VN of the Month January 2002 - Princess Knights

Princess Knights is the only masterpiece of the month. This short month has literally nothing of interest, so I'm reviewing Sollunea

1. Princess Knights [020111] Mink 1 2 3 4

In a kingdom faraway… the royal family was dethroned overnight by its own general. The king tried to escape with his son, whereas the princess who was left behind was captured by the enemy. Alone, the general gave chase and managed to catch up to the king and the prince. The king fought the general, telling the prince that he had to run away, otherwise he’d be killed and the lineage of dragon would be eliminated. When the prince hesitated to run away, the king was mortally struck… and used his last energy to teleport the prince elsewhere, so that he was saved from the general.
The prince was found by a girl and her father, and was nursed back to health. However, everything that happened had crippled his spirit, and he didn’t have any wish to go and reclaim his kingdom. He was content to live with the girl and her father.
But the general’s soldiers were still looking for him. One day they happened upon the house, and the girl’s father tried to protect the prince… and was killed. Before the soldier could go and kill him and the girl, he unleashed a power which killed all of the soldiers. This power was something he had for being of the dragon lineage, and is not something he could freely control.
Afterwards, they buried the girl’s father… and the girl begged him to travel together. She wanted to get revenge for her father. Soon after, girls from various places and status joined him in his quest to reclaim the kingdom… to ultimately fulfill an old prophecy. Because there was an old prophecy that said that when the kingdom was in peril, it will be saved by someone of the dragon lineage and his queen….
There is an English review.

2. MissingParts the Tantei Stories [020117] FOG 1 2 3

Missing Parts is a detective game that drives the story through logical deductions and natural plot developments. Unlike games where you figure out the culprit by debating over all the evidence available, your job is to talk to people, gather evidence, and remember not only what people say but pay attention to small things that you are expected to remember.
There is an English review

3. Gakkou ni Ikou!! -Lose One's Heart- 学校に行こう!!-lose one’s heart- [020118] Sight

Main character works for a personal computer division at work, but there are only enough devices for one third of workers, so protagonist is sent to the school with personal computers. He needs to prepare for qualification tests or he's going to be fired. It's a nice time to go to school again! 
Not a single comment is found.

4. Ikinari Happy Bell いきなりはっぴぃベル [020118] Terios

Main character is a student who has just received inheritance from his deceased father. But instead of huge assets all he gets is a mansion bought with mortgage and many debts. When he attends the mansion, there is a maid who claims to be here to handle his engagement and five girls that are prepared by father for his son...
There is both pure love and devil route for each girl, but both feel half-baked. Story is comical, with a good tempo.

5. Exor ~Maria no Yurikago~ EXOR ~マリアのゆりかご~ [020125] Digi Anime

Player becomes an instructor in a demonicist school for six new students with the purpose of bringing up fine demons.
It's not a SIM, just the girl you teach the most gets an ending. There is some comedy. Every girl follows the same pattern, so it becomes boring very fast.

6. Fortuna フォルトゥーナ [020125] ZyX

You're a man now. You want to become a 'free person'.
Free people are adventurers, fighting monsters around the world for their own pleasure. They defend innocent people but don't have to obey orders from anyone. Rena, is quite upset that you decided to leave your village... But she understands you are extremly bored and she gives you a few healing potions she stole from her father's shop. You will make friends and enemies on your journeys... Of course, Rena won't resist the temptation to leave village as well, in order to join you... 
Some strange side scroller view RPG with wide use of animation in H scenes. Battle system is very easy, but there's almost no story, so there's little satisfaction as RPG.

7. Mei☆Puru めい☆ぷる [020125] 1 2 3

This game tells the story of a family that lost the mother in an accident when the daughter was a young child. The father of the child is a robot technology genius. Time passes and the young girl (Hiiragi) goes everyday to study at school, and someone hires her father to make a maid robot so first he decides to create a prototype and see how it will work in his own house. 
He got one month to collect the data for the job, so this is where the game begins. The player has to educate the robot maid or even help her with the housework. The robot maid will react different depending of the player choices and he can also choose to go to the town and make different activities with her. 
Pure love game with very carefully drawn characters. But despite heroic work of voice actors, game is desperately boring. 

8. Sollunea ソルネア [020125] Luchs

An adventure novel set in a medieval European fantasy world. A remote village in engulfed in war flames. Village is visited by traders who say that they were attacked by female thieves who kidnapped accompanying daughter of the priest. Main character decides to rescue the girl and leaves the village.
There are three heroines, but their routes are very short. Scenario overall is not too interesting, but conversations with protagonist are quite fun.

9. Matica マティカ [020126] eelcom

Castle floating in the sky is the place to worship goddess Matika. 
Main character is a worshiper who sets on a journey with a friend who receives a curse mark to save the world. They are accompanied by a colorful bunch of adventurers. Protagonist has doubts about his mission, but the world is in danger, and it's no time for hesitations.
Did not find any comments.


1. Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi. 本当にあった怖い話。 [020107] freeidea
A collection of 12 ghost stories experienced by real people.

2. Pictural Story [020108] Higashi Shin'ya
A boy wants comes to the artist city Almit to learn professional painting. In such a place he looks for a model and falls in love with her.

3. Zaiakukan "Onegai... Konna Sugata Minaide" 罪悪感 「お願い…こんな姿見ないで」 [020111] Lune
Main character is a young businessman who can only get excited with someone else's wife or bride. So far he has never been caught, but these occasional acts can not satisfy him. His relative is getting married, and protagonist decides to trample the bride in front of the groom. To do that he invites the couple to his luxury liner for honeymoon... to the place with no escape...

4. Asa made Issho ~Dousei Monogatari~ 朝までいっしょ☆~同棲物語~ [020118] Trabulance
Main character is a university student who just succeeded in finding a room to rent nearby. One day older sister Mari just comes there with a big luggage claiming that she needs to live here as a part of social studies. But why her hands tremble so much then...

5. Eraburu ~Erabu + Love x Double de~ えらぶる~えらぶ+らぶ×ダブルで~ [020118] May-Be Soft
Main character is a freelance editor. He is forcibly brought as an employee to a company where he needs to edit adult works. With his new female manager he needs to finish each piece with good results. Whether he can find his love at such work or not, depends on the player.

6. Bondage Game ~Shinsou no Reijou-tachi~ ボンデージ・ゲーム ~深窓の隷嬢達~ [020125] Ail 1
Yuu is a girl who has lost her memories. She is mailed into a sadistic house of bondage where she and others are forced (or not) to serve their master, but there are serious consequences for those who fail.

7. Capsule Maid Alice カプセルメイドありす [020125] Adonis
Main character is hired as a temporary clerk of antique shop "LA SAISON". When he throws a capsule from this shop against a wall during an argument, maid girl appears from it...

8. Gakuenjuu ~Ryoujoku Shidou Youryou~ 学園獣 ~陵辱指導要領~ [020125] Pochette
Main character is a part-time lecturer. There is a female teacher there who allows to anything with her body. But he grows tired of it and starts to gather information about weak sides of girls in order to insult them.

9. Genjuu Ijiri 幻獣いぢり [020125] Pinky Soft
Phantom Beast Ichiri is a card game using "Breast feeding system" from the previous works.

10. Ikenai Kankei いけない関係 [020125] TinkerBell
Main character is a newly appointed science teacher. He happens to see female student Saeki being bullied, and helps her. From that day she trusts protagonist and seeks his attention. Whether he wants do develop pure love or insult relations, depends on him.

11. Kuro Mahou Shoujo Sadistic Youko 黒魔法少女サディスティック妖子 [020125] Hayashigumi
Yuko is a weak girl with black-magic study as a hobby. One day a transfer student protects her from a bully. Yuko falls in love with the boy and summons a demon to insult all the girls that seek transfer student attention. Main character is that devil who preys for these girls.

12. Negapoji Fandisk ~Hitotsu Yane no Shita de~ ねがぽじファンディスク~ひとつ屋根の下で~ [020125] Active
Among other goodies there are three short stories:
● Scenario A: 「ひとつ屋根の下で」 Under one roof. 
● Scenario B: 「やり方を教えて」 Tell me how to do it.  
● Scenario C: Too late.

13. NekoNeko Fan Disc ねこねこファンディスク [020125] NekoNeko Soft
Contains omake (bonus) material related to NekoNeko's earlier games.

14. Nikuyoku Gangu Takuhainin 肉欲玩具宅配人 [020125] Cromwell
Working for a moving company, Shouji is invited to a party by a girl named Yuika. However, he is drugged, and multiple women take advantage of him, and rape him repeatedly. When he recovers his memory, he finds himself stuffed in a cardboard box on the railroad tracks, with a suicide note stuffed inside. Shocked, he frantically escapes from the cardboard box. Vowing revenge, he sets off to Yuika's residence. He pretends to be a delivery man, and enters her apartment. There, he stuffs her in a box and takes her to a hideout where she will be used as a lure to contact the other party members that violated him. Watch the depravity of Shouji's revenge as he hunts down and boxes up the women for his carnal revenge

15. Ryoujoku Saiban 陵辱裁判 [020125] Chiffon
Certain girls school is chosen as a place to grow up ladies responsible for tomorrow. At the third year of study competition grew stagnant, and co-ed with male students was introduced.
Main character is a seemingly great boy and football player, but he also serves at the ethics committee that insults girl students caught up in sexual disorders.

16. Shi-Ka-E-Shi シ・カ・エ・シ [020125] Foster
Main character is forced to dress as female since the childhood. Now he attends girls school. One day his classmate discovers his manhood, and three girls start to bully him each day. Eventually he explodes and swears revenge over his offenders as well as mother and aunt who made him dress as a girl.

17. Yuugenjikkou Angels 有言実行エンジェルス [020125] Vega
A certain private school has an unusual club that exercises real experiences. There are five girls with distinct personality. In the last club activity before the winter vacation director sets the task to have sex with at least two males in unusual situations. As the vacations end, they start confessing the results of their studies...

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