VN of the Month July 1993 - Bunretsu Shugoshin Twinkle Star

Words Worth and Bunretsu Shugoshin Twinkle Star are the star pair of July 1993. But it would only be fair if a visual novel and not an RPG-heavy game was VN of July 1993 and thus Bunretsu Shugoshin Twinkle Star has the upper hand.

1. Houma Hunter Lime Dai 02 Wa 宝魔ハンターライム 第02話 [930709] Silence 1
In this episode Lime disguises herself as a schoolgirl to detect a BEM who was sighted in girls' locker room. Lime and Bass must find a way to lure the little monster out and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.
In this series we get to know that not all the youkai are bad ones and need to be fought - some just need to finish some task and then they can leave this world. Lime selflessly sacrifices herself for the common good.

2. Kuroneko Kan 黒猫館 [930709] Fairy Dust 1
The game's protagonist is a young man named Okita. His friend Murakami has recently found a part-time job: housework in the Kuroneko ("Black Cat") mansion, which belongs to a rich and mysterious family. However, since then, Okita hasn't received a word from his friend. Worried about this strange silence, Okita travels to the mansion. There, he finds out that Murakami has left. He decides to stay and investigate the suspicious circumstances. But he is not prepared to the assault of wild eroticism that the mansion's inhabitants will soon unleash on him...
There were two OVA series produced by Fairy Dust - one was a part of Cream Lemon series and the other was a new OVA. The game events create a link between those two animation works. Overall it's a high quality museum maid work with frequent animations and thus targets a specific auditory.

3. Naomi ~Bishoujo-tachi no Yakata~ 奈緒美 ~美少女たちの館~ [930709] Red Zone
Naomi and Mina are two school girls who get enter a western-style building and get lost there. What awaits them inside?
Multi-ending multi-story ADV or normal visual novel as we call it now. Unlike Kawarazaki family here there are not many endings and those aren't that different. Most of the time there is a dark screen with some items on it at times, so it's a dim work. The only characters are females so yuri is inevitable.

4. CAL III: Kanketsuhen キャルIII 完結編 [930710] Birdy Soft 1 2 3
Two years have passed since Wataru Ishibashi, an ordinary high-school student in modern-day Japan, visited the magic world of beautiful goddesses and rescued his girlfriend Mika. It seems he can now finally enjoy a peaceful time with his beloved girl. But one day, his old friend Ches, a cute cat-like fairy girl, appears in his room and summons him to the world of gods. It appears that Venus, the goddess of love, is in trouble. Looks like Wataru is about to begin another adventure in the world of gods!
There are two good English reviews out there, but there's actually some story behind this game that we can't miss on. Cal III was originally being developed as an RPG, but then main staff had an argument with the director and established their own company. There was nothing to be done but to scrape those plans and hurriedly shift the work development into another adventure game. And there are lots of consequences to that. First of all, character design and images part totally changed, there was no more sexiness of Cal and Cal II. Game was supposed to be based around rpg gameplay, so there are zero puzzles in the game, few choices (many of which are just one choice), almost no game over parts. Plot gets pretty bizarre with weird events happening and all of the Alice in the Wonderland crew coming to rescue the sinking ship. To substitute for that pretty much everything is voiced, even narrator explanations, which hurts the tempo a lot if listening properly since just the opening would take over an hour. So it's an uneven work that differs greatly from prequels and it holds no special place in visual novel history. But for fans it was a devastating failure.

5. Gokko Vol. 01 Doctor Gokko Vol. 01 Doctor [930714] Mink 1
The story of Gokko Vol. 01: Doctor is quite simple: the protagonist is a young man who dreams of becoming a great doctor, study abroad, and win the Nobel prize. In reality, however, he is just an ordinary aspiring physician who has to practice his medical skills in a Japanese hospital. However, seeing how all the doctors, nurses, and patients turn out to be gorgeous young women, the hero quickly forgets the Hippocratic oath in favor of his less altruist, but more basic instincts...
Theme is hospital. There is a system of scores and choosing bad options or the same option twice reduces the score. There is no saving in the middle of each of 5 scenarios, so bad answers are recognized by trial and error, there is a constant feeling of tension. H events are done in point-and-click fashion, but there are also scores there...

6. Gakuen Monogatari ~Ikenai Houkago~ 学園物語 ~いけない放課後~ [930717] Peach Soft 1
By the end of the 20th century, women have acquired a prominent role in the human society. Entertainment, arts, and politics are increasingly dominated by women. Therefore, a special emphasis is put on educating young women, preparing them for the turbulent social life. The world's most prestigious educational institution is the Japanese Eikou High School. Becoming a teacher in that school is the highpoint of the career of the protagonist, Takigawa Noboru. But as it always happens (well, at least in bishōjo games), the moment the hero encounters all those gorgeous female colleagues and students, he forgets all about education...
The teacher is actually an agent sent to investigate the strange rumors about this school. But it really seems that the teacher forgets about everything and just enjoys the scenery. It's a one-way scenario, but movement has to be done with commands and the same corridors need to get passed over and over.

7. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo VI -My Fair Teacher- 天使たちの午後VI -My Fair Teacher- [930720] JAST 1
In this installment of the Tenshitachi no Gogo series, the player takes the role of Tatsuya Shindou, the new teacher in the girls-only Shirakaba High School. Following the tradition of the series (as well as many other hentai games), the protagonist's only interest is in having sex with as many girls as possible, regardless of their age and social status, and even regardless of their consent...
The main branch games of the series continue to be crap since fourth one and only specials remedy it. This time there's a big number of commands and a horrible interface that harm the impression. A legitimate loli makes an appearance here and it was not appropriate for many people. The main plot is about the teacher to unwind the case of serial rapes happening in the school, but it's difficult to call it a plot, more like a louse aim.

8. Words Worth [930722] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
God created Light and Shadow and separated them with the power of the divine Words Worth Tablet. One day, the Words Worth Tablet shall be read and all will be understood, and Light and Shadow will join and become complete. But someone has shattered the Tablet. The Tribe of Light and the Tribe of Shadow each blame the other and war ensues for 100 years. The story revolves around the bumbling but very skilled Prince Astral of the Tribe of Shadow who may be the one to bring the Tribes together and restore peace.
There are English reviews.

9. Kurukuru Party ~Princess Quest~ くるくる☆Party ~プリンセス・クエスト~ [930723] Tomboy
Let's become famous and marry a cute queen! 
By the way, the winner will have any wish fulfilled.
Defeat monsters, collect treasures and break the seal of an evil dragon.
 ... Will you become a legendary hero? Or will you conquer the world as a demon? The moment you open the package, your adventure begins!
I was quite surprised by the fact that I could not find any impression in Japanese on the game... until I tried it myself. It's just a tabletop game with four other competitors. Dice+card are used. The "story" synopsis is generic and it could easily be just game part without any synopsis at all. I don't really consider this game to be a visual novel at all.

10. Cal Gaiden - Tiny Steps Behind The Cal キャル外伝 タイニィステップ [930724] Birdy Soft 1
Cal Gaiden is not directly connected to other Cal games story-wise, completely abandoning the protagonist Wataru Ishibashi, the storyline concerning ancient Greek gods, and the multi-cultural fantasy setting. Instead, it follows the exploits of Satoru, a young man who its trying to find the love of his life. There are four possible candidates: the initial romantic interest Mari Inoue, the elusive Manako Sakamoto, and two co-workers - Ami and Yōko.
Now that you know the story behind Cal III - Cal Gaiden also presents under a new light. Cal Gaiden was issued just two weeks after Cal III and its most prominent feature that it's not Cal at all. There's absolutely nothing in common apart of the fact that both are bishoujo games. And the game seems to be of quite good quality, but after Cal III fiasco very few players even tried this and those who tried were outraged by the use of Cal in the title while having nothing in common to it. So there aren't good japanese reviews of the game.There are three chapters, each for for a heroine (3rd one paired for two coworkers). The unusual thing is that ex-girlfriend Mako plays an important role in each of the three scenarios. She's persistent, short-tempered and proactive. A good thing is that the story is about grown-ups so it would fit nowadays just wine with the market overflooded with surgarly school charage.

11. Collector D コレクターD [930726] D.O.
By the year 2000 an incurable disease has spread and men and women have become unable to have normal sex without vibrators. Hero is a designer of such vibrators. He comes to a new residential area as a sales agent.
There are 8 girls in 8 flats and the key to success is to prepare the right vibrator. Very few colors are used here and even H scenes look bleak.

12. Bunretsu Shugoshin Twinkle Star 分裂守護神トゥインクル☆スター [930729] Studio Twinkle 1
The hero of the game, a high-school student named Touma, has a strange dream, in which he is a hero, a savior of the world in a parallel dimension. And now he is dying, having sacrificed his life for a beautiful woman whom he calls Ruby. Touma wakes up, unable to understand anything, and suddenly realizes it was not a dream... at least not entirely. A magical symbol is engraved on his forehead. Touma realizes that he will have to learn more about his heroic destiny. Meanwhile, a young, seductive English teacher arrives at his school...
Birdie Soft independent branch Studio Twinkle. So the magical symbol is split between 6 parts and hero needs to find four other girls and each of girls corresponds to each of four chapters. The work is notable for its humor and crude but multiple animations, including transformation scenes almost like those of magic-girls. As for humor, it's very vivid in first two acts, but later on hardly noticeable. The choices are mostly present only in conversations, so it feels more like nowadays ADV. There are battles with enemies, but they are handled with simple minigames. So it's a high standards birdie soft fun game without command selection and without major flaws, thus worthy to be called a masterpiece.

13. Dareka... Special 誰か… スペシャル [9307] Wendy Magazine 1 2
Some mysterious things have been happening down at the space station. Odd energy readings, a naked girl materializes out of thin air, voices everywhere...
Can you find out what's going on? Investigate, speak with people, piece together what this is. People are holding secrets. Lives are at stake.
There is an English review.

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