VN of the Month - September 2003 - Cross†Channel

Cross†Channel is VN of the Month. Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu is among masterpieces as well. I'm choosing Thanatos no Koi ~In Ane Otouto Soukan~ for review.

1. Sacred Plume セイクリッド・プルーム [030905] Teatime 1 2
Hero Kane returned to his hometown after a long two years of wandering. I met new friends and got into the maelstrom of events. The beginning was the meeting with Rita. Kidnapping women infected with the field near the capital. Behind all this there was the ominous shadow of the city and metroplita namestgnika King Song. You come into confrontation with the organization for peace, or a completely different motives?
300 years of holy wars behind and to the world once again wanted to experience the pain ....
Game's not blocked for lolicon issues just because it's a decent enough RPG. Difficulty level is high, especially for boss, so grinding for best equipment is mandatory. Battle system is crippled, but there's high degree of freedom during battle and for distributing stats on lvl-up. From the second lap play is much easier, and some battles can be skipped.

2. Umi kara Kuru Mono 海からくるもの [030905] FlyingShine 1 2
It's a world of artifacts left from prehistoric sea civilization that sometimes give birth to supernatural abilities. Such humans are called "Lef" and over-watched by the state. Two people with such powers just awakened drown the school in terror.
It's depression plus insult SF game. We play from the viewpoint of one of the protagonist, but the link between them becomes hinted only in the ending. I'm still not over BM0 to get into another game like that.

3. Minato Gensou ~Venice Fantastica~ 水都幻想 ~Venice Fantastica~ [030912] Wing
The protagonist is the son of a noble family, who, unable to agree to be part of a political arranged marriage, runs away. Without a place to go, he eventually arrives at a place of a baroness who is a long associate of his father. Hearing his story, the baroness offers him room and board. In return, she requests that he take over the worldly education of three girls under her care. Two are merchant and noble daughters preparing for marriage; the third is a prostitute from a foreign country.
Text is good and forms unique worldview and atmosphere. Protagonist here is quite a normal more or less shy boy, so game does not fall into training game as synopsis wants us to believe. Volume is lacking, and simultaneous capture of three heroines is possible leaving very little time for individual ending.

4. Utau Tumbling Dice うたう♪タンブリング・ダイス [030912] Emu
In order to pay off the 1.1 billion yen debt that you accrued as you attempted to help a dying elderly man, you've decided to manage a karaoke facility that also doubles as your place of residence. You manage the facility with the three lovely granddaughters of the old man (who also live there) and attempt to increase your earnings by attracting new customers. You'll have to make advertisements and commercials and set a work schedule that doesn't push the girls too hard.
SIM of very average quality.

5. Shoujo Yoshitsuneden 少女義経伝 [030918] Vridge Inc. 1 2
An ordinary second-year high school student is on a class field trip to Kyoto, the heart of traditional Japanese culture. One night, as a penalty for losing a game to some of his friends, he is forced to attempt to sneak into the girls' bathing area to peep on them. However, he is caught, and falls into the bath, suddenly being surrounded by a strange light. When he comes to, he finds that he has somehow been transported back in time to the late 12th century, at the twilight of the Heian period of Japanese history. Having been dragged into this crucial historical period, he is forced to come to terms with what to do, while also struggling to understand why he was transported back eight centuries in time...
Shoujo Yoshitsuneden (lit. The Tale of the Yoshitsune Girl) is a tactical RPG with romantic & visual novel elements. The game's structure is broken up into chapters, and the story is primarily told in the visual novel format, with battle sequences being interspersed throughout. The (nameable) protagonist can also pursue relationships with the various heroines, and the game's ending hinges on which one the player has chosen to become the most intimate with, making for six possible endings.
More of an RPG than a visual novel.

6. Kissing!! ~Under the Mistletoe~ Kissing!! ~Under the Mistletoe~ [030919] Valhalla 1 2
Christmas might be doomed! As chance would have it, only an unassuming Japanese student can save the winter holiday - but in order to do so he must first discover true love and receive it in turn. Yet such a task might prove impossible, for how can Koutaro find romance, when he’s always been oblivious to it?
There are English reviews.

7. Shiawase no Katachi しあわせのかたち [030919] Angel Smile 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Minamo is a pure and romantic girl who can be quite clumsy at times, and she's in love with the handsome Satoru, a boy in her class. While working at her part-time job, Minamo spies Ryo and his girlfriend Mio as they eat together, their love for each other clearly visible in their eyes. She wishes she could sit like that with Satoru, but she knows she's too shy to ever come out and confess her feelings to him.
Soon after, Minamo is killed in an accident. Filled with remorse at not seizing her chance for love while she was alive, she visits Ryo and asks for his help. If he'll lend her his own life force, she'll be able to tell her feelings to Satoru. Ryo doesn't know until it's too late that lending Minamo his life energy will turn him into a lifeless spirit!
And so the wheels of fate turn, winding the destinies of everyone together: dead Minamo and her reluctant helper Ryo; the pure Mio and her carefree twin sister Mao; the competitive Kokoro, who won't give up Satoru without a fight; the lonely spirit Izumi; and the perplexing Soul Collector. What twists and turns await this cast of characters before the final act is played?
Game is localized and has English reviews.

8. D.N. Angel TV Animation Series ~Kurenai no Tsubasa~ D・N・ANGEL TV Animation Series 〜紅の翼〜 [030925] Takara 1
In the PS2 game, players take control of Daisuke Niwa and juggle the personalities of a teenager in love, a master thief and the search for something called the Crimson Wing. As an added treat for fans, the voice actors and actresses from the television series provide their vocal talents in the PS2 video game.
Puzzle filled console release that's very difficult to get into if you have not seen the anime.

9. Cross†Channel [030926] FlyingShine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Gunjo Academy is a facility designed to gather and isolate those students who got a high score on an adaptation exam (scoring high on this exam indicates that the student is less likely to be able to be adapted to the society) mandated by the government.
After a failed summer vacation with other members of the school's broadcasting club, Kurosu Taichi and some of the other club members return to the city, only to find that the world had completely changed.
Only a small portion of reviews is included. With that all the intrigue of game of the year completely vanishes.

10. Doki-Doki Beach ~Munasawagi no Yokan~ どきどきビーチ ~胸騒ぎの予感~ [030926] Aiai
Main character attends private boys school. At summer he gets a part-time job of a guard on the beach. Summer experience awaits! And he already meets cute girl Rina Matsubara there and swears to capture her heart.
Game's mediocre and ero-tilt. Sub-heroines are relatively easy to capture, but main heroine is super difficult to reach, if possible at all. There is no walkthrough around, so we might never know.

11. Flowers フラワーズ [030926] Aaru
Main character attends high school in an old town. One day he goes to a local musician to by his first musical instrument. Just one encounter changes the color of his world completely. This is how his modest love story begins.
Game presents a variety of scenarios to cover as wide range of tastes as possible. There's sitcom, traditional Japanese nostalgia, eroticism, moe. gag, drama, nekomimi elements. It's all presented as a film from different angles. Story has no beginning and no end and is just directed shots of everyday life with various techniques involved. I can't appreciate such scenario neglecting game.

12. Heartful Days ~Hi no Ataru Basho e~ ハ~トフル・デイズ~陽のあたる場所へ~ [030926] Heroine Maker
Main character enters university and finally starts to live alone. Three girls are of special interest to him. As he gets closer with them and solves their problems, something missing in the heart starts to fill in.
Quite an ordinary moege with some comedy and obvious development. Volume is small. Some conversations are funny, but nothing of notice besides that.

13. Meguri, Hitohira. めぐり、ひとひら。 [030926] Caramel Box 1 2 3
Asou Tomo is an unpopular painter. He often travels to sketch. One day, he visited the Yukari Shrine in the rural town. Then, he came across a girl who called herself a goddess, his younger sister-in-law who died three years ago, his fiancee, a ghost of woman servant and a taciturn girl.
There are English reviews.

14. Princess Bride プリンセスブライド [030926] 130cm
One day protagonists father tells him that he is actually from a royal family and to be able to claim his right to the throne he must pick his future princess before he graduates.
He proposes five girls from his class but none accepts him outright. But slowly they all begin to get close to him, and when they find out about each other they even get more agressive. 
Suddenly he finds himself living together with five girls. Everyday is a battle to win him over. Now he must chose one of them to be his future wife. Who will receive the princess card and achive her dreams ?
A typical moege.

15. Ricotte ~Alpenbul no Utahime~ Ricotte ~アルペンブルの歌姫~ [030926] Rune 1 2
Quark, a once-prosperous airship building town. If people are scarce nowadays, that's because there are only a few factories still in business.
In a pub in a corner of that declining town is a pianist acting as our protagonist and because of strange circumstances, a young lady calling herself "Ricotte" has ended up living together with him.
Innocent and willful, and furthermore being ignorant of the ways of the world means Ricotte is a severe torment to our protagonist, but notice that Ricotte has an unexpected skill in song.
On just a pub's stage the two of them gain acclaim for their performances.
And then, Ricotte's confession--.
"Have you heard of the 'Songstress'? That is me, that is what they called me."
There is an English review.

16. Seikai no Senki 星界の戦旗 [030926] Gainax
Three years after their adventure, Lafiel becomes captain on the brand new assault ship Basroil and Jinto finishes his training to become a supply officer and joins Lafiel's crew. They set out to join a large fleet with the mission to defend the strategically important Aptic Gate from a force 15 times larger than their own. And to make matters worse, their new fleet commander is from the Bebous family, a family notorious for their "Spectacular Insanity".
As for me, Gainax is much better at anime than at games. Space strategy is not my thing, anyway.

17. Tenshi no Inai 12-gatsu 天使のいない12月 [030926] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Tenshi is about a senior high school boy with relationship problems; he's got few friends and perhaps because of his bothersome kid sister, is averse to any steady relationship. That is, until he has a sexual encounter with Kurihara Touko. Touko, a classmate of his, is a sensitive, simple girl desperate to make an impression on others, and willingly offers herself to the protagonist. He runs away from a relationship; Touko clings to him hoping to find one. This unusual relationship soon leads them on a long soul-searching journey.
There are English reviews.

18. Thanatos no Koi ~In Ane Otouto Soukan~ タナトスの恋~淫姉弟相姦~ [030926] Red Label
Naomi Yuiki, 21 years old single, college student. Though her parents died, because of the inheritance she and her brother, Kouta Yuiki age 18, can live without much trouble.
Even though she is 21 she is still a virgin because secretly in love with her younger brother. Even her attempt to get over him by sleeping with Takuya Yoshizawa, a genius surgeon and once a subordinate of her fathers didn't work and that depressed her even further.
At that time she met with an accident. A traffic accident so severe that her whole body except her brain is ruined beyond salvation. Just as doctors were about to give up on her an another patient at the same hospital, Akane Kitahara suffers brain death. Taking this chance, Yoshizawa who was working on advancing the research on the brain transplantation decides to transfer Naomi's brain to Akane.
Naomi's new life as Akane Kitahara stats. This time Naomi is not restricted by morality of a brother and sister relationship, but things don't go as easy as she hopes because being Akane brings her own relationship problems. Chaos ensues...
Kanno Hiroyuki is back, so scenario complexity is guaranteed. But contents is rather heavy, so it's not for everyone. I'd really opt out for something else, but only this game and Umi kara Kuru Mono don't have reviews, and both are rather dark. Please, Kanno Hiroyuki, don't let me down.

19. Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni ~Operation Sanctuary~ 月は東に日は西に ~Operation Sanctuary~ [030926] August
The girl that fell out of the blue.
And the protagonist's life, which began to take a turn little by little into the realm of the extraordinary starting from that very day.
「Nao-kun, if you don't get up soon, you're going to be late.」
The new school term started today. The protagonist's childhood friend, Honami, has kept telling him that he's not a child anymore, and yet continues to come to wake him up. They proceed as they always have to 『Hasumidai Academy』, which stands atop a hill ... but this time around, as second-year students.
「Naoki, I'm going on ahead of you!」
And the protagonist's cousin, Matsuri, zips past the two of them. After having lost both parents in a terrible accident 5 years ago, the protagonist Naoki Kuzumi was taken in by Matsuri's parents. And now, Matsuri herself -- who had been so opposed to Naoki's moving in back then -- has become a freshman at Hasumidai Academy.
These ordinary, ordinary days, stretching on forever.
... but then, one day, up on the roof of school 
August starts to have its definite style - in this case it's cute characters in unusual setting. And falling from the sky definitely is unusual. There are no complaints about graphic or the first comedy part. But second part is weak, so overall impression suffers a lot. Unfortunately it can not rise above usual moege level yet.

20. Zaishuu -The SiN- 罪囚-The SiN- [030926] Tactics 1 2 3 4 5
Following the death of their parents, Akira made it a solemn duty to ensure his sister could live a normal existence, doing everything within his power to bring happiness into their inconstant lives. As Akira’s bond to Aya inevitably grew closer, others began to jealously whisper how the siblings were forging a relationship that went beyond the accepted conventions of brother and sister; allegations neither showed particular concern towards. Yet this idyllic innocence was not meant to last, and the devotion between Aya and Akira would be sorely tested by an incomprehensible world they never knew existed – a reality that threatens to smother both in malicious darkness.
Game is localized and has English reviews.

21. Shuui Kaigan no Satsujin 秋意海岸の殺人 [030926] Fine Section
Tokyo Bay, 2002. 
A murdered woman is bound in a beauty clinic. Local nurse immediately notifies the Metropolitan Police Department, and investigator Yusuke Takahara is dispatched. Numbers are scratched on the victim's body. It all reminds a notorious case six years ago...
Detective game, so no-no


1. Koi no Mannaka 恋のまんなか [030904] Dennou Oroshidonya
Main character spends school days peaceful till his till arrival of a new transfer student. Their paths start to bring them closer...

2. Gyakushuu ~Seiheki no Bigaku~ 逆醜~性癖の美学~ [030905] Curious
Main character loses his parents in an accident and lives in his relatives family - uncle, aunt and their three daughters. He remains cold to the family and eventually starts to be treated as a housekeeper. The only joy for him is internet. One day he molests a weak girl in the train. With first crime remaining unpunished, he sets up insult hell for his three new sisters...

3. Hime Ichiya 秘女一夜 [030905] Aiai
Main character receives an invitation letter from an unfamiliar sender to "Secret women overnight festival" on isolated Inaba island. His sister-in-law behaves strangely after receiving the letter and soon disappears. Protagonist decides to visit this event on the island to find his sister.

4. Koyoi mo Meshimase Alicetale 今宵も召しませAlicetale [030905] Rune
Suspicious baggage arrives from the parent of main character. Inside is a small girl who claims to be a vampire. Their strange communal life begins on that day.

5. Ryoujoku Kangofu ~Jigoku Seme~ 凌辱看護婦~地獄責め~ [030905] Ryoujokudou
Main character is a former doctor who works for a medical-related foundation. He's in charge of a special medical ward where powerful people hide from the media attention or law enforcement authorities. What they need is good service, not a good doctor. So protagonist trains special medical stuff to satisfy any customer needs.

6. Angels Blue [030912] LiLiM DARKNESS
Uncle and nephew start a "game" to insult Miki and Miku sisters-in-law over the period of 10 days. Any means of winning is allowed, except for hurting opponent directly. Will protagonist choose to protect sisters, score as fast as possible or eliminate his rival?

7. Asylum [030912] Eve
Women are imprisoned here for their sins. They experience mental pain and pleasure every day. Main character is the person to deliver punishment.

8. Fake フェイク [030912] Witch 1
Main character has Nayu and Yuma childhood friends. Now he is supposed to help at the shrine where two girls live. Will he develop relations with his Nayu who he knows from elementary school or with Yuma who treats him warmly?

9. Giin Oyako Celeb ~Kegareyuku Soukyuu no Bara~ 犠淫母娘セレブ~穢れゆく双宮の薔薇~ [030912] Studio Jikkenshitsu
Main character wins government post, but lawmaker assassination investigation can put him in dangerous position. He develops a plan - to insult the women of the family.

10. Ikenai Shutter Chance! いけない☆シャッターチャンス! [030912] Black Package
Main character has nothing particular to do all days long. His life changes when he finds adult magazine. He applies for a job of photographer to perform discipline and training in a semi-forceful way. Somehow he's asked to do photos of landscapes instead. But protagonist does not give up. He only needs one chance...

11. Kagami no Naka no Orgel - Mittsume no Monogatari [Haensel und Gretel] 鏡の中のオルゴール みっつめの物語 [Haensel und Gretel] [030912] Fairytale
Handel and Gretel are abandoned by their mothers due to food starvation. After several days of travelling in the forest they find a funny house to rest inside. As Haensel wakes up, he sees Gretel captured by the witch. What if Haensel was not able to save Gretel as in original? Here is how it might look if both got captured...

12. More & More (Moremore) MORE&MORE(漏々) [030912] Berries
A formerly prestigious theater club is in danger of dissolving now. Main character becomes club's adviser and organizes recruiting, but in the end club is left with only two members. The dreams of setting Shakespeare play become impossible, so they have to settle with Red Hat imitation. However, both member girls are so bad in acting. Protagonist needs to give them individual training sessions to attain relaxed scene behavior.

13. Sex Partner セックスパートナー [030912] Lipstick
Main character gets a job in the "Island" family restaurant on the beach. During this summer he will need to form relations with the owner and the waitresses.

14. Maid Sangekikan ~Mesuinu Rinkan~ メイド惨劇館 ~メス犬輪姦~ [030917] Black Lilith
Kyle is one of a couple of servants to an eccentric aristocrat. Being new to the whole servant thing, there was a gentle and dainty housemaid that showed him the ropes. Over time he came to look upon her in a very honorific light. However, one evening he witnesses the seemingly willing violation of his idol by several men. Completely shocked by the event, he does nothing but watch. With his vision of her purity shattered, what will he do now?

15. Tantei Gakuen Q: Meitantei wa Kimi Da! 探偵学園Q 名探偵はキミだ! [030918] Konami 1
Popular anime series has been adopted into a full-fledged mystery adventure game. Can you become  protagonist from famous Tandei Gakuen Q and solve difficult cases?
Gameboy exclusive

16. Chijoku Yuugi 乳辱遊戯 [030919] West Vision
Main character barely escapes rape charges by hiding in the lodge that stays abandoned at this season. One day owners of the lodge come by. They are two girls. They want to call police, but get captured by protagonist before they succeed at that. He can fulfill all his desires now. 

17. Keibiin 2 警備員2 [030919] Interheart
Main character gets a security guard job at a huge mall. Security system is fully electronic, so only two guards are enough to maintain it. Protagonist's partner can not handle computers, so protagonist gets full authority of using this system in his malicious intents.

18. Kin'iro no Corda 金色のコルダ [030919] Koei 
Kahoko Hino is a student at a Seisou Academy, one with an ordinary life. One day, Lili - the mischievous musical fairy who had blessed the original founder of the school - finds Kahoko running late to class. Delighted that she is able to see him, Lili grants Kahoko a magical violin, and a place in the school's annual musical competition, which many students in the music department vie to partake in.
Kahoko refuses, only to be pressed on by the fairy, who constantly nags her until she finally gives way to his pleads. She reluctantly accepts the instrument. As she practices her pieces, Kahoko is amazed that she can play any piece on the violin as long as she knows the tune and plays it with her heart.

19. Miboujin ~Numeriau Nikuyoku to Midara ni Nureru Mitsu Tsubo~ 未亡人 ~ぬめり合う肉欲と淫らに濡れる蜜壺~ [030919] MBS Truth
Now here’s something a little dark; it involves getting it on with a widow, her daughter, and/or the daughter’s tutor. You can also play as two different protagonists too: the brother of the recently deceased, or the college student who is a classmate/childhood-friend of the tutor. Both of these men would be stand-up guys and would have been supportive in other ways than blindly lusting. However, upon the death of the husband, both soon came upon a mysterious video of a woman bound and with face obscured; getting violated and loving it. They couldn’t recognize the face, but they certainly could recognize the voice--it was of our recent widow. Spurred on by the footage the two men came up with separate plans to reach the same lustful goal.

20. Milk Junkie MILK・ジャンキー [030919] Blue Gale ON DEMAND
Yuusuke has a problem that any guy would want and most guys wish for. A girl named Rena wants him to be her supposed "private tutor". Rena's an extremely well endowed girl, which is probably what drives Yuusuke into agreeing to be her "private tutor". This is where his problem begins. It's obvious that tutoring is one thing that they will surely not be doing. When Yuusuke comes over for Renas lesson he runs into her mom. Wow is one word to describe her breasts. Renas mom is blessed with a Triple-F Cup, even bigger than Renas. She really lays it out there and climbs all over Yuusuke. Here's the big problem. The fight over Yuusuke is now going to begin as mother and daughter get ready to show off their sexual skill in order to win. 

21. Ohime-sama o Otose! お姫様を落とせ! [030919] Sekilala
Prestigious girl academy is in the middle of student council and presidential elections. Three factions compete over the seats. As things heat up, administration gets afraid of losing other faction
parents donations, so mediator is hired. Main character is the guy who can solve any problem as long as he is given full authority over the means. He will handle these three faction leader girls as he thinks fit.

22. Onii-chan Yamete 2 お兄ちゃんやめて2 [030919] Gaia
Main character gets a job to sit with children and answer phone calls. He can play in doctor examination, but decides to set up athletic competition to look at girls in bloomers.

23. Shiosai no Himei しおさいの悲鳴 [030919] Riddle Soft
The protagonist finds himself as a lowly janitor on a luxury liner when the company he works for after graduating from college goes bankrupt and a friend's betrayal leaves him with 20 Mil yen debt. When he hears that a class of girls from a rich private school charters the liner he schemes to lock some of them up, have sex with them and extort money from them to pay his debts.

24. Zoku Maid Sangekikan ~Semen Kichiku Choukyou~ 続・メイド惨劇館 ~ザーメン鬼畜調教~ [030922] Black Lilith
Kyle works at the residence of the noble. One day he witnesses maids attacked by men. He just stands and watches in a shocked state. This cruel night destroys those pale love feelings he was holding in his heart.

25. Towa mo Nakaba o Sugite 永遠も半ばを過ぎて [030924] I-Raf-You
By taking a pygmy medicine, the boy's height is reduced to only 3cm. He is teased in sexual ways by childhood friend and his juniors, dives between the breasts of a girl, and so on.

26. Cox-Bax [030925] Gizmo
The main character came back to his hometown a while ago, but he makes a living by street performance because he has no relatives there. He is back to his hometown just to meet that man..., his "first" man.... He met the man at the park several years ago. He spoke to him, but he didn't say anything. However, the man suddenly tore off his clothes and entered his finger into the anus.... When he regained his consciousness, the man wasn't there.... He can't forget it.... He just wants to meet the man again.... He just keeps looking for the man....
Boys Love

27. Amaori no Ningyouhime ~Tozasareta Tobira, Mesu Ningyou no Shikyuu~ 雨檻の人形姫~閉ざされた扉、牝人形の子宮~ [030926] Optim
One day she quietly appeared in front of me. 
What I am only allowed to do is to repeat sexual intercourse over and over every day.
I do not know why I am locked up... I am not allowed to ask...
And the next day will come again.

28. Bara no Ki ni Bara no Hanasaku Fandisk 薔薇ノ木ニ薔薇ノ花咲ク ファンディスク  [030926] Cyc Rosé
Short Story Collection delivering 20 extra episodes featuring heroes of original game. 
Boys Love Fandisc

29. Erocon ~Erotic Controller 4U~ えろコン ~Erotic Controller 4U~ [030926] Zero
Main character is a university student who lives alone, but at the request of uncle his cousin Yumi gets to live with him. Somehow she gets in the "Electronic Psychology Research Group". One day they are invited to dance, but Yumi suddenly starts to do something sexual while dancing. It turns out that it was due to controller that controls human desires, an experimental invention developed in her club. Main character starts to use this controller to manipulate Yumi lust.

30. F&C Fandisc in 2003 nen Natsumatsuri えふあんどしいファンディスクin2003年夏祭り [030926] F&C
Among other goodies there is mini AVG "Summer Return".
Main character returns to the home town and participates in the summer festival with a girl. The girl knows him, but he has no recollections of her. Is he able to remember the past and solve the mystery of the spirits festival?

31. Futarijime ~Osananajimi to Natsu to Gimai~ ふたりじめ~幼なじみと夏と義妹~ [030926] Marine
Last summer the hero of this game went on summer vacation and got to know a beautiful classmate of his better. Whether or not the attraction was mutual; within the short time they spent together he confessed his love to her. Now the hero is in his senior year in high school when his parent (don’t know which one) remarries and lo and behold; his new step-sister is the same girl he confessed to just a year ago--awkward. Now summer vacation has come again and our hero is considering his feelings not just for this girl, but her sister as well--despite the taboo.

32. Inukko Punipuni ~Hatsujou Keihou Hatsurei Chuu~ 犬っ娘ぷにぷに~発情警報発令中~ [030926] Cronus
One day a volcano erupts on the island where demi-humans live. Female cousin is allowed to stay at the relatives place in the mainland till danger passes. Demi-humans constitution changes depending on climate. Female cousin in particular starts to get horny periodically. 

33. Melty Märchen メルティ・メルヘン [030926] Panda House
Remake of Mel Mel Melty Märchen with improved graphics and extended dialogue. The original version required solving "guesstures"-type puzzles in order to continue reading the tales, but in this port they have been replaced by "Simon"-type puzzles.
The main story is about a horny nerd who gets all his porn collection stolen by a goddess, and she won't return it to him until he saves the fantasy kingdom. The goddess requires him to help a fairy to retrieve all chapters from classic fairy tales, which seem to have been affected by a computer virus.

34. Mode MODE~モード~ [030926] Error
Main character works in a promotion company, but due to recession each division starts to act separately and finance itself from the revenues. He gets a task to supervise mobile site. Wait, but it's an adult site! He has three months to attract 10,000 paid members or he gets broke.

35. Momikucha ~Kemono ga Hisomu Rush Hour~ 揉みくちゃ~獣が潜むラッシュアワー~ [030926] Zero
Takuya is on a business travel and standing in a full train. His sexual desire arouses and he touches a woman's bottom. He can not stop his sexual desire any more and he is getting bold. Can he go back to the office safe and sound from a business travel or is he going to be put in a jail?

36. Natural Another One [030926] F&C Co., Ltd.
The protagonist (default name Kazehaya Souhei) is a teacher. One day his student Minao Kogawa confesses that she's in love with him but he already has a fiancée Haruka Makise. Realizing she's desperate he gives her a proposal to become his property. In her desperation she agrees ...

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