VN of the Month August 2006 - Eve ~New Generation~

Eve ~New Generation~ is VN of the Month. I'm reviewing it. Katahane makes a second masterpiece.

1. Boku no Miko wa Chiisana Koibito ~Chouai~ ぼくの巫女は小さな恋妹~寵愛~ [060804] Haoh
Hikaru is living in a dormitory being apart from his family. He doesn't visit his house because he had an affair with his brother's wife, Kiriko and he doesn't want to meet his brother. One day, his brother and Kiriko had an accident and passed away...
He adopted Shion, who left alone, and comes back to his house. Days to raise Shion as an older brother... Arranged fiancee, Tomoyo. Maid working at his house, Kaori. Shion's senior at school, Midori. Is Hikaru going to choose Shion at the end of his love road? How is Shion growing up, Miko or his bride?
The bad thing about this game is that it's partially a SIM. Each month we target a girl and raise intimacy parameter, and because of that a lot of days pass without events or somewhat meaningful conversations. So until some big festival or Christmas nothing really happens. H tilt is slightly higher than usual, as well.

2. Dear Pianissimo ディアピアニッシモ [060811] Kuroneko-san Team
Shu works at a pizza restaurant. When he is on his way to deliver, he sees Nagi, who wants to be a voice actress, practicing at a riverside. When he is on his way back to the restaurant, he sees Nagi again but they get involved in a truck accident and lose their lives...
They come to a school located between this world and that world called "Conservatory". They wake up and find out the fact that there is a way to go back to this world. It is necessary to win a music contest done one-on-one. This means a winner can go back and a loser can't. Ironically, Shu is going to have a one-on-one match against Nagi, who is actually tone-deaf... Shu suggests that they practice together until the contest day...
The good part is that musical part can be set to auto-mode. Overall game is a comedy mixed with human problems, but it ends up an ordinary miracle story.

3. Wanko to Lily ワンコとリリー [060811] CUFFS
Seiichi goes back to his hometown after his father's death. He meets Toko, his childhood friend, after an interval of several years. And he starts to live with Wanko and Lily...
It's basically a healing game with nice atmosphere. In main game only Toko can be cleared, and Wanko with Lily are only accessible in bonus scenarios. It feels pretty weird that dog-girls look like girls, but are basically treated like dogs. Still atmosphere is kind and gentle, so it feels like a refreshing approach.

4. Boku wa Kimi dake o Mitsumeru ~I Gaze at Only You~ 僕はキミだけを見つめる~I gaze at only you~ [060813] inre 1 2 3
The protagonist Sahara Takumi was feared as the leader of the juvenile gangster group “Sabre-tooth Tiger”. Some people in the underworld even called him devil’s incarnate, and so far the police has been unable to capture him.
Then suddenly two of his best friends are killed by an assassin employed by the mafia. The event marked the downfall of Sabre-tooth Tiger and Takumi made sure he stayed out of public attention. Despite even all that he receives a request to be the bodyguard for a mysterious diva named Towa. Seeking revenge for his comrades and a way to rise up from this nightmare, the protagonist accepts the job and stands up to act as Towa’s shield.
There are English reviews.

5. Strawberry Panic! Girls' School in Fullbloom [060824] MediaWorks 1
This is a girl's adventure game, featuring relationships among girls on three girl's high schools. You can choose "Boy Mode" or "Girl Mode". If you choose "Boy Mode", you will be a brother of a heroine. If you choose "Girl Mode", you will be a girl who has transferred to a high school and meets girls there. Don't miss unique systems that recreate a girl's feeling in love.
Girlish crap

6. Katahane カタハネ [060825] Tarte 1 2 3 4 5
The story takes place in a world with 3 kingdoms, the Red, White, and Blue Kingdom. In this world, they have highly-advanced dolls with some closely resembling humans. These dolls occasionally need maintenance which is done by a “tuner”.
A young playwright named Wakaba writes a controversial play about a traitor named Ein who killed a ruler of the White Kingdom, Christina. In Wakaba’s play, she presumes that Ein did not betray Christina, but was actually her loyal supporter.
When Wakaba’s friend Cero needs to make a trip to get Coco, a doll that lives with him, maintenance, Wakaba and her brother Light travel with him. Wakaba travels in the hopes of finding some actors for her play. Along the way, they meet a beautiful doll with one wing named Belle and an aspiring actress named Angelina.
There are English reviews.

7. Koi Otome 初恋撫子(こいおとめ) [060825] Carriere
After years of behind the scennes political maneuvers, first female prime minister takes her position in Japan. And she sets her plan to return the Japanese life style to back to its days of glory, starting by reforming the girls into "Yamato Nadeshiko".
A school established for this purpose and students were selected from the families of the highest standing. Which one of these girls will be the perfect "Yamato Nadeshiko" and be the next prime minister ?
It's quite stupid how girls need to become perfect Yamato Nadeshiko, but at the same time winning condition is conquering protagonist's heart. So they all act actively and push protagonist at the same time. Basically, game is a moege in traditional Japanese entourage.

8. Mine Fukaki Se ni Tayutau Uta 峰深き瀬にたゆたう唄 [060825] Eushully 1
Evidence of the great battles between the realms of order and chaos has been present since ancient times. One such ruin is the “Taproot of Distortion”, which is a cavernous maze full of monsters and the like. The story begins in the town of “Ete”; it is a quaint, quiet place--despite its close proximity to the labyrinth. Knights and warriors from the town and surrounding countries have been sent to investigate the labyrinth and defend the populace from what lurks inside. You play as the son of one of these guards who feels that it is his time to explore its depths. He won’t be alone, he has found many allies (most of them beautiful women) to join him in his many adventures inside the labyrinth.

9. Prism Ark [060825] 1 2 3 4
Princia, the heroine of the previous game, has now become queen. Despite any action she could now take as a ruler, the seeds of war have already been sewn. Strife will return to the land, but still her own daughter (and the new heroine), Priecia, aspires to be a great fighter like her mother was. Despite the seriousness of her training and the battles soon approaching; she will still have her fellow students and friends to help lighten up the epic mood of the story. You play as another student at the same academy, and together you will face your destinies.
There are English reviews.

10. Tama Tama ~Tonari no Kanojo wa Seiyuu no Tamago. Tamatama Umareta Koi no Tamago ga...~たまたま ~となりの彼女は声優のたまご。たまたま生まれた恋のたまごが…~ [060825] Banana Shu-Shu
One day, a girl moves next to the main character's house. She is small and looks young, Saki. She practices hard to be a voice actress and their relationship gets closer and closer through phone calls, emails and so on... a love egg born by chance.... Is the love egg going to hatch... and something in the egg...?
Game is presented as romance ADV, but it's actually much closer to SIM, just without a map. After setting a good impression with heroine we get other means of communication like phone, email and finally date invitation with number of available places constantly growing. There are even four parameters - Intimacy, evaluation, fatigue, money. A cheap title with cheap gameplay.

11. Eve ~New Generation~ [060831] C's Ware
Kojirou, a private detective, meets a girl when he is on his way back to his office. Once she finds him a detective, she brings him an offer. "Please find my memories...." That very moment, a man gets off out of a car and takes her away.... He finds out her identity and some keywords.... He is led to a certain place.... Marina, an agent of an information research group, finds a boy who is about to fall off at the top of a building. She tries to stop him but he commits suicide.... There is a tattoo of a bee on his palm. She starts to investigate his death but she is pursued by the police.... Blackout, terrorism, a mysterious medical company, a tattoo of a bee and a mysterious girl.... Will Kojirou and Marina be able to find out the fact?
Reviewing it since I played all the prequels.

12. Hitokata no Ou ~Akashi no Kuni~ ヒトカタノオウ~アカシノクニ~ [060831] Artel Team Prefab 1
Yatsusaka Naoya has had since little the ability to see invisible things, for which he got alienated from his classmates. In the present, he lives with the family head representative, Isuzu Satsuki, and since the gruesome death of her parents, Kuroba Nao.
He dreams with a girl, and gradually remembers he used to meet her in the forest when child. And when he goes to the fireworks festival with Nao, he'll take a decision that will change his destiny.
Akashi no Kuni includes Nao's route.
There is an English review.

13. Hitokata no Ou ~Oru no Mori~ ヒトカタノオウ~ヲルノモリ~ [060831] Artel Team Prefab 1
Yatsusaka Naoya has had since little the ability to see invisible things, for which he got alienated from his classmates. In the present, he lives with the family head representative, Isuzu Satsuki, and since the gruesome death of her parents, Kuroba Nao.
He dreams with a girl, and gradually remembers he used to meet her in the forest when child. And when he goes to the fireworks festival with Nao, he'll take a decision that will change his destiny.
Oru no Mori includes Mizuha's route.
There is an English review.


1. Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss ときめきメモリアル Girl’s Side 2nd Kiss [060803] Konami 1 
The main stage is Hanegasaki High School, same as the previous game. While communicating with unique characters, players can find their surprising sides and experience more realistic love romance.
Also, new systems are introduced for this time, "Second Kiss System" that players can enjoy the story born by an accidental kiss and "Approach System" that players can approach their favourite boys. Enjoy "Tokimeki" moment!

2. Anekoi Moyou 姉恋模様 [060804] Black Rainbow
Older sister, Megumi who is kindhearted and cheerful... and younger brother, Masato who is shy and generous.... They have been getting along with each other. However, one event changes their relationships.... Masato starts to see Megumi as a woman... and Megumi starts to love Masato.... They are afraid of crossing over the line someday.... and one day, a woman appears in front of them....

3. As You Like Chanzuke Scenario with Songs As you like ちゃん付けシナリオ with Songs [060804] Nail
Daigo has always been in love with childhood friend Kana, but she treats him only as a friend. During Tanabata festival he makes a wish to reunite with her one day. And Kana actually arrives to Daigo's school as a new English teacher and due to her circumstances stays at Daigo's house...

4. Classmate no Okaa-san -Immoral Teacher- クラスメイトのお母さん -Immoral Teacher- [060804] Guilty+
Jun is a lovesick student at Seikyo School. One of his classmate's, Sae, has the hots for him. But Jun has a taste for the forbidden, ripened fruit of Sae's mother Keiko, who also happens to be their teacher. Little does he know that he's about to sample the best of both worlds. Whether he's satisfying Sae's sexual curiosity or satisfying his own with the experienced Keiko, Jun always gets an A for effort!

5. Kokoro no Kakera o Atsumete ~Homunculus Malum no Seichouki~ ココロのかけらを集めて~ホムンクルス・マルムの成長記~ [060804]
Main heroine Malm is an incomplete homunculus . She has to develop and grow as a human in a limited time. And with that love comes alongside lots of exciting events.

6. Luna Sora ルナそら [060804] light
One day in summer vacation, two girls suddenly comes to Shintaro's house. They came to his house under Shintaro's father's command, who is a robot engineer, to test wife robots that he has invented, Luna and Sora. At first, he refuses, but later he accepts it reluctantly.... That night, Shintaro is given "the Love Meter" from Luna and Sora. When he makes love to one of them, the meter increases one point and the one who gets less points will be scrapped.... His strange life with two robots starts....

7. My Tsuma Myつま [060804] Tryset
Riku lives with his father and mother, Misaki. Misaki is more like his older sister and they live a peaceful life. Riku gets married to Mai and they are about to start a love love life together... but his father goes abroad on business. They decide to live together with Misaki until he comes back to Japan. Also, Mai's younger sister, Mana joins them.... What is going to happen to their new marriage life...?

8. Tsuma Shibori 妻しぼり [060804] Alice Soft
The game opens in the month of December. The main character, Shinba Kousuke is a 4th year college student, 3 months away from graduating (Japanese academic years break off between March/April), and recently has a job lined up. Kousuke has never had a girl friend, and his father arranged a special omiai for him. Kousuke is forced to live under the same roof with his omiai partner, Kodotsuki Madoka. Madoka's older sister, Aoi Sakura (married), also lives with the two young adults to keep an eye on the progress of the omiai.

9. Hyouka no Gen'ya -Koharu Biyori- 氷花ノ幻夜 -小春日和- [060804] FAKE STAR
A collection of side episodes to Hyouka no Gen'ya revealing some of the mysteries of the main game.
Doujin Fandisc

10. Seiryou Gakuen Rape Doukoukai 聖凌学園レイプ同好会 [060806] Softhouse-Seal
Seiryo Gakuen Rape is an unofficial club in Seiryo School. The purpose of the club is to take sanctions against evil in the school. The method is simple. Rape the target. Sexual pleasure is not something we want. We have more sublime idea. Let's say it's kinda improve the world......

11. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.12: Futairo no Shoujo 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.12 ふた色の少女 [060809] WorkJam
Jinguji receives a request for a detective investigation of a pickpocket case in Kabuki-cho. And traces lead to a high school girl...
Console exclusive

12. Choukyou Daikounin 調教代行人 [060810] Ariel Soft
Main character Dick lives in poverty, but happily with his father. However, father unexpectedly dies in an accident leaving protagonist in charge of sister Riz. One day letter about dept repayment comes. Dick plans to deal with it tomorrow, but Riz slips away alone the same day. Dick is not allowed inside the mansion, and Riz is reported to have sold herself to repay the debts. Boy soon discovers that Riz is confined inside against her will and treated poorly. Mansion owner makes a business proposal - he will free Riz if Dick trains girl Remi to such a level that she can satisfy any customer's needs. And the 10 day training begins.
Doujin Nukige

13. Maid ni Natta Boku メイドになったボク [060810] Hiyokobanchou
Exciting hentai sim game where you play a boy who is somehow a maid and totally submissive to dominant girls. You'll have ultimate sexual experience with the cuties!!
Doujin Nukige

14. Mystragedy [060810] Circle Epion
Five years ago there was a murder that never got solved.
But same type murder happens again now. As main character begins his investigation, he gets infatuated with an intelligent girl of surprising identity...

15. Ori, Ochi, Onoe [060810] ATP Projects
Yoshiyuki left everything behind to start a new life. Moving to the far away Shinrin City, everything is new. All is so calm, and so pure. Several years later however, the situation is very different.

16. Arabians Lost ~The Engagement on Desert~ アラビアンズ・ロスト ~The engagement on desert~ [060811] QuinRose 1
Aileen Olazabal is the only daughter and princess of Gilkhatar who wants nothing more than to lead a normal life and not be a princess. However, nearing her birthday, the King and Queen decided that she should marry and chose a husband for her.
Wanting to live a normal life (which includes having a normal romance, falling in love, etc.), Aileen refused. This lead to a wager between Aileen and her parents; if Aileen could raise 10,000,000G in twenty five days, she's free to do what she wanted. If she failed, then she'd have to do what her parents had planned.

17. Boku no Shuukatsu Nikki 僕の就活日記 [060811] a.m.
Main character begins job hunting. He spends time with his friend who got a job recently and with helpful and attentive human resource manager. Employment is a war, but love starts to bloom at unexpected places sometimes. Will protagonist find a job?
Doujin Boys Love

18. Kare to Kare no Hazama De ~Wedding March~ カレと彼の間で ~ウェディングマーチ~ [060811] Amedeo
A fandisc to the second Kare to Kare no Hazama De game. The heroine must choose who of the two boys she wants to marry and the consequences of her choice.
Otomege Fandisc

19. Meccha Mama めっちゃママ [060811] Cyon
Main character graduates from college and earns money at various part-time jobs. Every day looks the same and is spent in worries about future. He is of gentle personality and has tender feelings towards mom. One day he takes a certain medicine that turns his body into a child while mind remains the same. There is a neutralizing agent, but is not if fun to stay as it is and fulfill love for mom?

20. Miharu - Alto Another Story みはる あるとアナザーストーリー [060811] Purple Software
Features Miharu, who was a secondary character in Alto

21. Natsu no Sora o Mou Ichido 夏の空をもう一度 [060811] Jewel Box
Final Fantasy 7 Cid x Vincent adventure game.
Boys Love Doujin

22. Noise [060811] DreamDrops
Katze woke up in a room he can't identify. Besides, a man named Sieg watching him anxiously.
"Where the hell is this? Who are you?"
....Katze lost his memory of the last few years since he fell from the cliff.
The life with Sieg started...
Boys Love Doujin

23. Piano ~Kouroukan no Reijoutachi~ ピアノ ~紅楼館の隷嬢達~ [060811] Takayashiki Kaihatsu
Takajou Takumi lost his parents in an accident. The only relative he has in his life is his precious sister, Miu. He and she were placed into a mansion run by their Chinese uncle. There, they meet various girls in refuge, to what they thought they call a "garden."
His uncle designates Takumi to become the successor of the mansion. He has been trying to make him the successor against his own wishes only because his father was a slave trainer. His father has trained many women into becoming successful sex slaves during his days. That bloodline is now passed to Takumi and he is expected to follow in his footsteps or else...
In order to protect his sister, Takumi has no choice but to become the slave trainer of the house...
In this strange relationship of a game of roses and thorns, Takumi is placed between the boundary of trust and morality as he and the girls gradually develop beyond master-and-slave relationship and into tenderness. But when subordination turns into affection, love becomes desire and tragedy ensures...

24. Semerarete ~Gibo~ 責められて~義母~ [060811] Eroro
Main character's mother-in-law triggers a fight with his father and moves into protagonist's place. She treats him like a family, so she does not mind walking in underwear or sleeping together in one bed. But boy sees a young seductive woman in her... Can he control himself alongside her?

25. Spell Down [060811] Monoceros
Masato Kijima was once an excellent boxer, but now he just works at a boxing gym. He gets the chance to achieve a comeback as a trainer when boxer-to-be Ootani Yousuke shows up and begs Masato to train him. However, to become the champion, Ootani has to beat Otoba Yuuji who holds a grudge against Masato. Otoba wants revenge against Masato for the very thing that caused him to quit boxing. Will Ootani be able to beat him, or will Masato end up being the one to face Otoba in the ring?
Boys Love

26. Taiiku Choukyoushi ~Kichiku Jugyou Bloomer Yuugi~ 体育調教師~鬼畜授業ブルマー遊戯~ [060811] Kuro Hina
Main character loves girls in bloomers more than anything in the world. He gets a qualification as a physical education teacher to be always surrounded by them. He gets offended by arrogant attitude of Maria girl, so swears to have revenge over her. The first step in it is making a photo of a shy girl Shinobu masturbating in the classroom to blackmail and train her.

27. ToucH Mou Ichido Kono te ga Fureru Sekai ToucH もう一度この手が触れる世界 [060811] Jidou Shiki Jidou Ningyou
Main character lives in a ruined abandoned house waiting for this place to disappear. Actually, he is a ghost. He explores Seven Wonders of the school to find other spirits inside and outside the school.
Doujin Boys Love

28. Wiz Anniversary ☆ FUNTA! feat.RURU ウィズ アニバーサリィー ☆ FUNTA! feat.RURU [060811] Favorite
Wiz Anniversary fandisc starring Ruru.

29. Konohana 此桜 - コノハナ - [060812] Luna System
Main character is the master of the luxurious mansion with vast garden in blossom. Two cute maids serve him - gentle older Haruna and cheerful noisy Natsumi. It's a beautiful spring day to spend in this atmosphere.

30. Kumori Quest くもりクエスト [060812] Pawn
Main character is a traveler in the dark forest. He is looking for a treasure to present to his lover. But there is a curse on the treasure...

31. Acmeholic [060813] Dopamine Software
Main character Anko is a masochist futanari. As if it's destined she attends the same class as lesbian  sadist girl. They develop intense lover-master-servant relationship. One day Anko gets pregnant. She wants a decent life for the child, so she abandons all previous relations. This story begins as her daughter Kinako starts to attend high school with firm intentions to lead a decent life.
Doujin Nukige

32. Aienkien ~Kashiwagisou e Youkoso~ あいえんきえん~柏木荘へようこそ~ [060813] Haikara Kissa
Main character arrives to a small town to enter a college. His apartment manager Asahi is a cute girl, and he soon finds himself in relations with her. But there is also a strange person Yuki, Asahi's mother. Actually, she is a ghost. Protagonist wants to lead a normal college life, but these two females don't leave him at peace.

33. Ai Suru Koto wa Ikiteiku Koto ~Mou Hitotsu no Ai~ 愛することは生きていくこと ~もうひとつの愛~ [060813] Inspire
Modern technology boom made information intelligence agents - aces - appear. Among them the best of the best who can filter truthful information belong to class diamond.
This city is full of violence as it is, but recently serial murders break out. Main character is a private detective who does not even have enough orders to pay his rent. A woman appears requesting a job to be done. Is she a goddess of salvation or ...

34. Comic Days H コミックデイズ・H [060813] Hanpamania-Soft
Main character is an aspiring manga artist, so he joins manga research group. The welcoming party is terrible as it involves cross-dressing and perversity. He visits this party with a childhood friend, and surprisingly she volunteers to be trained. Manga sempai say that after passing through such experience, drawn manga will definitely improve.

35. Death Scythe ですさいず [060813] Chain-Reaction
Main character lives in a rural town and meets a death reaper girl one day. She predicts main character's soon death, but nothing actually happens. For this mistake she gets demoted and sent to live with the mortals and guard protagonist everywhere, even at school. This is the start of their communal life.

36. Fukigen na Itoko 不機嫌な従妹 [060813] Stray Moon
Main character goes to the relatives' house in the countryside for the summer vacations. Female cousin there is a cute and noisy girl. But she is so defenseless in her sleep. Why does not she wear a bra...?
Doujin Nukige

37. Funi-kun no Obenkyou 3 ~Kagai Jugyou~ フニ君のお勉強3 ~課外授業~ [060813] Nest.
Two people go out on their first date with excitement to an amusement park. But female teacher suddenly appears and messes things up posing a rival threat. The situation is going to an unexpected direction...

38. Hinamizawa Kaiki Navigator Tsumikegare 雛見沢怪奇ナビゲーター 罪穢 [060813] Yakiniku Banzai!
June 1983. In the cold Hinamizawa village population protests in vain against construction of a dam. Main character arrives to the deserted village after the struggle and experiences mysterious tragedy through communication with “Oyashirosama”, a being similar to Kokukuri-san..

39. Killer Queen キラークイーン [060813] Flat 1 2 3
13 players are locked inside an abandoned building, each with a PDA representing a playing card from A to K and a collar device set around their necks. Each of the 13 PDAs correspond to a different set of objectives, and if a player doesn't fulfill their PDA's objectives in 72 hours, their collar will explode.
No one knows who has which PDA, and players are at a disadvantage if they proceed alone. But in this deadly game filled with mistrust and paranoia, who can you trust ... ?

40. Madogoshi no Heya 3 窓ごしの部屋3 [060813] Soft Circle Courreges
This game depicts the relations of two old childhood friends over the course of 20 days. You progress through the game by picking various options as things happen to you in the game. What will happen over those 20 days between this boy and girl who have never before been more than childhood friends?

41. My Pet Saber マイペットセイバー [060813] MOON GODDESS
Chapter 1 of My pet series Fate edition .
Gears start turning with a click. Endless gangbang humiliation drives Saber into despair. Her spirit is broken by the pleasure delivered by tentacles. On the day this man appears her normal life is already at an end.
Doujin Nukige

42. Naru Kisu なるきす [060813] Parthenon
Princess Erika do Borgia is visiting Japan for a week and Kamiya Mutsuki is chosen to cross-dress and be her political decoy since they have similar features.
Doujin Nukige

43. Natsuiro 夏色 [060813] Yuzusoft (Doujin group)
Main character's earliest memory is about a girl he met at the age of five. Now at a proper age he sends that girl Natsumi an invitation to the Misaki island where she lives. But she does not arrive by the set date and even after that. Protagonist loses taste for life in waiting, so he goes to the island himself to clear things out. This island is called a hidden island...

44. Natsu no Torikago 夏のとりかご [060813] in the air
Aki is invited by his female friend Mayu to the camp in the mountains. Eiji suggests seeking a buried treasure. Young people find fireworks and spend a pleasant evening. When sun sets, heavy rain begins, and friends start to look for a shelter.

45. Natsuzaki no Maboroshi 夏咲きのまぼろし [060813] Menou
A flying object suddenly crosses the sky of a small town and falls down in the forest.
Main character leaves the house and starts to live in the forest.
Female childhood friend who had not been in contact for four years, shows up and suggests to reunite as friends.
After a while a mysterious girl comes out of the forest depth and becomes a close friend.
As days change color, reality starts to erode with mysterious events...

46. Oku-sama wa ○ Gakusei 奥さまは○学生 [060813] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou
Daisaku just had his 16th birthday. He's waiting for a big surprise from his mother. She announces that from now on he'll be living a common law marriage with his new bride. It turns out she's 10 year old 4th grade elementary school girl Yukie Komiyama. He now has to live alone with his 10 year old bride and her 14 year old caretaker. Surprise!
Doujin Lolicon

47. Princess Fortissimo [060813] Sol-fa-soft
Ayame returned to Japan after spending a year studying abroad. Unfortunately, her lover Ryouichi now lives with another girl, Azusa. On the other hand, Azusa doesn't actually see Ryouichi as a love interest.
Observe the romance from the perspectives of Ryouichi and Azusa.
Doujin Nukige

48. School Rendezvous 2 Gakki School Rendezvous 2学期 [060813] Blue Devil
A sequel to School Rendezvous!!
A School Rumble hentai, naughty Harima and the hot chicks are back again!
Doujin Nukige

49. Stereo Life ステレオライフ [060813]
Try to build a "good" relationship with the twin sisters living in the apartment you recently moved in.
Doujin Nukige

50. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuetsu 涼宮ハルヒの誘悦 [060813]  Seventh Heaven Maxion
Full-voice erotic adventure game, parodying The Melancholy of Haru** Suzumiya.
With Gallery mode and CG mode.
S*S Brigade embarks on a jaunt! They fully enjoy the trip by having sex in many locations!
Doujin Nukige

51. To Heart Hii Sunohara After To Heart ひいっ 春原アフター [060813] Champagne☆
Useless though I am, I have a wish.
Useless though I am, I have a precious memory.
A heartful comedy full of memories.

52. Toshokan Ressha 図書館列車 [060813] Katsudou Mangaya
Lonely boys and girls spend their lives aimlessly as they have nowhere to go. A strange woman called a librarian invites them to the urban air pocket "library train."

53. Touhou Yuugetsutan ~Over the Moon River.~ 東方悠月譚 ~Over the Moon River.~ [060813] RECOIL
Featuring Ud*nge in a lesbian story centered in Eientei town.
After she drinks a magical potion and becomes tiny,
Ud*nge gets teased by her teacher, mistress and T*wi.
Doujin Nukige

54. Tousaku Kyoushitsu 倒錯教室 [060813] Sargasso
A prestigious school has a long history of discrimination that's called tradition here.
Main character is an ordinary boy who wakes up without memory in the health room, and woman before him claims to be his slave. He tries to watch recorded videos to restore his memory, and it shows humiliation play. In time, a new form of love is born...
Doujin Nukige

55. Umisen Yamasen 海専山専 [060813] Underground Campaign
Main character hurries to leave home town after graduating from high school.
One day father priest sends him a telegram and asks to come back. Town has turned into an almost extinct village over this time. Father asks protagonist to get rid of the spirit of sea and mountains that drive away all the fish and attract beasts. But the way to awaken power and drive away the spirits is to have sex with them.
Doujin Boys Love

56. Wind Fantasy 5: War of the Crimson Moon 風色幻想: 赤月戰爭 [060815]  Fun Yours
Long time ago, the humans have discovered the secrets of nature. They have built a powerful civilization with advanced technology. But this led to the destruction of nature and death of living beings. God became angry and punished the humans with countless disasters. Seven leaders of the humans sacrificed their lives in order to put an end to their civilization, seal its secrets, and bring peace onto the world.
But 900 years have passed, and the humans began to re-discover the ancient civilization. Once again, their greed led to wars. each country employed treasure hunters, who were trained to visit dangerous places and to bring them relics from the advanced civilization of the past. You control a group of such hunters under the command of a brave young man names Aiyin. What starts as a simple mission to protect the newly acquired treasure from pirate attacks end in a struggle to save humanity from committing the same error once again...
The game is set in the same universe (inspired by Japanese animé) as the rest of the series. Like all its predecessors (except the second game), this is a strategy RPG. The story unfolds in dialogues, and the largest bulk of the game is occupied by strategic turn-based battles. The system is called Action Order Battle (AOB). Every character in your party has action points. Depending on their parameters, he (or she) can execute a certain amount of actions: moving, attacking, casting spells, etc. The character receive experience points not only after battles, but after defeating enemies, or even after inflicting damage on them.

57. Haramase Meshimase 孕ませ召しませ [060818] Crepe
Igusa Hideaki (player) and Koenji Sara are lovers, engaged to be married in the future. But there is a friction between the two families for generations. Their marriage is going to be destroyed unless they takes countermeasures.
"Sara is pregnant with my child!!"
Hideaki tells them a big lie, Sara neither is pregnant or has had sexual experience yet.
To make it to be the truth, they begins to make their baby!!
Doujin Nukige

58. Kaze no Satsui -It's a Long Way Round- 風の殺意- It's a long way round - [060818] Ritz software
Six members of the broadcasting club gather at a villa in the mountains for a farewell party for former club director Haruki who leaves for the USA. Main character Kazuya secretly has romantic feelings for the members of the club. He organizes this this farewell party with quite a few surprises.
Doujin Boys Love

59. Mawari Hime まわり姫 [060818] Marry Bell
Tomoyuki finds a mysterious puzzle box. When he suffles the puzzle pieces there is an explosion and a cute girl appears before him. For her to return to their world he must finish the puzzle, but the puzzle keeps changing as he interacts with the girls in his life...

60. My Pet Mikuru マイペットミクル [060818] MOON GODDESS
Main character's ordinary student life has changed because of Haruhi. He initially believed that nothing strange could happen, but joining a club with another Mikuru proved him wrong. Club does a lot of cosplay. It's ok to leave at least half of clothes on and rub rich Mikuru's breasts in this humiliation play.
Doujin Nukige

61. Tachibana Typhoon 橘台風 -たちばなたいふ〜ん- [060820] Fusyro
Main character is a lonely second-year student with no money. Love and money don't come by themselves. So he is going to hard and get both during these summer vacations by working at a beach cafe.
Doujin Boys Love

62. Aguni ~Unmei no Saki~ Aguni~運命の先~ [060824] Circletempo 1
In this world, there are those who have transcendent powers, able to accomplish supernatural feats. Most people have this to some degree, the truly powerful rising to belong to the elite. Those without these capabilities are looked down upon by society as lower class and treated as inferior, lower than human. The story revolves around the new sovereign seeking to crush a group with revolutionary ideas.

63. ef - First Fan Disc ef - First Fan Disc [060825] minori
A prelude fandisk that introduces the story of 'ef - the first tale'.

64. Fudol v Ikita~i! ~Hadaka Apron Cabajou Mami~ ふぅどるvイキた~い!~裸エプロンキャバ嬢マミ~ [060825] Crowd
Koutaro came to a town on business where was famous for the entertainment district. He called a home delivery prostitute, Kaori, and he was mesmerized by her techniques. A few month later..., he visits the town again to meet Kaori but he can't find her there. Instead, he meets Mami, who works at a pub and falls in love with her. What will happen to him in the end...?

65. In'youchuu Shoku ~Ryoushokutou Taimaroku~ 淫妖蟲 蝕 ~凌触島退魔録~ [060825] TinkerBell
One day at the end of summer vacation, the monster hunter agency receives a telephone call. "Many swimmers went missing mysteriously. Please examine what is going on.". They get happy because they didn't get to go anywhere during summer vacation. Mikoto, Takeru and Sui head for that isolated island to investigate if the events are related to monsters. During their stay on the island, they reside in the house of the islands owner. They enjoy swimming and hunt any monsters they encounter, but their investigation reveals the presence of the big and stronger monster behind the scenes....

66. Konya no Okazu wa Range de Marine 今夜のオカズはレンジdeまりね [060825] Rune
Renji is a uni student, living a peaceful life. One day, he meets two people, one is a princess of the devil world who ran away from the devil world because she doesn't want to marry him and another one is her fiance. Unfortunately, Renji gets involved in their quarrel... and unknowingly, Renji pretends to be her fiance in the human world. No one notices this will be the dawn of full of H life....

67. Messiah メサイア [060825] CORE
The protagonist of the story is Takuto, who lives with a friend Ryouta, due to his parents death. He works part time in a local flower shop, when one day, a mysterious man named Koh (Kou) Haishima comes and starts buying white roses almost every day. He and Takuto get closer to each other, but Takuto realizes there are strange things happening, like the disappearance of his co-worker, which are somehow linked to Haishima. One day, he decides to deliver roses to Haishima's mansion, and Ryouta follows him.
And so the mysteries start to escalate.
Boys Love

68. Mesu Kyoushi ~Injoku no Kyoushitsu~ 牝教師~淫辱の教室~ [060825] Bishop 1
Takuya's parents divorced when he was a child. His mother took him and she got married to another man, Sanada, soon. Sanada's son, Eiji, was a genius and looked down on Takuya. Takuya couldn't stand it anymore and left his house. He entered a high school with his mother's family name. One day, there comes a new teacher to his school. It is Eiji, his older brother. Accidentally, Takuya sees Eiji and Miyuki, a popular female teacher, meet secretly in a vacant classroom. He decides to take a revenge on Eiji and plots to shag with Miyuki in cooperation with Rihoko, a school doctor...

69. Pretty Flap ~Chocolate Taste~ Pretty flap ~チョコレートテイスト~ [060825] TiramisuVilla
Kasuga Miyu is an ordinary uni student in her fourth year. She started job hunting a while ago but hasn't received any good results. She doesn't know what she wants to do in the future and is just wasting her uni life without an answer. Friends around her encourage and support her and she gradually sets some goals... and love feelings spring up inside her as well...

70. Princess Saga プリンセスサーガ [060825] Finish!
A world of might and magic existing in a state of constant struggle.
There is a female aristocrat who becomes a monarch and tries to bring peace everywhere. She builds a strong army to repel invasions. But she fails not because of enemies, but because of allies, and this territory becomes a free for all in the arising chaos.
But hope is not yet completely lost. Young princess escapes with the elite guard. They continue to travel while listening to news. Princess comes to the bar in the back alley in order to earn some silver...

71. Seikishi Sanranki 聖騎士産卵記 [060825] Pink Question
Main character is a court magician who sneaks into a neighboring state territory looking for invasion foothold. He knows a medicine to deal with ordinary holy knights, but holy knight Vanessa is the main obstruction to his plan. He invents a scheme to lure her out and use her as body experiment object.

72. Semerarete ~Virgin Lady~ 責められて~バージンレディ~ [060825] Eroro
The protagonist, who woke up late and was in a hurry to get to his part time job, was stopped for questioning by the policewoman Aoshima Haruka.
After knowing that the protagonist is a mere part-timer, he was humiliated and treated as a criminal, and was interrogated with a barrage of questions, but he somehow managed to endure it.
However, as Haruka was endlessly scolding him, the protagonist finally lost it and said, "If you really feel bad, suck my dick!" to embarrass the seemingly innocent Haruka with such an absurd request, but...

73. Tonari no Oba-san ~Kanrinin no Hitozuma Kaika no Joshi Daisei~ 隣の叔母さん~管理人の人妻・階下の女子大生~ [060825] Tabito
Noto Mamoru, the protagonist, has his mind set on finally getting into the university he wants. For that purpose he moves into the apartment that is owned and managed by his aunt, Ichido Haruno, where he studies for the entrance exams.
Up until that point, Mamoru never thought of Haruno as anyone other than his aunt.
And she only saw him as a nephew who had to pass his entrance exams.
This perfectly normal relationship starts to change with the introduction of a single woman.

74. True Blue Short Story [060825] LiLiM DARKNESS
A collection of 3 short story and 1 minigame for True Blue.

75. 8 Gatsu 8 Nichi wa Fu○ TV no Hi? 8月8日はフ○テレビの日? [060826] PROJECT.S
Athrun x Yzak fanfic for Yzak's birthday.

76. Ayaui Onee-san 危ういお姉さん [060826] DIGITALG
A spirited woman is possessed with sex, experiencing a sexual awakening as having a lot of sex with a younger man.
Doujin Nukige

77. Loli Zukushi ~Lolikko Renzoku Ryoujoku~ ろりづくし~ロリっ娘連続陵辱~ [060826] Pumpkin
Main character is a lolicon. He loves to submit loli girls everywhere - on the street, on the train, outdoors or anywhere else. Seven girls become his prey.
Doujin Nukige

78. Rubic Hearts [060827] Circle Nekonabe
Winter of second year in high school. Study is hard, but there are also happy moments. As things start to take unexpected turn, he has an opportunity to get a girlfriend. Will he choose among classmates or sempai? 

79. Shouhei-kun no Hani-Kami Life☆ 承平クンのHANI神ライフ☆ [060828] Clover
Granny’s dying request is for Shouhei (the lucky bastard) to become the priest and take over the shrine. Since the guy’s parents died in a car accident, he doesn’t have any prior attachments and he decides to grant her wish. But gran’s memory must be going bad because she failed to mention that there are two babelicious sister goddesses in charge of the land who needs “energy” from the priest to sustain themselves. It also makes perfect sense how Tsukino needs to give a demonstration on how the “ritual” is supposed to work for Miku’s instruction.

80. Shitai no? したいの? [060829] Kagura Dou
Girl hurries to become an adult. She chooses a classmate to have first sex with.
Doujin Nukige

81. io [060830] Esuhara
Main character is a normal school student who suddenly reunites with his sister. He spends time with his sibling and classmates happily not knowing that the world is about to end. Young people have to go through the biggest crisis in their lives.

82. Mousugu Natsuyasumi! もうすぐ夏休み! [060831] Complet's
Just before the summer holiday, while his classmate is excited to have a girlfriend, Tomorou has none. He is smart and handsome but lacks something. He has an old friend, Chiharu, but he isn't interested in her. One day, Chiharu's mother asks Tomorou to hand over a shopping list memo to Chiharu because she left it at home. After school, he goes to her classroom but Chiharu isn't there. According to her classmate, she is on the roof. He goes there and see Chiharu having sex with other students. Chiharu invites Tomorou to join them, and so his sex life starts...

83. Kotoshi wa Ma no Tsuku Dousei Seikatsu 今年はマのつく同棲生活 [0608] DANDY LION
Short stories of a romance between Yuuri and Conrad upon starting to live together. A "Kyo Kara Maoh!" fanfic.
Doujin Boys Love

84. Sakura Mau! サクラ舞う! [0608] Kagishippo
What used to be my unrequited love was the beginning of the young love between the two of us.
One day, she suddenly came with a radical proposal...
While she may look like a tidy and innocent girl, her sexual curiosity is not to be underestimated.
This is about the weird secrets me and her keep hidden inside our hearts...
Doujin Nukige

85. The Noose [0608] ZIGZAG 1
My older sister killed me.
My younger sister hung me.
I killed my older sister.
This was... everything her dead brother wrote in his diary.
He'd said he'd be right back, but he never returned.
Shortly after, they found his bloody hat.

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