VN of the Month August 2001 - Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien , Ashita no Yukinojou and Kagetsu Tooya are masterpieces of the month with Kimi ga Nozomu Eien being the clear winner. But I'm reviewing the lesser known Bittersweet Fools

1. Cast! -Private Heroine- CAST!-プライベートヒロイン- [010802] Bell-Da 1
Takumi Ogata enters Wakasagi-Gakuin, a school majoring in entertainment, to pursue his career as a writer. He meets three cute and aspiring actresses: The reliable and confident Akane, the shy and childish Saya, and the proud but gorgeous Mitsuru. Takumi decides to form a theatre with these unique and very talented girls.
They begin to prepare a play for the school festival, which will be held in October. Takumi falls in love with one of the girls as he writes and directs the play by himself. Unlike all those "get your favorite girl" games in the past, this is a game of love in progress, which means you have to develop the relationship between your favorite character and the hero. The new feature called "Story Edit Mode" lets the player choose the lines of the female characters in order to make your own storyline. The player also needs to take care of "night life" with the girls as well as daily conversations to get the best results!
There are three heroines, and one playthrough is just 2 hours. Picking right lines for the right scene make the bulk of daytime gameplay, H events occupy night time. Another unsatisfactory game from Bell-Da as it tries to catch mainstream by changing graphics and type to suit more people.

2. Kaen Seibo ~The Virgin on Megiddo~ 火焔聖母 ~The Virgin on Megiddo~ [010802] Studio Line 1
The year is 2013. Powerful companies decide to build a new city on a piece of land that remained from the old times, somewhere on the northeast of Japan. This city is constructed with the help of the most modern industry, based on an operation system that is capable to create the most progressive form of urban life - the so-called "intelligent city". But something goes wrong. It seems like a virus that creates a fire substance inside of human beings' bodies. The disease soon became known under the name "Spontaneous Human Combustion". Particularly one district of the newly built Izanami City seems suspicious. Kento Rando, a high school student and an apprentice detective, is given a mission to investigate the mysterious case. Seigai High School is going to be the principal area of investigation. Needless to say that in order to solve the case, Kento will have to find the best strategy talking to the beautiful high school female students...
Kaen Seibo is a Japanese-style adventure which relies largely on conversations and the choices you make during them. However, the game also contains elements of Western-style adventuring. There are items that must be found, picked up and used at appropriate moments. There are areas where you can move through a 3D-like environment, viewing it from first-person perspective. During the dialogues, you also have commands that are accessible through a menu. There are also segments with a time limit.
Quite simplistic Dreamcast exclusive.

3. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien 君が望む永遠 [010803] Age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
At first, Takayuki Narumi is befriended by Mitsuki Hayase only because Mitsuki's best friend, Haruka Suzumiya has a crush on him; however since then, Takayuki, his pal Shinji Taira, and Mitsuki have grown to be the best of friends. Then one day, Haruka confesses to Takayuki her love for him. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Takayuki agrees to go out with her. After a few incidents, their relationship gets intimate, even while Takayuki and Mitsuki begin to realize their feelings for each other. But suddenly, when tragedy strikes, things are never the same for these four friends again.
Lots of English reviews.

4. Mad Science Love マッドサイエンス・ラヴ [010803] Gazelle
Who would like to spend days with "normal" girls if there is an option? All kinds of special girls like cat ears, drill, amphibian etc fight with each other and grow up under supervision of a mad scientist.
A raising SIM + battles to gain exp etc stupidity

5. Present Present ~プレゼント~ [010803] Softhouse Dew
Main character is a university student who has a fiancé since promise to marry in early childhood. 
One evening protagonist's cousin appears who promises to make him forget about his fiancé. Will he choose to protect his special relations?
There are three heroines to develop romance relations. There's not a single impression found - and that's says a lot as well.

6. Alone Again [010810] BeF
Main character is a student who has been a friend with a girl for over a year. However, when he confesses, he is rejected with words "I am alone. I live by myself. Forget about it". It does not mean she does not like main protagonist. But is there a way to change her life principle?
Scenario is extremely short and is over in just 1.5 hours. Atmosphere is good, but there's not enough time and story feels incomplete. There are five heroines, each with three H events. BeF is known for its unique graphic style, and this work seems to exist just to take advantage of graphics.

7. Fight! Makoto ファイト!まこと [010810] Powered
Main character enters a theater club "Makoto" at school, but is confused for a girl. He wants to quit it at once, but all the beautiful girls there pique his interest.
Heavy system, SIM elements, puzzles and lots of other elements contribute to the kusoge status of the game.

8. Kairyuu no Uzu 戒流の渦 [010810] Raziel
A young man of Uniconian tribe is running away from humans. He regains consciousness in the church among nuns. He is picked up because resembles a childhood friend of one nun. The young man tries to live in this church to get away from racial prejudice and to atone for his sin of killing a human. 
A story with heartwarming first half, serious heroine routes and surprisingly unhappy ending. Scenario is thin, and one playthrough is over in just two hours.

Teito Gensou 帝都幻想 [010810] Dall
Main character decides to investigate rumors about strange sounds at school at night. As a result he  teleports to a different world and gets involved in a conflict between the imperial army and the resistance.
3D dungeon exploration with lots of H events triggered.

10. Kagetsu Tooya 歌月十夜 [010813] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4
One year after the events of Tsukihime, Shiki Tohno is a victim of an accident. After this accident, Shiki awakens into a strange dream wherein he repeats the same day over and over. There are infinitely many endings to the day, but it always begins anew after each day. Eventually, Shiki discovers that he must find Len, the creator of the dream, if he wishes to escape.
There are English reviews.

11. Dousoukai Refrain 同窓会refrain [010824] F&C FC01
New Year's Eve, one and a half a year after the events of Dousoukai. 
Main character gathers members of tennis club to have the end of the year party. They visit their friend's rock band "XAX" live after the banquet. The gig raises enthusiasm, and just as clock strikes 12, the first snow of the year starts, and old feelings revive in hearts. 
Game is initially issued as a doujin, and that explains the quality of the game. The content is no way on par to Dousoukai franchise. Pretty much just a moege with emphasis on H.

12. The Ren'ai Simulation 2 ~Fureai~ THE恋愛シミュレーション2〜ふれあい〜 [010830] HuneX 1 2
You're a 19-year-old student, that fails to pass the exams to university and starts working as an assistant teacher in a private school. You'll be assigned with the task of helping 5 girls with their exams, who will get closer to you as the game passes.
Cheap simplistic console SIM

13. Ashita no Yukinojou あしたの雪之丞 [010831] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6
A lefty, a righty, a liver shot, and the left hand punches the face.
And a left hook, a right body punch, then a right straight.
Another one from the right, blocking the left side of the body, quickly regain stance on the left, press on with the right.
There's one coming on the left side, cross both your hands, and then quickly follow with a left uppercut to decide the match... But then...
Our protagonist, Yukimura Yukinojou, who just completed his transfer to Kashima school, unexpectedly helped his brand new classmate, Kasuga Serina, from the assault of delinquents on her way home. The school festival is just around the corner, the hectic atmosphere is present everywhere, thus Serina and her friends enlist him to help too.
Thankfully, all the effort Serina put into it paid off, brought everyone together in such a short time, and the school festival went by with success. But, just when he was about to think that such a daily life isn't so bad, a girl from his past appeared before him, and before soon started to reveal the reasons he moved away and transferred schools.
Not displaying any emotion openly, Yukinojou has his heart sealed that he blames himself for all those events, and gets driven to the wall. As a matter of fact, a grave accident in the middle of box practice made his best friend lose his consciousness and enter into coma, which resulted in Yukinojou leaving everything behind as he was unable to bear this.
His heart tormented with such sins, would anyone be able to rescue him?
There are English reviews.

14. Bittersweet Fools [010831] minori 1
The protagonist is Alan, a former mafia assassin. He was required to go into hiding after a job and is now living in Florence, Italy. His days of peace and quiet comes to an end when he meets with the granddaughter of a mafia leader...
There is an English review, but I'm making my own.

15. Dhampir [010831] Penguin Works
End of 20th century. Bar "Ayakashi" in an ambiguous town actually serves as undercover base for monster exterminators. Main character gets a job here and drowns into the life of forbidden love and vile monsters.
Game has a long introduction. And when it finally says that now the story actually starts and actually target some heroine, it's only about 30% of content remains which drives you super fast and non-stop to the end. Atmosphere is good though.

16. Yuuyami no Warabeuta 夕闇の童詩 [010831] En
Zashiki Warashi are spirits that have lived alongside humans since ancient times. There is a legend that zashiki can become human if he finds a person who can see and touch him and  who can eventually have sex with him. There lives a zashiki boy in search for such human for a long time.
Gentle urban atmosphere is the biggest attraction of the game. Scenarios are pretty sad. Such mix of warmth and sadness can be appreciated by many people tired of logic and sophisticated stories.


1. Memories -before nightmare- [010802] Gin no Ken
When Lark opens his eyes, there is a girl in front of him. She smiles without fear even facing a wounded and bloodthirsty vampire. What beautiful eyes...

2. Ichigo Milk いちごみるく [010802] Atelier Kurimami
Ichigo is a cute schoolgirl. She serves as a personal mascot allowing protagonist do whatever he wants to her...

3. Gakuen ~Chijoku no Zushiki~ 学園~恥辱の図式~ [010802] Bishop 1
Masaki's in trouble. His rich father is about to disown him. But he's still got one last chance: if he can collect on some old unpaid debts, then all will be forgiven. Masaki may be a slacker, but he's quick to realize that the fastest way to collect is to go after the debtors' daughters...

4. Ayatsuri no Kyoushitsu Happy End 傀儡の教室HAPPYEND [010803] FlyingShine 1
Akatsuki Unabara has just transferred to the private Hakunanfu High School, where she has joined the archery club. She already has a boyfriend, and she is really enjoying school. However, this enjoyment doesn't last for long. She has recently realized that there is something in her past that she can't remember. The truth of the matter is that she was put under hypnosis, where a bunch of lustful men raped her and then left her without the memory of the incident ever happening.
We released "Ayatsuri no Kyoshitsu - Another Story" in November of 2000. In this game, our hero was Hyuga Mutsuki, and Akatsuki Unabara had died of unnatural causes. In our new release, the game is staged at a date much earlier than the previous one. The objective is to find a way to change Akatsuki's destiny.
The characters are all comebacks from the previous game. You can make Yuna, Hatsuhi, and Seina your sex slaves. If you love violating girls, you'll enjoy our large-scale game with varieties of sexual plays. It's up to you whether the story has a bad ending or a happy ending!

5. Jisshuusei ~Kiken na Kyoushitsu~ 実習生~危険な教室~ [10803] Rouge 1
Ryoichi attends a uni-sex (all male) school. Every year, his school hires student teachers. This year, two student teachers arrive for a 3-week training period. A stylish girl named Misaki Todo will be the P.E. teacher, and the big-breasted Nao Kurata will be the classic literature teacher. Kato, the school gang leader, decides to prey on these two young and sexy teachers. However, Kato 's teacher, Kanako Saiki, really gets on his case for trying such things. 
Eventually, Kato gets his hands on Misaki. Soon after, Numada, a teacher with no morals, rapes Nao. She ends up becoming his slave. Kanako notices something different about Nao, and so she confronts Numada... Numada holds a secret over Kanako that she doesn't want revealed, thus resulting in her being forced into sexual acts. 
Student teachers are neither students nor teachers. A new door opens up for these heroines. 

6. Junketsu Karyuudo 純潔狩人 [010803] TinkerBell 1
This story takes place in a certain Western town, in an all-girls boarding school for rich girls.
During a midnight walk, Erika hears a strange voice in her head. She is hypnotized and lured into an underground chamber, where she meets a vampire that just woke up from his eternal slumber. He rapes and bites her, turning her into his faithful servant - vampire Eris.
From now on, every night Erika turns into Eris and, for the sake of her master's complete revival, assaults and sheds blood of every virgin at school...

7. Kojin Taxi 2 股人タクシー2 [010803] Xuse 1
You are a taxi driver that hunts for beautiful girls and trains them in the back of your car.

8. Miracle Heart [010803] Marine Heart
Main character returns to his home town and on the first day accidentally kisses student president that causes body exchange between them. To get back to original form they need to kiss again, but they are interrupted and afterwards student president is not so inclined to change back. What will happen to them?
Boys Love

9. Virgin Blue Love! ばぁじんぶるぅらぶ! [010803] Ivory
Main character is asked by android development company to raise skills of new anrdoid prototype. At the same time he's given android for supervision after previous instructor quit. How will he deal with two android girls at once?

10. Watashi ni Konya☆Ai ni Kite 私に今夜☆会いに来て [010803] Sekilala 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Ryoichi doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. A very viable option is dumped into his lap when his parents disappear without warning one day. While he's pondering his next step, a woman from his father's past, Chidori Yuki, approaches him and decides to help out the young man.
“I own a traditional Japanese restaurant,” she tells h
im. “Come and work for me, and you can learn to be a chef.” Having nothing much better to do, Ryoichi can hardly refuse her offer, so he goes along for the ride, although he's a little uncertain that cooking is his destiny.
Things quickly become more complicated when he arrives and meets the rest of the family! Chidori introduces him to her three beautiful daughters, who all work as waitresses in her restaurant. “Get to know my daughters,” Chidori instructs him. It turns out her plan is to have him choose one daughter to marry and eventually take over the restaurant as Head Chef! What's more, the girls are all actively competing for Ryoichi's love, bending over backwards to make him fall for them. Considering he's never had a girlfriend before, he's really in for some interesting times. Talk about pressure!
All day, he is surrounded by Chidori and her three beautiful daughters, as well as another girl training to be a Head Hostess. It's a veritable harem! How will he choose just one?

11. W/B ~White Rose / Black Lily~ W/B~ホワイトローズ/ブラックリリー~ [010803] Triangle 1
This is the royal city of Metgale in the kingdom of Kestrol. Our hero is a well-known mercenary, and the story takes place when our hero arrives in the city. Our hero meets Prince Shurkal, who snuck out of the castle. To their surprise, they both look alike!
They decide to switch identities. The prince is tired of his royal life, and our hero is tired of his mundane life. As soon as our hero ends up in the castle, he takes the prince's fiance, Lilytess. He takes her to a world of ecstasy. Not only that, the chambermaid, Ephinera, offers herself to him. Our hero also finds the prisoner, Fayren. She is the princess of the kingdom who has been at war with Kestrol. In this game, you can choose to be a "lover" or a "sex-slave trainer." As you progress through the story, our hero will be involved with kingdom issues and power struggles. Will our hero be able to be a prince and live in a world of ecstasy, or. . . .?

12. Omocha no Chachacha Vol. 5: Collet Hen 玩具のちゃちゃちゃ vol.5 コレット編 [010804] Hyper-Unit
Colette is cursed by the demon king! The only way to restore her height is to apply different erotic techniques to her.

13. Kotodama 言霊 [010807] Nirvana Soft
Because of past trauma main character can no longer believe in people. But there are people who really cherish for him - cousin, classmate and a childhood friend. Which counsel will he take on the way to recovery?

14. TameGirl [010810] Love Laboratory
Main character works with cat-girl maid waitresses Aka and Ai. Protagonist may choose to pursue any of them. The ending will depend on the choices during night time changing "sensitivity" and "pleasure" parameters.

15. A Nya Aにゃ~ [010810] Babel
Air heroines start to feel bad in the head and grow cat ears as a result. Summer with these girls will bring lots of memories full of love and excitement!

16. Apocripha/0 Platina Disk Apocripha/0 プラチナディスク [010810] STACK software 1
An angel falls from Heaven to the Abyss, and here he cultivates a kingdom, the kingdom of Hell (Naraku), becoming the King of Hell. He tries to build a beautiful land, but it can never reach the beauty of Heaven: the demons live in troubled times, being attacked by fallen angels who survive the fall to the Abyss, fearing the bloodshed caused by these insane former angels against them. The King starts to become weak and tired, and with his last power, he gave birth to two new hopes: a prince with golden hair born from his red right eye, and a price with silver hair born from his blue left eye.
The King decides that the two twin prices, Alex and Platina, are to fight each other, and the winner who proves his power will become the new king of Hell, while the loser will face death. As such, Alex and Platina, who never even knew each other, are thrust into a battle against each other, and the future will change depending on the outcome. And hiding in the background, another hand plays in to manipulating their fate...
Boys Love

17. Being 媚淫颶 [010810] Societa Daikanyama
Main character is shown a mysterious adult toys show one day. Instruments there are of unknown usage and effect. He goes on a trip and uses these items on the girls he meets.

18. Darling [010810] NEST
There's a musician I respect more than any in this world, Kagami Ryuu.
I got tickets to one of his shows but I lost them!
As I was being depressed I got a mail. Somebody had picked up a notebook that had my tickets in it.
It was a mail from Ryuu himself...
I fumblingly sent mails back and forth, and with every word from him I read I was happy, but also nervous.
Then the mails turned into voice calls, and soon enough he was sending me videos and pictures.
Together the relationship between the two of us quietly but definitely changed.
And so me and Ryuu...

19. Haruboku ~Sakura, Harukaze. Boku, Sensei.~ はるぼく~桜、春風。僕、先生。~ [010810] Kiya-Labo
Main character becomes tea ceremony instructor at a cram school for 10 days. He is in charge of five students with unique personalities. Somehow there is a premonition that these 10 days won't be peaceful.
Boys Love

20. Kao no Nai Tsuki Limited Collection 顔のない月 LIMITED COLLECTION [010810] Root
Contains two side stories of Kao no nai Tsuki:
"Affection", about the protagonist's life after the True End of the game.
"Shikaku", about the protagonist's life before the start of the game.

21. Kokan Hunter 2 ~Chikyuu wa Marukatta~ 股間ハンター2 ~恥丘はまるかった~ [010810] Usagi Software
Main character is looking for a wonderful crotch. Any success this time?

22. Kuro no Orpheus 黒のオルフェス [010810] Noctovision 1
A student working the midnight shift, part-time, as a security guard at the number 1 women's dormitory of Holy Orpheus School for Women. Needless to say, the dormitory is full of young nubile women, and many of them have recently returned from living abroad; the atmosphere within the dorm is decidedly lively. Hey, this situation looks very promising. But once the actual work begins, our hero has to deal with problem students that do not follow the rules, students that hate men, strange students engrossed in suspicious rituals, and others like them that cannot be easily dealt with in the conventional way. Despite all this, the students are all extremely beautiful, and can you blame him that he tries anything and everything to become friendly with them? At first, he works to develop some intimacy with the girls, but then, things turn upside down, and the situation progresses to the point where he is in the position of protecting them. Think of a way to protect the girls from the devilish plan of targeting these girls by drawing out and discovering their hidden innermost feelings. As the plot within the school thickens and things gradually transpire, will you be able to protect the girls without succumbing to the great, yet unknown powers? 

23. Naked Blue [010810] F&C FC01
Fandisc of Canvas ~Sepia-iro no Motif~, it contains the mini-adventures "Koi" and "Ai".

24. Net Mania ~Harimegurasareta Kousha~ ネットマニア ~張り巡らされた校舎~ [010810] Interheart
Main character studies diligently and never talks to girls. But he wants to... Fortunately, noone can beats him in the net world. He uses email to get information. It's getting interesting.

25. Norika-tan to Issho 紀香たんといっしょ☆ [010810] Trabulance
Tsukushite Agechau 2 events are told from Norika-tan point of view.

26. Satsuei ~Kakushidori~ 撮影 ~かくし撮り~ [010810] Rainbow
Main character is a musician who extends women singing ability. One day he receives a letter from a certain school's director who asks to teach four girls singing in two weeks with any means required. Protagonist agrees to these harsh conditions, but girls distrust him and sabotage lessons. To turn the tides he adheres to insulting methods.

27. Umi de Onii-chan 海でお兄ちゃん [010810] Chinsoft
Two self-proclaimed sisters approach hero who lost memory and now works at a seaside cafe. 

28. Oyako Donburi 2 ~Akira no Baai~ 母娘どんぶり2~アキラの場合~ [010811] Beenyan 1
Our hero has traveled all the way to Hokkaido to lose his virginity, only to come up empty handed. His summer vacation has been dragging by, when suddenly; he gets a phone call from his aunt, Kanako. She runs a liquor store in the country and doesn't have enough help. She tells him, "I'll pay you if you come and help out." Even though she is his aunt, Kanakois a young and very attractive woman. Our hero eagerly accepts her invitation and sets outfor the country with high expectations. He is excited to see Kanako's daughter, Azusa. Shejust happens to be the first girl that he was ever in love with.
This is the hot sequence from Oyako Donburi. Besides Kanako and Azusa, you'll find other mothers and daughters waiting for you. We hope you enjoy playing with these hot babes!

29. One Way Love ~Mint-chan Monogatari~ One Way Love ~ミントちゃん物語~ [010812] Oukyuu Mahou Gekidan
It is a world where robots have become widespread. Main character lives with his maid robot Mint. He may choose to stay alone or seek love with Mint or some other girl. 

30. Ore wa Nayuki o Wasurenai~ 俺は名雪を忘れない [010812] Nekketsuya
Yuichi saves Akiko from the approaching truck, but loses memory himself as a result. Yuichi returns to normal life with only aftermath memories, but life gets gradually distorted because of that. Akiko feels her responsibility and is further depressed by her mother's death. Nayuki feels a gap because old memories aren't shared by Yuichi anymore.
"I want to go back to the days when we all lived happy together..."

31. C ~Koibito no Shoutai~ C~恋人の正体~ [010815] Strawberry Argyle
Aliens, vampires, killers, thieves, ghosts story that lasts five minutes and leads to one of 23 endings.
Boys Love

32. 1999ChristmasEve [010816]
The protagonist and his female partner are driving to the house they reserved for Christmas Eve when suddenly a creepy voice comes through the radio.

33. Motto Shite Shite Onee-san もっとしてしておねーさん [010817] Ail
Main character has spent his entire life in a hospital due to some health problems. Suddenly father gets an abroad appointment, and protagonist is moved to live with his older age girl cousin. He has no knowledge of girls - how will he fare?

34. ONF ~Tatakau Rasetsu e~ ONF~闘う羅刹へ~ [010820] Itsumo no Tokoro
Mizuka and Akane routes are retold with health bar concept, parody and numerous immediate death situations.

35. Inda 2002 淫打2002 [010824] Hyperspace 1
This is a sequel of the 'Inda' series, which is made for Bishojo game fans that want to become good at typing, but aren't satisfied with normal typing software. This is the standard for people who love Bishojo-typing-software. The more words you type on the screen, the more moans you'll hear and the more sex scenes you'll get to enjoy. 'Inda 2002' has a better storyline and better systems than the previous 'Inda' episode. You're guaranteed to be satisfied with lots of high-quality sex with beautiful girls! You'll be typing without looking at keyboard in no time at all!

35. Kizumono no Gakuen 傷モノの学園 [010824] Rasen
The day after the cultural festival is interrupted by a certain accident. Storm of bullets runs through the student conference, and school turns into one big battle royale. It's time for violence.

36. Shiru Bloomers Natsu ~Aoi Fukurami~ 汁ブルマ・夏~青いふくらみ~ [010824] Momo Gumi
Main character seems to be an ordinary physical education teacher, but he only gets this job because he loves to see bloomers up close. He becomes intimate with a girl who is proud to have a boyfriend. But shortly after protagonist finds a new target!

37. Tenshi no Hashigo てんしのはしご [010824] Studio Air 1
Nozomi Uchida enrolls in St. Koan to see his god-sister Kasumi Reimei. She welcomes our hero with warmth, and he expects a nice, peaceful school life. However, many freak 'accidents' are happening around her and the campus. What is going on? Why? What is the school's secret?
We've always been dedicated to "Only Lolita," and we're proud to present you with a new "Lolita" game. We categorize this game as an Occult AVG (adventure). This time, we have 15 Lolita characters. Our beautiful young girls will make you happy for sure. Even if you haven't played our previous game, you'll really enjoy this. This is one adventure you won't forget!

38. Layer Zero レイヤーゼロ [010825] Pandadanpa
Every girl dreams of participating in this tournament. But dark conspiracy dwells underneath. It's not talent that's needed from girls, but their bodies.

39. Zutto Issho ずっと一緒 [010828] Dennou Oroshidonya
Main character returns to the home town. Forgotten feelings revive as he meets old friends. Who will he want to stay forever through his life?

40. Hana no Kioku Dai 6 Shou 花の記憶 第6章 [010831] Foster 1 2
Players will really enjoy a lot of erotic situations in the 6th chapter of this popular omnibus series. You'll get to see many heroines making fools of themselves. You'll first experience the exciting sex life of the newlywed housewife, Sana Hikawa. This hot chic likes to wear see-through aprons, and she really gets it in the park one night. Next, you'll experience the success story of a bar hostess, Megumi Arisaka and her boyfriend. You'll get to see her in some erotic costume play, along with some heavy lesbian fun with her girlfriend from work. We have also prepared some stories about a hot entertainer named Miku Shido and another one about Risa Kashima, a magazine reporter.
Anyone who has ever played with our previous chapters will thoroughly enjoy this chapter as well. This is one system you'll never tire of! Each of the stories is a separate entity, however the characters are all connected in a variety of ways to produce a very unified compilation.

41. Hina-chan no Utagoe 雛ちゃんの唄声 [010831] Enfini
Main character is a teacher who has just got a licence and found a job in a girls school in his home town. There is a girl who allows him to do whatever he wants, but there is also his ex-girlfriend who demands his attention after all these years. All he needs is choose.

42. Motto Love Chu! ~Ren'ai Chu! Fandisk~ もっとLOVEちゅ! 〜恋愛CHU!ファンディスク〜 [010831] Saga Planets
Fan disc that includes among others:
· Each Ren'ai Chu! heroine short story 
· Wallpapers
· Thematic song remixes

43. Bisquieholic Eqations [0108] LaplusCube
Time of school festival is approaching. Main character has plans for this event that he shares with his friends.
Boys Love

44. Totsugeki Uchuu Senkan Masrao [0108] Stray Moon
2212 AD. As humans advance into the universe, a star rich in minerals is found just 15,000 km from main hub Alpha Centauri. It gets name "New Hope" and soon becomes a dream destination for all immigrants.
But one day in 2214 this star gets ambushed and captured by an unknown alien  civilization "Phochum Central Unified Holy Empire".
The Allied Forces organize immediately send forces, but face a total defeat due to the huge gap in technology level. Soon Alpha Centauri gets captured as well, and humanity habitat narrows down to Solar system. Pluto becomes a base for counterattack, but only admiral experience prevents total defeat. Enemy forces approach the lunar base and occasionally hit important objects on the Earth with missiles when the latest generation super-dreadnought space battleship finally gets ready for battle. 
December 3, 2215 becomes the Judgement day for humanity led by our brave admiral.

45. Splash Summer -Natsu no Shizuku- Splash Summer -夏の滴- [0108] Ritz software
Main character transfers to another school in the middle of semester. He is invited to enter swimming club. This is a story of a bargain of love with three people he meets in the swimming club.
Boys Love

46. Will [0108] Circle Mebius
A female childhood friend suddenly comes with baggage to main character's house running away from parents' remarriage problems. Together with protagonist's sister they all start living together under one roof. They used to spend a lot of time playing the cards here as kids, but now everything gets a cozy, but fresh feeling.

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