VN of the Month August 1997 - Kaeru nyo Panyon

Kaeru nyo Panyon is the only masterpiece game of August 1997.

1. Bishoujo Hanafuda Kikou Michinoku Hitou Koimonogatari 美少女花札紀行 みちのく秘湯恋物語 [970807] FOG
A romance adventure game where you go around the sightseeing spots in the Tohoku region, make photos of heroines and play cards with them. All backgrounds are live-action capture with detailed commentary on various places added. This game is regarded as the origin of travelling games.
It's all in the synopsis. Game's more like a travel guide with girls being almost tour guides.

2. 48 ~Zukei no Koi~ 48 ~図形の恋~ [970808] 13cm 1
In 48, you are an artist in Tokugawa shogunate period. What you do for a living is draw women. One day, you got a job asking you to draw 48 pictures of different sex positions.
There is an English review.

3. Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy ~Osorubeshi Shintai Sokutei! Kakubakuhatsu 5 Byou Mae!!~ 魔法少女プリティサミー 「恐るべし身体測定! 核爆発5秒前!!」 [970808] Interchannel
Nuclear warheads were stolen. Find the culprit together with Sammy while enjoying school life!
Digital comic. The story feels like usual 60 min OVA is stretched to 120 min length. There is one place by the end when wrong selection means bad end. Game is mostly about parody and... bloomers.

4. Mitsuryouku 密猟区 [970808] Zero
The town is under attack of foreign nation soldiers. They gather the riches and violate women on their way.
First Zero work has unusual setting. Game is mostly of insult content, but drawing is great and the use of guns is fresh. But it sold really well as people could only judge by cover that it looked like a dark atmosphere impactful story.

5. Panic-chan ぱにっくちゃん [970808] Imagineer Co., Ltd.
Kengo works part-time at video shop. One day when the store manager asked him to create a leaflet for recruiting new workers , a pretty girl suddenly appeared on the screen. She jumped from the screen on the floor and introduced herself as Panic-chan. Both Kengo and the store manager monotonous lives will subject to many changes from now on.
Game hardly reaches 2 hours length. Synopsis tells like 70% of the actual story. Its appeal points are cute girls, a lot of animation and a very cheap price. It's a low price fanservice work and should be treated this way.

6. In Days 2 淫DAYS(インディーズ)2 [970815] Lunar Soft
A collection of 5 short stories:
2. Country Study ~前編~
3. Fondness
4. 火之神・水之神
5. ねこみみサーカス団
Just your usual 5 short erotic stories.

7. Tokiiro no Matsuei 朱鷺色の末裔 [970815] Palette (old) 1
Once upon a time the world was chaotic state. Those who had special abilities were born in chaos. Some of them helped human being, gave a guidance to people, and were revered as god. Others gave destructions and disasters, and were feared as devils. But what were born in chaos were not only god and devil, also Shinma, which had a figure of a god and a heart of a devil. And Shinma were feared as conductors of confusion. YamataNoOrochi,the king of Shinma, demanded sacrifices(maidens) from people, but was beaten by Susanoo. As a result Shinma were shut up under the ground, and lost their ability. However, Shinma is reviving now.
There is an English review for this game.

8. Inma Daitoshi Beast City - Vampire Madonna Hen 淫魔大都市 BEAST CITY 【ヴァンパイアマドンナ編】 [970820] Toshiba EMI
Year 201X, Tokyo underground world. At midnight in the secret club turn girls into toys with you own hands.
What's known is that some anime H scenes are used, some are new ones. There seems to be built-in print function to preview and print the images acquired.

8. Koi no Summer Fantasy in Miyazaki Seagaia 恋のサマーファンタジー in 宮崎シーガイア [970822] Japan System Supply

A visual novel in the vein of Tokimeki Memorial where the protagonist dates real life idol Okina Megumi.
It's more a product for idol fans than a real galge.

9. Naisho ないしょ [970823] Guts!
Peeping and eavesdropping after loli girls adventure.
Gameplay is setting microphones and cameras in the rooms and then watching. There is some story attached, but story hardly matters here.

10. Kaeru nyo Panyon かえるにょ・ぱにょ~ん [970829] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
A magician changes the prince of Parancho into a weird creature while he is on an errand in a distant land. Since his new form isn't very strong he has to entrust his life to a group of adventurers to get back home safely.
Game is localized and has some English reviews.

11. Sweet Heart すいーと はーと [970829] Media Saurus

Main character is left alone at home during the festivities. He needs to spend these nine days alone. But should he really be alone? It's a great opportunity to find a girlfriend.
Game feels ok, but unremarkable as a galge.

12. revEnge Aoki Ketsuzoku no Fukushuu revEnge 青き血族の復讐 [970830] Xyz 1
The main character Ryo seeks training from the beautiful Miyu to become an assassin, in order to get revenge on the criminal syndicate that is responsible for the murder of his younger sister. He will also need to take some of the female members of the syndicate hostage...
There is an English review.

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