VN of the Month August 2003 - Natsuyume Yawa

It's the month of summer Comiket, so let's try to make it through piles of Doujins together. I consider Natsuyume Yawa the masterpiece and winner by default. I'm reviewing Salem no Majo-tachi , but I've yet to develop my opinion on it. 

1. Boku to Kanojo to Kokoro no Kakera 僕と彼女とココロの欠片 [030808] Milky Kiss
Father gets an urgent work appointment leaving main character in charge of his imouto and niece.
He has a lover, but something misses in his heart. He starts to see strange dreams more and more frequent. As summer vacations draw close he hears in his dream "The day of the appointment is about to come ..."
Development and characters are good enough, but story is basically one road scenario and player will is ignored. Lack of depiction is often encountered, and endings are quite disappointing, as for me.

2. Love Split ~5 Banme no Kisetsu~ Love Split ~5番目の季節~ [030808] Rouge
Main character has crush on two very different girls since school. Pass a psychology test and start your way to happy college life with one of them.
Story itself is serious and last for a year with all the complimentary year holidays, but quite ero-centered.

3. Salem no Majo-tachi セイレムの魔女たち [030808] Daiginjou
Year 1699. A young priest, named Kevin, sailed to the peaceful town in the British colony in the New World. This town's name was Salem. He is yet to know all of the horrors of the Salem's witch-hunt.
Game resembles Slave market the most, especially that additional chapter of Slave market that was added in remake version. Creators are virtually the same. There is more solid history foundation here and overall more interesting development, but you probably won't like this game unless you liked Slave market.

4. Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers ギャラクシーエンジェル Moonlit Lovers [030822] Broccoli 1 2
Moonlit Lovers, revolves around the battles with remnants of Eonia's forces led by General Rezum and later a mysterious woman named Nefyuuria who claimed to be a member of a race called the Val-Fasq. A new member of the Angel-tai, Karasuma Chitose, is also introduced.
There are English reviews.

5. Natsuyume Yawa 夏夢夜話 [030828] KID 1 2 3
The story centers around a young boy by the name of Reiji Oumi. When his sister suddenly dies, Reiji, along with Kotori and Ryouko each withdraw, not wanting to accept the fact. Years have passed, and the three of them reunite back in their hometown and reminisce on the past events.
There is an English review.

6. Himawari no Natsu ~Boku ga Eranda Ashita~ ひまわりの夏 ~僕が選んだ明日~ [030829] Melonpan
Main character confesses to his classmate Mayu, and they start dating.
Three months later protagonist meets another girl Mayu who can't find her parents. For the time being hero shelters her at his place. As he starts to ask around, his girlfriend Mayu changes appearance somehow. What's the connection between these two Mayu girls?
Raising SIM with horrible system and girl customization. Very poor work.

7. Kattobi! 家飛-カットビ!- [030829] TerraLunar
Main character leads a normal life until one day he gets confessed to by his greatest enemy - cousin Kotetsu. Is this a mockery? Then suddenly a big earthquake starts and house gets lifted in the air. And that's only the beginning of a joyful and absurd play that protagonist and his cheerful friends set up.
It's difficult to evaluate the game ... because it's pretty much impossible to understand what's going on. Development is rapid, aggressive and totally beyond laws of logic. 

8. Kitsune Iro no Komoriuta きつね色の子守唄 [030829] Actress
Yushihiro is a university student. During his vacation, his old fashioned parents decide to send him to their home city in order to find a fiancee. 
He goes to spend some days in the house of his mother's cousin in order to meet some girls to decide wich one will he marry. 
Visiting an old xinto shrine of the city, he met Rie, a strange girl who is actually a childhood friend. And she wants to become his fiancee too, even thought she is not even human!
Scenario is very short - it only lasts for 6 days. Each of five heroines has a big number of H events - from three to five. Very inarticulate game.

9. Magistr Temple [030829] light
Main character lives alone and leads a normal school life till he meets girl Haruka at the school gate.
Suddenly Haruka becomes assaulted and insulted. A huge robot and glasses girl oppose Haruka and get defeated by her. Haruka turns out to be a magical girl who fights for justice, and she forces protagonist to cooperate. 
The next day main character awakens and sees Haruka cooking in the kitchen in an apron. She has been kicked out of the house in order to start independent magician life. Protagonist's peaceful house suddenly gets crowded with a lot of girls - either relatives or acquaintances - and all of them decide to live here.
There are 10 episodes - 7 for common route and the rest for individual heroine. True route opens up after all heroines are cleared. Scenario resembles TV show - it tries more just to entertain than to tell a story. It's that case when funny game is not necessarily interesting.

10. Majokko a la Mode 魔女っ娘ア・ラ・モード [030829] F&C FC01
In the Mint Kingdom, there's a magic school called "Twinkle Academy". There, an exam is held in the summer that the students take to test their magical abilities. However, this year the exam will be taken in pairs... and you need a partner! You need to pursue one of the six heroines so you can do the exam... and maybe something else!
As F&C likes it, there are SIM elements in the form of repeating everyday activities to raise favorability. And it's all for the sake of picture - it's indeed of superb quality rivaling even modern visual novel graphics.

11. Night Demon -Yume Oni- ナイトデーモン-夢鬼- [030829] Alice Soft
One day, suddenly a phenomenon called "Tsuzuki" appeared all over the world.
The phenomenon came without warning.
It looked like a bridge of pastel light ran across the sky, with a mixture of pink, green and yellow.There seemed to be something lurking behind the bridge...
After the first sudden appearance, "Tsuzuki" started to show up over the sky without any forewarning sign. And it could be anywhere in world, never stayed in the same place.
At the same time, mysterious creatures started to show up. They had the same appearance as human, could talk and even had human emotion. However, they still apparently felt very different from human. Gradually, these creatures were called "Yumegami" and being feared by everyone.
Amidst all this, the protagonist Shuka was working as a bartender at "69" (Six nine) bar...
It's a regular visual novel without gameplay elements, but this time even Carnelian could not save the game alone. There is a lot of movement, so pace suffers. There is ridiculous number or ridiculous meaningless endings that have to be cleared in order to reach True route. Occult flavor legend that makes core of the work does not really impress. Individual heroines apart of main heroine are given really little time rendering all of them some side-characters. Without the charm of characters all the dialogues feel dry. Carnelian can't really do it all for you...

12. Please teach! My Angel [030829] Petit Pajamas
Main character witnesses an angel coming down from the sky in a nearby park. She turns out to be a new teacher appointed from the heavens in order to qualify for heavens teacher in future. She proposes to live with protagonist in order to prevent her identity leak. With such angel older sister and pretty and obedient imouto their crazy life begins.
There are only two routes, but each lasts for 2 months, so volume is sufficient. H element is quite high and dark, but nothing extreme. Light enjoyable game, but not for those looking for a decent scenario.

13. Shiki to Hitsuji to Warau Tsuki ~Cry for the Moon~ 屍姫と羊と嗤う月~cry for the moon~ [030829] BaseSon
Atsushi is an ordinary high school student, spending his time with his friends and living peacefully. But triggered by meeting with four girls, his life starts to change gradually.... It is supposed to be a good change but a rape case happens at school, a classmate suddenly goes mad and a student dies mysteriously.... They are all led by a cursed stone....
There are four heroines and routes differ from each other a lot - one may be funny and the other one absolutely depressing. Just as with One2 a great variety is presented, so everyone will find something to like and something to hate here.

14. Shiritsu Akihabara Gakuen 私立アキハバラ学園 [030829] Frontwing 1
The player takes the role of Touma Souichirou, a high school student that transfers into an academy that his younger sister currently attends. Much to his surprise, this academy is actually located in Akihabara, and caters to every possible type of otaku around. Even the teachers themselves are some type of otaku (the principal dresses like a Noface, made famous in Miyazaki movies, while one of the teachers crossplays and talks like Lum from Urusei Yatsura). In a weird twist, our protagonist is a bit of a closet otaku and has a hard time fitting in at first, mostly due to his inability to open up about his tastes in anime and games. Thus, the story focuses on Souichirou's day-to-day life in AkiGaku, while learning about a variety of subjects, interacting with his fellow classmates, and also attempting to woo one of five available heroines.
There is an English review.


1. Chikansha Thomas 痴漢者トーマス [030801] Xuse 1
Tohyama Masuo, who was called Thomas, was dull guy and out of work. When he was going to look for the job, he met Tachibana Ayane, a woman of his type, in a crowded train. Her refreshing smell made him so excited that he found himself touching her on her hip. This was the beginning of his pervert activities. With his technique, he gave sexual pleasure to women all over the place.

2. Matsuyoigusa 待宵草 [030801] Patisserie
The protagonist returns to home town after three years. He finds a strange "Red Rose" girl in the form of a girl when organizing the giant warehouse. The doll suddenly starts to move and invites to visit her in the middle of the night. When he comes at night, he is told that with doll's power protagonist can interfere in other girls' dreams. He starts spending nights doing mischief to girls, but one day he notices that girls have marks describing date and cause of death. If he investigates this mark, he may be able to save them...

3. Parallel no Koibito パラレルの恋人 [030801] D-Power
Main character is an ordinary student who gets an ability to move between the worlds one day. He finds a lover in both worlds. With frequent shifts between the worlds he starts to confuse the two realities and his role in each of it.

4. Seireiko ~Mireille no Namida~ 精霊湖~ミレーユの泪~ [030801] Fukurou 1
Main character majors in fantasy university at a university in France. His research brings him to a forest lake where he meets beautiful girl Mireille who visited him in his dreams. When he kissed the girl he had no idea he was kissing spirit of the lake. The fairies of the lake dragged him to the bottom of the lake to a new unexplored world.

5. Tondeke! Nayama Seed とんでけ!なやましーど [030806] Hizamakura
Magami High School Mystery Researchers is a school club commonly known as MMR. It focuses its activity on solving troubles. Adolescent girls are especially full of such troubles. Main character is not against taking advantage of these girls after success in each case.

6. Tonari no Oyako Pudding となりの親子プリン [030807] Studio-74
Main character returns to home town to find old acquaintances and love interests waiting for him all this time.

7. Anagan Oyako 穴玩母娘 [030808] Merlot
Main character's mother died as a result of traffic accident. But soon he gets to know that seven women of one powerful family are the ones to cause his mother's death. Protagonist takes the path of revenge.

8. Shin Aniyome 真・兄嫁 [030808] Selen
When I woke up, Miwa whom I was yearning for was smiling at me. However, Miwa was the wife of my brother, Tomoshi. That is to day, she was my sister-in-law.
My name is Kagura Takashi. After my parents had died, my brother got into the fast track at a big trading company, and he’s been taking care of me. Thanks to him, I can go to school as other students do. However, I have an envy rather than gratitude for him. The figures, study, and sports, in all aspects, he is superior to me. The most painful thing is his wife, “Miwa”. She lived in another building of the same apartment complex, and she greeted me with a smile every morning. Although I loved her, he deprived me of Miwa.

9. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Akiba Hen~ しょうじょのみちくさ~あきばへん~ [030809] Sage
Akiba girls are horny and inventive in setting up erotic situations.

10. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Comiket Hen~ しょうじょのみちくさ~コミケへん~ [030809] Sage
Cute innocent young girls are lost in the maze of Comiket. How exactly will you help them?

11. Tokidomi ~Rikashitsu de Mattete~ ときドミ〜理科室で待ってて〜 [030809] Mechanical Eden
Main character has a crush with a boy. He enters the same high school and joins the same science lab to get closer. What kind of science will they develop? 
Boys Love Doujin

12. Apricot Tei Monogatari ~Egao o Wasureta Koneko~ アプリコット邸物語~笑顔を忘れた仔猫~ [030814] Lilith Soft
The protagonist's grandfather leaves him to care a mansion where a certain maid serves...

13. Lamb Lamb-ラム- [030815] Orbit-Cactus
Sari is a notorious magic user who conducts forbidden experiments in the castle surrounded by deep forest. One day local lord, Mordi visits this castle with his daughter, Charlotte, who is of fairy tribe, but raised as own daughter. The reason for visit is to transform Charlotte into ultimate sex slave... 
The training begins even though Charlotte resits it.

14. Natsuiro Toiro -Yuuigi na Kyuuka no Sugoshikata- 夏色十色 有意義な休暇の過ごし方 [030815] Hanerom
Sakurai Richi's parents have left on a trip overseas and won't be back 2 months. Along with picking up a "pink" cat, goofing around with friends from school and being nagged by his cool uncle, he spends his summer days in bliss....

15. Perfect Hole パーフェクトホール [030816] Autobahn
Certain special police department everyday work that's presented by two activities:
- special interrogation of a captured student boy
- lust patrol to gather the most semen

16. Promised Land [030816] TEARS.
Main character is an artificial creature who wakes up at a research facility. He has to live with four researchers during one week without knowing anything about himself. 
Boys Love Doujin

17. Tears -contact- [030816] Team D.T.R. 
People talk to each other. If you look closely, they only only talking about themselves without trying to hear what the other person is saying. People get desperate to be heard. But sometimes people can understand the other person. Listen to us speak, we'll show you.
Non-JP doujin

18. Utakata うたかた [030816] TEARS.
Main character loses his sibling and memory in an accident. He drives housekeepers crazy. But this 47th housekeeper is a man who is not afraid of difficulties.
Boys Love Doujin

19. Akuma-ouji Kisoukyoku 悪魔王子綺想曲 [030817] Black Joke Freak
On the night of the Demon King's death, Prince Zale leaves the castle to the pure demon Belphegor, who has been designated as the Soul Contractor. As Soul Contractor, he needs to get his hands on a "White Soul" of a human, which must be sought out and brought back. Thus, Prince Zale and his Watch Servant Haruka set out on a journey to the human world to search for this person. But, he didn't know that the magic of true "love" would be so overwhelming...
Boys Love Doujin

20. Chou no Miru Yume 蝶の見る夢 [030817] Selenium
Find the blue butterfly.... The lead character Hirano Kazuya meets a beautiful girl at a belvedere. In the big city Tokyo, his journey to find the True World has just begun.

21. Fuyu wa Maboroshi no Kagami 冬は幻の鏡 [030817] Hanpamania-Soft 1
The story is a paranormal mystery with lots of Watanabe brand humor thrown in.
It starts out very strong but pretty quickly loses all sense of pacing and decides to do a bit of club SoL. You're then suddenly prompted to pick one of three protagonist.

22. Grape Candy [030817] Tange Kentou Kurabu
In order to protect his sister from witch's sacrifice, main character takes place of the sister and challenges the witch. However, he gets transformed in a half-human half-cat with very sensual body reacting to witch's punishment.
Doujin nukige

23. Kaiki Suru Seisou 回帰する星霜 [030817] Yokare to Omotte Yattanoni
One Summer day I had a strange visitor. A girl who lost sight of her lover and a married woman waiting for the return of her husband. I listen to their love stories and notice that voices get broken. Hey, are you laughing right now? 

24. Kaze to Hikari ga Anata ni Megumimasu Youni 風と光があなたに恵みますように [030817] nuko
Main character returns home after a long time and is greeted by his two younger sisters. But he is interested in the myths of this place. The railway tracks that extend beyond terminal station, the village where population disappeared 80 years ago, the mourning spirit...

25. Kinou no Yume o Yoru ni Kaeshi 昨日ノ夢ヲ夜ニ帰シ [030817] Ritz software
Hiro is a grade school teacher and lover of Kurou, the son of a company president. One day, Kurou brings the news that to save his father's company, he has to break up with Hiro and agree to get married to a rival company's president's daughter. Hiro wishes him luck in his future marriage. It's been months later. Hiro thinks about Kurou sometimes but he has other people he can depend on.....
Boys Love

26. Knock Out -Taisengata Datsui Mahjong- Knock Out-対戦型脱衣麻雀- [030817] Splush Wave
Train yourself by playing mahjong with teachers and move on to defeat girls in strip mahjong.
Doujin Card Game

27. Madogoshi no Heya 2 窓ごしの部屋2 [030817] Soft Circle Courreges
The window of the next house is seen from protagonist's room. Girls live there, but they shut the curtains at every attempt of dialogue. One day main character receives a message from that room "Don't you want to come to my place?"
Doujin Nukige

28. Nestle Close [030817] Haikara Kissa
Your parents pass away and you move in with older brother who is married and is a workaholic leaving you and your sister-in-law with a lot of time together. Eventually hormones win and you start having sex and soon it becomes cosplay time to increase the enjoyment.

29. One ~Sekai de Tada Hitori Boku no Kimi wa Hitori Dake~ one ~世界でただひとり ぼくのきみはひとりだけ~ [030817] Ritz software
Main character has a habit of oversleeping, so it's difficult for him to find a work for a long time. He is invited to work as a host. The problem is that there is no star host in the enterprise, and main character is pushed to take this position... 
Doujin Boys Love

30. Orange Marmalade [030817] Tange Kentou Kurabu
Space Sheriff Leona avenges evil organization "Flumers" who destroyed her homeland star. After that days start to pass peacefully. One day she receives a request to find a disappeared girl. Mysterious videotape is sent to sheriff office where girl is insulted by a space monster. Leona takes her laser gun and gets back in action.

31. Ore no Natsuyasumi 2 おれのなつやすみ2 [030817] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
During your summer vacation your mother has asked that you take care of the two daughters of a friend Marina and Rie. She tells you they're 1st and 2nd grade students so you get very excited expecting two first and second grade high school girls.
When you meet them at the station you discover that they are in fact 2 grade school girls!
After their first day at your home Rie asks what a pussy is then asks you what sex is. She and her sister discovered your erotic manga. They now demand that you teach them about sex and how to feel good!
How will your summer vacation end?

32. Ore no Natsuyasumi Bangai Hen おれのなつやすみ番外編 [030817] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
A year after the events in Oreno Natsuyasumi, the protagonist come back to his aunt house where are waiting his little cousins the 6th grade Arisu and the 3rd grade Karin
Another hot summer is waiting

33. puncTure [030817] Dopamine Software
People enjoy eternal life and die only when they wish to. That changes with the birth of a girl that has a power to bring death to the loved ones. She is sealed in the ancient ruin because of her dangerous gift.
Some time later a crazy nobleman finds her and orders main character to train her and nurture hate feelings in her instead of love.

34. Shiokaze no Machi 潮風の街 [030817] studio WALK
In the near future, a dispute erupts over underwater resources in the East China Sea. The protagonist, a fighter pilot, was traumatized in battle and sent back home. While working at his uncle's cafe, he gets to know three girls. However, these restful days will soon end, and the shadow of war will envelop them once more.

35. sol-fa-soft Manatsu no Otanoshimi CD sol-fa-soft真夏のお楽しみCD [030817] Sol-fa-soft
Sol-fa-soft Fan Disk is here.
The contents are as follows:
■ Self-flipping
This is an undressing memory card game.
Please flip all cards within the time limit.
■ Abunai Kaisuiyoku
Short story.
The main character (♂) who came to the paternal countryside can play with Takatsuki Miho this year just like last year, but seems to be mischievous this year.
■ Ningyou no Yume to Mezame Demo
New work announced, It features a young love story between Satomi Akira and Shigaraki Kasumi. You can play the prologue.
■ H na Oisha-san Demo
The main character (♂), is a doctor who came to a school for medical examination. H scene which has nothing to do with the main story.
■ Nana Chan Smile
It is a game (?) Playing withNana chan on the menu screen.
As usual, she will go on going out naked as well.

36. Sweet Apricot [030817] Sniff Dogs
Six school girls doing naughty things secretly.

37. Gogatsu Matsuri 五月祭り [030817] Asobe Soft
Busty karate girl gets caught in a shame trap on the May festival day.

38. Mahou Shoujo Hanasaki Hotaru Fight! 魔法少女 花咲ほたる FIGHT! [030817] Pandadanpa
There are four episodes in the magical girl Hotaru adventures starting with saving best friend from tentacles humiliation by runaway art teacher Shibamoto.

39. Imouto Ijiri ~Yoninme~ Suki Dakara Ienai Koyuki-chan 妹いじり ~よにんめ~ 好きだから言えない 小雪ちゃん [030817] Marufuku Store
Brother makes Koyuki-chan do some secret things, but she loves brother so tells no one.

40. Yume no Ato ゆめのあと [030817] Marufuku Store
These two stories - Mone and Neneko - show how two people can understand each other so good that problems become shared and easily solved.

41. Officer's ~Onna Sousakan-tachi no Ingoku~ Officer’s ~女捜査官達の淫獄~ [030817] Palette Enterprise
Beautiful female police officers are imprisoned by the attack of tentacle monsters.
Two female police officers goes to the underground mall to crack down on drug dealing, but it is a dirty trap a devil witch Angel set....

42. Pretty Idol プリティアイドル [030821] ThunderSonia
Main heroine is a former cabaret entertainer. She is invited to the best clubs, but she chooses to work at school. Why does she choose to work here?
Doujin Otomege

43. Angel Knight [030822] Ferret
Kirk and Asel are childhood friends trying to become knights. Kirk has a natural healing ability that was a secret between the two of them, until he uses it during training and attracts attention from the knights right away. Naturally Asel becomes envious, but Kirk keeps deepening his relationships with the people around him, and gradually Asel's feelings are turning from friendship to something more.
Boys Love

44. Dakkan Kikou Luvnatier 奪還機構 ラヴネイティア [030822] Arkham Products
Main character is a master of the coffee shop. But his true occupation is the leader of combat maid unit using nano-technology to transform and defeat evil. Two waitresses and childhood make the rest of the team.

45. Ingoku Seijo Gakuen 淫獄聖女学園 [030822] Girl's Software
Main character is a physician who is invited to head school's health department. He is unwilling to take the job, but when he sees that it's a missionary school for girls, a wide smile covers his face.

46. Mahou Tenshi Misaki 魔法天使ミサキ [030822] Rasen
There was a girl who fought despair of this world. At the moment when she tried to seal the seed of despair, she got a blow from the enemy. The seed and enemies pierced the night city. But the girl stood up to fight through pain and humiliation to stop despair. 

47. Sayurin no Tantei na Hibi さゆりんの探偵な日々 [030822] Light Gamer
A Doujin game based on Kanon/ONE about Kurata Sayuri and her Detective days.

48. Sweet Devil すい~とでびる [030823] Hanerom
Mao-kun has become lost in the demon world. The ones who came to help me, as puzzled as I was, were none other than 2 demons! "Sweet Devil" is a shota dice adventure game.

49. Hoshi no Oujo 星の王女 [030825] Mirai 1
In the spring when the protagonist is 19 years old she passes her entrance exams and manages to start going to her favored university.
Both her parents have to go overseas because of work, so she ends up living with just her older brother Kazuki.
She spends her days happily being watched over by her older brother who thinks highly of his little sister.
Than one day she receives terrible news, her parents have suddenly died in a tragic accident.
Losing her precious parents the protagonist sinks into sadness.
But she is supported by her older brother and her childhood friend Kouhei and becomes a little happier.
But suddenly the strain of their parents deaths gets to her older brother and he suddenly collapses.
The protagonist is at a loss, 
"Please... Save my brother..."
Her hearts prayer goes answered and her brother regains consciousness for a time.
However, their house full of the memories of their parents is about to get seized by the Yakuza, and the protagonist gets involved in other various incidents.
But she tries to live on strongly with various people supporting her.
In the season of whirling cherry petals a sorrowful and heartrending but also beloved story is starting.

50. Kuro no Toshokan 黒の図書館 [030828] Fortune♪
Main character does not remember his identity. He is doing librarian job in some sort of library. There are few visitors, so he has a lot of time to read books. He has colleague girl who is good at making tea. Various girls with problems visit library in search of a way to treat their intimate problems. Protagonist helps them by using a special book that makes dreams come true. 

51. Sagara-sanchi no Etsuraku Life ♪ 相楽さん家の悦楽ライフ♪ [030828] ZyX 1 2 3 4 5 6
You are Yusuke, a Japanese youth about to enter college in Tokyo. When your father suggested that you live with the family of a friend of his while you attend school, you didn't really have an opinion one way or the other. Until, that is, you found out that the Sagara Family is comprised of nothing but women: four beautiful daughters and their sexy widowed mother!
Of course you don't mind the prospect of living in a house full of beautiful women -- you are a man, after all. The trouble is, they're not used to having men around, so they don't know how to act around one. This will no doubt cause any number of interesting situations to pop up as you get used to living with these beautiful women. 

52. Aishite Nightingale 愛してナイチンゲール [030829] Cherry Soft
Main character gets his body replaced with his sister with the power of magical medicine. A large amount of "pure virgin libido power" is needed to return to the original state, as family doctor says.

53. Ame ~The Rain~ 雨~The Rain~ [030829] Digi Anime
Main character is at a loss under the rain when he meets a girl with a healing smile. She invites him to live at her place till it stops to rain, e.g. under the same roof with three cute girls. The weather forecast shows that it's going to rain for at least a week more.

54. Chakku! Tsuiteru!! ちゃっく!ついてる!! [030829] LiLiM
Youichi finds an abandoned loli in a cardboard box on the road and...
Sound familiar? Maybe, but the male protagonist doesn't suspect he's merely the pawn in a mysterious conspiracy where NOTHING is what it seems.

55. Fragrance ~Ryoujoku no Choukou~ フレグランス~凌辱の調香~ [030829] Serene
Main character's sister-in-law has become a doll-like being after some event. Protagonist tries to investigate it and finds a note with three sister names on it. His revenge is going to be remorseless.

56. Hisui no Hitomi 翡翠ノ眸 [030829] Alice Noir
Thousands people get missing each year in Japan. 4% of them are those who devote their body and mind to Yema demon who returned to modern Japan as of late.
Main character is an exorcist who banishes Yema back to nothingness. He is on his way to next Yema location when he receives a call asking for help to rescue girls trapped in a Western-style building together with demons.

57. Lime Iro Jankitan ~Meiji Nippon, Otome Sakidumosu.~ らいむいろ雀奇譚 ~明治日本、乙女先ヅモス。~ [030829] Elf
A mahjong-game side-story of the series.
Fandisc card game

58. Puni Fugo ぷに☆ふご~ [030829] Piichigumi
Main character's parents go bankrupt leaving him a lot of debts. He decides to become a student of millionaire school and learn to gamble in order to cover his debts. Revenge for the enemy who pushed parents to such den of despair starts with a card game.
Card game

59. Punitsuma ~Oku-san wa Anatairo~ ぷにつま ~奥さんはあなた色~ [030829] Petit Pajamas
Main character can not satisfy his newly wed wife. But when her sister comes by there's no problem with protagonist in bed. Sister-in-law taught him how to satisfy his wife, but the affair did not stop there...

60. Ryoujoku Seifuku Jogakuen ~Chimitsu ni Nureta Seifuku~ 凌辱制服女学園~恥蜜に濡れた制服~ [030829] SQUEEZ
Main character is art teacher in a girls academy. He develops pervert habits of voyeurism, intimidation and rape there...

61. Take Off! ~Kore ga Bokura no Erabu Michi~ Take off!~これが僕らの選ぶ道~ [030829] B-wings
School based yaoi game. Takes place over a full school term.
Boys Love

62. Shuumatsu ni Yosete 終末によせて [030831] Tooku de Kikoeru Denshion
A gentle story that plainly depicts the last week before the end of the world from different perspectives.

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