VN of the Month June 1992 - De-Ja 2

De-Ja 2 is the only masterpiece game of June 1992.

1. Mahjong Gensoukyoku 麻雀幻想曲 [920606] Active 1 2
The hero was a price of a small country but he became just an adventurer after a witch destroyed his country. He studies to be a mahjong warrior and participates in mahjong competition with the hand of Tanya as the prize.
Mahjong undressing game. I tend to hate Mahjong with all my heart, have not even watched a single Mahjong theme anime - and there are a LOT of them. So moving on.

2. Uchuu Bouken Shoujo Nami Davie Jones ~Umi no Akuma~ 宇宙冒険少女NAMI Davie Jones ~海の悪魔~ [920624] Popcom Soft
In 2991 in addition to speed of light space navigation humankind acquired the technology of hyper jump system (HJS) from ruins of ancient alien civilization. The government now succeeded in production of minimized versions of such hyper portals and one such device was planted in the suitcase of space delivery company pilot Nami.
Game is based on manga so it's very dense in details and elaborate in plot. It utilizes command selection bruteforcing. It's quite unexpected to see such an old-school space adventure in 1992. Anyway the game is quite an obscure one with too few reviews around to discuss its qualities.

3. De-Ja 2 DE・JA 2 [920625] Elf 1 2 3
This time you're interested in the legend of crystal skulls. But your only lead to them is the mad archaeologist who is found dead.
I've prepared a full review.

4. Hoshi no Suna Monogatari 2 星の砂物語2 [920625] D.O. 1
The second entry in the adult detective/mystery series describes another case in the life of the young amateur detective and nearly professional seducer of pretty women, Gengorou Imai. The stage of events is once again a boarding house in the country, this time in the winter season, with skiing and other attractions. Gen is having a good time with the young, but "demanding" Reiko Honda, when the news strike: a family friend, a young foreigner named Eddie, is stabbed by an unknown assailant. The only clue Gen can find right away are strange letters written in blood: H and O. What do they mean? Why would anyone want to harm the young boy? With the help of the many pretty girls at the boarding house and its surroundings, Gen begins the investigation, determined to find the criminal...
Another murder case, but now on a ski resort. This time there are even multiple endings prepared. But the governing element of the game is eroticism and graphics. The story really feels inferior here.

5. Bishoujo Tsuushin - Chat no Susume 美少女通信 CHATのススメ [920630] Cocktail Soft
Interactive chat with girls from previous Cocktail Soft games.
This is the first attempt to make an interactive chat and it's indeed a crude one. You can't even choose phrases, just icons that are meant to represent some emotion. The girls talks is also robotic-like - it's not interactive at all. Game should be treated just as a fan disk to meet favorite characters again.

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