VN of the Month August 1996 - Be-Yond ~Kurodaishou ni Mirareteru~

Be-Yond ~Kurodaishou ni Mirareteru~ is the only masterpiece of the month.

1. Eden no Kaori エデンの香り [960801] JAST
Joe Tsunado is a private investigator who has been out of work for a long time. Suddenly he gets a call from Yorimasa Kiryuuin, a very rich man, who wants to hire Joe for examing the true identity of one suspicious Yorimasa’s relative. That person appeared after the former head of family had passed out and said that he was his son. Now he claim’s to the fortune of the family and Yorimasa wants to know is he’s really his relative or not.
There is a strange charm about Jast works. This is quite a minor and it's not really long. But it has multiple endings, including bad ones. There are some 40 locations in the town and in the mansion that you need to check and talk to everyone between the big events. There is also quite big number of H-scenes with almost all of them being spontaneous. It's possible to play this game at aisenheim project, but their google translation is dated and thus bad while opening log all the time to copy text for translation is a bit tedious.

2. Blue Eyes [960802] FAIRYTALE HARDCOVER

A.D. 2215. Aliens coexist with humans on the Earth. A team of killers, containing Matis, Selica and Joiness, creates an uproar on the streets of Tokyo. This time they killed the most powerful mafia boss and took three black crystals called "Blue Eyes". However, they get involved in a terrible incident over the "Blue Eyes".
I wish all VN industry moved this direction.

3. Cherry Jam ~Kanojo ga Hadaka ni Kigaetara~ チェリージャム ~彼女が裸に着替えたら~ [960802] Jam 1
Cherry Jam is a visual novel with a slight inclination towards dating simulation. The hero is a nameless young man who is dating a girl named Tomoyo. The game is dedicated to their relationship, more precisely the dates they have together. As usually in visual novels, the basic premise is a flow of text accompanying still images, with occasional decisions that steer the story in a different direction. However, in Cherry Jam the player has to choose the protagonist's answers or actions very frequently. Those decisions influence Tomoyo's mood and eventually the outcome of the date. Many decisions also lead to a premature end of the game.
Another experimental SIM. Just one heroine, but there's a time limit, constant lack of finances, after-date diary from the Tomoyo side of view pressure - the difficulty is really high.

4. Peropero Candy ぺろぺろCandy [960802] Mink 1 2 3
The protagonist is an average guy. One day in the street I meet up a agent who introduces me into a H shop (Image Club). I'm unwilling because it may be coarse, but he confidently says to me that there's a pretty girl in the shop, so I change my mind and get in. Yes! A beautiful and nice girl named Candy welcomes me. From now on the story's simple. We talk familiarly for a while and take a H situation-play. From time to time I meet up a girl in the street who resembles Candy in appearance but she says she doesn't know me. Who is she?
There is an English review.

Yuurou ~Transient Sands~ 憂楼 ~Transient Sands~ [960802] Harvest 1 2 3 4 5
Riku is a knight of the Yūrō Empire, part of a medieval fantasy world known as Varcias. One day, returning to Yūrō through the desert, Riku found a girl lying nearly unconscious on the sand. This girl is revealed to be Azusa, a modern-day Japanese schoolgirl who, thanks to a time warp, ended up in Varcias. Riku must now help Azusa return to her home world. But enemy forces are attacking Yūrō, and the Empress is in desperate need of assistance.
There is an English review for it.

6. Girigiri Telephone Call ギリギリてれふぉんこーる [960809] Misty 1 2
A collection of three stories with telephone call as theme.
5 minutes long erotic stories. There is even an English review for it.

7. Injuu Kyoushi 淫獣教師 [960823] T2 Co., Ltd.
A private detective is told to investigate the accidental death of a girl in an all girl school. As a charming male teacher in a girls' school, he is soon chase after by a few girls, including his old neighbor girl who is no longer boyish looking. As he investigates, he gets friendly with the girls(refuse and bye bye). An evil spirit roaming around and messing with some girls doesn't make his job any easier, but he has help from his Ghost Sweeper friend. Anyway, if he enjoys his days, he will be fine and happy with his girl later.
Game's an obscure one like many other first Windows eroge.

8. Susume Choujou Genshou Kenkyuubu! すすめ超常現象研究部! [960823] Nikukyuu
Paranormal research school club is on the verge of closure. Its members gather for a night school investigation to uncover the seven wonders of the school.
It's more of a bakage than an eroge. The development is quite lively and the constant confrontation with student council members is delivering. Just don't expect a serious or a scary story.

9. Yakata 館~やかた~ [960823] Interheart
Michie, Saki, and Erika stories are available from the main menu. Each story tells how girl's love life settled after the struggle over the mansion.
What I see is that there are three short stories of erotic nature. Played one to the end.

10. Yuugiri ~Ningyoushi no Isan~ 夕霧 ~人形師の遺産~ [960823] Desire
Kyohei is a college student. During summer vacation he visits his hometown. At the train station he's stuck in the fierce rain and invited by a beautiful woman to take shelter in her house. There is a locked door in the house that emits blue light and has the note on it saying "Beware of the bell".
A horror game in traditional rural atmosphere. The first game to have autoplay function! Never thought any PC-98 game had that! There are multiple branches determined by 29 choices. Only two good endings are prepared altogether with much more bad endings. There is no real story, just exploring the house. Horror effects are done well for a pc-98 game.

11. Be-Yond ~Kurodaishou ni Mirareteru~ ビ・ ヨンド ~黒大将に見られてる~ [960830] Silky's 1 2 3 4
When I woke up from the darkness, I learned that I was the legendary Devil of Darkness, that was said to have the power to destroy the universe.
The beautiful girls approach me one after another. My shout roars in space. When I pat a villain gently, he is discomposed into molecules... It seems that I have the power... But... am I really the Devil?
I loved the OVA too much. So I reviewed it myself.

12. Coin [960830] Ange 1
The hero of this game (default name Ryouta) is a typical hentai protagonist: a male teenager who is interested only in sex. One day, Ryouta finds a cute black bunny and brings it home; the next morning, the bunny turns into a sexy black-haired girl! Needless to say the activities the two perform during the course of the game do not include playing chess or discussing philosophy. But Ryouta is not satisfied with the "bunny girl" alone, what with all those cute female schoolmates around him...
Ange pc-98 works aren't hookable. One of japanese reviews reports that atmosphere becomes gradually more serious and the ending being excellent. There are 22 endings overall.

13. Kyuukyoku Seigi Sexy Marble 究極正義セクシーマーブル [960830] Mayfar Soft
Our girl Marble and another guy are special people created by a scientist. They are also the only defense against a group of people trying to take over the world. With enough special energy from her guy, Sexy Marble will stop the evil group.
Game's obscure. Only opening sequences are pretty followed by ugly art. There is also card gameplay.

14. Visitte ビジット [960830] Mischief
The whole prefecture is turned into school facility. Main character heads a club that fulfills various requests and provides consultation. There are six episodes with first one giving introduction, and next four being dedicated to each of the four main heroines. The last episode and the ending depend on the order of four heroines capture.
Only kanji are found upon hooking. There are four girls to seek attention. Heroines other than main don't even have their final CG which is replaced by line "to be continued". Ending depends on the order of episodes clearing, so getting all the endings is really tiresome.

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