VN of the Month May 2005 - Princess Witches

Princess Witches is the only masterpiece this month. I'll review first Akabei Soft2 project Tamayura

1. Touhou Kuru Ningyou 2 Alice to Issho -Alice to Eternal- 東方繰人形2 アリスといっしょ -Alice to Eternal- [050504] Coolier 1
You play as an university student. One day you stumbled upon a sleeping girl in the woods. The two of you get acquainted and made a promise to meet again.
There is an English review.

2. Heartbreak ~Koi no Triangle Chuuihou~ は~とぶれいく ~恋のトライアングル注意報~ [050520] Patisserie
Main character spends his youth days happily in the company of six friends. He finally gathers courage to confess to one of the girls from this group, but his heart gets broken by the reply. Little by little he is able to recover through talking to other girls. It's a week before school festival now. Protagonist is busy with "Maid Cafe" preparations. Will he pursue his initial love interest or fall for another girl as a result?

3. Ikusabi 戦火-IKUSABI- [050520] Talisman
There is secret demon-hunting organization that dates back to ancient times. Its members - though few in numbers - protect peace of each epoch from the shadows. It's year 1707 now. Peace has come to this land with the establishment of Tokugawa Shogunate. However, suddenly a dangerous shadow monster again threatens the world. His name is Oda Nobunaga.
Alternative history is a popular genre, as we know. Actually, this time demon soul of Oda Nobunaga infects another human. It's an SRPG with reportedly mechanics with multiple flaws. Can't judge it without playing it myself.

4. Zettai Chikyuu Boueiki Mega Laughter 絶対地球防衛機 メガラフター [050520] Liar-soft
Gameplay is based on card battles.
Far from the outer reaches of space come the invading aliens called Reticulians. Dr. Tsukitometa claims that the only weakness of these aliens is humor and begins the construction of the giant superrobot Mega Laughter.
Shinichi, our protagonist, who could be called a humour maniac and who sports the worst short-time memory ever seen in a protagonist, is recruited by Muramatsu Pasta (Commander of the EDF) to pilot Megalaughter.
He is assisted by Nanami, who works in the base,
His humourless childhoodfriend Hikari is drawn into the events as well, and soon Liu, one of the elite pilots from the Zeta star system is forced to join them as well after being beaten...
It's a light absurd bakage. There are no choices, but there's the need to raise favorability of heroines. So it's more of a gameplay-oriented game which is is not in my field of interest.

5. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.07: Bouen o Sagase! 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.07 亡煙を捜せ! [050525] WorkJam
Kumano gets suspicious about an unmanned office. Reunited with Jinguji and Yoko, they start a small investigation.
This series does not need introduction.

6. Hametsu no Mars 破滅のマルス [050526] Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
In 2016 a manned probe send from the Earth to investigate Mars explodes in the Earth atmosphere and fragments which contain a dna sample of what is thought as a trace to possible Mars inhabitants fells on Japan.
That causes mutations all over Japan. People who are infected by that "virus" are called the Iseki-jin (relic persons). The AAST is founded, obtaining the cooperation of structure Doctor Hiroshi Hyuga they develop a suit, "Mars", as a trump card against the relic persons.
The carrier of the suit obtains super powers but only a few people, who are dna compatible with the suit are suited to wear it. Takeru, the son of the doctor was the first person who was able to wear it.
When the fragment which fell to Earth is being transported to a laboratory in the USA for an analyze the transport is being attacked by the relic persons, now Takeru has to fight and defend it for a final solution in this incident.
Game is based on anime events. It's reported to be a much bigger failure than even anime version was.

7. Amakoi Tenshi ~Sweet Sweet Angel~ 甘恋天使 すい~とすい~とえんじぇる [050527] DisAbel
Main character always chooses women who bring nothing but bad luck. But this time it's different, because the girl is actually an angel. She starts to live at his house after signing an angel contract to possess his soul after death. But girls around protagonist won't take things easily!
Just a moege, really.

8. Eiyuu x Maou 英雄×魔王 [050527] Escu:de 1 2
You are Felser, lord of the demons. For a long time, your race lived in peace with the humans. One day, your seneschal Galef announced you the dire news: Humans have started to attack your lands!
While fighting them, you learned that the humans decided to eradicate your race just because they saw it as a threat. Amused by that, you decided that if that is how they see you, you should as well just go back to your old ways and conquer them all!
There is an English review.

9. Gift [050527] 1 2
Gift is a story that revolves around high school student Amami Haruhiko and his strong connection to Gift's mysterious power.
The town of Narasaki-chou, where Gift's story takes place, has two distinguishing characteristics: a rainbow that seems permanently fixed in the sky no matter the weather, and an ability known as Gift possessed by all its inhabitants. Gift's power can only be evoked by each person once in a lifetime, and is able to grant a single miracle. To be successful, a Gift must reflect the shared feelings of both the giver and the receiver. If the feelings are not mutual, the Gift is distorted and has the ability to wreak havoc on the surrounding area. When this happens, a black streak appears in the rainbow above town until Gift is used correctly.
The story begins as Haruhiko's younger sister, Fukamine Riko, returns home after several years away. Beginning with her appearance, Haruhiko's life starts to change very quickly and feelings of the past begin to surface once more.
There are English reviews.

10. Princess Witches プリンセスうぃっちぃず [050527] Pajamas Soft 1 2
The game stages Masaki Midou, a boy who's been craving for one thing: becoming a hero, the kind who would rescue the world. Apart from that, he's quite your usual guy, not really perverted but still interested in girls.
When he learns of female students being assaulted on the campus precincts, it was no surprise he'd show up and put himself on the front line. What awaits him is a spectacular sight: a giant dragon has appeared! Equally surprising is the girl with magical powers, who has engaged in combat, Klucienne Roussel (Kururu).
In an unexpected turn of events, Masaki confesses to Kururu and they accidently share a kiss during the battle. For some reason, this has the effect of giving him magical powers. The two of them join forces to defeat the monster.
The day after, a transfer student is being admitted in Masaki's classroom..
There are English reviews.

11. Tamayura 魂響 [050527] Akabei Soft2
Touma busily lives everyday with Kasumi and Nami. One day, they receive an offer. That is to exorcize a monster. And they go hunting at night as usual. But, the monster is too tough to beat, and Touma and Kasumi get injured. Nami tries to beat it up by herself to protect Touma and Kasumi, but she is defeated...
First of all, I'm reviewing this game as I'm interested in AcabeiSoft2 origins. Pretty much all the Japanese reviewers agree that it's a kusoge with painfully bland SOL scenes, tormentingly long battle sequences and senseless story divided in two clear parts.


1. Circus no Butaiura サーカスの舞台裏 [050503] BG Paradise
Main character gets entrusted with a boy to train him as a submissive sex slave. He has no choice but to start training.
Doujin Boys Love

2. My Pet Alice マイペットアリス [050503] MOON GODDESS
10th episode in My pet Ragnarok series.
Alice serves her master. She loves him so much that follows every his order without complaints. But it may be a step towards ruin...
Doujin Nukige

3. Order Roid オーダーロイド [050503] Hanerom
Main character is a poor designer. He orders a pretty female-type android to help with business, but what he receives is opposite of his expectations - male cat ears type android. The factory persuades him to keep the asset, so strange communal life begins.
Doujin Boys Love

4. Akuma o Daite Nemure 悪魔を抱いて眠れ [050503] AbelCain
Main character Setsuna is a 19-year-old young man who serves as a deputy director of the Jinryu Karate Dojo. His defeated contestant immediately applies for rematch, but director forbids it. Setuna lives with the contestant for a week in attempt to persuade him drop the claim.
Doujin Boys Love

5. Ultra Mahou Shoujo Manana vol.4 ウルトラ魔法少女まなな vol.4 [050504] Alice Soft
Vol.4 Includes stories №9-12:
第9話 「魔法少女の贖罪。今夜はハードコア」
第10話 「北○○ンは侵略者の国」
第11話 「衝撃!闇の中でどっきり。ぽろりもあるよ。」
第12話 「美少女牧場の決闘」

6. Kamikaze Kenshi Rozetta 3 ~Shikabaneto no Maihime~ 神風剣士ロゼッタ3 ~屍都の舞姫~ [050505] Amagasa Higasa Jimusho
Main character is appointed as a kingdom swordsmanship mentor. Every day he has to deal with little selfish princess and a shrine maiden proud of her skills. But he meets another girl there that changes his ordinary life.
Doujin Nukige

7. My Pet Akiha マイペット秋葉 [050505] MOON GODDESS
6th episode in My pet Tsukihime series.
Shiki keeps chasing Akiha. There's a long insult road, but there may be marriage in the end.
Doujin Nukige

8. Yayoi☆Private Lesson 弥生☆プライベートレッスン [050506] Clover
A very limited release game that was only available to members of the official Orbit fanclub. You play as Kusano Fumiyasu, tutoring a student named Yayoi.

9. ETERNITY-The Joker to a Dark Side- Doll's [050507] Doll's
Death spree strikes a local town. Main character has doubts about the real cause of death, so he starts his own investigation while recovering pieces of past events. He meets a mysterious girl Saika Yuki, and together they start a battle for the survival of humanity.

10. Love Boin [050508] VENUS
Main character gets to spend this summer with his large breast sister and wife. It's up to him whether one of them gets pregnant or things play out safely.
Doujin Nukige

11. Jinja ni Oritatsu Chiisana Kami-sama 神社に降り立つ小さな神様 [050509] Gyuunyuu Soft
The mission of the game is to make three dreams of a boy who like to masturbate more than anything else, come true.
Doujin Nukige

12. Counter-Strike NEO -White Memories- [050509] Romancework
Neo includes several major and minor changes. The game does not feature traditional Terrorist versus Counter-Terrorist scenarios, the two sides are renamed CSF and NEO respectively. It incorporates a matchmaking and Elo-derived rating system to help keep players and teams on even footing. The game is anime-styled to better market it in Japan.
Along with Neo, there are several Flash visual novels spin-offs set within the same setting made by developer Romancework, titled Counter-Strike NEO -WHITE MEMORIES-. The visual novels have a continuing storyline and even some portions that loosely resemble Counter-Strike gameplay

13. Majo no Yuigon 魔女の遺言 [050509] Mousouko
In the republic Ilutsk there are still women called "witches" who have powers well beyond fortune telling and medicine. The strongest real witch lives isolated and dies quietly, but all her power is inherited by her granddaughter. One day an ambassador to the council comes to the witch dwelling in search of the new witch who has still no awareness of her powers.
Doujin Otomege

14. Nanase Ren 七瀬 恋 [050513] M no Violet
Before Ren Nanase was ever a night shift nurse, she was a sexy coed at a nursing school. Hearing rumors that one of the faculty is a rapist, she does exactly what any model citizen would do and confronts him about it. Unfortunately, things go downhill from there, and she winds up being his sex slave, getting a crash course in depravity. But in the middle of that perversion, could there be a hint of purity?

15. Majo no Yume 魔女の夢 [050514] Gin no Ken
There is a place feared as "Witch Forest". It's believed that witch lived there and planted "Night Flower" to protect her. Did night traveler know this legend or came there completely unaware? Whatever the reason, we will face the consequences.

16. Ai no Gekijou -Hirusagari no Hitozuma- 愛の激情―昼下がりの人妻― [050516] Tomo & Yuri GAMEZONE
Main character is a housewife who has been married for 15 years and has a serious husband and a student daughter. She seeks excitement in this boring life. Will it be door-to-door salesman or daughter's tutor who gets to change her?
Doujin Otomege

17. Sweet Hearts ~Sannin Ecchi~ Sweet Hearts~さんにんえっち~ [050517] Sweet Hearts
Main character brings has a girlfriend, but as of late she becomes friends with protagonist's co-worker waitress Haruka. One night they book a ryokan room for the three of them, get drunk and enjoy each other to the fullest. 

18. GAME S.S.D.S. ~Setsuna no Akogare~ GAME S.S.D.S. ~刹那の英雄~ [050520] STACK software
The setting takes place within the world's finest medical facility, The JOY Zaburo Memorial: St. Laforet Hospital — A place where the stylish of all stylish doctors (lady doctors included) from all corners of the world provide the best medical care to their patients with love and JOY!
Officially named as "S.S.D.S.~ Super Stylish Doctors Story~", S.S.D.S. is an "on-and-off-going" multimedia franchise that started it's run in year 2003, focusing primarily on Drama CDs, and live stage performances.

19. Koujo Ryouzoku Housou ~Rakuen no Propaganda~ 皇女凌俗放送~楽園のプロパガンダ~ [050520] West Vision
A military coup occurs at a small island Balalaika. At the same time in Japan TV producer goes missing. This minister shows up as a military minister of the new island regime with the main aim being capture attention of viewers with any means possible. Public humiliation entertainment program is launched with the members of former king family insulted in the public.

20. Love Love Lydia-ryou e Youkoso LOVE*LOVEリディア寮へようこそっ [050522] Anshin na Bokura
A lot of teachers and students live and study at "Magic Academy". This is an omnibus novel featuring sensual love between male student and busty teacher with some magical help.

21. Niku Dorei Keiyakusho ~Joi Dorei Choukyou~ 肉奴隷契約書~女医奴隷調教~ [050524] PichiPichi Gallery R
A female doctor Otohara Kyoko made a contact with the hospital director Kamizono Rei. The days as a sex slave had just begun...
Doujin Nukige

22. Dorei na Kanojo 奴隷な彼女 [050525] Lilith Soft
Your childhood female friend is......a sex slave????
Erotic comedy game of the lead character Mikio and his friend Shizuka.
Can you make her your girlfriend? The school sex life of the pair is just begun!! The purpose of the game is to make her your "official" girlfriend by winning her hearts and getting laid with her. Sex in various kinds of situations of over 80 CG pictures plus extras.
Walk around in the school during lunch time and do whatever you want!

23. Inbaku Gakuen ~Houkago ni Saku Chijoku no Hana~ 淫縛学艶 ~放課後に咲く恥辱の花~ [050525] Mega Romance
Keisuke Shimizu, upset over the problems in his household, becomes a delinquent and sees women as only sexual tools. His class representative, Orie Yuki, wants to change his beliefs. To show him the power of true love, Orie agrees to be his sex slave for three months. Orie has no idea what her decision will have on her future, especially since Keisuke's attention is away from his former lover.

24. Elevator Panic ~Misshitsu no Inkou~ エレベーターパニック~密室の淫行~ [050527] Waffle
Main character works as a night guard. He watches OL working overtime and returning late from work every day. He decides to have some action and locks himself together with one such womain in the elevator. With escape ways cut out, he is the one to control the situation.

25. Innocent Blue [050527] LiLiM DARKNESS
There is a special "VIP Ward" in Mizuno General Hospital. Main character's sister is chosen as a nurse to work there. Soon protagonist gets in a traffic accident and regains consciousness at this hospital. He learns dark secrets of this place as he is given special treatment by his sister.

26. Kanojo no Okaimono ~2LDK Pet Tsuki~ 彼女のお飼い者~2LDKペット付~ [050527] Stellar
Main character has his apartment burnt down. He meets a senior company female employee who agrees to give him shelter if agrees to become her dog and server. Protagonist repeats sex with her aiming to reverse positions.

27. Kokuin 刻印 [050527] Haoh
Kazuo just starts his career as a teacher. He works hard, and gradually becomes close to female students. One day, he has acute pain and is taken to hospital. After the medical checkup, he is diagnosed with incurable cancer. "I don't wanna be forgotten," he thinks. "I just wanna leave a proof of my life." He decides to leave a mark on each girl to prove his life. He sneaks out of the hospital, and heads for the girls....

28. Kourin Tenshi En Ciel Rena 光臨天使エンシェル・レナ [050527] Triangle
Rina Kanoe is a diligent girl student who lives alone at the Zero Police artificial city controlled by the largest international corporation. However, there have been a lot of demon appearance incidents lately. One night she witnesses a girl fighting a monster and getting defeated. Rina picks up a card that fighter girl drops and transforms into a pretty warrior girl. Rina manages to beat the monster by following the defeated girl instructions. The girl turns out to be a runaway from another world. No one else is able to use these magic cards, so Rina agrees to stand up and protect justice in the city.

29. Kugutsume -Saiin Byoutou 24 Ji- 傀儡女-催淫病棟24時- [050527] Guilty
Takashi is a medical college student. He also works at his uncle's hospital as a training doctor. He is very interested in hypnotherapy, and studies it hard. One day, he tries to hypnotize a nurse, and she becomes like his puppet. He takes her to a vacant room, and has sex with her.... On the next day, his uncle tells him that his hospital trains female doctors and nurses to become a sex slave, and sends them to his customers. One more sex slave is necessary in two weeks, according to him, and he is ordered to give a nurse sex training using hypnotism....

30. Kyonyuu Nurse Ayumi no Momoiro Kango 巨乳ナースあゆみの桃色看護 [050527] Fetish
Main character gets into a hospital with and receives a lot of attention from the nurse and the beauty director.

31. Suisenka 水仙花 [050527] Flady
Main character comes from a powerful family and thus has everything he wants. His colorless life gains new palette after meeting a girl who introduces him to the world of sensual pleasures. But one day mansion inhabitants rebel against such life and try to find their own happiness.

32. Love Fetish ~Love Hen~ らぶフェチ ~らぶ編~ [050527] Erogos
Main character gets accused of indecent behavior by a girl and is forced to marry her. But soon his anxieties get swept away by further uproar...

33. Motto Ijitte Princess ~Mou! Mata Konna Tokoro de 2~ もっといじってプリンセス~もう!またこんなところで2~ [050527] Vitamin
Prince lives a carefree life while king is occupied with grand politics. Three princesses are captured after conquering neighboring territories. King gets an idea to pacify nations by arranging a marriage between his son and one of captured princesses. But it's difficult to understand which one to choose without testing them properly.

34. Onedari Milky Pai おねだりミルキーパイ [050527] Sekilala
Main character lives alone in the apartment after his parents go overseas. He has to take a two week break from his part-time job in the cafe because of forced additional lessons. But as he returns to his part-time job he is amazed to notice that all four waitresses now suddenly have huge breasts thanks to new revolutionary medicine. But the drug has side effect of unstable behavior and milk pouring out unless male semen massage is done. His childhood friend comes to him in tears as she can't return home with such huge breasts. After the shameful procedures her breast shrinks to the normal size. However, part-time job waitresses learn about this efficient cure and demand their share of treatment.

35. Oshiete Onee-san ~Aniyome no Midara na Hirusagari~ 教えてお義姉さん ~兄嫁の淫らな昼下がり~ [050527] Zero
Main character stays at his brother's house in Tokyo for a week before the final university entrance test. Older brother works till night while his young wife remains in frustration. Protagonist witnesses her masturbating alone and can't hold his desires.

35. Rinkan Byoutou "Yamete... Sensei, Minaide!" 輪奸病棟 「やめて…先生、診ないで!」 [050527] Lune Team Bitters
Hero who is aiming at director in hospital for the next term. The woman is made degenerate to expand a present position and networks further and it uses it as a tool of politics. The appearing woman such as women doctors who call the beginner nurse and the clinical study raped in turn by VIP patient's grandfathers and are raped in turn by the young man doctor becomes the catch of the group humiliation everything. There is no troublesome work in this game that draws the flow of the series of raping in turn. It can easily enjoy "Group humiliation H scene".

36. Rosarium ~Tsunagareta Shounen~ Rosarium~繋がれた少年~ [050527] Optim
Isolated from the world, a dark basement where the light doesn't reach...
The boy's screams and panting echo through the room again today.
He woke up here suddenly one day, unable to remember anything no matter how hard he tried. He had no clue about his own name, or what his life was like up until now.
While he was lost in thought, a girl came up to him. She explained to the boy that he was sold to this place to pay off debts left by his late parents.
He's being trained as a slave to be sold off to the highest bidder...
...but is that really the only thing going on here?

37. Ryoujoku Idol Mesu Dorei ~Higyaku no Tokubetsu Lesson~ 凌辱アイドル牝奴隷~被虐の特別レッスン~ [050527] Nomad
Main character is a president of a small entertainment production company with a firm standing. He acquired this position by training idols into sex slaves and presenting them to powerful people. Now he receives a new request, so he starts looking for a suitable prey.

38. Shinshoku ~Inma no Ikenie~ 侵蝕~淫魔の生贄~ [050527] Touchable
Girl Nana Serizawa suffers from excessive libido, and thus undergoes a counselling. But she faces temptation from the world of immorality, corruption and perversion. Eventually she sells her best friend to the devil in exchange for further pleasure.

39. School Navigation! スクールなびげーしょん! [050527] Xwind
In addition to drama and partially animated CG there are two short stories. 
First one describes a few characters and activities of a catholic Academy.
The second one is a bizarre short story with totally different characters.

40. A Trunk [050529] TNK
One night, a big trunk was delivered to my apartment. I opened the trunk, finding inside a young, beautiful girl.
As soon as she awoke, she wanted to have sex with me right away. I was embarrassed with the unexpected situation, but became gradually obsessed with her....
Dildo, Anal beads, Vagina, Anal..... Enjoy having some fun with the beautiful chick!

41. My Pet Len マイペットレン [050529]  MOON GODDESS
7th episode in My pet Tsukihime series.
Len wants to protect the world of dreams, but gets trapped in its darkest corner with insults repeated over and over.
Doujin Nukige

42. Marriage [0505] dydy
Sanae and Toru are childhood friends who live next door. They were very close friend at a young age, but as of lately there have been signs of mental retardation in Toru.

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