VN of the Month November 2001 - Nijuubako

Kazoku Keikaku , Daiakuji and Nijuubako make the masterpieces of the month, but the winner is Nijuubako

1. Deep Voice [011102] Apricot
The story is set in an old Western-style hospital where Takumi was confined after he was in an accident. Since then Takumi has experienced an odd condition where he can see the "deep voices" of the past events bound in different parts of the hospital. He seems to be able to also slip into other people's consciousness while being asleep. Together with Amano Aki, a journalist, he wants to investigate about the mysterious past of the hospital.
Suspense hospital story. The structure is quite complex and directing is good, but story is not special at all. Forced H scene only subtract from attractiveness.

2. Kazoku Keikaku 家族計画 [011102] D.O. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Tsukasa, a fiercely independent youth who lost his parents at an early age and now spends his days working at a Chinese restaurant to make ends meet.
Reluctant to form interpersonal ties lest they be shattered, Tsukasa is nonetheless unable to abandon the illegal immigrant girl he finds collapsed in the alley behind his workplace one day. Confronted by her utter helplessness he takes her in, an encounter that opens the door to a new life - one where he faces the challenge and wonder of being no longer alone.
Tsukasa soon finds himself at the unwilling nexus of even more lives, attracting a band of misfits and social outcasts around him that swell beyond the confines of his small apartment. They find shelter in an abandoned house, where despite Tsukasa's lingering doubts a pact is formed: the "family project", an alliance of mutual convenience and utilitarian support that despite the mistrust and antagonism among its members soon comes to mean much more.
Game's localized and has English reviews.

3. Puchi Cherry ~Anata to Iru Kisetsu~ ぷちチェリー~あなたといる季節~ [011102] Giga

Koichi returns to home town for the first time in ten years. Ten years changed characters of his old friends, but memories of the past remain the same. Will he find his loved person till school festival?
Charage with not so good scenario (many contradictions), but lovely characters. Text is not emotionally transferred. Three of heroines are old friends, and game features some nice reunion scenes, and the last heroine is a newcomer.

4. Memories Zero ~Aoi Hikari no Yakusoku~ Memories Zero~蒼い光の約束~ [011109] Euphony Production

A group of friends live in the neighborhood and study together. At the end of the midterm test there is finally time to stretch feathers and spend time going to camping trips, participating in school events and enjoying everyday life. At this time Satoru starts to have feelings for one girl...
Timetable SIM without serious advancements in any field.

5. Sister☆Boy しすたぁ☆ボーイ [011109] Sequence 1

Your parents are going to leave you behind due to their work. You are Shun Miyama. You find out about this one day before their departure, and you also find out that they have already picked out your school and a place to live. You are waiting for Kasumi Sagara, a girl from your apartment to pick you up, but you feel strange. Well, guess what...
The apartment you're going to be staying in is restricted to girls. They think you're a girl! Since you were little, people have always mistaken you as a girl. However, you're all man inside; face it, you're in heaven now!!
Surprisingly orthodox love story. The girl with the highest favorability at the time of decisive branching gets her route. Psychology is depicted truthfully, but drama lacks impact.

6. Sister Heart ~Kokoro no Kakera~ Sister Heart~ココロのカケラ~ [011109] Ciel

Main character is able to hear the voice of people hearts. One day his younger sister gets into a traffic accident resulting in a coma state. Returning home from the hospital protagonist encounters three angels who claim that sister's soul is in disintegrated state. He agrees to cooperate with the angels to restore the soul of his sister. For that he will need to oppose fallen angel mischief.
Three angels are of different personalities and balance is set to tilt to one of the sides. So game is kind of SIM-heavy with the whole heart voice system and different angels stats. One playthrough is just two hours, and it's mostly about the capturing souls gameplay.

7. Twins 2 -Ren'ai Miman- Twins2 -恋愛未満- [011116] Discovery 1

In the previous "Twins," Kureha was able to hook up with Tsubasa Honami. This story takes us 6 months later down the road. Kureha's twin sister, Nao, is depressed because her brother takes all the girls she likes. As she's walking down the street, she sees a cute girl jump out in traffic during a red light. Nao runs over and saves her just in time. Nao looses consciousness, and when she wakes up, she's on the girl's lap.
Before she is able to thank the cute girl, an ambulance comes and picks her up. The next day, Nao changes identities with Kureha to sneak into the school. She finds out that her name is Nami Sakanoue, and that she is one of the triplets in love with Kureha. Kureha is a lucky guy, but how will Nao's love end up? What will Kureha do? Not only will you find the girls from the previous "Twins," you'll find 6 new girls appearing in this powered up version! Lets get wild and get it on with many beautiful girls!
Game resembles Sapphism no Gensou atmosphere in some routes as here boy has to pretend being a girl. Conversations and tempo are the strong sides, length and scenario aren't so good. Genre is close to moege.

8. Yukigatari 雪語り [011116] Tarte

The game takes place in a snowy mountain area, where the protagonist takes part in a skiing course. Of course he isn't alone and, conveniently-enough, ends up with a lot of female company.
Tarte first game ends up being a bugged moege, and a short one as well. First playthrough is 5 hours, but subsequent playthroughs with skipping only take some 40 minutes.

9. Hooligan フーリガン [011122] Frontwing 1 2

Yukito Nogi, a high-school student living by himself in the city, was out walking one night when a strange object fell from the sky... crashing straight into him. This object turns out to be a cosmic force, its power so great that it splits Yukito into three different entities, each composed of one part of his psyche. It also happens to give each part enormous psychic powers!
However, he's only just started arguing with himself, when three different factions converge on him all at once. A trio of aliens, led by the self-aggrandizing scientist Olga Mengele, want to steal Yukito's power for themselves. Yuki and Yuka, a pair of sister demon hunters, believe Yukito to be a demon that must be sealed. And of course Hiromi Togo -- alias Trigun, defender of justice -- wants to use these events to prove herself as a superhero.
There are three scenarios each consisting of 6 episodes. Each episode has its structure, so we can speak about 18 stories. By atmosphere game resembles Captain Love the most. Text is very simplistic to imitate superhero anime, genre is bakage. Card battles are short and easy enough not to hurt the overall pace. There are 2-3 H events for each heroine in PC version, some are animated.

10. Meippai Athlete めいっぱい☆あすりぃと [011122] Active

Let's open a joint college festival for three schools! Such was the suggestion of main character to the student council. Somehow the plan is carried out and now the girl school, the geek school and the celebrity school are in the midst of joint preparation.
Card battles are deployed at the end to beat other teams in cultural festival. Otherwise a common moege with too many pregnancy endings. Each route is very short.

11. Metamor Fantasy メタモルファンタジー [011122] Escu:de

In this world; fairies, witches and all kinds of strange creatures live in a peaceful coexistence. Protagonist is Hatayama, he is a kind of monster that looks exactly like a small plush bear. 
He enrolled in the magic academy to study magic but lately his interest switched more towards the girls in the school than the magic studies. His magic allows him to transform himself to any monster he previously met. But to learn the magic to transform himself to a real human, he first has to master that divine magic called "love".
Raising SIM + card battles + insult H scenes + magic girl. Somehow I don't like either element.

12. Pandora no Yume パンドラの夢 [011122] Pajamas Soft 1 2 3

The story starts on a summer holiday training camp for members of the arts club. As they are exploring the basement of the European-styled school building, they find a nursing robot called Suu, albeit non functional due to a used-up battery. After being brought back to life by the main character, Hirano Yuito, the robot, of female appearance, recognizes him as her new master.
On the final day, the protagonist prepares to leave after spending an enjoyable week. An earthquake occurs, but he dismisses it as a casual event.
However, before Yuito knows what's happening, all of them are warped back to a week earlier, memories altogether.
As the pattern keeps looping, Suu seems to remember faint traces of the week period, and uncannily starts depicting traits of humanity.
There are English reviews.

13. ReNN ~Another Story of Works Doll~ ReNN ~Another Story of Works Doll~ [011122] TopCat

Five years have passed since puppeteer Senjo formed the complete body of "sub-doll". The dolls  evolve each year, but the price tag remains sky high. 
Main character works at a plant and can't believe his luck to have found a sub-doll Renn...
Not sure why we need another story if pretty much noone liked SIM part of the first game.

14. Yuurei wa Doukyonin!? ゆうれいは同居人!? [011122] Yui Koubou 1

Tatsuya is a white-colar worker. One night after work he went back to his apartment, and found there Akane, a strange highschool girl, who is actually a ghost. And she wants to live with him as his new roommate. Even worse, she starts to follow him to his work, too.
What he will do?!
Ainos in the new Sogna, and this game looks totally like a Sogna game would. However, after a single road development there are four branches here with different heroines. Game's a bakage with animation as main attraction.

15. Shinsetsu Kamiya Ukyou ~Shokuzai~ 真説神谷右京~贖罪~ [011123] Altacia

Ukyo is registered as a resident lawyer at Lithuania Law Firm. 
His division does arbitrage over reduction of excess debts of companies. One day two detective ask Ukyo to cooperate with finding manager of such company Okita who is suspected in bills fraud. Ukyo protects his client from detectives pressure, but one day Okita suddenly admits the crime and wishes to go to police. The night of the same day Ukyo spends a night with a girl. Five years later they get to meet again at surprising circumstances.
This is the fourth work out of six visual novels dedicated to Kamiya Ukyou. Game's based on real events, so it's more about reality and impressions and not so much about a coherent story. There is no good ending, and the best variant you can get is be following exact actions of the hero that day. Since there's a big map to decide where to go, difficulty to get a proper ending is very high. Very unusual work for visual novels media, but unusual does not necessarily mean good.

16. Ajimu ~Kaigan Monogatari~ あじむ~海岸物語~ [011130] Arpeggio

Seventeen year old Nakaido Hirosuke is just your average high school student. One morning as he arrives at the train station on his way to school, he catches sight of a beautiful girl, Ajimu Yasuna, and immediately falls for her. The two of them get to know each other and become friends, but he can't confess his feelings and she is unsure of hers. As events and other people present obstacles for the potential couple to clear, their relationship begins to develop and their feelings become clear.
Pure love story, but with abrupt end.

17. Daiakuji 大悪司 [011130] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6

In a parallel universe, feminist "Womenrica" (a group called WIME) won World War II, and forced a female-centric constitution upon the defeated Japan. Japanese city governments "outsource" the task of peacekeeping to local organizations, all lead by females.
Former juvenile delinquent, Yamamoto Akuji was one of the POW's who fought alongside Japan, only to end up having to become a prisoner of war for a year after losing against WIME. 
Once he is released from prison, Akuji heads to his home for the first time in three years, the grand city of Osaka where he is heir to the largest gang called the Wakame Gumi, in which his grandfather, Yamamoto Ippatsu, who was a legend among others "properly" inherited after sleeping with the daughter of the former landlord many years ago. 
While initially unhappy with how much the war has affected the cities setting, Akuji plans on visiting the love of his life, Haku Minka, and figures that she has grown to be a beautiful, and much more mature woman from the last time he saw her before being deployed to the war three years prior. As this warms his heart, he happily lingers to his home in hopes of having a celebration for his return. 
Akuji's moments of relief due to his house being still in one piece gets cut short when he finds that one of his grandfather's former lovers, Ichihashi Ran, has become the new boss of the Wakame Gang. He gets informed that he is no longer allowed to stay within the household of the Wakame Gang due to his gender, and the fact that only women can be at the ruling position of factions, due to WIME winning the war and changing many laws. Akuji is also told that his father passed away during the war and that his grandfather was absent from Osaka for a large amount of time in order to find and battle someone more powerful than he was, meaning that there was no other decent choice but to make Ran the leader of the Wakame Gang. Akuji, angered by the fact he no longer has a place to reside in, attempts to fight back as Ran orders the gang's lackeys to subdue him. Thanks to having his body worn out from jail, Akuji loses the fight and is thrown out of his residence.
Akuji then shortly wakes up after only to become more infuriated, and takes out his frustration on an old drunkard bothering him, he gets stopped by the two Vice Leaders of the Youth Service Group, and is taken captive by them, Akuji then later manages to trick the both of them into liking him after lying about making his gang's most notable recipe, and instead treats them both to an amazing session.
Due to how easy it was for him to subdue the two Vice Leaders, Akuji plans on using the Youth Service Group to rebel against the Wakame Gang in hopes of retrieving his household back. He shortly afterwords sleeps with the main leader of the Youth Service Group and makes careful preparations. Thanks to his past grudges against WIME, who have most of the power in Osaka, and the stress with having to deal with a corrupt woman taking his household, Akuji takes it upon himself to dominate Osaka, so that the city can be in proper hands once more.
Soon after, his associates and personal trainers find word that Akuji has come back to Osaka, and end up joining the Youth Service Group to support Akuji, not only them, but a young girl who was a reserved, but powerful student by the name of Takega Satsu claiming to be Akuji's own aunt joins him as well.
With multiple territories, blood to be split, and the management of his slowly rising company on the line, will Akuji be able to fulfill his dream of conquering Osaka all the while maintaining a genuine relationship with the choice of one of five different women who can potentially become his wife in the future, all while having different types of fun with multiple other women at the same time?
It's a kill or be killed, high-stakes conquest as Akuji and his gang head straight to the top of Osaka! 
There are English reviews.

18. Ekiben 駅弁 [011130] Uran

Main character Kentaro travels the country in search of stations not visited and station bentos not tasted yet. He does not have money to pay for station bento, so he pays with body and attacks the sales girl. It turns out that Kentaro is being watched by a mysterious "Senior upper alliance" organization. They are outraged that Kentaro was doing that right at the station depot, so now they are sending thugs after Kentaro one by one.
A weird ero-tilt bakage. There is a stupid minigame for the fights with thugs. There are 6 chapters enough for 4-5 hours of play time.

19. Emblem Emblem ~エンブレム~ [011130] Malt

Main character Shiro Kogetsu  is an ordinary student who somehow gets elected as yakuza clan leader after his distant relative dies. He wants an ordinary school life, but his classmates start to evade him, and clan business gets in the way. Will he be able to find a girlfriend in these circumstances?
Love comedy with comedy occupying first half and love second part. There are 5 heroines and 6 endings. The degree of fun and eroticism varies from one character to another to a maximum of 3 H events. Characters are of moege level, but yakuza comedy is decent.

20. Iris イリス [011130] Penguin Works

Main character and his partner Seti helped two adventurers who were attacked on their way back from friend's wedding. The innkeeper asked them to find the attackers, and that marked the beginning of their journey.
Iris is the fairy of protagonist, but she does not get her route or ending. Game resembles Slayers anime the most. Genre is RPG. Territory is limited just to inside the town. Number of battles is small. Game ends after finding the criminals, so it's more of a detective mystery than a might and magic fantasy adventure.

21. Nijuubako 二重箱 [011130] KeroQ 1

Among other accessories there are two stories:
1. 『イルとスイの日常』"Il and Sui everyday" is about Il and Sui exploring outer world and own sexuality.
2.『砦に帰す』"Return to the Fort" is about Ayu group expedition sent by Iga ninja to investigate an ancient Yagyuu fort.
I'll write a full review.

22. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! 3 Pia♥キャロットへようこそ!! 3 [011130] Cocktail Soft 1 2

Is the second true sequel to "Pia Carrot", set one year later than "Pia Carrot 2".
There are English reviews.


1. Nurunuru -Joshi Ryou no Tsuyagoto- ぬるぬる -女子寮の艶事- [011102] Noise 1
Katsumi Ozaki is a journalist for a magazine. Miyuki Yoshino is his girlfriend, but they haven't even held hands yet. One day, Katsumi's boss tells him to sneak in and take some exotic pictures in a girls' dorm. At first, he doesn't want to do it. His friend is the building supervisor, and his girlfriend also lives there. However, curiosity eventually kicks in, and he decides to go. Your goal is to successfully sneak in and take pictures of these cute babes.
This game has full polygons, just like most games from NOISE. You'll also meet up with the broken hearted Rikako Nishikura, and Yu Asakura, whose weaknesses are known by the building supervisor, and many more! We're confident you'll get excited listening in on girls' private conversations and secretly taking their pictures. Sneak in and enjoy!!

2. Tsuki 憑き [011102] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
We are all not what we seem to be. Although we don't want to consider the possibility, there is a certain darkness lurking inside the hearts of all of us. If it is brought out through great pain, then terrible things can happen.
Mizuno Yousuke is a young Japanese man. His life hasn't been very happy ever since his mother's untimely death while he was still a child, his father's remarriage and then again his untimely death in a recent car accident. Yousuke now lives with his beautiful step-mother and her quiet, reserved daughter, and although he has known great pain, it seems that all the women around him are striving to do all they can to ease his sadness. Perhaps it was all these sad events that caused his darkness to come out...

3. Yoku Dekimashita. よくできました。 [011102] Triangle
Lovely tutor comes to main character for a 90 minutes study session. With clever approach it's possible to use these 90 minutes in various ways!

4. Para Para 2 ぱらパラ2 [011102] Studio B-Room
Christmas is drawing closer. Girl's mother suggests part-time job at her family restaurant to earn money for girl's present. Main character agrees without giving it much thought, but it turns out to be family restaurant full of women and temptations...

5. Kagerou かげろう [011109] Usagi Software
A story of four men and five women in a small village in the mountains. Game is divided into four chapters, each being a separate zapping adventure.
Nukige antology

6. Koishigure ~Happyakuya Chou Yume Monogatari~ 恋時雨~八百八町夢物語~ [011109] Marine Heart
Kazuya, a highschooler in the drama club, dreams of being a famous actor in a TV drama someday. One day, when he was searching through the supplies room, he hears someone calling for him and sees a bright sword. He touches it and suddenly finds himself transported to ancient Edo timeline. Soon, he is saved by a beautiful samurai named Iori. Why was Kazuya brought here and what role does he have to play in this ancient drama?
Boys Love

7. Kyabate Bakaichidai キャバ手バカ一代 [011109] Chime 1
Our hero enters a cabaret club for the first time; he gets hooked on the nightlife and pays frequent visits. He's an ordinary guy with an ordinary salary, although he has limits on how much he can spend. With these limitations, it is your mission to visit as many cabarets as possible and get hooked up with your favorite girl. The special feature in this game is the composition of cabaret hostess interviews. In order to reproduce the fun of cabarets, we not only have the orthodox parameters of impression meters, we also have unique meters to check intoxication levels, lie detectors, and more. You'll feel like you're part of the game, where you can select which girl will sing karaoke. You will find that club prices are very similar to the real thing. This story will progress according to your bargaining powers. By the time you clear this game, you'll be a full-fledged cabaret expert! 

8. Midara na Tsumi ~Etsuraku no Shuujitsu~ 淫らな罪~悦楽の終日~ [011109] Crime
Christmas Eve of 2000 AD. Everyone is sure that the Earth is going to be destroyed the next day. How will this last night pass?

9. Shinnin Eigo Kyoushi Yumiko to Tennis Club Nureta Underskirt no Chouhatsu 新任英語教師・祐美子とテニスクラブ 濡れたアンダースコートの挑発 [011109] Guilty 1
Mikihiko is the captain of the tennis club. On one particular day, Mikihiko volunteers to clean up the tennis court and stays late at school. The truth is he wants to sneak into the girl's locker room after overhearing that the lock is broken. Mikihiko is infatuated with the new English teacher, Yumiko. She is also in charge of the tennis club.
Once he enters the locker room, Mikihiko finds Yumiko's panties and ejaculates on them. The next day, Mikihiko sneaks into the locker room again, but Yumiko catches him this time. Mikihiko begs for her forgiveness. However, nothing could prepare him for her reply: "Be my sex slave." This title is a digital novelization of a Japanese romance story. A new feature called "Flagrant Fetitopia System" has been added. The player utilizes this system when the fetitopia button appears on the screen during erotic sequences. Once the player clicks the button, he/she can watch the actual images of featured lingerie and learn about fetishism in order to enjoy the story even more! You will enjoy this amazing and shocking story of Mikihiko, Yumiko, and the beautiful exhibitionist, Kumi. . .

10. Doll ~Uroboros 2~ Doll~ウロボロス2~ [011116] Forester
Doll: Ouroboros 2 continues directly the story of the first game. The evil vampire earl from the first game has tricked our heroes once again, and the assassin Noel, the protagonist of the game, finds himself thrown into a dungeon. Will his superb skills as a swordsman be enough to defeat the enemies and solve the complex net of intrigues and to save the medieval land of Ouroboros?
Like the first game, Doll: Ouroboros 2 is basically a huge 3D movie with occasional interactivity. At certain points, you'll be able to make a decision (such as for example have sex with an evil-looking girl or attack her), or choose one of the several available paths. During some of the sex scenes, you can view the movie clips in a desired order.

11. Dragon Penance ~Ryuushu Enbu~ ドラゴンペナンス-龍珠演舞- [011116] Zepher
Four boys calling themselves dragons suddenly appear before the protagonist Shirasawa Aki and say they are here to protect the princess.
Her classmates who didn't know the details of the circumstance became jealous of her handsome hangers-on.
It's a little troubling, saying these words Aki still spent everyday having fun in her own way.
However, one day suddenly one of those so-called dragons disappeared. That's were this story really starts.

12. Lalka ~Tsukurareta Tenshi-tachi~ Lalka ~造られた天使たち~ [011116] KT Factory
Main character encounters prototype software with heart "Elfalia" while travelling the cyberspace. She says she loves him and needs protection, but then disappears in a flash being hacked by someone. Protagonist creates a cyber idol "Elfi" from the backup data of "Elfalia" in order to raise "Elfalia" out of backup program.

13. Mini Teens -Zettai Himitsu! Onna no Ko Counseling- Mini teens-絶対ヒミツ!女の子カウンセリング- [011116] Libido
Sensei is a doctor at a school. When girls come to him with medical problems or questions he tricks them into sex.

14. Cosutte! My Honey コスって!My Honey [011122] Blue Gale
Main character quits previous job because of sexual harassment. A passing woman invites him to work together. However, it's a work in a female collective where some women resent to work with men. Protagonist agrees to dress as a woman for this job. Will he be able to get along with the girls?

15. Elf All Stars Datsui Jan 2 エルフオールスターズ脱衣雀2 [011122] Elf
Same as 1st.
Nukige card game

16. Himekaribito 姫狩リビト [011122] Xuse
France, end of 18th century. Provincial lord Gaston gets a request to investigate identities to three candidates to become wives of high official's son. In case some problem or disobedience is found, Gaston gets a Carte Blanche to use any means necessary.

17. Itsudatsu 逸脱 [011122] Tomato
Protagonist with deviation hunts for innocent girls in order to train them and then win prizes for publishing peculiar photos with them. 

18. Kurui Uta 狂い詩 [011122] White
Main character meets former lover's sister after five years at his new job at the university. One night the girl comes to his place with a request to give her shelter as she is on the run. So starts their cohabitation. 

19. Kyouin Gakuen 狂淫学園 [011122] Atelier Kaguya
In the doctor's office professional teacher forcing schoolgirls to the shameful things.
Secretly, this guy makes a series of sites with child pornography. They contain jeopardize videos and photos of girls in the school.
Besides the hero found out all the secrets of the girls have threatened them to disclose their raped them.

20. Mikan 蜜柑 [011122] C's Ware 1 2
In a mysterious bookstore with the name of Mikan, a novelist is reunited with his own incomplete novel.
Spinning once again this story, he himself become the protagonist when reality, fiction and his own past begin to merge.

21. Miss You [011122] Crowd
Father of the main character remarries a nurse who is a widow with two daughters. However, there was an important secret that father did not tell the hero about a new family ...

22. Tokumei Kyoushi Hitomi 特命教師 瞳 [011122] Colors
Schools experience crime level burst. Strict measures are established to counter that. One day ministry of education gets a call claiming that a normal private school actually operates in prostitution and gains tremendous profits. Ministry starts an investigation of the "Fang" organization inside school in order to destroy it.

23. Virgin Bride ~Ochita Hanayome~ Virgin Bride ~堕ちた花嫁~ [011122] Riddle Soft
The protagonist, Kudou Shin, works for a famous Bridal Salon. He is a professional who handles receptions of celebrity weddings.
The story is about four virgin brides one month before their weddings.

24. Elf All Stars Datsui Jan 2 エルフオールスターズ脱衣雀2 [011122] Elf
Main character is free to walk around town and challenge girls in strip mahjong. Compared to prequel there is more animation here used for both undressing and sex scenes.
Card game

23. Scarred Gem - Jeongryeongseok eui Guae 스카드 잼 - 정령석의 구애 [011123] Artlim Media
Due to an unforeseen accident, our protagonist ruins his university entrance exams. As our protagonist makes up his mind to re-take the entrance exams, a mysterious girl appears and hands him a broken pendant while speaking in an unknown language. Although suspicious, he brings the pendant home with him. This awakens the spirit in the pendant and with her support, our protagonist has to find his significant other. (... what happened to re-taking the entrance exams?)

24. Kannagi no Tori 神無ノ鳥 [011129] Studio Miris 1
There is a place known as "Kannagi-san" (or Kannagi Mountain), which connects the world of the living with the world of the dead. Here, beings called the "Kannagi no Tori" (or Birds of Kannagi) live, and it is their job to take the souls of the people who die to Kannagi-san, where they can then pass on to the world of the dead. The "Kannagi no Tori" get sent out just before someone dies to retrieve their soul and bring it back.
However, one "Kannagi no Tori," Ikaru, is different. He feels wrong about death, and typically when he is sent out instead of letting the death take place and retrieving the soul, he usually interferes with fate by preventing an accident, convincing someone not to commit suicide, or rescuing the person in danger to save their life. He still has not retrieved a single soul. He is given a "final mission" to prove himself as a "Kannagi no Tori," and if he fails, he will cease to exist.
His mission is to retrieve the soul of a young boy, Watanaki Ruu, who is to die in a car accident on the first of June, in about one month. Over this month Ikaru has several interactions with Ruu and his family, and feels an usual tie to Ruu, and doesn't want to take his soul... but his fellow "Kannagi no Tori" friends are trying to make sure he gets his mission done because they don't want to see their friend cease to exist, and at the same time, they have missions of their own involving people around Ruu as well.
Will Ikaru be able to finish his mission, or will he be unable to claim this soul as well...?
Boys Love

25. Onna Kyoushi Mania 女狂師マニア [011130] Chiffon
Main character Shinji has feelings for his female teacher. In order to satisfy his desires, he invents a plan how to insult and train teachers and students in the school.

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Quick question: I know this post are the month the games came out, have you actually played all of them? reading your BLUE text comment seem like you played all or most of them?

And if so you played Daiakuji before? that was another highlight from my youth .

PS: Summer anime almost here AKA YUNO anime soon cause my friend are telling (who played the VN) to get excited, a good anime staff in on it i heard

kivandopulus said...

I used to play everything only during first youtube channel since I needed to make videos of everything.
Since then two of my important visual novel sources have been cut, and I have to do with the rest somehow.
Blue text is usually retelling of Japanese reviews, that's why it's so short and dry.
Playing 1-2 visual novel per reviewed month is all I can afford time-wise with a pace of new publication every two days. Never played Daiakuji. I avoid RPG for now as they require more time and dedication. Also need at least interface translation to feel relatively comfortable in non-translated RPG.

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