VN of the Month December 2001 - Izumo

Izumo is the only masterpiece of the month. I'll be reviewing both Virus and Faust this month.

1. Kakuriyo 幽冥-カクリヨ- [011207] Cage

Main character receives a request as a member of mystery club to investigate change in the behavior of classmate's older brother. At the same time beauty transfer student comes to the class, and a series of bizarre incidents starts to happen. Old school building, moonlight on the shrine and fate from the previous life - with that the sky trembles and Kakuriyo appears in this world.
A dark ero-centered story, but at least with some plot. There are guro scenes and deaths of heroes at bad endings. Difficulty is high, so walkthrough is a must.

2. Platinum プラチナ [011207] Giga

Main character transfers to a school in the mountains of the neighboring prefecture just half a year before graduating. He leaves behind his girlfriend who promises to wait for him till they can enter the same university. But new town presents new encounters. What will he choose?
Wow, Giga started to produce poor visual novels as early as back in 2001... and Puchi Cherry unsuccessful example did not teach them a thing. Here is another generic moege with forced ending.

3. Rasetsu [011207] Kogado Studio

The story is set within a futuristic world where mankind, fearing overpopulation may be a danger, made settlement at locations away from Earth.
Two powerful organizations formed: The Governing Galactic Federation of Earth and the Dick Planetary Alliance, and since then they've been engaged in war against one another, which in turn has dealt considerable damage to mankind. Your goal as the leader of a mercenary's guild is to simply profit by taking jobs from either of those forces.
The Rasetsu series play simililarly to any other real-time strategy title with an isometric view and common point-and-click interface, and also toting somewhat of a Front Mission-esque as you'll often find yourself switching over from battles to intermissions (where you'll be able to talk to characters) and so on.
Not a visual novel, so no point discussing.

4. Virus ウィルス [011207] Celt

Main character is separated from his older brother and sister due to parents' divorce. A few years later sister asks him to check on brother who does not come to contact. Brother is found dead with a tattoo all over his body. Protagonist starts his own investigation with the help of some friends.
Those who watch me for some time already know that I'll be reviewing this game myself. A woman with a gun is the bait I always swallow.

5. Q [011208] Cross

1895. Main character is a representative of Meiji government sent on culture inspection to the United States. Upon his arrival inexplicable series of mystery murders start to occur.  
Story is inconsistent and full of H events. There's a mystery meter that moves some 5 cm with each new ending (mostly bad ones) revealed. Thus reaching true end requires playing 20 times making the right choices. Not much is explained, so story often develops itself without acknowledgement of what's happening.

6. Doki Doki Pretty League - Lovely Star ドキドキプリティリーグ Lovely Star [011213] Xing Entertainment 1 2

In the game the player takes again the role of a baseball coach that is going to coach the Kasumigaura high school female baseball team during a one year period of time. The task is to decide the training (battling, fielding, etc.) that each player is going to make each week and see their progress.
Can't stand SIM games.

7. Kokoro Toshokan Communication Library Visual Drama ココロ図書館 コミュニケーションライブラリー ビジュアルドラマ [011213] Broccoli

A short visual novel included as part of the "Kokoro Library Communication Library" library cataloging software. Chapters are unlocked as books are entered into the library software; approximately 120 books are required to unlock the entire story.
Some strange moe collection game.

8. Cafe La Sunset CAFE LA SUNSET [011214] BeF

Main character ran a restaurant for five years before it went bankrupt. One day he's invited by his uncle to be a manager of "Sunset" cafe that is about to be closed in a month's time. What encounters await him during the time left?
Quite a generic Pia Carrot clone, but with BeF traditional graphics. The girl we visit the most gets her story to progress. There is also a SIM part.

9. Faust ファウスト [011214] Tail

In a peaceful city, a series of strange "vampire" murders happened. As if to ridicule people who don't believe in the existence of such monsters victims appear one after another in a swift succession. Meanwhile, the hero who works in the university encounters a girl. Upon that encounter, he feels "something" that can sacrifice even a precious and sacred life in that girl.
I think I'll review it myself.

10. Konoha Challenge このはちゃれんじ [011214] FlyingShine
Main heroine is homunculus created by Mad Alchemist. She is implanted memory of younger sister. She exists via sexual energy and needs daily masturbation to survive. If she resists this urge, her body gets more and more aroused. Her bright school life begins!
This is a totally nukige setting, but game is actually a bakage and is praised a lot for comical character depiction. It's also FlyingShine game. But it's also a SIM game developing over a month's time. Various events occur depending on school behavior and self-training sessions at nights. There are three happy endings and four normal ones. Still it's everyday conversation laugh that makes this game so highly evaluated, not H events.

11. Megami-sama ☆ ni Onegai!! -Mayonaka no Boukensha- 女神さま☆にお願いっ!! -真夜中の冒険者- [011214] Studio Ryokucha

A certain Tokyo high school is an ordinary school during daytime, but at nighttime it changes into a labyrinth that seals the ultimate treasure that can make any wish come true. Main character is one of its students joining in the treasure hunt accompanied by classmate girls.
It's mostly a comedy with a good tempo, even though parody often feels old. First half is the same, then we pick a heroine and go exploring the dungeon only with her - the final wish fully depends on the heroine chosen.

12. Pain Pain -ペイン- [011214] Studio Neko Punch

In a rural town a young boy stares at the night sky. Black shadow approaches him and takes the shape of a succubus woman. Succubus searches for a fresh soul, and boy does not value his life at this point anymore, so they make a deal. From this day environment around the boy changes little by little with every day...
Somehow it's more of a pure love story, but with some insult side-scenes. The number of choices is very small. The mystery plot between succubus and protagonist is lost with time, and game proceeds just as a normal charage. Hetare protagonist is not nice to see. Lots of people were disappointed by the fact that this Studio Neko Punch game does not have lolis - succubus is the closest to loli from all the heroines. Lots of bugs don't help with evaluation either.

13. Sweet ~Hanjuku na Tenshi-tachi~ Sweet~半熟な天使たち~ [011214] Silky's

Main character just graduated from medical university. He finds work at "Saint Angels Hospital"  managed by his uncle. He grows up as physician and deepens his relations with various girls - nurses, students, female doctors. patients...
Since this game is an alternative version of Candy Stripe, it's mostly a pure love story. But it's not a direct port, but with H scenes included. The gameplay is same boring.

14. Tokimeki Memorial 3 ~Yakusoku no Ano Basho de~ ときめきメモリアル3 〜約束のあの場所で〜 [011220] Konami 1

TM3 is set in Moegino High, a private high school built over a hilltop. Besides the usual path students take to school, there's also an abandoned footpath leading to an old shrine called Onokoyashiro (male's shrine)--said to be have been built to compliment the Ominayashiro (female's shrine) located around the school's premises. These two paths, old and new, meet along a legendary slope, where "on that fateful day, under the falling cherry-blossoms, should two lovers' confess their love, they will forever be bound together". So goes the legend of Moegino High.
The aim in the game is similiar to the past two games: you play a male student in Moegino High, and for their next three years you'll be studying there while meeting (and dating) various girls. If eveything goes well, one of them will meet you at the legendary slope come graduation day, and both of you then confess your love for each other.
There is an English review.

15. Hermina to Culus ~Lillie no Atelier Mou Hitotsu no Monogatari~ ヘルミーナとクルス 〜リリーのアトリエ もう一つの物語〜 [011220] Gust

The young alchemist Hermina has created an homunculus by the name Culus. The homunculus cannot show many expression or say many words, but Culus learns new words from the people of Salburg. Eventually the player can use the words Culus have learnt to become Hermina's friend.
An spin-off of the Atelier series without RPG elements and focusing on communication between the characters.
It's basically fandisc for RPG series

16. Akairo no Utage 紅色ノ狂宴 [011221] Aaru

One day main character Yuya is invited to take care of the mansion while his brother is away. There he needs to contact his two sisters Aika and Kurumi, maid Sumire and mysterious woman Aoi on everyday basis. At the same time he starts to see very realistic and nostalgic dreams that he forgets upon awakening...
Heroine paths depend on the level of awakening of protagonist (weak-medium-strong) increasing the overall number of patterns with choices to astronomical numbers. Due to these dreams the number of H events reaches double digit numbers for some heroines peaking at 25 for Aika who Yuya has always been secretly in love with. There is actually some story here as Yuya is the guardian of the holy sword from his previous life, and he can either fight demons of become demon himself.

17. Izumo [011221] Studio e.go! 1 2

Touma Hikaru is a student at the prestigious Izumo private academy. Recently he is troubled by dreams that always has the same woman trying to tell him something. One day, following the steps of the dream he had last night he goes to the abandoned building at the back of the school. When he touches a mirror there, there is a flash of bright light followed by an earthquake. He rushes out to the new school building only to find Nanami being attacked by a giant spider. At that moment a bird appears and everything stops. But this is only the beginning of the strange events to follow those two...
Studio e.go! finally returns to normal RPG games. And Izumo series becomes the main one in company history spawning multiple continuations. A clear masterpiece.

18. Kemono Gakuen けもの学園 [011221] Tactics

Main character enters Veterinary high school only to find out that it's fool half-humans half-monsters as students. Will he adapt in this curious place?
Warmhearted comedy. There are four heroines representing different monster archetypes + a secret character. The only shortcoming I can think up is volume shortage - common part takes just one hour and heroines routes another hour - at max two hours.

19. Kasumisan# -Manatsu no Refrain- Kasumisan#-真夏のリフレイン- [011228] Gastro

On the first day of summer vacations main character's female friend dies in a traffic accident. That was a huge blow for him. When he awakens the next day it's again July 31st, first day of summer vacations. Two worlds of past and present form an eternal cycle to reveal hidden heart strings.
Loop elements are encountered in previous games as well, but Kasumisan Sharp makes loop the centerpiece of the game. There is just one heroine in the game and just one H event late in the game. The beginning and the ending of the game are good, but there's not enough efforts exercised to make middle part exciting or at least less boring.

20. Snow Radish Vacation!! Snowラディッシュバケーション!! [011228] 0verflow 1

Snow Radish Vacation is the prequel to Summer Radish Vacation 1 and 2 and as such, also of School Days. Chronologically, it is the first in the "Radish continuity."
These girls are considered to be studying on the 4th grade of university, but it's rather 4th grade of the school tbh. And protagonist here is a pregnant girl... so everything goes hopsy dopsy. There is a map with 10 locations and girl icons on it, but it's absolutely useless to chase girls and try to raise favorability with them. Instead, what's required is to search for hidden events on the maps with no girl icons.


1. Yami No Romance [011201] Akane
In the game the player is Tsuzuki-san. You go to an amusement park with Tatsumi, Watari and Hisoka. Your objective is to get the romantic ending with the character you like, but you must take care of the things you say to them.

2. Kimochi e ~Zecchou Kansenshou~ きもちe~絶頂感染症~ [011207] Xyz
Main character is a pimp in charge of three women. One day he gets infected with a disease that can only be countered by having sex with women with antibodies. But he can't afford that with the money he has, so he needs to make a lot of money with the three women he controls now.

3. Rising Beat ライジングビート [011207] Marine Heart
Main character gets appointed as a manager of a new boys idol group 'Rising beat'. Will he aim at success or at someone's heart?
Boys Love

4. Tsukushite Agechau 3 ~Watashi no Goshujin-sama~ 尽くしてあげちゃう3~わたしのご主人様~ [011207] Trabulance
Shuichi Takada is disappointed because he lost the last baseball game of his high school career. Yuki, the school nurse, cheers him up with her body. Shuichi loses his virginity. Many female students come to Yuki for advice, and she has sex with some of them. Shuichi is shocked to find this out. Furthermore, Yuki asks him to become these girls' master. While he's having sex with Yuki a few days later, she tells him the girls will come to see him. After passionate love making, three girls walk into the room! This is part 3 of a very popular series. The theme of this game is 'sex-slave training!' However, this is not about hard-core sex and violating girls. You have to gently train the girls and make them awaken to sex. You'll train four girls: 'Kaname Ida,' the class chairman, 'Chiaki Kasai,' the manager of the baseball team, 'Miko Karaku,' Shuichi's best friend's sister, and "Miyuki Kaeba,' a very high-handed and rich girl. In the previous episodes, one girl devoted her body to you, but this time, you'll be able to have sex with all the girls! Train them and enjoy!

5. Happy [011210] Fairy Dust
Main character starts to date his girlfriend "Yume", and they are happy together. They agree to enter the same Tokyo university, but protagonist fails exams. The night before Yume departure they get intimate, but protagonist fails to perform as a man. Their next meeting is going to happen only in six months. Will he be able to polish his sex skills before the next meeting?

6. Sister Princess ~Pure Stories~ シスター・プリンセス 〜ピュア・ストーリーズ〜 [011213] STACK software
Pure Stories is a fan disk that complements original Sister Princess visual novel game.
Two visual novels included here are the "Valentine Story", where one story for each of the 12 heroines is available, it acts mostly through reminiscing of past events, with occasional player choices which branch the outcome. The "Christmas Story" acts as a single slightly longer story which starts by the player reading an e-mail from one of the heroines which decides the direction in which the story continues. Additionally, the game includes a town map which lets you visit various locales which advances the time. The map also shows which heroines is at which location which will prompt for a dialogue if you visit a location with someone present. Both visual novels require the player to enter the protagonist's name by which one is addressed to in the stories.
Mini-games include a memory game where you can play card-memory game against each of the heroines, matching pairs of portraits from the female characters. A puzzle game is a single-player 4 by 4 tile matching witch one missing tile starting with the image you need to put together, then shuffling the tiles randomly. Beside the picture, the tiles also feature numbers on them which help you decide which tiles goes where.
Additional bonus content include fully unlocked BGM player, CG albums with over dozen of stills for each of the 12 heroines, and Christmas message to player from each of the heroines.

7. Archimedes no Wasuremono アルキメデスのわすれもの [011214] Circus
Contains bonus material from Circus' other games.
The first story is an omake to the original Suika, about a boy, with a disease, who is visiting a village suffering from water shortage and the girl he meets. This story is included in Suika A.S+.
The second is a "what if" short story about Kamishiro Moe's dream. Also included in Suika A.S+.
The third is an preview to the original D.C. ~Da Capo~ taking place during Christmas.
The game also contains other extra material from Circus.

8. Gekkoukyoku ~Clair de Lune~ 月光曲~Clair de Lune~ [011214] Sarang
Main character suddenly gets a mansion as inheritance left after some distant aunt death on condition to marry one of four women of the house. Girls are ready to do anything in order to be chosen for marriage. Thus his strange obscene days began...

9. Merutomo! Himitsu no Site e Youkoso めるとも! ヒミツのサイトへようこそ [011214] Miyabi
Main character receives wrong email and overcome with curiosity heads to the meeting place written in the email. There he learns the address of the site where girls who secretly like molesting gather. He is eager to satisfy the desires that can not be spoken outloud.

10. Oira wa Bandai オイラは番台 [011214] Interheart
Main character is an ordinary office worker who gets to inherit a public bath house after the death of his father. One day he discovers peepholes used by his father. He decides to renovate the building to become more popular with young girls. After that he peeps every day, but at a certain point develops a careful rape plan...

11. Rasen Kairou 2 螺旋回廊2 [011214] Age 1
EDEN is a land of pleasure. It's an urban legend, and no one knows where it is or whether it really exists. Some have opened up their own web sites based upon available information and call them EDEN. No one knows for sure if these web sites are real or not, but in any case, the name EDEN is a symbol of immorality and anti-socialism. . . Hiroki Okamoto lives with his sister Yori. He likes his sister's tutor, Arisa, who is beautiful and rich.
One day, while Yori, her friend Kaori, and Hiroki are on a trip during summer vacation, Yori ends up missing. Later, Hiroki receives a porno videotape that shows Yori being sexually slave-trained!! Every savage gamer praised the previous episode of Rasen-Kairo since its release in Jan. of 2000. Now, it's back with even more immorality and abnormality! This game features a whole new playing style. The player chooses one character per game, and every time the player completes the story, he/she can move up to the next character's point of view. All the characters' views cross over each other and spin many layers of stories. For example, the player can choose Hiroki's route, the department girl Touko's route, the musician Keiichi's route, or even others. Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed to get caught up in the horror of this psycho thriller!!

12. Shiroki Tenshi-tachi no Rondo 白き天使達の輪舞 [011214] Black Package Try
Date General Hospital is a place unlike any other. The staff is equipped with "special nurses" that aim to meet the needs of any willing and able patient around. This hand selected group of sexual girls are taken under the wing of Dr. Date who upon giving the women his secret stamina drug lets the patients, nurses, and even himself feel pleasure like they have never have before.

13. Shitsuren Ristorante 失恋リストランテ [011214] Gaia
Main character is currently in relationship with five girls. He finally decides to focus on one girl and dump others. He sets dates in the "Broken Heart Ristorante" to deliver the news. This facility has all the required equipment to ensure breaking up process.

14. Ura Kagyou 裏稼業 [011214] REALDEAL
Main character works as a salesman. One business partner company fails to repay 10 million yen. Protagonist does not want to involve police and decides to solve this problem himself - by preying on his targets in all possible ways.

15. Yuuenchi 誘縁血 [011214] Sugar
Main character's mother remarried three months ago bringing new sister Rika to the family. Rika has male phobia and she can only talk to protagonist using kansai dialect. Rika starts to have strange phone calls and gets signs of being followed by stalker. One night she gets stuck at the amusement park. Protagonist is in the same place due to meeting with his student pals. Can protagonist prevent his sister's rape?

16. Chaos Baby Yoshimi #2 Tomimochi Natsuki Hen カオスBaby義美#2 富持奈津姫編 [011220] Scoop
Main character Shinichi saves a girl from a molester and now wants to keep platonic relations with her. However, girl herself wants to devote both her mind and body as a gratitude. Yoshimi can not miss this "funny situation" and meddles their relations as the head of "psychotherapy club" she hosts.

17. Gomennasai... Atashi no Sei de ゴメンなさい・・・アタシのせいで [011220] Winters
Main character is depressed because he believes there can be no girl to like him. One day such girl appears. He does not believe in her sincerity, so he sets a series of cruel tests to try her love.

18. Shintaisou (Kari) 新体操(仮) [011220] Panda House
A P.E. teacher, Nikusuke, happened to obtain a brief of "Dark Rhythmic Gymnastics Project". It is a competition that the players compete with others their lewdness. Following the project, Nikusuke looked for the players with Tomomi, a granddaughter of the board chairman. Their first game was Miku. Tomomi deceived innocent Miku, and she invited Miku out at night.

19. GIGOLO [011220] Byblos
Kato has a day off. He can decide how to spend this day with Iwaki - just to listen to music or go out somewhere together.
Boys Love

20. Bell Sensei no True Tool Box ベルせんせいのトゥルトゥルBOX [011221] Rune
Contains 2 short novels:
"Yupia Dairy"
"Zutto... ne"

21. Gakuen Ren'ai Chuuihou 学園恋愛注意報 [011221] D.O. 1
How is everyone doing? My name is Takayuki Kazami. How are things going at your school? I'm a senior at Shinonome Gakuen, and I'm on the track team. Everyone has worries, right? I'm still pretty young, but it's time I started thinking about my future. That's why I'm a bit depressed. My mother died while I was an infant, and my father works overseas.
My younger sister, Kasumi, lives with me. She won't listen to a word I say, and it's really stressing me out. It's my last year of high school, and maybe it's making me a bit sentimental. As I look back on my high school days, I can at least say I've done my best in track. It seems as though time has really flown by. Reflecting on the past isn't going to help me decide on my future. I've really got to settle down and get serious.
There are two reasons why I decided on this school: 1. I could get in with my GPA. 2. It was the closest school to my house. I'm always worrying about my future plans, but school sure is a lot of fun! You ask, "why?" Well, it's because all our teachers are babes with fantastic bodies. They listen to my problems, as well as offer themselves to me.
This is not comparable to the track team in any way! Are you a bit jealous? If so, get out there and start having affairs with your own teachers!There have been a number of games involved with teachers, but this is probably the first game, where all the heroines are teachers. Getting it on with teachers is how things ought to be. And if this is the case, this game is here to stay for a good many years!!

22. Injuu Genmu III ~Nasty Angel~ 淫獣幻夢III~Nasty Angel~ [011221] Ringerbell
In addition to the three familiar girls there are eleven more girls this time as preys for the beasts. Winning in hanafuda matches results in developments and triggering of tentacle scenes.

23. Maid no Yakata ~Zetsubou Hen~ メイドの館 ~絶望編~ [011221] Maid Club
Momoko is having major money trouble. After the untimely death of her parents, she finds herself strapped for cash to pay for her college tuition. Desperate, Momoko even considers selling her most precious possession - her mother's ring... But everything changes when Takaaki, a charming young man in her class, generously offers to pay her tuition if she simply agrees to work off her debt by serving as his own, personal, live-in maid. At least, the offer sounded generous at first...
Now completely under Takaaki's control, Momoko has no choice but to satisfy his every twisted sexual fantasy. Yet Momoko isn't the only one he's drafting into this new maid service. Using blackmail and bribery, Takaaki's staff continues to grow with gorgeous young maids who are willing to serve him on their hands and knees. But even with all of this beauty surrounding him, for some inexplicable reason, Momoko still remains the target for his ever growing sadistic experiments. Could his unhealthy fixation lead to disaster?

24. Saiminjutsu 催眠術 [011221] Black Rainbow
Naoto Aoki is a high school student living with the family of his recently married brother.
Following a venerated eroge tradition, his life changes when his grandpa teaches him a secret (and POWERFUL!) hypnosis technique, but tragically also a creepy classmate named Shinta Murakoshi gets this secret...

25. Uta Christmas ~歌~+αKURUSIMIMASU [011225] Eno Yamamoto Ten
A short side story to Plain Song.

26. Mune Kyun! Yunikko Mahjong 萌キュン!ゆにっ娘ま~じゃん [011227] Unison Shift
Main character decides to participate in mahjong competition to help Chiyori. According to the rules, the winning side can do anything to the opponent. Can protagonist win in the competition?
Card game

27. Hajimete no Orusuban はじめてのおるすばん [011228] Zero 1
Shiori and Saori are twins, and they have a secret crush on the "oniichan" that lives next door. Recently they developed an interest in H. "I'll have "oniichan" teach me various things." 
When summer comes he is asked to look after the house and the girls by their mother.Since its summer vacation there is a lot of free time. How fun can house sitting become?

28. Maid-san wa Aishiteru メイドさんはアイシテル [011228] Sekilala
Main character is brought up by step-sister and maid. One day he gets a mansion as inheritance from his deceased grandfather. Just after that a truck almost hits him on the road. His life is in danger, so he locks up in the safest place - his new mansion - with the servants. 

29. Sacrifice ~Seifuku Gari~ Sacrifice~制服狩り~ [011228] Rateblack
Era of crisis. There is a school that helps fired girls to gain new skills. Main character becomes director of this school so that he can insult any girls transferred here.

30. Twilight Dual [011228] Touchable
Main heroine who studies in girls school follows Internet ad to realize female dreams. She becomes a member of the site "The Twilight House". What looked like a fortune-telling resource turned out to be a pornographic site about various situations of insults. That night she dreams about the contents of the website. The next morning she's surprised to learn that the scenes of her dreams are uploaded to the site...

31. Yakata no Oku-sama 館の奥さま [011228] Aqua House
Main character visits a large Western-style building to deliver a parcel. Noone comes out to him, so he comes in only to find out a girl wearing just a towel. The next day he decides to visit the mansion again since the girl looked so cute. Thus his living in the mansion together with hostess and maids began.

32. Apocripha/0 FANBOX Happiness Cage [011229]  STACK software 1
An angel falls from Heaven to the Abyss, and here he cultivates a kingdom, the kingdom of Hell (Naraku), becoming the King of Hell. He tries to build a beautiful land, but it can never reach the beauty of Heaven: the demons live in troubled times, being attacked by fallen angels who survive the fall to the Abyss, fearing the bloodshed caused by these insane former angels against them. The King starts to become weak and tired, and with his last power, he gave birth to two new hopes: a prince with golden hair born from his red right eye, and a price with silver hair born from his blue left eye.
The King decides that the two twin prices, Alex and Platina, are to fight each other, and the winner who proves his power will become the new king of Hell, while the loser will face death. As such, Alex and Platina, who never even knew each other, are thrust into a battle against each other, and the future will change depending on the outcome.
Now find out what happened behind the scenes, before the battle for succession was to take place...
Boys Love

33. EverLoyalty ~Eien no Chuusei~ EverLoyalty ~永遠の忠誠~ [011229] CORE
The main character, Uliss, leaves for the capital in order to enter the service to his majesty. He buys a very strong horse, Kayana and enters the qualifying period. Here he has two likable teachers: Gill and Ryan.
Boys Love

34. Shinnyuusei 新入生 [011229] Chinsoft
Main character is a teacher of an irresponsible class. Three new female students arrive today. 

35. Kubiwa Toshokan 首輪図書館 [011230] SPT
Collar library holds a big number of physical competitions.

36. Pokopoko Imouto ぽこぽこ妹 [011230] Soft Circle Courreges
Play H games with sister.

37. Pray to Snow [011230] Milk Cafe
Main character is a high school student who spends days lively with his childhood friend Yaya,  junior Umi Shibata, and friend Kazuto. One day another childhood friend Luna, who moved five years ago, gives a calls and says that she returns back. All the friends gather at the friend station and wait for Luna to arrive.

38. ForkTrain -the gloom traveller- [011230] SRO Software
Main character has been travelling alone his whole life. In a rural town he finds a deserted station building. Surprisingly, there are two people inside, and train arrives soon. Train does not have clear destination, so protagonist boards it out of curiosity. After a long tunnel passengers appear in another world without morals applying to love, hate, life and death. Abuse, rape and death govern this place.
Doujin Nukige

39. Rakuyou no Toki 落陽の刻 ~らくようのとき~ [011230] Nekketsuya
Tatsuya is Ryuuya descendant. During the era of wars he challenges female warrior to make a name for himself, but she turns to be reincarnation of Kanna whom his clan vowed to protect. The two pass through these tragic times together.

40. Crescent [0112] Ritz software
Yuki was supposed to help his uncle with the store management, but the store turned out to be host club for men!

41. Otose ~Toraware no Eien~ 音瀬~囚われの永遠~ [0112] Soft Circle Courreges
Main character is a shy student who is ridiculed by girl students. However, he is attracted to a girl who once touched him gently. But his thoughts gradually become dangerous ...

42. Sweet 19 Pain [0112] Shinonome
Main character is a college student and is drawn into relationship with the classmates.
Boys Love

43. Air Maid AIRメイド [0112] Digital Aniki
A fan-fiction VN featuring A*r characters.

44. Canon Gaiden - Kitagawa de Ikou!! Canon外伝 北川でイこう!! [0112] Digital Aniki
A side-story fan-fiction VN featuring Ka*on's characters - Sayuri and Mai.

45. Karisuma カリすま [0112] Digital Aniki
A fan-fiction VN featuring Lo** Hina's characters.

46. Yodomi 瀞 よどみ [01] My Rascal
No info found

47. Claire Hikari no Densetsu Meisou no Hanged Man クレール光の伝説 迷走のハングドマン [01] Ohimesama Club
In a fantasy world a beautiful princess El Claire travels together with a lewd middle-aged mercenary Bright. They hunt the monster "Ogre Hunter" in a remote countryside. A clergyman notices two suspicious travelers and comes by.

48. Karen 夏恋 -KAREN- [01] RGB
Main character meets a young girl in the school courtyard. She makes him feel closer to death in a strange way. She makes him experience sex like never before. In this whirlpool of Eros and Tanatos the city itself forms an invisible "cage" to isolate them.

49. White Knight ~Shiroki Kaze no Yukue~ ホワイトナイト ~白き風の行方~ [01] LGS
A success female knight encounters her first love in a western castle. But tender feeling turns into insult horror...

50. Yozakura no Utage 夜桜の宴 [01] Takahamaya
A chained girl is brought to the feast party. Another girl in maid clothes conducts first girl's training.

51. Water Dragon Knight ~Anata to no Yakusoku~ ウォータードラゴンナイト~貴女との約束~ [01] Jac Lantern
Main character is a cute girl. This is a story of her promise with the yearning person. But it turns in a lewd direction...

52. Datenshi no Ryouiki / Kuro no Otome 堕天使の領域/黒の処女 [01] LGS
It is two short adult parody stories on Angelic Layer and Noir anime series.

53. Triangle Hunter とらいあんぐるHUNTER [01] Critical Heart
A simple adventure game where Kyosuke from Triangle Heart 3 searches for heroines on the map and attacks them with radio waves.

54. Koukou Kyoushi ~Memories of Summer~ 高校教師~Memories of Summer~ [01] CyberGeo
Yamashina Shiroh is a high school teacher of physics in a private boys' school, which has just let out for summer vacation. Many attractive men and boys appear around Shiroh: former students, fellow teachers, a neighbor... Can Shiroh find a love over the summer vacation, or perhaps regain the memories of a past summer romance he's long forced from his mind?
Doujin Boys Love

55. Mini Mini Anzu Club ミニミニ あんず倶楽部 [01] DOING☆CREW
Seven members of Anzu club sneak into school at night to solve seven school mysteries. Many surprises and possibly even love await them there.
Doujin Boys Love

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