VN of the Month November 2007 - Demon Parasite ~Akuma no You na Tenshi no Kanojo~

Wow, there are as many as six masterpieces this month - Aster , Kira☆Kira , Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi , Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- , Soshite Ashita no Sekai yori , Demon Parasite ~Akuma no You na Tenshi no Kanojo~ . I'm choosing the last one as VN of the Month, and will explain this choice in its review.

1. Aster [071109] RusK 1 2 3 4
Aster tells the story of four young men, whose lives are connected by one incident.
It all begins with Hiro Sakaki. He is a high school student, and enjoys his life with his old friends, Saki and Saya, twin sisters.
Under the summer sun, their relationships change little by little... "There is no miracle but hope..."
There are English reviews.

2. Anata o Yurusanai アナタヲユルサナイ [071115] AQ Interactive 1
Anata o Yurusanai puts you in the shoes of a female detective who tails suspects around Tokyo as she tries to prove their guilt in various crimes. Holding the PSP vertically, players use the analog nub to tail a suspect and hide behind objects.
Detective game

3. Hayarigami 2: Keishichou Kaii Jiken File 流行り神2 警視庁怪異事件ファイル [071115] Nippon Ichi 1
You are part of the elite police force team. Find the culprit and his identity before he finds you. Investigate urban legends associated with bloody murders via scientific or occult methods leading to different results. And only combination of these methods can reveal the truth behind the case.
Detective game

4. Eternal Fantasy エターナルファンタジー [071122] Circus
One day, Caro, a vigilante, meets Arcie, a girl, being attacked by some criminals. He saved her, and they became friends. On the same night, they went to the central park for the succession ceremony. But, a white monster similar to dragon suddenly appeared in front of them, and it attacked people gathered there. Caro and Arcie tried to save a little girl who was dangerously close to that creature. But they quickly realized that this dragon is too strong for them. However, a little girl gave Caro a holy sword from her own body. With this sword he managed to beat a white monster. But, they were forced to leave the town since people misunderstood they killed the princess, who was supposed to appear near the place of battle. They set out on a journey, and four more girls will join them along the way. Sometimes smiling, sometimes fighting, sometimes encouraging... What awaits them at the end of their dangerous journey?

5. Kira☆Kira キラ☆キラ [071122] Overdrive 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Shikanosuke Maejima is a student at the Missionary school, Oubi Academy. He doesn't attend his club, he doesn't put much effort in his studies, all he does is show up at his part time job; in short, his life could be better. One day, he meets a strange girl, Kirari Shiino, at work and before he knows it, they've formed a punk band.
The band consists of Shikanosuke, Kirari, his childhood friend Chie Isurugi, and a rich but weak young lady by the name of Sarina Kashiwara. The four of them are members of the Second Literature Club, which has hardly any active members and is already scheduled to be disbanded. This band is their chance to stand out and give one final farewell at the Culture Festival.
The challenge was foolhardy, but after eccentric training they managed to succeed and rock out the peaceful Oubi Academy with their debut performance. That should have been it.
They were satisfied.
They should have returned to their normal lives.
However, their final performance at a local Live House became a hit on the Internet and requests for their performance start flying in from far and wide.
One problem: exams are coming up and their parents are opposed to the band!
Who cares!
The four of them embark on their final adventure, a long tour of Japan, armed with their dreams and their instruments, all aboard a rickety van that could fall apart at any moment.
"First stop, Nagoya!" 
Game is localized and has English reviews.

6. Pastel ぱすてる [071122] Siesta
It's the end of spring when all trees are at their most greenest moment, the ocean are blue and stuffs and it's the start of summer. The protagonist goes to an academy called Aoigaoka (or Aogaoka) Gakuen. Along with his childhood friend Mio and his best friend Masashi. But there is something different this summer, the protagonist will encounter many people and it will change him. He will eventually find his "important thing" that can not be seen by eyes.
....The summer of love is starting.....
All heroines are cliche without bright individuality, but cute enough. Heroines almost never intersect, so it's just individual heroine stories. Scenario is also normal school pure love AVG. There are 4-6 H events per heroine, so it might be called a moege, or just a super boring game.

7. Sekai de Ichiban Dame na Koi 世界でいちばんNG(だめ)な恋 [071122] Hermit  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Having lost his love, job, hopes, and even most of his youth, Yoshimura Osamu (28) uses the last of his money at the local pub and aimlessly wanders the streets.
Yet in this moment of utter hopelessness, the strikingly attractive woman -- who had been at the center of attention back in the pub -- approaches Osamu on the street in an attempt to cheer him up.
Sensing that fate itself could be at play in their encounter, Osamu resolves to confess his feelings to the older woman, but...
"Come visit me if you ever find yourself in trouble."
Learning that she runs an apartment complex in a prestigious district of the city, Osamu follows the address he had been given and arrives at the "Terrace House Hinosaka", a run-down boarding house.
But once there, he meets not Honoka, but a girl young enough to be her daughter... who, in fact, is her actual daughter, Hinosaka Mitoko (height: 144cm).
Osamu finds out that while he was busy contemplating fate and his own feelings, Honoka had found another man and eloped, leaving the boarding house to her daughter and a group of eccentric tenants.
And so this tall, jobless, well-educated, and allegedly young man starts his life anew under the same roof as an admirable, hard-working, but vertically challenged girl who vehemently objects to the final part of that description.
Already overwhelmed by his eccentric new neighbors, Osamu finds himself fending off the inexplicable approaches of a co-worker at his new workplace, opposing the nefarious machinations of a wealthy young woman living nearby, and uncovering the truth about Mitoko's homeroom teacher: a woman with a penchant for wearing black stockings.
Where will our protagonist, who had unwittingly made bedfellows with misfortune, end up by the conclusion of this story?
Game is localized and has English reviews. I'll reluctantly admit that it's probably a masterpiece, but I absolutely hate Hinosaka. She is nice in her route, but in other routes she becomes a b*tch crying in hysteria and demanding to love her because she cooks for you, cleans and does other chores. After such ugly scene other heroines endings become bittersweet at best. 

8. Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- 赫炎のインガノック -What a beautiful people- [071122] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Inganock, a city isolated from the outside, a city where everything is distorted, even the sun. It all started ten years ago, at a day called as 'Revival'. Then residents of the city slowly changed into beings that are partially human and partially animal.
To this day, only a few still look fully human on the outside. One of these is Guy, a former medical student, now an illegal doctor that walks the city and cures the poor for free. He changed too, but only in the inside and his change enabled him a mysterious ability that he uses to heal people that keep mutating further every day.
He has a few 'friends' if you can call them that. One of them is a black steel cat girl called Atty. Another one is an old friend from his medical school that he just met again after ten years, Salem. And the games story really begins when he encounters a little girl with pink eyes named Keea... 
Game is localized and has English reviews.

9. Soshite Ashita no Sekai yori そして明日の世界より―― [071122] etude 1 2 3
A small island. There is nothing special about it except for the shining sun, clear sea and verdant forests. Subaru is an ordinary high school student who lives a peaceful life with his childhood friend Yuuhi, his English teacher Asahi, his best friend Aoba and the transfer student Minami. Everyone on the island believes their peaceful lives will last forever, until that certain day.
"A meteor will strike the earth in three months.", says a sudden announcement. There are only three months left. People panic, but they have to keep calm somehow. What will happen to them in the end?
There are English reviews.

10. Thirua Panic ティルアぱにっく [071122] Cocktail Soft 1
One day, Thirua, a devil, turns Yuzuki, the main character, into a girl. He'll need to get back to a man in one month. If he fails, he'll never return to a man. Otome, his senior, knows it, and she takes him to her school dormitory. To get back to a man, he'll need to give Thirua some kind of sex energy every week. Yuzuki tries to save the energy in cooperation with the girls....
Protagonist is super shy donkan, and this forms the whole humor theme of the common route. Heroines are attractive enough, that Cocktail Soft learned to do over all these years. H events are packed by the end of each route. Atmosphere is bright and rather pleasant if you are ok with such genre.

11. Umisho ウミショー [071122] 5pb. Games 1
Kaname Okimura, a student of Umineko Shougyou High School, abreviated as "Umisho", joins the swimming club so he can learn to swim, but the club is full of bizarre people. Then, an extremely happy girl named Amuro Ninagawa, joins the club.
Her extreme velocity under water and her very strange style (with the habit of swimming naked) surprises all the members of the club, specially Okimura, because she reminds him of a mermaid he saw when he was young and that left him traumatized. 
Anime Spin-Off

12. xx na Kanojo no Tsukurikata ××な彼女のつくりかた [071122] Kiss
Due to family circumstances, the hero moves and change schools frequently. He doesn't have a place he can call his hometown.
However something unexpected happened at the start of the new term, inside the shrine at the new town the hero met with the local god named Mikoto.
Because the current town is dull and lackluster, Mikoto's power is weakening. One of the ways to recover and increase his power is that his descendants must be happy. The hero happens to be one of his descendants.
Can the hero and Mikoto bring back the liveliness of the town?
Is this finally the place the hero can call his hometown?
And, what would be his relationship with the heroine like?
Lovers? Sex friend? Or...?

13. Period ピリオド [071126] Littlewitch 1 2
“Dear God, I now make this, the single request of my life…”
—–The near future, Nagasaki.
Into this city, with its long and checkered past
was born a rarity: a child with wings.
I don’t know when it started, but
The school overlooking the town
came to be known as hallowed ground –
and that is where we met.
Though summer comes closer, there is nothing new, and a boring day just rolls on. But, his boring life suddenly ends. He is forced to look for a key of the observatory. He reluctantly accepts it, but gets a little bit excited. An exciting feeling.... A hunch of something will happen. Just before the summer holiday, he meets her.... 
Game is localized and has English reviews.

14. Zero no Tsukaima -Muma ga Tsumugu Yokaze no Fantasy- ゼロの使い魔 夢魔が紡ぐ夜風の幻想曲 [071129] Marvelous Interactive
Saito gradually gets used to the life in the another world. But he has a strange dream every night. That is about his life in the world he used to belong, enjoying his school life with Luiz and Siesta. When he wakes up, he is still in the another world.... One day, a treasure storage box is broken by Luiz's poorly used magic. And what they find is....
Anime Spin-Off

15. Akasen Gairo ~Shouwa 33 Nen no Hatsuyuki~ 赤線街路~昭和33年の初雪~ [071130] C-Side 1
After the war, there are several districts where people are allowed to open a brothel. The main character is Masayuki. He comes to one of the districts to look for his mother. But he can't find her, and is at a loss what to do. Shizue, a brothel prostitute, takes care of him, and he begins to stay at her house.... What will he think when he meets his mother?
There are few works about early Showa era, so there is charm in atmosphere here. It's also a youth growth story in morally questionable environment, so the topics of justice and evil are depicted well. Protagonist is looking for mother in women and is overall immature, and that poses some problems. Even though number of H events is small, story becomes darker than it might be with a different main character.

16. Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni 明日の君と逢うために [071130] Purple Software 1 2 3 4
An island encircled in all directions by the blue sea, Mikazejima. At its heart, a great, deep forest stretches out, which people are forbidden to approach. When he was a child, Yashiro Shuuji lived on Mikazejima. Although he currently lives in the city, he wants to go back to the island someday. One day, a letter comes from his cousin, Mikaze Rika, inviting him to transfer to Suzumori Acadamy, her place of work. Without having to be asked, Shuuji decides to return to the island. Little happenings when visiting a nostalgic place for the first time in a long while, and an unexpected reunion. Though it's a bit different that Shuuji imagined, the scene he desired indeed existed there. Even though school life is relentless here at the famous preparatory school, Suzumori Acadamy, cheerful laughter can always be heard. Yashiro Shuuji's new daily life, this is how it begins— And, as time goes by, he will recall one thing. Mikazejima — that was the place where the gods were last witnessed in this world.
There is an English review.

17. Demon Parasite ~Akuma no You na Tenshi no Kanojo~ デモンパラサイト~悪魔のような天使の彼女~ [071130] Ocelot
Demon Parasites..., the ones who can transform themselves into soldiers by holding a mysterious parasite inside. One night, Juzo meets Mizuki, who is a demon parasite, in the park, and gets to know that he is also a demon parasite. Now that he is a demon parasite, he gradually gets involved in a battle against monsters. Will he be able to defeat them...?
Of course I'm reviewing it.

18. Koibito Doushi de Suru Koto Zenbu こいびとどうしですることぜんぶ [071130] Sirius 1 2
“Go out with me, Sonowo!”
My bold confession of love is rewarded in the best possible way. From today on, the girl I’ve always liked is my girlfriend.
She’s the smartest student in school history, but she’s quiet and not really social. But I can tell that she’s getting a softer attitude the more she spends time with me.
We don’t even know how to hold hands, but that’s why my heart’s pounding so fast.
“Do you want to do more?”
Classroom, hallway, school entrance, in town, in our rooms, with friends… We’re together everywhere. We fumble our way through and learn things one by one. More deeply, sweetly, strongly, carefully… Forever. Let’s do everything lovers do together with her.
There are English reviews.

19. Magus Tale ~Sekaiju to Koisuru Mahoutsukai~ MagusTale ~世界樹と恋する魔法使い~ [071130] Whirlpool 1 2 3
Am I dreaming? I just came to the island to inform Koyuki, my younger sister, who is a student of a boarding high school located on the island, that our father is missing. I was perceived as an intruder, and attacked with magic. I'm now damaged so badly.... Without Koyuki, I'd have surely lost my life. Anyway, I know the reason why this school is isolated from the outside world. This school is actually established to train magicians. Like this, my new life on the island starts....
There are English reviews.

20. Wanwan, Moomoo, Usausa, Koon! わんわん、もーもー、うさうさ、こーん! [071130] Moe Tamago Soft
The main character starts working at the Swallowtail, a sweets shop, because his mother, who is the owner of the shop, gets ill. There are his old friend, Saki, and a patissier, Shiera. And his friends, Tamamo and Mikoto, join them. One day, he finds that he's got a special power that what he imagines happens in the real world. He doesn't know what's happened to him, but he thinks about this and that....


1. Ane Ane ~Yurushite! Oneechan-tachi, Boku no Chinchin Dame ni Nacchau!~ あねあね~許して!お姉ちゃんたち、ボクのおち○ち○んダメになっちゃう!~ [071102] Norn
Shun starts living at his cousins', Madoka and Hikari, apartment since his parents have gone abroad for business. Madoka is a university student and Hikari is a high school student same as Shun. They take good care of him, and it gradually becomes bolder and bolder. Finally, they decide to have a battle who will take Shun...

2. Hitozuma Onsen Okami Saitou Shizuka ~Otto no Mae de Bakunyuu Ryoujoku Houshi 人妻温泉女将 斎藤しづか ~夫の前で爆乳陵辱奉仕 [071102] MorningStar
Main character is an adopted son at the family owing a hot spring inn. But management has deteriorated, so rich nobility customer suggests selling lady owner's body to prosperous customers starting with him. Husband can do nothing but watch his wife humiliated in front of him.

3. Imouto no Sausage 妹のソーセージ [071102] Varieta
I'm Yui. I'm just a normal girl who really loves her big brother. When I'm alone with my big brother my heart always beats really hard. I wake my sleepyhead brother up in the morning and we eat together and go to school together. Tee-hee, it kinda makes me feel like we're newlyweds! But then one day I noticed something.. There was a sausage growing in my pants! It got all big when I touched it, and when I touched it some more it got all hard! What's going on? What should I do!? I can't tell my friends about this. Hey, big brother, look in my you see anything weird?

4. Kinku ni Saku Hana. ~Aiyoku no Hahakogusa~ 禁区に咲く花。 ~愛慾の母子草~ [071102] Blue Gale DL
Satoshi is a university student. Though his father passed away when he was a kid, he lives a happy life with Misako, his mother, and Hina, his girlfriend. But one day, he makes a big mistake.... Ironically, this mistake wakes his secret sexual desire....

5. KoiGIG ~DEVIL×ANGEL~ [071102] TwoFive
Noriko is a groupie of an indie band called Devil x Angel. One day, she joins them as a keyboard player... But she must take part as a man!? If the secret comes out, she'll be fired...! What will happen to her and the other band members...?

6. Lolipara! ~Osanaki Sei no Hanazono~ ろりぱら!~幼き性の花園~ [071102] Rolling Star
Four people use big brother's room as their secret playground.
Once big brother realizes this, he cooks up a scheme that involves placing a sex toy somewhere in the room where it can easily be found.
And what do those four people do once they find that toy... ?

7. Ryuuseigou ni Notte 流星号に乗って [071102] Underground Campaign
This supplementary game is devoted to five side-characters who never got their routes before.
Doujin Boys Love

8. Silliness [071103] Fawkes
Kanna wants to buy a Nintendo Wii, and Ryuuya has to go off to the mall to find one. A 5 minute long parody of otaku culture, visual novels, and old school gaming.

9. Il -Isle- Il-アイル- [071104] Gintou
Main character gets to another world. He is named "One" by girls and boys there, and he is claimed to have the "right". Protagonist does not remember his identity, so he needs to find answer by travelling between two worlds with the keys he recovers.

10. Kyojin-tachi 去人たち [071104] K2Cee
Highschool Fukurasuzume is one of the prefecture's most advanced schools. Ruled by principles of rigorism it puts the students' discipline first. If a perfect highschool exists it must be it. As now almost everyone goes to uni it is difficult for schools to stand out. Of course, being elegant and classy, everyone wanted to enter Fukurasuzume and not some other highschool. But it didn't become such a place out of blue. In it, there was a secret organization that would handle all the misconducts of both internal and external parties. And the name of this organization - chemistry club. They deal with everything, starting from shoplifting, deplorable acts of theft, deaths, homicides, and disappearances before the police so much as catches wind of the fact. Yeah, that chemistry club is that influential. Don't ask me, I have no idea why that's the case, I'm just an investigator after all.
At the tender age of 18, he is an undercover investigator and the head of the Second Investigative Security Division of the chemistry club. As is appropriate for his age he goes to school as a normal student and is tasked with preventing different trivial and not so much incidents.
However, one fall an incident occurs and our hero embarks on the investigation. The story begins here...
The main character advances the story. It leads him to the truth behind the crime. However, the hero feels strange about it. Why? The main character doesn't know. The hero had thoughts in the head of his he himself didn't quite understand. Then the main character begins to recognize the truth of the case and the poison contained in it...

11. The Best Eroge Ever [071104] Moogy 1
A 5 minute eroge parody that covers everything from Jun Maeda to Hyakugojyuuichi. It's the best eroge ever.

12. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Fun [071105] Team BG
A short Higurashi parody starring the horned goddess Hanyuu, the enegetic Satoko and Keiichi whoever that is.

13. Yarisugi! Katei Kyoushi no Onee-san ヤりすぎ!家庭教師のお姉さん [071106] Dieselmine
When a college student hears that her cousin, our protagonist is worrying over his college entrance exams, she take charge of giving him home schooling, teaching him humanities and sciences.
Our protagonist is filled with lots of anxieties, however he asks her for help.
However what she's about to teach him doesn't just include study...
Doujin Nukige

14. Zodiarc ゾディアーク [071106] Circle Gorichu
It's a world of swords, magic and modern science. Main character is a teacher at a magic school in a city called Arcana. But he is only 19 years old, so students make fun of his blunt attitude and strange behavior. Disappearances of people start to happen everywhere. One day he meets a woman at night, and she turns out to be a demon. In order to regain quiet everyday life main character decides to defeat Veronica, the strongest demon called Zodiarc.

15. Hoshiiro no Okurimono 星色のおくりもの [071108] Takuyo
The story is set in a school that will be torn down in a few months. This is announced to the heroine, a student of the school, some months before her graduation. The heroine and her 3 other school mates (all boys) decide to start an astronomy club, so they can find the best starry sky and make some memories before their graduation.

16. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Houkago Ura Kurabu~ 少女の道草~放課後裏倶楽部~ [071108]
The girl I have an eye on... Whom does she like!?
The manager of the baseball club is a girl named Saki. She's cheerful and works hard, and everybody loves her.
You take pains to get time alone with Saki, earning points with her by helping her out. And at last, you get to find out who it is that she likes!
Who could it be?
The core of this game is the "true route", but there are also other routes such as the "abuse route" where you get the opportunity to defile Saki.
Doujin Nukige

17. Himegoto 秘めゴト [071109] Riddle Soft
Mikio is a high school teacher. He is kind and very popular among female students. But, he is actually the son of a boss of a gangster group, and he'll need to succeed him in the future.
One day, he gets married to Azusa. She used to be a deliquent. But, he reforms her, and they fall in love. Three months later, he lives a peaceful life with her...

18. Hitozuma Harem ~Koko wa Hitozuma Rakuensou~ 人妻ハーレム~ここは人妻楽園荘~ [071109] Black Package
Akihiko has no job, dreams or money. When he is at a loss what to do, he meets Tomiko by chance. She owns an apartment house, and offers him to become a caretaker for it. He accepts her offer, and starts working there as a caretaker. But what awaits him is a bunch of sexually frustrated housewives...

19. Jingi Naki Otome 仁義なき乙女 [071109] Mirai
Other than her tendency to get wrapped up in accidents since she was little, the protagonist Koizumi Saki was a normal high school girl from a normal family, who lived an ordinary school life.
Suddenly one day, the Kanto region's #1 yakuza gang "Koougumi's" young leader Nayuta Ryuu appeared before her.
He said that Saki was the daughter of their late boss who had died suddenly... and that she was the next boss!
"Me becoming... a yakuza boss!?"
Saki had no idea that her father was a yakuza boss. She wasn't even given time to object and before she knew it, Saki was inducted as Koougumi's new boss.
On top of that, a man whom called himself Saki's fiancé appeared...
With that, this story's tragic heroine(?) Saki's "honorless love story" had now begun!

20. Kanagi ~Inmu Gakuen~ KANAGI~淫夢学園~ [071109] Lilith Mist
Life at school. Dreams at night. A charm for luck in love that's popular among girls. A series of unnatural deaths... Reality is gradually changing. As our heroine, Kanagi, has her bizarre dreams at night, her school is gradually consumed by a depraved corruption. Eventually Kanagi's friends Makoto, Chisato and Junko are involved. Their minds are soaked in the madness, in class, in the student commons and even in their dreams. A grand scene of sexual depravity unfolds. Will Kanagi ever be able to break free from her obscene nightmares?

21. Mechiku Ippatsu Henkan! ~Kintama-kun no Karei Naru Inbou~ 牝畜一発変換!~金玉君の華麗なる陰棒~ [071109] Will Tame
There is a tight slender teacher with a baby face. Convert her into a livestock by using special estrus perfume!
Doujin Nukige

22. Rakuten ~Kono Yo no Rakuen? Ano yo no Tengoku!?~ らくてん~この世の楽園?あの世の天国!?~ [071109] Stellar
Main character is a mediocre student. One day he gets into a traffic accident and regains consciousness in the body of an outstanding student and sportsman who was in the same accident. There are plenty of passionate girls around, and many of them don't mind giving their first time to him...

23. The World of Rapest [071109] Re:verse
The World of Ono Shinya focuses on a a regular, good-natured junior in college whose just finished his first semester, Ono Shinya.
...that is, if you don't count his special ability to stop time...
And the moment he stops time...his eyes fall upon countless girls...!
Female teachers, school swimsuits, gym shorts (buruma), female policemen, female newscasters, twins, lolita-type girls, and more!
This is your chance to have your way with every type of girl!
You're free to do unbelievable things, but only while time is stopped.
The situations are also incredibly unbelievable!!

24. Yuri no Yume [071109] Hentai Senshi
"I... I don't know what I want... I want you to touch me!" Schoolgirl lesbians, mind control, and English voice!
This is a mystery/romance yuri adventure story!
Chelomnya is afraid of her desires and afraid of the terrible creatures that haunt her in her dreams, and sometimes when she's awake...
Phoebe is an innocent and strangely obedient orphan with a rare condition that makes her vulnerable...
What happens when they give in to their desires? What secrets are they hiding? What lurks in the caves below the school?

25. Zoku Kairaku Izonshou ~Sono Go no Ryouko-san~ 続・快楽依存症~その後の涼子さん~ [071109] WendyBell
It focuses yet again on our OL Ryoko and her amazing pension of finding younger men with big cocks. She dumped the previous boy a year ago, and now is focusing her efforts on work. However it isn’t long until this nymphomaniac starts aching for the cock again. Luckily, she meets a private school student on a train to/from work. Using her feminine charms she begins courting the fellow as her new pet.

26. Minarai Senshi Lulu-chan 見習い戦士ルルちゃん [071110] Archetyp
Lulu-chan, whose dream is to be come a first-class fighter, is still just in training. While fighting with monsters, sometimes she ends up getting more than she bargains for...assaulted, impregnated, and even giving birth to other monsters.
Lulu-chan! Get past all those ugly events and become the warrior you were destined to be!
Doujin Nukige

27. Onii-chan to Issho おにいちゃんといっしょ [071110] LoveSlave
Ken is a naughty high school boy who seeks more fun than love. And there is his gentle and proud older brother Yuji. But Yuji behavior starts to change as of late. What kind of ending will he reach with Ken?
Doujin Boys Love

28. Fatal Hearts [071113] Hanako Games 1 2 3 4 5
Dreams... Ice-blue eyes calling to you in the night...
The howls of wolves echo across empty streets.
A young women found dead, violently murdered.
Love and loneliness.
In Fatal Hearts you play the role of Christina Robinson and help her to uncover the secrets behind her dreams. As the story unfolds you will be forced to make choices of who to trust and who to declare an enemy. Solve puzzles and conquer challenges, but be careful, or Christina may become another victim...

29. Jukubo Nakadashi Mendan ~Oshiego no Haha Kanin no Susume~ 熟母中出し面談~教え子の母・姦淫のススメ~ [071116] Under Lip
Nozomu is a teacher. One day, Kazuha comes to him and tells about her son who refuses to go to school. "First of all, you should enjoy your life!" Like this, he has sex with her.... Her demeanor gradually gets bolder day by day, and finally...

30. Rental Kanojo れんたる彼女 [071116] Distortion Interactive
Shogo lives alone, doing nothing every day. He has no job and lives a boring life. One day, he receives an ad paper for a newly opened shop. It seems the shop features rental girlfriends...? He immediately visits there and finds out that he can rent a girl for a certain period. He gets interested in it and joins them. His life with a rental girlfriend now begins...

31. Shiru Shiru!! ~Shiofuki Ojou-sama wa H Sugimasu~ しる☆シルっ!! ~潮吹きお嬢様はHすぎますっ~ [071116] Swaneye
There is a boarding high school for girls. One day, Koji is employed by them as a counselling doctor, and meets four pretty girls. They are all interested in erotic things, and give him various sexual orders. He declines it at first, but he gradually gets addicted to it....

32. Lost Threads [071118] yujovi
Joshua McDermouth. A young man, engaged to be married. That is, until his fiance dies in a fatal accident. Josh tries to change the past and prevent his fiance's death, and along the way, finds moments that he will treasure for the rest of his life.

33. Shuukaku no Juunigatsu ~Aki~ 収穫の十二月~秋~ [071119] Talestune 1
In the midst of an Autumn of meetings and partings, boys and girls are forced to make a decision.. This is a story that unfolds in a city where gods dwell.

34. Yamiyo 闇夜 [071120] Soft Circle Astarte
Main heroine is a new teacher. A beautiful student girl comes to her for love advice, but gets in a trap leading to obscene world.
Doujin girls love

35. Chu x Chu Paradise ~Encore Live~ [071120] Unison Shift: Accent
This is a fandisc of Chu x Chu Idol, featuring newly added H-scenes and H-scenes with sub characters. Also, it includes wallpapers, desktop accessories and mini games. As special bonus, Chu x Chu Paradise Mini Album CD and Special Picture Book are included.

36. Harame ~Ore wa Kono Gakuen de Fukushuu o Nashi Togeru~ 孕女 ~俺はこの学園で復讐を成しとげる~ [071122] TinkerBell
Rokuya's family used to be rich. However, when he was a kid, his parents were fooled and they lost everything. Since then, he keeps a grudge against a man who took everything from his family. One day, he starts working at a high school and finds out that the boss of the school is the man he looked for. He somehow keeps his cool, but he decides to take revenge on him...

37. In Series Ingoku Koushuu Rinkan 淫シリーズ 淫獄公衆輪姦 [071122] Erogos
Sexual desire.... No one can deny it.... Ryosuke rapes Saki, his sister-in-law. She refuses it at first, but she finally accepts it once his dick enters her anal.... On the other hand, Miu joyfully accepts it. And Saya....

38. Osananajimi wa Bed Yakuza! 幼なじみはベッドヤクザ! [071122]  Nounai Kanojo
Tomoki has several old friends. He cherishes the beautiful memory of them, but they have grown up and all become cheeky, unfriendly, and moody. One day, an old friend of his, Kotono, comes back to his hometown. He used to love her, and he gets excited to hear that. But, she has changed as well. What will happen to him and his old friends in the end...?

39. Please Please [071122] Atelier-G
This is an erotic story with the heroines of  Onegai Twins anime.
Doujin Nukige

40. Porno Shop Mini Flight Version ポルノショップminiフライトバージョン [071122] kiriya+
Let's relax and play romance with two very young boys dressed as stewardess.
Doujin Boys Love

41. Shijuu Hachi 四八 (仮) [071122] Banpresto
One day, you get a telephone call.
"You've won a chance to test a new game, please tell me about yourself."
And you tell the person on the phone everything about yourself and your family.
After a while you receive a game called Shiju Hachi.
Ever since starting the game strange things have started happening around you.

42. Taihou Daigaku Byouin no Kyouki 大鳳大学病院の狂気 [071122] TKH Soft
An incident involving a medical mistake occurs at a university hospital.
Uesugi Saeko, the cause of the medical incident, is racking her brain trying to explain to your family what happened. It is then that the existence of a hospital conspiracy about the rare clinical trials which she sometimes participated in becomes clear...

43. Tsui ☆ Teru ツイ☆てる [071122] C: drive.
Riku moves to an apartment. His room is on the second floor, and the room below is a coffee shop. One day, he meets a girl who works there, and falls in love. But, it's actually a boy! He knows he should give up, but he can't stop it...
Boys Love

44. Ane wa Gravure Idol 姉はグラビアアイドル [071123] Utamaro Soft
Takuya's older sister is Ran. She has a super erotic body, and she is a very popular gravure idol. He secretly uses her gravure photos for masturbation. But, he isn't satisfied with it. He just wanna shag with her! His sexual desire gradually gets bigger and bigger, and he finally rapes her. "It's your fault. You tempt me with such an erotic body!"

45. Onna Kyoushi Otoka "Naburi Nawa" 女教師音花「嬲り縄」 [071123] Kuroi Kyoshitsu
Suzunari Otoka is a newly graduated teacher. When she notices the bullying going on in her class, she gets angry and hits the ringleader, Saito. Angered, Saito feigns remorse, and asks Otoka to come to the classroom after school. However, it is a trap to sexually humiliate her.
Otoka is tied up, and forced to perform fellatio. Subsequently she is forced to have anal sex as well as double penetration. Otoka's sexual insult continues through the night until daybreak.
Doujin Nukige

46. Zettai Princess no Oneman Butler 絶対プリンセスのワンマンバトラー [071123] Flap
Hitoma's father is a butler. He is forced to be a butler, but he refuses it and gets out of his house. He now lives alone in an apartment peacefully. But one day, Kirara, his old friend, suddenly visits his place. She is from a rich family and spoilt. His life turns 180 degrees due to her selfishness....

47. Banpuri ~Ikinari Suwarete H Shiyo!~ ばんぷり ~いきなり吸われてHしよ!~ [071123] Applemint
Main character lives alone as parents are gone on a business trip. He is approached by a vampire princess Yuri who boards in to live together. Her servant Lia and hero's childhood friend Kami won't leave the two in peace, so communal comedy life begins.

48. Koko wa Yoru no Doko ka ここは夜のどこか [071124] PROJECT.S
Hitsugaya has betrayed both the Soul Society and Aizome.
Hueco Mun*o, bored with everyday, starts taking offense at Ichimaru's behavior.
Vague memories of something forgotten.
And when he does remember all of it, Hitsugaya choice is...
Doujin Boys Love

49. Tsuma Jiru ~Shibori Tsukushite Ageru~ 妻汁 ~搾り尽くしてア・ゲ・ル~ [071124] Courreges Ace
A frustrated housewife gives in to temptation ...
Doujin Nukige

50. Hachijou Kan no Hanabira to Kuroi Magnum 八畳間の花びらと黒いマグナム [071125] Zero-One
As you leaf through the photo album of Miyano Kokoro, your classmate and an upcoming idol, you can't suppress the excitement you feel from looking at her voluptuous body.
One day, you casually rent a porn DVD. You start watching it, but then you can't believe your own eyes as you look at the image on the screen.
Doujin Nukige

51. Kinoko 3 Kinoko3 [071125] Tekkou Dan
Kinoko 3 is a is a collection of 10 episodes united by the theme of strange and forbidden Chinese medicine that leads to different kinds of consequences including global ones.

52. DOAX ~Rinkan Vacance Shima~ D○AX~輪姦バカンス島~ [071127] SABER FISH
Zack won with DOA. He invites his lover Niki to a vacation to an island, but she feels disheartened with the idea. So Zack decides invite to the island and violate DOA contestants instead - Ayane, Kasumi and Leifang.
Doujin Nukige

53. Hontou no Negaigoto 本当の願い事 [071127] Nostalgic Garden
Yuichi is constantly late. As a penalty for yet another tardiness he is left to help library committee member to organize the shelves...

54. Dual Phase ~ Haramase Oyako デュアルフェーズ ~孕ませ母娘 [071128] MorningStar
Main character's lover gets pregnant one day, and at the same time he receives love confession from her mother, and after a sudden burst of lust she gets pregnant as well. Mother and daughter start to have the same symptoms, and secret gets revealed eventually.

55. Imouto Gakushuuchou Page 1 Matsubara Kana ~Tanjoubi Present~ いもうとがくしゅうちょう page1 松原佳奈 ~誕生日プレゼント~ [071128] MorningStar
Today Kana is no longer a child, so she wants her onii-chan whole. Please, onii-chan...

56. Princess Armor [071128] Arekara4nen
A noble big breasted princess is turned into nothing but a panting bitch in heat.
Doujin Nukige

57. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.16: Tsubaki no Yukue 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.16 椿のゆくえ [071128] WorkJam
Jinguuji is approached by a boy who asks to find his missing friend. But whereabouts of the Camellia is not easy to find...
Console Exclusive

58. Ase Nure Shoujo Misaki "Anata no Nioi de Icchau!" 汗濡れ少女美咲「アナタのニオイでイッちゃう!」 [071130] Overdose
The protagonist is just your everyday high school student, except for the fact that he has a stronger body odor and sweats much more than ordinary. Hence, he is greatly detested by the females.
One day after school, he comes to the locker room to retrieve the gym uniform that he forgot. There, he sees Misaki, a girl he has a crush on, masturbating while smelling his clothes.
After taking pictures for revenge against the times she made fun of him, he decides to take advantage of the situation.
”If you don't want this to be exposed, you have to do what I say.”

59. Futari wa!? ふたりは!? [071130] Authoring Heaven
One day, Yusuke tells Mayumi that he loves her. But she immediately refuses it. When he is down, Sakura consoles him. They become friends and he somehow becomes friends with Mayumi. He thinks he will be able to enjoy his school life, but a new teacher joins his class.... What will happen to him in the end...?

60. Helter Skelter ~Hakudaku no Mura~ ヘルタースケルター~白濁の村~ [071130] Guilty
Miu is a university student. She has two sisters, Fubuki and Haruka, and their mother, Sayoko, is a famous fashion designer. One day, Sayoko receives a job offer from a tv production. That is to have a one-day trip to a spa hotel and they shoot it. She accepts the offer, and they visit a small village deep in the mountains. It seems there is a festival, and they get excited to take part in it. But, the festival actually features raping girls randomly for several days. They join it without knowing it....

61. Inmitsu Dakyoushi Saeko ~Mesu Dorei Choukyou Nisshi~ 淫蜜堕教師 冴子 ~雌奴隷調教日誌~ [071130] Rolling Star
A woman, studying under the holy profession of "teaching," is ridiculed by her students in this immoral collection!
In the Ryoko route, defile this pure flower of a woman; or, in the Saeko route, bring this haughty and arrogant woman down to earth.
Whichever you choose, it's up to you, the player!

62. Ore to Kanojo wa Shujuu na Kankei オレと彼女は主従なカンケイ [071130] Atelier Kaguya
After the main character's mother's funeral ceremony, a maid suddenly appears in front of him. According to her, his grandmother wants to talk to him. He immediately visits her house, and finds out that he is one and only heir. But, to inherit the property, he'll need to complete several missions. And three maids offer him to become his exclusive maids. With their help (including sexual ones), he completes the missions one by one. But, it's just a matter of time until he falls in love with them...

63. Sei Shori Hakudaku Princess ~Oukyuu Katei Kyoushi no Oshioki Lesson~ 性処理白濁プリンセス~王宮家庭教師のおしおきレッスン~ [071130] Pin-Point
The protagonist is appointed the position of royal tutor. He falls in love with his pupil, the haughty but pretty princess Supika.
He realizes their social standing makes his love impossible, but he wants to at least tell her his feelings. He decides to write her a love letter.
A few days later, in front of a group of people that gathered in the palace, the princess reads aloud the letter.
She then tears up the letter, telling him not to be a damn fool.
Shamed and angered, the protagonist sets out to take revenge...
Doujin Nukige

64. Shinshoku 2 ~Inma no Ikenie~ 侵蝕2~淫魔の生贄~ [071130] Touchable
There is a magic book secretly kept in the library. One day, Chisa finds it by chance. When she opens it, a monster comes out and rapes her....

65. Shokushu Chikan Densha ~Joshikousei Midara ni Ochiru~ 触手痴漢電車 ~女子校生淫らに堕ちる~ [071130] Finish!
Main character is a manager in a major electrical equipment company. To release his daily stress he molests girls on the train. One day in the middle of the act he discovers a tentacle growing out of his body. Lucky! There's a whole new world of molesting to experience now.

66. Sis Pon ~Haramase! Gochisou-sama!~ シス☆ぽん~孕ませ♪ご馳走さまっ!~ [071130] Sumomo
In order to maintain the tengu abilities in his bloodline, the protagonist has to marry his own little sister. However, a problem has arisen, because it turned out that there was a possibility his little sister and the branch family's daughter were switched at the hospital. As such, the branch family's daughter has been adopted into the main family, becoming the protagonist's second little sister.
Michiru, the little sister who grew up with the protagonist used to act coldly towards the protagonist, but the moment a rival appears and is ready to do anything to her new brother, she decides to fight back.

67. Target -Ochiru Shimai- ターゲット -堕ちる姉妹- [071130] Dark Rose
Takashi is a boss of the student council. This year's school election comes closer. There is another candidate this time, Akari. He feels anxious, and plans to trap her....

68. Yome Gurui ~Gifu to no Himitsu no Kankei~ 嫁ぐるい~義父との秘密の関係~ [071130] Rose Tiara
What would you do if you see the wife of your son masturbating in the absence of her beloved husband?

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