VN of the Month February 1995 - Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 3 Wa - Minami no Umi no Kai no Maki

There aren't masterpieces this month, so it's high time to nominate the pretty league series episode Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 3 Wa - Minami no Umi no Kai no Maki as VN of February 1995. It's quite a simple and fun episode on top of that!

1. Themm - Harukanaru Meikyuu ゼム ~はるかなる迷宮~ [950204] Harvest 1 2 3 4
Long time ago, human beings believed in gods. But time has passed, and the humans stopped worshipping them. The gods got angry. The world plunged into chaos. Demons who looked like pretty girls have appeared, driving people insane. Five kings have sent brave heroes to find a magical stone that alone could restore peace to the world. One of these heroes is Lucido. Aided by a simple village girl, he bravely descends into a dungeon full of seductive monsters - but he should beware of the competition...
There are English reviews.

2. V Zone VZONE [950210] Dollhouse
By buying top price adult VHRs hero is able to transfer to a different world to become the main actor himself.
Even though the aim of the game is simple, hero needs to set flags for each heroine in all the five worlds making it very complex taking into account a big city to explore manually area by area. But the heroines are very cute able to inspire to clear those flags.

3. Poison ~6 Nin no Majo~ ぽわぞん ~6人の魔女~ [950214] Trush
Princess ate a gifted candy and fell into slumber. No one answered the king's call to lift the curse until protagonist showed up. He set on a journey to defeat six witches in undressing card game to get the cure.
It's mostly a card game which I did not get through.

4. Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 3 Wa - Minami no Umi no Kai no Maki DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ 第3話 南の海の怪の巻 [950218] Great
The Pink Angels, who won the JPL-ONE league and entered the JPL league, now take a vacation to Okinawa. Game focuses on local ghost story and proceeds to Black Shadows match.
Exact system as the prequels with fun adventure getting the bigger chunk of the not so long playthrough.

5. Trouble Chaser Dai 2 Wa - Futarime no Chaser トラぶるCHASER 第2話 2人目のチェイサー [950218] Nihon Create
Daiskuke gets accustomed to living with Rena when his house gets demolished again by another space ship landing on it. Rudy comes out of the ship claiming that she's a friend of Rena.
There's also a new strong enemy awaiting. Good pace fun mini-adventure.

6. DR2 Night Janki DR2ナイト雀鬼 [950224] Leaf 1 2
DR² Night Janki is a mahjong game with adult scenes. The game has two modes: "Story" and "Regular". The story mode is set in a medieval castle, which is said to be ancient grounds for sorcery, but is currently controlled by the mysterious Rumira, who runs a mahjong club. The hero, a man named Ryuuji, decides to investigate the castle, and therefore has to defeat its inhabitants (all pretty young girls) in mahjong matches.
Game's ordinary undressing mahjong. What makes it special is that there is at least some loose story to tie it together and that it's the first game of the Leaf company.

7. Nozokiya Kagyou のぞき屋稼業 [950224] T2 Co., Ltd.
Hero has a car full of peeping equipment and a whole town as his playground.
An originator of peeping genre "Odori". This game is close to simulators since there is a freedom of movement and lots of game icons to choose from, especially in the car as well as time of the day. It's quite a boring game able to avert even ardent peeping enthusiasts.

8. Sex [950224] AyPio 1 2
The game with such a simple, yet expressive title is also rather simple and to-the-point in its concept: it is about having sex and nothing else. There is no real story in the game: in the beginning, a crazy-looking character named Mr. Funk, who speaks in Japanese with a heavy dose of stereotypical hip-hop lingo, announces that the player is now declared King of Sex and can therefore directly have sex with any of the three "available" young and pretty girls: Nana, the cute school girl, Makoto, the "mature" woman (probably in her early twenties), and the obligatory underage girl with pink hair, Ai.
There's a small talk with each girl discussing intimate life, but apart of that it's just sex.

9. Virtua Call バーチャコール [950224] Fairytale 1
While trying to pick up girls, you are given a card for a video phone service. When you go home you try the number and then a woman tells you how the game works.
Nampa game with videophones not yet invented. Many conversation variants are present. But game feels too monotonous, something that's going to be fixed only in sequels.

10. Ce'st la vie Ce'st la vie [950228] May-Be Soft 1 2
The game puts the player in a role of an aspiring young painter, who is more interested in pretty, young, naked models than in the art itself. It starts slowly, but soon the hero finds himself sexually involved with different young women, and the net of relationships grows more and more complex...
Don't expect a story here, because there is little of it. It consists mostly of accidental meetings followed by H.

11. Valkyrie ヴァルキリー [950228] Discovery 1 2
An ordinary Japanese high-school student named Hatsumi Tarou was having a normal life - preparing for examinations, like all his classmates - when one day everything changed: it was on the day when he saw a talking cat. The cat promptly explained that it was not a cat, but a creature from the Magic World. Once in a thousand or so years, a fighting competition is being held between the best female fighters of the Magic World. The winner becomes the next queen. The referee however should be a human being; and this time, the honor belongs to our friend Tarou!
Well, this is not BlazBlue, the story here is almost non-existant, nothing much to discuss in a fighting game.

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