tatsuya Tsuzumi who has come to the town as an exchange student in order to search for his friend, whose whereabouts are unknown. While in town, you get close to a group of girls and begin to learn the true nature of the case plaguing the town. 
A mystery story with fantasy elements, like appearance of the witch, and pseudo-historical elements like world war II, Nazi, Holocaust. There are four heroines, but the flow is almost the same, and questions get answered only in main heroine Stella route. Game's not a masterpiece, but with good atmosphere. The main complaint is lack of text and volume. 

11. Tail Tale ている・ている [031212] Clover
Ginta is a veterinary doctor at a large hospital. One day, he's appointed to treat six patients, who much to his surprise aren't animals... but people!
Moege with a decent atmosphere. All characters are of unique breed, and are quite cute at that. Actual story is confusing with all the weirdness of setting lacking explanation and unreasonable protagonist.

12. Kanojo no Densetsu, Boku no Sekiban 彼女の伝説、僕の石版 [031218] D3 Publisher
The protagonist travels to a fantasy world where he must retrive a legendary sword with the help of five girls.
11 chapters about 30 minutes each. There are 5 heroines, but hardly any change in the story in individual endings. Setting is beaten, and realization is simplistic. Absolutely uninteresting work.

13. Daibanchou -Big Bang Age- 大番長 -Big Bang Age- [031219] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
In the year 200X, a giant hole erupted in the middle of Japan. Called the Hell Hole, its appearance caused the sea to split and the lands to bend. The entirety of Japan was twisted out of shape, and dark B-crystals appeared everywhere, bestowing special powers to some people, mostly the younger generation. Special Students, as those people were soon called, became the object of fear. Japan became ruled by violence and terror and was cut off from the rest of the world.
A year after the appearance of the Demonic Hole, a Special Student with extraordinary strength and will managed to unite the Special Students throughout Japan. He formed the Student Union (S.U.) to bring order back to Japan, and Japan entered a peaceful time, but it was not meant to last.
Now, the land is more split than ever between the military of the PGG, the horrifying vampires of the Nightmare Eyes, the disciplined ninjas of the NPI, the fanatical Holy Flame knights, and the violent Skull Serpents sky pirates, with no end to the hostilities in sight. However, one man appearing in the Tokyo school may just change Japan forever...
There are English reviews.

14. Genrin no Kishougun 2 ~Michibikareshi Tamashii no Keifu~ 幻燐の姫将軍II~導かれし魂の系譜~ [031219] Eushully 1 2
Four years after exacting revenge for the murder of your character's family (first game), now you are the ruler of the kingdom, but there are still those who want to get in your way. Blockades have been set along enemy borders, and--although you've pressed for peace talks--people in your court are ending up murdered. Now the remaining members of your court, along with your people, are pressing for war. You now have no choice but to fight. Thankfully, lady magicians and soldiers will come to your aide, in more ways that one.
System is almost the same as in prequel, and overall quality level is high, but game lacks uniqueness now. There are both pure love and devil parts.

15. Gin no Hebi Kuro no Tsuki 銀の蛇 黒の月 [031219] Project-μ
Main character is an unrivaled masked swordsman who takes up killer jobs and searches for a swordsman stronger than himself.
In the same world there is a girl Mari used in experiments by her father searching for immortality.
The fate connects these two people in their constant struggle.
Wow, a dark violence story from Project-μ. I'm so intrigued that I'm taking it up for a review.

16. Katayoku no Tenshi 片翼の天使 [031219] Witch
Title means "One-winged Angel"
The hero, Kazuya Takase, is a third-year at his local school. He's doing so well that he's getting job offers, but he's refusing them all, because he wishes to follow his dream of becoming an actor.
His little sister Mai thinks his dream is unrealistic.
Even by November, with graduation approaching, Kazuya has not found an answer. Should he believe in himself, or should he rethink and follow the stable path laid out for him like his little sister wishes him to? 
Meanwhile, Kazuya meets various people...
Main genre is school SOL. Story is short and not particularly interesting, but with enough fun moments. Gamy system is poor. Quite an average game.

17. Machina no Kiseki ~Ogeretsu Daihyakka Gaiden~ マシーナの輝石 ~オゲレツ大百科外伝~ [031219] West Vision
Main character is a skilled steam mechanic engineer living in the town of Greenock. He lives in the local church orphanage with autonomous android Iris. 
One day they learn that church is about to be demolished. Protagonist needs to raise a large sum of money to save his home. Together with Iris and nun Unia they take up a job of deciphering the contents of ancient books and create devices by the sketches.
It might be unclear from the synopsis, but game is a SIM about developing all kind of sex toys and testing them.

18. Soko ni Umi ga Atte... そこに海があって… [031219] Silver Co., Ltd.
You, the young son of a fisherman on a remote island, find a naked girl collapsed on the beach. A doctor nurses her back to health. She seems to have amnesia.
Two men, claiming to be servants of her household, come to take her away. She appears afraid of them, but what can you do about it? Nothing.
The next day, she transfers to your school.
Just a moege with poor scenario this time. The development in 2nd part is spontaneous and leaves a bad aftertaste. Zapping system is introduced just for a check, it does not contribute.

19. V.G. Neo [031219] Giga 1
The latest visual novel returns the series to its roots as a fighting tournament and features an entirely new cast.
There are 9 chapters, and 8 heroines participate in a tournament, so almost every chapter has a fight in it. All winners and losers are predetermined, and losers are being insulted in an animated scene by the clerk before the audience. Story is actually nice as we're being told the beginnings and reasons of the V.G. organization.

20. Yukiuta ゆきうた [031219] Frontwing 1 2
The town has a local legend, "A big tree on the hill makes your wish come true." The main character lives a peaceful life with his classmates. One day, a transfer student comes to his class....
There is an English review

21. D -> A: Black [031225] Tonkin House
High-school student Tōya Shinjō is what's known as a "Shinigami" -- an envoy of Hell who guides wandering souls, or "Creeps", who linger in the human realm. Each night, he hunts Creeps along with his partner Yuriel Arlencloyn, a white-winged Angel of Heaven. However, one night during their hunt, they happen to rescue a girl named Natsuki who recognizes Tōya as her classmate. Normal humans are not meant to know of such things as Shinigami and Creeps; with Tōya's own past shrouded in mystery to even himself, and Natsuki also interested romantically in Tōya, things quickly become complicated...
D→A:BLACK is a so-called "active novel" -- a visual novel-style adventure game with realtime battle sequences, divided into six chapters. The story unfolds from Tōya's point of view, largely through voiced dialogue sequences with still images. The player must occasionally make choices that will affect how the story plays out and which of the 11 endings are reached; some decisions are timed, and in many cases not answering at all is also a valid option.
At certain points in the game, the player will be attacked by Creeps. Controlling Tōya, his partner Yuriel, and his familiar Rin, the player must defeat the attacker and defend their team in a real-time battle. Each of the characters has various actions they can perform; Tōya and Yuriel can attack, defend, and use special moves, while Rin can defend or recover the other two characters. Each character has an affinity; Tōya's attacks are Dark, and work best against Light enemies, while Yuriel's attacks are the opposite, and Rin can switch between alignments. If any character's HP reaches 0, the battle is lost and the game is over.
Scenario feels not long enough and does not really change with different routes. System remains poor with no skip function. Active novel is a new genre and feels fresh.

22. Saya no Uta 沙耶の唄 [031226] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Fuminori Sakisaka has a traffic accident which kills his parents and leaves him heavily injured. When he has a brain surgery to save his life, his perception of the world changes: everything he sees becomes blood and guts, people's looks and voices seem like monsters, and food that normally appeals to him tastes disgusting.
As he contemplates suicide in the hospital, Fuminori meets a beautiful girl among the flesh-covered walls. She introduces herself as Saya, and is apparently looking for her father. Fuminori does not want to be separated from Saya, and asks her to live with him. She agrees.
It's 3rd most popular visual novel of all times at VNDB, so not a single word about it.

23. Shin Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan 新・御神楽少女探偵団 [031226] Elf
"Shin Mikagura Tanteidan" is an inference trigger system ADV! It is a game to use the power of reasoning to consider and solve a series of incidents.
Almost no novelty in here, but spirit of prequels is maintained fine.

24. Vagrants [031226] Studio e.go!
Hundreds of years later than our present age humanity is an endangered species. Endless wars and extraordinary natural phenomenon brought ruin to the mankind.
Civilizations gone, mutated flora and fauna spread all over the world, lands ruined and mutant monsters are terrorizing the surviving humans.
An Empire called Bizantia rose in a small region and expanded in no time. Humans that haven't joined the empire became nomads, living in the wilderness among the mutants and other non-humans.
The protagonist is a war-orphan, a wanderer, a thief out of necessity. Who meets some people by chance and together they change the worlds destiny...
3D field is used everywhere. Game is full of minor flaws, but nothing that can't be tolerated for the sake of the story. Somewhat average game of E-go.

25. Natsunone -Overture- 夏音-Overture- [031228] Breeze!!
In the quiet seaside town of Yurigahama, Suzuna Kirisaki starts her first day at high school...
Youth yuri comedy. Lots of SOL and stupidity ensues.

26. Magical Unity マジカル☆ユニティー [031228] 0verflow
Master got caught by bad guys! Main heroine needs to help him fast by lifting the laid curse. With her magical beam she can pacify any number of enemies one after another. 
Not a visual novel, just a quiz


1. Atobe wa Ouji-sama 跡部は王子様 [031202] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Atobe x Sakaki fan game.
Boys Love

2. Power Pro Kun Pocket 6 パワプロクンポケット6 [031204] Konami
There are two stories included.
In first one main character is a member of time patrol organization that chases time criminals. His mission is to protect future superior energy device developer company from time offenders. Company undergoes restructure times, so protagonists joins its baseball team to support them and keep surveillance at the same time.
In the second one main character is sent to debt forced labor facility "Happiness Island" operated by the mysterious organization "BB Team". He gets assigned to the baseball team, and thus needs to beat BB team and escape the factory.
Gameboy exclusive

3. Christmas★Present クリスマス★プレゼント [031205] Ail
Suddenly a girl wearing Santa Claus clothes falls from the sky. She does not remember who she is, so main character takes her home. The next day girl comes to senses, but her source of power - the emblem - is taken away by protagonist. He agrees to return it one one condition - if girl becomes his slave until Christmas.

4. Eisai Kyouiku 英才狂育 [031205] Kuzuryuu
Certain subjects being taught these days at college aren't always on the curriculum... Sex education is one of them. Here at our all-girls school, one male teacher takes it upon himself to best educate students in the ways of carnal knowledge. Using (and abusing) his authority, he lures the hottest students into his lair and has his sleazy way with them. In the end, these girls will learn some lessons they'll never forget.

5. Hobo-san Chu! 保母さんちゅ! [031205] Triangle-delta
Main character works at a nursery school. New beautiful nun gets a job here, but she is not used to handle children at all. Protagonist develops a training course for her, but it can only be undertaken at night time when there are no children.

6. Shikkan ~Hazukashimerareta Karada, Oreta Kokoro~ しっかん ~辱められた躰、折れた心~ [031205] X[iks]
Main character works as an inspector for a large conglomerate. He is dispatched to a secluded island as a doctor to investigate local hospital. Nurse who patrols empty rooms at night, girl hospitalized with mysterious disease and rumors about insults happening there - he will need to get to the bottom of it all.

7. Yoi Ko no Nayami Soudanshitsu ~Mousou Sekai no Haitokuteki Shidou~ よい娘の悩み相談室~妄想世界の背徳的指導~ [031205] Collection
Main character operates a consultation web-site. There are some invitations to give consultations in person. If recommendations are useful and enough trust is generated, things may start getting intimate.

8. Guisard Shuffle ~Bokura wa Omoi o Tokihanatsu~ GUISARD・SHUFFLE~僕らは想いを解き放つ~ [031212] SandalDash
The battle between young masked warrior Guisard and remodeled human Kuroudo is over. But peaceful days come to an end with the appearance of the shadowed man and a mysterious girl. And Guisard starts to question the meaning on this fighting again.  
Boys Love

9. Hageshiku Bote Hara! Senpai, Watashi no Ko, Mitomete Kudasai!! 激しくボテ腹! センパイ、私のコ、認めてくださいっ!! [031212] Acme X
"It is vaginal cum shot without contraception!"
The devil group aiming for the girl "Nami" who entered the same school as a longing senior ....
A pure and innocent girl "Nami" with only a good spirit and a little fancy
I start to go to the same school as my longing senior with my hopes inflated.
Nami, such as a girl's cartoon heroine, has lived without knowing the fear of men at all.
However, in the school where Nami came to attend, only men and women were devils.
Volleyball club members, classmates, etc.
There are roommates and custodians in the dormitory, and even vagrants in the neighborhood.
I always aim at the fresh body of Nami ....
In fact, can Nami be able to offer purity to longing seniors?

10. Ingoku no Yakata 淫獄の館 [031212] Girl's Software
Main character can not find a job after graduating from college and has to do part-time jobs. But eventually he comes upon a notice inviting for a job with extraordinary wage at a remote Western style mansion. He starts working there with newly employed maids. But at the night of the fourth day he hears screams that reveal the true nature of this mansion - it's a polygon to train maids as sex slaves for powerful people. It's up to protagonist whether to resist or collaborate.

11. Jam n' Limit ~Mitsu/Shitsu/Kan/Kin ジャムアンリミット~密/室/監/禁 [031212] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character questions institution of morality. Delivering and sharing pain is the only thing that makes him feel alive. He wants to introduce this feeling to various girls...

12. Kanaete Ageru ~Fuyu ga Kureta Okurimono~ かなえてあげる~冬がくれた贈り物~ [031212] High Soft
Main character spends three years helping Santa who is actually a cute girl. But something changes with this fourth year, and this holy night is the time when his dreams will come true.

13. Kizumono no Shoujo -Kizumono no Gakuen Gaiden- 傷モノの少女-傷モノの学園・外伝- [031212] Rasen
A terrible group insult case happens at this college. A lot of victim students changed school after that. Main character finds photos with scenes A lot of students of this school get trapped after coming to a school party. Main character finds insult images in transferred girl's laptop and starts to blackmail her - and she can not say no. With time surrounding girls get involved as well... 

14. Liar Taisen Janmagedon ライアー大戦じゃんまげどん [031212] Liar-soft
Main character Ueda installs new Liar Soft CD to the pc in the living room while his sister secretly watches him from a distance. Suddenly girl introducing as a new heroine appears on the screen asking for help in their fight against a nasty beast. The monster threatens to turn a pure love game into tentacles rape feast. As Ueda agrees to help, both he and his sister get transferred to the Liar Soft world.

15. NekoNeko Fan Disc 2 ねこねこファンディスク2 [031212] NekoNeko Soft
Contains omake material from NekoNeko's earlier games.

16. Ryoujoku Hishoshitsu 2 ~Midou Shirou Hen~ 凌辱秘書室2~御童志狼篇~ [031212] Maika
Main character is an orthodox successor of prequel game protagonist. He learns to manipulate women spirit at will. He is asked by mysterious head of the audit department to resolve the conspiracy case in the office at his workplace.

17. Shinshoku 浸蝕 [031212] Black Package Try
The protagonist, Kokubo Toshiya, is adopted by the loving Kitagawa family. In truth, he was in cahoots with the orphanage's director, and aimed to turn the women of this family into his prey.
Despite conducting himself as a mature and overly polite child, Kokubo Toshiya secretly harbors dark thoughts, this twisted personality being a result of a traumatic childhood experience.
Gradually, he starts to show his true personality just before starting his plans on his stepmother and stepsister.
When his stepfather is away from home, Toshiya starts putting his plan in practice. Using a photo of his stepsister shoplifting, he starts with her stepmother, and soon he also reaches his hand on her stepsister.

18. My Collection Idol やらせてっ!てぃーちゃー [031212] Skyhunter
A famous idol becomes main character's girlfriend. The darkness of the past gradually begins to envelop the lustful life of two people ...

19. Yarasete! Teacher マイコレクションアイドル [031212] Tryset
Ishibasha Yuuta is young, but already way too much interested in erotic things, to the point that at school he is considered a pervert!
There is a new temporary teacher at school: her name is Riko Okamoto and she's there to assist the actual teacher during 2 weeks.
She makes the perfect target for Yuuta to tease...

20. Nestle Close III [031213] Haikara Kissa
A pretty girl who is a daughter of your apartment house's owner is asked to take care of the building during the owner's two weeks absence. How do you get along with her?
Doujin Nukige

21. Hitozuma Dorei Kissa 2 人妻奴隷喫茶2 [031216] Black Lilith
A group of three people choose married coffee shop manager and a class committee member as their prey to sexually assault them.

22. Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC ななみとこのみのおしえてA・B・C [031216] Studio Ring
You're a college student on summer vacation.
In your neighbourhood live two extremely friendly cute twin girls, Nanami and Konomi Nishimura.
One day their mother asks you to tutor the two of them.
"Nanami wants to study with onii-chan!"
"Onii-chan, will you teach Konomi?"
Of course, onii-chan immediately replies.
"Sure, if you want me to, it'd be my pleasure."
"He didn't say no... thank goodness."
And thus begins your summer "lessons" with Nanami and Konomi.

23. Natsu no Owari ni なつのおわりに [031217] milkcat 1
At summer's end, we change our grades; the season changes into autumn; the leaves change color; but what of our friendships and our loves?

24. After... -Sweet Kiss- [031219] Ciel 1
Among other goodies there are five episodes not included in the main game:
Episode 1 「香奈美 〜Crazy for YOU〜」
Episode 2 「渚 〜Anytime be with me〜」
Episode 3 「陽子 〜Touch me, Touch my heart〜」
Secret Episode 1 「Harem ♥ Party」
Secret Episode 2  「おにいちゃんといっしょ♥」

25. Akarui Mirai ~Wet And Messy 2nd time~ アカルイミライ Wet And Messy 2nd time [031219] FlyingShine Black
In Azami High School, the stage of this game, there is a rumor about a ghost. According to witnesses, that ghost is surprisingly beautiful and her scent is luscious. Masaki starts to examine the fact about the ghost and one day, he happens to talk with a girl who exists in the past, Sakura. But the fact is that she doesn't exist in the present. She was killed in the past and Masaki tries to change her future to save her....

26. Akibako ~"Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen" Fandisk~ あきばこ~「私立アキハバラ学園」ファンディスク~ [031219] Frontwing
Among other goodies there are five mini-ADV horny stories about each heroine.

27. Matty まってぃ [031219] Complet's
Main character is a photographer who lives along while his parents are abroad. That is until the day his apartment is taken away. He is allowed to live at his relatives in the neighborhood. The house is full of women, and protagonist becomes a toy in their hands.

28. Oira wa Bandai ~Heisaku & Kenta no Yume Monogatari~ オイラは番台~平作&健太の夢物語~ [031219] Interheart
Several months have passed since Kotaro got arrested. But his two friends retain freedom and continue his initiative. They choose public bath as a place for their operations.

29. Puchi Puchi☆Majo Sensei! ぷちぷち☆魔女先生! [031219] TerraLunar
Main character transfers to a new school which turns out to be a school to give education certificates to witches. Protagonist gets in love with wizardry practitioner wizard and looks forward to his days full of fun.

30. Pururun Jugyou ぷるるん授業 [031219] Trabulance
Main character is invited to a cabaret by a bad friend. He gets drunk and participates in a fabulous foursome, but as a result gets in debt with the enterprise.

31. Saishuu Chikan Densha 2 最終痴漢電車2 [031219] Atelier Kaguya 1 2
Some towns have legends of haunted houses or underground communities in the sewers. But in Takumi’s town, the ultimate urban legend is the Midnight Sleazy Train. Desperate for a spot on the train, Takumi waits by the station after hours. But he finds that you can’t just buy a ticket. Only by bringing the perfect female guest can you ensure permission to come aboard.

32. Yami no Koe III ~Gobou Sanyoku Mahoujin~ 闇の声III ~五芒三欲魔方陣~ [031219] Black Cyc 1 2 3
K is trapped within the academy, and recruits a passerby to find girls in various locations outside the academy in order to break the barrier. To accomplish this, she lends him her bag containing clothing and apparel with a degenerating influence.

33. Yarippanashi 犯放 [031219] Gaia
Main character has a hobby to train women, but while using others to achieve that. The ultimate aim is to reach fiancee and mother. The cycle of endless subjugation begins.

34. H na Oisha-san Hなお医者さん [031220] Sol-fa-soft
A somewhat naughty doctor has come to take medical examinations.
He is supposed to inspect their bodies, but all he's doing is touching the young girls all over.

35. Puchi Idol ~ Chijoku no Fan Kansha Day ぷちアイドル~ちじょくのファン感謝デー [031220] Black Lilith
It's time for fans to punish these two little selfish idols !

36. Kadowakashi 拐 ~カドワカシ~ [031225] ZyX
Main is a lecturer at a girls school. One day he gets to help a bullied girl. However, the witnessed scene awakens sadistic feelings in him, and he gets into physical relations with the girl. He has a choice to develop pure love relations or to set a system of control over other girls.

37. Dokidoki Closet どきどきクローゼット [031226] Pianissimo
The tests are over, and summer vacations begin. Suddenly a girl falls from a closet before main character. She turns out to be from a spirit wold. Her intention is to help people with the power of changing clothes. 

38. Inmai Baby 淫妹BABY [031226]  Image Craft
The protagonist is a young man. He lives with his younger stepsister Mana in the same house, together brother and sister discover a lot of games (with sometimes interesting toys) and they have a lot of fun.

39. Kaze no Satsui 風の殺意 [031226] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
The members of the broadcast club gather at a villa in the mountains to set up a farewell party for a fellow member leaving on a journey. And that night an "incident" happens ... 

40. Keoni 華鬼 [031226] Ferret
Sengoku. Main character belongs to the Iga clan and gets a mission to kill his brother who abandoned Iga. Among Kyoto forces, Koga clan assassins, prostitutes and all kinds of shady characters protagonist discovers the darkness of this world.
Boys Love

41. Last Order ラストオーダー [031226] 13cm
Many things happen at a family restaurant. The boss of this restaurant tries to have a sex with every waitress. Another waitress starts to work here and he finds her secret.

42. Say Yah! 2003 [031226]  Authoring Heaven
After old Klaus retirement prostitute Aria acquires Santa license. Together with her helper Reindeer they visit various people and bring joy and excitement.

43. Stray Sheep ~Chijoku no Zangeshitsu~ STRAY SHEEP ~恥辱の懺悔室~ [031226] Panda House
A missionary women's school is located in deep forests and is forbidden to men. Main character infiltrates it as a priest to investigate death of a girl. He gets swallowed into the feast of lust governing there.

44. Teri ☆ Mix テリ☆みっくす [031226] Terios
Fan disk includes four short stories among other content about:
1. Magical Kanan
2. Ikinari Happy Bell

3. Elysion ~Eien no Sanctuary~

4. Angelium -Tokimeki Love God-


45. Hanakisou 花帰葬 [031228] HaccaWorks*
A young man awakens in the snowy wilderness with no memory. The boy watching over him informs him that his name is Kuroto, which means the winter that announces the end. Claiming to be a traveling companion, Hanashiro reassures Kuroto and says he will help him regain his memory. More questions arise once they reach the nearest town and are soon confronted by the military. While Kuroto attempts to grasp the quickly developing events around him, snow quietly continues to fall.
Boys Love

46. Kakera Fandisc かけらふぁんでぃすく [031228] Io
Fandisc contains a short story for Mizu no Kakera and also for Tenshi no Kakera.
Fandisc written on java...

47. Masquerade [031228] Soft Circle Courreges
Under the strong duress that was succeeding my father's legacy, my life resumed itself to dedicating myself to my work. Finding absolutely no joy to this monotous, repetitive routine, I soon found myself to be a mere husk of a man, caring about nothing but maximing profits and running a successful business. But then, there she was.
Elena Garshis. Following the death of her mother, she was taken into my household, working as a maid. 
I want to see her scream and shout, to dye her pure white skin with my jet black desire. Yes, the very same Elena who does not lose her perfect, radiant smile, no matter what the task...If it's her, she will accept me with no protest.
Over time, I came to be consumed by such feelings, and finally, I was able to satisfy my desires. 
Taking shelter from the coldness of Winter, a small story took place in a certain mansion. And with it, so did develop a pure yet depraved love that taught me the warmth and true meaning of Christmas, together with the one most important to me.

48. Moeten モエてん [031228] KeroQ
Fan disc includes two mini scenarios:
1. "Betryer ~Kaori~" is about Kirishima story that takes prior to original game
2. "Dog Life ~Fuyuha~" is a fan-service story about betrayal

49. Petit Fleur ~Kaze Fuku Machi no Melody~ Petit Fleur ~風吹く街のメロディ~ [031228] Black Box
A small city of windmills at the edge of the world... 
Mizuk is an orphan who works at a local bakery. One day she helps traveler Dandelion who comes from the West Desert. They start to live together while being visited frequently by a local girl. A small love story develops in this magical atmosphere. 

50. Sukumizu no Uta スク水ノ唄 [031228] Milksoft
It's a peaceful seaside town. It's habitual for girls to wear school swimsuits under uniform there. Main character's hearts starts to burn with passion at the sight of swimsuits.

51. Cies [031228] Nankinjyou
A young man returns to the town full of recollections and dreams. A girl waits for him there. In the whirlpool of memories time slows down and feelings connect...

52. Hotel Bloody Doll Fandisc -2003- [031229] BABYLON GAME PROJECT
Main character Ryoichi Kawanaka appears in a luxurious hotel and can explore its facilities ending up with one of five guys there.

53. SARABAPASS sideA [031230] debris
Main character lives in the city that has paranormal UFO activity. This rainy season he meets three girls that help to lift the heaviness of the clouds.

54. Maria-sama no Okurimono マリア様の贈り物 [031230] PsG System Laboratory
A collection of four heartful girls love stories with Maria.

55. Tenshi no Shizuku 天使の雫 [031230] SIPPO-SOFT
A practical game about insulting Belldandy from "Oh My Goddess!" franchise.

56. ERO Ragnarok Offline 4 [031230] PERCEPTRON
Chris breaks out from the jail, but gets in adventurers trap, which triggers another cycle of revenge. She summons monsters attacking adventurers and insulting women. 

57. Kodomo Milk Parfait こどもみるくぱふぇ [031230] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
You're a college student and while you love the many beautiful girls you see around you in college you prefer elementary school girls. Your girlfriend is 10 year old 5th grade elementary school girl Ai Hasegawa. She's happy to be your girlfriend but discovers that her best friend Aya Sakurai has a crush on you too!
Ai loves both you and Aya so she decides it's ok to share! She brings Aya to your apartment and asks you to take her first kiss. Where will you go from there?

58. M.C. [031230] #define
The hero is Takesato Masaru.
He's the last member of Cucumber study group, a school club that research a big variety of things.
One day, he get a book with a special power causing hypnosis to those reading some special pages.
Using it and researches on hypnosis by his senpais, he will try various experiments on his girl classmate Mashiho.

59. Natsu Yami 夏闇 [031230] Amecyan
Love starts to sprout between characters of Tsukihime
Boys Love

60. Nudist. Project Black: Love Island Tour [031230] Bunny Hole Studio
Main character, his lover and friend's boss get a tour to an uninhibited island. A fierce love battle begins as night falls. 
Boys Love

61. sol-fa-soft Mafuyu no Otoshidama CD sol-fa-soft真冬のお年玉CD [031230] Sol-fa-soft
This is sol-fa-soft Variety CD 2nd bullet.
■ Quizz
It's just a quiz with questions from three genres of movie - "entertainment", "trivia" and "geek". CGs are seen based on the correct answer rate.
A short story.
Chihina explores imaginary situations of confessing her feelings to her older brother who is leaving home soon.
■ Karen-chan's own business!
It is dress up & a short story.
In the clothing change part, you can change clothes freely. You can go out depending on the chosen clothing.
■ Drawing Course
This is a CG lecture by Mr. Tanaha, depicting the original images of sol-fa-soft works.

62. The Wind from Rixcall [031230] Ritz software
Main character has a mysterious ability to hear voices of spirits. One day a person wearing Greek mythical costume approaches and attacks him. Mysterious events start to happen around him. To get to the source of all mysteries he needs to go to the world "Rixcor". 
Boys Love

63. Tokyo Kizoku 東京貴族 [031230] Fusyro
This is the fan disc of Moon Shade. It included full-color booklet of size A5 with the game's disc.

64. Muken 夢剣 [031230] Ingadou Type-I.G.
Main character can consciously control his night dreams. He meets different exotic people and talks to them. Some terrible things happen there, but he has no extraordinary power to overwhelm them. But he has inner strength, so he has to fights to protect his happy everyday.

65. Hitori ni Shinaide... I Want to Be Together 一人にしないで… I want to be together [03] sky hope
Main character is a freeter. He meets two boys in his casual everyday life. One lives in the neighborhood, and the other one is met by chance. Protagonist feels loneliness in their hearts and does not want to let them go.
Boys Love

66. I'll Be Back [03] Meisou Koukoku
On a dark night a person in white suit and forehead dripping with blood appears before a boy. No one knows where they are going to.
Boys Love

67. Juusha to Yukai na Nakama-tachi 従者とゆかいな仲間たち [03] Action Film Theater
A year after the battle of Ulnelis. 
The Lucius kingdom regains its peaceful days. But second prince Canaan-Lucius is not happy with current situation. He orders to send a message to the neighboring country Sanastia and sets off to pay it a visit.
Boys Love

68. Love Game ラブ・ゲーム [03] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Choose either Ryoma and Fuji and try to win the heart of Tezuka or Sanzuka without getting into friend zone.
Boys Love

69. Neverland ni Ikou!! ネバーランドに行こう!! [03] ANGEL/CIRCUIT
Two people confess to each other before the summer vacations. More than friends, less than lovers, they take tickets to an amusement part.
Boys Love

70. Orange Heart [03] TOKOTON-LOVERS
Become the head of a newspaper and interview the members of Emperor Tennis Club!
Boys Love

71. Tsuki no Nai Yoru (episode 1) 月のない夜 第1章 [0] A-10 no Yukue
Boy gets in a storm and finds shelter in a mountain cabin. He starts to remember grandma's stories about demons wandering in such weather. Suddenly door opens...
Boys Love

72. Futari no Kon'yakusha ふたりの婚約者 [03] Pure-Soft
Parents have prepared main heroine's engagement with one of two childhood friends. She returns to home town and starts living with the two of them to decide on the person to marry. There is also an option to choose someone entirely different, like a teacher or a cashier boy at the local shop.

73. Pictural Story -twei- [03] Higashi Shin'ya
A boy has zero art skills, so he goes to the cultural center of the country to learn painting. He meets many girls there who may agree to pose as models.

74. Tooi Sora Hatsuaki-ban 遠い空 -初秋版- [03] My Rascal
No info

75. Kuo ni Umareshi Hiaika 垢汚に生まれし悲哀歌 [03] rispetto
Main character is a professor of the university. To collect data for report about worships in Heisei period he travels to a distant village. But what he only learns there is crazy customs and fanatic people...

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