VN of the Month October 1992 - Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna

Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna is the only masterpiece game of October 1992.

1. Yawara! ヤワラ [921001] Sofix 1 2 3

Manga adoptation. Hero is a journalist who once witnesses how Yawara beats up and offender on the street and decides to write a report about her.
There is actually a good English review

2. Present 2 プレゼント2 [921006] Orange House
Collection of three short stories:
- "Incest". Hero does not have siblings but meets a magical angel one day and confesses his dream of having a sister to him. When he comes home a sister is waiting for him.
- "Cat girl Mina". Heroine catches a cold and takes a day off school. As she wakes up she finds a human shaped cat on the bed of the other room.
- "Southern Cross". Noah plan to colonize another star is going to be carried tomorrow. Hero spends the last night before departure with his lover in a hotel.
Stories composition is similar to the prequel. The main difference is that there is now more explanation of the setting in each story, so there is less negative impact.

3. Mayumi まゆみ [921009] Cocktail Soft 1
Generic high-school boy gets a letter from his sweetheart Mayumi that she's transferring to a faraway school. Something in the tone of the letter looks suspicious, so he travels to that school and finds out that Mayumi is kidnapped and this school has something to do with it.
Mystery investigation adventure. You overhear that grandson of school president kidnapped Mayumi and the most unsatisfactory part is that he could not even explain why. So you investigate, manage to get inside the needed room and fight your way out. That's very much it. Screen is too small to enjoy the scenery. Story is quite serious, without spontaneous ecchi.

4. Charm シャルム [921010] P's PSYTEC Co., Ltd. 1
Charm is a visual novel that consists of five very short episodes from the life of a teenage girl named Eriko. The episodes can be accessed separately from the main menu. In the first episode, Eriko describes her ambiguous feelings towards her half-sister. In the second episode, Eriko has sexual fantasies about her female teacher. In the third episode (without adult content), Eriko participates in a cosplay. The fourth episode tells about her relationship with a female classmate, while the fifth is dedicated to her ambitions and desire to become popular with the boys.
Five short stories requiring only pressing enter to progress. Game is unusual for presenting a yuri episode. Pale colors, yuri theme and woman as main heroine create a light unique atmosphere. Game is not so much about physical relations, but more about the mindset and the anguish of the heroine.

5. Presence [921016] Sur De Wave
A sequel to Nostalgia 1907, Presence tells a totally different story. Hero is a psychoanalytic on board of a hijacked aircraft. Can the terrorist be reasoned with? Is there any hope for survival?
Suspense work and with a tragic fate. Its financial fiasco led the company to a bankruptcy very soon. What two games have in common is dangerous incident on a vehicle. But this work is more about hypnosis, persuasion and mind battle. Colored graphics looked like a step back from atmospheric sepia tones of Nostalgia 1907. Interface looks poor in comparison to prequel. Criminal is not persuasive and he never kills anyone. Game has very advanced animation for pc-98 and sophisticated talks, but Nostalgia 1907 fans could not forgive the game for being this much different from original.

6. Sweet Angel スウィートエンジェル [921018] Active 1
The player takes the role of Seisa, a bald-headed photographer. He likes sneaking into a high school and taking pictures of pretty girls. But one day he was caught and beaten by a girl who didn't want to be photographed. So Seisa plotted an elaborate revenge scheme: he managed to learn a spell that allowed him to look like different girls. Naturally, being one of the girls, it becomes much easier for our heroes to earn their trust - and to seduce them!
We tackled on Sweet girl 2 earlier, and this game is indeed its modified version. Same control of the hero movements, same multiple school locations to search for some new characters to appear each time, same impure intentions of the hero.

7. Ikuiku Pakkun イクイクパッ君 [921020] Silky's
A simple point-and-click game to undress 24 different girls while talking to them.
Feature of this game is that clicking on girl returns voice instead of text. Needless to say, it was very rare, so the impact was seriously big. But overall just molester crap.

8. Ginga Ojou-sama Densetsu Yuna 銀河お嬢様伝説ユナ [921023] Hudson Soft 1 2 3

Yuna is a 16-year old winner of Galaxy Beauty contest who then became "The Savior of Light", a magical girl in power armor suit that can befriend opponents with an aim to defend the Universe.
The series is quite popular and even this first game has a good number of English reviews

9. Kerakera-sei けらけら星 [921030] Cocktail Soft
Hero attends a marginal boys school, hangs out with his friend Tamaki and likes to peep at top class girls school in the neighborhood. And he gets an invitation to girls school cultural festival from their bitter enemy, glasses girl Kumiko who managed to stop the peeping every time.
Cocktail Soft made something fresh out of school story again. It looks very much like a bakage, but it's actually a youth growth story with dokan protagonist and some protagonist drama that looks entertaining. So it starts as bakage, continues as youth drama and ends as a bakage again as the hero chooses the friendship with his best friend over the romance with a girl. A very curious concept.

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