VN of the Month December 1996 - Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO

Kichikuou Rance and Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO are masterpieces of the month, but even Rance can't compete with YU-NO this month.

1. Kousoku Inran Jugyou Tokareta Ribbon 拘束 淫爛授業 解かれたリボン [961205] Persian Soft
Mayu is a female student who is in secret relationship with another girl Minako. One day Mayu opens her bento and finds there a photo of her tied up with a rope. It also has a note requesting to come to clerk room at noon or the photo would be made public.
There are several branches with different outcome. System is bad as each time screen changes it takes a lot of time to load and it breaks the story. It's really unclear why such story needed to be sold in two volumes since the content is thin.

2. Kousoku Inran Jugyou Maid-tachi no Shigoto 拘束 淫爛授業 メイドたちの仕事 [961205] Persian Soft
A relative of Mayu notices changes in her behavior and sends family maid Kana as a transfer student to the same class to watch after Mayu. The school kingpins aim to make Kana a slave, but since they lack any compromising materials, they plan to use obedient Mayu to break the will of Kana.
This time even the choices have only cosmetic meaning. Same dark content as the prequel.

3. For Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~ for elise ~エリーゼのために~ [961206] Craftwork 1
Hero is an ordinary salary man. In his dreams he starts to do something strange to familiar women. Gradually dreams intertwines with the reality...
Game is the origin of Sayonara o Oshiete released in 2001 and overlaps with it at times. It's an utsuge with strong motives of depression and insanity. Some moments are disgustingly unforgettable like fulfilling a desire to make a trash can out of woman. Game has its cool atmosphere, but need a stomach for a real utsuge.

4. Itazura いたずら~悪戯~ [961206] Interheart 1
Main hero is a pervert who harasses girls on a train.
Itazura is the main title for Interheart company with as many as 9 games released under franchise. There's no story so nothing to discuss.

5. Ranchou 乱蝶 [961206] Trush
Hero is the editor of a talented young girl writer. The year of his publishing company exclusive rights over this author is coming to an end without any book written, so hero isolates the girl in a small hotel populated by other girls to produce a creative atmosphere.
After all it's just chasing busty girls in a big mansion with many rooms.

6. Angelique Special 2 アンジェリークSpecial 2 [961209] Koei 1 2 3 4 5
Second installment in the series. Angelique Collet, a girl who lives in the cosmos that the heroine of the first game now rules, is chosen as a queen candidate for a new cosmos. The count of male characters increases to include the nine Guardians, as well as three Tutors and three Collaborators.
There is an English review.

7. Tokyo 0 Ku Sadistic Mary 東京0区 SADISTIC MARY [961210] J-Box
Tokyo Zero Ward is commonly known as Lost Area. Mary is a female bandit who inhabits this shady area, rides a bike and targets only bad people for crimes. However, once she assaults a senior government car and gets fiercely targeted herself.
After introduction there are some seven episodes to choose from, each presenting some kind of story about Mary.

8. Cry Sweeper クライスイーパー [961213] D.O. 1 2
A series of mysterious events has occurred in a seemingly normal high school somewhere in Japan. Girls have been reported missing or assaulted under mysterious circumstances. The police is helpless. Two people are determined to solve the mystery: Kai Shuri, a man who can read minds and recall events from the past, and Ami Kanko, a girl who controls the powers of telekinesis. Will they ever be able to get to the bottom of the things, or will gruesome events continue to happen amidst innocent teenagers?..
It's one my first played visual novels. It's actually about rape after aliens/demons invasion into the school, but it has a lot of coolness about it. A trash game in a good sense of this word (if it has any good sense). Lots of gore, impressive demons and good old insanity everywhere. Voicing is really well done.

9. Dangerous Toys デンジャラス・トイズ [961213] Love Gun 1 2
This game has 10 stories about girls having fun with interesting toys and other girls.
There are two English reviews.

10. Hana no Kioku Dai 2 Shou 花の記憶 第二章 [961213] Foster
Collection of five short erotic stories.                                                                                                         
1. Lesbian intercourse at a family restaurant
2. Nurse encounters a number of delusions
3. Affair with a married woman
4. Assault on the office lady clerk
5. Forced sex at the preparatory school
Ero-centered work, nothing much changed since the prequel.

11. Houkago Ren'ai Club ~Koi no Etude~ 放課後恋愛倶楽部 ~恋のエチュード~ [961213] Libido 1 2 3 4 5 6
You are a teenage boy in high school. You join the Casual Romance Club in order to meet other people and perhaps find love. There are twelve girls you can approach, each one possessing her own unique beauty and personality. Use your time and efforts wisely and you may just get yourself more than a casual romance...
You are given a month to shop around and win somebody's love, after which you'll ask the girl of your choice to keep seeing you even after the club adjourns. Each game day starts at the Starry Sky restaurant, with the club notebook laid out for you. The club notebook has the lowdown on all the girls -- their basic statistics, pictures, horoscopes, likes, dislikes, etc. The girls also record their thoughts and reactions on daily events next to their horoscopes, so reading the club notebook can prove vital to your success.
Game has many English reviews.

12. Injuu no Datenshi ~Requiem for Fallen Angels~ 淫従の堕天使 〜Requiem for Fallen Angels〜 [961213] Discovery
Hero lives with a lovely younger sister and suppresses affection for her. However, his friend knows of such feelings and invites hero to attack surrounding women. But hero has a subtle feeling that his sister is going to be involved as well sooner or later...
Despite "injuu" in the title, there's not a single tentacle. The work is of insult nature, but among all that ruckus there is also one romance route.

13. Kyouiku Jisshuu ~Joshikousei Maniacs~ 教育実習 ~女子校生マニアックス~ [961213] Tetratech 1 2
The plot of Kyōiku Jisshū: Joshi Kōsei Maniacs is rather simple: the protagonist is an ordinary Japanese man named Shingo, who is about to become an intern in a prestigious school. There is only one thing that makes the young man slightly nervous: all his students will be girls. And if that weren't enough, some of his new co-workers are young attractive women. Will Shingo concentrate on his job or succumb to the pleasures of the flesh?
There is an English review.

14. Mel Mel Melty Marchen メル・メル メルティーメルヘン [961213] Queen Soft
Classic western fairy-tales return adapted for adult taste, but to get to adult part it's needed to to write what's shown with sign language.
The main feature of this work is that H content is only available after writing correctly what the girl shows with the sign language. With each story the phrases become longer.

15. Muku 無垢 [961213] Nikukyuu 1
A girl went to work for our guy to pay her family debt. Our guy already has a butler(male), secretary(female), and maid(young female). He can train the new girl to be a maid, secretary, slave or fun object. What she does when she pay off her debt depends on how he had treated her.

16. Pet Inga~ PETいんが~★ [961213] Pumpie 1
Hero is dumped by his girlfriend after poor sexual performance. He meets a man in the store reveals him the true secret of sexuality - to stay dressed. Hero is required to have petting with three girls in seven days to regain confidence and get a reward.
A bakage. System is not comfortable due to the need to press on-screen buttons and repeat the same moves over and over during long interactive H scenes.

17. True Love Story トゥルー・ラブストーリー [961213] ASCII Corporation 1 2
You are a male second year student at high school. Your parents got a sudden transfer, so you've just moved to a new city. You'll be transferred again in one month, so you only have that time to make one of the nine heroines fall in love with you.
A degraded version of Tokimeki Memorial. Dating sims boom has come to playstation. Main feature of the game is going home together with the girl and taking on the way. It had good animation and sound so found its niche.

18. Kichikuou Rance 鬼畜王ランス [961219] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5
This game is not part of the official Rance universe timeline, forking off after the events of Rance 4.2, as a "What if" episode.
The prelude starts with Rance leading a band of bandits in rural Helman Empire. The Imperial Patrol crushed his band with overwhelming force, and captured his slave, Sill. Rance fled to the borders of Leazas where he was rescued by Kanami, personal ninja of Lia, queen of Leazas.
Eager to take revenge upon Helman and rescue his slave Sill, Rance agreed to marry Lia. As the new king of of Leazas, Rance set his first step on a path that eventually leads to world domination, or death.
There are English reviews.

19. Can Can Bunny Premiere 2 きゃんきゃんバニー プルミエール2 [961220] Cocktail Soft 1 2 3
You are one single lonely guy who wants a girlfriend. And when you went home a huge explosion occurred. Inside your room, you saw seven little midgets: the Japanese Gods of Luck. Along with them was a beautiful girl with green hair and she gave you something which she called the "Star of Guidance". The next day you ran into some cute girl, and mysteriously, the "Star of Guidance" glowed...
The promissed earlier full title (after 5 1/2). A good quality game that follows exactly the same line as the prequels. Sawady and Swatty are both present for the first time. And you've got only 10 days to capture the heart of your love interest. But after Pia Carrot fabula looked really old already and lacked freshness.

20. Alice In Cyberland Yamiyo No Madoushi ありすインサイバーランド闇夜の魔導士 [961220] Glams 1

Tokyo, the 21st century. The internet has grown to be an enormously important part of life, and a digital world called "Cyberland" has come into existence. This digital world is divided into eight levels, with more important and confidential information being granted higher levels of priority, with the highest levels being inaccessible to anyone other than those with the highest government security clearance.
A young junior-high student named Alice Minazuki is the daughter of one of the developers of this system. He left her with a very special "dive system," which allows the user to enter the deepest parts of Cyberland. Together with her friends Rena Ohtori and Juri Yagami, they are ALICE-3, a team tasked with maintaining peace and order in Cyberland.
Alice in Cyberland is a traditional Japanese-style adventure game divided into chapters. Each chapter begins with Alice and her friends in Tokyo, and you can move about the city talking to people to find out more about what's happening. Eventually, she'll need to "dive" into Cyberland, which is also represented by a city. Your team will be able to move around, investigating different systems and looking for information, and eventually running into enemy "guard programs" which must be fought. The battle system is simple, allowing for either attack, defense, and character change. Defeating a guard system will continue the story.
It's a single road story in five chapters. Battles take place in the Cyberland while real world is just for hanging around and trying various mini-games at gaming centers and such. Battles are the biggest drawback while the core of the game is really enjoying. There is some lesbian development.

21. M ~Kimi o Tsutaete~ M ~君を伝えて~ [961220] Nexus Interact 1

M is a love/dating simulation game. The game immediately starts by asking you a series of questions to determine your personality, after which the heroine is determined based on your personality. Similar to other simulation games, player has a set of skills that may be upgraded by performing various tasks. Things like sleeping, working, shopping and such. The game story takes time during the 85 days where you exchange the diary with others, reaching good ending if you connect with someone by the time the time runs out.
Another strange SIM.

22. Nightruth Maria ナイトゥルース Maria [961220] Sonnet Computer Entertainment
Three paranormal cases with Maria from Nightruth #1 Yami no Tobira as main character:
1. A Phantom Ship Mary Celeste
3. Visions of Virgin Mary
Semi-detective game in flow of prequel.

23. Ars Amatoria アルス・アマトリア [961221] Aspect Corporation
Daisuke walks along the streets of Tokyo. The night is full of love. Which girl will attract his attention next?
Each part has some 8 HCG with some text prior to it. The final part has as much as 15 HCG. It's a practical work with random encounters in random situations, so it's wrong to search meaning in the small text introductions.

24. Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO この世の果てで恋を唄う少女YU-NO [961226] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Takuya Arima is a young student whose father, a historian who has conducted various researches, disappeared recently. During a summer vacation Takuya receives a peculiar package from his missing father, along with a letter containing information about the existence of various parallel worlds. At first Takuya doesn't take it seriously, but soon he realizes that he possesses a device that allows him to travel to alternate dimensions. Is his father alive, after all? If so, where is he?
Game has many English reviews.

25. Bloody Bride Imadoki no Vampire Bloody Bride いまどきのバンパイア [961227] Astrovision 1 2 3
You play as a young vampire who has reached (vampire) adulthood. He is sent to earth to suck the blood of a girl with a 'platium aura'. However the girl has to willingly allow him to suck her blood. The character is given three years to complete his mission.
There are several English reviews.

26. Making Candy ~Okinimesumama~ Making Candy ~お気に召すまま~ [961227] Curott
Keita started to live together with a girl who he met in a movie theater. Where will this cohabitation lead?
Kind of a SIM that takes place over 50 days. There are as many as 16 endings available, so pretty much all the outcomes are prepared, most of which differ only by the erotic fetish. It's something in-between Ayumi-chan story and Custom Mate 3.

27. Instant Clarity インスタントクラリティー [96] Neko no Kessha
A collection of two stories.
Episode 1 tells a love story between protagonist and childhood friend Miharu. But he starts to lose grip with the reality and through delusions relations between two people take another shape.
Episode 2 is an incest story between siblings. Coersion, insult and intimidation... can these elements bring a happy ending?
Doujin H-oriented work.

28. Minako no Suiyoubi 美奈子の水曜日 [96] Echigoya Corporation
Every Wednesday tutor Minako comes over. Main character has big plans for hear, and these plans are to be implemented today with her arrival.
Some more H-oriented stuff. Sadly, no normal picture is found, but this small icon shows how terrible graphics was for the game to be discontinued at dlsite.

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