VN of the Month May 2004 - Carnival

Carnival is the VN of the month, but I already have review of it. I'm reviewing Dingir as the only plotge of the month.

1. Carnival [040514] FlyingShine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
After being arrested for the murder of a fellow student, the protagonist escapes from custody when the police car he's in has an accident. Knowing he will one day be caught again, he decides to spend what little time he has in freedom to try and return a handkerchief.
There are English reviews.

2. Waitress Paradise ~Stay With Me~ ウェイトレスパラダイス~Stay with me~ [040514] light
You've become the manager of a school club, which sends out waitresses to work at restaurants. Your job is to circle through the restaurants and check that the girls are doing all right.
Moege with abundance of heroines. Not smth that I expected from light after Kurenai and Paradise Lost, but - oh well - they need to pay their bills as well.

3. Ai no Maid Hotel Monogatari ~Itoshi no Sukumizu Maid~ 愛のメイドホテル物語~愛しのスク水・メイド~ [040521] Psycho
Main character is an accountant hired as a hotel manager. He has much to do since hotel is one the verge of bankruptcy.
Don't see a reason to discuss a moege.

4. Blaze of Destiny II -The Beginning of the Fate- [040521] Talisman 1
A sacred land where many mysteries sleep out of reach of major kingdoms... 
Leon is exiled by his brother and declared a criminal. He is chased by armed men, and he only gets saved thanks to Leiria girl.
A much more polished game, but without soul anymore.

5. Dingir DINGIR(ディンギル) [040521] Patisserie
Year 1014 by local calendar. 
Peaceful life is interrupted by betrayal and assassination in the court. Dying king conveys main character Baal the prophecy and asks him to try and save the endangered world. Girl As suddenly appears before Baal and agrees to help him on the journey to the Tower of Judgment. 
Ancient Mesopotamia world setting is not bad and really thorough, perhaps excessively so. We get forced into A route from the start, but B route with much more heroines and scenes is only available from second playthrough. It would shine as RPG, but as a NVL visual novel it's not something impressive story-wise.

6. Kokoro-chan no Himitsu Shinryou File こころちゃんの☆秘密診療ファイル [040521] Sweet Hearts
Main character gets hospitalized as a result of traffic incident on his first day in the university. He has both arms and legs injured. But there's a good point in it as well - nurses in this hospital are unbelievably cute!
Yet another Moege.

7. Lost Aya Sophia ロスト・アヤ・ソフィア [040527] Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
Yuuji learns his soul has been possessed by the devil and investigates why.
Unfortunately, another weird and tiresome console exclusive continuing tradition of previous work "STEADY x STUDY". Right from the start we're asked 12 questions about main character, and those questions ARE important. Parameter called DP ( Dark Point ) is the most important. One readthrough time is just 2 hours, but with so many starting options it may require some 10 hours to read all the variants with all the constantly repeating scenes. There are 7 chapters... but only in chapter 1 characters are voiced - such a ripoff.

8. Ayameiro no Natsu あやめいろの夏 [040528] Runrun Soft
A story based on real events.
On September 18, 1988, the mountain Yamatsu village located on the prefectural border between Iwate Prefecture and Akita Prefecture collapsed due to a large-scale earthquake. The rescue activity was significantly delayed because of a typhoon. As a result over 300 people were dead or missing.
Initially declared as an earthquake, the disaster did not involve somewhat strong earth shaking or land slides which posed a lot of questions.
Main character is the descendant of the Yamamori clan protecting the village since Heian times. This is a story of him returning to the village as an adult and experiencing this disaster that's implied to have absolutely different sources...
Deities and spirits are made responsible here. There are many heroines available through multiple routes, each having 1-4 H scenes. There are many inconsistencies. Scenario is not good enough having tilt on the not so lovable heroines.

9. Hanamaru! はなマルッ! [040528] TinkerBell
Main character attends a special school deep in the mountains. There is no dormitory for boys there, so he has to board in women's dormitory. He's quite happy about living with cute sempai, but there is one serious problem - there is no men's bathroom! What's going to happen with his school life?
Tinkerbell makes a non-nukige AGAIN? I buried this company so many times already, and yet they are still eager to make moege from time to time. This one also tries to benefit from comedy. But scenario is heavy and crapy, as usual for this company. Needless to say that H element prevails.

10. Like Life [040528] Hooksoft
Like Life's story revolves around Kazuma Kōsaka who had to move into his aunt's house due to his parents always being too busy. He lives next door to his childhood friend Yumi Miyasato, and the two of them walk together to Shitasōno Academy which they both attend. One day at school, many strange transfer students arrive at school: all over town, objects start turning into girls, though they still retain some form of what they used to be on their person. Kazuma's mobile phone is no exception and turns into a girl he names Himeko Kōsaka.
The best thing about Like Life is direction as there are so many screen changes happening. To get this tempo game advances almost ultimately through conversations. Heroines are unique and likable. There are some themes of objects having feelings and people handling things, but not too many. The problem is that no interesting concept is suggested to the reader leaving no room for becoming a masterpiece. It's a good light game, but that's it.

11. Mabuta Tojireba Soko ni... 瞼閉じればそこに… [040528] Lakshmi
There are girls in this world with physical disabilities. They live lives full of hardship. Main character meets such a girl and gradually changes from life for himself towards life for another one.
It's hardly Katawa Shojo. Game is below mediocre in every field.

12. Mofu x Mokyu ~Goshujin-sama no Osewa Shimasu~ もふ×もきゅ~ご主人様のお世話します~ [040528] Witch
Main character comes to Tokyo and manages to enter a university. His parents want to see him back, so they cut the funding. Protagonist is desperate to find a part time job when a girl in maid outfit jumps out before him. She calls him "master" and claims that she comes from future to take care of him.
Terminator maids only possible in Japan. Story is not even nearly good enough to save this Moege.

13. Mystereet ~Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi~ ミステリート~不可逆世界の探偵紳士~ [040528] Abel Software 1
Become Yasogami Kaoru, the youngest class A detective in IDLA, an international detective organization, and solve difficult cases that baffle veteran policemen. Although the game is split into episodes, the plot lines are interconnected and the web of relationships are so intricate that it is a real challenge to find the culprit and his or her motives.
The game is split into four episodes and a prologue. The prologue demonstrates the prowess of the youngest class A detective in action as he solves a murder case on a cruise ship. The main storyline starts at the first episode where Kaoru accepts a case from IDLA's Director Connor, to locate the legendary detective Agyou Sohma who disappeared. To solve the case, Kaoru masqueraded as a class D detective and entered Sohma's Shiawase Detective Agency. To make matters even more complicated, Shiawase Detective Agency has a accepted a case from a Mrs. Toudou to catch the mysterious thief Sapphire.
After solving Mrs. Toudou case, Kaoru, still in disguise, is given another case to solve in episode two, he is to find out the truth behind the mysterious fire that burnt people to death in the local church, and at the same time, figure out the cryptic message the pastor left before his own death. In episode three, Kaoru receives a challenge from another class A detective, to find out a murderer amongst five hypnotized persons.
The grand final of this game lies in the last episode. Class A detectives from all over the world are invited to Baron Kazamatsuri's deserted mansion to solve a foretold murder case. Sohma Agioh name is in the list and old foes like the mysterious bandit Sapphire shows up. Can Kaoru solve, or even prevent the murder case and find Agyou Sohma in this grand finale?
This is a sequel to Fukakutei Sekai no Tantei Shinshi. This time there is finally a full voice PC version, but detective stories is just not my thing.

14. Pure Pure ぴゅあぴゅあ [040528] Klein
The story of Pure Pure revolves around a young groomer named Jun and his friends that are also involved in his work. The game begins with him training to pass the final examination for his vocational school and follows his day to day life with Hinata, Sachi and Midou. His only concern was passing that test until a tragedy shakes the foundation on which he built his life upon.
Story itself is interesting, but told poorly. The first four hours of prologue are great, but later on expectations get betrayed, and even climax is much worse than prologue. So it kind of falls into moege with cat ears and tails category.

15. Shamana Shamana ~Tsuki to Kokoro to Taiyou no Mahou~ シャマナシャマナ~月とこころと太陽の魔法~ [040528] Caramel Box 1
In a town preserved by the Sun God, where humans and fairies coexist people are preparing for a festival, praying for rich harvest. Under the peaceful sun the whole town is getting excited. The preparation is finished and all people need to do is to wait for the day of the festival to arrive. Mildin, born as a son of the moon who left this town before because of what he had done, now returns on the day of the festival. His friends welcome him home, but it is not everyone who is happy to see him return...
Only two heroines fall under Lolicon category, so I'm inclined to let it pass. Game of a nice atmosphere. Having good friends really helps a lot. Each story is not just some heroine story, it's also the story of the past of protagonist and this land. However, there is no true route to bind all the pieces together or smth. Game takes some time to kick in, and overall lacks excitement.

16. Saki no Love Love Honeymoon 沙紀のらぶらぶはねむーん [040531] D.O.
A sequel story from Snow Sakura (Yukizakura).
The story is about Yuuji and Saki's honeymoon vacation in the beach 6 months after they were officially engaged by their parents before Saki's ending in Snow Sakura (Yukizakura) in the summer holiday
Game has many gags and nostalgia moments. As a sequel to a non-masterpiece game, there's not much to talk about.


1. Android na Imouto アンドロイドな妹 [040501] Haikuo
Main character loses his sister and grows hatred towards androids. Two android girls resembling his sister appear before him. What are their intentions?

2. Teikyuu Yuugi - WonderYellow 庭球遊戯 WonderYellow [040502] Cookie
Select your protagonist and experience wonderful adventure in the relations between different couples. Search for the mysterious witch Yukimura in a Western-style building isolated from the present world. What does it have to do with the dream seen every night? 
Boys Love

3. Ryoujoku Katei Kyoushi 2 ~Chijoku no Kagai Jugyou~ 凌辱家庭教師 2 ~恥辱の課外授業~ WonderYellow [040502] Studio Sepia
Tutor guides female students to college by using different insults totaling 43 scenes. There are three heroines with pure love and devil route prepared for each one.

4. Hatsuharu ni Mamori no En de Miru Yume wa 初春に守りの縁で見る夢は [040503] permission
Main character is invited to a popular shrine. This is a cozy place, but with one secret...
Boys Love

5. Love Pani らぶぱに [040503] Strawberry Argyle
There are five boys seeking their love and finding different versions of it in the fourteen endings.
Boys Love

6. Okitsune-sama ni Onegai お狐さまにお願い [040504] Tears
Main character's elder brother is moving out. The fox at the nearby Inari Shrine promises protagonist to make his dream come true in return for regular cleaning the shrine. He makes a wish to become older and spend one day with his brother.
Boys Love

7. Ie, Tatemasu! 家、建てます! [040505] Underground Campaign 1
The action takes place in a small village on the west coast of Japan, where the construction workers are called from Tôkyô to build a house for a widower and his two sons.
Boys Love

8. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 5.5 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD5.5 [040505] NekoNeko Soft
This is a special small fandisc thus bearing title 5.5 instead of 6.
It includes Lamune character introduction and 120 En no Haru summer extra story. 

9. Imouto Ninshin いもうと妊娠 [040507] Valkyria
"I want to rape my younger sister"
Older brother Tomoyuki and younger sister Rinne are ordinary siblings. They live like normal, get along and fight like normal. But she has become the object of his desire and each night he sneaks into her room. Again and again he masturbates to her sleeping form as she lies there defenseless.
This summer they're forced to spend more time together. She's grown more delicate, her arms are softer, her hair is growing longer. His sister, like a sweet flower that's begun to open up and bloom, is becoming a young woman. The summer sun shines brilliantly now and sweat trickles down her neck from the heat.
When he closes his eyes he sees her smile up at him. He cannot suppress his lust any longer.

10. My Pet Novice & Magician マイペットノービス&マジシャン [040507] MOON GODDESS
Two girls set on adventure and get attacked during assault on a city. They can't escape this carnal feast. 
Nukige Doujin

11. Acacia Doori Ichiban Chi アカシア通り一番地 [040509] Fusyro
Kujou and Chizu decide to take off formal suits and spend vacations on Karuizawa villa together with dog Wight.
Boys Love

12. Mika Ganbaru ~Oshiete Ecchi na Obenkyou~ 美香がんばる ~おしえてエッチなお勉強~ [040509] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
Mika is a young elementary school girl with a crush on her "onii-chan" a man in college who comes over daily to help her study. She wants to become the type of girl he'll fall in love with. She'll study hard and do her best to win over his heart!

13. Karamemo Ensemble カラメモ アンサンブル [040512] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
A game continuing the karaoke theme with a group of great boys, but this time it's needed to type your story when there is window for input.
Doujin Otomege

14. Gakkou Nanafushigi ~Shougakkou no Hanako-san~ 学校七不思議~小学校の花子さん~ [040513] Gin no Ken
Do you know "Hanako" ? It's a monster living in girls' toilet of the elementary school. But there are rumors that Hanako has been captured by a real demon. Is there a way to help Hanako and defeat the demon? 

15. Burumania 3 ぶるまにあ3 [040514] Digital Aniki
A fan-fiction VN featuring Koyori Kokubunji from Nurse Witch Komugi.
Doujin Nukige

16. Love Fetish ~Paizuri Hen~ らぶフェチ ~パイズリ編~ [040514] Erogos
Kouji continues his downward spiral of pleasure as Chisato becomes a temporary teacher at his school. This time his friend's little sister, angry at being confused as a boy, mounts a sexual attack on Kouji. Between her flat chest and Chisato's large breasts, which one will he choose as his favorite?

17. Blue Lagoon ~Minami no Umi no Manan~ Blue Lagoon ~南の海のマナン~ [040521] Amber
Agi Island is located northeast of the Philippines. The Protagonist Ryoutarou is a young shoemaker who lives peacefully on Agi Island. However, on the night of the next day a ship sinking accident occurred near the island, and on the coast he met a naked girl named Manan who was wrapped in a blue aura. And around the same time, a mysterious unit searching for her (Manan) landed on Agi island.

18. Maiden☆Breeder 2 メイデン☆ブリーダー2 [040521] Teatime
There used to be three tribes here competing over supremacy in constant wars. Through the help of a sacred girl they learned how to reproduce without men. The descendants of that girl are called maidens and treated as pets. In this city of maiden many breeders compete today. Main character vows to become number one of them.

19. Milk Junkie 2 MILK・ジャンキー2 [040521] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
Wataru is a young man who moves into an apartment next to Tomoka and Fumie Fusono, two voluptuous sisters who used to know him when he was a shy child. Now Wataru is all grown up, and the Fusono sisters are ready to take full advantage of that fact

20. Ryoujoku Ukeoinin Tsuboshi ~Shikumareta Sangeki~ 凌辱請負人 壺師 ~仕組まれた惨劇~ [040521] Studio Ebisu
Main character's occupation is guru. The the system of mail he receives requests. What unites them is the need to scold target humans. He can proceed with the requests growing more and more wild or move on to the next targets.

21. Double Reaction! [040521] DAISY CHAIN
Our heroine Yuri, who is a rabid yaoi fangirl, is pissed off that she’s not as good looking as her twin brother Kairi. They find a wishing stone and then Yuri picks it up wishing she was a sexy beast…but then she drops the stone and breaks it. About 18 days later, on September 1st she starts her new school life with Kairi, but one morning they find that stone she broke back on top of her bed. When Yuri touches the stone, she and her brother end up switching bodies. While her brother isn’t too happy being a girl, our heroine Yuri can’t wait to spend her time being a bishounen and yaoi it up with some dudes. The body switching seems to be on and off and so the twins’ adventures begin!
Boys Love

22. Fetish 2: Omote no Kioku フェチ2 表の記憶 [040521] Ume Soft
You are a famous producer working at a television station.

23. Fetish 2: Ura no Kioku フェチ2 裏の記憶 [040521] Ume Soft
Main character is a producer on the national internet TV station. He smells women and feels the heat coming from them. As company prepares to abandon old building in favor for a new one, protagonist decides to have his revenge over these women.

24. Hobo-san no Apron ~Yuzuriha Hoikuen Funtouki~ 保母さんのエプロン~ゆずりは保育園奮闘記~ [040521] Actress
Main character in an unemployed freeter. One day he witnesses his female school friend getting hurt at a convenience store. As he delivers girl to the nursery school, he is confused for the staff member. He is invited to work here for real till the girl recovers, and he can not say "no".

25. Innyuu Danchizuma 淫乳団地妻 [040521] West Vision
Main character takes caretaker job at his uncle's apartment complex. He is stunned at the sight of women inhabitants at first, bun soon recovers to make these women his own.

26. Tayutau Toki 揺蕩う刻 [040521] Marine Heart
A transfer student comes to main character's school. Somehow it pushes protagonist to realize his ambitions. Which of students or staff members will it be?
Boys Love

27. Tayutau Toki Tokubetsu Hen ~Hamon no Zanzou~ 揺蕩う刻 特別編〜波紋の残像〜 [040521] Marine Heart
Prequel protagonist's brother becomes main character here. He is a much more vigorous young man bold with his wishes. But there are only candidates seeking his attention. 
Boys Love

28. Ui-chan no Niizuma Diary~ 憂(うい)ちゃんの新妻だいあり~ [040521] Xuse
When they started to date, Yosuke and Yuu promised to get married when they ended school. Those days pass in the blink of an eye, and they get finally married.
A young's couple love life, suddenly interrupted when Yuu's cousin burges in. 
Still, Yosuke and Yuu live a peaceful married life...

29. Angel Wish ~Houkago no Meshitsukai ni Chuu~ Angel Wish~放課後の召使いにチュッ!~ [040528] Favorite 1
You are an average high school student that has just moved to a new town. Suddenly, a girl in a maid outfit comes in front of you and says you are the prince of the country of Stella. Thus, you go with the girl to the country and you start living your life as a prince, attending school with cute girls!

30. Futago no Haha Seihonnou 双子ノ母性本能 [040528] G.J? 1 2 3
One day, Minoru received an e-mail sending to the wrong address. It was the first accident. It was sent by a woman named Akane. Somehow, he felt as if he knew her, but he couldn't understand why he felt so. The next accident happened. When he and Tomoe went home after shopping, they happened to see Akane. Looking at Akane, Tomoe put on a grave face. Putting him between them, they looked at each other. Their encounter is just an accident or intentional? Being disclosed their relations, Minori lost his calmness, and couldn't help devouring their sexual bodies.

31. Kiss x 300 Konna Sekai KISS×300 こんな世界 [040528] Winters
Main character works as a publisher until he gets fired. He goes on an interview for the visionary revitalizer job to the "Purple Powerful" company. Astonishing beauty interviewer says that "only kiss matters". She only asks questions about favorite kinds of kisses and then invites to kiss her...

32. Kokoro... 0 コ・コ・ロ… 0 [040528] Aaru
Main character attempts a suicide on the street. But there a woman there who extends her hands to him and gives him energy to live. However, his dark past haunts him, and he starts to get interested in possessing bodies of people around him.

33. Love Fetish ~Nozoki Onani Hen~ らぶフェチ ~覗き・オナニー編~ [040528] Erogos
After staying late at school for certain reasons, Kouji hears sounds coming from the faculty office. After looking in, he discovers one of his teachers talking on the phone while masturbation. The image is such a contrast from her usual innocent self that he is shocked. He wonders if all women have this side to them, and begins a quest of peeping.

34. Onegai O-Hoshi-sama お願いお星さま [040528] Pulltop
A "wish star" able to fulfill any wish falls down in a meteor shower. However, it has so many wishes that there is no room for new ones. Moreover, all these naughty wishes seek a way to be realized. Three friends are chosen for this purpose. What will happen with them and horny girls coming from the star?

35. Pochitama ポチタマ [040528] Nel
Main character is born in a noble family and is presented with a dog ear and cat ear girl as pets for his birthday. Father has high expectations of the boy, but first protagonist needs to prove that he can handle training slaves.

36. Pussy Cat ~Mesuneko-tachi~ PussyCat~牝猫たち~ [040528] Alster
Main character is the biggest power in Yokohama City, president of a huge corporation. Under the glorious facade he is actually a man greedy for money and women. He receives a task from his chief to organize a special force "Pussy Cat" to perform secret missions. What's the true purpose of this mysterious unit?

37. Suzuna Nikki 鈴菜日記 [040528] Root
Main characters of Kao no nai Tsuki continue co-habitation after the true end. This is a glimpse of their naughty life. Winning in a card game provides lots of opportunities for cosplay sex.

38. Tsui no Yakata ~Orihime~ 終の館 ~檻姫~ [040528] Circus Fetish
Released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish', the Tsui no Yakata series mainly focuses on maids.
One day, the protagonist meets a cheerful, positive girl with brown skin.
When his pet dog dies the brightness of the girl alleviates his loneliness and a bond of mutual trust develops between them.
Their daily life passes bit-by-bit and the connection between them deepens. However, the passing of time gradually drives the human mad...

39. Zoku Mama Club 続・ママクラブ [040528] Complet's
Main character is a boy who lost his mother early. One day he is invited to visit night school by his school friend. There students have sex with adult women. Secrets meeting continue in the similar mama club as in the prequel, save for the different city.

40. M.C. -duet- M.C. -duet- [040529] #define
The protagonist tried to make a girl called Yanase Mashiho his girlfriend, but she refused him, which usually never happened to him.
As he investigate what she is doing, he end up intercepting a package containing a pocket watch with hypnotic powers.
Because the girl known as Fujimiya Rokka caught him doing suspicious things, he make her his test subject to see how powerful his item is.

41. Tokyo Romantica ~Ai wa Megane to Tomo ni~ 東京ロマンチカ ~愛は眼鏡と共に~ [040531] GalElectronica
Two boys decide to organize a junk shop. They are in for a lot of fun, but also for the hell of deliveries.
Doujin Boys Love

42. Collage [0405] Komineto 1
Three ordinary people are thrown together, and each retells events in his or her own voice in this unconventionally told, uniquely presented, and ultimately very human novella.

43. Imaginary Realm -Alternate Memory- [0405] Zeiva Inc
Orem is the Prince of Demon. One day, he was sent to earn some money in Human World to rebuild their castle by Dornick. In Human World, he was invited to be a cook by a mysterious girl, Rosey. Your task is to help Orem cook the best meal to please the customers. You will get different ending depending on what you cook.

44. Koori no Tsuki 凍りの月 [0405] undo
Handyman member of "SHUTTLE SHIFT" heads to a Western-style building in response to a request. He is to dwell in its strange atmosphere and learn the secrets exchanged in its depths.
Doujin Boys Love

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