VN of the Month May 2003 - Ashita Deatta Shoujo

True Remembrance , Ashita Deatta Shoujo and Uchi no Imouto no Baai (Heart) can be called masterpieces. I'm inclined to name Ashita Deatta Shoujo the winner. My review of it follows next.

1. Konohana 3 ~Itsuwari no Kage no Mukou ni~ 此花3 ~偽りの影の向こうに~ [030501] Vridge Inc. 1
The story picks up lightly with Meguru and Miako bickering about. After some computer chatting, Miako arranged to go with Meguru and Shinobu to a Water Island amusement park. There, they would also meet up with some other friends and acquaintances. Time went by as they were checking all kinds of interesting places at the amusement park, until they entered the house of horror attraction. One of the people among them was found killed in a haunted house and everyone's a suspect. It is up to Meguru and Miako to once again put their minds to the task of solving the murder mystery and finding the culprit.
The third bullet in cheap price youth detective series. There are many endings, so cost/performance ratio is high, but overall it's not particularly fascinating.

2. ALMA ~Zutto Soba ni...~ ALMA ~ずっとそばに…~ [030502] Bonbee!
After Takumi and his sister Yui lost both of their parents in an accident 3 years ago, life is steadily going on for them and a close circle of friends.
One day, a new student transfers to their school.
This is the starting point for a subtle but actual change in their frozen time. Who am I?, What has happened in the past?
The beginning of summer holds the key to unveil these questions...
Game resembles AIR perhaps too much. First half is mediocre everyday life flow while second half is sudden and intensive development. Game appeals to emotions rather than actual thinking. I really can't stand such nakige.

3. Anemone アネもネ [030502]  BOM
Main character witnesses a catastrophe on the way home - an alien dies on his hands telling of evil alien conspiracy. Protagonist receives radar to track aliens locations, and it points to his own house where his six sisters live. One of his elder sisters is an evil alien... he needs to find the culprit and have his justice.
A foolish bakage with absolutely useless scenario and tilt on ero. Basically, just an older sister game.

4. Stage [030502] Foster
Drama club works hard to complete a play for the "STAGE" school festival. Through everyday activities main character grows bonds with the participant girls. 
This is the longest Foster work so far. The amount of text is indeed so big that it's really easy to get tired. At the same time non-HCG are rare which makes it even worse. There is just ONE H-scene for each of four heroines, and that's unprecedented for Foster. The result is mediocre from all sides.

5. Wataridori ni Yadorigi o 渡り鳥に宿り木を [030502] Studio B-Room
19th century European island country. 
Main character comes from a small and aims for a bit city. He meets two girls in the train and gets in good terms with them. After arriving to the city protagonist gets an offer to become a tutor of one of the girls. 
Game is sometimes called Hinadori no Saezuri #3, and the spirit of the work is really close. SIM part is terrible, and game is morally old.

6. Ame Nochi Hare Nochi Comic Island 雨のち晴れのちこみっくアイランド [030509] Girl's Software
Main character comes to a town and gets a job at manga cafe. His days are colored with fun and friends warmth.
Crappy game, but amount of eroticism is not much more than in ordinary pure love game, so it would be unfair to block it just because of the cover.

7. Yajuu Sentai Schwarkan 野獸戰隊シバルカン [030509] Shao Shao Kappa
In 2004 aliens are rescued on space station "Kibo". They tell about crisis that approaches the Earth and die. Japan government together with UN create International Extraordinary Rescue Team to fight aliens invasion with the help of huge humanoid robots.
In 2009 runaways from inter-galactic prison showed up at the Earth to establish criminal foothold here.
Not really a visual novel, so no point discussing.

8. True Remembrance [030511] Shiba Satomi 1 2 3 4 5 6
True Remembrance is an ordinary tale of the ordinary days spent in an ordinary town by an ordinary girl who learns that everything in this world is extraordinary - or that nothing is. For in this world, there is a young man named Blackiris; a Mnemonicide par excellence. And there is a young girl named La; sweet and warm and gentle in all the ways that count. This is their story.
Game is localized and has many English reviews.

9. Chobits ~Chii Dake no Hito~ ちょびっツ ~ちぃだけのヒト~ [030515] Broccoli 1
Story centers on a 17 year old guy by the name of Hideki Motosuwa, he resides in an alternate universe of sorts thats filled with things known as Persocom's, a Persocom simply put is a Personal Computer. Unfortunately though, Hideki could never afford a Persocom of his own, and the story begins with him finding an unattended, tied up persocom in a pile of trash, he takes the Persocom home and later discovers as the story progresses that there is a possiblilty that his Persocom is something known as a Chobit. The Story then develops entertainingly around the idea of Chi (Thats what Hideki named her) being a Chobit.
There is an English review.

10. Mind Reaper [030516] Ivory
The world with sudden mass riots are a usual thing. Mind Reapers are people who are presumed to be the cause of sudden mass riots.
Main character is a student who gets attacked by a group of trained men one day. His classmate girl  comes out to help protagonist with words "it's not a fight for ordinary fumans" and defeats opponents one by one. What's the reason for attack? What is the true nature of the girl? The girl promises to protect protagonist, but it's only the first in the chain of events.
World must have gone mad. First Foster and now Ivory start to make games that aren't nukige. Protagonist revals super-hero powers inside himself and fights mysterious organization together with his fellow mates. Atmosphere is actually close to Nitro+ games. Battles are done in SRPG manner with around 20 battles for each playthrough. H scenes are mostly insult ones, but it's Ivory, so it should be no news.

11. Shinseiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2nd 新世紀エヴァンゲリオン鋼鉄のガールフレンド 2nd [030516] Gainax 1 2 3 4
Do you remember the last episode in the Evangelion TV series? Where the anime staff presented you with a new world? An environment more like that of a romantic comedy where Shinji plays the clueless hero, Misato as his sisterly caretaker, Asuka as his childhood friend, Rei as the new girl in school and Kaworu as the resident bishounen?
Now you can live this lighter Evangelion adventure through your PSP in Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2. Find out how different Shinji's life could be in this brighter world.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

12. Yakiniku Kuripuupi やきにくくりぷうぴ [030516] Tablet
Numerous crises hit well-established yakiniku restaurant "Kuripuupi"! Most of waitresses and one male employee leave the establishment. Can you get your customers back with just four waitress girls in uniforms? 
Graphics is so bad here that it made consumers furious. One play can be over in just 5 minutes. Rare kusoge.

13. Love Hina Gorgeous ~Chiratto Happening!!~ ラブひな ごーじゃす ~チラっとハプニング!!~ [030522] Konami 1 2 3
Love Hina Gorgeous is an adventure which puts you in the shoes of the only male protagonist in the series, Keitaro Urashima, who is trying to get into college while at the same time performing his duties as the dorm manager. He need to improve his grade if he's ever going to get a chance to get into a college of his choice, a University of Tokyo. Taking care of a girls only dormitory won't help him achieve his goal, quite the contrary, it may lead him into many troubled situations and misadventures. Adventure mode plays in a sort-of visual novel fashion with limited time for certain choices while exploration mode lets you explore the locations in third person using the cursor to interact with items and characters around you. There are also various action event sequences which comprise of various mini-games as well as studying portion of the game which requires you to answer questions correctly and level up your character skills.
There is enough English information for an impression.

14. Kurenai Senki ~Kunoichi Shinobi Ai~ 紅戦記 ~くノ一忍び愛~ [030523] Serene
Main character is a genius programmer who gets to know from his dying grandfather that their lineage is protected by Shinobu ninja. Moreover, his sweetheart and childhood friend Mizuho turns out to be his bodyguard. Protagonist is anxious to invite the beauty president of the rival company for a dinner, but Mizuho fiercely blocks the attempt. What secrets still remain hidden?
Serene has semi-nukige games, but with just enough curiosity to leave them unblocked. Nuki part here outweighs whatever other content it has. Drawing is horrible and all the heroines are same looking melon-boobs and skirts so short that pants are seen even while standing still. System is pretty bad as well. Story is very short for each heroine. I wanted to review this game, but it turned out to be a kusoge. 

15. Miko Miko Nurse 巫女みこナース [030523] Psycho 1
The story takes place in the Paradise Hospital, the forefront of elderly treatment. As a result of the founder's retirement, the two heirs cannot agree on which uniform the nurses should wear — one having a miko style, the other having a nun style. Amidst the fierce debate is Tatsuya Makishima, a doctor-in-training....
There is an English review.

16. Piyo Piyo ~Love Love Hobo-san~ ぴよピヨ~らぶらぶ保母さん~ [030523] Easy Mode
Main character is busy helping out with his father's pet shop. One day shop is visited by school director who intends to lend pets for children emotional education. Protagonist starts to bring pets to students with emotional problems. Can he find love among them?
Easy Mode works are all ero-centered, and this time it's not an exception. But H level here is rather moderate, so I'd keep it not blocked. Just another crappy pure love game.

17. Aoi Namida 青い涙 [030530]  Artlim Media 1
The story takes place in a several different worlds, each set in a single volume of a story. Initially, the game starts in the Fantasy Volume of the story. It then shifts to Reminiscence Volume, and finally ends with the Modern Volume. The main heroines are introduced individually throughout the story during the Fantasy Volume where player can chose to pursue a romantic affection with one of the heroines. Based on player's interest in a specific heroine, the Reminiscence Volume will reflect a different story of the past, ultimately concluding the story in the Modern Volume showing the present-day of the story. New characters appear in different volumes of the story.
Scenario is by Korean author, so Confucian values are strong in here - especially family value. Japanese language feels artificial or mechanically translated here at times. Different editions change frequently, so it can be difficult to keep in touch with what's going on. Evaluation differs greatly with different people.

18. Ashita Deatta Shoujo あした出逢った少女 [030530] Moonstone 1 2
"It's summer. The place is a crater lake near the naturally ambient, rural village "Takachiho". The protagonist is standing still, blankly looking at the far-away sky.
His memories of the past have been lost.
It's a strange thought, but to him on that day, the sky seems tailored to both dusk and sunrise, a mysterious color..."
The protagonist, Tachibana Takashi was a freeloader in a house, living there with four beautiful sisters. Until suddenly, one day, a sad incident occurred...
There is an English review.

19. Eclipse -Zettai Reido Keikaku Soushitsu Shoujo- ECLIPSE-絶対隷奴計画・喪失少女- [030530] Clock Up 1
Somewhere on the Darkside of the Moon, Second Lieutenant Fernandez and his all-female pilot squad are fighting for their lives against overwhelming forces. The XEN-TRIX mobile suit is technologically superior, but even cutting edge technology doesn't count for too much if you are outnumbered twenty to one.
Inevitably, a well placed shot inflicts critical damage, and Fernandez falls into a dark oblivion of wild memories...
There is an English review.

20. Kimi ni Okuru Tsubasa きみにおくる翼 [030530] Milky Kiss
There was a boy in a rural town. The boy had a very sick sister-in-law who spent most of the day in bed. Girl desired to fly more than anything else in life. Boy though what he could do to make her happy and started inventing wings for her. But as time passed he was running out of time. It's either now or never.
Donkan protagonist, inarticulate depictions and poor font make poor impression of the game. Text feels childish. There is lack of events. Scenario poses the most questions.

21. Mugen no Meikyuu 3 Type S 夢幻の迷宮3 Type S [030530] Software House Parsley 1
Two years have passed since the mysterious Phantom Labyrinth emerged in the desert. One day, a young adventurer seeking for excitement and riches met a mysterious traveler. He did not remember his own name and, before disappearing, told the astonished youth to go and seek out the Desert City. There the adventurer encountered the unique civilization of Ge-Pang and ventured into the depths of its dungeons.
Third bullet in RPG series that can be of interest only to those who like JRPG.

22. Natsu Shoujo 夏少女 [030530] Pulltop
Masato visited his friend's hometown during last year's summer holiday and met three girls, Aki, Miyako and Ayami. He enjoyed his time there, and promised with them he would come back again when he left. One year later, he returns there, and meets them again, who have grown up a little bit...
There are only three heroine routes. Finishing one route is fresh and impressive, but the other routes are too alike and thus boring. Each route deals with the problem heroine has, and each story feels short. Atmosphere and text are good.

23. Seijaku wa Yami no Shirabe 静寂は闇の調べ [030530] Remain
Few years after the World War II, the protagonist receives a letter naming him as heir to the inheritance by his sick biological father - the fact that he has no memory of, yet which his current parents reluctantly admits as true.
He returns to his hometown with intention of rejecting the offer, and meets a relative who still remembers him from her childhood. As the stay unintentionally grows longer, sequence of strange events begins to take place against him...
Orthodox suspense drama, and depiction of horror post-war world with immoral women treatment is far from reality. Only few heroines have some relation to the story, others are just redundant for the story purpose. The last story brings all the revelation, but playing other routes feels just useless.

24. Shinobitic☆Heart 忍ちっく☆はぁと [030530] Kiss next team BOTTOMLESS
Main character's parents move, and his new school turns out to be a school for ninja. At the same time protagonist becomes targeted by mysterious ninja. What's their aim?
Bakage. Main character is useless for fighting, so he desperately to counter attacks with words. Scenario is lame, so game only for those who like ninja bakage and can stand lolicon scenes.

25. Uchi no Imouto no Baai (Heart) うちの妹のばあい(はあと) [030530] 1
When Tatsuya was a child, his biological father abandoned him and his mother because she was always ill and had to stay in the hospital for a long time. Then she married to another patient at the hospital who was Yuuka's father. A few year later, they passed away and Tatsuya had to take care of Yuuka. They had been very close as children but when they grew older, their relationship gradually changed. Yuuka began to call Tatsuya "aniki" instead of "onii-chan" and she treated him coldly. Tatsuya even gave up his dream to become a professional baseball player to be always by her side before. Now what can he do to return to their "good" old days?
There is an English review.


1. Ryoujoku Katei Kyoushi ~Kegasareta Seifuku~ 凌辱家庭教師~汚された制服~ [030501] Studio Sepia
Simulation game about tutor insulting his three students to foster their academic ability.

2. Calling [030502] Nigred
Girl is interested in self-exposure. She sees a kindred soul in main character and confesses to him about her habits, but she is mistaken and gets into sexual slavery instead. With her help, her sister becomes a sex slave as well. Main character is to train two girls in exposure and various techniques.

3. Kokuhaku no Amai Wana 告白の甘い罠 [030502] D-Angel
Main character is a student writing dissertation on psychology of crime and brainwashing. He decides to conduct an experiment and brainwash a woman through internet video chat.

4. Moeben ~Itoko wa Fusumagoshi~ もえべん ~いとこ(妹)はふすまごし~ [030502] Stereo Purin
Main character comes to work at a bento shop. He stays at a residence where shop workers live together with his cousin and several cute girls. Young people repeat naughty act every night and enjoy their youth.

5. Happy Breeding Imasara Fandisc はぴぶり いまさら ふぁんでぃすく [030503] Purple Software
As the name indicates, this is a fandisc to Happy Breeding.

6. Yasoukyoku ~Nemurenu Yoru no Tame no Nocturne~ 夜想曲 ~眠れぬ夜のためのノクターン~ [030504] Ritz software
Makoto is the conductor of his school band. Along with his 4 band members and a college senpai who is acting as the advisor, they stay over at a summer house to practice before a big performance. One stormy night, while they were resting in the living room, lightning knocks out the electricity, including the light. Suddenly, Makoto feels himself being forcibly kissed by someone whom he can't see and then let go. When the light comes on, Makoto feels shocked and is asked by everyone what's wrong. Strangely, everyone has a guilty look on their face. Makoto wonders which one of them might be the culprit. But soon, he tries to forget about this incidence and start preparing for the performance. Except, strange things keep happening that make his heart unsettled....
Boys Love

7. Mushikago 蟲籠 [030506] Arkham Products
Main character is bullied by three classmates. One day protagonist's friend is also bullied by the trio, so protagonist decides to have revenge on them. 

8. Anata no Osanazuma あなたの幼妻 [030509] Trabulance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
I always knew my father wanted me to have a good life, but I never thought he would go this far! It seems that behind my back, he and three of my female friends have decided I need a wife! So they have concocted this plan: the three women will live with me and compete to become my wife. They are going to clean for me, cook for me, and who knows what else??? And I must choose which of them I like the best to be my wife.
Life is definitely going to get interesting…

9. Gangan Namauchi! Onii-chan, boku xx shichau!! ガンガン生射ち!お兄ちゃん、ボク、××しちゃうっ!! [030509] Acme X
The protagonist, Toshio Maekawa, is an unconventional third grader student who is in science major anywhere, and it is a virgin kun.
Such he was to work as a tutor during the summer vacation.
The other party to teach is the curious girl "Mami" who goes to a famous private school,
Somehow live in the neighborhood of Shun man's house, a cheerful girl called Sanae who calls him an older brother.
The place to teach is a resort apartment in midsummer owned by the father of "Mami". Besides, it is a study camp in the night.
At first, Toshio also seriously taught them to study,
If a man and a woman live under the same roof, it will be decided naturally.
The innocent girls at first were played with mere curiosity, but the act of the Shun was gradually escalated.
"I will do my best to beat you! ! "
Toshio who is attached to madness tries all sorts of sex and will do the best of fornication 

10. M x S エムM×Sエス [030509] Abogado Powers
You're the manager of a small S&M club, with a dependency on paid members. But the chief is displeased with you, and your staff. So you have until Christmas to turn the club around, which is less than one month in the game world. In this time, you must promote the club, run the business and train five new female employees. You also have to keep up relations with the girls in order to lower their stress levels. If their stress level gets too high, customers don't like them. You need to get repeat customers in order to make your business succeed. You have to advertise as well, and keep the girls' hitpoints up. 

11. Tokineiro 刻音色 [030509] Mink
The main character Setsuya woke up in a mansion with an injury on his head and he had lost all of his memory. Then he met his aunt Aoi and the four maids Kasumi, Rika, Miki and Sayaka. Through their story, he learnt that he is the head of the wealthy Shijou family. 
And the story began, Setsuya took on a quest to find his forgotten past and reveal the mystery of the mansion as well as the secret of Shijou family ...

12. Moon Shade [030511] Fusyro
The story is about bad teachers and third grade students in a boarding school told from student point of view. 
Boys Love

13. Yuen no Ito 悠遠ノ絲 [030511] ibis
A thousand souls sealed the god of death for a thousand years. Now it's time for the god to awaken.
Main character is an ordinary boy who meets girl Iris who is beyond his understanding. He decides to just stay beside her and get to understand her circumstances little by little.

14. Natsu no Oto 夏の音 [030514] Takotako Company
The usual summer. Main character lives on a small island with two friends. It's a bit boring, but not unpleasant. The dream that should have lasted forever...

15. Gibo Shimai SLG 犠母姉妹SLG [030516] Selen
Story is the same as in original. Main character does not get a ryoukan from a widow and demands her body as a jerk-off. Widow's daughter gets involved in time as well. Now game is a SIM with focus on training.

16. Imouto no Onani 妹のオナニー [030511] Double Soft Cream
Yuuna chan loves the elder brother indeed, dreaming of becoming his wife. Against her love, he looks her no more than just a sister. One day, Yuuna chan does "it" in his room when he is not home...

17. Hiyoko no Kimochi ひよこのキモチ [030516] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character Fumiya is a boy in the girls school. He is only interested in football until the day he encounters a lonely girl. He starts to worry about her. One day he encounters mysterious creatures dressed up as angel and devil. They promise to help Fumiya get around girls.

18. Shin Himera 真・姫裸 [030516] Soubi Kenkyuujo
Remake of Himera with additional characters, some additional scenes for and characters and a new True end.

19. Sunburn ~Idol to Sirvival Mujintou to Iu Misshitsu~ サンバーン ~アイドルとサバイバル無人島という密室~ [030516] Studio Tako
On the way from Sydney to Hong Kong, the plane carrying main character crashes. He finds himself on an inhabited island with idols and just cute girls. They need to survive together till help arrives. Protagonist gets to know a secret about one of the girls, and she's ready for anything to keep it secret.

20. Tsukushite Jan 尽くして雀 [030516] Trabulance
Mahjon with Tsukushite series All stars.
Plus, there a harem story that can be accessed upon meeting certain conditions.
Nukige card game

21. Natsu☆Kanon 夏☆Kanon [030517] Light Gamer
Main character lives with aunt and childhood friend, but he leaves his home town to search a place for self-realization. One short summer seven years later he returns to his old friends. 

22. Chupa Chupa Drink ちゅぱちゅぱDrink [030523] KIT
Main character's neighboring residences are robbed each night. Landlord comes to him and urges to get night guards to observer the situation and possibly catch the criminal. Three young girls agree to become night guards.

23. Kiss Nante Atomawashi キスなんてあとまわし [030523] Pochette
A group of girls form a school club to explore sensual pleasures. They get a teacher counselor, and relations turn to master-slaves ones. However, with time they start to feel love and affection fore each other...

24. Mahou Senshi Princess Tear 魔法戦士プリンセスティア [030523] Triangle
While Metzer and the Sweet Knights are fighting on the surface of Earth, the war on Roa has reached a critical point. Seeking safety from the monsters of the evil syndicate Zerou, Tearna, the Princess Tear and the only daughter of Queen Gloria, comes to the surface world to help (and join forces with) the Sweet Knights, but tragically she's too late. Metzer has already won and, to Tearna's chagrin, has been forewarned by Zerou of her coming, too.
But even if the protagonist still follows the order of the syndicate, it's becoming manifestly clear that Metzer is plotting something, and a captive and brainwashed Tearna could give him the means to finally grasp absolute power...

25. Manin Densha 満淫電車 [030523] Bishop 1
Main character uses special medicine to seduce women in trains. One day all his team gets arrested all at once. When he runs away from police, he gets to know about an information store to leak that information. He develops a revenge plan.

26. Savior SAVIOR ~セイバー~ [030523] Forst 1
In the future, scientists mastered the technique of cloning, succeeding in creating fully functional artificial life forms. However, a powerful corporation took control over creation of such beings, using them for their own purposes. One of those artificial humans, a girl named Emma, managed to escape, holding some important information that supposedly incriminates the corporation. You control another artificial girl, Nel. You were just created, and the assignment you receive from your boss Elena is to find where Emma is hiding, and to prevent her from leaving the corporation building.

27. Shikan ~Anata Dake ni Miraretai~ 視感 ~ あなただけに見られたい ~ [030523] Fetish
Main character is a university student who does real estate agent job as part-time work. He lends and sells apartments with peeping devices to cute girls and then blackmails them.

28. The Darkness Again [030523] Ringerbell
A collection of four scenarios to progress simultaneously with choice in one scenario affecting others.
Shacklen and horny beast from the other world can not suffice with just one girl. It reaches its tentacles to the ground is search for a new victim...

29. Tounosawa Majutsu Kenkyuukai 塔ノ沢魔術研究会 [030523] Noa
Kyosuke is an ordinary uni student. He really wants to get a girlfriend, but he is wimpy.... One day, he receives a letter from Natsumi, his classmate. He goes to a classroom at night as indicated in her letter. Soon after he arrives there, he is forced to be served as a ritual sacrifice. He is surprised to know that Natsumi is a member of an occult magic club. But their ritual fails, and his sexual energy disappears.... On the next day, he doesn't get erection as expected. Natsumi and other members promise to help him get his sexual energy back. And their summer holiday starts....

30. Yoridori ~Miwaku no Katarogu Yuugi~ ヨリドリ ~魅惑の型禄遊戯~ [030523] EXtry
Main character enters the prestigious girls academy that starts to accept males from this year. He hopes that he finally escapes the world of bullying, but he's noticed by bully girls from the first day. He manages to find a book with hidden lewd magic. This will definitely help change his position.

31. Hibi Akiha 日々秋葉 [030523] L.T.T.
Tsukihime short erotic novel depicting exciting day for Shiki and Akiha. There is also a story of Shiki x Ren as an extra.

32. Silver Chaos Fan Box -Eternal Fantasia- [030525] Vivid Color 1
It is 8 + alpha inclusion about the story after ED which it was not able to finish telling in a previous work. Of course, 40 or more events CG are new work. Part nine kinds for nine characters of newly recorded system sounds are recorded. Much beautiful wallpaper containing the wallpaper written by Mr. Takatsuki is recorded. Characters set the quiz about a work. When it clears, it is a wallpaper addition new to the collection of wallpaper! Quiz is all and is four stages. The character which appears on a stage reads out a problem.
Boys Love Fandisc

33. Yamai Tsuki ~Ryouki Kansen Virus~ 病憑き~猟奇感染ウィルス~ [030525] Virgin Cream
Small injury at the shrine affects main character's body in unexpected way. His mental state becomes unstable - impulsive behavior, strong paranoid delusions and desire to have sexual intercourse.

34. Oshiete Teacher - Kazami Mi**ho Hen おしえてティーチャー 風見み●ほ編 [030527] Digital Aniki
A fan-fiction VN featuring Mi**ho Kazami from One**i Teacher.
Nukige doujin

35. Takuhai Maid Shiiko-san 宅配メイド椎子さん [030528] Terios
Shiiko from Ikinari Happy Bell is dispatched for a week to the protagonist's house as special award from Terios fan club. She is perfect with home chores and is able to provide authentic maid experience.

36. Hana Dorei 華・奴隷 [030529] Dennou Club
An art pupil sees how his teacher uses his wife for bizarre sex games.
After his teacher is killed, the pupil decides to take his teacher's place when it comes to sex games with the hot and now widowed wife.
However, this sort of act won't lead to anything good.

37. Ai-chan for Me Alpha ~Ai to Reijuu no Maid~ あいちゃん for Me α ~アイと隷従のメイド~ [030530] Ume Soft
The hero receives an invitation to the house of an old school friend. When he arrives, he is given his choice of four girls (named Ai, Ai, Ai, and Eileen) to be his maid! Will he fall in love with her, or simply use her as a slave?

38. Ana Ningyou 穴人形 [030530] Zero
Main character's father adopts a female child. When father is away, protagonist insults his new sister-in-law and orders servants to train her as hole doll. 

39. Chijoku no Kankei 2 恥辱のカンケイ 2 [030530] Interheart
A few years after the previous work, main character comes to the former school as art teacher. His habits have not changed, so, a new episode of shame is about to begins.

40. Clione no Kimochi -Oshiete, Sensei Osanazuma- クリオネの気持ち-おしえて、先生 おさな妻- [030530] Mithra
Somewhere on the Darkside of the Moon, Second Lieutenant Fernandez and his all-female pilot squad are fighting for their lives against overwhelming forces. The XEN-TRIX mobile suit is technologically superior, but even cutting edge technology doesn't count for too much if you are outnumbered twenty to one.
Inevitably, a well placed shot inflicts critical damage, and Fernandez falls into a dark oblivion of wild memories...

41. Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa 人妻コスプレ喫茶 [030530] Atelier Kaguya
Tomoya Asahina taken over as the acting manager of Noël, a coffee shop, while the owner recovers from the injuries he sustained while saving Tomoya's life. To regain the business lost due to his inexperience, Tomoya has converted the restaurant to a cosplay café—the waitresses, who are all married women, now wear sexy costumes. The women of Noël admire the young, handsome, and kind Tomoya, and each takes her turn at sampling what he has to offer.

42. Kijoku Princess Double Kari 姫辱-きじょく-プリンセスダブル狩り [030530] Nel
Eight years after his mother's death, Distol learns that his sister, Princess Qoona, has been chosen as the holy maiden. The holy maiden sacrifices her own life to give power to the seal that binds the demon king. As Distol curses himself for not being able to protect the people he loves, a witch appears and makes him an offer that he can't refuse. She'll give him the power he's always wanted but only if he invades Bastarauge, kidnaps the princess Elena, and corrupts her from within.

43. Mama Shibori ママしぼり [030530] Authoring Heaven
Main character is a small boy who likes to squeeze his mom till she moans.

44. Naked Edge [030530] Aaru
Main character's parents were forced to commit suicide in his childhood. Now he learns identity of that horrible person - former co-owner of father's company. Protagonist undertakes steps to become his enemy daughter's tutor. Now all the family is in his reach for revenge.

45. Nie Gari no Ato 贄狩ノ痕 [030530] Ankh
A young man and a striking beauty arrive to the island. The man is invited as a tutor, but the true aim is to participate in the revenge ritual where the girl is the victim.

46. Pretty Candead! ぷりてぃCANDEAD! [030530] Uma
Main character runs apartment after his parents. One day three girls dressed as devils come over to gim. He involuntary signs a contract with them in exchange for three wishes. In addition, he gets to live with these lusty beings for a month together.

47. Tenohira o, Taiyou ni AB てのひらを、たいようにAB [030530] Clear
Calm and careless everyday passing by with friends and fun. There is sadness in the past, but hope in the future. 
Main character comes to a certain village where he feels that "something" awaits him. 
This is the story that precedes the story of original game Tenohira o, Taiyou ni.

48. Yuuguu Settai ~Kotou no Gokuraku e Youkoso~ 優遇接待~孤島の極楽へようこそ~ [030530]
In an isolated island far away from the main land, there was a training facility owned by a high school. Because the janitor had died suddenly, Ohmi Riku took over the job, for a period limited time of two weeks. His life was supposed to be calm surrounded by cute girls of swimming club and the teacher. His life changed when he found a lot of video tapes sneakily recorded. In the video tapes, there was a scene a man, who was probably a predecessor, was molesting a girl in swimsuit. Then Riku found that the predecessor was always taking sneak pictures. At first, he looked down on him and sealed the video tape. However, he began to sympathize with the predecessor's evil spirit...

49. Fushigi na Daisan Wakusei 不思議な第三惑星 [0305] D.E.JUNK
It's a peaceful night, when suddenly a spaceship crashes outside Hino's window.
The jellyfish-like aliens need human bodily fluids to fuel their ship... semen, to be exact.
If Hino can answer their questions about kanji, they might leave him alone. If not, they'll take his semen by force...
Boys Love

50. Senma Rentarou no Jikenbo - Shisha o Yobu Honoo 千間廉太郎の事件簿 死者を呼ぶ炎 [0305] Katokichi
Main character leaves a company for freelancing. He is invited to his brother's Tokyo detective company. However, his brother is away for a week and leaves business to protagonist and the assistant. The two of them successfully solve several minor incidents and now are about to take up a serious case.
Boys Love

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