VN of the Month February 1993 - Cosmology of Kyoto

Cosmology of Kyoto  publication month is unknown, so I just put it to February that had relatively few titles. Cosmology of Kyoto is the only masterpiece of February 1993 and thus VN of the month.

1. 3x3 Eyes ~Sanjiyan Henjou~ 3x3 Eyes ~三只眼變成~ [930205] Nihon Create 1 2 3 4 5 6
Sanjiyan Henjō is based on the manga and anime series 3x3 Eyes. Pai, a young girl from the immortal tribe of sanzhiyan, three-eyed demons of Chinese origin, wants to become a human again. She meets a Japanese teenager named Yakumo Fujii, whom she accidentally turns into a "wu", an immortal obedient servant of a three-eyed demon. Together, Pai and Yakumo try to regain their lost humanity.
There are many English reviews including mine.

2. Bishoujo Audition - Idol o Sagase! 美少女オーディション アイドルを探せ! [930205] Tomboy
The previous winner of MISCON left it with a scandal and now the reputation of the competition is on stake. Only the best candidates should pass the audition.
A minor title. You hold an audition and try to get through a whole mess of different stats.

3. Hacchake Ayayo-san 4 - Sexy Olympics - Ayayo's Live Affection はっちゃけあやよさん4 セクシーオリンピック AYAYO'S LIVE AFFECTION [930213] Hard 1
Ayayo's Live Affection is the fourth entry in the Hacchake Ayayo-san series. This time Ayayo and Tomoko meet new friends who convince them to participate in the Sex Olympics. The rest of the plot consists of various sexual encounters that constitute this bizarre tournament.
The new part of longest standing erotic series, now with improved graphics and animation. Ero-centered bakage.

4. Animahjong V3 あにまーじゃんV3 [930226] Sogna 1
In this pre-Viper game by Sogna, an elderly mahjong master with no sons seeks a male successor. When he discovers the protagonist, he offers him one of his three daughters for a wife. His daughters, Rumi, Miyabi, and Yumika, disagree because they've never met him, so the old man suggests they play strip mahjong with him in order to get to know him. Since they are all skilled mahjong players, they think they will embarrass him and agree.
This time the strip mahjong goes with some kind of synopsis and animation. But it does not affect the outcome.

5. Cat's Part 1 Cat's Part 1 [930228] Cat's Pro. 1
Cat's Part 1 casts the player in the role of an unnamed protagonist, presumably young, male, and very interested in the members of the opposite sex. One fine day he meets Stella, the queen of magic world. She tells him that her duty is to sustain the balance between worlds, but now her power is fading, which means a new queen has to arrive and take her place. To find this queen, Stella tells her companion Pixie to open the gates to seven different worlds: three modern-day ones, three futuristic ones, and one "past", and sends the hero on the quest for balance in the world... and numerous sexually fulfilling encounters with pretty girls from different dimensions.
Point-and-click adv travelling the seven different worlds looking for queen. Despite being a dog the hero gets to observe all kind of erotic situations in each world. The graphics and sound support are also above average, so it's an ok debut work for Cat's Pro.

6. AIDS Watashi o Aishite... Jinai Seijin AIDS私を愛して・・・神愛聖人 [93] Medic
Main hero is an ordinary salary-man of 25 years old. He has a girlfriend, but they have not spent much time together since the beginning of the week. Now hero gets a bonus payment at work. How will she spend the money?
The premise of the game is to show how a night adventure can turn into death disease and how easy it is to go to public health examination.

7. Cosmology of Kyoto [93] Soft Edge 1 2 3 4 5 6
Step into the mind of an ancient Japanese person in the Heian period in ancient Kyoto. Live their fears, fight their demons, and understand their history and legends by actually experiencing them first hand.
There are English reviews.

8. Himitsu Chouhou Buin - 00Nanako-chan 2 秘密諜報部員00ななこちゃんII [93] Overture
Nanako has become a full fledged spy out of an apprentice. Now she gets a new important mission.
This time there are much more locations and it's easy to get lost.

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