VN of the Month August 2005 - Saihate no Ima

Summer Comiket month still produces less than 100 VNs per month, but that does not make it easier. Saihate no Ima is the VN of the Month. Narcissu is another masterpiece. I'm reviewing both the winner and Tsuyokiss just to follow the trends of charage.

1. Narcissu [050802] Stage-nana 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
The anonymous protagonist is diagnosed with a terminal illness shortly after his twentieth birthday, and is admitted to a hospital in Mito, Ibaraki. There he meets Setsumi, a woman a few years older, who is also terminally ill. Finding that they both reject to die either in hospital or at home, they steal a car and run away together.
There are English reviews.

2. Green Green 3 ~Hello, Good-bye~ グリーングリーン3 ハローグッバイ [050805] Groover 1
Another year has passed since the integration of male and female students; now for the concluding installment of the Green Green trilogy!
First there was the uproar of the arriving male students at the once all-girl school. Then along came the riotous response to news of the school being closed. However, after that event they have been assured that the school will stay and nothing will change. That is until a small earthquake leaves the girl's dorm in flames! Now co-education becomes co-habitation with both men and women living under the one roof of the remaining boy's dorm. Sure it sounds kind of fun and kinky, but how long will the student body stand one another?!
There is an English review.

3. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica 神曲奏界ポリフォニカ [050808] Ocelot
In the continent of Polyphonica, spirits materialize in the world, surviving on the music that is played by humans, and live together with them. While the spirits don't appear often, some spirits have enough power to materialize in human or animal forms and live together with humans.
Dantists, who play special music called "Commandia," are widely respected in this world. They also usually are in contract with powerful spirits. The story of Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica revolves around the new Dantist, Phoron Tatara, the spirit that he made contract with, Corticarte Apa Lagranges, and their friends, in their daily life and work.
A very cheap work that's also a kinetic novel, but the catch is that there are multiple volumes. A relatively good nakige without boring moments, but relatively short, around 10 hours. Songs are the biggest attraction here.

4. Ichigo Mashimaro 苺ましまろ [050811] MediaWorks 1
Based on the manga and anime of the same name, this visual novel follows the lives of the four schoolgirls Chika, Ana, Matsuri and Miu and their 16-years-old older-sister figure Nobue.
Childish girl story based on anime? No, ty

5. Saihate no Ima 最果てのイマ [050812] Xuse 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
This game tells the story of seven long-time friends. How they grew closer or further apart as they got older. The story is presented using a blog-like interface.
The protagonist, Atemiya Shinobu, who was raised at a certain facility since young, had no one around him that could be called "friend". Being that way, the first thing he started doing after leaving the facility with his sister - Chidori - was to find and make friends.
Benio Azusa, a tomboyish girl who lived nearby.
Hondou Sayaka, a quiet yet sharp-tongued girl who was in charge of raising the pets at school just like him.
Tsukamoto Youko and Itsuki, a pair of siblings who belong to a prestigious family around the area.
Higuchi Shouji, a boy he knew by being attracted to by the similarities they both share.
Izuki Fueko, a girl he met by chance.
Together with Shinobu, they were a group of seven. Just like that, each and every one of them, who had never experienced the joy of having friends, was able to meet each other and become companions. The story begins in a quiet town colored by dusk. Around the seven friends, there were understanding, empathy, conflict, and what's more, fleeting love of adolescence. It was a friendship that could last forever.
Such a simple happiness should have... lasted forever.
That was until the "enemy" appeared.
The "enemy" had disturbed the peaceful relationship of the seven people.
Shinobu could not forgive that. He could not forgive the one that injures his companions, nor could he forgive the one that hurts another one's hearts. And when he realized all that, the world they reside in changed, rather then becoming the new world that it should have... they had arrived at the "sanctuary" instead.
This is a story that describes the heart.
A story that describes the thing located in the farthest end of a heart.
There are a lot of English reviews, but I'm still doing mine, because such game just can't be missed.

6. Hitsuji no Hakobune 羊の方舟 [050812] Kogado Studio
In 2104 a huge meteorite approaches the Earth in 7 days. The USA and their allies are unable to provide solution for this problem. At such time unrecognized genius gathers three talented people at an underground cellar. They need to decide which one of them sits in the shuttle and flies to the death trip to the meteorite.
There is a prologue, 10 chapters and epilogue. Each chapter is told from the perspective of three different people. These are anti-social people with complexes, but also with special abilities. There is no voicing in the game. The resolution is shocking indeed. Kamikaze banzai!

7. Clique Creek ~Sensei, Watashi mo Tatakaimasu!~ クリーク・クリーク~先生、私も戦います!~ [050819] Cyc
Five academies form an academic town, and "School Integration Bureau" is set to cooperate. One former vice presidents gets worried about the education quality drop, so he occupies facility for his students only. That causes struggle between different faculties which continues every day. It's special jurisdiction, so police can not intervene. Main character is sent to this academy to mend things.
A SIM game to unify the faculies. One turn lasts one week. Battles decide the winner.

8. Futakoijima ~Koi to Mizugi no Survival~ 双恋島 〜恋と水着のサバイバル〜 [050825] MediaWorks 1
You find yourself thrown into a quest for survival on this island during the middle of summer. Joining you are six pairs of twins who seem to have an affinity for skimpy, two piece bathing suits.
The game begins when the main character and the twins awake on the island with no memory of how they got there. Your goal is to escape from the island, and to do so, you must try your best to work with the twelve girls.
Using the new Free Character Costume System (FCCS), you can dress the girls up in clothes of your liking and send them out on expeditions throughout the island. The Twin View System, featured in the original title, has you converse with the twin pairs via split screen. Based on your responses, the balance of the split screen will change giving an advantage to one twin. The Bakyun System also returns with this title, giving you time limits as you respond to questions from the girls.
Gameplay takes place on a day-to-day basis as you work from your rising time in the morning until bed time at night. You start your day with a morning meeting. This is followed by the start of the island expedition. The day ends with the night meeting followed by the handing out of presents.
When heading off on expeditions, you get to pick one pair of twins to accompany you. Your goal in these parts is to find new items and new spots. The places you can access are dependent on the twins that are with you at the time. You can also expect to uncover events along the way.
Another anime appendix

9. Heaven -Death Game- [050826] M na Red
The southern island of Eden. It was an island worthy of being called the last paradise on earth. 20 visitors have been invited to the island to see the beautiful nature on the island. They were invited as planning "monitors" of a major travel agency. "There is a groundbreaking plan that breaks down the existing tour. Enjoy the unprecedented survival game."
They though it was an epoch-making invitation to "attraction". But in fact it was just a invitation to the Death Game. The game starts the moment they land on the island without knowing anything about it. The only rule is to survive. To do that, you must keep killing. The only one who can leave this island is the last one...
The sterling silver sandy beach is stained with blood and the darkness resonates... Why were they chosen as "monitors?" What about the shadow company that invited them? And what is the true purpose of this game? Only the winner of the game...the survivor...can reach the truth...
Genre is SRPG. Progress is ensured by defeating enemies and raising stats. There is no shortage of insult H scenes.

10. Kuruizaki Virgin Road 狂い咲きヴァージンロード [050826] Colors 1
Ranked among the best professional bodyguards in the world, Eguchi Mikihiko has been contracted by an eccentric teenage girl for protection. What initially seems to be a simple assignment quickly spirals into a nightmarish mystery involving demons and the supernatural. It will take every ounce of strength and intellect for Eguchi to survive the ordeal, and if everything goes right, perhaps his client - and more importantly his soul - will remain intact.
There is an English review.

11. Matsushima Biwako wa Kaizou Ningen de Aru. 松島枇杷子は改造人間である。 [050826] Rateblack
In the 21st century Tokyo suffers from terrorist acts set by modified humans. Disappointed by police ineffectiveness, a provincial town girl moves to Tokyo. This is a story about a girl and two modified humans who stand up to protect Tokyo from the the evil army.
Story is organized in a set of episodes in predetermined order. It progresses slowly, but resolution is too swift. There is a surreal feeling with all this terrorist fight. 

12. Princess Concerto プリンセスコンチェルト [050826] Broccoli 1
The game takes place in a world of elves, monsters, and wizards. In the distant past the continent of Ragnoa had been united by a legendary king. After his death a series of wars broke out, resulting in creation of six smaller kingdoms. 
Shortly after that a demon army appears and attacks one kingdom after the other overrunning most of Ragnoa. In this dire situation various kingdoms' queens gather in the kingdom of Raudhia which has been least hit by the demons' attacks.
Princess Concerto's protagonist is Alfred, the youngest of Raudhia's three princes. The polite young man is a pacifist and tends to be indecisive. However, in the face of  demons' attack, Alfred eventually decides to throw himself into the epic battle against the forces of evil. In his struggle he will receive support from the princesses of all six kingdoms.
RPG + SIM mix is not to my liking.

13. Tsuyokiss つよきす [050826] Candy Soft 1 2 3 4
Tsuyokiss is about the lives of a group of high school students and the often comedic events that occur around them.
The protagonist is an ordinary boy named Leo Tsushima. He is secretly in love with the eldest daughter of the Kiriya Corporation, Erika Kiriya, who is also the student council president.
One day, a senior female student, Otome Kurogane, knocks out several of the main characters when they were trying to sneak into school being late. Surprisingly, it turns out that she is Leo’s beloved cousin that he had not seen for years. And she decides to move in to the same house with Leo, whose mediocre life starts to change into something a lot more exciting.
There are English reviews, but I'll play it myself as well just because of the score in order to keep in touch with the charage trends. 

14. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.08: Aoi Me no Ryuu 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.08 アオイメノリュウ [050831] WorkJam 1
Jinguji was asked to search for client's missing brother. While pursuing the subject who is a gang member, he meets another detective investigating this gang.
This series does not need introduction.


1. Hime Hitoyo 姫一夜 [050801] Shao Shao Kappa
The castle is under attacked, and the princess becomes bandits' victim. She will never be the same after this night. 

2. Hana to Hebi 花と蛇 [050805] Elf
--- In the midst of the chaos of post-war Japanese economy has entered a period of rapid growth, "Toyama Denki" was growing rapidly. It is an electronics manufacturer dealing with all kinds of electric appliances, jumped to #1 in the industry.
The actual leader of the company is Takayoshi Toyama. Kawada (the Hero) was a driver hired by this millionaire Toyama.
Takayoshi Toyama has a beautiful second wife, Shizuko - to whom remarried two years ago. Now is the birthday of Toyama, and he is holding a party at his garden with many celebrities.
A few days later, in the absence of Toyama, a phone call from a woman requesting a meeting with Shizuko. Keiko, her daughter-in-law was kidnapped. Shizuko went to the requested address by car. Of course, the driver of the car carrying Shizuko is Kawada.
They arrived at the scene, but when they were waiting for the culprit to appear, suddenly are confronted by a criminal group of women. They boarded the car, drove the car to the mountain road indicated. They arrived on an architectural mansion in the side of the mountain. Kawada and Shizuko got kicked out of the car with their hands tied, and they walk to the dark inside the house.
"I feel a stagnant air inside -". thought Kawada. "I wonder if we would come ... now".
They were taken to a large room within the house, and there was Keiko unharmed. Keiko was involved with the team of criminals, but was betrayed by them. Seeing what would happen to her, Shizuko decided to become a scapegoat in Keiko's place in a dignified manner.
Kawada wanted to help Shizuko, but the safety of Shizuko can not be guaranteed at that time. As if to ridicule Shizuko who had become desperate to help her daughter, Keiko was do an abrupt about-face, she who has been jealous of the beauty of Shizuko who is a mother-in-law.
In addition, this kidnapping was also involved with the team set for Hazakura Morita from Yakuza. Morita set in the mansion Torture shows and erotic photos. Involved in the incident, Shizuko is the prey of training in this mansion and Kawada will be forced to work as servant. All windows are closed, in this mansion is not clear even the time, if is day or night. The life as a sex slave of Shizuko was going to begin.

3. Itadaki Jangarian R いただきじゃんがりあんR [050805] Studio Miris
A year has passed. Cafes around Jangarian start to close one after another. A new battle approaches for the fate of this enterprise.
Card game

4. Kininaru Roommate 気になるルームメイト [050805] D-Angel
The main character, Yu, was at the depths of despair; he was dumped by his lover, and failed in the entrance exams. He moved to a new apartment to engage in studying for the entrance exam next year. However, he found that his new room was above an erotic night club. When he entered the room, there was a girl changing her clothes.

5. Pinku no Ayumi! ~Ikenai Ryoujoku Kensa~ ぴんくのあゆみ!~いけない陵辱検査~ [050805] Space Works
Main character's brother and rival gets in an accident. Protagonist decides to impersonate him to have some fun at brother's position - health doctor at a private girl school.

6. Sakura Musubi さくらむすび [050805] CUFFS
Keigo Kiriyama has been protective towards his younger sister Sakura since their parents passed away. Both were placed in separate families, but Keigo has been living alone since his adoptive mother died a year and a half ago.
As Keigo is close to graduating, he's thinking of putting some distance between the two of them, and open himself to other relationships.

7. Shinkon Shoya Taiken Tour 新婚初夜体験ツアー [050808] ProjectSAKURA
The setting is a wedding.
The object of lust is the bride.
Stain that pearly white dress with your semen!
Screw her in every hole you can find!
Will you let her brother in law to be have his way with her? Or will you make her suck off old men?
It's all up to you.
Doujin Nukige

8. Ryuuguu Gaimu Gaiden 1 "Kokou no Hakuu" 流寓街夢外伝壱「孤高の白雨」 [050810] Neco-inco
Main character gets a request to find a man on the image. He is said that when he finds the man and looks in his eyes, he will know what to do without posing any further questions.
Doujin Boys Love

9. Akiiro Ouka ~Akiiro Renka Fandisc~ 秋色謳華 ~秋色恋華ファンディスク~ [050812]
Fandisc to Akiiro Renka.
Features various short stories, desktop accessories, and includes the OP theme maxi single, sung by Miyuki Hashimoto.

10. Boku no Dokusaisha 僕の独裁者 [050812] Marine Heart
The main character, Haruka is the only son of a company owner. He had a perfect life, till both of his parents die in a plane accident and his company has a takeover. The one who was behind the takeover is his old friend, Masaki. Masaki had disappeared while they were in college and now that he is back and in control of the company, his behaviour is totally different. Haruka is forced to work under the cruel tyrant he once called his best friend.....
Boys Love

11. Ekiin de I Kou! Plus 駅員でイこう!ぷらす [050812] AbelCain
High tension scenes happening at a train station.
Doujin Boys Love

12. His Role... [050812] Fusyro Mini
Kujou and Chizu return from the trip. This time stage is a clinic, doctor Chizu's workplace.
Doujin Boys Love

13. Jinsei wa Joujou da! 人生は上々だ! [050812] Ritz software
Main character suddenly gets transferred to a provincial branch after four years of work. It's much less crowded here, and all the workers have their own peculiarities.
Doujin Boys Love

14. Karankoe カランコエ [050812] Kumys
With the help of special binoculars it's possible to see the future that's going to happen. Will main heroine use it to find her happiness?
Doujin Otomege

15. Kuchihateta Shizumu Sora no Inori 朽ち果てた沈む空の祈り [050812] PlatinaCross
Main character wakes up without any memories in the world full of battles, countries decay and disease. After the age of 20 people start to get their limbs deformed and lose different senses with the death coming after 48 hours up to several years. He begins a journey to find a place he belongs to.
Doujin Boys Love

16. Kurutta Kyoutou ~Danzai no Gakuen~ 狂った教頭~断罪の学園~ [050812] Ja no Michi wa Hebi Soft
The story about a school where all teaching staff - sexual maniacs. Coming to power, demure-teacher succumbed to the temptations of all at once. "We too are fossilized in its traditional" - he said the teachers. It appeared in the Tokyo School of debauchery, lust and sex.

17. Ren'ai Multiple! 恋愛マルチぷるっ! [050812] Beenyan
One day, four girls confessed their love to Kazuya at the same time. They don't mind being his girlfriend, all four of them at the same time, either. Surrounded by girls, Kazuya's polygamous life begins.

18. Rinkan ~Kizumono no Imouto~ 輪[妹]姦 ~傷モノの妹~ [050812] Rasen
Sister gets vice chairman of president council position after becoming president's lover. But jealously burns in main character. Sister will be insulted and humiliated.

19. Sensei せんせい [050812] BG Paradise
At a small age main character was under custody of his teacher older brother. Now he becomes aware of his feelings and desires. He can not forget those student-teacher relations of the past. 
Doujin Boys Love

20. Touko-sensei no Rinkan Jugyou ~Onna Kyoushi Niku Ana Lesson~ 透子先生の輪姦授業 ~女教師肉穴レッスン~ [050812] Under Lip
Toko Kurami is a school teacher who often jumps to conclusions. She's so devoted to her job that when faced with her students' overactive sex drives, she thinks, "I've got to do something about it!" and decides to give them private lessons! Today yet another boy has come to her for counselling. He keeps glancing at her large breasts and blushing. "All right...I'll show you what to do."

21. Wakoku Renkasou 倭国蓮華奏 [050812] ANGEL/BLOOD
Main character is a beautiful boy with his eye taken by the fate. He travels around the eastern capital to find his beloved one...
Doujin Boys Love

22. Youjoku ~Tenshi-tachi no Ori~ 幼辱~天使たちの檻~ [050812] West Vision
Main character lives alone because his mother died of sickness and father remarriage partner's irritating personality. Hate for father and step-mother grows deeper and darker with each new day. One day he receives a message that father disappeared after taking a huge debt. Protagonist's anger is poured at the nieces that come under his custody.

23. Final Approach Final fandisk Φなる・あぷろーち Final fandisk [050812] Princess Soft
Main character is Shizuka this time. This is a story of her adventures on a Valentine's Day.

24. Kinbaku Ouji 緊縛王子 [050813] Orange Pekoe
Light loses a bet against L and must subsequently do anything L wants over the following five days.
Doujin Boys Love

25. Touryou Made Matenai! 投了まで待てない! [050813] TokyoRox
Hikaru promises to beat his rival Akira in a Go game every day for a certain time. But there are also events in the everyday life outside the battlefield.
Doujin Boys Love

26. Chained Valkyria ~Hakusa no Tsuioku~ Chained Valkyria ~白砂の追憶~ [050814] Gin no Hoshitei
A former shaman dark elf and a human girl are picked up by a bandit organization. Over these years they developed bonds stronger than blood ones. This is a story about their adventures.

27. Class Maid [050814] Sage
Haruka - a classmate of mine, my beloved - is now in my house, serving me, as a maid. Cooking, laundry, sweeping.....and surprisingly, she is pleased to make me cum! Is this real?? What's going on here????
Doujin Nukige

28. Cosmos Cube こすもすきゅーぶ [050814] Sumeragi Kou
A visual novel based on the webcomic of the same name.

29. ERO Ragnarok Offline 5 [050814] PERCEPTRON
Fortress where merchant Chris lives becomes invaded by monsters. A huge reward is promised for monsters extermination, so more and more enthusiastic adventurers try their luck at this horrible place.
Doujin Nukige

30. Funi-kun no Obenkyou 2 ~Hoshuu Jugyou~ フニ君のお勉強2 ~補習授業~ [050814] Nest.
The next day after the bathroom incident Funi's mother calls out main character to their house. The family is surprisingly friendly at first, but soon unload full weight of guild on the protagonist. What will he do now?
Doujin Boys Love

31. Hermit Complex はーみっと こんぷれっくす [050814] Casino
Main character has closed his heart after loosing parents three years ago. With the help of friends his heart wounds start to heal little by little. He dreams of adopting a small girl. One day two small girls with mysterious powers show up before him to heal him of his "hermit" complex. What happens when the month is over?
Doujin Lolicon

32. Hikikomori Sekai no Tantei Jikenbo #01 Maria-sama ga Miteta Satsujin Jiken 引籠世界の探偵事件簿#01 マリア様がみてた殺人事件 [050814] Yakiniku Banzai!
A retired detective passes a request to the young girls detective club. It's a letter with threats with the sender being one from the girls school. The three girls start investigation without awareness of the bloody consequences that they are to face.

33. Hitonatsu no Yume ヒトナツの夢 [050814] milkcat 1
Toshiki, the realist.
Mizuna, the girl he met on the roof.
And BROY, the school band whose members surround them.
It's the summer of their third year, and Toshiki must face not only the school festival, but also a promise that he may never be able to fulfill.

34. Hitozuma Oshinobi Ryokou ~Okusama-tachi no Nureta Yoru~ 人妻お忍び旅行 ~奥様達の濡れた夜~ [050814] Tabito
A couple shows up at the doors of a provincial hot springs ryokan. Are their relations pure or lustful?
Doujin Nukige

35. Ijimete Maniac!! イジめて まにあっく!! [050814] Msize
A friend since childhood, a neat girl in the same school, and an innocent girl younger than the protagonist...
Perverted world lead by the three girls who hide sadistic nature.
The protagonist realizes his forbidden nature. What will become of him...?
Doujin Nukige

36. Imokoi Diary~ 2 妹恋だいあり~2 [050814] Chain-Reaction
Sister-in-law comes over to watch after protagonist who lives alone, but her attitude is cold. But when he comes to her place, he hears suspicious sounds from sister's room. Being worried, he opens the door without knocking...
Doujin Nukige

37. Kai Pet wa Kemono Shoukansha 飼妻は獣症姦者 [050814] PichiPichi Gallery R
Part of the Next-door woman series, featuring a married woman with big boobs. In this part the married woman Kohinata Hitomi becomes a sex slave.
Doujin Nukige

38. Kimi ga Miseta Egao - The Love Illusion in Summer - 君が見せた笑顔 - The love illusion in summer - [050814] First Regrets
Main character has good performance at school, but he is not happy about his low points. With his two friends he forms and "Allied Group" with only one aim - to change themselves. One summer day he meets a girl, and this encounter becomes a fated one.

39. Ogichin ~Daiikkai Ogiue ga Futanari Dattara Dou Suru ka Kaigi~ おぎちん ~第一回荻上がふたなりだったらどうするか会議~ [050814] Donabeya
Ogiue is an otaku girl who frequents club's sessions and likes to draw manga. But she has a secret - she is actually a hermaphrodite...

40. Phantasm [050814] Flat
A side scroller shooting game about space war that moved from the Moon to the Mars. Main character is a pilot in charge of the most important missions. Between the stages there is conversation among the characters.

41. Polygon Love 2 ポリゴンラブ2 [050814] PURPLE HEART
A 3D game where the main character is allowed to dress up an imouto-type girl. Includes clothing from popular K-on, Suzumiya Haruhi, Vocaloids, and more.
Doujin Nukige

42. Rough Sketch ラフ・スケッチ [050814] Fan-na
"Draw the... Draw the real me please..."
Toshiki had given up on his dreams of being a painter, and had become a psychiatrist.
He sketched the view of the ocean outside from inside the white ward.
One day, he ends up counseling the charismatic artist [SION] named Sakuya.
A man who gave up his dreams, and a girl who lost them.
When the two meet... the time that had been frozen slowly, and gently starts moving forward.

43. Sakura Hitohira 櫻ひとひら [050814] in the air
Reiko wakes up with all her memories lost. With the help of servant boy she tries to reveal identity of the murder incident and also to return her memories.
Doujin Otomege

44. sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Osawagase CD sol-fa-soft真夏のお騒がせCD [050814] Sol-fa-soft
This is a sol-fa-soft Variety CD sold in the summer of 2005
Recently sol-fa-soft has a pattern of dressing up in the title screen, depending on the conditions, there is a little story.
■ Prelude
A short story,the protagonista goes to play at the sea. and there is some trouble there.
■ Abunai Odekake
A short story.The protagonsit went home during the summer vacation and go to the pool with a girl who lives in the neighborhood.
■ Self-flipping 2
It is the second undressing memory card game.
■ sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Otanoshimi CD
Contain all the content of the first variety CD

45. Sora no Ue no Omocha 空の上のおもちゃ [050814] Hanpamania-Soft
Dormitory stays almost empty at the summer vacations on the island. At one such day main character notices a girl with something resembling a tail showing from her back. Girl quickly disappears, but the next day protagonist discovers that he also has a tail growing!

46. Tansaikigou -sec life, monochrome cube 単彩綺劫-sec life, monochrome cube [050814] 470in
Main character's parents get killed on the Christmas night by some red shadow. Eleven years later a wave of mysterious murders occurs at the town. All the witnesses can only say that killer just disappears in the air. Main character already knows by his past memory that the murders are caused by a vampire. He takes a sword and stands on the path of revenge. Mysterious girls join him in this quest.

47. Toki no Kotoba 朱鷺のことば [050814] Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing
A second-year high school girl can not speak due to mental disease. She lost all memories four years ago. This dark spot seems to have connection with distant past, story of Taisho era writer investigating his brother's death.

48. Yobidashi! Subject ~Osananajimi Ane ga Hoken'i~ 呼びだし!さぶじぇくと ~幼なじみ姉が保健医~ [050814] Soft Circle Courreges
Big Sister Seika is Minoru's classmate and his childhood friend -- they've been together ever since they were young.
Hijiri, being unable to decide on a profession upon university graduation, is a jobless university graduate who one day, by some mistake, came to Minoru's school as a public doctor.
When he goes to check out the health room, he's pushed onto the bed and tied down!
After that, he's called out by her through text messages to his cellphone to repeat their secret affair...what are Seika's -real- intentions?
Doujin Nukige

49. Clann CLANN -クラン- [050814] Shoujobyou
A pale and gentle Clannad fan fiction story woven by boys and girls under motto "I found a small light".

50. Seto no Umi kara セトの海から [050814] Shiseru Samurai no Kai
In a boring provincial town main character reunites with female former classmate. He does not remember her, but she claims to be rescued by protagonist, and thus she is willing to pay back with anything at all.
In the company of this girl, prankster teacher and yankee sempai it does not look like boring reality anymore, right?

51. Imouto Taisou ~Oshiete Onii-chan~ 妹体操 ~教えてっお兄ちゃん~ [050814] Endless-BBS Team Baka
Rina is a clumsy girl who needs practice to enter a sports school. She requests onii-chan to help her with gymnastics.

52. Gakuen Tengoku 学怨天獄 [050814] Sargasso
Main character is being bullied by one girl every day. The scale eventually escalates to such level that he gets sexually harassed in front of the girl of his longing. He goes to the roof to commit suicide, but he is deprived even of that dignity as he is pushed by another girl coming by. He awakens as a spirit to have his revenge over bully and the girl to push him down.

53. Hermit Complex はーみっと こんぷれっくす [050814] Casino
Kenji Nagatsuki became introverted after parents' death three years ago. With cooperation childhood friend and cousin wounds are gradually healing. One day he saves a fox from being hit by the car, and fox turns into a girl without pants. He chooses to retreat swiftly. Next, he encounters another girl who is eating a chunk of meat. After coming home he is shocked to see both girls fighting with each other by using mysterious powers. They claim that Kenji has immortality attribute not suitable for this world, so he needs to make a decision within a month while the whole company stays at his place.

54. SARABAPASS SS3 relater Z debris [050815] Casino
This is a short story of  a boy with amnesia meeting platinum and jet-black beasts on a dark silent night.

55. Hako no Naka no Neko 箱の中のネコ [050815] WLC Soft
Waldo is a young viscont. One day on a hunt he meets a cat ear girl. He lives double life now - one between butlers and maids and the other one with the girl in the forest. 

56. Eiyou Hokyuu Maid Supple-tan 栄養補給メイドサプリたん [050819] Lilith Soft
A group of young maids suddenly came into your life! You have no choice but to shake up with the pretty girls!!
They are here to give you sexual pleasure!!

57. Peace@Pieces Fandisc One More@Pieces Peace@Piecesファンディスク わんもあ@ぴぃしぃず [050819] Unison Shift
There are 8 short after-story scenarios.

58. Beyond the summer [050820] Aihara Mahiro
Boring high school life. On such a day a sudden though to go away somewhere comes to the head of main character. It is how he meets that person. This is a heartwarming youth love story.

59. Bouga Kyoukai 忘我境界 [050820] Underground Campaign
In a mountainous town there is a serial murder case with all the victims' necks cut off and either heads or bodies taken away. Main character is a student from a parallel world who claims that his twin brother and sister heads got replaced in early childhood. Normalcy and absurd come together in this investigation.
Doujin Boys Love

60. Nostalgic Memory [050821] Nostalgic Garden
The protagonist Hatoba Midori is a quite normal sixth year elementary school student who is preparing for her upcoming graduation.
When Midori is nearing her 12 birthday she starts seeing a strange dream.
From that day she starts to get wrapped up in a ridiculous happening...
Will she be ever be able to safely arrive at her graduation ceremony...?
Doujin Otomege

61. Roy Mustang no Akunaki Tatakai ロイ・マスタングの飽くなき戦い [050821] PL+FPD
One sunny day, Roy is going to work at East Headquarters. Since Lieutenant Hawkeye is off today, he can relax. Or so he thought, but as he stepped into the office, he saw countless papers scattered about on the floor. And some important documents that need to be submitted soon are missing! Were they stolen, or...?
Can I get the documents back, find the culprit, and submit the papers before the deadline?
Doujin Boys Love

62. Hyaku Kusuri no Sofian 百薬のソフィアン [050825] Black Joke Freak
Sofian of 100 Medicines is about a vampire who practices medicine at night.

63. White note ~Watashi no Choukyou Nisshi~ White note ~私の調教日誌~ [050825] Team-Tanabe
Main character is a notorious trainer with many accomplishments. Just before graduating he is ordered to train innocent student council secretary.

64. Bakuretsu Otome Sexy Mary 爆裂乙女SEXYマリィ [050826] Marry Bell
In Shinko Cosmo-Frontier Academy city a young woman suddenly disappears. Then dormitory gets attacked by "Hectocylus" devils. Main character takes the decision to transplant the seed of evil to gain superpowers one of the victim girls. As a result the girl becomes Sexy Mary and fights evil forces with the ways she can.

65. Bishoujo Youkai Choufukuden Nubatama 美少女妖怪調伏伝 ぬばたま [050826] Studio Ebisu
Specters show up in Edo. Politicians are forced to deal with these cases by hiring youkai exterminator. Young main with excellent retreat magic abilities is chosen for the task. Can he really protect the city? And what's the purpose of youkai?

66. Chotto Sunao ni Donburi Kanjou ちょっと素直にどんぶり感情 [050826]
The protagonist, Mutou Shoutarou lives on a dorm run by the Kamishiro family, and they get along pretty well everyday.
But one day, his childhood friend Makimura Minori came to his place.
"Shou-chan, I'm gonna be your Christmas Present!"
Then in a month early of Shoutarou's christmas present, started the girls' competition to get Shoutarou.
The manager in his residing dorm, Kamishiro Tamami who had a huge crush in him, and her 2 daughters,
Kotori and Hina also decided to join the competition. And finally, Yukine, Minori's litle sister who hated
Shoutarou to death followed her sister to force her to return home.
How can Shoutarou face this circumstances? -- Love Comedy with Donburi Outbreak

67. Daughter Fucker ~Papa wa Goshujin-sama~ ドーターファッカー~パパはご主人様~ [050826] Under Lip
Aya takes care of her father since her mother died. Growing up, he notices the close resemblance she has to his lost wife. His daughter begins to grow bold as she grows older, wearing nothing but a bathtowel around the house, showing her father her breasts, asking him to touch her. His mind is being driven by desire but he refuses to act, reminding himself that she is his precious true daughter and the gift of his lost wife.
Then on her birthday he celebrates with a few glasses of wine at the dinner they share. A little upset that her gift from her father is a childish stuffed toy she insists he see her as a woman and begins to undress. He desperately tries to stop her but has had too much to drink to intervene ... the day she wished for is here.

68. Gadget -FanDisc- ガジェット -Fandisk- [050826] Black Rainbow
This fandisc includes six stories selected by fan votes.

69. Gyakujoku Hiai ~Mistress~ 虐辱悲哀~ミストレス~ [050826] Cromwell
Main heroine is SM club queen. After one her session she learns that she has become №2 of the club. She decides to become №1 by to expelling her rival..

70. Hanamachi Monogatari 花町物語 [050826] Vivid Color 1
Our uke hero Suri has a English father and Japanese mother so he has blond hair and blue eyes which he gets bullied for. His parents died so at the beginning he is working as a servant at a brothel where he is beaten, starved and overworked. He catches the eye of Tatsumi, the owner of a infamous male brothel called Hanabishi who buys him over.
Once he gets to the brothel, he gets a nice kimono, a nice room of his own and nice food for the first time in his life. He meets various other characters and that's when the real story (and sex) starts.
Boys Love

71. Imoutokon 妹婚っ [050826] Radi
Main character lived with his sister peacefully till the day the joke law of marriage acceptance between siblings got enacted. Sister is very enthusiastic about that, and protagonist is confused. Will he settle problems in relation with his sister or choose another classmate to date?

72. Inran Hitozuma Apart 淫乱人妻アパート [050826] Strikes
Takeshi starts to work as a caretaker of his relative's apartment. He is warned in advance, "Be careful because there are many women in this apartment." He walks around the apartment to say hello to the residents, and finds out that there are many beautiful women ranging from a married woman to a female office worker. "What a wonderful world!" But he gets the cold shoulder from them. Will he be able to have a wonderful full of sex life with them...?

73. Kyonyuu Gokuraku Seminar 巨乳極楽セミナー [050826] West Vision
Main character becomes fired due to bullying at work and lives a life of a NEET. His parents eventually just give him sleeping pills and send him forcibly to an awareness seminar in the mountains. There he tries to perform a hunger strike, but gets reverse insulted by the lecturers. Will he lose all his dignity as a man or devise an escape plan?

74. Lust Scripter ~Mousou no Gugensha~ LUST SCRIPTER~妄想の具現者~ [050826] Carmine
Kamiyama is a scenario writer for a game company. His younger sister who is still a student also works at this game company and for some reason the scenarios he writes tend to influence his sister's behavior. He begins to develop stories that lead his sister and her friends into increasingly lewd behavior. And so he becomes the lust scripter....

75. Naisho no Tintin Time ないしょのティンティンたいむ [050826] Blue Gale
A girl in a girls school drinks some experiment reagent in the mad scientist's laboratory. The next day she discovers a big cock in the toilet. Her friend advises to ejaculate in order to decrease the size. How long will will it take for the cure to be created?

76. One ☆ Boku - Faraway so close! ~Onee-chan to Boku~ ONE☆BOKU Faraway so close!~お姉ちゃんとボク~ [050826] Lucha!
Our hero returns to his hometown after ten years. While he was away at college, his father certainly got around. Since his absence, his father married and divorced so many times that our protagonist has become the step-brother to a lot of the girls of the town. The list now includes childhood friends as well as ones he once had crushes on. Now his Father is away with his new wife and our hero is left alone in a house with the women he’s had sexual tension with for years. Do the ladies share similar feelings, or will they just treat him as a little brother?

77. Oshioki Sweetie ~Koi Suru Onee-san wa Urahara Desu~ オシオキSweetie~恋するお姉さんはウラハラです~ [050826] Hadashi Shoujo
Three girls form an unofficial cosplay club at school. Kazuto gets invited to a villa on a solitary island. To his surprise he is greeted by three cosplay club members in maid clothes who speak very polite language. And they are very eager to serve their new master as diligently as possible.

78. Pato Girl パトガール [050826] CoPanda
In 21st century police has lost control over crime in Tokyo. A new private unit gathers strong and skilled people to oppose the street chaos. Pato Girl corpse is the female only elite unit that focuses solely on protecting the capital. Two girls of this unit patrol the street as usual without awareness of  challenges that await them...

79. Puppet Princess ~Kugutsu Hime. Watashi wa, Ayatsuri Ningyou~ パペットプリンセス ~傀儡姫。わたしは、操り人形~ [050826] Petit Pajamas
On the day of his birthday, Touma Subaru receives a message from his father, Touma Kyouji.
"Come to the school tonight. I've got something for you."
Doing as instructed, Subaru enters a dark classroom. Inside awaits him a single girl - his classmate, Oda Honoka.
From the moment when Subaru rapes Honoka following Kyouji's orders, their ordinary lives take a plunge into the twisted and abnormal as they become puppets dancing in Kyouji's palm...

80. Ryoujoku Sister Kyoukai 陵辱シスター教会 [050826] Blame
One morning main character wakes up after a bloody nightmare that has to do with his father who was theological lecturer. This evil impulse pushes him to insult girls. What's the truth behind his father's past?

81. School Mizugi ~Ryoujoku Suiei Kyoushitsu~ スクール水着~陵辱水泳教室~ [050826] That's
The famous swimming club is in danger of dissolving without the proper result at the next competition. Main character tries to avoid being fired by using less conventional methods to stay on board.

82. School Rendezvous School Rendezvous (スクールランデブー) [050826] Blue Devil
A School Rumble fan-fiction.
Tsukamoto Tenma is the girl the bad body Harima fell in love with. But he happened to have sex with the rival Sawachika and Tenma's beloved young sister Yakumo, despite just happened to turn out this way.
Doujin Nukige

83. Sukumizu 2 ~Oyo-ge-na-i~ すくみず2~泳・げ・な・い~ [050826] Circus Fetish
Just like it's prequel, the game is released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish' and focuses on school swimsuits.
The protagonist, an excellent competitive swimmer, returns to his sea-side hometown after several years of absence to be a teacher.
Naturally he meets several girls, and begins teaching them how to swim...

84. Tsui Tsui ~Twintail Twins~ ついつい~ツインテールツインズ~ [050826] Honey Pot
Main character is a private school teacher. Twin sisters who live next door deliberately choose the same school and protagonist's class. Two more students suddenly transfer and take the nearby flat, and they also show up at protagonist's class. Main character becomes sandwiched between all these twins searching for his attention.

85. Utau Ehon 4 5 6 Hi! Hi! うたう絵本4・5・6Hi!Hi! [050826] Circus
Just like the prequel, it's contents could be best described as omake content to some of Circus' earlier titles.
This time we get to see characters from D.C. ~Da Capo~, Aries PureDream & PureLove and Sukumizu ~Fetch ☆ ni Narumon!~, each chapter of the game focusing on one of the titles above.
Lolicon Fandisc

86. Tsun★Dere! ~PunyuPuri EX~ つん★デれ!~ぷにゅぷりEX~ [050827] TinkleBell  1
Himezaki Orie is a perfect A student in the school.
Inherited academic ability from her politician father, and amazing good looks from mother, one of successful actresses in the history. Her life had been fulfilled by the advantage of parental influence and connections. It was probably one of the reasons why she couldn't build a deep relationships with teachers and students, feeling uncomfortable with her.
She had everything, but lacked something important...
One day, she found the "secret" of the new female teacher Fujimoto Haruna...
The secret was so exciting. She became obsessed with ecstasy in sexual lessons little by little... Her sexual desire only grew stronger, sullying the purity of herself... In the empty classroom after school... the secret continued...

87. Io [Christmas Eve] [050829] Esuhara
One man. One woman. One little girl. And in their midst, a lot of the second movement of Beethoven's 8th piano sonata.

88. Gogatsu no Sora ごがつのそら [050831] Scrubbing 1 2
Here we have Mizoguchi Haruki, a newly-minted salaryman who is suffering from the freshman blues, and really doesn't care about anyone around him. And over there we have Kamiake Minori, a world-weary young shrine maiden who, despite her giggly conversations with her school "friends", really couldn't care less about any of that. When taken separately, these two individuals are malcontents, square pegs struggling to fit into round holes, adrift and alone in a society where solidarity is all that matters. When taken together, though ... well, suffice it to say that they can be pretty mean to each other.

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