VN of the Month May 1993 - Nova

Prostudent G and Nova are the masterpieces of the month, but when there's a choice I'd choose anything over bakage and thus Nova is VN of May 1993.

1. Noltia ノルティア [930514] Flat 1
Noltia contains three scenarios, which are not related to each other story-wise. All the three share traditional Japanese adventure gameplay, with "Look - Talk - Think" verb command pattern, no inventory, no puzzles, and plenty of text.
The first one can be played as either of its two main characters - the boy Aruto or the girl Kyoko. Both are not what they seem to be: Aruto is working for a registry organization in the World of the Dead, and he has to bring Kyoko to judgment, where it will be decided whether she goes to heaven or hell after death. However, Kyoko is actually an angel, whose goal is to save Aruto from killing himself. Both characters have special bars - the well-being of the protagonist and the proximity of the opponent to the protagonist's goal. Command choices can increase or decrease either of these statistics. Wrong choices can lead to Game Over.
The second scenario casts the player in the role of a high-school student named Yoshihiko, who is hired by a gym teacher to take erotic pictures of high-school girls and bring them to him. This scenario allows movement through school locations (menu command "Move"), and, depending on the player's choices, Yoshihiko can succeed in taking the most erotically satisfying pictures, or achieve one of the "bad" endings.
The third scenario is a realistic depiction of a relationship between a young man named Eiji and his little sister Miwa. The player can choose to play as either one of them. Eiji is dating Miwa's schoolmate, and Miwa tries to understand the change in her own feelings. In this episode, the gameplay is rather straight-forward Japanese adventure.
Only third story is serious enough. It also uses zapping to switch protagonists, which is really fresh. A very nice experimental work without emphasis on H-element. It's one of the works that allows us to speak of 1993 year as the golden age of visual novels with lots of original stories and emphasis on scenario.

2. Tenshi-tachi no Gogo Special 2 天使たちの午後SpecialII [930514] JAST
Main hero is high school student. But he also steals money and assets from villains to return it to the proper owners. One day he received a request by mail to get "Blue Diamond" out of debt situation.
The only common part with the predecessors is that it's a school mystery. Game series is changing very slowly over time and thus starting to look bleak compared to competitors. Anyway, character design is cute and it's still possible to enjoy the game heartfully.

3. Prostudent G ぷろすちゅーでんとG [930515] Alice Soft 1 2 3
By the end of the 20th century, radical educational reforms have transformed the Japanese society. Students were split into opposing groups, and the more aggressive of those eventually formed a dominant organization named Order of Black Phoenix, centered on the cult of a mysterious person known as "The Queen". Outcast students have escaped to a secluded island near Okinawa. A wandering lazy and lecherous manga and anime fan named Gorō Endō teams up with a female teacher and a few students to lead an opposition force against the oppressive governing circles.
Bakage from AliceSoft. Even the synopsis does not make any sense. And it should not - in fact, it's possible not to follow the story and still enjoy the game in he fullest. All kinds of elements are mixed together with constant parodies, gags and unrealistic events happening. I prepared a full review of it.

4. DOR Special Edition Sakigake DOR SPECIAL EDITION 魁 [930521] D.O. 1
DOR Special Edition: Sakigake is the fourth entry in the DOR series. Unlike all the previous games, it contains only one scenario instead of the usual three.
The scenario follows the story of Kensuke Funaki, a young boy who attends a prestigious private high school, where the students specialize in sports as well as various theatrical activities. The biggest event of the school is an all-female wrestling competition. Kensuke finds himself in a promising situation: in order to secure his support, the young and pretty competitors are willing to go far - very, very far...
The story does not differ much from other DOR stories. But this game's feature is unusual sound and partial voicing.

5. Nova ノ・ヴァ [930528] Cat's Pro. 1 2
The protagonist of the game awakens in the cryogenic chamber of a spaceship, unable to remember anything from his past and only vaguely recalling his name. Something strange is happening on board the ship, and it is possible that unknown creatures have found their way into it. The protagonist meets other crew members and together they try to find out what exactly is going on.
The first serious work of Cat's Pro and already a masterpiece according to my rating. Actually Nova has three stories that happen roughly at the same place in the same circumstances, but only first story has enough longevity and complexity. It also has the most mystery and SF elements in it. Three stories is an experimental structure to satisfy as many players as possible. Still the selling point of the game lies in magnificent graphics and sound.

6. Hitomi Zaka ひとみ坂 [93] Higashikai Hotsujuku 1
The story itself is about a group of friends from high school after school is over. Everyone hangs out in a coffee house, goes on dates in said coffee house, plays occasional games of football, and sometimes go out to do stuff like visiting the fair or play the piano.
There is an English review.

7. S.A. S.A. [93] A-Inn
A collection of two short erotic stories
Scenario 1 is about a parent and child coming to main character's house for recruitment purposes. Protagonist manages to coerce child to intimate relations.
Scenario 2 is about main character graduating from high school and gathering to move out. At the same time imouto starts to gain consciousness as a woman. Siblings share their memories before the departure.
Short erotic stories, but with great visuals.

8. The Ooya-san - Tamattemasu yo! Yachin ga!? ザ・大家さん たまってますよ!家賃が!? [93] Soft Circle Courreges
Ohayama Harumi is the son of apartment complex owner. One day his father gives him a telephone call and asks to gather rent from five girls that are late with the payment.
The girls prefer to seduce the guy and he's such a virgin that can not say no. Nothing special.

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