VN of the Year 1992 - Phobos

Year 1992 was much to my liking with few eroge and a great number of elaborate plots. 

The notable features of year 1992 included:
- Implemented censorship rules resulted in private parts censored and at some cases companies set self-censorship to a degree when no private parts were ever on a screen or sometimes even to no nudity at all
- Regulations led to bigger emphasis on the story and experiments with the genres
- Horror mysteries with gore pictures started to appear as a genre
- Several sepia color works appeared to underline the warm atmosphere of the past events
- Pure romance works started to appear, but Nanpa games were still larger in number
- In several games individual endings for each heroine were implemented
- As for system, several games had very weird choices for text window and icon/command window

The number of good high quality games increased significantly.

Masterpieces of 1992:
1. Armist 
2. Can Can Bunny Premiere 
3. De-Ja 2 
4. Doukyuusei
5. Dracula Hakushaku
6. Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna
7. Joker II
8. Kiss
9. Koroshi no Dress 3
10. Kurutta Kajitsu
11. Martial Age
12. My Eyes!
13. Phobos
14.  Shinjuku Monogatari
15. Sotsugyou Shashin / Miki
16. The 4th Unit - Wyatt

And there was a good number of works with good atmosphere and story. At first I was pretty sure that Crazy Fruit (Kurutta Kajitsu) must be the game of the year 1992 since the year born so many horror mystery novels. Then I got really intrigued by Shinjuku Monogatary. Doukyuusei (Classmate) and it struck me as a very bright and novelty game. It was supposed to be another nanpa game or dating seem and turned out to be a collection of stories that you choose yourself. It's a game of events as something keeps happening everywhere and it's up to you whether you stop and try to get to know the people there or keep on exploring. Game has very attractive characters and huge replayability potential. It's not a strategy, not an RPG, but the amount of freedom you're given makes you think it's an entirely new genre. And yet my personal preferences demand a story game for the winner. And I personally liked the story of Phobos the most among the visual novels of 1992.

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