VN of the Month October 2007 - Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa o.

Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa o. is VN of the Month. I'm reviewing it as well as Xvain ~Devil Out~. There is another masterpiece this month - Happy Margaret!

1. Ar Tonelico II ~Sekai ni Hibiku Shoujo-tachi no Metafalica~ アルトネリコ2 世界に響く少女たちの創造詩(メタファリカ) [071010] Gust 1 2 3
Taking place in the desolate land of Metafalss, a tiny continent built upon the rim of a tower much like the first game's Ar tonelico, it revolves around two opposed factions: the ruling Grand Bell, which has recently declared war against the Goddess Frelia; and the Sacred Army, who believe that the Goddess enables Metafalss to exist. This ire against the Goddess stems from a failure centuries past at creating Metafalica, a paradise-like land spoken of in legend, which was interrupted by a vicious attack by her defenders. In addition to civil war, Metafalss is ravaged by outbreaks of I.P.D, a Reyvateil-specific disease which causes the victim to execute song magic uncontrollably and do much damage to herself and her surroundings.
Protagonist Croix Bartel, a knight of the Grand Bell, is regularly tasked with stopping the harm done by those afflicted. It is while on a mission to contain one such outbreak that Croix, together with his adopted sister Cocona, is put in quite a different situation. The Holy Maiden Cloche, the Reyvateil who leads the Grand Bell in the war, has come under attack by the Sacred Army. He is soon entrusted with protecting her while they escape. While attempting to hide from the Sacred Army, they encounter Luca, another Reyvateil who has known Croix since childhood.
Croix is soon to discover that neither the Grand Bell nor the Sacred Army are what they seem- and nor are Cloche or Luca. Unable to trust anyone except each other (and sometimes not even that), he and his companions struggle along their own path to thwart those who would manipulate them, discover the truth about the Goddess Frelia, and achieve the seven hundred year old dream of Metafalica.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

2. Alice♥Parade ~Futari no Alice to Fushigi no Otome-tachi~ ALICE♥ぱれーど~ふたりのアリスと不思議の乙女たち~ [071012] Unison Shift: Blossom
The Sweet Wonderland... Peaceful forest, beautiful castle, colorful flowers and fine water fountains, as if you were in a picture book. One of the most unique features is there are only girls living, no boys. You are luckily allowed to enter the wonderland, and everyone awaits you. Welcome to the Sweet Wonderland!
Bakage with very serious H tilt. Basically, protagonist molests all the cute stuff he sees in the wonderland. But there are many gags scattered around, so can't really just block it.

3. Oshiete Miko Sensei Ni おしえて巫女先生弐 [071012] Anesen
Main character is dragged into the "Shrine Maiden Promotion Committee" aiming at reconstruction of a devastated shrine. One day two shrine maidens - mother and daughter - come to the committee as advisors and start to live with the protagonist.
Again, a close nukige call. I could not guess mother from the looks of four heroines - everyone is same big breasted style. Story is of moege level.

4. Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairou no Kagi ギャラクシーエンジェルII 無限回廊の鍵 [071018] Broccoli 1 2 3
It's been six months since the events in Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira. Since then, several worlds with live civilizations besides EDEN and NEUE have been discovered, and the UPW (United Parallel Worlds) has been established.
The Luxiole, with the Rune Angel Troupe, Coco as the acting captain in Tact's absence, and Tapio Ca, the new Chief Operator, has been transfered to the UPW, and to them joins Roselle Mateus, the pilot of the prototype of a mass production Emblem Frame. However, when the Arms Alliance, commanded by the Three Marquises, declares war on Seldor and the allied NEUE worlds and damages the gate, the stranded Luxiole must face them alone.
There are English reviews.

5. Kannabi かんなび-神奈備- [071019] Sunlite
One day, when Sayoko is practicing Japanese archery, a girl suddenly comes down in front of her. She looks like an anime heroine. "Where am I? Who are you? Anyway, I like you. Be my follower." Sayoko doesn't know what's going on...?
Ordinary pure love scenario. There's very little enjoyment for the amount of effort involved.

6. Imabikisou 忌火起草 [071023] Chunsoft
A new and mysterious drug known as "Vision" has been hitting the streets of Japan, being a hit to the young people, especially to those studying in university. The drug, if and when taken, allows the users to see visions from a user's perspective while being high, created from a mysterious flower called Imabikisou. Players play a university student named Hiroki Makimura, who gets together with fellow student Manami Hayase and a few other students when they heard news reports of students being mysteriously killed with horrific burns on their bodies.
The two later investigate a mansion that's believed to be linked to the drug's creation and to Imabikisou after some of their classmates in university begin to die after taking Vision.
Detective game.

7. Nettai Teikiatsu Shoujo 熱帯低気圧少女 [071025] H-do-C 1
Takashi is a high school student, who wants to become a weather forecaster. He enjoys his school life surrounded by unique friends and classmates. But one day, a girl, Tomoe, transfers to his class and various troubles happen after she comes. Takashi thinks Tomoe is concerned with these phenomena. A while later, a big typhoon appears and comes closer to his town. Will they be able to survive...?
An ordinary pure love comedy game with SOL scenes, some seriousness with three main heroines and happiness.
There are some paranormal phenomena. There are no fillers, but the number of events is also small, so heroines personalities remain subtly developed. Nothing outstanding.

8. Boku ga Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa o. 僕がサダメ 君には翼を。 [071026] Akatsuki Works 1
The main character is Touya. He works for a big company, and belongs to a special mission section. Through his missions, he meets various girls and gradually gets to know the secrets of the world. The boy who didn't know anything learns the facts, falls in love and grows up through tough experiences... What will he get when he learns all the secrets...?
There is an English review, but I don't mind joining.

9. Happy Margaret! はっぴぃ☆マーガレット! [071026] Favorite
Chiaki and his old friend Inaho were ordinary high school students. They lived an ordinary and peaceful life until they meet with a maid on their way from school. "I'm Sakura. Nice to meet you." She said and somehow they lost consciousness.
When Chiaki woke up, he found himself in a strange place, alone. Soon he learned that this place was an academy of sorts and he was accepted as a student. What will become of him in this strange place and what happened to his childhood friend Inaho?
Cute drawing and nice atmosphere give a positive impression. Gags are good in this game. Ordinary school setting with seven heroines. Common route takes 8 chapters while individual routes only 1-2 chapters. There are four writers, so there is variety. I'd say it's masterpiece material for its genre.

10. Harukazedori ni, Tomarigi o. はるかぜどりに、とまりぎを。 [071026] SkyFish
The main character is a high school student. One year ago, he fell in love with a female teacher. But, they were forced to break up, and he moved to a new high school.
He now lives a peaceful life, gradually forgetting his past memories...
One day, Harune, his cousin, tells him, "I love you. I can't stop thinking about you..."
His stopped clock begins to run again...
Main heroine Harune is our pure love interest, but other heroines greatly deviate from that. Motive is losing something important, routes vary greatly. There are as many as 25 H events, although it's mostly about Harune.

11. Tsunagaru★Bangle ツナガル★バングル [071026]  Windmill 1
Kouta lives in a fantastic town, which is full of vestiges of magicians. One day, a girl, Yuka, transfers to his school. They immediately become friends with each other and begin to hang around together. A while later, they plan a treasure hunting with Maho, Juri, Shizuku, and Itsuki. Nothing can stop their excited hearts!
There is an English review.

12. Xvain ~Devil Out~ エクスヴァイン [071026] Studio e.go!
There is a city filled with crime. The police can do nothing, and a big conspiracy is now being planned. To protect his beloved, Rex rises up...
He has a secret that he is actually a battle hero, Xvain. His decision to use his power is triggered by meeting with Fiart, his childhood friend. Since the day he swears to protect her, his endless battle starts...
Going to review it myself blindly.


1. Futanari Fukushuu Ryoujokuki ~Takabisha Ojou-sama ni Hayashite Odose~ ふたなり復讐陵辱記~高飛車お嬢様に生やして脅せ~ [071001] elle-murakami
Takemuchi Monako is a timid and cowardly girl, bullied by the queen of all school bullies, Fujimori Misaki.
Hers was a life of unreasonable ill-treatment without end until she, having lost everything dear to her, obtained a mysterious medicine which opened the way to an anything-goes revenge session of coercion, brutal sex, and kinky passion!
Doujin Nukige

2. Sorcier ~Rokujin no Majutsushi~ Sorcier~ソルスィエ~ 6人の魔術師 [071003] Circle Al dEnte
I was awakened by the same voice as always, but I was no longer the same me that I had been. It was like any other day... except I had turned into a cat!

3. Bakumatsu Renka: Karyuu Kenshiden 幕末恋華・花柳剣士伝 [071004] Vridge Inc.
Bakumatsu Renka Karyuu Kenshiden takes place in the first year of Tokugawa when the Shogunate and the emperor's supporters fight for supremacy. Shizuki Rin is a girl growing up in a Dojo who lost her memory of the past. Secretly the dojo deals with information. Including the violent Shinsengumi, some bishies and children who aim to get stronger.

4. Bishoujo Koumonka ~Onna no Ko no Onna no Ko ni yoru Onna no Ko no Tame no Oshiri no Oisha-san~ 美少女肛門科 ~女のコの女のコによる女のコのためのオシリのお医者さん~ [071005] Varieta
Main character is a doctor with a childish face. His specialization is girls buttocks, but girls don't want to be examined my male doctor. So he writes a sign that clinic is run by female doctor, and first girl shyly opens the door.
Doujin Nukige

5. Dorei Koujo Ria 奴隷皇女リーア [071005] Will Tame
A great power Faeolen sits in the center of Allegra continent. Its military power and leadership of prince Alex made this country prosperous. But no one could guess what happened in palace dungeons. Princess and successor to the throne is confined and tampered with. Her fate depends only on one person.
Doujin Nukige

6. Konoe Kishi Lattice 近衛騎士ラティス [071005] Erotica Black
Devil King Harnet destroys the kingdom. He thinks how to cook the princess so starts with violating female knight Lattice in princess presence. But this is only the beginning...

7. Magical Arms Angel Nana 魔法戦姫〈Magical Arms〉エンジェル☆ナナ [071005] Trust
One day, two magician girls are transferred to a high school. The purpose of their transfer is to make black art magicians who are lurking in school powerless. And their target black magician is Shusuke. But, he notices their secret plan, and he immediately takes an action to make them his sex slaves...

8. Ojou-sama o Iinari ni Suru Game お嬢様をいいなりにするゲーム [071005] Alice Soft
Kazuya is a high school student. But, Emiri, his classmate, uses him as a "tool" because when his parents passed away three years ago, Emiri's parents offered to take care of Kazuya and Chika, his younger sister, and Kazuya gratefully accepted it. His life is now full of chores. One day, he finds her secret by chance. "'s my turn to give you orders...."

9. Soumubu Shomuka Seishori Gakari ~Shinjin OL Kankin Rape~ 総務部庶務課性処理係 ~新人OL監禁レイプ~ [071005] Finish!
Mari and Yuki join a big advertising agency, and they are assigned to the same department. But, their office is a men's toilet, and their job is to give male workers blow job...

10. Mushi Kegare 蟲穢れ [071006] ZIGZAG
The time is fifteen years ago
A man, wandering the boundary of death, exchanged his child's life for a heteromorphic life of his own
"Eyes which can see everything" received from the heteromorphy were the proof of the contract
And in return, the contract must be repealed
Otherwise, in fifteen years, his skin will be ripped of and he will be killed
His mother killed his father before he could say where his eyes were
All around the protagonist, an infinite number of atypicalities gathered
The grotesque girl with the intimate smile. He whom the crows called brother. The little girl in the crimson kimono.
Something sinister, wearing a fox mask. A deformed shape that should be called deformed.
And the insects continued to cry
As expected, he found that his eyes were coming out
And... was it a mission assigned by fate?
In the end, a visit was arranged on the fifteenth day...
You... are the child born for the sole purpose of having your skin torn off and being killed

11. Utsushimi Yotsuru うつしみよつる [071007] Osunoha
A priest and a prostitute, fallen in love.
Will this love work out?

12. Shuukaku no Juunigatsu ~Natsu~ 収穫の十二月~夏~ [071008] Talestune 1
Tagami village, in summer. The guardian god Shiro finds herself without her godly powers.
Shiro's position of unlimited luxury is in danger. Konno Masaki sets out to retrieve the godly power for Shiro's sake.
The earth spirits that were under Shiro's control are running wild, throwing the village of Tagami into a panic.
Shiro realizes she is responsible for the chaos and sinks into depression. Masaki decides to take her into his home.
Just as the distance between the two begins to disappear, a crisis befalls the village.

13. WilL! [071008] Maple Box
Upon death people don't disappear. They turn into stars. So pass them with a smile.
Main character lives happily with his sister. This is a kind and slightly sad story about him starting a new part-time job.

14. Tappun Beach たっぷん☆ビーチ [071009] Momo Hina
Miki takes part in a beach flags competition held on the southern island. Shuichi accompanies her as her personal manager. Anna takes part in the competition as well. Miki plans to become closer to Shuichi during their stay on the island. Anna also tries to get him. Asuka, a princess of the island, falls in love with Shuichi. A battle for Shuichi now begins....

15. Utsusemi ni Fureru Mono 空蝉に触れるもの [071009] Carmine
Kanata is an ordinary university student. He lives a peaceful life in a small town. But, everything in this world has two different sides like day and night, front and back, and light and darkness. The monsters in the darkness and the monster busters, Yoshino and Sherlot. Kanata gets involved in their battle by chance, and he is captured by the queen of the darkness, Beatrice. She tells him, "I need your power." What will happen to Kanata in the end...?

16. Yugami Kairou 歪ミ回廊 [071009] Pancake 1
Several similar incidents occur in the city. Main character conducts investigation of these crimes. A lot of people think that it does not concern them or that criminal already escaped from the city. But is it really true?

17. Dokidoki Oyakodon ~Mama mo Issho ni Obenkyoukai~ どきどき親子丼~ママも一緒にお勉強会~ [071012] Rolling Star
Hiromu lives next door to Kinuka, a young mother and her young daughter Sayaka. One day the daughter has her panties off and her legs spread while sitting in his apartment! She asks Hiromu to explain what her clitoris is and where her hymen is located. He decides to teach her all about sex.
As Hiromu has sexual relationship with Sayaka he rescues her mother from a burglar. She asks to repay him with her body. If he chooses correctly Hiromu can have sex with both mother and daughter at once!

18. Gohoushi Shimasu! Cosroid ご奉仕します!コスロイド [071012] Moe Hina
Souichiro has finally invented three androids, called "Cosroid". They are maid androids with different features. But, they begin to fight for their master and their services gradually become more erotic.

19. Seifuku Gekisha 制服激射 [071012] School Love
A girl named Takao was caught shoplifting at a bookstore.
The title of the book she had stolen? "Spermania JK Bukkake Special Issue".
She doesn't seem to be sorry about it at all, so what will her "punishment" be...?
Let go of your restraints in this fully animated game!
Semen animated more faithfully than you've ever seen before!
Doujin Nukige

20. Shirudaku Settai Okawari Ippaime ~Kako no Mitsu wa Donna Aji? Hen~ 汁だく接待おかわり一杯目 ~過去の蜜はどんな味?編~ [071012] Waffle
Nero, who has been a wanted for several years, visits his hometown, and sees his ex-girlfriend, Ikumi, by chance. She is already married and lives a happy life. "What? Is she married?" He decides to take revenge on her....

21. Zenryoku de! Kankin & Ryoujoku 全力で! 監禁&陵辱 [071012] SisterBreak
A CODE GEASS 2 reaction which of course features our favorite heroines!
The target is the character who loves pizza and the character who can perfectly imitate a cat's meow.
As you progress, you have more and more options to choose from.
Doujin Nukige

22. Sei Dorei Miboujin ~Mechiku to Natta Shimai / Miharu to Miku no Dorei Nikki~ 性・奴隷未亡人~牝畜となった姉妹/美春と美来の奴隷日記~ [071013] Crepe
Miharu Sawaguchi is an energetic, healthy girl who has been brought up in a very privileged household. She's a very beautiful, charming young girl who men cannot help but be attracted to. Miharu has been blessed from all around, and she finally finds the one man she should love, ties the knot with him and becomes his wife.
However, her happiness is brittle and it soon crumbles away into nothing.
Tragedy strikes the newly-weds and the new husband Yosuke quickly passes away.
The youthful and spirited Miharu becomes a widow at the tender age of 23 years old.
Having lost her beloved husband, Miharu passes through the days vacantly, with no sense of meaning.
One day a man named Akihito Suyama comes to visit Miharu.
He informs Miharu that her deceased husband actually left behind some debts...
Doujin Nukige

23. DAYs  [071013] Green Tea Milk
In a zombie apocalypse world main character barricades in the apartment with a lot of cereal and keeps watching out for help through the telescope. One day he sees a girl attacked by zombies, and he decides to go out for the first time to rescue her.

24. Moshimo no Kimi to Boku もしものキミとボク [071014] DIGICLA
Schwartland is a country surrounded by lakes and forests.
It is said that it is a country where wizards lived long ago. Descendants are normal people except for the royal family who keep their blood pure and inherit power.
Main heroine gets an order to make a dress for princess' birthday party. She visits the castle for the first time and meets princes, priests and young knights. She is allowed by the princess to come freely during 30 days before the birthday. Will that dress be ready in time?
Doujin Otomege

25. A Missing Memoir [071015] M12
A man wakes up in a hospital with a gunshot wound and no memory of his life, or even who he is. With no past and no future his only companion is a kind and cheerful nurse. But the past cannot be ignored and it returns to haunt the nameless man once more.

26. LIEBENDER [071016] S Style
A Gothic romance adventure that can be played from both female sacrifice Marie and male vampire perspectives. Is there any other outcome than sacrifice be killed by vampire? Who is Marie's loved one Heinrich's loved one?

27. Strange! [071016] BabyClan
Hinata is you average schoolgirl. One day while dozing off in the middle of class…she wakes up to a strange unfamiliar man standing in front of her, referring to her as his ‘wife’. Sufficiently freaked, she runs away only to soon realize she’s traveled to some parallel universe!
What now…?
Doujin Otomege

28. Goukan-juu ~Nerawareta 11.1 Gakusei~ 強姦獣 ~狙われた11.1学生~ [071017] Bakery
Take on the role of a beast hunting down the 12 main heroines.
Turn into a dog, a dolphin, a horse, a spider and more to catch your prey!
Doujin Nukige

29. White Night Ignite [071018] Hanjuku Nora
21st century. To prevent molesting an article is added to subject to changes any adult boys who suppress excessive libido. Main heroine head special police department consisting only of female staff with specialized training. Where this unit comes, no excessive sperm remains.
Doujin Nukige

30. Bukkake!! ~Senpai wa Milk Mamire~ ぶっかけ!! ~先輩はミルクまみれ~ [071019] Morning
Taro is an accountant of the student council. He is now in trouble since he is in charge of budget compilation. The bosses of school clubs come to him for more allotments every day, especially Kusuko and Midori. One day, Kusuko gives him a blowjob for more allotments. But, Midori has sex with him on the next day. Their battle never seems to end....

31. Eternal Fantasy Episode Zero エターナルファンタジー エピソードゼロ [071019] Circus
Several short stories, preceding the events of Eternal Fantasy, as well as the introduction into the EF RPG system.

32. Inraku no Kusari ~Chat Lady Kanraku~ 淫落の鎖~チャットレディ姦落~ [071019] Plum Zero
Main character is a temporary teacher at a private school. He infiltrates "Strawberry Girls" live chat and gets acquainted with Nanami. She does not know identity of her new friend and exposes herself to blackmail.

33. Reijou Trader Past ~A Green Mail~ 令嬢トレーダー・Past ~A Green Mail~ [071019] Plum Zero
Three years before the main story investor Himeo notices signs of bankruptcy in the company and teaches her daughter Mika to entertain with her body. Will "trade" be a success?

34. Se~eki Shunkan! Idou?! ~Enkaku Sousa Mahou de, Itsudemo Dokodemo Nakadashi!~ せーえき瞬間っ!移動?!~遠隔操作魔法で、いつでもどこでも膣内射精(なかだし)!~ [071019] MBS Truth -Deep Blue-
The main character has been transferred to a high school. But, girls soon find out that he is a cherry boy, and they tease him. One day, a fairy suddenly appears in front of him, and gives him magic power. His revenge now begins....

35. "Watashi no Iu Koto Kikinasai!" Onee-chan-tachi to Josou Otouto Shin-kun ~Case 1 Shin-kun no Jijou~ 「私の言うこと聞きなさい!」義姉ちゃん達と女装弟新くん ケース1 新くんの事情 [071019] MorningStar
Main character lives with three sisters-in-law - eldest sister Shizuna with great body, cute Otaku and cosplay lover Momone. He is constantly dressed as a girl by his abusive sisters, and gradually more fetishes get revealed.

36. Yarukibako 2 - Episode V: ~Yarukineko no Gyakushuu~ やるきばこ2 エピソードV:~やるきねこの逆襲~ [071019] Caramel Box
Contains some omake content to some of Caramel Box's other visual novels and a minigame.
- Caramelic Bout Stadium
- Original story "Shinku no Chocolate" (lit. "The Scarlet Chocolate")

37. Sono Eki o Orite Noudou ni その駅をおりて農道に [071020] Awatake Takahiro
On a summer day, two girls are exposed to outdoor training in the countryside.
Doujin Nukige

38. Sailor Moon Dating Simulator 3 [071022] Anton-P
The goal of the game is to win love of Aino Minako by asking her out on dates, giving her gifts or playing mini-games.

39. Apathy ~Narugami Gakuen Toshi Densetsu Tanteikyoku~ アパシー 〜鳴神学園都市伝説探偵局〜 [071025] Del
Saiga Ryuusuke is asked to join a group of people interested in the occult, after which after which a number of legends concerning the town present themselves.
Console Exclusive

40. Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu II イリヤの空、UFOの夏2 [071025] Netchubiyori Ltd.
Contains volumes 3 and 4 of the original light novel.
Console Exclusive

41. The Koushounin THE 交渉人 [071025] D3 Publisher
The player steps in the shoes of a negotiator working with the police corps.
Console Exclusive

42. Asu Kano! ~Asu mo Kanojo to Issho!~ あす・かの!~明日も彼女といっしょ!~ [071025] PinballMap
Half-german tsundere girl discovers early what erection means. She can't get enough of playing with Shiji pants.
Doujin Nukige

43. Clock Up Fan Disc 4GHz くろふぁん4GHz [071026] Clock Up team Dyo
This is a fan disc of Zwei Worter, featuring two side stories, new opening movie, wallpapers, system voice collection, desktop accessories and mini games.

44. Inraku no Miko 淫烙の巫女 [071026] Nomad
Byakkimaru used to rule the world, having sex with various girls every day. But, a miko sealed him off into a rock.... Several hundred years later, a bulldozer breaks the rock without knowing the fact, and Byakkimaru gets out of the rock.... "Great! I'll rape all miko girls in revenge, and soil their souls!"

45. Koukakurou ~Ikkai Gojou Michiru~ Ou●san no made Sarechaimashita! 肛拡樓 ~壱階 五條みちる~ おウ●さんのまで挿れちゃいました! [071026] MorningStar
Main heroine loves ass more than anything. She spends days inserting various objects in her ass, and finally...

46. Kounai Ecchi Imouto Haramase Tokubetsu Jugyou 校内えっち 妹孕ませ特別授業 [071026] Rose Tiara
Shinya starts working at a high school as a training teacher. And there, he meets his younger sister, long separated after the divorce of their parents. She is so pretty and very popular among male students. After school, they secretly have sex at school....

47. Nozokima III ~Haitoku Mansion 24 H~ NOZOKI魔III~背徳マンション24H~ [071026] Maika
The main character is from a rich family. He has no job and just hangs around every day. One day, he receives a mysterious email. It offers him to take part in a clinical experiment on a secret medicine... He immediately accepts the offer...

48. Oyako Neburi ~Sasou Hitozuma Dakaretai Oyako~ 母娘ねぶり~誘う人妻・抱かれたい母娘~ [071026] Under Lip
Akira's mother Misato and elder sister Ryouko tease him about when he'll get himself a girlfriend. But why would he want a girlfriend when he already lives with two beauties?
His childhood friend Ren; her mother Yuri, the beautiful housewife next door; his own sister and mother; he will make his house into his own personal harem.

49. Rinkai Gasshuku 臨海合宿 [071026] B-pink
Naoto has just moved to a new school. He has no friend yet, but they set out on a school trip. He reluctantly joins them, but he gets involved in a terrible trouble....
Boys Love

50. Root after and another √after and another [071026] Makura 1 2
This game contains new after stories for the original heroines, Yui's and Maki's routes and several short stories.

51. Ryoujoku Gakuenchou / Dorei Club ~Dokushin Choukyouroku~ 凌辱学園長/奴隷倶楽部~読心調教録~ [071026] Clock Up team Anise
The main character is a sex slave trainer. One day, he receives an offer from someone he doesn't know. That is to train all female students at a high school located in the suburb. He accepts the offer, and visits the school...

52. Shimasho! ~H to Koi no Obenkyou~ シましょっ!~Hと恋のお勉強~ [071026] Swanmania
You're a shy college student with no sexual experience.
One day, making up your mind and waking up early was fortunate.
When you take your train, you fell in love at the first sight.
''What a cute girl''
And she was also attending the same university as you.
Similarly, she also don't have sexual experience.
Is it put in your hands to have chance with her?..are you two going to help each other out with your non sexual experience?

53. Shin Ringetsu 真・燐月 [071026] Selen
A long time ago a certain region was plagued by monsters. Lord of the land exterminated youkai every day, but a powerful youkai put a curse on his family. The curse is to never bear males again. To prevent the effects of the curse every three generation a bride must be taken from Hizuki clan known for spiritual power.
Modern times. Naoto Rindo is a new successor to the powerful Rindo conglomerate. Unfortunately, his bride and childhood friend from Hizuki clan suddenly dies, so he needs to find a new Hizuki bride really fast. He starts to live in Hizuki family to get to know four sisters there.

54. Shin Seiki Evangelion ~Jinrui Hokan Keikaku (Kari)~ 新性器エヴァ○ゲリオン ~人類補姦計画(仮)~ [071026] SABER FISH
A Rei, Asuka and Misato (NGE) erotic spermtacular ADV.
The protagonist, a pilot who spews his gooey LCL (liquid cock love)
all over the creamy skin of Nerv's hottest female members.
Doujin Nukige

55. Taiiku Souko Monogatari ~Yousei no Natsuyasumi~ 体育倉庫物語~幼性の夏休み~ [071026] West Vision
Main character has teacher license, but can't find a job. His uncle works as janitor at a private school, and he asks protagonist to substitute for him during summer vacations. School undergoes renovation, and there is hardly any personnel except for the janitor. Protagonist meets two girls who sneak into the school in search of a playground during summer vacations.

57. Uchi no Imouto no Baai Pure Love Edition うちの妹のばあい 純愛版 [071026] E.G.O.
This version of Uchi no Imouto no Baai removes the "bad route" from the original game, making this game into a "pure love" story that everyone can enjoy.
Includes two new heroines and more CG events. There is also the new "harem mode" featured.

58. Ma Maison ~Sunao ni Narenai Juunin-tachi~ マ・メゾン~素直になれない住人たち~ [071026] Ulala
Serene spring.... The main character has moved to an apartment. On his first day there, he meets a landlady, Kyoko. She is very beautiful, and he falls in love with her at once.... He gradually becomes friends with his neighbors as well, and....

59. Futanari Yuugi ~Kindan no Rondo~ ふたなり遊戯 ~禁断の輪舞曲~ [071027] Gyuunyuu Soft
Beautiful girls speaking in sexy voices would drive any man crazy with lust!! This is a love adventure game with a futanari girl and a virgin in love!
My name is Morizono Hijiri. I'm a real girl, but I have a secret that I can never tell anyone. That secret is that I was born with a penis. I go to school like normal, but if a boy ever found out about me...
Doujin Nukige

60. Hitotsu Yane no Shita de... ひとつ屋根の下で・・・ [071028] VENUS
"Under One Roof..." took me all of last night to finish yesterday.
A naive girl living an impure life day after day... Her first kiss, losing her virginity...
everything is attacking her from all sides. And all while you don't have a clue...
Will you be able to stand watching someone whom you care for bear the pain of these events?
Doujin Nukige

61. Triangle [071029] Soft Circle Courreges
Satsuki is a bright and lively girl that always shines like the sun.
Yukari is a introverted girl who is as obedient as a doll.
They're so different that it wasn't until I was dating Satsuki in college that I realized that they were twin sisters.
I never disliked Satsuki. It's hard to explain it, but it seemed like she was just always nearby, and she just became like air in the way I took her for granted.
Right during that time Yukari showed up in my life and she was fresh and new in every sense of the word.
It never seemed like I was really lovers with Yukari or anything, she just happened to be a girl of convenience who would come every time I called.
Naturally I tried to be careful to make sure Satsuki didn't find out, but now I think it's turning into an even more interesting relationship.
Doujin Nukige

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