VN of the Month March 1993 - Marine Philt

Marine Philt is the only masterpiece of March 1993.

1. Hatsukoi Monogatari 初恋物語 [930305] Game Technopolis 1 2
An ordinary Japanese student finds a floppy disk on the street; using his computer to load data from it, he miraculously summons Foltjunia, an intergalactic warrior who fights evil in her robotic armor with three companions. However, Foltjunia has lost her powers and as a result stays with the hero, giving him advice as to how to conquer the love of a schoolmate.
Game Technopolis games have always been weird AND bad. It's not an exception, as usual. Biggest flaw lies with the system. SLG elements are overflowing for a sim. Text usually takes half of the screen, images are small. BGM is monotonous. Mouse is not responsive... In this raising sim... you're even raising the protagonist to suit the girl. Maybe it was novelty and all, but production values were not high enough to enjoy it.

2. Bell's Avenue ベルズアベニュー [930312] Wendy Magazine 1
Bell's Avenue is a collection of three very short games, all of which play like minimalist Japanese-style adventures and have stories that revolve around sex. The interaction follows the standard verb-command "Look-Talk-Think" template, without any sub-menus that would allow interaction with different objects.
The Lyrical Story After Rain, the shortest of the three, is an episode from the life of a lonely teenage girl, who meets another young girl on the train and later has erotic fantasies involving her.
Paragon Wing Bird is considerably longer and has a sci-fi theme, the protagonist being a male adventurer from the Earth, who has encountered a race of human-like creatures in deep space and is interested in their sexual traditions.
Kara is the longest of the three, is set in a high school, and describes a group of young girls who are eager to have their first sexual experience. This game allows menu-based navigation through various locations in the school and non-linear story progression, which can change depending on the player's choice and order of locations to visit.
Bell's Avenue also contains Under Deep, a very short futuristic story, basically consisting of two bizarre sex scenes and having no interaction at all, and Minimum Hour, which presents, in a comical way, a few ideas for sex-based arcade games, which are not playable.
Yet another multiple ero-oriented stories under one title. This time even without cute heroines. And since it's Wendy Magazine, without males.

3. Marine Philt マリンフィルト [930312] Fairytale 1 2 3 4
In the first half of the 21st century, humanity started building space satellites, trying to sustain the working conditions in outer space by using a drug known as Marine Philt. Eventually the project was abandoned. One of the deserted satellites fell onto the Earth, causing a radioactive accident that forced the inhabitants of Neo Tokyo to dwell underground. One day, a young man named Seed heard a news report about a gruesome murder that occurred in a research facility. Together with his friends, Seed ventures into the building, only to discover another horrifying result of the satellite crash, which may put the entire city in immense danger.
There are English reviews.

4. YES! - Youthful Eager Stories [930312] Himeya Soft
A collection of three short stories:
1) "Last kingdom" is about the queen being escorted out of the kingdom by the guards due to the order of the king who is about to meet kingdom destruction.
2) "BT-3" is a love story between the android BT-3 who suffers a space shuttle crash and a local girl, who gets involved in fight after pursuers find the crash location.
3) "Western mansion vampire" is a about a school girl who enters a western mansion to rescue her friend who was missing after visiting that place.
Whoa, even Himeya Soft followed the craze and made its own multiple stories game. But unlike the other companies these three stories are short and ero-centered, but scenario driven and and intriguing to read. Both character design and CG styles are familiar to me, so I enjoyed the work moderately.

5. Aa! Megami-sama! ああっ女神さまっ [930320] Banpresto 1 2 3 4
Based on the anime series Ah! My Goddess, the game follows the story of a Japanese high-school student named Keiichi, who has accidentally summoned the powerful, yet very lovely Norse goddess Verdandi (mercilessly misspelled Belldandy in the game) and pronounced a wish to stay with her forever. Now the gorgeous goddess has become a part of his life, and the two find themselves involved in constant misunderstandings and comical situations, yet also develop feelings for each other...
There are English reviews.

6. Marginal Storys マージナルストーリーズ [930331] Forest 1
Marginal Storys (sic) is composed of two short visual novels, which are accessible from the main menu and are not related to each other story-wise.
The first one, entitled Forbidden Rhythm, is a bizarre horror story. The protagonist, a young man named Kyouichi, finds himself in an old mansion, which seems to contain an evil energy - dead bodies, ghosts, apparitions haunt Kyouichi, who has to recall childhood events and the incestuous feelings towards his sister.
The second story is named Cosplaytor II (sic), and is set in Tokyo, in 2019. Entertainment as we know it has disappeared off the face of the Earth, replaced by a global virtual reality game, that became the ultimate reality for many people. The player controls an agent known only by his codename ("Z"), who has to investigate criminal occurrences that might lead to a world-wide cyber-conspiracy.
I'm prejudiced against multiple stories works, but this work stands out among those. The reason is the horror atmosphere that's created partly by peculiar palette and drawing, but mostly thanks to the great sound support. Those cicada sounds get really stuck in the mind. The shortness and the hazy ending leaving the conclusive events to the imagination hurt the overall impression, not leaving it rise as a masterpiece.

7. Wonpara Wars WONPARAウォーズ [930331] Mink 1 2 3
God has created a paradise called Wandante. Men, women, and animals lived together in peace. But where there is God, there is also Devil; where there is love, there is also hatred. The hatred between men and women grew, until it resulted in a bloody war. Having superior physical strength, men were victorious for a while - until female demons offered their help to women's army. Men's army was nearly destroyed. It was at that time that the hero, named Leopard Chateau-Lyon, appeared in Wandante. He is the only hope of the men, the one who will have to defeat the demonic women and to bring peace to both genders.
There is an English review.

8. Psychic Detective Series Final Vol. 7: Solitude (Gekan) サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ・ファイナル Vol.7 ソリチュード(下巻)[9303] DataWest
Katsuya Furuyagi lost the psychic ability, so he dives into the mind of his former lover in coma state Aya Shingonji with the help of Rosemary. Will he bring back his love to the world of light, get over his trauma and perhaps save the world or is there only desperation ahead?
First of all, the game cost 12,800 yen upon release, same as the 6th part of the series, so quite few fans decided to buy the game after the negative reception of 6th part. The tempo of the game got even worse due to the need to move through the rooms one by one thoroughly searching them over and using DAPS replay ability. There are puzzles and to solve those many recollection scenes are shown which was watching the same scenes again for the veterans of the series. There is no such thing as happy ending in this last work and thus the aftertaste is quite sour.

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