VN of the Month October 1996 - Bounty Hunter Rudy

Star PlatinumAngel HaloStone Walkers and Bounty Hunter Rudy are masterpieces of the month. That's a difficult choice! I believe that Bounty Hunter Rudy is the worthiest for being VN of October 1996.

1. Girl 2 ガール2 [961001] Juice
Reiko is a female tutor of three young girls. Here are three stories of what happened at the lessons.
Game is focused on H events and the feature of the series is small windows that show only some part of the body.

2. Eternal Melody エターナルメロディ [961004] MediaWorks
Main character is a normal high school student who gets into an accident at the construction site. Instead of dying he finds himself in a strange world. There he learns that he needs to find a powerful artifact in order to return to his world. However, there are also other contestants for the treasure as it can help to conquer the world. Will protagonist return to his world safely?
Genre is raising SIM to train four people including yourself and fight in the battles to come.

3. Hokenshitsu no Akuma 保健室の悪魔 [961004] Neko no Kessha
A mysterious organism attacks a private school. This is an omnibus drama showing aftermath of the attack in different parts of the school.
Kind of horror tentacle insult themed doujin work..

4. Star Platinum スタープラチナ [961010] Custom 1 2 3 4
High in the heavens, there was a girl who was training in a shrine to be the successor of a goddess. One day, the goddess had to leave the shrine to attend a meeting of the many gods, leaving the girl alone at the shrine. The goddess warned her to leave alone a box of star-souls within the shrine, and that under no circumstances should she open it. Naturally, as soon as the goddess had left, the girl's curiosity got the better of her and she opened the box.
The star-souls escaped, turned the girl into a small fairy, and fled down towards the Earth. She must track down and capture the star-souls, now causing mischief on Earth, before the goddess returns to the shrine. However, while chasing several of the star-souls through the sky, the girl crashes through the window of a young man who lives on Earth. She decides that since he can somehow see her, that he's going to help her out, and so the two of them begin their adventure.
In the story mode the story unfolds until a character in need of exorcising is encountered and then a special card battle is held. The biggest feature of this work is totally unique style of graphics that's impossible to confuse with anything else.

5. Heroine Dream ヒロインドリーム [961010] Map Japan 1

Heroine Dream is an idol simulation game in which the player takes a role of a producer whose goal is to help Shizuka Maiki enter the scene in style. But that doesn't happen over night, in fact, it requires many weeks of training. The heroine herself has many attributes that lack in quality and as her producer, you will have to balance her training (ballet, dancing, swimming etc.), but at the same time keep an eye on her stress level. The game features voice-acting, but without the ability to see subtitles, only the answers you can select during conversations with other characters. Depending on what kind of a star producer you turn out to be, the game may reach one of several different endings.
Just another raising SIM mix.

6. Toriko 虜 [961011] D.O.
Main character is a new teacher with a notion of love and lust. He imprisons his student Yumiko Saeki at the request of Asami Tamura who enslaved her and took her virginity. During the summer vacations fierce and dense training begins.
Shocking game and spiritual follower of SEEK. Training scenes are even animated. System is too difficult for modern players. There are some ardent fans of this work, but majority won't even come close to it.

7. Angel Halo Angel Halo −エンジェル・ハイロウ− [961017] Active 1 2 3
The protagonist, Kusakabe Makoto, is living a normal school life without knowing he is the reincarnation of Lucifer. One day an angel named Sofia and a demon named Lilith come to him. They are the messengers of Heaven and Hell. The day of Lucifer's judgement is approaching.
I have a full review prepared.

8. Katei Kyoushi 家庭教師 [961018] Interheart
Michiko-chan is a normal student girl anxious of love. When her friend suggests tutor variant, Michiko agrees.
Again ero-centered Interheart work with some voices and some animation.

9. Stone Walkers ストーンウォーカーズ [961018] Sunsoft 1
Stone Walkers is an adventure game in which you take the role of Randy a teacher similar to Indiana Jones and his two girl helpers in a dangerous adventure searching for a mayan artifact called the Jade Mask. The adventure begins when they travel to Guatemala to start the search in some mayan ruins.
Playstation exclusive title. It's command selection, but at times different forms like setting up traps that trigger trouble events. And you can not bruteforce all the commands since you've only got limited selection number, so need to think carefully what to choose. And there are multiple endings so the weight of choice increases even further. As a non-romance adventure story it returns to the origins like De-Ja or Nook series and that's why feels fresh in the launched romance novel era.

10. Bounty Hunter Rudy バウンティはんたぁルディ [961025] Scoop 1
Rudy is a famous space bounty hunter with top notch skills. But she's famous mostly for her ability to fall into troubles due because of uncontrolled destruction power. In order to deal with the debts she goes to casino but drenches down into even deeper debt. She is offered a top secret military case and she's in no position to reject it.
Rudy is bisexual in the sense that with women she becomes a futanari... The main feature of the game is parody... it has reference to dozens of contemporary western and eastern media works from Start Wars to Crayon Shin-Chan. The evaluation of the game greatly depends on the ability to find and enjoy those parodies. I've a full review prepared.

11. Cherry Moderate チェリーマドレット [961025] Ucom
Hero and his classmate argued about who of them was more popular with the girls. Now with the nanpa competition launched hero needs to win the hearts of as many girls as possible.
Capture is not really difficult since at all times you can consult the school nurse who tells exactly what to do in each girl's case. The number of girls is big, but each girl story is plain and short - and ends with a CG. There is a time limit and all the girls that aren't conquered by the hero are conquered by his rival - that guy has a 100% success rate!

12. Ikumoto 生本● [961025] Illusion
At start there is only a remote control. But when channel is chosen, a world of horny drama lies before your eyes. It's an adult channel with all kind of hardcore content. There are also casters and commercials between the show pieces.
It's hardly a game - just choose a program and watch. It can be weird or funny, like when on the alternative of discovery channel there are still girls having sex in Savannah.

13. RAM 1 - New Evolution Organize ラ・ム1 ニューエボリューションオーガナイズ [961025]  GMF
Shinsuke is a teenager from modern time. He has a special mark on his forehead which is said to kill him on removal by his father. RAM is a girl who comes from 10.000 years ago in the past to the modern time. She searches for NEO where NEO stands for New Evolution Organize or in other words human with evolved cellular organization, a superhuman. After RAM removes the patch from Shinsuke forehead the bright light fills the room and a new sign is formed there. RAM is going to turn Shinsuke into NEO before DOMI from future arrives.
Game actually follows Classmate as there is top down travelling around the map and time dimension. Shinsuke meets different girls at different locations. I'm bad with such type of games and there's next to zero information about the game.

14. Haruka no Sora ~Gekitou Mahjong Taikai Hen~ 遥の空 ~激闘麻雀大会編~ [961025]

This is another strip majong game. In the story mode, you can pick one of 6 girls to fight for a banshee tear, which can grant one wish.
I've no words for strip mahjong.

15. G no Kyokuhoku Gの極北 [961031] Bunny Pro.

Main character decides to become world's strongest guy in masturbation. He gathers six girls from all over the world and starts an international contest.
Masturbation scenes have text descriptions, but there is zero plot there.

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