Prostudent G / ぷろすちゅーでんとG

Foreword: I do not believe in AliceSoft. As for me, they can only do that pornographic rapist Rance series over and over. So any work outside of Rance franchise is of interest to me to support or demolish this statement.  

Title: Prostudent G

Original Title: ぷろすちゅーでんとG

Developer: AliceSoft

Release Date: 1993-05-15

Summary: By the end of the 20th century, radical educational reforms have transformed the Japanese society. Students were split into opposing groups, and the more aggressive of those eventually formed a dominant organization named Order of Black Phoenix, centered on the cult of a mysterious person known as "The Queen". Outcast students have escaped to a secluded island near Okinawa. A wandering lazy and lecherous manga and anime fan named Gorō Endō teams up with a female teacher and a few students to lead an opposition force against the oppressive governing circles.

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Game Type: Command selection absurd bakage

Story Length: 6 hours

Complete Story Clearing Difficulty: Easy!

Comments of Difficulty: One-way road with several choices affecting the ending

Character Design Rating: 6/10.

Story Rating: 2/10.

Protagonist Rating: 5/10

Game Quality: 4/10

Overall Rating: 4/10

Rating Comments: I had to force myself to finish it. By the mids of the story nothing sane was left and it got really difficult to follow that farce. For that reason I don't have the right to produce a structured review - it would rather be graphical impressions of the story with comments. Another thing is that game is a very crude port from PC-98 to Windows-95 dated by 1995, so it's same PC-98 edition, just with windows text extraction capabilities. No voicing, no remastered CG, no improved systems... nothing. I'm sorry, but there will be spoilers since the chances that anyone else gonna play this game are very close to nil.

Structure: One whole part.


We start as hooligan Goro (he claims to have sent to hospital many dozens of students) exiled with other outcasts to an island beyond Okinawa. He has really nothing to do and is dying of boredom. So when weird Noriko-sensei suggests he serves as her bodyguard in her trip to Ministry of education to propose two-weekend school plan, he reluctantly agrees.

But ech, she's ugly. Two other students join then on the ferry to mainland
So from left to right they are Noriko-sensei, ever-hungry karate-kid Choko and gun maniac Saori. But at the ferry eternally horny Goro sneaks into Noriko-sensei room and finds her with her usual glasses.
He immediately swears to always love sensei. But when Choko visits him the next minute in his room, he makes a woman of her. Sorry, sensei! Actually, the decisions to comfort plot girl characters is optional and it affects the ending we get.
So we get to the mainland and just go sightseeing. Since this is the part I was still reading attentively, here are some examples of game humor encountered.
  • We get to book store and while sensei is buying "The treasure of love" we want to buy quickly "How to SEX" and seller pesters us for a long time with questions like whether we want silver or gold edition and then persistently wants to sell us tissues. Goro declines saying that a real man needs no tissues! And seller insists that we'll definitely find use of those tissues, for example during influenza.
  • Fortune telling is being whipped. First magician points us at each of four directions consecutively and each time we explore that direction and find nothing. Another thing is that for fortune telling to work magician each time needs to perform a ritual like touching the girl's boobs or bondaging a girl. Choko and Saori were the poor participants.
  • When you die in battle, an angel appears before your eyes and offers to resurrect you. In one plot sequence (not a real battle) this angel appears with a rose in his butt and demands that Goro licked his butthole in order to resurrect. And Goro wanted to live.
After all the sightseeing Goro wants to visit adult store very much, but does not want Noriko-sensei to go there, so he suggests ladies go to a boutique and he visits the X place. And this happens when he returns.
Some elite guy from Black Phoenix captured sensei. And a good third of the game we just trying to get her back... We save some girl on the street from molesters just before that and now girl attacks presumably to let this guy get away with sensei.
So this is just first of many girl enemies ahead. Try to guess what happens when you defeat such an enemy... Right, typical Rance stuff. And I think there slightly less than 10 of such enemies throughout the game.
Anyway, we interrogate some punk from the Black Phoenix on the street and learn that sensei was taken to Osaka.
We find the bridge blown down and need to swim over the river and by the mids of  it Goro feels that he's got more difficult to breathe.
And the reason is Sailor - oh, I mean some nameless enemy. Saori helps us in this battle but something worries me...
Saori uses revolver and even SMG agains the pink head enemy. Oh, well, must be some special underwater arms, really. I should not even mention what happens to the enemy the next scene.
And it was still ok till some huge mech attacked our heroes with cannons and blasters.
Since there was nothing to do agains a giant robot, Goro just... summoned himself a new robot from the sky. REALLY?!?! What's wrong with this game, I wonder?! 
After we deal with the pilot in an additional scene the kidnapper of sensei shows up and whatever we do we get defeated. At this point resurrection angel only offers us to resurrect as a girl... and at this point I completely lost it. 
Next Goro girl was getting lots of harassment, some transsexual also showed up on the scene to support such a cute baby.
First Goro girl had to defeat some karate kid in karate competition with unorthodox methods like boob attack and tickle, then this win somehow got us access to some school where with this transsexual in girl clothes we hunted for the contents of school director safe. And then the company went further to Hokkaido. Somespace ship attacked and I guess Goro just summoned himself another spaceship, no biggie. As spaceship hit volcano, a multi-handed giant Budda appeared and for some reason became a threat!
At least there was no H scene after defeating this monster. Despite original goal was two-weekend school week proposal to the Ministry of Education, noone really bothered about it anymore. Instead, for some reason we storm the fortress of Black Phoenix to confront "The Queen". So on the way to this fortress Goro just dies in his cabin and angel gives no option but to resurrect as sensei kidnapper... Somehow the dude who claimed to be the toughest guy in Japan joins us since Goro claims that Goro is number one and that guy is number two. Anyway, this weird pair does most of the work in the fortress and the dude sacrifices himself to take one of the bodyguards out of action in this gay scene.
But instead of the Queen the ultimate boss is this... I don't have the words.
In our travels we bought or picked up some items that weren't of use not even once. So now is the chance to try all those items to defeat the boss.
The mighty boss is defeated with the banana peel and we get rape the queen scene. Game over. AAAAH! What the hell was that? We get a CG featuring afterstory of most of plot characters and that's it. I was not asking for a good story, but I'd appreciate at least a coherent one. And I can't stand rapist protagonists for their inevitably ugly moral image. That sums it up. My attitude towards Alice Soft has not changed, but i'm looking forward to next AliceSoft non-Rance game to prove me I'm wrong.

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