VN of the Month June 2006 - H2O -Footprints in the Sand-

H2O -Footprints in the Sand- is the only masterpiece of the month. I'm reviewing Hime-sama Ririshiku! just because it's fantasy'ish.

1. Iinchou wa Shounin Sezu! ~It Is a Next Choice~ 委員長は承認せず! ~It Is a Next CHOice~ [060602] Chien
Kurou, in the second grade at Rinou Gakuen, is an inspector. Rinou Gakuen high school is a school of the committees, by the committees, for the committees. The general meeting is taken place once a year and there comes a mysterious mail that says "The school system will be destroyed by that day.". Rindou, who is a boss of the students, has an idea to set up a new inspection committee to avert the accident and Kurou is appointed as an inspector. He is an ordinary student during day and an inspector at night. He enjoys his dual life with girls but he finds out the ringleader of the mail who is one of the heroines whom Kurou loves....
It is actually a school comedy story. There are reviews of its remake, but not this older version. First half is a good tempo bakage, while individual part is completely different for heroines. Walkthrough is very welcome as there are lots of irrational choices here easily spawning bad end out of blue. Heroines are ok, but don't expect actual romance here.

2. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.11: Inu to Yobareta Otoko 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.11 イヌと呼ばれた男 [060607] WorkJam
Jinguji is asked to hel a self-proclaimed novelist with ideas for new work. Detective reluctantly agrees, but at every step he needs to deal with novelist's foolish ideas on detectives.
Detective game from well known franchise.

3. Greensvale no Mori no Naka ~Seichou Suru Gakuen~ グリンスヴァールの森の中~成長する学園~ [060616] SofthouseChara 1
Cryce is appointed to be a president of a school by king. He is disappointed to see the school building that is just a hut in a forest but he starts to take actions with dreams and hopes, making classrooms, collecting teachers and students and somehow he starts to run a school. But here comes ordeals one by one, shortage of money, impossible orders from king, troubles caused by students and graduates and his own scandals. Will he be able to overcome the ordeals and develop an academic city?
There is an English review.

4. Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira ギャラクシーエンジェルII 絶対領域の扉 [060622] Broccoli 1 2 3 4
Game is set on 4 years after the end of the previous game, Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers.
In this sequel, due to the development of a method to cross-dimensions at the end of Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers, a new dimension called NEUE was discovered, which is linked to EDEN through a space called ABSOLUTE, a central hub to which all dimensions are linked. This hub cannot be operated by most people however, and currently, the only person who can is the Moon Angel Troupe's Milfeulle Sakuraba. Since the operation of the hub involves opening gates between different dimensions, those with the ability to do so are called "gate keepers". The new Rune Angel Troupe features Emblem Frames from NEUE and is the successor to the now disbanded Moon Angel Troupe.
There are English reviews.

5. Amanatsu -Aru Manatsu no Hajimete no Ohanashi- あまなつ -あるまなつのはじめてのお話- [060623] ChuableSoft
The moment when talked for the first time, the moment when held hands for the first time. Summer and the sun shines brightly. The historical town by the sea. Pure girls at Christian school. Many "First Experiences" that everyone tastes in youth. Unforgettable summer starts at the Christian school....
The story is a variation of ordinary boy meets girl. There's nothing weird going on. The whole curse of mermaid thing remains unexplained. Romance part is only good in main heroine route, and in others really scarce.

6. H2O -Footprints in the Sand- H2O -Footprints in the Sand- [060623] Makura 1 2 3 4 5
H2O's story revolves around Takuma Hirose, a blind young male junior-high school student, though the cause for his blindness is undetermined. After his mother died an unexpected death, it left a deep emotional scar on him, which caused him to become very lonely and reserved. Due to this, Takuma and his uncle move from the city out into a rural area and Takuma is enrolled into a new junior-high school. At his new school, he meets several new girls, though three of whom he gets to know the most out of anyone else. They are, the firm and obstinate Hayami Kohinata, the kind and obliging Hinata Kagura, and the cheerful and mysterious Otoha. As Takuma interacts with these girls, his medical condition gradually begins to heal.
There are English reviews.

7. Hime-sama Ririshiku! 姫さま凛々しく! [060623] Q-X
He is wandering around the forest. He doesn't know where he is, why he is there. The only things he remembers are his name and his position that he is a prince of a country. The prince meets a mysterious girl named Chinaki. She has also lost her memory but it seemed she came from another world. There is one more thing that he is sure.... that he is lecherous. He dosen't know about love but likes girls. Thanks to a fairy named Hana, they get out of the forest and come to a house where the King lives. The prince is informed that one year has already passed since he disappeared. However, the prince doesn't take this fact seriously, just thinks about erotic things. The king orders him to act more decently. Will he be able to change his behaviors and know the real love?
I'm reviewing this game blindly, so skipping on reading other reviews.

8. Kanojo-tachi no Ryuugi 彼女たちの流儀 [060623] 130cm 1 2 3 4
Kotarou is a beautiful boy. Since his parents divorced, he lived with his mother. But she passed away suddenly and he came back to his house where he used to live. After an interval of five years, he comes back to his house but his sisters, Tobari and Akane, are so cold to him. After six months, Kotarou enjoys his school life with his friends and classmates. But Tobari never smiles in front of him. He tries to make friends with her, but she never smiles until "that" night...
There is an English review.

9. Kimi to Koi Shite Musubarete 君と恋して結ばれて [060623] Dennou Club
Spring... the season of start. We met again in that season among cherry trees. I wanted to meet you, I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to walk along with you.... One of my wishes has come true. How about others? Our spring has started with full of hopes. Spring... the season of start. Our story starts from here...
There are three protagonists, so it's more of an omnibus story. A lot of parts are poorly described, and many events happen too suddenly. Some events are touched in other stories, but overall game is pretty boring featuring three stories reflecting personalities of three different protagonists.

10. Summer Days [060623] 0verflow 1 2 3 4
Summer Days is an alternate universe prequel to the game School Days, set in the summer holidays just prior to the timeline of School Days. All the original characters are present, except it assumes that they all first meet during the summer holidays as opposed to during the first year of school. Although Kotonoha and Sekai, the heroines of the first game, are both present, the main heroine is Setsuna.
Game is basically shortened version of Shiny days which has lots of reviews.

11. Finder Love: Hara Fumina - Futari no Futari de... ファインダーラブ 原史奈 ふたりの ふたりで・・・。 [060629] Capcom
Finder Love is a combination gravure picture disk and love sim focusing on a hot Japanese idol girls (each edition focuses on one girl, this one featuring Hara Fumina). The game lets players interact with the hotties and snap pictures which can be tranked for quality and then be traded with friends. You play as a newbie cameraman who must get the girls to look their best during photo shoots. As you work through a storyline in the adventure mode, you'll end up playing a few mini games with your favorite idol!
Dating SIM.

12. Finder Love: Hoshino Aki - Nangoku Trouble Rendezvous ファインダーラブ ほしのあき 南国トラブル ランデブー [060629] Capcom
Finder Love is a combination gravure picture disk and love sim focusing on a hot Japanese idol girls (each edition focuses on one girl, this one featuring Hoshino Aki). The game lets players interact with the hotties and snap pictures which can be ranked for quality and then be traded with friends. You play as a newbie cameraman who must get the girls to look their best during photo shoots. As you work through a storyline in the adventure mode, you'll end up playing a few mini games with your favorite idol!
Dating SIM.

13. Finder Love Kudou Risa - First Shoot wa Kimi to. ファインダーラブ 工藤里紗 ファーストショットは君と。 [060629] Capcom
You meet the girl on the beach and you begin taking photo's of her.
You are a freelance photographer.
You get caught and scolded by the girl and questioned.
She will try to attack you and in this mini game you have to
block her advances.
You will be later questioned and if answered correctly.
She will continue and she will ask you for your name and
she will give you hers.
Dating SIM.

14. Blue Blaster ブルーブラスター [060630] Kogado Studio
Protagonist Michiru is working as a mechanic for the United Earth Army. While making adjustments on a new prototype named Blue Blaster, enemies attack and he is involved in actual combat.
Michuru somehow manages to pilot the ship but what waits for him afterwards is getting forcefully enrolled into the the 190th Special Force, which is only made of female members...
RTS and furthermore a sequel, so no introduction needed.

15. Blue Destiny [060630] Stripe
Burugundo Kingdom ruled by a great king. The protagonist is Aguni who runs a shop taken over from his master. He lives a busy life with Myun, his master's granddaughter and Chris, his old friend. One day, the king gives an order to the people. "Find the greatest weapons and offer them.". Triggered by his order, everyone in the country starts to look for weapons. Aguni finds a mysterious weapon at his studio...
We improve as blacksmith, solve problems of heroines and create ultimate heroine-specific weapons.
Game lacks pretty much everything. At least tempo is good.

16. Hachukano はちゅかの [060630] Meromero Cute
Wataru is living a life in his thoughts. For example, while he is treated by a school doctor, Marina, his brain thinks about erotic affairs with her. But one day a turning point comes in his life. He receives a love letter from Chisato at school. Here comes the dawn of the love romance story between zero love experience students....
There is just one main heroine, plus couple sub-heroines available from the second week. Geek protagonist is a good thing, but due to erotic delusions in first half and actual intimacy in second part, there's a distinctive H tilt.

17. Koi iro Chu! Lips こいいろ Chu!Lips [060630] PeasSoft 1
Haruka is just your average high school student idly coasting through his life. His mornings generally start with a delivery from his childhood friend and neighbor Mirai, who has an inexplicable hate for him. His daily commute is interrupted by the cheerful and forever-in-love Nagisa, who never misses an opportunity to profess her undying love for him. At school he spends time with his good friend Ikuya, a bit of a pervy moron, often finding himself in trouble with his mature yet cute teacher Shizuku.
His lazy days continue on and on, until a chance encounter with a mysterious pot changes his life forever... How will his life ever return to normal?!
There is an English review.

18. School Project ☆ School ぷろじぇくと☆ [060630] Atelier Kaguya 1
Keita starts living at a school dormitory as a prefect. But students look down on him and the dormitory is a mess. Also, students living there are all girls. He gets sick of his situation and decides to improve it.
Setting is ideal for moege. Hero is friendly with heroines right from the start, so it looks unreal. One heroine is kind of inventor, so her self-made robots and other products move the story. H events happen frequent, 3-5 times per heroine. The only question is why there is no harem route or 3P, otherwise a usual moege. But at least not a nukige like previous Atelier Kaguya works.


1. Ryuuguu Gaimu ~Kimi ni Itaru Kotonoha~ 流寓街夢~君に至るコトノハ~ [060601] Neco-inco
Tsugumi found his friend Dail, but suffered severe wounds, both mental and physical.
Six months later, Mezzo is ransacked and Onomichi disappears. Once again, Tsugumi must investigate to find the real truth.
Boys Love Doujin

2. Yatohime Zankikou Extra Kimagure Karasu to Yanchahime 夜刀姫斬鬼行えくすとら 気まぐれカラスとやんちゃ姫 [060601] Terios
Fandisc includes two short stories featuring heroines Riko and Hainrike von Erlenmeyer
1. A secret day
2. Two princesses 「二人の姫」

3. Joku Ana 辱アナ [060602] Love Juice
A whole slew of beautiful and sexually vulnerable women are trying to break into the TV news business, and there are just as many men trying to break into them! A helpful yet horny handyman is looking to stake his own claim as he makes the rounds bedding one hopeful nymph after another. But he's not the only one. Pretty much every male at the studio is looking for a piece of the action. You won't need a teleprompter to know what (and who) will be coming next...

4. Oba no Shinshitsu 叔母の寝室 [060602] Puzzlebox
Kenta is an ordinary uni student, that due to his parent going overseas to work he is sent to his aunt house and her daughter that live all alone. He loves his cousin Reina who is two years older than Kenta. One day, when he smells Reina's underwear secretly, Marino, who is Reina's mother, turns up. She threatens him to have a sexual relationship with her.... Kenta is becoming her sexual slave gradually struggling between love toward Reina and sexual desire toward Marino.

5. Semerarete ~Joshi Gakusei~ 責められて~女子学生~ [060602] Eroro
Main character spends his days leisurely accumulating debts. He decides to tutor landlord's daughter. But during the lesson girl starts to ask bold questions about erection and the like, and things quickly go downfall...

6. Shimai Don ~Shirudaku de~ 姉妹丼~汁だくで~ [060602] Psycho
A couple who had met in their high school years and married later on are having a happy and adventurous sex life. Wife works as a manager of the restaurant which brings in the money while her husband stays at home taking care of household chores everyday. The young wife is adventurous, fun-loving and she never turns down sexual advances launched on her by her husband. These were all peaceful days until one day the wife's sister, a college student, moved in. While their curiosity was growing, there was a secret adventure developing between the husband and his sister-in-law living under the same roof. One amazing voyage awaits them at the end.

7. XOXO Academy [060602] owl.
Your parents have been pushing you for weeks, and you finally might be starting to give in-- they want you to go to boarding school and leave everything you know left behind.
Choose your own love story, and fall in love today at XOXO Academy.

8. Ayakashidani Ninpou Tobari 妖谷忍法帳 [060603] CARYO
During Sengoku era there was ninja group who fought on equal standing with samurai by using the mystery powers called "law of change". Afterwards, their power got sealed in a small valley settlement.
Now in modern time the seal has been lifted, and ninja with a sword and esoteric power runs towards sparking city.

9. Niji no Kanata ni 虹の彼方に [060603] #define 1
Miku is 19 years old, and she's confined to a hospital bed since her seventh birthday because of a nasty disease that ruined mind and body alike.
But now even her hospital doctor and therapist cannot stand anymore to simply watch the pain of her existence: thus...

10. Yume o Mou Ichido 夢をもう一度 [060603] Mirai
Hitomi is an average career woman who lives a boring life at her office. She suddenly sees herself surrounded by handsome men: her coworkers, an old rival, a university student... Will Hitomi find love in this odd situation?

11. Exhibitionism: Roshutsu Seiheki Exhibitionism: 露出性癖 [060605] Soft Circle Courreges
Ryoko, a girl who just can't seem to get it on without being in a place where people can see her.
This adventure game features you, who has finally gotten a chance to get to know her and ends up having sex in lots of fun exhibitionist ways on the train!
How will this all end, with a girl of such weird sexual disposition...?
Doujin Nukige

12. Tensei Hakkenshi Fuumaroku 転生八犬士封魔録 [060608] Vridge Inc.
A game based on the classic Edo era literary work 'Nansou Satomi Hakkenden".
Just after transferring into a new high school the protagonist Kirisawa Yuna realizes that she is the reincarnation of the ancient Satomi clan princess Fusehime.
She has to set out to find the reborn Hakkenshi while fighting of apparitions around campus.

13. Shimai Souzoku 姉弟相続 [060609] Ume Soft
The main character used to live with his parents and three older sisters happily. But their parents passed away suddenly in a car accident and each child was accepted into different, new family. More than ten years later, here comes a lawyer and tells the protagonist that he has a grandfather and about his sisters' whereabouts. He goes out to meet his sisters soon but is disappointed to see them to have changed dramatically.
He and his three sisters gather up at their grandfather's house to allot his inheritance. The will says that the people who can receive the fortune by inheritance are only one sister and one brother and the certain sister is to be decided by the brother! One month is given to him to decide after living with his sisters. Who will be the one to receive the inheritance and what will happen to them at the end?

14. Faith [060611] Circle Mebius
Stage is abandoned city. Many abandoned children live here on their own, and angels controls the order there.
Main character is a lonely boy who is taken care of by the church. He has a girl Karen as a friend, so he lives quite a happy life. But one day protagonist receives magic power from the Father. However, there is a side effect to using that power...

15. Maou Maker ~Anata no Iru Mirai~ マ王メーカー ~あなたのいる未来~ [060611] GEKKOKU
Boys-love hentai sim game, featuring Conrad and Yuuri from "Kyou Kara Maou!" Conrad gives Yuuri sexual training. 30 images (including alternates), and 10 ending patterns.
Boys Love

16. Maid in Oshigoto メイドイン お仕事 [060615] M de Pink
Two heroines "Mika" and "Kasumi" work at a temp company "Maid in Agency", which is to send maids. They work hard for their customers, using their bodies. They sometimes receive erotic requests, but they can't say "No" because they are specialists. Here comes another request! Get ready! Enjoy costume play erotic scenes such as nurse, department store attendant, sister and so on.

17. Gohoushi Kissa ~Tenchi-tachi ni Omakase~ Kaori Hen ご奉仕喫茶~天使達におまかせ~ かおり編 [060616] Raspberry
Kazuya works at a custume play cafe. He loves Kaori but he actually loves a girl, appears in his dream, who resembles Kaori. He lives day by day trying not to be noticed his secret. Swaying his emotion and her emotion.... What will happen at the end...?

18. Semerarete ~Onna Tenchou~ 責められて~女店長~ [060616] Eroro
Main character works part-time as a florist. It's a very hard work, but he can't quit as he needs this money. One day he masturbates alone in the shop. His female manager gets furious upon witnessing it, so punishment game is organized.

19. Cosplay Roshutsu Kenkyuukai コスプレ露出研究会 [060618] Pin-Point
Aya, a waitress at a cosplay cafe, receives an E-mail asking her to go to an anime convention, for which she'll be paid as much as she wants, but with one condition: to obey all the males' orders. She ends up going out of curiosity, but the normal perversity among the otaku and her own dirty thoughts turn the photo session into an exhibitionism session.

20. Kabe no Soto 壁の外 [060618] Takahiro Awatake
Main character lives in a house on the coast together with a daughter. One day he witnesses daughter's nakedness which leads to revealing her exposure habits.
Doujin Nukige

21. Injoku Densha 2 淫辱電車2 [060620] Studio-Sakura
Train molester simulator with the ability to adopt viewpoint of the violated girls and reach ending with each of them.
Doujin Nukige

22. Kuruwa ~Yuukyou Kan Yoiyamizakura Dai Isshou~ 廓~遊興館 宵闇櫻 第一章~ [060620] ProjectSAKURA
The sexual training of a high-class girl with creamy skin and big breasts to be the protagonist's slave.
Doujin Nukige

23. Gakuen Alice ~KiraKira★Memory Kiss~ 学園アリス ~きらきら★メモリーキッス~ [060622] Kids Station
An original story based on the anime.

24. Kikai no Gokan - Another Stories Vol. 2 機械の五感 Another stories vol.2 [060622] Tsuki no Sora
Yayoi destroys a new important personal computer. There is a number of options for him how to deal with this situation.
Boys Love Doujin Fandisc

25. Itazura Satsuei  いたずら撮影 [060622] Fiction7
Main character is a teacher who is tasked to create a school promotional video. He chooses female student Mika as an assistant during the shooting. But Mika is different from ordinary girls as she has no shyness of her body. And eventually the impulse of forbidden fruit prevails.

26. Hitozuma Daisakusen 人妻大作戦 [060622] Team-Tanabe
Main character is a young man who goes to part-time job and loves listening to late night radio show with DJ Nekota. One night DJ starts to call for intimacy with married women, and protagonist runs into the night as if infused with some power.
Doujin Nukige

27. Chikoubo ~Kegasareta Souden~ 恥肛母~穢された双臀~ [060623] Black Package Try
Keiichi is a high school student. After his father, who was a man of money, passed away, his relatives crowd around him and his mother, Miyuki. Keiichi gives an advise to Miyuki to keep money only for living and waive other money. That's enough for Keiichi. Keiichi has been trying to sleep with Miyuki since his father's death and finally, he has sex with Miyuki forcibly. One day, here comes Kyoko and she insists that Keiichi is her own son. She left Keiichi for unavoidable reasons and wants to get back Keiichi. Keiichi is so attracted to Kyoko and....

28. Harem & Harem ハーレム&ハーレム [060623] Ark Shell
One day, the main character's father tells him "If you want to inherit my property, complete this test!". He is given a small cafeteria and an apartment and gets out of his house. The condition to come back to his house is to run the cafeteria for one year and graduate his school at the same time. He is given money to run his cafeteria for a while but he needs to pay rent for his apartment, cafeteria and expenses. Also, he needs to hire waitresses by himself. The last condition given from his father is to find a woman who loves him regardless of money and power...

29. Inran Miko to Kyonyuu Maid to Konyoku Onsen 淫乱巫女と巨乳メイドと混浴温泉 [060623] Momokan
Main character goes to hot springs resort with his girlfriend and is anxious to have his first sex  there. But first he is interrupted first by inn maid, then by shrine maiden. Will he succeed?

30. Kanchichi Sweet ~Kanbotsu Chikubi no Shinryou Nisshi~ かんちち☆すい~と ~陥没乳首の診療日誌~ [060623] West Vision
Hideki has got a girl friend. While he looks forward to his new school life, his parents go abroad for travel. His father is a popular doctor and started online medical treatment a few months ago. Hideki turns on PC to put a notice that online medical treatment is off for a while. Just when he puts a notice on a website, he receives a call from a customer and that is his new girl friend, Asami. Her concern is her dent nipples. He pretends his father and gives her a treatment. A few days later, here comes a new customer with the same concern. That is his teacher....

31. Kyou Kara Maou! ~Ore-sama Quest~ 今日からマ王!~おれさまクエスト~ [060623] TwoFive
Just like in the anime, Yuuri Shibuya got flushed down the toilet out of his normal, average life into an unknown world, thus being appointed as the new Maou (Demon King). The game has three "events" -- the festival, the dance/party and something concerning Gwendal.
Boys Love

32. "Nakadashi" Igai wa Kousoku Ihan ~Joshi Kou Sai ・Nottori Keikaku~ “中出し”以外は校則違反!! ~女子校祭・乗っ取り計画~ [060623] MBS Truth 1
Seita is a high school student. One day, he has a bad cold and is hospitalized. He overhears the fact that he is dying. He runs away from the hospital in desperation and sneaks into a school where a school festival is taken place. He wants to have a sex with as many girls as possible before dying to leave a proof of his life. "Listen! I will occupy this school festival!!". The school festival of me, by me, for me has started....

33. Sei Dorei Gakuen 聖奴隷学園 [060623] Liquid
There is a secret unconventional rule that every powerful noble must have six sex slaves. There's a whole private school established by nobles to train and bring up slaves.
Main character is a new teacher requested by director to turn a beautiful girl into a slave. But he is more ambitious than that - he is going to find weaknesses and train six girls and then present them to a powerful family in exchange of high position for himself.

34. Tsugunai 2 ~Mou Hitori no Nana~ ツグナヒ2~もうひとりの奈々~ [060623] Blue Gale
Main character Ryoichi teaches at school and lives with his sister Nana. One day his sister does not come home from school, and she is found drugged and violated. A woman appears before protagonist and claims that head of powerful corporation stands behind assault on the girl. Protagonist knows that president's daughters study at his school, so he starts preparations to have revenge over these girls.

35. Tsuma x Tsuma ADV ~Hitozuma Onsen Hanjouki~ 人妻×人妻ADV~人妻温泉繁盛記~ [060623] Discovery
Spring vacation. Ippei is heading for his house. His house is a spa hotel called "Homura" located in the backwoods. He doesn't want to come back to his house but.... Soon after he arrives there, his mother comes to him and asks him. "Why did you come back!? Go back to Tokyo!" The reason why Ippei has come back is Ryoko who is his aunt called him to come back. The hotel is up to its neck in debt and money lender Eiichi tells them that they can continue to run the spa hotel if they accept his requirement.... His requirement is to reform the spa hotel to the brothel....

36. Yuuwakuppoi! 誘惑っぽい! [060623] Take Out
Main character is an ordinary student who has a crush on Mio. One day he has a lunch on the roof when gust of wind flips Mio's skirt revealing her secret part unprotected by underwear. Mio hurries to run away, but protagonist can't stop thinking about girl's reason for not wearing pants. When he comes to the room another day, Mio voluntarily reveals her secret part. That opens a door to new extraordinary secret school life.

37. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Ura Comiket Hen~ 少女の道草~裏コミケ編~ [060624] Sage
Comike, short for Comic Market, is a biggest fan convention in Japan for otaku. A pretty innocent girl happens to visit Comic for the first time because of a strange invitation email that she received few days ago....
What is the fate of the girl asked by a man for making a doujinshi together?
- What is the true meaning of the phrase:, "Respect your readers"?
- She becomes famous at Comike by having sex with men there.
- Sex with camera nerds in the conference room!
- Come back home with a pretty cosplayer met at Comike, and get laid with her!
Doujin Nukige

38. Satisfaction -Kindan no Renkou- サティスファクション -禁断の錬香- [060625] Parthenon
Main character is interested in father's research about aroma that allows to manipulate people's minds. He steals samples and starts to practice on his attractive art teacher. Soon she becomes his sex slave and accomplice.

39. Dream Hunter Remu Hypnos no Machi ドリーム○ンター麗夢 ヒュプノスの街 [060626] Borneo PARA.SITE
Ayanokouji Reimu arrived at a dog town at late night. A town where dream and fact collided. Reimu soon comes to know the truth about the city...... She is violated by people in the town!
Doujin Nukige

40. Ayame ~Ningyou Ingi~ AYAME~人形婬戯~ [060628] Lilith Mist
A small village rests within the mountains of Japan. Our protagonist returns after 20 years to find the town practically deserted. On the way there, and during his stay, he keeps having strange dreams with this unknown woman. Then he finds the very woman while in the town. For some reason his sister shows up and then everything gets crazy.

41. Chi Kyoudai 乳兄妹(ちきょうだい) [060629] Dennou Club
Kyoko was once a wet nurse, a person who breast feeds other's children, but was fired after getting too "close" to one of her clients. She has never been able to shake that feeling she once had. But when her daughter's classmate comes over and she realizes it's her once close client, she'll stop at nothing to keep him.

42. Chijoku Sister "Shu yo, Midara na Atashi o Oyurushi Kudasai." 恥辱シスター 「主よ、淫らな私をお許し下さい。」 [060630] Cattleya
Takumi comes back to his hometown after ages. Takumi's brother passed away ten years ago, his wife Manami and her cousin Mitsuko are both working as nuns at the local church.
Takumi is feels attracted to them and they are also attracted to him because he looks just like his late brother. Seems like there used to be the love triangle among Takumi's brother, Manami and Mitsuko....

43. Ecchi Shiyo! エッチしよっ! [060630] G Spot
Main character is left alone for six months as his parents depart on a long-time trip. One day a self-proclaimed fiancé Otsuki appears before him claiming that she is asked to take care of protagonist by his father. Then childhood friend and classmate join in. All girls declare they love protagonist, and this way their strange communal life begins.

44. Kounai Shinshuu ~Shimai Joi Chijoku no Iryou Kiroku~ 肛内浸襲 ~姉妹女医 恥辱の医療記録~ [060630] A.S.S.
The main character is a doctor and he lost his girl friend, who was a nurse, due to sudden illness. One night, he sees Shiho, a doctor, and her sister Rina, a training doctor, having a sex and overhears the fact that his girl friend's death was not caused by sudden illness. He starts to find out the facts and revenge on....

45. Maho Tama Series - Oshaburi Hen まほ☆たまシリーズ おしゃぶり編 [060630] Erogos
First Mako wakes up main character with a blowjob, then Mei starts sucking penis to get rid of possible poison from snake bite. It's time to suck.

46. Semerarete ~Osananajimi~ 責められて ~幼なじみ~ [060630] Eroro
Main character gets disgusted with lover Airi constant lust and runs away to the city. But after some time he accidentally meets Airi again, and old feelings make young people reunite. Will he be able to contain Airi's libido this time?

47. Shoujo Slave ~Ojou-sama wa Katei Kyoushi no Seieki Ningyou~ 少女スレイブ ~お嬢様は家庭教師の精液人形~ [060630] Cybele
You play a private teacher of beautiful sisters Erina and Yui. Erina makes fun of you through the influence of their father's power. You are beside yourself with anger, and make up your mind to rape them.

48. Slave or Lovers ~Osananajimi Reizoku Nikki~ スレイブ or ラバーズ~幼馴染隷属日記~ [060630] Under Lip
Emi Sawamiya is the classmate and childhood friend of the protagonist, Yuichi Kariya. From a young age they have competed for the best grades. However, Yuichi has often won, and Emi is unconvinced. After school one day, Emi called him to a less popular place and declared that they compete in the next prefectures mock exam. If he loses, he can listen to what the other party says for a week. Time passed, and the results of the mock test results were announced. Yuichi won by a close margin. Then he gets an erection, which angers Emi.

49. Soushinjutsu 2 操心術2 [060630] Studio Jaren
Tatsuhiro Tachibana (a freelancer for the yakuza) is perennially in search of the big score, but usually gets scorn and derision instead (especially from women).
However his luck finally changes after receiving a visit from Alexandra, a niece from overseas, when he suddenly gains the power of controlling and brainwashing minds to his pleasure.
Lacking scruples, Tatsuhiro immediately starts playing with the minds of other people (especially female people), but is totally unaware that the dear Alexandra (the hidden source of his power) is not really his niece, or even Human...

50. Sweet Room ~Futari Dake no Himitsu no Amai Kuukan~ Sweet Room~ふたりだけの秘密の甘い空間~ [060630] Undead
Nariyuki is an ordinary uni student living alone. One day, he receives a letter from his younger sister, Yuina, living in the backwoods. She wants to stay at his place for two weeks because she is going to take an entrance exams for the university. They haven't met for six years and all he can remember is her childhood. When they meet, Nariyuki is surprised to see her because she has grown up very cute. They start to live together....

51. Yami no Sen Ou ~Seijo Ojoku~ 闇の僭王~聖女汚辱~ [060630] 1
To forever rid the world of the vampire lord known as Drake, the Catholic Church unleashes two highly experienced vampire hunters in a bid for final victory. Taking the battle directly to his vile homeland, the divinely ordained combatants have been ordered to show no mercy or quarter to their undead enemy, and bring swift holy retribution to that which affronts God’s devoted followers. Yet in their blind zealotry, they discover all too late that evil is never powerless against those who would deny it.

52. Yoyogi Hitozuma Senmon Gakuin ~Nyuuzuma-tachi no Ennui~ 代々木人妻専門学院~乳妻たちのアンニュイ~ [060630] Lucha! 1 2
The player takes the role of Sakura Kouji, second son of the Sakura family and convenience store clerk. His day to day life as a young adult is pretty monotonous, as he wakes up, goes to work and then comes home. Most of the problems in his life stem from the fact that he is seen as the black sheep of his family, and gets the majority of his grief from his older brother Shuuichi and his aunt Yukari. Of course, Kouji's additional burden is the fact that he's in love with his sister-in-law, Kyoko.
Kouji's psyche has endured quite a bit of abuse throughout life, as he was always compared to his older brother (and put down for never being good enough to match Shuuichi). To our protagonist, Kyoko being married to Shuuichi is basically life kicking him while he is down. As such, he often tries to avoid seeing either of them, but rarely succeeds due to Kyoko doting on him the way an older sister would (not to mention Kyoko and Shuuichi live next door to him).
After Shuuichi suddenly disappears (leaving a note for Kyoko, asking her to improve herself and that he'll be back in two weeks), our protagonist gets dragged into a series of events that concludes with Kyoko signing up to the Yoyogi Housewife Training Academy in hopes of becoming a better wife for Shuuichi. As the academy only accepts married couples, she makes Kouji come along to pose as her husband.
Thus, Kouji's two-week training course at the academy begins. Outside of helping Kyoko (and in a way, realizing his dormant dream of having a relationship with her), his life becomes intertwined with four other women looking to overcome their own problems or move on with their lives, all brought together by the academy's mission.

53. ParaPani Mini-Game パラぱにミニゲーム [0606] Hanerom
Three short stories are included:
1. Yama-san visit 「山さな訪問者」
2. Scheme 「略取」
3. Love affair
Doujin Boys Love

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