Bullet Butlers [Propeller]

Foreword: There are so many superb English reviews (1 2 3 4 5 6) that it's already evident how great this game is. I'll only try to consider if flaws are big enough to prevent from playing.
There are various races living together at Ocelot City. Land, who lives as a mystic one, is one of the most famous citizens there. Rick, the main character, is a butler, and works for Selma. Selma lost her ability to transform herself into a dragon after a certain accident, and is always depressed that is one of his concerns. But, he somehow enjoys his life with his friends and other butlers. One day, Rand is assassinated by someone unknown, and their life turns around 180 degrees...

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xbqE6QstoE&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_SVBPEImkjvqjI-o3xS99I

Game type: Suspense mystery
Character Design rating: 8/10
Protagonist rating: 8/10
Story rating: 10/10
Game quality: 9/10
Overall rating: 9/10
Infodumping. There's a lot of information to process on the history, geography and current state of events. It produces a rich in detail and characters world. Can hardly blame any story for it.

Composition is a bit redundant with three story arcs where first two only reveal small details about villains and focus on different heroines stories. Heroine ends can't compare to True End in terms of action, but in my opinion they should be skipped only if you can'ts stand both Valeria and Yuki. But I can't say I don't like Yuki. There are people who absolutely like all the heroines here, so see for yourself.
Erotic scenes. I see them as disgusting in this game. HCG with twisted faces and degraded from main style art look very alien to me. It feels much better without H scenes for me, but - again - there are people who love H scenes in this game.

SOL scenes can be considered as sleepy fillers and humor as simplistic. But those scenes whirling around SD CG are often hilarious. Tsundere behavior adds a lot to the humor. 

It's not a game to read about. It's a game to play. And don't let any negative comments mislead you. All flaws are either insignificant in the long run or can be easily turned in advantages for many readers.

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Ricky Nguyen said...

How many routes are there?

kivandopulus said...

There are three routes - each focusing on one of three main heroines.

Ricky Nguyen said...

I see. I assume one of those three routes is the true route? Can you give me a plot summary of each route?

kivandopulus said...

Valeria and Yuki routes don't get to fighting with antagonist scenes, they only add some details. Selma Fortenmayer route is True Route since it goes all the way through the endgame conflict. Basically, game is about two butler brothers Rick and Alfred. They got raised in very different conditions and now serve opposing masters. Both are powerful and have a talking gun. In the True End both masters clash against each other, and brothers butlers have to fight to the death. On the way to this final conflict there were couple smaller clashes with different enemies. Game is good because of detailed world, dozens of characters and coolness.

Ricky Nguyen said...

I see. I assume one of the brother butlers is dead by the end then, along with his master? Could be both survived.

kivandopulus said...

Actually, both brothers survive. Antagonist brother Alfred gets seriously wounded, but his senior butler and mentor Sid Fortenmayer admits his wrongdoings, asks forgiveness and promises to become a worthy mentor from now on.

Ricky Nguyen said...

I see, that's nice.

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