VN of the Month June 2003 - Sayonara

Lolicon becomes the main trend of 2003, so there are less and less unblocked games. Sayonara is VN of the month, but whether it's a masterpiece or not will get clear from review.

1. Icon アイコン [030606] BellyBell
The age of sword fights. 
Two countries enjoy a brief moment of peace. Two swordsmen have appeared in the smallest country at such time. The turbulent times approach, so they need to protect their motherland and learn about the true nature of conflict... 
This is what's called epic fantasy. There are six rival states, and through a lot of wars and card battles we get to conquer them all and imprison all the girls from the palace. There aren't enough events, but there is an abundance of card battles. Card battles aren't really difficult and can all be one with 2nd-3rd try, but still they get boring. H events with prisoners are well done, but they make me think that game is kind of ero-tilt. The last kingdom yields without fight for very vague reasons, so can't really praise scenario here.

2. Kawarazaki-ke no Ichizoku 2 河原崎家の一族 2 [030606] Elf 1 2 3
Kawarazaki Manor was a mansion located deep in the mountains, as splendid as it was foreboding. Kazuma was dragged there by his girlfriend Anna to celebrate the birthday of the master Nawatsuma and visit with her cousins Maki and Tomoki. Experience Kazuma's nightmare as he lives and re-lives the next two days over and over in the distorted reality of Kawarazaki Manor. Can Kazuma and Anna escape with their sanity? Or will they succumb to the Manor's madness?
There are English reviews.

3. Orange Pocket Orange Pocket -オレンジポケット- [030613] Hooksoft 1
Orange Pocket's story takes place in a rural area in Japan near a large mountain and river. The protagonist, Hideaki Eda, is attending East Tsukuda Academy and is experiencing an enjoyable life. One day, Hideaki's childhood friend Nazuna Ayase returns from the city and starts attending his school. She adapts to a rural life quickly and soon things start to become noisier as Hideaki begins to hang out with more girls from his school.
All routes are different, but quite ordinary in development. There are relatively many H events per character with the number of 3. There's nothing particularly bad with the story, but nothing prominent either.

4. Natsu Kagura 夏神楽 [030620] Studio e.go!
Main character is an apprentice who specializes in killing youkai. With the members of the shrine he hunts for youkai at night and trains during daytime.
Gameplay and H oriented title. No real story to interest me.

5. Senryaku Musume 2 戦略娘II [030620] Piyopiyo-Gumi
In the world of total female dominance one male gets to the top of army career. The world enters an era of unprecedented turbulence.
Never understood sequels that repeat original game almost completely. Game is primarily for H purpose

6. Daikuuji Kiki Ippatsu! 大空寺危機一髪! [030621] Age
"If" story with Ayu and Mayu from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.
Main character works at a shop when walls start to be destructed by a strange bunch of people who want to create a new world. Protagonist falls in love with their leader Ayu from the first sight. He swears to protect her from whatever crazy enemies she might have.
Meet crazy predecessor of Muv-Luv Alternative. The graphics, the style, costumes and even characters are the same. Muv-Luv characters make an appearance here, but Kimi ga Nozomu Eien heroines save the galaxy this time. Story is described as destructive absurdist development with great tilt into H events. Meaningless parody makes the bulk of the game. 

7. Kino no Tabi -The Beautiful World- キノの旅 -the Beautiful World- [030626] 1
Based on the light novels of the same name.
The protagonist, Kino, accompanied by a talking motorcycle, a Brough Superior motorcycle named Hermes, travels through a mystical world of many different countries and forests, each unique in its customs and people. Kino only spends three days and two nights in every town, without exception, on the principle that three days is enough time to learn almost everything important about a place, while leaving time to explore new lands.
Those who watched the anime know the contents. Game is full of puzzles and mini-games.

8. 3LDK [030627] Deep Blue 1
The game tells the story of protagonist Masato Asakawa, a second-year high school student. Following his parents' sudden transfer to positions abroad, Masato ends up living alone with his childhood friend Chinogi Senou in the Asakawa family 3LDK apartment. With the university entrance exams coming up next year and without the supervision of his parents, Masato is expecting a careless life. However his parents have installed Chinogi's elder sister, a straight-laced miko as caretaker in their place. To make the entire setting more chaotic, the popular idol Ayase Miyashita, who is constantly pursued by the media, moves into the apartment after asking Masato a place to stay. Joining this interesting bunch of residents is the misterious runaway girl Noemi Yukimura. Sharing three rooms with three girls, Masato's situation now indeed can be referred to as curious.
First half is not so funny comedy, second is ordinary and fast development. Title kinda hits that we gotta see 3P and actually even 4P in here. Generic ero-tilt moege.

9. After... [030627] Ciel 1 2 3
The theme of the story is "memories". Players are introduced to a group of students who set out on a hiking trip in the Japanese Alps.
Game is divided into two chapters - first one is about encounter and incident that happens with a girl. The second part is about impossibility to come back to normal life after events of first chapter, and thus the "After" title. Ciel finally gets rid of battles and mini-games in this title and brings charm of Tony's work for graphics. Scenario is without rough edges and is famous for the shocking development.

10. Kokoro Navi こころナビ [030627] Q-X
Main character is a nerd and Internet addict. But one day he receives a love email. He opens the letter for some reason and finds instructions how to launch mysterious browser "Kokoro Navi"...
Game was a big talk because blood-related sister was main heroine available for capture. Somehow this fact came unnoticed by regulators. Apart of that there are a lot of heroines, each with more that one H-event. Each route development is without surprises or drama. As for me, it's just H-centered work.

11. Les Chairs Cruelles ~Aishiau Touhi no Naka de~ シェル・クレイル~愛しあう逃避の中で~ [030627] Alice Soft
This bitter sweet drama begins on the solemn note of a nobleman’s daughter falling ill. You play as the young doctor who had to treat her for the next three years. During those years the daughter had grown to a young woman and ripe for marriage. While the lady had her heart set on the doctor who saved her life, her father sees things differently. He has already lined up a suitor perfect for his political gains. With the hero’s affections spurned, he’s gotten a few additional distractions on his mind--fending off the advances of another lady and a maid.
Game with a good atmosphere and a definite H tilt.

12. Restore れすとあ [030627] D.O.
Main character used to live with his father and after his death is taken care of by father's aunt. He now has cousins to call him "Onii-chan", but he's not used to warm human relations. His childhood friend calls protagonist to join mechanic repair club, but he only agrees to join with motivation to repair old bike left to him by his father. As he repairs bike, gets a driving license and a part-time job, his heart gradually starts to melt, and spring of his life begins.
Don't get this game mistaken for a nakige, it's kind of reverse - rejuvenating youth romance. Work does not have voicing at all, so it's difficult to empathize with the heroines. Perhaps the only outstanding feature of this work is death of a close person.

13. Sayonara. さよなら。 [030627] Panda House
People always die in this world upon getting 20 years old. Only 19-year old people are left in this world as new children stopped being born. Main character lives among this last generation of humans, has his part of joy and sorrow and accepts fate peacefully. Can you say your farewells with a smile?
O-ok, I had my doubles about this game from the same creators who made DUO. But after seeing this sword I'm 100% sold.

14. Tama-cue たまきゅう [030627] Fairytale
Players team up with Cupid Mel and try go get couples to hook up with each other -- or get the player a girlfriend in the course of it all.
DC version is the only thing that keeps this game unblocked due to Lolicon reasons. Level of difficulty is too high. To make those three couples thorough reading of manual is required. Too bothersome.


1. D.C. ~Da Capo~ Onsen Hen D.C.~ダ・カーポ~温泉編 [030601] Circus
Da Capo Onsen-hen is a fan disc hot-springs sidestory of D.C. ~Da Capo~.

2. Bias {biAs+} Azakeru Koe ga Kikoeru バイアス {biAs+}嗤笑ける幻音が聴こえる [030606] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character suffers from nightmares of unknown cause about insults. He stays awake to avoid them and becomes paranoid because of that. As time goes girls in contact with him start to see these devilish nightmares as well...

3. Bosei ~Mama Club~ 母性~ママクラブ~ [030606] Complet's
Main character has dreams about his mother-in-law. One day he forgets his homework and school and comes later to pick it up. Inside school building he sees secret act of a school boy committing a woman that suits to be his mother. Next day he is invited to school infirmary and given offer to join "Mama club" that connects young male students and mature women.

4. Candy Toys キャンディートイズ [030606] Ivory
Main character is a programmer, but his job is nothing more than hacker imitation. With new fancy program adopted by the company, he starts to get a lot of money. He buys a house, but can't think of anything else to spend money on. Maybe women? He targets a woman with a huge debt and books her for two months.

5. Saimin Gakuen 催眠学園 [030606] Black Rainbow 1 2
Shinta Murakoshi is an extraordinary student at an ordinary high school. Every student hates him, also teachers and parents hate him. His life is in despair.... One day, he receives a gift from his internet friend Mr.K. It is a hypnotic machine....

6. Sore ga Bokura no Ren'ai Seikatsu それが僕等の恋愛生活 [030606] Alice Blue
Sore ga Bokura no Renai Seikatsu follows the social struggles of 2nd grade high school student Shingo Yamauchi and subsequent ensuing complicated relationships with his classmates.
Boys Love

7. Ore-sama Teacher ~Fukushuu Kyoushi no Web Counseling~ オレ様ティーチャー~復讐教師のWebカウンセリング~ [030606] Radi
Main character is a teacher at a boarding school at daytime, but in his leisure time he runs a website for troubled women. Both rebellious and diligent female students there have their secrets. They expose them on the website without knowing what kind of insulting evil approaches them.

8. Ripple no Tamago ~Apprentice Magician~ リプルのたまご ~Apprentice magician~ [030612] HuneX
This is the Avenchurin Kingdom.
One day a great accident befell the kingdom.
The beautiful prince Legrand fell into a deep sleep because of the curse of a forbidden magic book.
The day of the prince's succession test is in one hundred days, somehow the curse has to be dispelled before then.
It is written in a legend that in order to dispel the curse you need a special 'magic stone' with great power.
That stone is a troublesome thing that chooses the ones who can use it and also needs to be charged up by people it chooses.
The one who is chosen by the stone is a one of the 'Ripple' Court Magician apprentices Crim.
She also has a rival apprentice Richil.
The ones chosen to power up the stone are the princes of the six countries of Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Flowers, and Snow.
From now on Crim and the six princes have to work together to power up the magic stone and dispel Legrand's curse before the succession test.

9. 1/2 Blood [030613] For
The protagonist, Kamiyama Shouma, was born of a human father and a vampire mother. He lives in a small strange town where humans and demons coexist.

10. Ai Gangu 愛玩具 [030613] Haoh
Popular girl is sold for her father's debt. Main character receives the girl as a birthday present and trains her as slave. 

11. Aka 朱-Aka- [030613] NekoNeko Soft
Desert states in ancient times... 
■ Chapter 1 Aramis 
The power of Aramis is  power to erase memories. Main character “Kadan” protects her. 
They flee to the desert and reflect on their actions and goals.
■ Chapter 2 Thasa 
Main character Thasa is a thief. She travels from city to the city across the desert with the orphan girl Tutu. They search for their place in life.
■ Chapter 3 Fau 
Main character Wez is a traveler from the west. One day he is saved from dying by doctor Fau. They start to live together, but soon Wez notices "amber gem" that Fau is wearing .... 
■ Chapter 4 Luta
Main character Luta comes from a normal family, but fate introduces him to Latta girl who comes from a wealthy family.

12. Angel Crown [030613] Rateblack
Odd disease turns people into trees. The only know cure is send brain impulse by having sex with women. Main character agrees to be hospitalized to a special ward and starts his way to be cured.

13. Kanojo wa Maid Rot ~Yuukyuu no Sayokyoku~ 彼女はメイドRot ~悠久の小夜曲~ [030613] Bell-Da
Main character moves to an old castle after receiving a mysterious letter. From here starts his story about relations with three maids of the castle.

14. ERO Ragnarok Offline 3 [030615] PERCEPTRON
Secret popular character Chris gets her benefit performance!

15. Nijuu Jinkaku 二重人格 [030619] Haikara Kissa
The amazing story of two mysterious girls met at a rural clinic ...

16. Tales of Lemma 1 [030619] Lemma Soft
Tales of Lemma 1 is the first game in a series of visual ren'ai short stories. The star is a cute young 19-year-old woman named Miko, with whom the player gets lost in the wilderness. Being more of a practice game, ToL 1 is pretty short, but it should give you a nice smile and a chuckle or two!

17. Angel Gather エンジェル・ギャザー [030620] Gipsy
WWC gathers top warriors of Angel Gather sport. Superhuman girl international card battle unfolds at school! 
Card game

18. Bokura no Ren'ai Shinrigaku Fan's Disc ぼくらの恋愛心理学 fan's disc [030620] Ein
Among other goodies there are 20 short scenarios with mini-games centering on each character.
There are story pieces not included in the main game. These are past story, coupling story and afterstory.

19. Kinyoubi no Koneko 金曜日の仔猫 [030620] Emu
After the nuclear World  War III new race of demihumans is born. They become foundation for labor jobs with the human population greatly diminished.
Main character picks up a cute demihuman girl on the street. She starts to accompany protagonist everywhere - at school, at part-time jobs and during leisure time. 

20. Kokan Hunter 4 ~OL Manji Katame~ 股間ハンター4 ~OL卍固め~ [030620] Usagi Software
The first crotch hunter in history becomes a salaryman. He is anxious to improve the management of the company and hunt for office lady crotches at the same time.

21. Little Little Election [030620] Liar-soft
School calls out for president election with 300 million yen as first prize.
There are three main candidates, so protagonist decides to help one of them get to the top.
Fierce election campaign begins.

22. Prisoner [030620] Sage
Future with electronic core and idyllic facade. Artificial life named "Metafima" is created. They start to help humans with various home duties. Main character does not trust metafima at first, but seeing their cuteness and obedience, he starts to value them. It gradually grows into master-slave relationship.

23. Towazuki no Miko 永遠月の巫女 [030620] West Vision
Main character belongs to one of three prominent families of the village. According to ancient tradition on his 20th birthday he must choose himself a bride from one of remaining two prominent families. When protagonist's parents go on a trip, he starts to live together with both girls...

24. Last Memory [030624] DUEE
"Last Memory" is a visual novel for Japanese. Hero who has attached habit of taking a challenging attitude. He meets the girl. And He changes little by little.

25. My Pet Munak マイペットムナック [030625] MOON GODDESS
Become swordsman Zak and experience sex life with his pet girl Munak.

26. Fantastic Fortune 2 ファンタスティックフォーチュン2 [030626]
This love simulation title features three female main characters: Marine, Aqua and Aoi. You select one of these girls and play as her through a seven month training period as you work to become the "Star Maiden." During weekdays, you attend classes, building up your character's parameters. When the weekend comes around, you're off on the town, hunting for men. The game features lots of interactive conversation sequences as you choose to fall in love with a guy, make friends with a girl or work towards your stardom.

27. Baiyakuzumi ~Reijou Shimai~ 売約済~隷嬢姉妹~ [030627] Tryset
Four sister pass through a traffic incident and are sent to an island to recover by their father. Girls have good welcoming dinner and doze off... only to find themselves drugged in the basement with the biggest nightmare of their life approaching.

28. Kagami no Naka no Orgel - Hitotsume no Monogatari [Thumbelina] 鏡の中のオルゴール ひとつめの物語 [THUMBELINA] [030627] Fairytale
What if fairy-tale Thumbelina was of normal size?
In the corner of a certain kingdom there was a woman who desperately wanted a child. But she did not know how to make a child, and her prayers to heavens were in vain. She came to a witch and received magic seed. A girl appeared from the grown flower. At first girl was only of thumb size, but she gradually increased to the height of an ordinary girl and started exploring the world.

29. Korashime 2 ~Kyouikuteki Depaga Shidou~ 懲らしめ2 ~狂育的デパガ指導~ [030627] Blue Gale
Main character is a deputy manager in a good store. One day female employee gets into an incident, and bad rumors start to spread around protagonist. As time passes, he learns the female employee that started those rumors and decides to have his revenge on her.

30. Mushitsukai 蟲使い [030627] Black Cyc 1
Main character is a descendant of samurai clan. He does research on insects at school. One day he receives a request from club deputy chairman to bring mysterious newcomer Mika in. Protagonist accepts, because he feels this mission has distinctive links to his past ancestry. Mika is surrounded by elite invincible female squad all the time. In order to defeat them and approach Mika protagonist develops insects that act like pheromones on women. His sexual assault begins.

31. Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo! 姉、ちゃんとしようよっ! [030627] Candy Soft
My name is Kuya Hiiragi. Actually, I have six elder sisters. The eldest sister is Hinano Ne-san although she looks quite young. She is always worrying about that, so if she is treated like a child, she gets angry. The second sister is Kaname Onee-sama. She is a popular lawyer and is known as the "Icy Lawyer". In fact, she is my first love. The third is Serori Ne-Ne. She is half Japanese and half North European. She has the most voluptuous body of all the sisters, but her behavior is very childish. The fourth is Tomoe Ne. Although she looks quite stern, she is actually quite gentle and gets teased by the other sisters. The fifth is Takane Aneki. She is highhanded, and treats me like a servant. She often beats me. The youngest sister is Umi Oneechan. She takes care of me a lot, and devotes much love to me.
When I was a child, I was adopted by the Hiiragi family. But because the father was afraid that the sisters would spoil me, I was sent to a relative to train myself. It is the first time I've gone home since then. I was very excited to see them again, especially Kaname, my first love.
They welcomed me home, but late at night, Kaname Onee-sama raped me, and treated me like a toy. I felt very ashamed and I made up my mind to train my sex technique to put her to shame...with the help of the other sisters.

32. Tsurupeta つるぺた [030627] Witch
You are a teacher, who lives with his younger sister/daughter/girl (depends) and teaches at school.
Involves a lot of stuff between you and VERY young girls.
And I don't mean playing hide and seek~

33. Usaneko ~Mimikko Meido no Ongaeshi~ うさねこ ~みみっ娘メイドの恩返し~ [030627] Luchs 1
Yuuya, your classic Japanese Student Living Alone, assists a cat and a rabbit in their moment of need, and two days later he receives a visit from two beautiful maids sporting cat and rabbit ears and offering their free services for two months.
Admit it, you already know the rest...

34. Claire Hikari no Densetsu 3 Botsuraku クレール光の伝説3没落 [030627] Ohimesama Club
With the witch's magic the evil hands of the orcs have finally approached Hahn's castle. Even Queen Hildegard won't escape humiliation.

35. Da! Tenkore ~Tenpouzan Collection~ 打! TENKORE ~天峰山コレクション~ [030629] Fusyro Mini
Main character is a shady detective specializing in finding people.
Boys Love Doujin.

36. Hyoutei Musou 氷帝夢想 [030629] ONE'S BRAND
Main character moves to a new town after his father's transfer. He enters the only bourgeois school of the area and tries to reach the top social position with his skill of tennis play.
Boys Love Doujin

37. Sayonara, Kami-sama. さよなら、かみさま。 [0306] Nightmare Syndrome
The world abandoned by Gods. There is a feeling in the air that this unjust world is going to be wiped out to prepare space for a new world.
Main character is a crippled orphan on the ruins of a town. He meets strange people and remnants of civilization.  

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