VN of the Month January 1993 - Mamono Hunter Youko: Tooki Yobigoe

There are no masterpieces this month, but I rate Mamono Hunter Youko: Tooki Yobigoe above others and thus it's VN of the January.

1. Gram Cats 2 グラムキャッツ2 [930108] Dott Kikaku 1
Marine and Sayaka arrive to the Scherer Island which is known as a luxury resort with a great hotel and famous nudist beach. Their goal is to investigate island secretly for the traces of an alien base.
I prepared a full review.

2. Mamono Hunter Youko: Tooki Yobigoe 魔物ハンター妖子 ~遠き呼び声~ [930108] Tenky 1 2
Tooki Yobigoe is a direct sequel to Mamono Hunter Yōko: Makai kara no Tenkōsei, continuing where the story of the previous game left off. Yohko, Shoma and Setsuna are attacked by demons on the flying ship, and have to use their recently found powers to fend them off. As opposed to the previous game, where Shoma was the protagonist, Yohko is the player character in the sequel.
There is not much of a story here, but there's much action, so it looks even better than the prequel. It's one-way road and it's impossible to die here. It's a one-time game, but light and fun so it should be treated this way.

3. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo V ~Nerawareta Tenshi~ 天使たちの午後V 〜狙われた天使〜 [930114] JAST
Main character is a lover and a producer of a selling singer. An incident occurred in which the acquaintance was shot dead during the singer live performance ruining the event. Hero decides to start his own investigation.
The reason why the hero starts an investigation is very weak. There are many interrogations to be done, so the game differs greatly from the other parts of the series. There are many bad endings and most of H events are only accessible while pursuing those. The poor interface resembling pc-88 games leaves a feeling of a half-baked game.

4. Akiko 亜紀子 [930122] Red Zone 1
Akiko Yagami is a young woman who has just accepted a teaching job offer from the Noble Girls High School. She is determined to be a good teacher and concentrate on her work. But upon arriving, she realizes that the school is a playground for wild sex. Akiko is seduced by her female boss, witnesses sex scenes between students, and finally gives in to her urges...
Fairytale X-Shitei disbanded after the scandal, but it does not mean Fairytale dropped its adult direction branch. Redzone took the place and even remade Kounai Shasei series adding censorship so that those could be sold again. In this first work Redzone accepted the rules of the game and produced a censored game, but of extreme content. The game has little in the story department apart of the fact that Akiko appears to be a secret agent sent to uncover the disturbing events in this school. The game was first in the sales in January 1992 which shows that the theme answered the wishes of the audience.

5. Premium II [930128] Silky's 1
Premium 2 has exactly the same premise as its predecessor - play through four erotic scenarios, each dedicated to a specific theme, without any over-arching story line. The gameplay is exactly the same as in the previous game: the player goes through simple context-specific commands to trigger the next scene. The situations are entirely dedicated to sex.
CG beautiful as ever and the "plot" part is quite non-existant. There are some bad endings on poor choices.

6. Fushigi no Umi no Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water ふしぎの海のナディア THE SECRET OF BLUE WATER [930129] Hudson Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6

Fushigi no Umi no Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water is one of the several games based on the anime series of the same name. The game assumes familiarity with the story of the anime, taking the player directly into the time frame of late episodes, where Grandis and the jewel thieves have already joined Jean and Nadia on their travels with Captain Nemo on his submarine "Nautilus". Following a dramatic scene that reveals more about Electra's past, the crew is stranded on a mysterious island. Jean, Nadia, Marie, and the lion cub King decide to explore it, and discover an ancient civilization in the process.
There are English reviews.

7. Beast 3 ビースト 3 [9301] Birdy Soft
One day Mr. Sato rang saying that she felt foggy. When Soga and Kotone made it to his place, man was missing. First step is to seek at university where he was last seen.
Game is now set outdoors! So we search information from inhabitants of one area, get the lead to next area and so on. There's almost no H-scenes. There are a lot of gags on the previous parts scattered around. So the serious atmosphere of the first parts is totally ruined, maybe for the best. Still, beast trilogy stays one of the three pillars of Birdie Soft company on par with Joker and CAL series.

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