VN of the Month January 1995 - Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~

There aren't masterpieces this month, but among others Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~ is worth the honor of being VN of January 1995 the most.

1. Ayumi-chan Monogatari Jisshaban あゆみちゃん物語 実写版 [950112] Alice Soft 1
Ayumi-chan Monogatari: Jisshaban is almost exactly the same game as Ayumi-chan Monogatari, with one important difference: it has photos of a real actress replacing the original's anime-style graphics. There are no graphics at all in the game.
Don't think there is the need to discuss this horrible game once more.

2. School Festival ~Cosmos Sai Kitan~ スクールフェスティバル ~秋桜祭奇譚~ [950113] Ange
Hero is a high school teacher and also consultant of ethics committee. The day before the cultural festival, it was cancelled by the principal due to diminished public morals. It's our job to investigate the truth behind the cancellation.
Well, pretty much every girl is in love with the hero, so that's what diminished public morals, hehe, there's a distinctive harem sensation in the air. The most interesting part about the game is game system - all the characters on the screen are displayed at the right part of the screen and when you press on the face, that character speaks. So it's some mix between ADV and I-ADV. Another feature is when we go on a trip, we gather the team ourselves and dialogues change drastically according to the team members. So another work of Ange with strange systems and heartwarming feeling. Alas, it has little beyond fun dialogues.

3. Waku Waku Mahjong Panic! ~Shikigami Denshou~ わくわく麻雀パニック! ~式神伝承~ [950113] Four-Nine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
It is in the shadows between the world of the spirits and the world of the flesh that the Shikigami live -- ethereal fairy-beings given form and flesh in the shape of beautiful elfin girls. Shikigami may be caught by a Shikigami Master, someone who knows the ancient art of defeating them at battle mahjong and binding them with a contract. A man who catches a Shikigami could win everything...but risks his very soul. In the very near future, in the city of Demon Tokyo, a powerful Shikigami Master named Jango lives amidst the bustling insanity of the city. A request for help from a beautiful woman leads to a showdown with the vile Organization. Jingo's world is about to be turned upside down...
Game is localized with lots of English reviews. English version was scrapped for actual mahjong gameplay and was redone with game resources on macromedia flash stealing lots of charm from the game. Still I'm mostly interested in plot and thus English version was perfect for me and took only an hour and a half to see through. So reviews are mostly negative, but keep in mind that pretty much everyone went to play sequel as well. As I see it, it's because story is fun enough and characters very joyful and likable.

4. Doki Doki Pretty League Dai 2 Wa - Mou Hitotsu no Rival DokiDokiぷりてぃリーグ 第2話 もうひとつのライバル [950115] Great
After decisive win over Blue Dolphins it is the final round of JPL-ONE against Universal Solids. But two days before the match the leading player of the team Nanase goes missing.
Nanase starts to feature as the leading role and we approach to getting to know her family, her circumstances and her secret.

5. Doki Doki Vacation ~Kirameku Kisetsu no Naka de~ DOKIDOKIバケーション ~きらめく季節の中で~ [950127] Cocktail Soft 1
Dokidoki Vacation tells the story of a Japanese teenager called Junichi. High school is over, the summer vacation has begun. But due to the young man's uneasy relationship with his family and other circumstances, he cannot afford the vacation he was hoping for. So Junichi decides to find a job. He starts working in a book store, and soon realizes that feelings develop between him and Megumi, a girl who works in the same place. But what about the classmate Junichi was in love with before?..
One of the most epic galge of the pc-98 era. Graphics is just fabulous, characters are super cute. Gamers literally cried with joy at the time of the release. VN has a great balance between gags, seriousness and eroticism. But actually from our days perspective there's nothing much here. Story is one way road with the goal set from the introduction - confess to Mutsu-chan who is school's idol. And actually Mutsu-chan was the only heroine that was impossible to capture and did not have H-scene. That was actually the cry-factor. She's the cutest of heroines are player is suggested to look among the other heroines. Cruel, but that's what made the game famous. And a lot of people do not lose hope up to this day for F&C to issue some bonus CD of fandisc with Mutsu-chan ending in it.

6. Marmalade Boy ママレード·ボーイ [950127] Bandai Namco Entertainment 1 2
Miki Koishikawa's ordinary life as a high school sophomore is turned upside down when her parents suddenly announce that they are getting divorced in order to swap partners with a couple they met in Hawaii. They seek her approval of the shocking change, and at a dinner where Miki meets the other couple as well as their son Yuu Matsura, who is about her age, she reluctantly agrees to the arrangement. Yuu, while at first a jerk who takes every opportunity to make fun of Miki, turns out to be fun and attractive, and Miki finds herself falling for him. Little by little, she accepts her new family arrangement and opens up to Yuu as they become friends.
The game follows a different path from the manga where the player can choose if Miki pursues Yuu, her best friend Ginta or her coworker Kei.
There are English reviews.

7. URM ~M15 Wakusei ni Umarete~ URM~M15惑星に生まれて~ [950127] Beluga Computer
A group of people born on the planet M15 set off to a space voyage in search of truth behind exodus from the Earth.
Not much is known, and it looks like never will be.

8. Doukyuusei 2 同級生 2 [950131] Elf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Sequel to Doukyuusei.
Two years have passed Since Doukyuusei, The setting is a new Town and a new Protagonist.
The goal is the same, romance a girl or girls of your choice with their own stories and quirky personalities.
If you're lucky during your pursuits you might run into a familiar face.
The main change is that instead of summer this time the setting is winter. Game managed to introduce even more heroines and increase the volume to sky high level while increasing the difficulty and story emphasis at the same time. It also popularized the word "moe" that was widely used by one of the heroines who called the hero "oni-chan". The high degree of freedom was actually lost since flags were set very strictly and unless you follow the flags you're kicked out of the route. The individual stories now include a lot of drama, making this game a nakige. Game features Misa from prequel as the most popular character of prequel. So game was really popular, but did not have the impact of the first Classmate. Moreover, game would feel much better with general ADV system without those strict flags. Top down view became redundant and useless for a story emphasis game.

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