VN of the Month December 2007 - Dies irae

Dies irae is VN of the Month. Oh, well, now there won't be intrigue about VN of the Year. Himawari is another masterpiece. For review I chose Love & Dead by LiarSoft in hope for absurdist comedy.

1. Fair Child [071214] ALcot 1
Pure and fair, I wanna deliver this feeling. Kazuki's parents passed away when he was a kid. But he lives a peaceful life at his aunt's house, and somehow enjoys it with Kotori, his cousin, and Kokoro, his friend. He hopes this life lasts forever, but, Nothing stays the same. Time never stops. To gain something means to lose something. When he knows it, he will get a little bit closer to an adult...
There is an English review.

2. Magical Change Yuuki-kun マジカルチェンジゆうきくん [071214] Es-pot
Yuki looks girlish. He is also sensitive and delicate, so he is treated as a girl at school. One day, when he is outside, something hard strikes him and he loses consciousness. When he wakes up, he finds himself lying in a sick-room.... He has become a girl! A doll-like girl suddenly appears in front of him. It seems he'll need to follow her orders to get back to a boy....
Comedy royal road game. To get back to own body Yuki needs to get seed from all the heroines, so there's a lot of yuri. It's basically a kusoge, but a funny one.

3. Majidashi! Royale ~Finish wa Watashi no Naka de~ 真剣出し!ロワイヤル~フィニッシュは私の中で~ [071214] Blue Gale
Sasuga follows his mother's will and moves to a new high school. According to her will, there are several girls who will accept his semen... Though he has a fiancee, he reluctantly follows her will. On his first day of school, he is persistently pursued by them... Will he be able to keep his love with his fiancee..?
Setting fits a nukige, but it's actually a bakage with constant failures. Unfortunately, it becomes serious from the middle, so leaves a bad aftertaste. H dimension is rather poor. Work is half price, so it's difficult to demand much.

4. Nagisa no ナギサの [071214] Cotton Soft 1 2
The main character is a high school student. He is busy with studying hard every day. One day, just before summer, he is taken to a small town near the sea for relaxation. But he gets confused since everything he sees and every girl he meets are very fresh to him. He was supposed to stay there for several days and come back to his hometown, but.... Summer has just begun....
Nagisa no features the Random Event System (RES) from Natsumegu to spawn mini-events on the city map view.
I don't like small events for choosing, but it is subjective. There are four writers, and some events are super boring. Heroines feel mediocre. Rural atmosphere is well recreated, individual routes are better than in Natsumegu, but overall it's a step back from Reconquista.

5. Myself;Yourself [071220] Regista 1 2 3
Myself ; Yourself is set in 2007 in the fictional town Sakuranomori in W Prefecture (which is modeled after Wakayama Prefecture, Japan). The town is in a quiet, rural area on the southern tip of the prefecture and borders the Pacific Ocean.
Sakuranomori is the birthplace of Sana Hidaka, a sixteen year old high school student, who grew up with his childhood friends Nanaka Yatsushiro & Aoi Oribe, his best male friend Syusuke Wakatsuki, and Syusuke's twin sister Syuri Wakatsuki.
Sana left Sakuranomori when he was eleven years old, but returns five years later living on his own in the apartment building Aoi's family runs. Sana soon finds out that while some things have stayed the same, there are still just as many things that have changed.
There is an English review

6. Clover Point [071221] Meteor
"Clover Garden", a local legend. A field covered with four-leaf clovers appears only during winter. If you pick it up and make a wish, it'll come true...
Yuma is a high school student. He practices a play hard every day. But one day, Yaya suddenly transfers to his class, and his fate gradually changes...
It's pretty much a semi-kinetic novel since there is just one choice between heroines. First part of the game before the choice feels like just introduction to heroines and lacks excitement. The whole legendary clover has meaning only in one heroine route, so there is basically very poor story. It's cute and quite erotic, so inevitably word moege shows up. Or consider it a mediocre charage.

7. Moe Moe Niji Taisen (Ryaku) 萌え萌え2次大戦(略) [071221] SystemSoft Alpha
World-famous World War II breaks out. Allied countries such as the United States, Britain, and the Soviet Union participate in a war against Axis countries such as Germany and Japan. The sparks are spreading all over the world as front expands.
Steel Maidens are deployed as new secret weapon in Europe and Pacific.

8. Dies irae [071221] light 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
May 1, 1945 ― Germany. On the eve of Berlin's collapse, a group of men and women carried out a certain ritual. To them, suffering defeat in the war meant nothing. If anything, the countless lives lost in the battle served as a catalyst to their sacrificial ceremony. Whether or not their attempt bore fruit ― not a soul knows. Following the war, they faded from sight, mind, and eventually into the realm of myth.
61 years later ― Japan, 2006.
Ren Fujii, a young man attending high school in Suwahara City, finds his friendship with his old buddy Shirou Yusa shatter to pieces following a certain incident, ending in a vicious fight that sees Ren hospitalized for two months.
The season shifts from autumn to winter ― to the dawning weeks of December, with Christmas on the horizon. Having lost his best friend, Ren leaves the hospital with the intention to rebuild his new life without Shirou.
But even that plan soon falls apart. Irrationality that defies the realm of common sense begins to assault and devour the city. Abnormalities soon seek to destroy everything Ren holds dear before his eyes with overwhelming violence.
He must change, even if it means crossing the boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary. His desires are hardly anything grand. All he wants is to return to those days of old. Back to those days filled with simple, everyday joy.
The battle with the Longinus Dreizehn Orden. A continuation of that war full of madness, carnage, and maledictions. What future awaits Ren at the end of his road...?
Game is localized and has English reviews.

9. Solfege ソルフェージュ [071221] Kuroneko-san Team
Kagura is a high school student who returns to her old school after three years abroad. There, she wants to meet again her sempai Sukune, who she admired since she was little. But she has also more friends: the active Chiho and the serene Kotomi. But it seems Sukune has forgotten her! What's happening...?
Yet another rhythmic game, and this time it's time for yuri! After realizing it all the remaining interest waned.

10. Tsuki Kagura 月神楽 [071221] Studio e.go!
There is a city where a war between a shrine and monsters lasts for a long time. One day, Chimushi-hime, a leader of the monster group, says to Hitenmaru, her right-hand man, "Be careful, there is something wrong with the sky..." Just when he goes out to the front line, there appears Honoka and Sumika from the shrine group. While they have a battle, some strange monsters suddenly appear in front of them. The shrine group and monster group work together and somehow defeat them... After the battle, they decide to call a truce, and try to get rid of the strange monsters...

11. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku 涼宮ハルヒの約束 [071227] guyzware
“The Kitakousai festival was coming up at school, but the members of SOS were running around making the movie out of Haruhi’s idea. What happened at this busy time of the members? Taking place in the back stage that wasn’t shown in the anime, players are able to enjoy the original story of the game. The secret that leads to the TV anime is now revealed!!”
The PSP game is an interactive novel with spot animations and voice acting that's provided by the actors from the animated series. Players take on the role of Kyon and engage in various interactions with the main cast members and read the conversations that ensue. Although the story in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku is based on the "The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi," the scenarios and overall material are new and written exclusively for the game. Multiple endings are also possible depending on the actions that one takes over the course of the game. In addition to the interactive experience, a number of mini-games are also playable at certain junctures including a simple beach volleyball diversion. Bandai touts a new "Motion Portrait" technology that's used in the game where lifelike facial expressions are imbued on the characters so that they appear to be "living" renditions of the heroines we've grown to adore.
Anime Spin-Off

12. Time Leap タイムリープ [071227] Frontwing 1
There is a Shinto shrine in a rural town where the keeper of the Shrine known to us only as "Ji-chan" lives together with his granddaughter and the orphans he took under his care.
Oldest of them Haruka-nee became a teacher in the school Yuu-chan, Seiji the protagonist and Ayumu-nee the granddaughter goes to. There are also two kids Fuuta and Sakura living with them.
Their lives are peaceful except the times they have to fend of Hisamitsu the rich idiot kid of town, who everyday comes to ask Ayumu to be his maid. Only to get beaten to a pulp and carried off by his poor maid Komomo who has to apologise for him again and again...
All is well... Until they meet with a younger version of Ayumu traveled through the time from the past...
There is one good long English review.

13. Love & Dead [071228] Liar-soft
An omnibus story set around private school that attracts death incidents featuring three different male protagonists - student Fuuta, recently appointed teacher Romio and young actor Kai.
I'm reviewing it in hope for substantial comedy.

14. Himawari ひまわり [071231] Blank Note 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Himawari tells a tale of love, tragedy, and sacrifice played out on two stages – Earth, and outer space. Enter Hinata Youichi, a young high school student and sole survivor of a tragic spaceplane crash that robbed him of both his family and memories roughly two years prior. Amnesiac but steady in his new life, Youichi manages to find solace in surrounding himself with friends: Amamiya Ginga, the eccentric son of a world-famous astronaut, as well as the tomboyish, yet ultimately kind-hearted quasi-childhood friend, Saionji Asuka. Everything changes, however, when an unidentified object crash-lands in Youichi’s hometown and he meets Aries, a mysterious – and similarly amnesiac – young girl from outer space. Who is Aries? What happened on that fateful day two years ago? And what secrets lurk behind the accident that turned Youichi’s life upside down?
Explore Youichi’s struggle in coming to terms with his lost memories while an entirely different story is revealed to have taken place far beyond the clouds, in the chilling void of outer space. What starts out as a young man’s light-hearted high-school adventure soon takes a more serious turn as both Youichi and the reader are led to face a sobering revelation: that not everything is as it seems at first glance.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

15. Sengoku Gensoukyou 戦国幻想郷 [071231] Coolier
The story sets the player as Hakurei Reimu into a situation where Gensoukyou has been divided up into various warring states. The ever mischievous Yakumo Yukari, the culprit behind the start of this war game, has sent out letters to all of the major factions of the world laying out the rules of the game and promising to grant one wish for the winning team.


1. Goshujin-sama wa Watashi no Mono ご主人様は私のモノ [071201] Will Tame
Main character lives in a western mansion with a female childhood friend like just classmates. They decide to hire a maid to manage the place. New maid wants to become hostess here, so she seduces protagonist and becomes pregnant from him. However, afher that childhood friend...
Doujin Nukige

2. Seishokusha ~Ochiyuku Touma no Gakuen~ 征触者 ~堕ちゆく討魔の学園~ [071201] Parthenon -Zero-
Near future where demons have plagued the Earth. People settle only in cities with anti-demon defense pillar and barriers.
In one such city there is a high school that nurtures exorcists four counter-strike forces. One day a powerful half-demon steps into this school grounds to violate and humiliate students and thus get appreciation from his pure blooded demon comrades.
Doujin Nukige

3. Naisho no Natsuyasumi ナイショの夏休み [071201] Kaerinokai2
Father remarries, and main character gets cute little sisters. On a summer vacation day older brother gets lost to temptation and attacks new sisters.
Doujin Nukige

4. Jishou Fuuma Miko Yayoi 自称封魔巫女・弥生 [071202] Oyama Dennou Giken
Hospital gets closed due to a series of disappearances. Popular shrine maiden internet idol girl at the request of a TV station agrees to perform a night ritual at the hospital. However, when staff members come for the girl in the morning, she is nowhere to be found. And only the camera that was recording the whole night tells the truth...
Doujin Nukige

5. One of Won Won -The One of Wonwon- わんおぶわんわん-THE ONE OF WONWON- [071203] Nanda*Panda
Main heroine's ex-boyfriend invites her to visit a dog God shrine. But when they arrive there, he starts to behave mean and claims that person who argues in front of the shrine will turn into a dog. And of course they quarrel over a trifle, and boy turns into a dog. Heroine visits people linked with the shrine to find a cure for the boy.
Doujin Otomege

6. Himtsu no Kankei -Nagisa to Sakura- 秘密のカンケイ-渚と桜- [071204] Soft Circle Courreges
Sakura is a lively girl who is the center of her class's attention. However, she's also your faithful sex slave. This adventure game exposes the secret after school relationship between Sakura and her old buddy and current sex friend Nagisa, who happens to have an extra special body.
Exactly how their secret relationship ends is left up to you.
Doujin Nukige

7. Manbiki Shoujo Ryoujoku Shiiku ~Mesuniku Omocha no Kankin Seikatsu~ 万引き少女 陵辱飼育 ~牝肉玩具の監禁性活~ [071205] Studio-74
Girl gets recorded on a camera while shoplifting. Trembling girl is blackmailed into providing sex services in the dimly lit convenience store.
Doujin Nukige

8. Power Pro Kun Pocket 10 パワプロクンポケット10 [071205] Konami
Two scenarios are included:
1. Koshien Straight Line Edition「甲子園一直線編」is about high school teams competition.
2. Armored Vehicle Battle Digger「装甲車バトルディッガー編」is about ruins exploration with the tank called Battle Digger.
There is also "Success Mode" that allows to train your team.
Console Exclusive

9. Chibi Chibi Fiancee ちびちびフィアンセ [071207] Norn
Shijo Fumito, the hero of this story, is a kind hearted, weak minded teacher at a private school.
One day, two of his pupils, both girls, unexpectedly show up at his door. They tell him they are his fiancees, and that they will be living with him from now on!

10. Haramase Saimin Princess 孕ませ催眠プリンセス [071207] Erotica Black
Main character is a hired manager of a small hotel. Country's princess runs away with her closest female knight from political marriage and stays at this hotel to rest. Protagonist gets a super strong aphrodisiac drug from black market and serves it to princess with wine...

11. Hissatsu Chikannin 必殺痴漢人 [071207] Anim
One day, when Koichi was on a crowded train, a girl in front of him suddenly cried out, "He's a train molester!" "What!? No, I didn't do that!" He was mistakenly arrested for train molestation. Two years later, Koichi is now on a train to take revenge on that girl, "I'll do it...."

12. Niizuma x Niizuma x Niizuma!? ~Watashi ga Tsuma Desu!~ 新妻×新妻×新妻!? ~私が妻ですっ!~ [071207] Lilith Soft
Can you image what could happen when the women from your past suddenly have become your wives? Innocent good women now have become so possessive, wanting to keep you as their husband for themselves. To do that, they try using all kinds of erotic moves on you, transformed themselves to be really sexy new wives. Now, what would you do? At the peak of ecstasy, the main character achieved orgasm many times. The women were at the mercy of his intense ejaculation.

13. Shiroi Uta 白い詩 [071207] beads of dew
In the winter of the first year of high school, the protagonist, whose name can be changed, discovers a letter that she had forgotten about.
The letter was put in the hero's shoe box two years ago, with no addressee or sender.
It was in some ways more like a poem.
Doujin Otomege

14. Starlight [071208] rocket
Starlight is a relationship and decision game based on the idea that managing relationships can be interesting even if they are not romantic. Actually in Starlight there are romantic overtones and some fanservice, but the basic theme remains that a person in a position of leadership must manage personalities and conflicting expectations to get everyone to succeed. Starlight Episode Zero is proof of concept for this idea.

15. KuruKuru Princess: Yume no White Quartet くるくるプリンセス 夢のホワイトカルテット [071213] Spike
Be an Angel on Ice! Perform a graceful triple lutz on DS! Take a fun journey into the world of competitive figure skating -- using your stylus, you’ll be able to perform spins, jumps and impressive skating combinations. Wow the audience with salchow jumps and other graceful moves. Train with your coach to learn new expert moves. Train hard but remember to balance your life by going to school and meeting up with friends. When it’s competition time, be sure to choose the right song, costume and routine. And always try your best!
Console exclusive

16. Kanjuku Shimai ~Haha Futari Chichi Shibori~ 姦熟姉妹~母ふたり乳搾り [071214] Kuro Hina
Yuki is a high school graduate who is preparing for another chance to enter a university. He falls in love with Sakurako, his mother, and tells it to Reika, Sakurako's younger sister. Endless boring life.... His life gradually changes....

17. Magia Mystica -Seirei Majutsushi- マギア・ミスティカ-精霊魔術士- [071214] B Works
Jailbait protagonist, Manase Yui, works as sorta young prodigy member of the super secret magical organization Ogdoas after basically growing up there.
4 years prior to when the game takes place, betrayal of the only other person who’d developed any trust in past Ernei, Glenn, leads to Yui getting a cursed magical artifact stuck deep up his ass that forces him to forever be stuck in a shota body while dealing with his body constantly hungering for other peoples ‘magic’.
One day, Yui gets sent on a mission to deal with a series of incidents happening in an all-boys school – Seishin Academy. Thus starts Yui’s first experience of actual school life while hiding his identity, acting out his duties as a leader of the team that was gathered there, while keeping his secret stay hidden from the others; facing Glenn as the possible mastermind behind the incidents
and possibly finally pick someone as a partner for a ‘contract’ from one of his teammmates.
Boys Love

18. Mesunie Onna Kyoushi ~Watashi wa Kare no Mae de Hizamazuku~ 牝贄女教師 ~私は彼の前で跪く~ [071214] Ail
Female teacher Mizuki is about to get married when she receives confession from her student Akira and turns it down. Akira then involves Mizuki's favorite student Yui to establish physical relationship with her and uses recordered video to blackmail Mizuki. The peaceful days are over for the teacher.

19. Musume Shimai 娘姉妹 [071214] Rune
The main character has two daughters, but he lives separately from them for a long time because of his job. One day, he is suddenly fired. He disappointedly comes back to his house, but he is happy to be able to stay with his daughters. He tries to keep self-control, but...

20. Nozoicha Dame! ~Dokidoki Joshiryou Kansatsu~ 覗いちゃだめっ!~ドキドキ女子寮かんさつ~ [071214] Swanmania
Main character has to live alone due to parents circumstances. He rents an apartment owned by his relatives cheaply and goes to school. However, girls from school start to visit this place and renovate it little by little ending with renaming it to "Women's Dormitory". Protagonist soon finds himself living alongside many girls and bumping into them at every corner.

21. Onna Kyoushi Ryoujoku Seminar 女教師陵辱セミナー [071214] Mischievous
It's boring...." Students talk about only love and study. It's very boring and irritating to be at school. Also, Hikari, our new classroom teacher, always criticizes me and a girl next to me, Akari, is too casual with me. "I just wanna destroy them all...." One day, he discovers Akari's secret by accident and makes her his sex slave. He also plans to make Hikari his sex slave. "A despairing face of a proud woman.... I can't stop laughing. It's time to give them my sex lessons....

22. Oshiete Miko Sensei Ni Gaiden ~Harem Hen~ おしえて巫女先生弐 外伝~ハーレム編~ [071214] Anesen
The Harem Route of the original game as a Fandisk.

23. Ryoujoku Gakuen Cheer Girls Koukai Choukyou 陵辱学園チアガールズ公開調教 [071214] Finish!
Kamuro High School is famous for its great sports achievements.
Main character comes here as a part-time teacher and uses zero active members club advisor role for voyeurism. One day director appoints protagonist to deal with the incident happened to the cheerleader club member. That unveils an underground school life full of sexual slavery.

24. Sakimidare 咲き乱れ [071214] Caligula Soft
Main character got in love with sempai two years older and even sent confession letter to her, but forgot to sign it. Five years after graduation he returns to his school as intern to find his former sempai as a married teacher with a different surname. Six years worth suppressed of lust and woman's frivolous behavior inevitably leads to them hooking up...

25. Sweet Home ~H na Onee-san wa Suki Desu ka?~ Sweet Home~Hなお姉さんは好きですか?~ [071214] CODEPINK
Ryuichi is a university student. He used to live alone and enjoyed his school life. But one day, his apartment was destroyed by a fire.... He reluctantly comes back to his house. But his house has been changed to a boarding house for girls...! It seems there is no place for him to live. But they all allow him to stay there together! His new life begins like this...

26. Sweet RooM ~Yatte! Yararete!? Onee-chan~ Sweet rooM ~やって!やられて!?お姉ちゃん~ [071214] Dieselmine
One day, the protagonist accidentally peeps on the place where Mayuri is bathing.
However, Shiori sees this and can tell about it.
"If you want me to keep it secret from your sister, you must become my slave". From that day on the main character endures Shiori's sexual torment.
Doujin Nukige

27. Witch's Slave ~Watashi no Ashi o Oname~ Witch's Slave~ワタシの脚をお舐め~ [071214] Noa
"You're now my slave!" Takuma is sent to an old Western-style house for loan. There is a witch girl, Rinon, living alone. He is forced to work as her slave day and night.... She sometimes gives him erotic orders. He has sex with her enemies at school, and is given sex training at home. When will his slave life end...?

28. Buruma Tsuke ブルマ漬け [071214] Aglaia
There are three short stories about Haruhi, Ryo and Nagato from anime Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu featuring in bloomers.
Doujin Nukige

29. Mesu Dorei Miboujin ~Ingoku ni Ochita Mofuku Hitozuma / Miharu to Kyouko no Dorei Kiroku~ 牝・奴隷未亡人~淫獄に堕ちた喪服人妻/美春と今日子の奴隷記録~ [071215] Crepe
Using a lewd widow as bait, her strong-willed friend gets caught the disgraceful trap set for her.
Sexual tortures with chains await the 2 inside a house for female livestock, and reason slowly turns into depravity…!
Doujin Nukige

30. Private Life プライベート・ライフ [071215] E.D.E.N.
Sugihara Makoto is a 2nd year student in a boys school. He hasn't particularly been studying or falling in love, but rather just getting through each day. However, one winter day he ends up being forced to attend a boring sounding committee that calls itself 'The Graduation Ceremony Success Committee.'
Teachers, upperclassmen, peers, and old friends. Even though it doesn't seem like it, everything changes bit by bit every day. What kind of events could be awaiting him?
The story progresses in sound novel format. You are Makoto and you progress by making various choices. Do your best and try to get the happy ending.
Doujin Boys Love

31. The Forgotten And Wishful Days [071216] Realms of Claieth
You play as Kelvin, who lives happily at a remote village, or does he? Actually not, since he lives under his skilled, popular brother's shadow... He feels that his existence is nonsense. However, he is saved by a young soldier, who treats him as his little brother despite Kelvin's reactions to him. Soon, Kelvin realizes that his life has meaning....for the one who saved him.

32. Anata no Tonari de Yureru Jikan あなたの隣で揺れる時間 [071217] Marble Soft
You're a girl who made a wish when she was a kid that she would have a boyfriend before her 18th birthday. But it's almost that day and it hasn't come true yet, will she be able to fulfill her wish and find love?
Doujin Otomege

33. Kunoichi Mikagetsu Inyuuki Jinmon Hen くのいちミカゲツ淫遊記 尋問篇 [071220] MorningStar
Main character is invaded by shinobu in his own castle! Girl is caught and tied, but she refuses to name her master, so secret medicine techniques and special tools are prepared for her...

34. Minami kara no Tegami ミナミからの手紙 [071220] #define
Kusanagi Kazushi, our main character, steps bravely into the world of online dating websites half out of curiosity and half out of other motives...
It is there that he meets a girl. But when he talks to her, he gets a strange feeling...
And as the distance between them grows shorter, that feeling begins to turn into clear suspicion.
Maybe, just maybe... This girl lives in the same town, and goes to the same school...?
Doujin Nukige

35. Kemonomichi -Ni- けもの道-弐- [071220] Rascou
A strong willed magical warrior heroine and an archer fall into the trap of a lizard monster and a squid monster.
Doujin Nukige

36. Chikan Sharyou Ichigousha ~Saikyousen~ 痴漢車両1号車~崎京線~ [071221] Matsuri Kikaku
The main character has a train molestation test to be a pupil of a legendary train molester. He is taught various molestation techniques and he molests all girls around him using them....

37. Gakuen Pets ~Houkago no Shiikusha~ 学園ペッツ ~放課後の飼育舎~ [071221] Goku-Fero
Maiko is my sex slave. But I'm tired of her.... Ah, Saori? Yeah, she is pretty. She likes me, so it will be an easy job. Yes, I'll train her and make her become my sex slave...

38. Gakushoku no Oba-san ~Kaa-san no Shiru no Aji~ 学食のおばさん~母さんの汁の味~ [071221] Guilty+
Daisuke is a university student. Though his parents went missing when he was a kid, he enjoys his school life. One day, he becomes friends with two women. One of them is Kumi, his classmate. She is thirty years old and married. The other is Ryoko. She works at a school canteen. It doesn't take long until he and Ryoko fall in love and they finally sleep together.... One day, he tells her about his past. And her face suddenly turns pale and she says, "I can't meet you anymore...." Actually, Ryoko is his own mother....

39. Hitozuma Sakunyuu Hyakkaten 人妻搾乳百貨店 [071221] Lune
Junya is an owner of a restaurant. One day, he is offered to open a new branch of his restaurant in a famous department store. Before he accepts it, he decides to visit the department store for research. But during his visit there, he is witnessed by the boss of the department store when he enjoys the breasts of a receptionist. Due to this, he reluctantly opens the branch there.... There is also another problem that he'll need to find some girls who can give him their breast milk....

40. HSK ~H na Imouto to Tsun na Osananajimi ni Hasamare ADV~ HSK ~Hな妹とツンな幼馴染に挟まれADV~ [071221] Moviendo
"Stuck between Imouto and Osananajimi..."
For our protagonist Souichi it is a daily routine to get raised by his Imouto Hadzuki, and than go to school with her and his Osananajimi Kotone.
Someday, his parents suddenly had to go on a business trip for half a year.
While Hadzuki was made to go shopping, his parents told him that she is infact not his real Imouto -- that they don't have any connection by blood.
Hadzuki was secretly peeking at this scene.
After she learned that there is no blood-connection between them, she approched her beloved brother.
Kotone noticed that, and in order to keep Souichi's desire away from his little sister, she had sex with him...
And thus his H-days began -- stuck between his proactive-perverted Imouto, and his Osananajimi, wich tried to keep them from doing "it".

41. In Days 淫DAYS [071221] Red Label
Tatsuya is a high school student, who wants to be a movie director. He joins a movie club and meets Haruna there. They start dating soon and now lives together. One day, he is offered to take part in a movie competition. But he needs money to make a movie.... As a result, he decides to earn money by selling an erotic video of her....

42. In Series Tokunou Nama Nakadashi 淫シリーズ 特濃生中出し [071221] Erogos
Saya, his sister-in-law, is Ryosuke's sex slave..., she can't live without his dick. Miu is his sex slave as well. Mika has sex with anyone. Chikage is her students' sex slave. Saki is....

43. Mesu Kyoushi 2 ~Injuu no Rasen~ 牝教師2~淫従の螺旋~ [071221] Bishop 1
Shingo is a high school student. He likes to peek at female students changing their clothes. One day, Sanae, a training teacher, comes to his school. He immediately tries to peek at her, but he has an accident and is taken to a sickroom. Rihoko, a medical doctor, secretly gives him a drug. With the drug, he plans to train his teachers and classmates to become his sex slaves...

44. Miko Otome Sennou Choukyou 巫女乙女洗脳調教 [071221] Mischievous
Defeated demon has to live in human body in a town fully protected by barriers. Autumn ritual time approaches, so main character sneaks to the shrine maiden room while priest is away. Protagonist can't kill maidens protected by sacred ancestor blood, but he can defile these two girls and thus disqualify them for the ritual.

45. Oharai Onee-san! ~Otouto o Yuuwaku Shinasai~ お祓いお姉さん! ~弟を誘惑しなさいっ~ [071221] Lilith Soft
One day, the little brother is possessed by a sex demon.
Our hero, Shinonome Kei, is possessed by a sex demon named Ink. A depraved kind of illness befalls him! If he is to be saved, he must have sex until he ejaculates. Ink's target is Kei's elder sister, Otoka. She coerces Otoka to seduce and have sex with her little brother in order to save his life.

46. Oshiego no Yuuwaku ~Katei Kyoushi Inwai Lesson~ 教え子の誘惑~家庭教師淫猥レッスン~ [071221] Rose Tiara
Haruhiko is hired by his aunt to tutor Yumi, his female cousin. Everything is going well until Yumi ask him if he already have experienced sex. And before he knows it, their roles reversed. It is now Yumi tutoring him about sex.

47. Oshiete! Yuiko Sensei [Ecchi] o Oboeru Otona no Seikyouiku Lesson!! おしえて!唯子先生 【エッチ】を覚える大人の性教育レッスン!! [071221] SQUEEZ
Main character successfully graduated as sex expert, but lost memory in a traffic accident. Yuiko who comes to tutor is shocked that all sex lessons are needed to start again. But childhood friend and neighbor Eiko is not happy about these relations. How will sex education end?

48. Otome Chibaku Yuugi ~Disgrace Return Play~ 乙女恥曝遊戯~Disgrace Return Play~ [071221] Guilty
Kaoru is a high school student. He has a childhood friend, Nanao, at the same school. She has been giving him sexually insulting orders in front of other students and he has always obeyed them. But one day, his patience runs out and decides to take revenge on her.
While he still plans it, he accidentally witnesses Mayu, his classmate, shoplifting. He makes up his mind to use Mayu as his pawn...

49. Semester [071221] Daggio
The game's story is about a transfer student, moved to another school. His name and his schedule will be decided by the player.

50. Shinkon-san ~Sweet Sweet Honeymoon~ 新婚さん~Sweet Sweet honeymoon~ [071221] BaseSon SPICE*
Soutaro and Haru are cousins. Even though they are men, they were forced to marry and started living together. Soutaro loves Haru very much, but Haru just followed his grandfather's will. Soutaro gradually gets irritated by Haru's coldness. Will they be able to get along together...?
Boys Love

51. Shokkan Shikkin Byoutou 触姦 失禁病棟 [071221] Varieta
Girls squirt and orgasm with the dark pleasure that the tentacles bring! Love juice and urine flies everywhere, sexy squeals fill the room, and the girls are shamed as they wet themselves. The girls are ravaged by the squirming tentacles and fall under their control.
Doujin Nukige

52. Shokujuu ~Imouto no Oshiri~ Miu Hen 蝕獣~妹のおしり~ 美羽編 [071221] Skunk Works nano.
One morning, when Takeru wakes up, he finds himself transformed into a tentacle. Also, he rapes his younger sister, Miu, who comes into his room to wake him up. But soon after he ejaculates, he returns to his normal body. It seems his body is changed due to Miu. She secretly made a recall in her room last night. As a result, a monster appeared and possessed him. She tries to get rid of it, but she can't make it. She finally discovers that he will be able to control the tentacle through training. Like this, she decides to give him a hand...

53. Turkey [071221] Pancake
In a small cold country you can smell turkey on Christmas Eve whenever you go. It makes everyone feel happy and cozy. A girl in rags moves from the beach towards town center. This grim girl turns out to be a devil who brings nothing good to the human race.

54. Imouto Chuudoku ~Naosu Kusuri wa Arimasen~ いもうと中毒~治す薬はありません~ [071221] Gatsun Soft
Yuki lost his younger sister when he was a kid. Since then, he sees a face of every girl around him like a face of her. One day, he goes to hospital and diagnosed as sister addiction. He is hospitalized for several days and comes back to his house. However, he isn't completely cured and is hospitalized again. A doctor sends three girls to his room and they start living together. It seems each of them suffers some kind of addiction....

55. Imouto ni! Sukumizu Kisetara Nugasanai! 妹に!スク水着せたら脱がさないっ! [071221] Hamham Soft
Takuto loves school swimsuits. One day, Moyu, his younger sister, suddenly tells him, "You like school swimsuits, right? Shall I wear one for you?" Like this, their secret photo party begins....

56. Kami no Niwa 神の庭 [071223] Suzunome Project
Main heroine is archaeologist apprentice who studies hard every day in a walled town where people are exiled by God after attempt to step into the realm of God. Every day brings new incidents. Wind has stopped completely. Temperature has risen. Nights have been getting brighter. No one knows what's happening, but fateful day inevitably comes closer...
Doujin Otomege

57. Gekka no Kirameki 月下之煌 [071224] Circle Mebius
There is a small independent country " Seikoku" located in remote mountains. Main character gets attacked by a zombie one night. Then a large army of the dead comes under the walls. Among protagonist's troops one girl is found out to manipulate zombies. A way to oppose this huge undead threat must be found with any means possible.

58. The Christmas Question [071224] Mr. E
A small Christmas card in visual novel form, looking for the answer to... the Christmas question.

59. Twin Lovers [071224] Namikaze no Uta
It is a famous cultural festival in town held by all schools together. The night before the event main heroine confesses on the rooftop. Surprisingly, her feelings are accepted. Is this for real?

60. Clover no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ クローバーの国のアリス~ Wonderful Wonder World ~ [071225] QuinRose
A sequel to Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~. Alice didn't fall in love with anyone, and remained in the wonder world. All the characters that appeared in the previous title are already her friends. She knows them well, so it's kinda hard to fall in love with them. There are more exciting battle elements and more fantastic elements included. Will she be able to fall in love with someone in this world full of wonders...?

61. Monochromie: Blanche [071225] Adorya
A cold doll, embedded with the knowledge of the world. This is the VN version of an entry for the PenOfChaos Novel contest 2007. This year's theme was "The door".

62. The Boy Who Loved Crows [071225] Feathered Melody Productions
Jonas, a simple farmer, goes up to shoo the crows threatening his crops. There he meets Astraeus, a boy who lives with and protects the crows, and through him discovers what men have lost. A story of the relationship between humans and nature.

63. Souseiji 双性児[071225] Vincent
I saw my sister changing her clothes, and learned of the female body.
My sister saw me masturbating, and learned of the opposite sex.
Before long, we sought each other out.
And before we knew what was going on, we had became one.
A sexy erotic spring story about the true events that happened between two siblings when their parents were away from home!
An non-stop animated adventure game featuring a popular style scenario and visuals, presented to you by us!
Doujin Nukige

64. Moon Strike -Lost Chronicle- [071227] Vanaheim
A collection of ten side stories:
◆ Chapter 1.「Helldivers」
◆ Chapter 2.「MoonFire & UnderWorldWater」
◆ Chapter 3.「Knight Of Conspiracy」
◆ Chapter 4.「Training High」
◆ Chapter 5.「Betrayer's Hope」
◆ Chapter 6. Twin blade「双刃」
◆ Chapter 7. Days of courage「勇気の日々」
◆ Chapter 8.「Layerd Nightmare」
◆ Chapter 9. Nikoniko Brothers「にこにこ兄弟」
◆ Chapter 10. Stargazers「星を見る人」

65. Shounen wa Koyoi mo Tsuki to Kuruu 少年は今宵も月と狂う [071227] potm
This is a short story happening after events of Tsuki Kurui no Yoru. With nightfall Philer gets increasingly frenzied.
Doujin Boys Love

66. Suzumiya Haruhi no Oetsu 涼宮ハル○の嗚咽 [071227] SABER FISH
This is a gang bang violation adventure game novel based on "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya."
The computer research society president has been rejected by the wild child Haruhi and gets his members together to plan an attack on Haruhi.
Doujin Nukige

67. Tsuki Kurui no Yoru 月狂いの夜 [071227] potm
Peaceful kingdom collapses under assault of demon army. King throws up a white flag and comes under control of Demon King after kingdom's squadron aiming at demon's leader life gets defeated.
But young captain Philer can't accept the idea. With his teacher he moves towards the Demon King castle.
Doujin Boys Love

68. Kana Kara -Shizukana Kanojo Kara no Muriyari Gouin na H Kankei- かなから -静かな彼女からのムリヤリ強引なH関係- [071228] MorningStar
There is a paragon student Aoi who is always serious and quiet. Main character can't even hold her hands, but for he is captivated by the girl. But one day he sees her in unusual state. What is she doing?

69. Maid Hajimemashita ~Goshujin-sama no Osewa itashimasu~ メイド★はじめました ~ご主人様のお世話いたします~ [071228] Vivid Color
Maid Hajimemashita tells a story about a young man named Akagi Ritsu, who is jobless and stays at home. 3 men come to his house one day, invited by his mom, and ask him to work with them. Ritsu agrees to work as a maid in a very big house full of men. Some of these men are employers, and the others are maids.
Boys Love

70. Ranbo ~Miboujin Haha no Ureta Nikutai~ 乱母~未亡人母の熟れた肉体~ [071228] Rose Tiara
Emiko lives with her son. She has not had sexual partners after husband early passing. As of late she starts to have wet dreams about her son. One night she wakes up at night because son sucks her breast and ejaculates on her chest muttering "mother"...

71. Shuugaku Ryokou Yofukashi Gumi 修学旅行夜更かし組 [071228] Sol-fa-soft
On the first night of the school trip, a group of one boy and three girls gathers in one girl's room to play a game, with undressing as the penalty.
Doujin Nukige

72. Touki Reijou Asuka ~Bakunyuu Oujo ni Karamitsuku Shokushu to Slime 闘姫隷嬢 アスカ ~爆乳王女に絡みつく触手とスライム [071228] MorningStar
St. Nibel is caught off guard during the absence of its royal army and its castle is occupied by the demon army Girudea commands. Girudea takes the castle's inhabitants hostage and demands Princess Asuka battle with his monsters as a condition of their release. The monsters slowly come at Asuka who stands in the arena to save her people. Tentacles and slimes torture Asuka's voluptuous body. And so begins Asuka's hopeless battle...

73. Apathy - Midnight Collection ~Vol. 1~ アパシーミッドナイト・コレクション~Vol.1~ [071229] Nanakorobi Hachikorogari
Apathy - Midnight Collection ~Vol. 1~ is an alternate retelling of the horror VN Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi. Additional scenarios and art were eventually added to the original in 2007 to make Apathy - Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~, followed by a final version S that added further scenarios the following year.
Apathy - Midnight Collection ~Vol. 1~ is comprised of three stories.
Emi’s Murder Club Observation Diary is the main story of Midnight Collection 1, which chronicles the adventures of a psychopathic schoolgirl and her attempts not to be assassinated by the school’s Murder Club.
The Following Dog is a far more down-to-earth horror story. It revolves around the legend of a dog who will eat you if you look back on your journey.
Scratches on the Pillars rounds the collection off with a very evocative, artistic story. It's extremely short and is completely linear.

74. Dante Choukyou Keikaku ダンテ調教計画 [071229] AbelCain
You are big brother V*rgil, and for 3 days you are in charge of training your younger brother.
Depending on the outcomes of his training, he may transform into a female slave and love will ensue.
This is a parody, however newcomers to this title will also enjoy the experience.
Doujin Boys Love

75. Dornenkrone Braut -Keikan no Hanayome- Dornenkrone Braut -荊冠の花嫁- [071229] DreamDrops
The protagonist is sexually trained, and gets involved in a romantic relationship. In the process, he learns about the secret of his birth, as well as the riddle of the mysterious 'matrimony'.
There are 3 + 1 characters to capture. There are 5 endings, and the event CG counts 52 images (including variations).
Features sexual insult, training, romance, adultery, divorce and marriage.
Doujin Boys Love

76. Evening Glow [071229] Fusyro
Masato is an ordinary university student in his native seaside town. He doesn't like to stand out and does not participate in bullying. He never got a girlfriend after being turned down by girl at school. There are only two boys who can be considered "friends". Days pass peacefully in their company, and second college year begins.
Doujin Boys Love

77. Fuyu no Otogibanashi 冬のお伽ばなし [071229] simomemai
This is an 18 and above Japanese style animal-boys love Windows adventure game for women.
Having lost his memory and lost in a blizzard, the main character arrives in a mystical mountain village. A village where beasts have the ability to transform into people and talk using human language. This is where he must spend his winter...
Doujin Boys Love

78. Kyonyuu OL Ryoujoku Nisshi -Chijoku no Mesu Dorei Gyoumu- 巨乳OL凌辱日誌-恥辱の牝奴隷業務- [071229] little shop
This is little shop's first voiced production. It is a short adventure game in which a big-breasted office lady is thoroughly ravished.
Kwashima Sachiko is a new employee at the office whose days are filled with shame and disgrace. This is one such day.
We hope you enjoy watching Kwashima Sachiko as she is disgraced while satisfying the men's desires.
Doujin Nukige

79. Ratirica ラティリカ [071229] Princess Crown
"Ratirica" is a magical tiara with hidden powers, that has been passed down through the generations of the royal family. Upon being rejected by Ratirica, Princess Caroria fails her succession ceremony. During the following two months, she must train herself until the next succession ceremony occurs, in the hopes of being accepted by Ratirica.
With the help of Norn, a Shinto priest, she is also able to explore other kingdoms and befriend the various princes that she meets.
Doujin Otomege

80. Shokushu Gakuen Tolanuru 触手学園とらぬる [071229] Sherbet Soft
Tentacle monster assaults girls everywhere - in the bathroom, shower, gym even during summer festival. This is animated story about tentacle violation of four To Love-Ru heroines.
Doujin Nukige

81. Sukumizu Masshigura スク水まっしぐら☆ [071229] Babel
One summer day main character gets blamed by head of swimming club for not helping other members to clean the pool. Protagonist is left alone to do the final watering. Nazuki decides to stay and help him. Afterwards, the two young people get alone in the changing room, and...
Doujin Nukige

82. Uchi Papa うちパパ [071229] aki8
Akira moves in next door to single father Saeki Tomoharu and his five-year-old daughter Midori.
At first they seem like normal neighbors -- but turns out that dad is an erodere!
A heartwarming erotic comedy, or something like that.
Doujin Boys Love

83. Otto no Shinyuu no ChiOpo o Kuwaeru Inran Bakunyuu Tsuma Fujii Yukari 夫の親友のチ○ポを咥える淫乱爆乳妻 藤井ゆかり [071230] MorningStar
A cold married life... Tomokazu secretly takes peep films in the bedroom of a married couple, out of distrust for his wife, Yukari. In the bedroom he finds Yukari with his friend Tsuguhiko. Anger and irritation awaken a new kind of emotion inside Tomokazu. It's arousal at having his wife have sex with other men!
Doujin Nukige

84. Aku no Kyoukasho - Textbook of Evil 悪の教科書 Textbook Of Evil [071231] Sundervolt
Freeware doujin VN by the Sundervolt doujin circle.
Doujin Anthology

85. Aneimo Chikan あねいも痴漢 [071231] X-BangBang
The protagonist is groping on a routine basis.
One day, he recognizes his sister as a woman and gropes her as well.
He can no longer hold back the desire for his sisters and begins to take action..
Doujin Nukige

86. Ayaka ~Chikai~ 彩花~誓い~ [071231] Hanakojika
There is a peaceful country protected by goddess of flowers. Main character's younger sister is chosen as a pure maiden to bring thanks to the goddess this year. But it becomes the first year when fateful flowers Ayaka don't bloom. To protect his sister protagonist takes the responsibility and starts to seek cooperation from girls with special powers to regain goddess favor.

87. Blue Note [071231] Soft Circle Courreges
Well behaved, loved by many, idolized within the school, the perfect example of a lady.
Seemingly flawless, to the point that she is able to become the student council president almost instantly with no opposition.
Able to act quickly, decisively, and precisely, all the while with a warm and tender smile upon her face.
It's no wonder that her popularity amongst the students skyrocketed.
Under that beautiful sweet smile, there is a secret, a secret that only I know...
Doujin Nukige

88. Boku wa Kimi dake o Mitsumeru Gaiden: Saber Tiger Hen 僕はキミだけを見つめる 外伝 サーベルタイガー編 [071231] raindog
Three mysterious suicides have occurred in Tokyo. The victims belonged to the juvenile gangster group “Sabre-tooth Tiger” led by Takumi, Kazu and Hisa. The group is ordered to reveal the truth behind these violence incidents. What shocking facts will get uncovered?

89. Choukyou Daikounin Another Story ~Uragiri no Daishou~ 調教代行人 Another Story ~裏切りの代償~ [071231] Ariel Soft
Mia has a boyfriend Sail. He comes over for passionate dates, but one day he is caught in bed with sister Sophia. Soon Sail and Sophia start living together in a new place. Mia is furious with Sophia. One day Mia overhears a rumor that there is mansion where women are bought and trained into sex slaves allowing seller to observe the process. Mia sells her sister to the mansion owner, and training begins.
Doujin Nukige

90. Dream Hunter Remu ~Inmu no Ryakudatsusha~ ドリームハンター麗夢 ~淫夢ノ略奪者~ [071231] Borneo PARA.SITE
Remu Ayanokouji, a girl who has solved numerous mysteries while asleep, now found herself standing in front of the demon pillaging the dream world, and his servants!
They charge Remu, assaulting her in numerous ways.
Doujin Nukige

91. Dream Hunter Remu ~Kumo Baku ito no To~ ドリームハンター麗夢 ~蜘蛛縛糸の都~ [071231] Borneo PARA.SITE
Ayanokouji Remu stands up to fight the danger in the city, but what was waiting for her was a bunch of perverted and cruel bug succubae.
First spiders, then various bugs and amphibians ravage her. Gangbangs with humans and more also included.
Doujin Nukige

92. Echinacea Echinacea ~エキナセア~ [071231] Monochro Antenna
Main character notices his always reserved female classmate Amamiya walking alone in the park. The next day he decides to follow her after school to see where she is going. She is approached by flying men who want to avenge their blown up companion the other night, so they attack. Amamiya wins this fight, but loses consciousness. Protagonist takes her home and learns that she is an android with a mission in this town, and those flying men are also androids dispatched to prevent her from doing that. Amamiya asks for cooperation in fulfilling her mission, and boy agrees as the alternative is memory erasing with unclear consequences. 

93. Fujinomiya Asuka 120% 藤ノ宮あすか120% [071231] Blue Devil
The lives of Asuka and friends are never quiet, and now they're made even more exciting by the sudden appearance of a magical girl. Once again she brings disaster upon Asuka and friends. Naturally this disaster means plenty of sex and humor for you!
Doujin Nukige

94. Funwari Loli Maid ふんわりロリメイド [071231] X-BangBang
Suddenly she introduced herself and said, "I'm Rinka, a private maid for you, Master."
You have the choices to be gentle or naughty to her.
Depending on the selection, she can turn into a lolita queen...
Doujin Nukige

95. Futaba☆Channel ふたば☆ちゃんねる [071231] Yumemisou
"I want to become a girl and try all sorts of erotic things."
That is what Futaba Yuuki, a full-blown otaku and our protagonist, thinks to himself. But maybe the heavens heard his wish because, after using a strange bar of soap he got from an equally strange girl, the next morning he wakes up in a girl's body.
And that can only mean one thing...

96. Gohoushi! Usagi Tengoku ~Bunny Choujou Kessen!~ ご奉仕! うさぎ天国 ~バニー頂上決戦!~ [071231] Rolling Star
High-class clubs, cabarets, pink salons, and casinos...
The one thing that brings excitement to these places where adults come to play is none other than the Bunnygirl!
The girls, wrapped in bunnysuits, are a pleasure for the customers to look at, and even more, at a certain time, their coquettish bodies are used for the ultimate service...
Even if sometimes they fall into a dangerous trap of lewd passion, these girls will shake their hips and their round asses with al they've got to fight for the next day.

97. Goukan Game 強姦ゲーム [071231] PLASTIC LABEL
Play a rape game with girls at school. It's a game with only one result.
Doujin Nukige

98. Haiiro no Doukutsu 灰色の洞窟 [071231] STARWORKS
Just before getting married, the two went back to the town where they grew up, to search for a certain thing.
That thing was "the cave", which they knew the town elders had been secretly discussing.
Rine, who had the skills to rival even the best of the knights at the castle, set out with Zakk to look for it...
...and at the hands of the demons at the end of the cave, they were driven mad.
Doujin Nukige

99. Harayome-san wa Elf Hime ~Oshikake Kozukuri Shinkon Seikatsu~ 孕嫁さんはエルフ姫~押しかけ子づくり新婚生活~ [071231] Norn
Yutaka is a university student. One day, he visits a forest. He once got lost in the forest when he was a kid and saved by two beautiful women. He doesn't think he can meet them again, but he carries a pendant given by them in hand. He luckily finds them in the forest, but an arrow strikes him and he gets unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself being cured by them. According to them, they are elves, Sera and Aira, and they are now on the run. And their father suddenly appears in front of them and tells him to marry either of them and make a baby....

100. Hurtbreak Wonderland [071231] Natsukon
"If I die, the world will return to a happy place... maybe..."
Life as Misa and Kouichi knew it suddenly changed forever.
Misa awoke in bed after a nightmare... she was engulfed in a car crash fretting over Kouichi's illness. But she was alive now. Was it a dream or reality she'd just seen? The lines of truth and fiction blur in this serious sci-fi novel.

101. Kanata no Tokei 彼方のトケイ [071231] Embryo
Main character attends a school where students are in average 17 years old, but who have to repeat school year due to an accident. He usually goes to school with younger sister who is a heavy sleeper and always wants to sleep more in the mornings by saying "I want to stop time". And mysterious watch controlling time gets found. When secret wishes of people are met the watch starts to shine.
"I want to protect dear people"
"I want to overcome my fears"
"I want to atone for my sins"

102. Katarina カタリナ [071231] ANGEL/BLOOD
Main heroine gets a job at a new large company and visits chairman's hall. She is greeted by a butler and mysterious garden caretaker. The curtains of the tragedy get opened.
Doujin Otomege

103. Koi no Hashi 恋ノ橋 [071231] Nonono Tsuushin
There is a mysterious bridge where you can share feelings by conveying thoughts. This romantic place becomes known as a place where god lives. Another boy and another girl come to the bridge in search for love.

104. Kureuta くれうた [071231] Cotton Club
Main character gets invited by uncle to work for his store at a small town. Nostalgia feelings overflow protagonist as he meets childhood friend, cousin and co-workers. But this place bears dark secrets involving prostitution and drugs...
Doujin Nukige

105. Mahara Miko ~Okiyome wa Aiyoku Inbi ni~ 魔孕巫女~お清めは愛欲淫靡に~ [071231] Parthenon
The protagonist is Masato Mishiba, an ordinary high-school student who becomes possessed by a demon. By a rather convenient coincidence, the miko of the Kusakabe family have been pursuing the demon for quite a long time, and one of them happens to be his childhood friend Hiyori. Will Masato accept Hiyori's love, or will the demon inside lead him to increasing levels of depravity?
Doujin Nukige

106. Majo Hime-sama wa Gohoushi Chuu 魔女姫様はご奉仕中 [071231] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Witch girl Cham appears before main character and claims that it's her obligation as a royal princess to fulfill wish of the first person she meets. 
Wow, is that you wish? Alright, I shall do it.
Doujin Nukige

107. Mayuhogushi -Kagariito- 繭解し -かがりいと- [071231] YUKIRINS
A novel game featuring Rika from "Higurashi no Naku koro ni."
This is an original story after the episode of "Minagoroshi Edition."
More than 20 ending patterns.

108. Miko☆Kami ~Docchi ni Suru no?~ みこ☆かみ ~どっちにするの?~ [071231] Kidnap Company
Brother, what does it mean? 
Young Shinto shrine maidens get a share of their brother's love at home, company office and even during the festival.
Doujin Nukige

109. Mirai no Kimi to, Subete no Uta ni 未来のキミと、すべての歌に― [071231] Supplement Time 1
One day in December, the protagonist finds a girl sleeping in the street. But he soon finds she's actually a musical android named Miku.

110. Oboetate Kids おぼえたてキッズ [071231] Sol-fa-soft
A young couple learn about the joys of sex. They live in a small apartment, which is very cramped, so they engage in sex in various public places: school, stairway of the apartment complex, train, public bath, telephone box...
Doujin Nukige

111. Orekore! オレコレ! [071231] Inspire
Kentaro passes nationwide test at the end of semester. It's time to celebrate it by a shopping trip with childhood friend Misa-chan or by hanging out with Akiko-san living nextdoor.
Doujin Nukige

112. Ragnarok Ixca [071231] Vallel
In 2001 a global disaster destroyed almost all developed countries. Japan accepted too many refugees, and security in those areas deteriorated immensely. At the same time description of this situation was discovered in Zoroaster prophecy which was followed by the promise of the incoming destruction of the world. Panic intensified even further. By 2003 Japan Government introduced re-differentiation program Ixca. In 2012 most people were beginning to forget the existence of prophecies as apart of previous destruction of industrialized countries nothing happened.
Main character returns from spring camp and believes in tomorrow until the day he meets a girl in rags descending from the mountains. Ixca... prophecy... everyone's wishes... the final act begins. "I'm glad to have met you".

113. Risshuu 立秋 [071231] PHASE
Memories of a single summer.
When summer starts, a girl from the city comes to my house to play.
I look forward to it every year.
But this year, I just can't control my emotions anymore.
Doujin Nukige

114. Ryoujoku Mail NTR 凌辱メールNTR [071231] Urayoroduya
You live happily with your beautiful girlfriend, but all this changes when she is kidnapped on the day you two are moving in a new apartment to live together. What is worse is that they send you back pictures and videos of her being raped and corrupted!
What happens next?
Doujin Nukige

115. Samen Toilet Angels 01 ~Namaiki Joshikousei wa Seieki Benjo Hen~ SAMEN TOILET ANGELS 01 ~ナマイキ女子高生は精液便所編~ [071231] Autobahn
Two popular school girls are chosen for a game to make them semen toilets. Will their personalities break?
Doujin Nukige

116. Sei Shugo Senshi Liatris 聖守護戦士リアトリス [071231] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Main character is tired of protecting the world, and he starts to feel emptiness. But then Liatris appears who also fights all by herself without asking for gratitude. She knows the answer to the most important questions - who she is and what she fights for.
Doujin Nukige

117. Senuntei no Aru Fuukei 潜雲艇のある風景 [071231] Green Tea Milk
Albinia continent floats between the endless upper sky and a bottomless lower sky with the power of spirit stone.
Kingdom Hybernia has declared truce with neighboring country.
After finishing report at headquarters main character sets out on a short journey back to the station with his buddy artificial fairy. He takes a shortcut and appears at the border where he sees enemy destroyer. At the same time he notices a building in the clouds. And over there there is a person...

118. Shiro Arcana 白濁アルカナ [071231] PERCEPTRON
A fan-fic nukige starring characters from Arcana Heart.
Doujin Nukige

119. Shishi Ori no Ikenie 獣檻の生贄 [071231] Will Tame
Rich perverts produce genetically modified animals aroused at the site of human women and send them to the zoo.
Female college student is invited with her young mother to the zoo by her mastermind boyfriend. Women start to wonder around the part in search for the boy and get assaulted by all kinds of animals - dogs, monkeys, gorillas, pigs and horses.
Doujin Nukige

120. Shounen no Kuni no Shoujo Alice 少年の国の少女アリス [071231] Stray Moon
It's a world where only boys exist. Suddenly girl Alice appears in such world. Main character is captivated by her presence and is fully at her mercy. Soon he starts to become bolder.

121. Shuuren no Juunigatsu 収斂の十二月 [071231] Talestune 1
Tying the legends together, the stage is set in the city where the God lives.
This is the final chapter in the heartful love novel series.
Yuki and Shiro have disappeared. In order to get them, and his regular everyday life, back... Masaki makes his move.

122. Starlight Harp [071231] Kakusan Fuudou
Shuji works at the detective agency. His current case is strangely connected with the WISH music therapy that his parents develop to deal with viruses.

123. Super Choukyoushi J ~Nerawareta Kouen Shimai~ スーパー調教師J~狙われた公園姉妹~ [071231] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
J can train any girl into the perfect sexual partner to the amazement of men around him. Now he's given an all new challenge. Can he use his powers of sexual prowess and seduction to train two innocent elementary school girls Ayu and Yamame?
Doujin Nukige

This is an original modern battle action story novel.
It is a story of madness and dangerous weapons in the original world-view.
In the nurse disappearance incident, the story began with the discovery of the dead body without a heart.
As you get closer to the truth, the true madness began to surface.
When all was uncovered and done, what do we think about?

125. Time Trouble ~Marie ni Kubikkake~ たいむとらぶる~マリーにくびったけ~ [071231] Applemint
If only Marie Antoinette had me in her life...I could have made her happy...
Either that passionate thought somehow was heard by the heavens, or time has started travelling backwards, but either way, you managed to summon Marie Antoinette!
Between Morikawa Touko, sworn to protect history, and your childhood friend, Sendou Yuuki, who keeps getting in the way of your feelings, a fierce battle is brewing!
Can you both protect history AND your love?

126. Undou Musume Nakadashi Chu 運動むすめ なかだしチュ [071231] Chain-Reaction
A collection of four short erotic stories:
1. Tennis girl coach and five games「テニスっ娘とコーチと5本勝負」
2. Swimming girl, shota and private lesson「水泳っ娘とショッタっ子と個人レッスン」
3. Volleyball girl, sempai and and secret special training「バレーっ娘と先輩と秘密特訓」
4. Cheerleaders and supporting classmates「チアガールと同級生と応援」
Doujin Nukige

127. Kioku no Kakera キオクのカケラ [071231] Ruten
A comedy story on xxxHOLiC about losing memory on April 1st day.

128. O-tonari-san. オトナリサン。 [071231]
Main character decides to skip university classes and rest at home. This brings an opportunity to get acquainted with two lovely neighbors living in neighboring flats.

129. Ouka Koisou 桜花恋奏 [071231] ANGEL/BLOOD
In a cold village girl with a power to heal people serves as a shrine maiden. A series of murders occurs destroying peaceful village life. What is the connection between the girl and the murders? Oppose fate and find out the truth.
Doujin Otomege

130. Sinkha: Atmosphere [071231] Marco Patrito 1
Hyleyn can’t get the Khahaek out of her dreams. Are they mere nightmares? Or are the ancient and fierce dominators of the Galaxy much closer than one might think? Like Hyleyn and Darshine, are they also chasing those who stole the dangerous Khahaek weapon during the battle of Shadoowm? The two women begin a treacherous flight from the huge Anccown spaceport to the capital of Tyuasac-Hon, the corporation of the "worlds without solid ground".

131. Sinkha: Planet of the Clouds [071231] Marco Patrito 1
Chaa-Dedres is a gas giant. Its unending atmosphere is violently shaken by immense hurricanes, above which rise the fabulous aerial cities of the Pneumopods, beings that are able to control the elements. But in its lower layers, under the hydrocarbon storms where the atmosphere is denser, a dangerous secret hides. A secret concerning a terrible Khahaek weapon which could even threaten the immense power of the Sinkha.

132. Sorazome 空染め [071231] Blue Line Games
Freshman Mayumi is forced to join Psychological Phenomena Research Department by a mysterious boy Yukino who pretends to be a school student. He is trying to find out the truth about his sister's suicide, and the truth is hidden in this school...

133. Ziluolan 紫罗兰 [071231] Hollowings
This is a story of one acquaintance.
On Christmas Eve main character meets a girl in terrible circumstances, so he takes her home. Her purple hair looks so unusual that he is sure to have seen it before.
The story about pursuit of happiness begins.
Chinese Doujin

134. Moshimoshi? もしもし? [071231] Teireikai Game Club
A collection of six stories told in a format of telephone talks to emphasize the meaning of everyday life events.
Doujin Anthology

135. Yukizuki no Seisou 雪月の星霜 [071231] Vodales
Sousuke Kusaka is a second-sighted high school boy.
During winter holidays, he decides to go on an excursion to a
small town with his friend..
What awaits him in this snow-covered mysterious town?

136. Asuka ~Kimi o Suki na Tatta Hitotsu no Tamashii~ 明日香 ~キミを好きなたったひとつの魂~ [071231] P.o.l.c.
Spring of 1997.
A certain university 10 years after events of Toumei na Yasashisa.
Kenichi lives a normal student life. However, changes are knocking at the door. Spring brings sunlight, warmth, smiles and love.

137. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Kouen de Asondeiru Onna no Ko o Dou Suru Ka~ しょうじょのみちくさ~公園で遊んでいる女の子をどうするか~ [071231] Sage
Main character lives next to the park and develops an interest in loli girls. He shoots them on the camera every day. One girl falls down and can't get up, another girl rubs playground equipment against her body. It's fun to play with girls at such moments.
Doujin Nukige

138. Sorashita 空下 [071231] Light Hearted
Twelve years ago boy got in an unforgettable incident. At that time certain girl helped him out.
At present time gears that start to move again, and hidden facts from the past start to get revealed one after another. You never know the importance of things until they are gone...

139. Hagukumi Sacrifice Dai 0 Wa - Prologue はぐくみ Sacrifice -サクリファイス- 第0話 Prologue [0712] New Expert
Pre-story describing the trouble of the Church of the Saints with the occult matters. These events get referenced in Episode 1 as "Last week".

140. Twad no Monogatari TWADの物語 [0712] Ingadou Type-I.G.
Main character loses consciousness in a traffic accident. When he wakes up, he is told by some girl that is dead. What does the world after death look like?

141. Ishu Kouhai Jikken 2 ~Suzumiya Haruhi no Shokushu~ 異種交配実験2 ~涼宮ハルヒの触手~ [0712] STUDIO Min
The second volume is about the tentacle attack against Haruhi Suzu**iya and people around her (5 characters). Illustrations and short story describe the humiliation, pregnancy and egg-laying by the tentacle.
This work is created with kiri-kiri, and can be enjoyed in a game style.
Doujin Nukige

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