VN of the Month March 2005 - Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~

Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ is the only masterpiece this month. I'll try to find some merit in the less known game MERI+DIA ~Maria Diana~

1. Blue Flow ブルーフロウ [050304] Kogado Studio
You can't learn the value of piece unless you experience war. World war breaks out after hundreds of peaceful centuries. The starting point is invasion of Allied Planetary Forces to the planet Nectal controlled by the Earth government. The defenders put up a fierce fight using giant robots as main weapons.
Main character gets trapped with his two friends during this invasion and is saved by the giant robot unit with 14 female soldiers as operators. Boys take this chance to join the defense forces. But outside the battle machines pilots are just frail girls with youth complexes and problems.
Genre is RTS limited to battles. The mix of tactical parts and girl events is nothing new, we've seen it all in many games starting from Foxy. But really - 14 heroines for capture? Developers must be very proud of the gameplay part to repeat the game so many times.

2. Samurai Jupiter 侍ジュピター [050304] Mosaic
Main character returns to his home town for the first time in many years. He helps Jupiter to repel enemy attack and gets involved in the struggle. Every day is different in the company of mysterious classmate Waruru and girl Rikako who Jupiter brought from the future. What awaits him?
Scenario is short and branches off early. Heroines' drama is laughable. Game has a good share of insult scenes. Volume is too low and H oriented to talk seriously about this game.

3. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.06: Rokumai no Hankou 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.06 6枚の犯行 [050309] WorkJam
A famous photographer asks her daughter to be guarded. The day after Jinguji Temple was laid, a murder occurred in the apartment where Sayaka Kuju was located.
The series does not need explanation.

4. Gadget ガジェット [050311] Black Rainbow
You're playing as an average schoolboy. He's the usual bright and cheerful fellow, and hangs out with his best friend and fellow classmates. He now lives with his cousin since the death of his parents. Turns out the cousin is some kind of inventive genius...
Only one heroine remains a loli after growing up, so I'll let it slip. There are three periods in the game - childhood, school and grown-ups. First two parts feature bright romantic development while the final one is a devilish one. First two parts proceed as a royal road. There are 5+2 heroines able to develop in two ways, so there are 14 heroine archetypes overall. The text is good and overall feeling is satisfactory, but game does not feel special.

5. Kimi ni Tomoru Hi 君に燈る灯 [050318] Emu
After quitting a job he's been working at for a few years, the protagonist, Kaito Akutsu, wandered to a small town named Otaru in Hokkaido.
"What is it that I want to do...."
Being sick of the city life, the protagonist fled his hometown. There's no particular reason for picking Otaru. He simply headed off to Hokkaido after deciding to leave; Otaru is simply town that the ferry arrived at by chance.
Not knowing where to go, the aimless protagonist starts a new life in this town with a mysterious atmosphere. While looking for a way to make a living, 3 mysterious girls appears in front of the protagonist and offers him a job. This encounter forever changes the protagonist's destiny.
Atmosphere is the selling point here as each of three heroines has a serious dramatic story behind their backs. Quiet, relaxing, romantic. It's a small, but delicate and beautiful love story.

6. Tantei Kibukawa Ryousuke Jikentan The Masquerade Lullaby 探偵・癸生川凌介事件譚 仮面幻影殺人事件 [050324] Genki 1 2
A detective and his agency is tasked with solving murder mysteries across Japan.
Console detective novels is not my thing at all.

7. Angel Type [050325] minori
A "minori feat. Aeris" interactive novel.
Fujishiro Nao had to drop out of school and stay in hospital for a while due to a mental breakdown. After getting better, he now attends to an evening school.
This story is about his experiences meeting three girls that are wounded like him. Maybe in each other, they can find the cure for the loneliness and sorrow they felt so deeply...
Brand Aeris dissolved just before releasing this work, so minori is basically publisher, but not developer. Game boasts of unusual and unique atmosphere. There are four heroines each having a story about one and a half hours long including bad endings. The process leading to confession scene is super short and thus unsatisfactory. H events can issue tears at best. With such volume and art it's difficult to expect anything better.

8. Aoi Sora no Neosphere 蒼い空のネオスフィア [050325] Kuma-san Team 1
A sequel of Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea from Kogado Studio(Kumasan Team). Set in the Neosphere kingdom that fly in the air by ancient E technology. Neosphere kept going to ruin after world union war. And then, Nanoca was called to rebuild the kingdom.
There is a small English review.

9. Maou to Odore! - Legend of Lord of Lords 魔王と踊れ!─ Legend of Lord of Lords [050325] catwalk 1
You wake up in your room and find a woman, whom you don't know, standing there. She says that you are the reincarnation of her liege. The Demon Lord who was sealed away centuries ago by the goddess of the land.
She tries to give your memories back but fails and gets upset. Then she decides that to awaken you, she must take you to the places where parts of your sealed power should be. Threatened by her, you follow her. In the first dungeon, you save a priestess who thinks you're the Messiah coming to save the lands from evil...
There is a small English review.

10. MERI+DIA ~Maria Diana~ MERI+DIA ~マリアディアナ~ [050325] Palette
Main character is an agent of a space development company. He receives a task from his assassinated boss to attack a certain laboratory and destroy girl Theta who represents an important research. He executes this will, but only escapes with the girl instead of killing her. Organization issues a bounty for their heads, but Theta has a strong determination to follow protagonist.
Three bounty hunters set a trap, but one of them is saved by protagonist in the end, so they form an alliance. There can't be peace until new organization boss is defeated. But what secrets does Theta hide with her silence?
Should I even mention that I'm reviewing this game? It must be clear as day by now.

11. Parfait ~Chocolat Second Brew~ パルフェ ~ショコラ second brew~ [050325] Giga 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Six months ago, Takamura Hitoshi watched Famille, the cafe his deceased brother established, go up in smoke. The employees and the memories they shared might have survived, but without a building there can be no cafe; Hitoshi and co. are left with no choice but to abandon Famille.
But as luck - or perhaps fate - would have it, Hitoshi gets a second chance when he receives a phone call from a new mall asking him to open a branch of Famille inside their building. Hitoshi can't refuse the offer to carry on his brother's will, and after a few twists and turns a new Famille is born with Hitoshi as the manager.
Of course, life never quite goes that smoothly. Things are a mess both in the kitchen and on the floor because two key staff members refused to return. Hitoshi himself had to take a break from college in order to make opening the new cafe a reality. But perhaps the biggest problem of all is staring Famille right in the face - Curio, the popular cafe that Famille was "inspired" by in the first place, happened to open a branch in the same shopping center directly across from Famille...
And thus the new Famille's battle for survival begins.
Over ten reviews for an untranslated Giga game? World must have gone mad.

12. Sengoku no Imouto Shichinin no Imouto 戦国の妹 七人の妹 [050325] Ja no Michi wa Hebi Soft 1
Your village asked you to go and hire bodyguards to protect it against the bandits, so you went with your younger-sister-like-childhood-friend Suzu-chan and hired six (technically five) people, all girls. When you came back, the villagers become suspicious of those people they didn't know, even more since they were all females and they couldn't imagine them being bodyguards at all.
In the end, you lied and persuaded the villagers that the girls were in fact... your sisters, whom your father left everywhere... (your father had such a reputation...)
There is a small English review.

13. Usotsuki wa Tenshi no Hajimari ウソツキは天使のはじまり [050325] Saga Planets
Main character miraculously survives in several certain death situations. He starts to see invisible to other people angel and demon fight each other at such times. Both angel and demon become weakened due to human awareness about them, so they decide to live together with protagonist till their powers restore.
There are five heroines overall including our celestial friends who  exist mostly for H events. Genre is absurd comedy. The development is vague and not really explained. The London trip feels especially uncalled for as it fits within the story poorly. Writing lacks power. There are too many irritating factors to enjoy the game.

14. Virginia ~Hontou no Sekai~ バージニア ~真実の未来~ [050325] Unicorn-A
Main character is a captain of knights returning with his subordinates to their kingdom after winning a tournament. Their vehicle gets attacked on the way while horizon gets dyed with fire. What's happened to their kingdom during their absence?
Game is an RPG with easy battles and insult scenes at defeats and some wins. Bad ends are actually hardest to see since it's very difficult to lose. Neither gameplay nor H events are decent enough to recommended here.

15. Virgin Snow Ura ~Yukifuru Oka de Anata to~ Virgin SNOW 裏~雪降る丘であなたと~ [050325] Runrun Soft
In addition to remastered previous game content and full voicing there is new male main character perspective in addition to Mizuki Narumi perspective at former female perspective scenes.
Cool story, bro. But not good enough reason to discuss an alternative version of the old game.

16. Yunohana ゆのはな [050325] Pulltop 1
On his winter vacation away from University, Kusatsu Takuya was travelling around on his motorcycle with his guitar when he lost control outside the rural town of Yunohana and crashed into a small shrine on the side of the road. When he regained consciousness, a strange looking girl was floating in the air above him. With a smile on her face, she introduced herself as Yunoha, the guardian of this area, and told Takuya she has healed his wounds with her powers.
In order to repay Yunoha for "saving his life", Takuya has to take care of the repair fees to fix the shrine - a grand total of about 2,350,000 yen. Now Takuya has no choice but to head towards the town of Yunohana to find a job, where this heart-warming fairy tale of winter unfolds...
There is an English review.

17. Kono Hareta Sora no Shita de この晴れた空の下で [050331] Cromwell 1
The game takes place in the near future where so-called "Mimic" robots work in place of humans. Playing as Reichi Kuroha, a member of a government investigation team, your job is to investigate the mysterious suicide of a Mimic -- a strange occurrence, since Mimics are not supposed to kill themselves. The game includes a number of heroines, both Mimic and human, with whom you'll get involved as the story progresses.
The story is frustrating with all development clustered in the end. It's something between a fine and a bad work suitable probably only for SF enthusiasts.


1. Mou Hitotsu no Mizu no Kioku もうひとつの水の記憶 [050302] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
Main character enrolls to a new school to escape from pianist past. He meets both old and new acquaintances there. Will he get caught by his past or find true love?
Doujin Otomege

2. Lust ~Saiin Joutai~ LUST~催淫常態~ [050304] Trust
As one's intention of heroines who came into rut by the effect of entertainments obscene medicine. The heroine doesn't put out her hand to the hero who doesn't like violence until hoping. However, there is no pardon if the other party requests it.

3. Mahou Shoujo Twinkle 魔法少女Twin☆kle [050304] feng
Main character gets invited to a rooftop after school. After a casual conversation Yayoi confesses that she is a magical girl. Of course protagonist takes it for a joke, but only for a minute till Yayoi repels a sudden attack of a monster. Yayoi is injured and needs to have the wound treated, so they come to protagonist's house. This day an unbelievable story of dating a magical girl begins.

4. Souten no Tobira 蒼天の扉 [050304] Marine Heart
It's a world where science is worshiped. The privileged class concentrates all the money and power. With the genetic manipulation a creation of human beings has become possible. But these people are denied humanity and treated as toys to satisfy needs of the aristocrats.
Main character is one such person who is created by a mad scientist and sold to a rich buyer. Is he doomed with this sad fate or can break free and find his Heavens?
Boys Love

5. Mitama no Yuki 御魂のゆき [050305] LiFox
Main character's sister is invited to participate in a shrine maiden festival by an anonymous letter. As siblings arrive to the spot, mysterious events start to unfold around his sister. Village girl dies, and ancient powers come into action. 

6. Hitozuma Senshokutai 人妻染触体 [050308] PichiPichi Gallery R
Tentacle-violation CG novel of a big-breasted married woman.
Sex feast in a dream that the big-breasted woman Futaba Sayuri had one day.
Gets violated breasts, penetrated with tentacles...she had become obsessed with ecstasy.... She had a monster baby in her uterus after all. But the dream begun to melt into reality....
Doujin Nukige

7. Bad Name [050309] SilveredSteel
It's a father and daughter incest story told from the perspective of the victim girl.
Doujin Nukige

8. Caduceus no Noroi カドゥケウスの呪い [050310] Mugen Kidou
A Dragon Quest III-based, transsexual-themed visual novel.
Doujin Nukige

9. Chikan Yuugi 痴漢遊戯 [050311] Marry Bell
A school city project is realized with the help of private companies. Main character runs a website "OZ" to coordinate molester actions targeted at girls coming to school by train.

10. Senpai ga Fiancee!? 先輩がフィアンセ!? [050311] HeartBring
Our protagonist is in for a rude awakening once he starts another year at high-school; his mother tells him that she has arranged a marriage for him with a fellow classmate. The girl’s name doesn’t ring a bell until he realizes that she is the student infamous for being a hard-assed class-rep! To ensure the fact that the parents are insane, they arrange their cohabitation together as a sort of “husband & wife training”. While the parent’s retain their blind idiocy and leave them alone in a house, we can all imagine what could happen when you stick a man and a woman together under one roof (and under such pretenses).

11. Kakka to Ma no Tsuku Present!? 閣下とマのつくプレゼント?! [050313] GEKKOKU
Yaoi adventure game. Tomorrow is the birthday of the second son (you). You'll have a nice time in the big mansion. Your boyfriend want to play hide-and seek in there with you. Can you find him?
Doujin Boys Love

12. My Pet Kohaku マイペット琥珀 [050313] MOON GODDESS
5th episode in My pet Tsukihime series.
Kohaku is trapped and tortured in the ruins. Only Shiki can decide her future.
Doujin Nukige

13. Tengu no Yachimata 天狗の八衢 [050313] sum
The Tengu mountain people are rumored to live long and possess magical power enough to jump over the hills. A series of mysterious deaths occurs at the mountain people village. These events intertwine fates of two people. The first is a villager Ayahiko who gets preceded by his younger brother as the head of the family and thus has a freedom of action wandering with his dog able to spot monsters. The second is an exiled monk Samon who gets a vision about these deaths in the mountains. 
Doujin Boys Love

14. Nana NANA -ナナ- [050317] Konami
The game focuses on the lives of Osaki Nana and Komatsu Nana, two girls who moved to Tokyo to make their dreams come true.
Komatsu Nana is a small town girl who goes to Tokyo to follow her boyfriend and college friends, with the hope of having her dream life. Osaki Nana was in a popular punk band in her home town. She goes to Tokyo with the goal of making it big as a singer. The two Nanas meet on the train ride to the city. Later, they run into each other again when they happen to check out the same apartment, and the girls decide to become roommates. The series chronicles their friendship and their lives as each chases her dreams.
Although they are prominent characters, the game gives the player their own character who lives next to the Nanas in Apt. 708. There are five choices of characters, all are uniquely designed by Yazawa Ai, the original creator, for the game.
The player gets to experience the storylines of volumes five through eight. Additionally, the player can meet other characters like Honjo Ren, Ichinose Takumi, or Okazaki Shinichi, and the player can even date them. They can also experience Tokyo life, for example getting part-time jobs, buying clothes, and decorating their room.

15. Omoi Kagami 想鏡-オモイカガミ- [050317] Reimonya
This is a world dominated by antisoul evil beings. Main character comes to this town to escape from clan rules and live free. But there are terrible things that await him in this town...

16. Henshin! 2 へんし~ん!2 [050318] May-Be Soft
This time a new protagonist gains the ability to transform himself to objects, again thanks to the powers of the magical cat Niniko. And the comical situations continue...

17. Invisible Sign -Isu- Invisible Sign-イス- [050318] lapin
Fifteen years ago main character's older brother Rin got kidnapped. As a result mother went mad and father lost interest in life, so family's private psychiatrist had to care of the young Shun. Boy starts to attend school with his only friend. A dreadful murder of student occurs there one day. Shun starts to see visions of the killed student and nightmares where some man wants to catch him. Overcome with fear, he occasionally loses control over his consciousness. A police investigator finds a lot of similarities of this murder with the case fifteen years ago. People around Shun get involved in the investigation, including a classmate girl with the same name as his disappeared brother. Will the mystery be revealed? 
Boys Love

18. Minyo! 2 ~Kondo wa Shamusho~ みにょっ!2~今度は社務所~ [050318] Take Out
Main character takes a part-time job at the shrine in his hometown with his childhood friend during summer vacations. However, this shrine is rumored as evil. Priest gets hospitalized after an incident with spirit exorcism. Protagonist becomes the only man among the cheerful and lovely shrine maidens. But evil spirits still loom above the shrine. Main character finds his own way of exorcism - sex ritual.

19. Shinku no Soiree - Cardinal Soiree 深紅のソワレ cardinal soiree [050318] Art
Main character finds himself on an island as wakes up. He only has knowledge of his name and circus. A strange girl falls down next to him. The two people find no help with the villagers, so they join a circus company. Protagonist gets instructor position and can train participants any way he wants in order to attain the best results.

20. My Pet GM マイペットGM [050319] MOON GODDESS
9th episode in My pet Ragnarok series.
Lear and Cyan have been captured by the dark merchants. They fall victim to various indecent practices like bestiality, humiliation, orgy...
Doujin Nukige

21. Oo! Imouto no Ana Kyun ~Gakkou no Youmuin mo~ おおぉ!妹の穴キュン~学校の用務員も~ [050319] BANANA BLUE SOFT
An adventure game with female voices in which you are to have sex with your young sister in school.
The story can be played from both brother's side and young sister's side.
It also features 2 stories of the sister getting penetrated by a school janitor.
Doujin Nukige

22. Ten ni Takaku Chi ni Fukaku 天に高く地に深く [050321] nuko
Tokyo, 2019.
After the earthquake city decays, and capital gets transferred. In the empty streets there is a 150 meters height skyscraper that stays unmanned. Eight young people get an invitation to gather in this unique location. Somehow, they decide to stay here. Why do they choose something that has lost its meaning?

22. Hiyohiyo Hiyoko ひよひよ・ひよこ [050321] Thinking Cheshier
Tokyo, 2019. In Akihabara there is a maid cafe run by girls themselves. Sweat and tears,  courage and justice, romance and passion, violence & action! New crisis awaits mysterious beauties every day!

23. Iris ~Kimi ga Ita Toki~ イリス ~君がいた季節~ [050321] Anyumaru
Main character goes to paint in the part and helps an injured dog "Iris" there. After days of nurturing the dog it eventually dies in a traffic incident.
A year has passed since that day. A girl appears before protagonist. She calls herself Iris and requests to live together. Is it only happiness that awaits them?

24. Hi no Mizukagami 緋の水鏡 [050321] 20th Heart
A family murder occurred 10 years ago.
The only survivor now studies folklore at the university. He visits Kamikage Island because of the sad local mermaid legend. But why does it feel like he lived there before? And what are those images that start to come to his head?
When anxiety reaches its peak, he meets a girl, and the sealed memories break through...

25. Love Love Fight ラブラブ・ファイト [050323] MASURAO
Manabu called himself as a porn critic. And a young girl Kurumi are totally into him. To become close with him, she asked him to how to have sex!
Doujin Nukige

26. Animal Half あにまるは~ふ [050325] Doll's
One day main character's peaceful life gets interrupted by arrival of Maya and Kira girls with cat ears. They are maids dispatched by protagonist's uncle to live together for a week. The clumsy, but sweet cohabitation begins.
Doujin Nukige

27. Chichikuri Nurse 24 Ji ちちくりナース24時 [050325] West Vision
Main character is an ordinary youth who frequently visits his hospitalized sister. One day he gets into a traffic incident on his way to the clinic, and breaks his legs as a result. He is distributed to the same room with his sister. At the same time, he is nursed by his lover who works there, and also by her older sister. One night his sister forces herself on him as he lies unmovable. Protagonist gets angry at her, but accepts her feelings. His lover keeps coming to have sex regularly, so situation gets awkward as his sister lies in the same room. Life turns into a complex mix of jealousy and carnal pleasures.

28. Crime Rhyme 2 クライミライ2 [050325] FlyingShine Black
A beautiful and popular girl who lives with her boyfriend becomes a toy for the students right at the school grounds. She endures this situation as she is tenderly loved at home by her boyfriend. However, more and more boys enter master-slave relations with her...

29. Dark: Shitsuraku no Shimai Ningyou DARK †失楽の姉妹人形† [050325] Supple 
Medieval kingdoms world. The struggle between humans and other races ends with the victory of human beings with the other races getting oppressed. Main character is a dark elf who makes a fortune in the slave trade by supplying humans with peculiar species. He swears revenge on the elf race who destroyed his homeland. This time he makes elf girls his slaves and humiliates them for the sins of their race. But it's only a mistake...

30. Hinatarte ~Hinatabokko Fandisc~ ひなたると~ひなたぼっこファンディスク~ [050325] Tarte
Hinatarte is a fandisc for Hinatabokko.
It includes 4 afterstories (Koharu, Hinata, Koori and Shizuma) and one bonus story about Nanase.
Also disc contains wallpapers and screensaver.

31. H na Jorei Puzzle! Ikitai Ikasete Reibaishi Kanata no Onegai Hな除霊パズル! いきたい いかせて霊媒師 かなたのお願い [050325] Tetra Pot
Kyousuke is a private detective and (unofficially and reluctantly) an exorcist of ghosts, but since encountering Kanata, a long lost childhood friend, the number of ghost hauntings around him grows to dangerous levels.
What's happening? And why all these paranormal events also have erotic overtones?

32. Joyuu Nanako "Shutsuen Jouken wa... Omae no Karada da" 女優・菜々子「出演条件は…おまえの肢体だ」 [050325] Lune
Let's train the beautiful actress "Saisai Co" of the former gravure idol who is the heroine of this "Beautiful actress shame humiliation ADV" work in the spectacle society as one's intention by the use of producer's standpoint, and bring up the new work of Lne to M woman. The stage of TV station is made the best use of, and H is possible by various situations such as movie sets and dressing rooms. In addition, women who put her body in the spectacle society such as idol, announcer, old-timer actresses, and woman AD besides Saisai Co also hang to corruption producer's hand. The act of the drama of the name of M woman training goes up now.

33. Kimi to Issho ni Dekiru Koto 3 Married Woman -Miho- キミといっしょにデキること3 married woman -miho- [050325] Haikara Kissa
Orishiro Mio is a beautiful woman with a heavenly body, who has a kid. I met her by pure accident....though her children Akari who is one year my junior.
I am now alone with Mio in her home, Akari is away from home attending a crammer....
Doujin Nukige

34. Kyunkyun Katei Choukyoushi ~Sei no Tehodoki A to Z~ キュンキュン家庭ちょー教師~性の手ほどきA to Z~ [050325] Tomato
Main character is a lazy high student who is not interested in anything including study. But his precious summer approaches its end without producing memories, so he confesses to his childhood friend just because she was cute. As he arrives home, he is greeted by new neighbor nephew dispatched as his tutor. The girl teaches him a lot about sex. Finally fun life begins as he gets private lessons and experiments with his childhood friend lover. More experienced older girls also start to pay attention to him. Is it possible to live happily together?

35. Love Fetish ~Sado Hen~ らぶフェチ ~サド編~ [050325] Erogos
Main character is in love relations with both Suzuka and Miku, but with time it loses excitement. An evil scheme crosses his mind. He decides to oppress them and stir jealously feelings in them. For that he invites a third party...

36. Mareido ~Choukyou no Yakata~ 魔隷奴 ~調教の館~ [050325] Padlock
Demons and humans coexist in this world. There is a legend that bloody red moon shall rise when there is a big change in the world. Main character is a human who lives with his new wife at the mansion. One day he gets ordered by his wife to train a girl brought to the mansion. During intense training the two people discover that they share something that is missing in their hearts. Can love arise during such relations? And then crimson red moon rises covering the whole sky.

37. Osananajimi na Kanojo 幼なじみな彼女 [050325] E.G.O.
Main character has a female childhood friend who can not convey her feelings. Their parents go together on a trip leaving kids to take care of each other under one roof. How will young people change during this week?.

38. Osananajimi no Nukumori 幼なじみのぬくもり [050325] Love Potion
A couple is on the verge of breaking up. But they realize one day that love is something you do. They regain cheerful spirits then. Childhood friend is so beautiful when she lies on the bed. I wish this day lasts forever.

39. Project Sex Shuudan Ninshin ~Athlete o Haramasero!~ プロジェクトSEX 集団妊娠~アスリートを孕ませろ!~ [050325] Acme X
In this country of this era, the party's power is absolute and no one can go against it. Those who disagreed would be lost in less than a month. On the contrary, for those who have pledged to the party and who are fond of the party leaders, they receive various preferential treatment from the country. In this poor country, in order to complete Tenju, we have to swear the party's allegiance and absolutely obey the order from the party. Any unreasonable order can only be obeyed. There is no freedom at all, and the unintended pregnancy forcing in a desperate situation is the theme of this work.

40. Ryoujoku Gakuen ~Bukatsu Choukyou Chigoku Seme~ 凌辱学園~部活調教恥獄責め~ [050325] Ryoujokudou
Main character is a human resources teacher who reports directly to the underground training council. His job is to find promising women to obey their bosses and turn into slaves. He selects three student girls and promises them an overwhelming bureaucratic career if they follow his training course obediently during a month. Their parents sign a written agreement, and severe training starts.

41. Sis x Miko シス×みこ [050325] Xanadu
Main character's is the eldest son in the family that run a shrine. He is destined to inherit the business, but he is very worried about one thing. His twin sister-in-law shrine maidens temp him every day with their looks and occasional initiative signs. What future will he choose?

42. Fantasia [050326] DIGICLA
Our nameless hero wakes up injured, with no memories and a unfamiliar pissed off young lady by his side.
Agreeing to stay in the nearby mansion, while trying to regain his memories…what kind of answer will await him at the destination?
Doujin Otomege

43. Tokumu Sousakan Rei & Fuko ~Jusei Machi no Kachiku Choukyou~ 特務捜査官レイ&風子~受精街の家畜調教~ [050326] Black Lilith
Year 2054, Tokyo
Kirisawa Rei and Izumi Fuuko are the capable special agent, commonly called Mayaku Tokuso, whose task is drug-crime investigation and to take down the drug syndicate in Tokyo.
They were a perfect pair, getting over numerous bloodbaths together.
One day, they had an information of 12 Angels, a drug syndicate that they had been searching for years, sneaking into the most dangerous city in Tokyo, Shinjuku, where is rumored that their secret base is located.
But it is a clever trap set by the boss Kiryu for the revenge on them.....

44. Mesemedi ~Tsundere Ichaicha AVG~ めせメディ ~ツンデレイチャイチャAVG~ [050327] CARYO
Main character experiences envious looks each day because the sits at the same desk with lovely student council president. One day he sneaks to an abandoned school building to unleash his desires when he notices another girl masturbating in the area. And it turns out to be student council president!
Doujin Nukige

45. Trance Kiss TRANCE キッス [050328] Nanasenchi
A collaboration between Visual Art's and Betsucomi's best-selling author Nana Shiiba. An adaptation of the one-shot of the same name published in Deluxe Betsucomi in February 2005.

46. Transfer Teacher [050328] ATP Projects
Into the snowy season, into the uneventful life of Lee comes she, the exchange professor from J-Country. Not only beautiful, but also passionate... about teaching.

47. The Garden Society: Kykuit [050329] Ren'ai Games
Recent transfer student and new member of the Garden Society, will you be able to fit in? Make friends? …Or something more?

48. Ota Koi!  おたこい![050329] Mix Heart
Otaku also need love! A strange love story develops at school grounds.
Doujin Nukige

49. Reconstruction 01 [050330] Allugic
A futuristic sci-fi story set in a world where space travel is as common as plane travel is now. It's a story of a man, the ups and downs in his life, and an unusual secret he discovers by chance...

50. Amatire [050331] Gloranor
A lone ranger meets a young woman who wants to be his apprentice in the woods.

51. Hoshi no Yakusoku 星の約束 [050331] Mirai
"But there are still people that I have to meet somehow..."
The protagonist Mirai can't throw away the thoughts of the people she left behind in the modern world.
Depressed that she couldn't go back, Amaterasu decided to return her.
Mirai finally got back to the friends and happy school life that she missed so much.
That time in the world of gods is like a page of a sealed dream.

52. When I Rule The World [050331] Chronoluminaire
"My name is Selena, and I have been chosen to be the future ruler of the world." She might look like an ordinary schoolgirl, but a secret organisation called The Agency are going to overthrow the world and institute her as ruler of the new world order!

53. Kuraku Naru Made Machiyagare! くらくなるまでまちやがれ! [0503] SALULU
Nakashima had reluctantly had sexual relationship with his classmate Kaiji these days. One day, Kaiji suddenly visited his home. Nakashima hated having sex with him at first, but by the repetitive petting, he was gradually getting turned on....
11 main CG pictures plus 11 alternates (w/5 endings). This is a silly, but upbeat hentai boys-love game.
Doujin Nukige

54. Zutto Te o Toriatte Iketara ずっと手を取り合っていけたら [0503] EAG
Main character is a third-year high school student who is preparing for the exams. It's a girl who has lived as a man till now as a result of brother's long-lasting joke. She tries to adapt to her new life as a girl in the company of male friends.

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