VN of the Month July 1996 - Kizuato

KizuatoNOëL NOT DiGITAL and Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! ~We've Been Waiting for You~ are masterpieces of the month, but Kizuato is the most fundamental one and thus is VN of the Month

1. Viper-BTR ~Mahou no Tobakushi Totokaru Chomi~ VIPER-BTR ~魔法の賭博師トトカル☆チョミ~ [960705] Sogna 1 2
Ruri and her dice familiars, Sai and Coro, return in the sequel to the story presented in VIPER-V12. Ruri engages with another young girl given the power to become an adult, who, unlike Ruri, does not let her alter-ego get the best of her. Ruri searchs the town for three magical items while at the same time derailing Mai's attempts to improve the lives of those less fortunate. How far is Ruri willing to go, and will it ultimately cost her the special power she so covets?
There is an English review.

2. Eberouge エーベルージュ [960712] Fujitsu 1
The story happens in a parallel world named EbeLand. The setting is similar to the medieval age in Europe. Magic is common and is a common subject taught in colleges. In this world, the ecosystem is originated and supported by a central huge tree. However, due to the overdevelopment of industries and use of fossil fuel, global warming is rampant. The huge tree is dying, which endangers the game world.
Long ago, this land was saved by the Goddess Ebe from total destruction, but years later, an archaeologist among the survivors felt the balance of the land tipping again. So he created institutes to train a student that can create magic, as the Goddess did, to save the land once more.
There exists an English review for this fantasy dating sim.

3. Magical Panic まじかるパニック [960712] Pearl Soft 1
A powerful, wealthy and mysterious man named Alex orders his servant to gather sorcerers and cast a spell that would transport him to a quiet town in Japan and make him look like an ordinary teenager. After the transformation, Alex heads to the Fujiwara High School and says he is the new transfer student. The reasons for his actions and the secret of his true identity are gradually revealed as the school is being threatened by evil beings, and heroines with supernatural powers defend it. But in the meantime, the new student must invoke the sexual desires of the town's female inhabitants...
Flags are very difficult to set and need to be repeated for several times for the best result and still can fail to lead to the needed route. Command selection makes things even more tedious.

4. Waku Waku Mahjong Panic! 2 ~Kokushi Musou~ わくわく麻雀パニック!2 ~刻視夢想~ [960712] Four-Nine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The Fairy Gods series continues! The Shikigami Sisters Kumi and Koukaku are called back to the Fairy Village, and Jango must accompany them or risk losing them forever.
What they find along the way are danger, betrayal, and Jango's confrontation with an ancient legend! The plans of the Organization are laid bare, and the deep bonds between Jango and his Fairies, especially dear Kumi, are sorely tested in the conclusion of the Fairy Gods series.
Game is localized and there are many English reviews.

5. Waver ~The Seeker 2~ ウェーバー ~The Seeker 2~ [960712] Tenshindou
A married couple is caught up in storm while travelling on a car. They drive to a western mansion and are welcome inside. But it's no ordinary household and getting out is much more difficult than getting inside.
In all those H scenes I actually lost the plotline. Game involves lots of fetishes. Game's partially voiced, including H events which is very rare for the time.

6. Youjo Ranbu ~Yogosareta Seiiki~ 妖女乱舞 ~汚された聖域~ [960719] Zone 1
In the Gaia continent, once every 1000 years, there is a holy ritual where the pricesses from the 5 dynasties gather together and pray that the holy sprits will bring peace to the land. Just so happens the millenium ritual is being held this year, and therefore attracted a lot of people. Among them is a mercenary called Reseshibu and his friend Jena. Just as the ritual is about to begin, the sky went gloomy and somebody invaded the castle where the ritual is held. Reseshibu and Jena rushed to the castle to see what happened, and found out that the 5 princesses were abducted by ex-royal-magician who was expelled from the kingdom 12 years ago. He new returns to take revenge by using the 5 princesses as sacrifices to summon monsters. What's more surprising is that this villain is Reseshibu's uncle. After abducting the princesses, Reseshibu's uncle challenges our hero to search in the 5 temples and rescue the princesses and ultimately defeat him. Of course, Reseshibu accepts the challenge. Also hinting from the prologue is Reseshibu's unknown relationship with the princesses as well as his uncle...
There is an English review.

7. Advent [97] Studio Mai

Angel flies in the night sky. Development and endings depend on choices made.
Pretty much impossible to find already.

8. Musabori 慾 [960724] MBS Truth
Our guy went on a special trip. He arrived on an island and is told the rules of this trip. He has to have fun with one girl a day for four days. At the end of four days, he gets to pick which girl he wants to keep.
Ero-centered debut of well known nowadays MBS Truth company.

9. Angel Graffiti S ~Anata e no Profile~ エンジェルグラフィティS あなたへのプロフィール [960726] Astrovision 1
The player character is a high-school sophomore student, whose name, nickname, birth date and blood type is decided by the player at the beginning of the game. One day, while walking through the park, you notice a beautiful girl, but don't really manage to make a good impression on her and she soon goes away. The next day, your homeroom teacher announces you have a new student joining your class ... her name is Misuzu Amano ... the girl you met a day ago in the park. Your luck didn't completely run out as now you will have plenty of time to try and make an impression on her and possibly make her fall in love with you. But she is not the only girl in school that caught your eyes, so you will have to decide who is your person of interest and who you will try to woo. Luckily for you, you are not alone on your quest, you will have a help from heaven itself, an angel by the name Eve, who will often give you advice on girls' feelings.
Expectations for this game were high since the author of Orange Road did character design. It was going to be fully voiced and with animation sequences everywhere. The reality was not as bright. It's made for small screen and suffers from poor resolution. Voicing is done only partly. It's a raising sim instead of dating sim. The outrage wave was so big that game's forever buried under tonns of negative votes.

10. Chuushaki 注射器 [960726] AyPio 1
A young girl named Mana is determine to become a good nurse. She plans to attend the Hirasawa Nurse School, which was also the place where her late mother studied. However, upon arrival Mana finds out that strange things are happening in the school. Not only some of the teachers are acting weird, but the fellow aspiring nurses seem to be more interested in sex than in actually learning their profession...
It's just a sequence of H events with some dialogues inserted here and there for some reason.

11. Kizuato 痕 [960726] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5
The protagonist is visiting his four cousins' home. He starts to have weird nightmares. Soon, he finds out that their family has non-human genes and the beasts in them want to hunt, and the ones who hunt are the males. Will he be able to help his cousins, will his love be enough or will he be devoured?
There are multiple English reviews for this game.

12. Kurayami 暗闇 [960726] Melody 1 2
On a cold Christmas night, the male hero of the game enters a large building, hoping to find a warm place. But the elevator he enters is malfunctioning. After a short while he finds himself trapped in the elevator, unable to get out. As his eyes adjust to the darkness, he realizes that a young woman is inside the elevator as well. The two must find a way out, and also learn about each other's lives in the process...
There is a good English review.

13. Megami Paradise 2 女神天国 2 [960726] NEC Home Electronics 1 2
The second game based on the Megami Paradise anime series is not directly related story-wise to the first one, and also belongs to a different genre. The game is set in a magical land ruled by women, namely the benevolent goddess Mamamega, with the dark goddess Yamimama constantly trying to defeat her and take over. Each goddess is surrounded by "shrine maidens", all of which are young and pretty girls.
Prequel was plain horrible with only cute ability to change dresses. A year later there is much progress. Game's aim and story aren't interesting, but at that time game had a lot of charm. Exploration is done in top-down mode similar to Classmate, but with much bigger zoom. Clothes is much more customizable now and with dressing animations. Girls character designs were very cute. Animation was everywhere on PC FC. Voicing was perfectly done. It's certainly a game not for everyone, but it was really popular back then.

14. NOëL NOT DiGITAL [960726] Pioneer LDC 1
The protagonist met three girls by the seaside and starts talking to them through a video phone system in hopes of being confessed by one of them on Christmas day.
This game is what Virtual Call 2 must have been. There is no real story, just talking with heroines through videophone. Full animation! Full voice! Fantastic immersion. Add sophisticated interface and cute character design and you inevitably get a masterpiece.

15. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! ~We've Been Waiting for You~ Pia♥キャロットへようこそ!! ~We've been Waiting for you~ [960726] Cocktail Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6
You play as Yusuke, a young 18-year-old just finished with High School. You plan on spending your last summer with your best friend Daisuke. However, previously you made a bet with your father, concerning your grades. Your test marks are not desirable, and you lose the bet, therefore you must live up to your promise and work at daddy's restaurant, the Pia Carrot. What seems like what's going to be a lame summer of slave labor, becomes the greatest and most memorable summer of your life. What makes things interesting are all the cute girls who work at the Pia Carrot, and those who dine there.
You already know Shouko, a childhood friend of yours and Satomi, a classmate and the girl you have a crush on already, will be working with you. Yet, as the summer goes by the interaction with other girls is intense and you must choose who you want. There are a total of nine girls Satomi, Shouko, Reika, Yukiko, Saori, Airi, Shiho, Kiyomi, and Yukari, to court after.
There are several English reviews and game is localized by fans.

16. PILcaSEX PILcaSEX [960726] PIL
Includes 5 games:
- After Seek
- Inu (犬)
- Rinchi (輪恥)
- Mudai (無題)
- Seiyoku no Tsuyoi Kangofu (性欲の強い看護婦)
All the stories are of SM nature and one is even called After Seek as continuation of the original game. The direction of each story is different, so readable if can stand the genre at all.

17. S.A. 4 - Adachi 34 S.A.4 足立34 [960726] Exst
A collection of three scenarios. In the main scenario Shinji's sister returns back to the family house after 10 years of absence. Since siblings were close in the childhood they have worries about their feelings and careers.
The other two scenarios are short episodes of erotic nature.
In the first scenario at least some psychological development is depicted. Art is even further improved - especially I like hair drawing here.

18. Youki Toubatsu Ninpou Chou 妖鬼討伐忍法帳 [960728] ZyX
It is about a ninja girl sent out to find out why her sister ninja didn't come back from a mission. She found out why very soon, and if she can't win the fights, she will find out even more. If she succeeds in the 5 fights, including the beginning test fight, she can rescue her sister ninja. Failure means joining her as a slave.
The birth of kunoichi slave theme.

19. Guardian Recall ~Shugo Juu Shoukan~ ガーディアンリコール ~守護獣召還~ [960730] Agumix 1 2
In this tactical RPG, we are in the near future, when an evil organization wants to conquer the world using demons and other creatures to help them. You can choose being part of this evil organization or control a group of young girls with guardians that fight against them.
There's an English review for this game.

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