VN of the Month December 1992 - Koroshi no Dress 3

Doukyuusei and Koroshi no Dress 3 are the masterpieces of December 1992, but I just can't rate a good story game lower than a very good, but still nanpa game. Koroshi no Dress 3 is the VN of December 1992.

1. Chikyuu Bouei Shoujo Iko-chan ~UFO Daisakusen~ 地球防衛少女イコちゃん ~UFO大作戦~ [921204] Chime
Defender of the Earth girl Iko-chan defends the planet against alien monsters. This is a part of media franchise that by 1992 counted three OVAs, TV Dorama and manga.
Battles are done as a card game, but it's hardly possible to lose. It's more like a parody to the series, so no point discussing it without knowing the original.

2. Mirror 鏡 -mirror- [921209] Studio Twinkle 1
Young man enters the shop "Mirror" and touched the doll as the puppet-like owner Heine said. The next moment he found himself in a hospital with amnesia facing the woman who looked like a doll. Now it's time to find out the truth, if there is one.
New Birdie Soft brand so expectations are already high since visuals and sound should be on high level as always. But new studio name and being an 15+ work hurt the sales badly. So it is a romance story in the hospital, but with a quirk of suspense and good atmosphere created by talking with nurse and patients. And it's an ADV which is very rare while interactive adventures were dominant. Overall a high quality comfortable to play game with an intriguing story and good text.

3. Moonlight Energy ムーンライトエナジー [921210] Interheart 1 2
The heroine of the game is a high school student named Maki, who is focused on just one thing: sex with girls.
Interheart first game and a nukige right off the bat. The story is extremely lightweight and comical.

4. Ginsei Senshin Guynarock 2 銀聖戦神ガイナロック 2 [921211] Silence
2125. Half a year after the first incident. This time the SIS crew stumbles upon another ghost spaceship. Having found nothing, they move on, but two girls develop some body abnormalities. What kind of disease is brought from the abandoned spaceship?
A new Silence game which means it's not a long, but a highly animated game. This time the contents is less hardcore and presented by nude body parts at best. The turn of events here is curious, but not as thrilling as in the prequel. Perhaps for that reason the prequel gets a remake later from Sogna, but this second part does not.

5. Will no Dengon ウィルの伝言 [921211] Cocktail Soft
Heroine Lucia lives in a peaceful town of "Will". She hears from boy Rui who she helped in the forest that the neighboring town Wolfe is going to attack. There was a legend that once per 400 years a demon comes down to Will and Wolfe intended to utilize his power. To stop the assault Lucia is preparing to attack the front base of Wolfe on an aircraft.
The setting is rather elaborate and it's very unusual for Cocktail soft to issue a serious all-age science fiction story. The story had big emphasis on mechanisms, but soon forgot about then. This devil part looked totally unsuitable for the setting. Commands are given in words rather than in icons at the top of the screen, but there is little motivation for exploration since command feedback was limited. The relationship between two main hero mechanics was good. But the scenario was lacking and without H part it did not have a success.

6. Dalk [921215] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hero gets involved into conflict between gods Martis and Mira. As a servant of Martis, he needs to unseal this goddess, protector of women. Fourteen girls will fight alongside in his quest deep into the mountains.
The game is an RPG and it was famous for 1,000 faces on the pc-98 box. Game had personal different scenes for each of 14 girls to accompany hero. And after clearing the game there was a 1000-floor dungeon to dwell deeper and deeper. It was indeed a colossus work. There are complaints on the battle map part, clunky moving part, but overall it was a good relaxing time killer with pleasurable gameplay.

7. Doukyuusei 同級生 [921217] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Takurou is a high-school student who transfers to a new school and who wants to find his only one partner during last summer break before the graduation.
It was the first epidemic VN. Released on 17 december, it was a perfect Christmas present. 14 girls to combat for attention. Concept of time introduced, so there is always something new showing up with consecutive playthroughs. It's map movement on the global map and point-and-click type inside buildings. But together with the concept of time, multiflag, individual routes for each girl, nampa elements and first class romance scenario, there was a feeling it was a totally new genre. It was this multi-layer system that created the impression of game supremacy. You could enter an any building out of dozens, talk to any character so satisfaction was above a typical ADV novel. Cute loli Himo was supposed to be the main attraction and main heroine, but surprisingly many players like Hisa girl with a tsundere character the most. So it might be the beginning of tsundere stamp as well. There are a lot of working ladies as well. The scenarios were unique and well made and picture does not lag behind. BGM was perfect. Later versions got voicing as well. Console versions had no H images and H scenes and it was still good. Original game did not have much emphasis on romance, but windows remake tried to follow the trend and the charm of the work was gone to a point. So it was a revolutionary game in many aspects and a great popularization of the genre, so many people considered this game to be starting point and never knew about the previous games.

8. Floppy Bunko 14 - Sadistic Gamers Syndrome - Episode 1 フロッピー文庫14 サディスティックゲーマーズシンドローム エピソード1 [921218] Sixteens 1
You play as a boy who is getting real bad grades. You get a tutor in the form of a strict looking woman who is secretly into some vaguely kinky stuff. She thinks that smart people are sexy, so if you show her how smart you really are, then maybe the game will start to get sexual. The quiz will cover all sorts of topics, though none of the questions are presented in a way that makes it particularly funny.
There is an English review of the game.

9. Pastel Lime パステルLime [921218] Naxat Soft 1 2

Yū is a young apprentice magician who lives in the Fairy World. One day, a magical error occurs, and Yū finds herself on Earth. In order to return to her world, the little fairy must find three stones that must be inserted into her magical brooch. A young girl who finds the first stone becomes Yū's companion (and the game's protagonist), and together they must find and recover the other stones.
There's a good English review on this game here.

10. Red [921219] Discovery
Investigation assistant got a letter mentioning Luna city and the letter was posted a month ago from the location of explosion accident. So investigation started.
This very solid work was buried under overwhelming popularity of Elf's Classmate. Science fiction setting, very likable characters and intriguing plot - it had everything to get popular. On the other side the work was clustered - it used icons for interaction, shooting modes and additional commands and phrases in dialogues. H-scenes weren't obligatory and after clearing they became available in reminiscence menu anyway. Otherwise it's a one-way scenario.

11. Koroshi no Dress 3 殺しのドレス3 [921220] Fairytale
Masashi Satoru is a Shibuya policeman set on a series of murders targeting only single males. And suspicion immediately falls on his lover.
First of all I should mention prequels. First part was issued in 1987 and it was a genius work, but with not enough volume at that time. Next part drifted away from suspense into eroticism and generally considered weak. So now we come to part 3 which is spiritual follower of original. Graphics are more anime-style compared to realistic style of previous games. A feature of this game is cuts from the viewpoint of the criminal which rose interest greatly. One by one new murders take place and inter-human connections of the victims get exposed. And the story has an adult feel and look. With those criminal cuts it's watched almost as dorama and all the tension brings to a satisfaction in the end. So it's a masterpiece work of its time.

12. Mischif ミスチフ [921223] Basement 1
Long time ago, the Magic World and our world were not on good terms. But now, it has become different - or has it?.. In any case, a young spoiled boy named Frito, from a rich Magic World family, has to get married - and his father tells him to choose a spouse from our world. Frito's trusted servant, an elf-like creature named Fin, finds three suitable girls: a Japanese high-school student (naturally), a maid, and a Wild West farmer girl. Who will become the happy bride?..
The second and last title of Basement who gave us Armist. Despite the fantasy setting quite a normal nanpa game. The difficulty is actually high since you can easily overdo something during H scene point and click session. There is an ending for each of the brides plus a hidden ending.

13. Beyond the Wall of Stars [921223] R. A. Montgomery 1 2 3

The planet Celadon is in trouble and needs help. In this story, you will become part of the expedition team which will try to reach Tara, a recently settled planet far beyond the Wall of Stars. Along the way, you'll get to affect the outcome of the story by making a series of critical decisions about direction, strategy, tactics and teamwork.
It's EVN, so it naturally has English reviews.

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