VN of the Month November 1992 - Dracula Hakushaku

Dracula Hakushaku is the only masterpiece game of November 1992.

1. Iris-tei Serenade イーリス亭小夜曲 [921113] Agumix 1 2
Iris Tei Serenade is set in a medieval fantasy land. For seven years, the two most powerful countries - the Empire of Aimar and the Kingdom of Langbard - have been at war with each other. In order to secure the victory, the people of Aimar turned to Imar, their hero and guardian angel. Imar's mission is to infiltrate the Langbard kingdom. However, once he arrives there and stays at the inn run by three young and lovely sisters, his mind turns into a direction quite different from war and politics...
There is an English review.

2. Jan Jaka Jan 雀JAKA雀 [921113] Elf 1 2
Hero gets robbed on a street, but since this town is famous for mahjong tournaments, he decides to get money this way.
All mahjong games look alike to me. Here you can buy items to increase your condition. You actually need to win four mahjong dojo girls and in order to do that you earn money to afford entrance fee and one by one make those girls respect your skill in the game. Some games can't be won without special item.

3. Nooch - Abakareta Inbou ヌーク あばかれた陰謀 [921113] Softhouse Bonbee Bonbon 1
Umechiyo finally met with his childhood friend Piliru, but she is now pursued as she holds knowledge about her country underground activities.
It's not really a criminal story. Piliru is just 180 IQ girl who knows the secret recipe to drug curing cancer. Game has many alluring points, like charming characters and good tempo. Light and fun work. The flags are a bit difficult to track, but that's ordinary. But the game received many negative reviews just due to the fact, that right before the last scene there's like 16 puzzles timed for 2 minutes. It was impossible for most of players to complete the game because of them. And walkthrough was not as easy to get as it is nowadays.

4. E [i:] Tokyo Kyonyuu Story E[i:]東京巨乳ストーリー [921120] Apple Pie
Hero works at the counter of a coffee house along with five beautiful women. He lives on the second floor of the same building since it belongs to his father. One day he discovers a TV set that is connected to hidden cameras around the coffee shop...
On par with the title of Tokyo big boobs story the aim is H even with every girl. We get to decide each day which girl to help around the shop.

5. DOR Part 3 DOR Part 3 [921127] D.O. 1
DOR Part 3 is, as the title implies, the third entry in the series. The game's structure is identical to that of the predecessors: three completely unrelated scenarios, which can be accessed from the main menu.
The first scenario deals with a young man who is bored working for a company called D.O.. Luckily, on that particular day the company decides to interview a few young and pretty women, and naturally, the hero is glad to jump at that opportunity...
The second scenario depicts an average guy on a plane who pretends to be a real hijacker, threatening the passengers and coercing the female flight attendants to perform services of sexual nature for him.
The third scenario tells the story of a mad scientist, who has invented a machine that would turn human being into his willing slaves. At first, the scientist decides to use this machine on his cute female assistant, but in an unexpected turn of events, new victims appear...
New set of nukige stories.

6. Dracula Hakushaku ドラキュラ伯爵 [921127] Fairytale 1 2
Count Dracula wakes up after 300 years of slumber only to find his seven vampire brides dead and the world not terrorized by vampires anymore. Time to turn things to their original state! But first need to get rid of hunter Abraham Van Helsing annoying presence.
Point and click adventure by Fairytale. Or better say choose icon-point and click game. You actually move with arrow buttons at moving sections from a first person perspective and there are even items to get. Graphics is very impressive and characters are beautiful. By the end of 1992 the regulation of ero scenes in games in Japan was very harsh, that's why there were very few games that relied on ero scenes alone. Drakula Hakushaku has ero scenes, but rather few and unconvincing. Instead of sexual desire hero is more interested in sucking blood. Story is exciting, gory and satisfying. So this indeed is a good action masterpiece with great atmosphere.

7. Psychic Detective Series Final Vol. 6: Solitude (Joukan) サイキック・ディテクティブ・シリーズ・ファイナル Vol.6 ソリチュード(上巻) [921127] DataWest
Several months after the events of the "Nightmare" part.
- "Aya Shingonji is alive, I need your help" said the man who visited the hero at the hospital room. Katsuya Furuyagi lost much of his psychic force after the "Nightmare" incident when he spend almost all of his power to to drag the consciousness of murdered Langhao who got resurrected to the body of Rosemary girl. Aya was Katsuya former lover who lost consciousness and existed on a vegetative level with life support system. Is Aya truly alive? The biggest crisis of the series approaches.
This is the first half of the final volume of the story and things get terribly complicated here. Lots of previous works are interlinked here, so trying to discuss the story without a firm knowledge of previous parts is useless. Retrospective scenes jumps here and there all the time and it's difficult to follow the story. The game only covers a week of living in the Aya parents house prior to the dive into Aya mind which happens only in the following game, so evaluation of this part as a stand-alone game is not high.

8. Camisole キャミソール [9211] Flat
Heroine Tenjin Shima is a manager of the lingerie shop, but on the behind this is a private investigation organization. One day a request is received from the National Universtity to find the professor missing for a week already. All that's known is that professor was interested in excavation of an ancient civilization and searched for a hidden treasure.
Synopsis looks exquisite, but story is quite simple. It develops without any mystery solving. Second half is crumpled and ends poorly. Many characters that show up aren't even involved in story in any way, more like random characters to fill the gaps. Game's very short as well, reaching 2 hours length only for slow-readers.

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