VN of the Month September 1995 - Mime

Mime is the only masterpiece of September.

1. Mahou no Princess Minky Momo Fantastic World 魔法のプリンセス ミンキーモモ ファンタスティック・ワールド [950901] Wishbone 1
Momo is a princess of a magical world that has come to Earth together with three companions - a bird, a dog, and a monkey - to help humans regain their happiness and bring the two worlds together. She has the appearance of a pretty, cheerful teenage girl, and immediately attracts the attention of a young boy who lives in a quiet town with his biologist father. Together, the two must solve the mysteries of the town, and perhaps find happiness for themselves as well.
"Mahou no Princess Minky Momo" is based on an anime of the same name.
Almost kinetic novel based on anime. And I did not watch this kindergarten anime.

2. Virgin 2 Hana Hiraku Shoujo-tachi no AVG ヴァージン^2 花ひらく少女たちのAVG [950901] Fairy Dust
Koji is caught at peeping after the tennis girls, so school girls committee stripped him and ridiculed his masculinity. In order to defend his pride school nurse advises him to be proactive with girls and prove his case.
Quite a baka comedy with significant ero element. Game systems are quite shallow and it takes significant time for screen to draw. Saving is also limited to before each chapter.

3. Gakuen Sodom ~Kyoushitsu no Mesu Dorei-tachi~ 学園ソドム ~教室の牝奴隷達~ [950908] PIL 1 2
The protagonist of the game is a teacher in St. Marianna Girls High School, which his sister also attends. One day, a maniac breaks into the school, and, holding the protagonist and the students at gunpoint. He then holds them hostage and forces them to perform violent and humiliating sexual acts with each other. The whole story of the game is basically a long stretch of such acts, while the maniac (and the protagonist) have to deal with new situations, such as arrival of police, journalists, etc.
Game starts as a more or less normal school game and then the criminal destroys the world as students knew it. It's a very specialized humiliation subgenre nukige.

4. Kinbaku no Yakata 緊縛の館 [950908] Xyz 1
Kinbaku no Yakata (meaning "Bondage Mansion") is a sadistic take on the "raising simulation" genre. Two brothers from a decayed nobility lineage live in a dark mansion, specializing in all things gruesome. The protagonist is one of the brothers, who wants to "prove himself" to the other one by kidnapping a young girl and turning her into his sex slave.
The fame of SEEK laid the beginnings of a new bondage museum genre. Game is inferior to SEEK in completeness and thus can only be advised to those who had not enough of SEEK.

5. :Loop ~Izanahi no Kaikiten~ :LOOP ~いざなひの回帰点~ [950908] Grocer 1
The two young Kodama sisters, Nozomi and Hikari, decided to go for a drive in the countryside, to celebrate the end of Nozomi's brilliant high-school year. They get lost in the woods and are greeted by a handsome young man, who offers to bring them to the nearby mansion, known as the Deer Garden Temple, and to spend the night here. The exciting adventure soon turns into a nightmare, when the inhabitants of the mansion make Nozomi their sex slave...
There are three branches and only slightly more endings with most of endings being sex slave bad ones. Still it's unusual to see girls treated normally, allowing them give birth to children and making plans for their future.

6. Dangel Dangel [950909] Mink 1 2 3 4
Long time ago, there was balance in the world. Three great tribes lived in peace with each other. Up in the sky, the Heavenly Tribe; down on the Earth, the Human Tribe; and between them, the Demon Tribe. But among the demons, there were some who wanted more power. The members of the Heavenly Tribe were forced to seal the rebellious demons in what they called "Path of Light". But one of them figured out how to break the seal. The demons were now free, and they attacked the Human Tribe. Horrible massacres, ruined cities and villages, exterminated nations - it looked like the End of Days had come to the humans...
...A boy named Anduke was raised in a secluded location by two female elves. It was clear that the boy possessed extraordinary powers: at the tender age of nine, he was already able to sexually satisfy his lovely nannies. But a mysterious force tore the boy away, knocking him unconscious. He awoke ten years later, in a human village. A promise given to a young girl led him to a fateful meeting that revealed his destiny: he had the blood of Heavenly Tribe in him, and was the only one able to save the Human Tribe from the demons...
There is an English review.

7. Glass no Destiny ガラスの運命 [950914] FMC
Main heroine Yuri enjoyed a happy childhood. Her father eventually remarries and two families start to live together while Yuri acquiring a new sister. But after Yuri's father death one by one disasters fall upon the family bringing it on the brink of despair.
Game has a very special shojo manga atmosphere and drawing. It's quite shocking to see this cosy world gets buried to the basement. Then nudity comes to the scene and the impact gets even stronger. It's one of the first works oriented at women, but with unusual yuri genre and emphasis on the story.

8. Mahjong Gensoukyoku III 麻雀幻想曲III [950914] Active 1 2
The third installment of the Mahjong Fantasia series is not directly related story-wise to its predecessors. In the story mode, the player assumes the role of Chris, a guard in the city of Burgund. His mission is to protect the princess at all costs, but once the city is destroyed by members of a cult known as Valms, the two of them have to flee. Chris finds out that the only way to restore his homeland is by finding a sacred ring that had been kept in secret for many generations.
There is an English review.

9. Tamago Ryouri たまご料理 [950914] Softhouse Bonbee Bonbon
There 20 scenarios at locations to choose from. Stories mostly feature parodies to the media.
Specialized ero-centered content.

10. Cyber Illusion サイバーイリュージョン [950922] Pearl Soft 1
Around the turn of the millennium, global warming has become a reality. Abusing energy and the Earth's resources, humanity has driven itself to a point where normal life on Earth could no longer exist. Drastic rise of temperatures caused planet-wide dehydration. The only way to keep existing was through the Cyber Net, a virtual reality system. But soon the Cyber Net began to suffer from continuous assaults by hackers, who programmed lethal viruses into it. Thus, the Cyber Police was born. The protagonist of the game is a high-ranked officer of Cyber Police. With the help of his team, he has to solve the hacker problem once and for all.
SF icon selection type game. By 1995 icon selection was already morally old as it's needed to do two clicks to do anything and it's unnecessary barrier if the volume is big enough. We've got the time before the international summit is held to deal with the hacker. All the hacked characters are girls and they start to behave aggressively. Quite a good SF story with a satisfying true ending if you can get through the clunky "point and click" system.

11. Immoral Study Scenario 2: Iijima Yuka インモラルスタディ シナリオ2 飯嶋由佳 [950922] Scoop 1 2 3 4
You play "Professor" Hitosuji, well-known reputed tutor and teacher for his abilities in turning even the worst students into straight A stars...although it might be just a coincidence that all those girls happen to be very young and beautiful students. His "private tutoring skills" might be somewhat questionable, but it works.
In Immoral Study 2, the task at hand is to tutor one Yuko Ijima, the only daughter of a big time factory CEO. She's been slipping in her grades lately and her father called you to put her back on the right track again. Oh, she has a major attitude problem. Nothing you can't handle though.
Game is localized and has English impressions.

12. Shin Onryou Senki 真怨霊戦記 [950922] Fujicom 1
Hiroyuki Kitahara was leading a rather ordinary life in a quiet Japanese town, and decided one day to take a stroll at night, enjoying the picturesque landscape. All of a sudden, a horrifying monster appeared right in front of him. Kitahara wakes up in the hospital and tries to convince the doctors that he was not hallucinating. Teaming up with a young female journalist, Kitahara begins to explore the city, searching for clues to solve the mystery and seeking meeting with onryou - ghosts of people who were wronged in their lifetime and who are back for revenge.
"Shin Onryou Senki" is a remake of "Onryou Senki".
The story and most of the dialogues remain the same as in the original release. The differences lie mostly in visual presentation and technical quality of the music. A few locations have been added or made accessible at different moments during the course of the game.
It's always good when classic works get a remastered version, but locking it for just one type of console is not that good. I tackled on original Soft Wing Studio work in 1988 year review.

13. Vanishing Point -Tenshi no Kieta Machi- Vanishing Point -天使の消えた街- [950922] Tiare
Kusanagi is a high school student. Recently, girls started to disappear from the area he lives. A friend of his sister requests to search for one such person.
Game has very primitive RPG system incorporated and there's the need to fight monsters all the time. Apart of that it's just wandering around the town and rescuing girls eventually finding the mastermind.

14. Figure ~Ubawareta Houkago~ フィギュア ~奪われた放課後~ [950929] Silky's 1
An oligarch named Takanashi has built a prestigious girl's high school, known as the Hanatsuki High. Mishima, a young man who has recently graduated high school, is approached by Isao, representative of the Hanatsuki High and his former schoolmate, with a part-time teaching job offer. Despite his dislike to certain school policies Mishima agrees - first, because he is broke, and second, because the perspective to teach the pretty daughters of the wealthiest people in Japan doesn't seem all that unpleasant...
A lesser known Silky's game, perhaps because of ordinary school setting. The features are good psychological portrait depiction and depression as omnipotent theme. There are multiple endings prepared.

15. Marine Rouge マリンルージュ [950929] Discovery 1
A young man named Kenji decides to have a vacation on the beautiful island together with his sister Hiromi. Taking a break from work and worries, the two discover a tourist resort with lovely beaches and high-class hotels. Very soon Kenji finds out that many attractive young women either work on the island or have come there for various reasons. Soon the holiday turns into a never-ending string of sexual escapades - and perhaps one of them will turn into a true romance?
Game branches early. In first branch a conspiracy plot is uncovered. In the second one you and you girlfriend decide to take over the island and subjugate everyone inside to you will. Pretty extreme and leads to harem ending.

16. Metal Fighter Miku メタルファイター MIKU [950929] Feycraft 1
In the year 2061 A.D., Neo Pro-Wrestling, a form of wrestling that allows for armour and other enhancements, is rapidly growing in popularity. In this, Miku, a young flighty girl is set to join her friends as the tag team known as the Pretty Four. However, the competition is fierce and their opponents are ready to do whatever it takes to win. Against this, the Four manage to obtain the services of an eccentric coach who trained their hero, Aquamarine. With his guidance, the four start on their fight for the top as they must train within almost inhuman discipline while their matches become more and more challenging as their opponents rise in the ranks.
Another anime spin-off. There's a nice English impression saying that game's almost unplayable due to fighting element difficulty. There's a good dozen of possible actions during the fight and improper one results in defeat. Game features light yuri elements and full voice with a lot of animation during unskippable talking scenes, so game is targeted on anime fans mostly.

17. Mime 舞夢 [950929] Studio Twinkle 1 2 3
Once upon a time, there was harmony and balance in the world. Four kingdoms of humans have watched over the four elements. But then a traitor appeared, who has angered the Goddess with his selfish deeds. The balance was destroyed, the elements were no more in harmony, and the world plunged into chaos...
Twelve thousand years later, a young knight named Eagle Windeed has been having a strange dream. Maybe there is still salvation for the human race. Maybe it is still possible to make peace with the higher beings. Eagle arrives at a tavern near the Tree Dungeon, determined to find out what his dream meant...
The whole world in this dungeon crawler is set as a dungeon without open fields. Characters are cute enough, atmosphere is good and events on the road are nice. Four character team makes battles look solid. There aren't weak points, actually. A very solid RPG for RPG lovers. There is very little H element in the game and achieving favor of target heroine only brings a kiss scene. The difficulty curve is very steep as Eagle is very weak and alone at the start, but with a full party it gets to be a breeze. There is also a bonus dungeon just before the end boss and it has monsters that are even stronger than the boss, but there is little sense in exploring this dungeon.

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