VN of the Month July 2003 - Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe

There aren't masterpieces this month. And I'm so desperate that I'm choosing lolige Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe as VN of the Month. I'll review a cool angel game Kono Sora ga Tsuieru Toki ni

1. 6 Gatsu no Tenshi 6月の天使 [030704] LaLa
Main character who is approaching graduation goes on a journey of self-search. He meets a unique girl who has a secret about her. Right emotions will help her to convey her heart.
Game features emotions in addition to speech variants. Such system was used twice already in visual games, and each time with a pretty poor result. As expected, we get abused by unfriendly systems and lazy bad tempo. We get to live in this village for a year (wait, what about graduation?), and very few events happen over this time.

2. Monograph ~Tooi Yakusoku~ モノグラフ~遠い約束~ [030704] Discovery
Half-humans live in this world alongside humans. Main character has a lineage of both half-humans and famous exorcists. His older brother initially inherits family business, so protagonist moves to his relatives place to start his happy and slightly strange school life.
Game is very much alike most pure love games starting with ToHeart. We go to school and choose girl icons on the school map. Content is normal, without any surprises or emotion moments. All this half-human stuff is just to bring nekomimi girls in.

3. Sayonara Mayumi-chan ~Fujinomori Byouin Monogatari~ さよならまゆみちゃん~藤ノ森病院物語~ [030704] Globe
Main character is a just assigned doctor at a countryside small hospital. In this hospital wheelchair girl Mayumi is being treated for four years from the heart disease of unknown nature. Girl is always in cheerful mood despite her state, so there's the urge to do something for her...
Just great - we get to know from the title that Mayumi is going to die anyway, so let's just squeeze some tears. Just guess what's called by treatment in this game - sex. H element is above average rate here. There are several heroines, but Mayumi makes the main one. In the happy ending of the True route she even does not die. Just guess thanks to what - right again, miracle that never gets explained.

4. Komorebi ni Yureru Tamashii no Koe こもれびに揺れる魂のこえ [030711] Unison Shift 1 2
Father Asamiya has devoted his life to serving the less fortunate, following the merciful tenants of the Catholic faith to bring compassion and kindness to those who need it most. Yet in spite of his deep dedication and strong convictions, there remains an empty feeling that the Lord has something else in store for him: another role that he should be serving. Thus when a peculiar letter is delivered to him, christening the young pastor as custodian of a small orphanage, Asamiya seizes upon the chance. For who needs hope and guidance more, than children who have little hope and guidance at all?
There is an English review.

5. Ama no Miko Hime 天巫女姫 [030718] Grooming
Main character loses parents in childhood and lives with to his grandfather. After grandfather death he decides to move back to home town where aunt and three shrine maidens wait for his return.
Game is actually a nakige with first half being quite humorous. Text is relatively good and each route is quite long - about seven hours. H events are darker than usual, but not enough to block game as a nukige.

6. Nanaha no Ken Kunoichi In no Shou 七巴の剣 くのいち 淫の章 [030718] FlyingShine
Main character needs to perform a ritual to have sex with a woman in sacred mountains. This ritual is held each 100 years, and the time for it approaches. He goes in the trip with a small company of people, but they get attacked and obstructed on their way by female kunoichi band. What awaits him?
I won't block this game, but it should be pretty obvious by this point that it's another FlyingShine nukige. Story is one road with wrong choice (always 2 choices given) leads to an instant game over. System same old, battles not fun. Story is very boring more suiting some RPG than a visual novel. H events are dense, as usual. Game is just a waste for an artist to work on.

7. The Ren'ai Horror Adventure Ryouryuu Shoujo THE 恋愛ホラーアドベンチャー 漂流少女 [030724] Siesta
You've been trapped in the school basement with 5 girls. While picking a partner from among them, you'll also have the chance to strengthen your relationship, even in such scary circumstances.
Quite a generic escape adventure with items and very little variation of actions. There are also battles that need to be prepared for each time. Finale is pretty light.

8. True Love Story Summer Days, and yet... [030724] Game Club
Morisaki Yuuta moved into the city after his mother's death with his older sister; Ruri and attended the same highschool. In the school corridor, he bumped into a student in the name of Kusunose Hina who participates in the Tennis Club. From that moment onward, Yuuta remembered his childhood promise he made to the girl whom he used to play with when his mother was still alive.
Fourth bullet in this dating SIM series. Stats, schedule and the whole complex system for conversation - not my stuff.

9. Apocalypse ~Deus Ex Machina~ [030725] Tactics 1
A basement colony "Agnoshia". People living there are controlled by the machine "Arcon". Rishe's father is a scientist and his will says there is something sleeping in "Taltaros". She heads for it and finds Ash, being cold slept, and resuscitates him. "Arcon" attacks Ash but he beats it easily.... From its debris, an image appears. It says her name is Sakura and tells them to come to the top floor of "Agnoshia". Ash and Rishe decide to go there....
There is an English review.

10. AQUAS [030725] Mercurius 1 2
Long, long ago, the Human race disappeared entirely from existence, for obscure and forgotten reasons. Only a few managed to survive, fleeing into the oceans and beginning a new life amid the waves.
Over the passing of aeons, their descendants fully adjusted themselves to their marine habitat, evolving into a slightly different (but totally Human-like) new race, the Mermen.
Only recently the Merman race has begun the re-colonization of the coastlands, but although the game story takes place in a typical Merman town on a little island, one of the locals, Eiji (the young protagonist), is not Merman at all but a true member of the supposedly extinct Human race...
There is an English review.

11. Fall in Love ふぉ~りんLOVE [030725] Hayashigumi
It is the season of summer.
The protagonist has failed to clear his college entrance exams for the 2nd time. His parents forced him to enroll at a live-in prepatory school in countryside. Run by his elder female cousin, the protagonist visited the school "Shooting Star Garden".
However, it was a girls-only dormitory.
A brave girl who aims to get into university while fighting a disease,
A girl who was hurt from failing to appear for her exams, 
An old fashioned girl who swings a sword,
A sexy elder cousin and a friendly younger cousin.
What will become of his life, living with these various heroines?
Just a moege full of erotic encounters. 

12. Hazama no Tsuki 狭間の月 [030725] Dark Side 1
Atop a forbidding hill surrounded by mysterious forests and decrepit paths lies a lonely residence. It is to this very estate that a young man has been summoned by its beautiful owner, asking him to fulfill an altruistic desire. Yet the circumstances of his visit are far from normal, and the three occupants who he encounters are more than what they seem. Evil broods strongly where he is traveling, and its hunger will only grow with his presence, stealing everything he treasures from the past, and forever corrupting his future.
There is an English review.

13. Kono Sora ga Tsuieru Toki ni この空がついえる瞬間に [030725] Digital Monkey
Main character lives happily with his lover and friends around him. But one day the world comes to an end. Protagonist's brother is looking for a leader in this crumbling post-apocalypse world and he finds the leader in protagonist's lover Sena who undergoes transformation suitable to call her God's child... The two people keep on living happily. However, the fate is not smiling at them.
A dark story primarily about death. One heroine playthrough is about 4 hours, but common route takes the bulk of it. Story starts pretty solid, but the end of the world is depicted vaguely, as a gimmick. The development feels rushed, and the ending leaves reader puzzled.

14. Mahoromatic ☆ Adventure まほろまてぃっく☆あどべんちゃー [030725] Gainax
Vesper is a secret agency fighting an army of alien invaders by using super-powerful battle androids. Mahoro is Vesper's most powerful battle android and has won many battles, but she has little operating time left and soon will cease to function. However, if she lays down her arms and conserves her remaining power, the time she has left can be prolonged to just over a year. Mahoro is given an opportunity to live the remaining time she has as a normal human. She chooses to live as a maid for Suguru, a phenomenally messy middle school student who lives by himself after his family passed away.
Basically original synopsis is taken in its entirety from the original. The focus is on everyday scenes and some original events. Without knowing the original game is really bad. So it's just another Gainax fan-oriented stuff.

15. Maple Colors [030725] Apricot 1
Saku Yoshijirou has just transferred to Kouka Academy, which is famous for its theatrical activities. On his first day at school, he started a fight with Aoi Mirai. To make the matter worse, the fight was seen by Aizen Yukihito, the head of the Drama Club. All of Yoshijirou's classmates are problem students, and he thought he could use the fight to rid himself of them. Then, Yoshijirou is assigned to direct his class in a drama competition against the Drama Club. If they lose the competition, they will be suspended. However, because they are problem students, he has difficulties directing them.
Game has excellent production values and funny characters. It boasts a lot of crunchy and difficult mini-games to enjoy. But there is absolutely nothing special about the scenario here. Just raise favorability in encounters and mini-games. If you treasure scenario like I do, game has nothing to offer. So it's good if characters along are enough for you.

16. Negai no Mahou. ねがいの魔法。 [030725] Tarte
Main character used to make up rules in his childhood and awaited rewards from the fate for remaining true to those small rules. In the corner of his heart he still believes in those small miracles. Between the cute transfer student and the childhood friend seeking for romance, it's time for magic of wishes.
Game's more about the process. There is Runner system that helps to prioritize targets and determine progress and there's also Feelings system attached. After getting through all this complexity H events happen quite suddenly, without setting the right mood. Game's too short and overall disappointing.

17. Onee-chan no Cube お姉ちゃんの3乗(きゅーぶ) [030725] Marron
One day, the mysterious distortion space-time continuum divides man character's older sister into three girls with different personalities who all retain part of older sister. Fairy comes from a different world to investigate this distortion, and thus this strange co-habitation with four girls begins.
Game is a bakage with lots of gags. But second half with serious development does not stand up even remotely to the powerful comedy start in the first part. Still no voicing, and scenario-wise Cosmos no Sora ni was better.

18. For Symphony ~With All One's Heart~ [030731] Takuyo 1
Playing as a high school student, you experience your senior year of high school with your fellow students. This includes a trip to the beach during the summer and lots of conversation on the whole. Unlike most love simulations, this one gives you a choice over the sex of the main character. You can play the game as either a girl or a boy.
Generic dating SIMs for both boys and girls at the same time never ended good. This is no exception.

19. Sakura ~Setsugekka~ SAKURA~雪月華~ [030731] Princess Soft
Only four students, plus teacher remain in the school dormitory during spring break for their own reasons.
At one such day mysterious transfer student Asuka appears in the dormitory and gives main character a book without author's name. She wants to set a play after this book. Without anyone expecting, this play will lead actors to a mysterious destiny. 
Reincarnation stuff is in the center of attention here. So basically whoever you choose is your ancient legendary bride, of course, while you are Shogun relative. A lot of absurdity rises from this relation. Routes are paired and are generally of modest volume, so cost/performance is lacking.


1. Inda Super 淫打SUPER [030702] Vega
Game gets more naughty and technically sophisticated! Whenever you hit a wrong key, system tells you which direction is correct key.

2. Mechiku - Ikenie SC 女畜・聖贄(めちく・いけにえ)SC [030703] Dennou Club
The inter-office sexual politics begin when Ono, a college graduate and recent recruit, is assigned to the "busiest" section in the company. While Ono's not afraid of a little hard work, he is not about to let it interfere with his sex life. Ono is still confident that he can handle the toughest job and his girlfriend at the same time. While Rie, his frisky girlfriend from the administration department, remains supportive of his new promotion, it's only a matter of time before jealousy rears its ugly head. Ono's new female manager, Sugiyama, is respected and admired for her management skills and her voluptuous body. Ono assures Rei that he has no interest in his middle-aged workaholic boss. However, when the work piles up tensions explode.

3. Natsu no Arashi 夏の嵐 [030703] Soft Circle Astarte
A social studies teacher Takakura Saki goes after Aoi Hazuki, one of her students, as Aoi enters in an empty classroom... As soon as she reached the classroom, Hazuki heard a quarrel of a boy and a girl from the classroom...
A visual novel about a futanari girl and a female teacher.
Nukige Doujin

4. Invisible ~Toumei Ningen ni Naru Kusuri. Invisible ~透明人間になる薬。 [030704] Invisible
Main character's father is a self-proclaimed genius scientist who invents powder of invisibility one day. Protagonist knows how to use it right to have some fun.

5. Kakoi ~Zetsubou no Shojo Kangokujima~ かこい ~絶望の処女監獄島~ [30704] Error
The protagonist witnessed his girlfriend gangbanged before him. She committed suicide and he given up his life doing bad things.
One day he got cheated and came to an island. This island was possessed by an syndicate, with rules of their own.
3 virgins were brought to the site without knowing what the place is for. He was ordered to take extremely horny pictures of themselves.

6. Kurenai ga Saita 紅が咲いた [030704] Gaia
One day a body of a recently transferred girl is discovered in one of classrooms.
Main character starts his own investigation and finds out that teachers and chiefs actually abuse girl students... 

7. Oshikake Harem おしかけ☆はーれむ [030704] Sekilala
After healing people from a faraway country, the protagonist is back home.
But several girls from a harem follow him to try to make him their lover, and the ex-girlfriend of the protagonist get caught in everything.
How and with who will it end?

8. Izayoi no Hanayome 十六夜の花嫁 [030711] Mink
Two people on the full night perform a "ritual". None of them knows how to do it. Boy suddenly has an urge to suck girl's blood, and she gets unconscious. Her heartbeat weakens, skin becomes pale, and she stops to respond anymore.
Main character who comes from the family of vampires needs to find a new, more suitable bride candidate. 

9. Oyako Donburi 3 ~Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore~ 母娘どんぶり3~オレがアイツでアイツがオレで~ [030711] Beenyan
Nothing happened during summer vacation. But at the end of summer vacation, there was a happening that Akira's body and mind changed off with Shintaro's! Now Akira lives with Shintaro's mother and sister... and new semester starts...

10. Popotan Fan Disc Issho ni A-SO-BO ぽぽたんファンディスク いっしょにA・SO・BO [030711] Petit Ferret
Among the other goodies disc includes two mini-scenarios:
1. Leave it to Nono「ののにおまかせ」
Main character Chris is predicted death with 1000% accuracy unless he has sex with a girl in glasses over this time.
2. Mii witch girl battle「みいの魔女っ子大作戦」
Mii-chan is a magical girl of love and justice. Store manager gets missing, so Chris has nothing better to do than accompany Mii-chan in her adventures.

11. Erumani えるまに [030712] Shinjita Baka ga Ore Datta
People from different worlds and races are summoned to a certain world, and now they are searching for a way back.

12. Marth [030712] Andy Works
Main character attends high school in an ordinary seaside town. He lives a happy life with his two best friends. But one day father calls him to a familiar coffee shop and says words that start great changes in protagonist's life.

13. Tsuki Ugatsu Kyousou [030715] Zan
Mysterious disappearances start to happen around the town's central skyscraper. According to rumors, before the incident girl in black appears at the spot. On the third moonlight blackness fills everything in these jungle from glass and stone.

14. Honton Tange 紅瞳譚歌~ホントンタンゲ~ [030717] Hanjuku Nora
As main character returns from a part-time job, he is greeted by a girl lying in the bed in a seducing pose.
Doujin nukige

15. Tristia Dokidoki Operation トリスティア どきどきおぺれーしょん [030718] Kuma-san Team
Contain story and mini games.

16. Akiba de Ocha Shiyo! アキバでお茶しよっ! [030718] Angel smile
Main character's father leaves him after death a coffee shop, debt and four young bride candidates. Together with the girls they need to work at the coffee shop to repay the debt.

17. Eden V [030718] Forst
Glenn escaped into space and found shelter at another abandoned spacecraft. He notices Shizuka Green among the research team and vows to revenge her.

18. Hitozuma Kasumi-san ~Oyako to Kyoudou Seikatsu~ 人妻♪かすみさん~母娘と共同性活~ [030718] Tinkerbell
Ryoji is a college student living on his own. One day he recieves a call from his Uncle's wife asking him to come over because her house has been burgled while she was shopping. Because his uncle is frequently gone on business it is agreed to have Ryoji stay in the house to help protect his aunt and her daughter. Gradually Ryoji becomes aware that his aunt is starved for sex. What will happen depends on choices made in the game.

19. Ikenai Hokenshitsu い・け・な・い保健室 [030718] West Vision
Main character is a student who frequents health room as of late. The reason is the rumor he overhears about health room nurse giving secret love consultations.

20. Maid Youbi wa H ga Ippai メイド曜日はHがいっぱい [030718] Studio Air
Main character saves money to buy the cheapest android maid. But for this price it's a maid with little practical use. Now he needs to spend summer vacations teaching maid basic things - and hopefully get into advanced stuff with time.

21. Sarasa☆Radical サラサ☆ラディカル [030718] Mireille
Main character spends school days peacefully till witch Sarasa appears before him. Her purpose is to recover forbidden item that turns virgins into impure beings while making males possessed with evil spirit. Protagonist is forced to cooperate, but story does not end with recovery of just one item...

22. KaruHota カルほた [030724] Tako
8-question quiz about Hotaruka with vulgar content as prize.

23. Dokidoki Onee-san ドキドキお姉さん [030725] Atelier Kaguya
Tomohiro lives alone. But one day, Michiru, his older brother's wife, and Hitomi, his older sister, come to his place and start living there. Hazuki, his PE teacher, and Reiko, a daughter of a caretaker of his apartment, also join them and his life suddenly turns into a paradise...!

24. Jouka no Monshou 浄火の紋章 [030725] Eerged 1
This is an Equilibrium fanfic by Urobuchi Gen, the author of Saya no Uta. No, really.
The story of a duo of Grammaton Clerics, once a mentor and pupil, now partners.

25. Kagami no Naka no Orgel - Futatsume no Monogatari [Snow White] 鏡の中のオルゴール ふたつめの物語 [SNOW WHITE] [030725] Fairytale
Fantasy on Snow White fairy-tale. Imagine that Snow White is not expelled from the castle, but confined inside it for improper practices.

26. Koi Suru Imouto wa Setsunakute Onii-chan o Omou to Sugu H Shichau no 恋する妹はせつなくてお兄ちゃんを想うとすぐHしちゃうの [030725] Rune
Main character though that brother and sister relationship would never change... until that night... Faint pants of his sister leaked from the next room. 

27. Love Song o Kimi ni... Love Songを君に・・・ [030725] Ferret
When Akira injures his leg, his dreams of playing soccer are crushed, but a song by the band EDEN helps give him hope again. He gets involved in the band's fan club and starts falling for the fan site administrator, Eve... only to discover that Eve's actually a man!
Boys Love

28. Mune Kyun! Heart de Koi Shi-te-ru ~Onii-chan Motto Daisuki~ 胸キュン!はぁとde恋シ・テ・ル~お兄ちゃんもっと大好き~ [030725] Unison Shift
One day, a letter with just one world "marriage" from comes from Yuta's father. Upon returning to home town Yuta does not find his father in the shrine. Instead, there are three childhood friend girls. It turns out that father's new wife is mother of these three girls. Now Yuta is stuck in the shrine with three new cute sisters while parents are on marriage voyage...

29. NekoNeko Soft Okaeshi CD 5 ねこねこソフト おかえしCD5 [030725] NekoNeko Soft
A collection of short stories:

30. Re-Laive Moe Moe Fandisk り・れいぶもえもえふぁんでぃすく [030725] Klein
There is a short story for each of the heroines of the original game.

31. Sci Fi Mahjong さいふぁい麻雀 [030725] Voice
Year 5032. After lots of battles humanity is divided into four space nations.
Main character is dispatched to a frontier city with his five female team to have spaceship repaired. Protagonist needs to recover his lost memory and search for the cause of the runaway that happened recently.
Card game

32. Suika ~Oo 157 Shou~ 水夏 ~SUIKAおー・157章~ [030725] Circus
It was released simultaneously with the all ages version of the original Suika and features chibi versions of the game's characters in an ADV/Quiz game consisting of four different chapters, each one with it's own individual story including tasks like finding a way to cure an infection or to master the art of cooking.

33. Sukumizu ~Fetish☆ ni Narumon!~ すくみず~フェチ☆になるもんっ!~ [030725] Circus Fetish
Released under the Circus brand division 'Circus Fetish', this game focuses on school swimsuits.
The protagonist, Shimano Kanata, is a well-known swimmer in the prefecture with a fetish for water in general, and women's swim-wear in particular.
Somehow he ends up in a private girls school in a well-known beautiful mountain region. There he meets the various girls from the swimming club and the story unfolds...

34. Thunder Claps! サンダークラップス! [030725] Colors
One day main heroine wakes up with supernatural abilities. An evil sidekick attacks a peaceful supermarket, and heroine decides to fight evil on regular basis starting with this day. She is inexperienced and prone to make mistakes when facing stronger enemies, but please support her to your best!

35. Yuri-iro no Shoujo ユリ色の少女 [030725] Serene
Main character gets a teacher job at a girls academy. Among the students he discovers his favorite student he was tutoring. A lot of her friends and teachers desire to deprive her of purity. Will protagonist be able to protect his student from these temptations?

36. Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!! +White Flower+ 好きなものは好きだからしょうがない!! +White Flower+ [030731] Platinum Label
Taking place a couple of years after "Rain", many changes have been made to the school. Not only is it no longer an all boys school, several of the former students are now working as teachers while others move onto other jobs. Sora, as one of the teachers, has been living a fairly normal life as he takes Minato's place as teacher. However, he realizes that it won't stay normal for long when he sees that Sunao, who he has not seen since the events in "Rain", reappears in one of the halls. This game finally wraps up the story between Sora and Sunao and ends their conflict with Professor Aizawa.
Boys Love

37. Yuuwaku na Otoshigoro ゆーわくなお年頃 [030731] Sol-fa-soft
The two Lolita girls hold a boy and a service battle!
The temptation becomes increasingly extreme, such as pants showdown, bust showdown, cheat showdown, bath confrontation etc, and at the end it will be H in various places.
Please enjoy the pleasure of the barbecue.
Doujin nukige

38. Sin [0307] Blue Forest
The protagonist, Kai Kishou, has moved home many times since he was a child.
Because of all these goodbyes he has become indifferent to people, but when making arrangements at a new school he suddenly encounters a girl being attacked by strange men. 
These strange attackers are not normal humans. 
The targeted girl, and the beautiful swordswoman who protects her. 
The world he has been thrust into will completely change Kishou's destiny.

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